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Leaders in Giving Annual Report ‘07

United Way is leading positive change that transforms our community and improves people’s lives in Snohomish County.

Contents Your gift matters .............................................................1 Kids matter ................................................................... 3 Families matter.............................................................. 5 Community matters ....................................................... 7 Day of Caring ................................................................. 8 Board of Directors ......................................................... 9 Volunteers.................................................................... 11 Going Places Capital Campaign .....................................12 Oh, what a year! ...........................................................14 Award winners .............................................................16 Tocqueville Society ....................................................... 17 Red Feather Society ..................................................... 23 Young Leaders Society ................................................. 29 Leadership Circle ......................................................... 30 Leaders in giving by workplace ......................................35 Diamond Givers ........................................................... 38 Evergreen Legacy Society ............................................. 39 Corporate, foundation and labor support ...................... 40 Sponsoring partners .....................................................41 July 2007 - June 2010 program grant recipients ............. 42 Accountability matters ................................................. 43

Your gift matters Transforming communities, improving lives This was a year of going places—both for United Way of Snohomish County and for the kids, the families and the communities we serve. Laura went to preschool and found a United Way program that helped her go from being months behind to prepared to start school ready to succeed. Joni went to United Way’s free tax preparation site and then drove to work in her own car because she could finally afford insurance with the earned tax credit she got back.

Carol Whitehead, Superintendent of Everett Public Schools and Chair of United Way’s Board of Directors with Carl Zapora, President & CEO of United Way of Snohomish County.

Matt went to volunteer and then to work because a United Way grant to Work Opportunities helps disabled people like him live fuller, more productive lives. The annual campaign raised over $10 million, thanks to generous individuals, companies and partners. More significantly, donations increased to the Local Community Fund—money that stays right here for grants to 93 human service programs and United Way initiatives that benefit the entire community. Finally, United Way moved into the first building it has owned in 67 years of serving Snohomish County. Measured in miles, it was not far from where we were to our new home at 3120 McDougall Avenue in Everett. Measured by how much the community is already using this building and by how much more it will benefit over time—well, we have come a long way. We are grateful that we never travel alone. None of these successes could have happened without supporters such as you. In these pages, you will meet some of the people you have helped to reach better places in their lives. You will also meet people from different walks of life who share a passion for giving back, and for easing others’ paths along the journey. On behalf of all those you have fed, sheltered, kept safe, encouraged, strengthened, cared for, comforted, and helped on their way through your contribution to United Way, thank you. Your gift matters to our kids, our families and our community.

Carol Whitehead Superintendent, Everett Public Schools Chair, United Way Board of Directors 1

Carl J. Zapora President & CEO United Way of Snohomish County Your gift matters


Preschool children using United Way’s Success By 6® showed a 34% increase in initiative, self-control and attachment— factors that help them overcome adversity.

Thanks to you, kids are ready for school Laura, blue eyes peering intently through her glasses, is engrossed in making pink play dough pancakes. Moments later, face crinkling with laughter and yellow shirt flying, she swings upside down from the monkey bars, giggling madly. This is what normal looks like for a five year old. To her mom, Lupita, the word “normal” is a victory. Laura was born 17 weeks early. She weighed 1 lb., 10 ozs. Multiple birth complications put her at high risk for learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. Because of a compromised immune system, Laura lived her first two years isolated from all but her family and caregiver. At age two, doctors told her mother, Lupita, that she was developmentally delayed by five months. A friend referred the family to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Child Care. When, Laura first arrived at the child care center she was three years old. She had trouble listening, following directions and toilet training. She didn’t know how to handle her obvious frustration. Fortunately, her child care center is one of 75 sites using Success By 6®, a United Way initiative that gives parents and teachers the tools they need to help kids develop and succeed. “Laura’s evaluations are night and day from two years ago,” says Lupita. Now Laura, 5, is able to start and finish projects, play with others, play by herself, listen to and obey directions, and communicate with words. She has learned that there are consequences to unacceptable behavior and responds to positive feedback with good behavior. “Our Saviour’s works with parents to make sure there is continuity of discipline, reinforcement, praise and follow-through with the day care, schools and at home. They are very involved with all aspects of each child’s development and education and have been a great support by providing the specialized knowledge that Laura needed,” says Lupita. The extra support has been overwhelming. Laura’s developmental delays are within an average range for her age, and she enters mainstream kindergarten this fall at Kent Prairie Elementary ready to learn.


Thanks to you, kids are ready for school

Strong early learning programs are helping over 7,000 kids like Laura start school ready to succeed.

Kids matter Together, we helped 68,339 children and youth. •

7,045 children in our community are in quality child care, receiving strong early learning experiences.

4,454 students received homework help and mentoring through United Way-funded after-school programs.

2,171 foster children received support services funded in part by United Way, so they can do more than survive—they can thrive.

Washington teachers say that 56% of our children enter kindergarten not ready to learn. For low-income children, the figure jumps to an alarming 75%—with slim chances of ever catching up. Early childhood experts in Snohomish County turned to United Way to see what could be done. In the past five years, United Way’s Success By 6 has given 2,824 children a steadier, more successful start. This past year: •

1,000 children ages 2-5 used Success By 6 to build social and emotional strengths.

34% showed significant improvement in initiative, self-control and attachment. *

Our goal is to: •

train more teachers to aid in a seamless transition between childcare, preschool and kindergarten.

Pilot an infant and toddler version of the DECA tool used in Success By 6.

* Results based on 459 children that participated in both pre and post assessment.

3 Early experiences shape a child’s lifelong ability to learn and relate to others. That’s why quality early learning is key to the success of our children, our future workforce and our entire community. United Way of Snohomish County and Northwest Educational Services District 189 partnered to bring Born Learning to a fivecounty area. Washington’s Born Learning campaign set the national standard for public awareness, education about easy ways to turn every day moments into learning moments, and community action through public policy. Every parent can use a little help. United Way’s Parent Place is making it easier to find. This nationally acclaimed website features over 1,000 local resources for parents and kids in Snohomish County. Last year, 5,000 unique visitors used The Parent Place to find everything from ballet lessons to quality preschools to parenting help to story time at the local library.

Kids matter


United Way’s free tax preparation site helped 500 working families keep more of what they earned by claiming $767,000 in refunds, of which $330,000 was earned income tax credits.

Thanks to you, people can overcome hunger The need for affordable, nutritious food remains a problem for many. Washington has the 22nd highest rate of hunger in the United States. In 2006 the Snohomish County Food Bank Coalition served 416,546 individuals — and received United Way’s single largest grant. Food banks meet an urgent need, but most provide only three days’ of food a month. Families may still be forced to choose between paying the rent and buying groceries. United Way wants to stop the cycle of need. Volunteers and staff studied community conditions, talked to experts, and reviewed national research to find ideas that address the underlying causes of hunger. The earned income tax credit has lifted more children out of poverty than any other federal program, but is largely unknown. In Snohomish County, $10 million is left unclaimed every year. So United Way launched a Free Tax Preparation site, helping low-income, working people file and claim their refunds. Joni was one of the first people in line. She couldn’t believe anyone would do her taxes for free. When the single mother of two young girls received a refund of $5,041—over a quarter of her income for the entire year—she was amazed and grateful. She paid off bills, bought car insurance and gave $500 to her church “to help those less fortunate,” Joni said, “because this has been such a blessing for me.” Volunteers at United Way’s free tax site completed 500 returns worth $767,000 in refunds for households whose average income was less than $19,000 a year, putting money back into the pockets of the working poor so families have food to eat, not just for today but also for tomorrow.


Thanks to you, people can overcome hunger

United Way volunteers helped Joni Pfeifer claim a tax refund of $5,041, which helped this single mom take better care of her family.

Families matter Together, we contributed to programs that served 213,897 individuals and families. •

8,035 homeless people found emergency shelter, shielding them from the dangers of the streets.

100,807 individuals received a meal at a local food bank instead of going hungry.

317 families received utility assistance, providing them light and warmth in a time of need.

7,152 people received the assistance they needed at a critical time, keeping them safely housed and off the streets.

United Way Financial Stability Partnership

Left: The Letter Carrier’s Food Drive, sponsored by United Way, gathered 351,050 lbs. of food and nonperishable items for the Snohomish County Food Bank Distribution Center. Center: United Wayfunded programs provided 4,714 elderly and disabled people with medical and health care. Right: United Way volunteer Terry Feller helps Francisco Dominguez with his tax return.

Too many families walk a financial tightrope—barely getting by. United Way is partnering to help hard-working families become financially stable and take the next steps to long-term independence. Individual Development Accounts Over 90 families are successfully saving to literally move from homelessness to financial stability with the help of an Individual Development Account. IDAs match a families’ savings toward an education, a home or a small business, and teach them the basics of budgeting, credit and finances. Free Tax Sites and EITC Free tax preparation sites help low-income families apply for the earned income tax credit, which means a bigger tax refund. In 2007, United Way’s tax site at the Boys and Girls Club in north Everett helped 500 working families keep more of what they earned by claiming $767,000 in refunds, of which $330,000 was in earned income tax credits.


United Way’s public policy efforts have secured $3.8 million for IDA and financial asset programs, and aided other advocate groups in increasing funding for housing and mental health.

Families matter


1,447 volunteers were matched with opportunities to help at 126 nonprofit agencies.

Thanks to you, people are engaged in their community Jim Scott knew he had talents and manpower that others needed. He turned to United Way’s Volunteer Center to find out how he could be a part of the solution. United Way’s Volunteer Center mobilizes people and resources to deliver creative solutions.

Jim Scott turned to United Way’s Volunteer Center to discover how he could help.

Jim got connected right away, helping an Everett family repair their home after vandalism had left it in ruins. Jim quickly took charge, cleaning and hauling the ruined furniture to the dump. He realized that this family could not afford new furniture. He wasted no time scouring the papers, calling people to ask if they would donate their sale items to furnish the family’s home. The family now has a new and furnished home.

“Now my family and I are connected to our community, using our resources and time for those that need it the most.” Jim’s eagerness to help his community grew. He connected to another volunteer opportunity after a season of stormy weather and torrential downpours flooded the Three Rivers Mobile Park. Jim and a team from The Salvation Army cleaned the wreckage and repaired the homes. Again Jim realized that these people couldn’t afford to rebuild their homes. He got to work looking for donated materials and found enough padding and carpet to cover five large rooms. With his two teenage daughters, Jim spent over 50 hours pulling up carpet, coordinating transport of the materials and organizing a crew to install the new materials in the mobile park homes. “Before getting connected to these volunteer opportunities I knew there were problems, but didn’t know how or where I could help,” states Jim. “Now my family and I are connected to our community, using our resources and time for those that need it the most.” Through United Way, Jim is a part of the solution, working to improve people’s lives in Snohomish County.


Thanks to you, people are engaged in their community

Community matters Together, we helped 82,896 people of all ages and abilities. •

4,402 elderly people were given rides to the doctor, food bank or community activities.

4,395 victims of domestic violence had a safe place to escape to and receive treatment.

24,539 elderly and disabled people received basic needs and were connected to their communities.

United Way Volunteer Center The Volunteer Center is a key resource in the community, assisting nonprofits in effectively recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers. The Center also promotes volunteering and its online database connects people to opportunities to serve all year long. Last year: • •

1,447 volunteers were matched with opportunities to help at 126 nonprofit agencies. 193 volunteer managers have attended United Way training seminars since the beginning of 2007.

A warm end to an icy dilemma Last winter’s snowstorms stranded 83-yearold Dorothy in her home for two days with no heat or electricity. As the house grew colder, she grew more distraught and frightened at being cut-off and alone. She needed heat and shelter right away, but didn’t call 911 because she didn’t think her situation was “an emergency.” Luckily, Dorothy did call 2-1-1. A 2-1-1 operator listened to her problem, then connected her to emergency transportation to a warm shelter in a church until she could safely return home. Before 2-1-1, people made on average 12 phone calls to find the right source for help. One call to 2-1-1 connected Dorothy to the help she needed.

Our goal: •

Expand Days of Caring to two days to engage more volunteers and complete more community projects.

Engage more youth in service projects.

North Sound 2-1-1 Every hour of every day, someone in Snohomish County needs essential services—from finding an after-school program to securing care for a child or an aging parent. The 2-1-1 information line is the answer.

North Sound 2-1-1 celebrated its first anniversary on February 22. Call volumes are up 42% since the launch of the new, three-digit phone number.

United Way and Volunteers of America are partners in our local 2-1-1 call center, which can connect you to the right place for help. North Sound 2-1-1 answered 28,632 calls in 2006—a 42% increase over the old community line phone number. As of May, calls were running 5,000 ahead of last year. 7

Community matters


Day of Caring On September 15, 2006, nearly, 1,000 volunteers spent 6,916 hours reading to kids, painting walls, pulling weeds and building fences. The dollar value of their work is estimated at $121,000.

Day of Caring Teams Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Agilent Technologies Allstate Insurance Alside Windows NW AmeriCorps Program Bank of America Boeing Community Relations Team Boeing Everett Training C&D Zodiac Carpenters 562 Cascade Bank Center for Career Alternatives Chittim Family City of Everett Community Matters Vision Council Community Transit Compass Health, Marysville Office CRO-WaMu Department of Natural Resources Edmonds Community College The Everett Clinic Everett Community College – ORCA FAA Families Matter Vision Council Fluke Corporation Fred Meyer, Lynnwood Fred Meyer, Bothell Frontier Bank Goodrich ATS Hascal, Sjoholm & Co. PS The Herald


Day of Caring

HFC IAM 751 IBEW 77 ICOS Corporation Intermec Kids Matter Vision Council Kimberly-Clark Corporation Liberty Northwest Microsoft Mutual of America Naval Station Everett Nordstrom Northshore Cooperative Committee Obie Pacific Grinding Wheel People for Puget Sound Perteet, Inc. Port of Everett Premera Blue Cross Providence Everett Medical Center RAMP REI Rodland Toyota Snohomish Conservation District Snohomish County Employees Snohomish County PUD Snohomish County SWM Sno-Isle Libraries SPEEA Starbucks Stevens Hospital Stillaguamish Tribe Stilly-Snohomish Fisheries Tulalip Tribes UFCW 21

Left: Chris Glenn of SPEEA and Jerry Otis, Ramp Project Coordinator and member of Carpenters Union Local 131, admired the new ramp they built at Interfaith Association. Center: Dan of Community Transit lent his storytelling skills to the children of Hawthorne Elementary. Right: Stacey Begay of C&D Zodiac cleaned windows at Sherwood Community Services.

Left: Tamara Foroe of Providence Everett Medical Center helped build fences for ponies and paint walls at EquiFriends.

Board of Directors United Way of Snohomish County’s Board of Directors met seven times in the past year. Meetings took place every other month at the United Way office on a Tuesday morning. Our annual meeting was held August 28, 2007.

Continuing Members

Retiring Members

Dr. Carol Whitehead ‘09 Chair Everett School District No. 2

Dr. Marci Larsen ‘09 Mukilteo School District

David Brock The Boeing Company

Jim Litz ‘09 Agilent Technologies

Tom Collins Anderson Hunter Law Firm

Greg Metcalf ‘08 Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Dianne Easley The Boeing Company

Jaja Okigwe ‘08 Premera Blue Cross

Jerry Goodwin C&D Zodiac

Kimberly Pastega ‘09 The Boeing Company

Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman Temple Beth Or

Debbie McLeod ‘10 Vice-Chair Cascade Bank Lisa Clarke ‘10 Secretary Highlands Consulting Becky Mackenstadt ‘09 Treasurer Vine Dahlen, PLLC Sue Betz ‘07 Kids Matter Chair Prudential MacPherson’s Real Estate Kim Buike ‘09 Simio, Inc. Rick Cooper ‘08 The Everett Clinic John Dickson ‘08 Frontier Bank Michael Gaffney ‘09 Providence Health System - Everett Peter Grodt ‘07 Families Matter Chair Housing Authority of Snohomish County John Gustafson ‘08 Verizon Northwest Peggy Hain ‘09 Goodrich Corporation- ATS Ken Kettler ‘09 Tulalip Resort Casino Kenneth Konopa ‘09 Fluke Corporation 9

Aaron Reardon ‘08 Snohomish County Executive Matt Reinhard ‘08 Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Buzz Rodland ‘09 Rodland Toyota, Inc.

Left: Lynn Nixon, far right, with twins Maya and Jayla, 10, and their mom, Sheryl Gomez, at the Volunteer Expo. Center: Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman with 2006 Spirit Breakfast speaker Erin Gruwell. Right: Spirit of Labor winner Don Shove gets a congratulatory hug from Carl Zapora.

Dr. William Mester Snohomish School District Alvin Schultz Community Volunteer Mike Tibbits Evergreen Bank

Bob Rommel ‘08 SPEEA Don Shove ‘09 IAM District Lodge 751 Stephen Smith ‘07 Community Matters Chair City University Eddie Tadlock ‘09 Lynnwood Convention Center (SMG) Edward Triezenberg ‘08 Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters Laura Van Slyck ‘08 City of Everett Sharon Wellman ‘08 Everett Community College

Thanks, Mike! Mike Tibbits retires from the Board of Directors this year after volunteering with United Way since 1999. In that time, he has served as Treasurer, Board Chair, and Chair of the Finance Committee. As the 2006 Campaign Chair, Mike led the effort that raised over $10.1 million in total contributions, of which $6.7 million was raised for the Local Community Fund. Although officially off the Board, Mike continues to serve on the 2007 Campaign Strategy Team and on the Strategic Oversight Committee. It is with deepest gratitude that the volunteers and staff say, “Thanks, Mike!” Board of Directors


Your gift bridges gaps Gifts come in many shapes and sizes. Rafael and Ofelia Cornejo’s came as a sound. The musical cadence of their “¿Puedo ayudarle?” was a welcome sound to Spanish-speaking clients at United Way’s free tax preparation site.

Rafael and Ofelia Cornejo with Valeria, 8, and Citlalli, 4.

Income taxes can be confusing. For those who speak little or no English, they are downright incomprehensible. Volunteers like Rafael and Ofelia bridged the language gap. Nine languages were spoken at United Way’s tax site, a service that set it apart and helped make it the busiest in the county. Volunteer tax preparers, translators and greeters worked at least five hours each week for four months. For busy families like the Cornejos, it’s a substantial commitment, but the need was evident. United Way’s tax site completed 500 returns for $767,000 in refunds. Most importantly, $330,000 of that was in earned income tax credits, which means real money back into the pockets of working families whose average household income was less than $19,000.

“You are helping more than just one individual or organization— you are helping the community with the hope that others do the same.” “You could see in their eyes that they appreciated it,” Ofelia says. “Volunteering was part of my 10-years of active-duty Navy service,” says Rafael. “I feel it’s a responsibility. If we have something to share, why not do it? We thank United Way, because United Way provided a service for people who need it.” “It’s just rewarding,” Ofelia adds. “You are helping more than just one individual or organization—you are helping the community with the hope that others do the same.”


Your gift bridges gaps

Volunteers Last year, United Way volunteers logged over 25,000 hours with a dollar value of $487,000. Karen Adams Steve Ahern Ofelia Ahumada Terry Alford Amy Allison Madeline Ancelard Eric Anderson David Antillon Virginia Antipolo-Utt Sandra Back Cole Ballard Deanna Ballard Gubby Barlow Vera Barsukoff John Bauer Toni Baumann Bob Berg Nataliya Bologova Roger Bouck Christina Brandt Debrah Bronson Stephen Brown Alison Brynelson Frank Busichio Judy Carter Nancy Cartwright Albert Chang Barbara Chase Emily Chu Don Clarke Olga Clarke Dan Clements Rick Cooper Barbara Copeland Rafael Cornejo Courtney Creech Wink Cushman Kari Dahl Julie Davidson Patrick Davis Mary Decker Harmon DeJong Lauri Donaldson Jo Drake Sarah Duncan Janice Ellis Mary Fears Chris Featherstone 11

Terry M. Feller Andrea Fink Jerry Fireman Orin Fjeran Farrell Fleming Cheryl Foster Jeff Fransen Kathleen Friend Lisa Frost David Fudge Brian Furby Kim Fyfe Paul Gallagher Joyce George Barbara George Scott Glowaski Tom Goos Jackie Graham Marcee Grasso Christina Greene Dan Gunderson Becky Gurka Joel HadďŹ eld Lauren Hadley Peggy Hain Michael Hall Randy Hansen Tom Hebner Boriana Helmick Bill Hickman David Hill Bob Hillmann Amy Hilzman-Paquette Charles Howard Nannette Howard Lori Hughes Jim Hughes Kelly Hulin Bill Humphreys Lisa Hutchinson Hide Iba Tina Johnson Deborah Jordan Barbara Karz-Wagman Janet Kavadas Patrick Keaty Mary Knox Kenneth Konopa

Loi Kim Ky Mathew Lane Charles Langdon Elaine Larson Tom Lasswell Anh Linh Le Janice Lengenfelder Hong Li Joni Lindstrand Margaret A. Madonia Emily Maher Gem Malone Michael Manley Charlie Mays John McAlpine Judith McCoid Phillip McConnell Charles McQuery Martha Mee Anne Mitchell Jeffrey Moore Suzanne Moreau Chuck Morrison Brian Muchmore Andrew Muntz Lew Neiman Carol Nelson Lynn Nixon Jo Noack John Noble Greg Noren Stefanie Novacek Chris Nygard Mark Nysether Kevin O’Neill Gregg Ohlsen Chris Olson Jean Patterson Susan Patterson Nancy Patton Georgia Payne Renee Peare Nancy Peinecke Marree Perrault Ed Petersen Sola Plumacher Janet Pope Janet Prichard

Tom Prigmore Kathleen Prom Ralph Quaas Roger Rancourt Michele Rastovich Kristi Reardon Kathy Reiff Rosario Reyes Richard Ricketts Melissa Roth Paul Roth Peter Rudolph Dean Running Garrett Rutledge Lyle Ryan David Sanchez Cuesta Cathy Schindler Nathan Schloetel Jim Scott Doug Scott Elizabeth Scrapper Mary Lou Seaton Grady Sewell Kym Shanahan Steve Sher Jerry Singer Danielle Singson Pamela Sipos Cheryl Sparks Samantha Spitzer Dan Squires Pam Sturgeon Bob Terwilliger Wanda Thomas Robert Lee Thomas Caryl Thorp Bob Throckmorton Stuart Torgerson Kristi Treckeme Ed Triezenberg Bill Tsoukalas Glenn Vail Carol Valentine Joe Varano Ester Villanueva Heather Villars Mary Vujovic Andrew Walker

Emily Walker Mark Walker Gary Wangsmo Jamie Warner John Weber Duane Welborn Cynthia Wellman Joel K. Whitaker Timothy Whitty Alice Wikene Samantha Wilkinson Pat Willard Mike Williams Christopher Wolfe Carolyn Woods Benjamin Wright Karol Zerr

Above left: Kim Buike wins Speaker of the Year. Center: Bob Throckmorton and Deborah Squires, Vice President of Impact and Marketing at United Way. Right: Ralph and Kathleen Quaas. Volunteers


Thanks to you, new doors opened for United Way United Way of Snohomish County celebrated the purchase of its new building in Everett—the first building it has owned in 67 years of service to the community. “This Community Center truly represents United Way’s focus on long-term solutions for our community because it allows us to invest in a wonderful building that will grow in value for the same cost each year of being at our old location,” stated Dr. Carol Whitehead, United Way board chair. “Longterm, even more resources will be going back into the community. And it’s great not to pay rent!” Together, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Boeing Company and Frontier Bank gave a challenge grant of $500,000. Other generous donors met the challenge, raising a total of $1,054,000 in addition to United Way’s annual campaign. United Way occupies the top floor of the 20,000 sq. ft., $3.5 million building and leases the first floor.

Top left, L-R: Tim Nowlis and Caren Skube of The Boeing Company; John Dickson of Frontier Bank; Carl Zapora, President & CEO of United Way; Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson; Dr. Carol Whitehead, United Way Board Chair; and Matt McNair of the Everett Chamber of Commerce. Top right and bottom left: 3120 McDougall Ave. Purchasing a building that will accrue in value is a significant means of reducing operating expenses over time. Bottom right, L-R: Challenge Grant partners view the proposed building. Caren Skube of The Boeing Company, Annie Xuan Clark of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Carl Zapora.


Thanks to you, new doors opened for United Way

Going Places Capital Campaign Capital Campaign Challenge Grant Leaders Platinum: $300,000 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Gold: $150,000 The Boeing Company Silver: $50,000 Frontier Bank

Capital Campaign Donors Silver: $50,000 - $99,999 Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Matt & Keely Reinhard Kenneth Singer John & Lois Tennant Foundation Robert & Carol Dickson Foundation The Nysether Family Foundation Shirley & Eldon Nysether Vickie & Mark Nysether Kathy & Brad Nysether Bronze: $25,000 - $49,999 C&D Zodiac Cascade Bank Patrick & Barbara Davis, Dennis & Terri Jean Smith and Deborah & Dan Squires Bob Dent & Carole Lycett-Dent The Everett Clinic Foundation Fluke Corporation International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District Lodge 751 Kimberly-Clark Corporation Carl Zapora & Cheryl Foster Contributors: $10,000 - $24,999 Kim Buike CityBank EvergreenBank KeyBank Connie Niva The Norcliffe Foundation

Friends: $1,000 - $9,999 John Bauer, CB Richard Ellis Jackie & Alex Boschok John & Lisa Clarke Dan Clements Tom & Jane Collins Rick Cooper & Robin Hilton Penny & Steve Coyne Karen, Kaitlin & Sam Crowley Mrs. Dan Duryee Everett Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Mike Gaffney Pete Grodt John & Mary Gustafson Peggy Hain Jim & Olga Litz Dan & Becky Mackenstadt Mike & Debbie McLeod Fran & Bill Mester Robert & Kerile J. Neprud Lynn A. Nixon Chris & Kim Pastega Edwin & Carol Petersen Premium Construction Group John & Jill Rivera Greene Rodland Toyota Peter, Dawn, Leah & Haley Rudolph Bob & Mary Smith Richard & Mayumi Smith Stephen L. & Debra Barger Smith SPEEA – IFPTE Local 2001 Michael & Lynne Springer Mike & Antonia Tibbits Alex & Vicki Vasquez Verizon Foundation Bunny, Joe & Megan Walters Dr. Carol Whitehead Richard & Jeri Wilkes

Building Study Committee David Brock – Chair The Boeing Company John Bauer CB Richard Ellis, Inc. Tom Collins Anderson Hunter Law Firm Joel Hadfield Hadfield Consulting, Inc. Greg Metcalf Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Max Riggs United Way of Snohomish County Bob Rommel SPEEA – Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace Linda Smith United Way of Snohomish County

Mark Nysether Sea Dog Corp.

Jeri Wilkes, CPA United Way of Snohomish County

Richard Ricketts Snohomish County Workforce Development Council

Carl Zapora, President & CEO United Way of Snohomish County

Above left: United Way staff in the new building. Center: Vice President of Impact and Resource Development Karen Crowley and Building Study Committee Chair David Brock. Right: Mark Nysether.


Capital Campaign Donors and Building Study Committee


July 2006 through June 2007 included celebrated traditions and some notable “firsts” for United Way of Snohomish County. Here are some of the highlights:

Oh, what a year!

2,500 volunteers cheered on the AquaSox at Volunteer Appreciation Night, sponsored by United Way, Cascade Bank and the Everett AquaSox.

United Way was recognized as a “Best Practices” finalist from among 170 entries nationally, receiving honors for Customer Relationship Management and for The Parent Place website. Snohomish County was the only United Way finalist in two categories.

Educator and Freedom Writers author Erin Gruwell shared her moving story at the 2006 Spirit of Snohomish County Breakfast. From left, John Gustafson, Matt Reinhard, Carol Whitehead, Jack Jones and Erin Gruwell.

United Way announced $3.3 million in new grants to 93 local programs reflecting a wide range of services for kids, families and the entire community. United Way bought its firstever building. 1,000 Day of Caring volunteers “went there, did that and got the T-shirt” designed by Snohomish High School student Calista Klein. 14

Oh, what a year!

The Community Caring Celebration thanked donors to the 2006 annual campaign, which raised $6.7 million for the Local Community Fund from a campaign total of $10.1 million. Campaign Chair Mike Tibbits “passed the buck” to John Dickson for the 2007 campaign.

United Way recognized volunteers and partners at the kick-off of its first free income tax site. Families identified basic needs, savings and transportation as the top three uses for their $767,000 in refunds.

Volunteer Expo attracted a record 72 exhibitors and hundreds of volunteers “shopping” for a way to get involved. Volunteer Expo is a project of The United Way Volunteer Center with assistance from the Sno-King Bluebills and Catholic Community Services’ RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteering Program).

United Way of Snohomish County’s public policy efforts have secured $5.5 million for Washington state’s 2-1-1 system. Executive Vice President Dennis Smith was appointed by the Secretary of State to the Charitable Advisory Council, created to advise in the training and educational needs of charitable organizations; including model practices related to administration.

United Way President & CEO, Carl Zapora was re-elected President of United Ways of Washington for a second term.

Bob Watt, Vice President of Government Relations and Global Corporate Citizenship at The Boeing Company, spoke to business leaders on the economic and societal benefits when children thrive and why the business community should invest in early learning. 15

Oh, what a year!


Award winners Community Caring Campaign Awards President’s Awards Frontier Bank and City of Monroe Chair Challenge Award Matt Reinhard, Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. and Dr. Marci Larsen, Mukilteo School District Employee Campaign Manager of the Year Awards Emily Maher, Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. and Mary Wastman, Mukilteo School District Labor Partnership Award SPEEA and IAM 751 Community Impact Partner Award Eaton Electrical and South County Senior Center Speakers of the Year Marty Bucher, Work Opportunities and Kim Buike, Community Matters Vision Council Sustaining Supporter Award Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound Going Places Award For the United Way of Snohomish County Capital Campaign Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Boeing Company and Frontier Bank 16

Award winners

Best of Industry Award Winners Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Auto Dealers Rodland Toyota Building Industry Wilder Construction Company Communications Cingular Wireless Financial Services Frontier Bank Food Industry Coca-Cola Enterprises

2006 Spirit of Snohomish County Awards Community Partner Award Comcast Youth Award Maddie Ackerman Adult Award Shirley Blackbourn Reeves-Sievers Founders Award Roger Bouck Spirit of Labor Award Don Shove, IAM 751

General Services United Parcel Service Healthcare Providence Everett Medical Center Insurance State Farm Insurance - Bothell Local Government City of Monroe Manufacturing Johnson Controls Nonprofit Organizations Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County Retail Macy’s - Alderwood School Districts Mukilteo School District Technology Agilent Technologies

Left: 2006 Spirit of Snohomish County Awards presenters and winners from left: Carl Zapora, President & CEO of United Way of Snohomish County; John Dietrich, Area Vice President for Comcast, Community Partner Award winner; Maddie Ackerman, Youth winner; Jack Jones, The Boeing Company; Shirley Blackbourn, Adult winner; Board Chair Matt Reinhard, Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.; Roger Bouck, Reeves-Sievers Founders Award winner; and Don Shove, IAM 751, Spirit of Labor Award winner. Center: Employee Campaign Managers of the Year: Emily Maher of Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. and Mary Wastman of Mukilteo School District. Right: Frontier Bank CEO and 2007 Campaign Chair, John Dickson, second from left, accepts the President’s Award along with Employee Campaign Manager, John Weber. Also accepting the President’s Award is City of Monroe’s Mayor Donnetta Walser, far right, and Employee Campaign Manager, Cheri Hurst.

“Through the efforts of literally hundreds of volunteers and the professional staff, United Way assures that my donation will cause positive change in our community by investing in impact-driven initiatives and programs. Additionally, Tocqueville Society activities and events give me the opportunity to interact with other leaders in giving.” —Matt Reinhard

Tocqueville Society: D.A. Duryee Chapter Setting the Standard for Giving Donors of $10,000+

Tocqueville Society Chair Matt Reinhard of Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

The Tocqueville Society is a distinguished group of leaders in giving who care deeply about our community and inspire others to follow their example. These donors to United Way of Snohomish County have both the motivation and the means to contribute at the very highest level— $10,000 and above. The local chapter of this national philanthropic group is the D.A. Duryee Chapter in honor of Dan Duryee, a Snohomish County native whose enthusiasm for helping his community set a sterling standard for others. The compassion and generosity that were truly the hallmarks of his life are the traits seen today in the members of the Tocqueville Society. Benefits for Tocqueville donors: •

Recognition in the Leaders in Giving Book (unless otherwise requested)

Invitations to select social and educational events

Invitation to the annual Tocqueville Leaders Weekend, sponsored by United Way of America

Access to United Way’s Philanthropy Fund, a personal giving fund that consolidates all charitable giving through one convenient account that works much like a checking account.

The benefits of informed investment in effective programs and responsible oversight of contributions made to the Local Community Fund.

Opportunities to connect with United Way’s Young Leaders Society for those ages 21-44.

For more information about the benefits of joining the Tocqueville Society, please contact John Rivera Greene at United Way of Snohomish County, 425.374.5504 or


Tocqueville Society: D.A. Duryee Chapter


Pet passions People come first at the Ryan’s. Don’t be misled by the three dogs, a cat and one slightly spoiled pig. Lyle warns that their household is “unusual.” PJ calls it “a little chaotic.” Neither describes it as warm and delightful, but that’s the overwhelming feeling upon being welcomed into the Ryan’s home. It’s immaculate, with a lovely kitchen and family room that are clearly where they live a very full life. Here, Gracie, the dwarf pot-belly pig reins. Max, Maggie and Jake are on the deck, wriggling to be let in. The cat, aloof in the manner of felines, is nowhere to be seen. A neighbor’s child is ensconced in a highchair, being fed by PJ. Lyle is just home from Frontier Bank, where he is President and where they first met.

PJ and Lyle Ryan appreciate that United Way conveniently manages gifts to personal passions and supports the range of services people depend on.

In the midst of this, they talk about their volunteer work and why they are Tocqueville donors. “We’ve been lucky in our lives,” says PJ.

“The Local Community Fund is an easy way to give if you don’t have the time to check out everything, especially because United Way measures outcomes.” “We have,” Lyle affirms, “We’ve been really blessed.” They want to give back to this community where Lyle has lived since 1978 and where PJ has lived all her life. Still, there’s something more. For one, they began giving generously when it was a stretch. For another, they give because, well, they like to. It’s fun. “We give mostly to basic needs,” Lyle notes. “You’ve got to take care of people before you take care of other things.” “United Way makes it all tidy,” says PJ. United Way easily accommodates contributions of stock and cash. The Philanthropy Fund conveniently manages gifts to their personal passions and the Local Community Fund supports the “safety net” of services they know people in Snohomish County depend on. “The Local Community Fund is an easy way to give if you don’t have the time to check out everything, especially because United Way measures outcomes,” Lyle says. “When you’ve only got so many dollars, you want them to go as far as they can.” 18

Pet passions

This year 30 generous donors gave $10,000 or more, becoming members of the Tocqueville Society. Within this group we are pleased to acknowledge the following giving levels: Bob Smith Circle - $50,000+ Mary Gates Circle - $25,000 to $49,999 Membres de la Societé - $10,000 to $24,999

Bob Smith Circle of Giving: Donors of $50,000+ The Bob Smith Circle of Giving is a lasting tribute to the friend and champion of our chapter of the Tocqueville Society. As chair, for many years Bob almost single-handedly raised more than $1 million for United Way and the community. Bob’s spirit and positive attitude were an inspiration to all. Gifts of $50,000 or more qualify donors for recognition as a member of this prestigious Circle of Giving.


& Carol Dickson Foundation Frontier Bank 8 years


& Keely Reinhard Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. 5 years

 A special thank you to those who give to United Way’s Local Community Fund.

Not all employers provide this information to us.  Thank you to those who gave to United Way’s capital campaign.


Tocqueville Society: Bob Smith Circle of Giving


Mary Gates Circle of Giving: Donors of $25,000+ with a minimum of $10,000 directed to United Way’s Local Community Fund While in leadership positions at United Way of King County and United Way of America, Mary Gates promoted the vital importance of volunteering and personal giving. To recognize this champion of community service, all Tocqueville Society members contributing $25,000 or more become links in the circle honoring her generosity and commitment to community.


Niva 16 years

 Michael & Pat Holcomb

Snohomish County PUD 8 years


Dent & Carole Lycett-Dent 13 years


& Carol Rodland Rodland Toyota 8 years


Zapora & Cheryl Foster United Way of Snohomish County 3 years


Tocqueville Society: Mary Gates Circle of Giving

Membres de la SocietĂŠ: Donors of $10,000+  Larry & Deborah Brady


& Maggie Faulkner 7 years


Jack & Gail Larson Providence Health System 1 year


Intermec Technologies 5 years  Richard

& Mary Brannon 14 years


& Lisa Clarke Highlands Consulting 1 year


& Jane Collins Anderson Hunter Law Firm 13 years

& Mayumi Smith 8 years & Lois Tennant John & Lois Tennant Foundation 1 year


& Maureen Lico Fluke Corporation/ Danaher 4 years


& Sue Cooper 10 years


& Robert (Deceased) Smith 16 years

Lyle & P.J. Ryan Frontier Bank 8 years

 Kim S. Buike

Captain, U.S. Navy (ret) Simio, Inc. 1 year

H.R. Brereton (Gubby) & Gillian Barlow Premera Blue Cross 2 years


& Barbara Davis United Way of Snohomish County 1 year

Carol & Kenneth Nelson Cascade Bank 2 years


Carol Whitehead Everett School District 1 year


Duryee 16 years

Jerry & Sue Beavers YMCA of Snohomish County 1 year



John & Julie Dickson Frontier Bank 5 years

& Deborah Squires United Way of Snohomish County & The Boeing Company 2 years

Roy & Barbara Yates Frontier Bank 8 years

Tocqueville Society: Membres de la SocietĂŠ


Give and go, then. Exceeding expectations, now.

Jaime and Pat Job with their son, Dylan.

Pat Job knows exactly why he gives to United Way. His son. Dylan was born with meningitis, an infection of the brain. Doctors were convinced he wouldn’t live. When he did, they said he’d never walk or function above the level of a two-year-old. Today, Dylan reads and writes Braille. He plays baseball in a special league and will start Snohomish High School in the fall. He is happy. He is a miracle. His parents are grateful.

“I don’t just give to United Way anymore because of Dylan. The message for me is what United Way does in the community.” “Because of these programs, because of United Way, this is what Dylan’s like now,” says Pat, a Red Feather Donor6. Dylan has benefited from several organizations that receive United Way funding, such as Volunteers of America and the YMCA. One key program was Little Red School House. “I saw a lot of their funding was from United Way,” Pat says. “Our UPS campaign was starting, so I went to our district manager and asked if I could run the campaign. I’d always done the ‘give and go’ thing before, but this was the first time I was really aware of what United Way does. I’ve been running the campaign ever since.” Over 16 years, Pat’s understanding and commitment have deepened. “I don’t just give to United Way anymore because of Dylan. The message for me is what United Way does in the community. For years I designated my contribution to specific nonprofits, but I’ve learned that it’s important to give to the Local Community Fund because there are other people out there who need help, too. Children, seniors—United Way knows where these dollars need to go.”


Give and go, then. Exceeding expectations, now.

This year 646 generous donors gave between $1,000 and $9,999, becoming members of the Red Feather Society. Within this group we are pleased to acknowledge the following giving levels: Gold Feather Level - $5,000 to $9,999 Silver Feather Level - $2,500 to $4,999 Red Feather Level - $1,000 to $2,499

Red Feather Society: Donors of $1,000 to $9,999 Gold Feather

Silver Feather

$5,000 to $9,999

$2,500 to $4,999

Leland Darrow


Douglas & Robin Ferguson Anderson Hunter Law Firm


Dan Goodman

Kenneth & Mary Konopa Fluke Corporation


E. Larter, M.D. & Lynn A. Nixon The Everett Clinic & Agilent Technologies


F. Shepherd & Karen P. Madsen



Kenneth M. Chandler Premera Blue Cross


Clark Willingham Snohomish County - Public Works


Clements & Dan Clements City of Edmonds & Port of Everett

G. & Terri Jean Smith United Way of Snohomish County

Edward & Allynlee Triezenberg Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Cooper & Robin Hilton The Everett Clinic


Kaitlin & Samuel Crowley United Way of Snohomish County


& Jim Dean Everett School District


& Mrs. Richard Wilkes United Way of Snohomish County

Glenn R. Engel Agilent Technologies

Richard & Susanne Essex Snohomish School District & Edmonds School Distric

J. William & Kathrine Finley The Everett Clinic

Tonia & Jerry Goodwin C&D Zodiac

Randal & Jamie Gravelle Everett School District

Rick & Julia Grover Premera Blue Cross

Janis L. Harwell Intermec Technologies Corporation


M. Singer


IAM District Lodge 751 Marina A. Cahill Community Transit


& Kim Pastega The Boeing Company

Edwards Costco Wholesale

Arne Berger Sparling, Inc.

R. McCoy Tulalip Tribes

Christian A. Olson Seaview ChevroletPontiac-GMC

Keina M. Atkins Tulalip Resort Casino


 Jackie & Alex Boschok


Bud Alkire Everett Housing Authority

Mr. & Mrs. William Donigan Premera Blue Cross Gene Dunlap Costco Wholesale


Jensen Sparling, Inc.

David Johnson Premera Blue Cross


J. Kirkwood D3 Technologies


M. Kukowski Fluke Corporation

Julie A. Lienhard Frontier Bank

Kathleen M. Schroeder Washington Mutual

Andrew & Ruth Siguenza Crane Eldec Corporation

Dr. Mark G. Sollek Premera Blue Cross

Sue Y. Taylor Intermec Technologies Corporation

Schott Premera Blue Cross


& Dan Mackenstadt Vine Dahlen & Co. PLLC

 Debbie & Mike McLeod

Cascade Bank  Dr.

Bill & Fran Mester Monroe School District & Snohomish School District


& Antonia Tibbits Evergreen Bank

 Robert A.

Mildes Group Health Cooperative

Thomas & Kellie Tollifson Holman Automotive

Andrew Nelson Premera Blue Cross

Lida C. Tong

Robert & Jeanne Walton Dunn Lumber Company

Phillip & Lynne Westcott Spiegel Group Teleservices & Fluke Corporation

Chris Wickizer Premera Blue Cross

Troy & Kari Woodard Kimberly-Clark Corporation & Mukilteo School District

David & Valerie Young Premera Blue Cross

Henry & Evelyn Odell

Dale & Nancy Peinecke Giddens Industries, Inc. & Snohomish County - Executive Office

Beth & Bill Pitt Premera Blue Cross


& Jon Pote Everett School District

Richard S. & Lillian M. Reis W&H Pacific

Scott & Mary Richards The Boeing Company


Krauss Costco Wholesale

W. Robinson Frontier Bank


O. Litz Agilent Technologies


L. & Saskia A. Kidd Fluke Corporation


L. Leong Philips Medical Systems


 Samuel & Debra Jones

Crane Eldec Corporation

Beverly Lauerman


 A special thank you to those who give to United Way’s Local

Community Fund. Not all employers provide this information to us.  Thank you to those who gave to United Way’s capital campaign.


Red Feather Society: Gold and Silver Feather Levels


Red Feather $1,000 to $2,499 

Lanny L. Aalbu

Mark S. Aardal

Leslie Abbott-Pierson Premera Blue Cross

William Abercrombie


& Eunice Binz Snohomish County PUD

Sparling, Inc. 

Monti & Maryanne Ackerman Fluke Corporation

C. Adams Goodrich Corporation ATS

Robert C. & Elaine G. Alexander Anderson Hunter Law Firm & Pacific Grinding Wheel Company Dr. Martin Anderson Philips Medical Systems


C. Anderson Everett School District

Rich & Connie Anderson Hascal Sjoholm & Co. PS, CPA & Everett School District Lynn & Stewart Anderson Bank of America

A. Black Snohomish Health District

Marshall Blaine Premera Blue Cross

 Daniel & Rilla Burnett

Blanchard Providence Health System M. Blosser Providence Health System

Lynn L. Bohlmann Snohomish School District

Lesley M. Boies Nordstrom

Joe F. Boland City of Everett

Michael K. Booth Perteet Engineering, Inc.



Robert A. Baker Fluke Corporation

Thomas & Rachelle Baldwin Rodland Toyota, Inc.

Sharon Berry Premera Blue Cross

Marvin & Theresa Condotta Premera Blue Cross

Scott & Maria Chamley C&D Zodiac

Sharon Chastain Premera Blue Cross

Shirley & Dennis Britt

Bank of America 


J. Brown Premera Blue Cross

Marshall N. Brown Premera Blue Cross Carolyn Bryson C&D Zodiac

 Thank you to those who gave to United Way’s capital campaign.

Red Feather Society: Red Feather Level


Carol Christoferson


Chung Premera Blue Cross

Todd A. Clark Pacific Grinding Wheel Company

T. Davies Washington Mutual

Ryan Davis C&D Zodiac

Denice J. Davis Fred Meyer


Davis Frontier Bank

Mona Davis Premera Blue Cross

Paul & Christine Davis Verizon & Wells Fargo Bank

L. Cook


Dawson Snohomish County - Executive Office

Comcast  James

B. Cosco, III Washington Mutual


Peter & Linda DeBoldt Perteet Engineering, Inc.

Coss Frontier Bank


Candice Cotman Premera Blue Cross


Linda Coulson Premera Blue Cross

Timothy S. Coulter Frontier Bank

Cathy & Michael Deller Bank of Everett & Everett School District

Paul Detmer & Kathy Roach Philips Medical Systems

Janet & Terry D. Dills C&D Zodiac

Robert G.& Crystal Disotell Cascade Bank

 Steve & Penny Coyne

Dedrick Everett School District M. Deibler Stevens Healthcare

United Way of Snohomish County 

Kenneth & Karen Creech Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

Anthony Crider Microsoft Corporation

Lora J. Dizmang Frontier Bank

Frederick Cruger Agilent Technologies

Debbie Rowley & Jim Dockery Granite Falls School District

Crystal & Richard Donner Perteet Engineering, Inc.

John A. Dorn FedEx-Express


& Kevin Cunningham City of Edmonds

Christian Premera Blue Cross


A. Cooch Cascade Bank


Community Fund. Not all employers provide this information to us.

Diane Christensen & Todd S. Christensen Edmonds School District & Edmonds School District

Lynn Darling Premera Blue Cross


 Katherine L. Cherrier

Audrey E. Brown

 A special thank you to those who give to United Way’s Local


Larry Comparone Intermec Technologies Corporation

M. Carbone Amgen, Inc.

Charlie M. ChaffinMcCandlish Cascade Bank

& Judith Brooks Intermec Technologies Corporation



Robert & Denise M. Collard Everett School District

Dino Cecchetto Premera Blue Cross

Sue Bride Premera Blue Cross

Becker Intermec Technologies Corporation


Gerald A. Capone Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

James L. Cavoretto Fluke Corporation

& Irene Brandsma Mukilteo School District & Everett School District

Mark & Anita Coghill Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

Jason R. Barr C&D Zodiac

Raymond D. Baumgardner IAM District Lodge 751

John Castiglia Premera Blue Cross

Matthew C. Brazee Costco Wholesale

Jeff S. Candaux Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.


Colleen K. Coggins C&D Zodiac

James & Lori Carroll CityBank

Larry J. Bauman City of Snohomish

Lillian & Robert Davies Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, Inc.

Steven J. Barnett FedEx-Express

Charmain Carpenter Costco Wholesale

Peggy M. Barton Premera Blue Cross

Thomas A. Coffey Premera Blue Cross

Dennis Barnes Premera Blue Cross

Duane V. Bowman City of Edmonds

Jill Daverso Everett School District

Shawn Carmody United Parcel Service

William P. Brackin & Linda S. Price Volunteers of America - Western Washington

Bill Dalziel & Mary Ellen Green Northshore School District & Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County

J. Clementz Frontier Bank

Dennis & Linda Byrnes Arlington School District & Mukilteo School District

Lake Stevens School District


Michelle Coak Premera Blue Cross

M. Bowen Comcast

 Dawn & John Boyden

Douglas & Kari Dahl Frontier Bank & Crane Eldec Corporation

Thomas W. Carlton

Cynthia L. Clauson Marysville School District




Rex Cloy United Parcel Service

JoAnn Carbonetti Monroe School District

Bethanie Archbold Deloitte and Touche

Jeff & Lorena Daggett W&H Pacific

& Elizabeth Bottman Fluke Corporation

Derick Baisa C&D Zodiac

BompartHatfield United Parcel Service

Gary S. Anderson Agilent Technologies

& Dawn Clark Pepsi Bottling Group

Keith G. Clodfelter Rodland Toyota, Inc.

M. Buxton Enterprise Rent-a-Car




David & Gail Burgess Lake Stevens School District The Boeing Company & Everett School District


Axley Everett Chevrolet

Bulger Potts Group Health Cooperative



Christina Buchholz Premera Blue Cross


Brenda L. Black Everett School District


 Pamela Ackenhausen

Lori Curtis

Deborah L. Custer Edmonds School District


Daggett Cingular Wireless


H. Douglas Frontier Bank


Dubuque Providence Health System

William & Dorothy Duff Fluke Corporation Eileen & Bruce Duncan Microsoft Corporation Robert Dunn Dunn Lumber Company


T. Eggleston Washington Mutual


W. Ellis Aramark Uniform Services

David L. & Janice Epperson Fluke Corporation

J. Fuglevand Everett School District

M. Fahey Frontier Bank

John H. Fairchild Pacific Crest Savings Bank Michael J. Fallon Wilder Construction Company


Fancher Puget Sound Energy

Edith M. Feild Philips Medical Systems

Chris & Catherine Fitting Premera Blue Cross


Flores Premera Blue Cross

Dani Folsom & Steve Strom Bank of America


Fountain Intermec Technologies Corporation

Rodney Fowler Premera Blue Cross


LeAnne Frank Cascade Bank

Daniel J. Fredrickson Edmonds School District

Michael & Wendy Grove Honeywell Flight Test Center


Gustafson Verizon

Cynthia A. Gallanger Comcast


Michael F. Gallavan Fluke Corporation

Gayle Gehrke Premera Blue Cross


George Little Red School House

Erik-Lars Hagstrom Costco Business Center R. Hain Goodrich Corporation ATS

Robert & Teryl Gibson Fluke Corporation


Gary & Mary Ann Gibson Providence Hospice & Home Health Care of Snohomish County

Audrey Halvorson Premera Blue Cross

Mark E. Hamers Alderwood Water & Waste Water District

Catherine Gleason Deloitte and Touche

John & Heidi Glen United Parcel Service & Valley General Hospital

Dr. John Goodman & Patti Gordon

Carla Goroski

John Gostol C&D Zodiac


Gradwohl Microsoft Corporation

Clark P. Graves Goodrich Corporation ATS

David & Judy Hill JAMCO America, Inc.

Robin Hilleary Premera Blue Cross

& Jill Halvorson Bank of America

Marilyn Hanan-Hoover Frontier Bank

Daniel & Heidi Hansen Perteet Engineering, Inc.

Conrad Hanson CityBank


& Sue

Hodge Costco Wholesale

Gary D. Hart

Ed & Jan Hartstein

Richard Lee Hastings

Rubye D. Hayden Mukilteo School District

Neile A. Grayson Sonus Pharmaceuticals

Mitch & Rie Kato JAMCO America, Inc.

Hide & Laurie Iba Intermec Technologies Corporation

Kirk W. Kearney Kimberly-Clark Corporation


John Lanes & Patty Igo Goodrich Corporation ATS & Providence Health System

Nabil & AnneMarie Istafanous Premera Blue Cross

Hiroo Iwamura JAMCO America, Inc.

 Hal Jensen & Lee Sells

& Rona Jespersen Lake Stevens School District

Heidi & Kerry Johnsen Marysville School District

Noelle Grimes Macy’s

Kline Philips Medical Systems


M. Knipe City of Everett

Cassie Koehn Cocoon House Koos Visiting Nurse Services of the NW

Carolyn D. Kossik


Kramer Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Stan & Debra Kyllo ACCRA Manufacturing, Inc.


L. Johnson Cascade Bank


Landes Intermec Technologies Corporation


& Sue Johnson Perteet Engineering, Inc. & Everett School District



Viola Johnson Washington Mutual

Patrick L. Helton Intermec Technologies Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. William Heth, Jr. Crane Eldec Corporation

A. Kirk Unity Group Insurance


Andrea J. Kucirek Microsoft Corporation


E. Grehofsky RMS (a division of Fluke Corporation)

Kirsten Kemp Premera Blue Cross

Scott Helker Kimberly-Clark Corporation


Johnson Premera Blue Cross

Todd Heckel Microsoft Corporation

Bill Hendrickson Premera Blue Cross

W. Kemmish Frontier Bank


Mark Heistermann



J. Job United Parcel Service

Cathy Gregg Premera Blue Cross

Kelly Sno-Isle Regional Library System


Kapenda Cingular Wireless


John C. Green, Jr. & Christina Green Fluke Corporation


Perteet Engineering, Inc.

Gregg Macy’s

Ellen Kahan Edmonds School District

Charles Green Costco Wholesale


Jimmy-Yee & Mimi Yee Jyr Hwong Fluke Corporation

Rebecca & Michael Green

Patrick E. Jupiter


Bill & Trista Humphreys Volunteers of America - Western Washington

D. Grazko Premera Blue Cross

Mark & Terri Judy Snohomish School District & Valley General Hospital


G. Haynes Fluke Corporation

Barbara & Douglas Hulit Fluke Corporation


Hartley Microsoft Corporation

Richard D. & Dianna S. Jones Crane Eldec Corporation

Harding KeyBank 


Michael J. Hall Horizon Bank

Paul H. Heydron Fluke Corporation

Brent Hall Cingular Wireless Hall Premera Blue Cross



Frank YMCA of Snohomish County

B. Grodt Housing Authority of Snohomish County



Frampton & Ed Hunziker Community Health Center of Snohomish County

Scott & Anne Grindy Port of Everett

Gaines Puget Sound Energy


Kay Fantin Nordstrom L. Farmer & Phillip Osborne Compass Health

Hiroyuki Fuse Achilles USA, Inc. C. Gaffney Providence Health System



Eric R. Grinde Kimberly-Clark Corporation


Lyle G. Evans Rodland Toyota, Inc.


Marci D. Fryberg Tulalip Resort Casino



Ellis & Ron Dick, MD Snohomish County - Prosecuting Attorney & The Everett Clinic

Patricia & Thomas J. Freeburg Marysville School District & Providence Health System

Lars & Paulette E. Johnson Cascade Bank

Charles & Lyn Langdon Deaconess Children’s Services

Michael D. Lapham The Herald & Enterprise Newspapers

Richard & Valerie Laporte Fluke Corporation

John E. Larson

A. Johnson City of Everett

David & Sandy Johnston The Everett Clinic R. Jones Providence Health System

Kelly, Kellen & Dylan Jones Premera Blue Cross

Dawn W. & Paul A. Lawrence Everett School District

Bill Jones Premera Blue Cross

David G. Lawson Agilent Technologies

Thomas Layson Microsoft Corporation


Red Feather Society: Red Feather Level


Debra A. Ledford Washington Mutual


Lee & Melissa Weakland The Everett Clinic

Rosemary Marquis Premera Blue Cross

Jodi L. Marshall Premera Blue Cross

Andrea & Terry Martin Cascade Bank

Alicia M. Martin Bank of America

Tom & Sandy Messick Premera Blue Cross

Donna L. Messick C&D Zodiac


M. Lee Washington Mutual


Leer Premera Blue Cross

Anthony W. Martin Philips Medical Systems

James & Cheryl Matheson Twin Commander Aircraft Corp


Lees Premera Blue Cross

Steve & Peggy Lefley Eaton Electrical


Leonidas Sparling, Inc.


Leppert Intermec Technologies Corporation

D. Liming Frontier Bank


& Steph Lineberry City of Everett



Dr. John W. & Marina Little Visiting Nurse Services of the NW Tom & Alice Locke Fluke Corporation Leo & Sharon Longaker Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.


& Roberta Maxwell Snohomish County PUD

Kurt & Elisa Loring Fluke Corporation

Alan D. Sall & Mary V. Love Monroe School District & Lake Stevens School District

Arlene J. McClain C&D Zodiac

Judith McCoid & Daniel Wilson Edmonds School District


Phil McConnell & Cyndi Schaeffer Edmonds Community College & Work Opportunities

Laurie McCraney Premera Blue Cross

Thomas P. McDermott Washington Mutual

James & Patty McGoorty B/E Aerospace - Flight Structures Group

Peter H. Lundberg Marysville School District

Kathy & Jeff Lyle, Sr. Tulalip Resort Casino

Tiena Lynes Premera Blue Cross


Kevin Madison Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Jay N. Magill City of Everett


Robert W. Mahlik Fluke Corporation

John L. Makey

Chris A. Mann Weyerhaeuser Company

Kay Milham Premera Blue Cross

Jeffery A. Miller C&D Zodiac

Lorri Miller JAMCO America, Inc.


Karen M. McKay C&D Zodiac L. McLaurin Frontier Bank

Colette M. Meader

Mitzi Mecum Premera Blue Cross

Red Feather Society: Red Feather Level

J. & Kerile J. Neprud Intermec Technologies Corporation & United Way of Snohomish County

Catherine A. Newman Wells Fargo Bank

Richard Noll C&D Zodiac

Darlene L. Nonemaker C&D Zodiac

 Timothy S. Nordtvedt

Mary Jean Mitchell Little Red School House

Dave & Rachel Nyberg C&D Zodiac

Dr. Larry L. Nyland Marysville School District

Terri & Michael Moffitt Fluke Corporation


& Shirley Mohr Port of Everett


B. Moore Puget Sound Energy

Maria Perry


& Jill Peters Snohomish School District


& Carol Petersen Housing Hope & Providence Health System


& Maggie Peterson Brien Motors

Beverly J. Peterson Bank of America

Jon Petursson Philips Medical Systems

Robin Phipps C&D Zodiac

John Pierce Premera Blue Cross

Richard & Joanne Pirret Fluke Corporation

Paula & Gerald Poole Stevens Healthcare

City of Mill Creek

Richard & Anna Mockler Everett School District & Snohomish Health District


Noel F. Miller City of Edmonds


K. Porter Frontier Bank


David J. & Rene Porubek Sonus Pharmaceuticals

O’Neil & Gren Legge


Debra Odom Premera Blue Cross


Denise L. Ohlson Snohomish School District

Benjamin D. Oien C&D Zodiac

Powers Premera Blue Cross L. Prather City of Everett

William Pratt Intermec Technologies Corporation

M. Oien C&D Zodiac

Janet D. Prichard Perteet Engineering, Inc.

Jaja A. Okigwe Premera Blue Cross

Bill & Anna Pritchard Agilent Technologies

Calvin R. Pygott Northshore School District

Brian Quantrille United Parcel Service



A. Moore II Premera Blue Cross

Michael L. & Diana J. Oleson Crane Eldec Corporation

Kris T. Morgan Philips Medical Systems

Candie L. Olson Frontier Bank


Sheila L. MorganTapp & Robert Tapp Bank of America

Joyce & Bob Olson Community Transit


Terri L. Moriarity Premera Blue Cross

Jeff E. Morris C&D Zodiac

Katrina Ondracek & Mike J. Wilson United Way of Snohomish County

Turi & Robert Morton Cascade Bank

Gary & Connie Pachek Frontier Bank

Larry B. Palmer Seaview ChevroletPontiac-GMC

Ron R. Parsons Bank of America

Jerri Pavitt Cascade Bank


Mark & Jeanne Moshay SPEEA -Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace

Raimondi Sparling, Inc. Rainier Intermec Technologies Corporation

H. Ralston Frontier Bank

Jon R. Ramberg Intermec Technologies Corporation

Robert & Pamela Rasner C&D Zodiac

 Aaron & Kate Reardon

Snohomish County - Executive Office & City of Everett

V. Pearson Premera Blue Cross

Gillian Mueller United Parcel Service

James H. Mulligan Frontier Bank

Joy A. Munkers Community Transit

Julie Perez Premera Blue Cross

Mary Murray Premera Blue Cross

Patricia-Anne Perkins Amgen, Inc.


& Lee Pelekoudas Cascade Bank

Paula J. Rairdan Premera Blue Cross




C. McRae Premera Blue Cross

Bruce Nelson General Electric Company

Ellen & Peter Notehelfer Snohomish School District

Kathryn A. Moffett Wilder Construction Company

& Chris H. McNally Everett School District & Sheila McPherson Snohomish County PUD

Daniel Naegeli & Taeko Tashiba Edmonds School District

Nichole McMullen C&D Zodiac


R. Mitchell Bank of Everett


Kathleen M. Lucas Premera Blue Cross

M. Mahood RMS (a division of Fluke Corporation)

Michener Enterprise Rent-a-Car

George & Alice McCain Fluke Corporation L. McCarty Philips Medical Systems


Oscar Lucas Premera Blue Cross


Jeff W. Meyer Fluke Corporation


D. Lee McCabe Premera Blue Cross


Lovvorn Cingular Wireless

Greg & Penny Metcalf Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Aldon G. Lont

Richard Maturi Premera Blue Cross

Virginia M & Miles L Merwin Fluke Corporation


Matthews Lakewood School District

Maureen Leyva Premera Blue Cross


Jim & JoAnne Mathison Frontier Bank

Richard Mellick C&D Zodiac

Nathan R. Reinhard Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.


& Stephen Reinig Compass Health & Frontier Bank


Anthony Reynolds Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, Inc.

Cynthia Rezsnyak

Scott & Angela Rice Tulalip Resort Casino & C&D Zodiac



E. Sall, Jr. Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.


Bruce & Karen Richards

Jeffrey S. Sanborn Microsoft Corporation

Joyce Ridley Premera Blue Cross

Keri L. Sanders C&D Zodiac

James W. Ries Frontier Bank

Ellen M. Sas Frontier Bank

Dave & Christina Sato Frontier Bank

Brian R. Saulsman Monroe School District


J. & Jill Rivera Greene United Way of Snohomish County

Cyndi Schaeffer Edmonds Community College

Donna Schmidt Premera Blue Cross


Robbinson Costco Business Center


Casey S. Salz Brien Motors

William C. Robertson Amgen, Inc. Thomas & Marilee Robinson Volunteers of America - Western Washington


N. Schmidt Infrared Solutions - Fluke Thermography

Al & Jo Marie Schultz IAM District Lodge 751

Lynnae V. Rodeffer Washington Mutual

Scott O. Schweizer Philips Medical Systems

Thomas W. Rodewald Bank of America

Dr. Debora Sciscoe, MD

Brenda & William Rogers The Boeing Company & Valley General Hospital


T. Sebesta Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Renae Seil Premera Blue Cross




R. Rogers Premera Blue Cross A. Rogers C&D Zodiac

Sennert Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Jody C. Serl Cascade Bank


A. Rolsma Frontier Bank

Robert G. Shaw Philips Medical Systems

Robert Rommel SPEEA -Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace

Chris & Diane Sheehan CityBank

Linda A. Shepherd Safeco Corp.

George F. Sherwin, Jr. Weyerhaeuser Company


Roosa Premera Blue Cross

Cheryl A. Roth Edmonds School District


Rouille Washington Mutual

Debbie Rowley & Jim Dockery Marysville School District


Dawn, Leah & Haley Rudolph The Boeing Company


James M. Rupp Fluke Corporation BreAnne L. Russell Costco Business Center

 Beresford J. Shorter

Smeby First Mutual Bank


Thompson Cingular Wireless

Gayle Smith Frontier Bank

Arion A. Thompson Rodland Toyota, Inc.


Paul Smith

Gerald D. Thompson Mukilteo School District


& Debra Smith City University

& Sunny Shove IAM District Lodge 751


A. Sickenberger Washington Mutual

Elizabeth A. Siedlik The Everett Clinic

Chris & Shirley Sievers

Kirsten M. Simonitsch Premera Blue Cross

Dr. Katherine Wysocki & Dr. Matthew Speltz Edmonds School District Spitzer Costco Business Center


& Lynne Springer United Way of Snohomish County

Crystal StanďŹ eld Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Thomas J. Staniford Rodland Toyota, Inc.

Lynn & Doug Starcher Community Transit


M. Stein

& Patricia Thomson Stevens Healthcare & Intermec Technologies Corporation

Tara M. Tobin United Parcel Service

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Trask


Trevithick Cocoon House

Judith & Frederick Triggs Edmonds School District

Lawrence & Heather L. Trumbull Crane Eldec Corporation Edmonds School District & Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County

James & Judy Turpie Community Transit

Michael R. Stewart Tyee Aircraft, Inc.


Rebecca E. Stob Premera Blue Cross


S. Strand Washington Mutual

Linda & Gene Stubbs Mukilteo School District

Doug Stubsten Intermec Technologies Corporation

Stephanie J. Subak Fluke Corporation

G. Tuttle Fluke Corporation D. Tyler Frontier Bank

Lisa Uribe Premera Blue Cross

Roger W. Valentine Comcast

Jon P. Van Hise TECT Aerospace

Todd Vandermoo United Parcel Service & Vicki Vasquez United Way of Snohomish County

Swanson Sparling, Inc. Swanzy Fluke Corporation

Richard D. Tabbutt Philips Medical Systems

Debbie Taglialavore Wells Fargo Bank


Tedford Premera Blue Cross

Karen E. Teramoto Premera Blue Cross

Patricia B. Thayer Mukilteo School District

Suzanne T. Skandalis Comcast


Rutledge United Parcel Service

Debbi A. Skouge Premera Blue Cross


Stephanie Sakowski Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Dean G. Slemmons Bank of America

Lee A. Thompson Providence Hospice & Home Health Care of Snohomish County

Carol E. Wheeler Frontier Bank

Timothy D. Whitty Frontier Bank

Steve Wilkendorf Premera Blue Cross

Laura Williams Fluke Corporation

Ric & Ali Williams Mukilteo School District & Everett School District

Mike & Joan Willingham Philips Medical Systems

Jon Wilson Premera Blue Cross

Mike Wilson United Parcel Service

Stephanie Winkleman C&D Zodiac

Christopher Winks Safeco Corp.

Steven J. Winter Intermec Technologies Corporation

John & Christine Witters Fluke Corporation

Robert & Sharon Wojcik Cascade Bank

Matt Wonser Providence Washington Service Center

Carolyn Wurdeman


Vindiola Costco Business Center


Elaine S. Waller Sonus Pharmaceuticals



& Mike Walrath Premera Blue Cross

Charles O. & Melva V. Walser Stanwood Camano School District & Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

& Marlene Yeoman Perteet Engineering, Inc. Yoshida Sparling, Inc.


W. Yost Wilder Construction Company

Clay Young Deloitte and Touche

David & Valerie Young Premera Blue Cross


Zender Wilder Construction


Bunny & Megan Walters United Way of Snohomish County

Eugene P. Theiler Fluke Corporation L. Thetford City of Everett

Laura & Randy Wentworth




 Bill & Judy Tsoukalas

N. Stern City of Edmonds


Wellman Everett Community College

E. Williams Providence Health System

Amy M. Turner City of Edmonds


Kevin E. Weed Perteet Engineering, Inc.



Sloan Microsoft Corporation


Pamela & Mark Somers City of Everett


Everett School District  Don





Diane B. Wammack Achilles USA, Inc. Reija A. Watson-Viau Everett School District


& Mary Zubovic Goodrich Corporation ATS

Craig A. Zupke Amgen, Inc.


Watterson Microsoft Corporation Red Feather Society: Red Feather Level


A young leader’s choice United Way’s Young Leaders Society is meant to encourage philanthropy and volunteering among rising young professionals. For Toraya Miller it’s just a natural extension of what she already does.

Mike and Toraya Miller.

“I’ve been part of United Way for over 10 years,” Toraya says. “I’ve increased my giving over the years to the leadership level. It’s really true that $1.37 makes a difference, and with payroll deduction I don’t even think about it.” Members of the Young Leaders Society commit to an annual contribution of $500—or $1.37 per day.

It’s really true that $1.37 makes a difference, and with payroll deduction I don’t even think about it.” “I tell my daughter that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us a dream and that I have a choice. I choose to give back. I have several family members who’ve benefited from United Way-funded programs in other communities so I know the importance of my contribution,” she adds. “In the beginning, I directed my donation, but I realized it was better used going to the Local Community Fund because it can impact more people.” United Way has a footprint in the community. You know they’re there, but the emphasis is on where the funds go. I like the attention on the benefit to people; on services for everyone across the board and those being helped.”


A young leader’s choice

“I was lucky enough to discover the value of the United Way’s work relatively early in life. YLS is a great way for our younger leaders to learn about making a positive impact on the community, all while building a strong network of friends and colleagues with the same goal.” —Lisa Clarke

Young Leaders Society When you join United Way of Snohomish County’s exciting new Young Leaders Society, you will connect with other young professionals who share an interest in contributing to and improving our community. As a member of the Young Leaders Society, you will have access to professional and personal development through networking, social events, volunteer opportunities and luncheons with local CEOs.

Young Leaders Society Co-Chairs Eddie Tadlock, General Manager of the Lynnwood Convention Center (SMG), and Lisa Clarke of Highlands Consulting.

Jessica Bell Work Opportunities

Emily Maher Dexter & Chaney

Members are 21-44 years of age and contribute $500 or more per year to United Way of Snohomish County with a minimum of 50% directed to the Local Community Fund

Richard Berndt Snohomish County Workforce Development Council

Aidan Melia Work Opportunities

Activities include:

Eric Bevan Fluke

“Lunch with Leaders” Series Luncheons hosted by some of Snohomish County’s most accomplished business and civic leaders. “Work ‘n Play Day” An opportunity for YLS families to participate in United Way’s annual “Days of Caring.” “Leaders in Learning” Bi-monthly learning forums on topics such as “Presentation Skills” and “Estate Planning: Not Just for Those Nearing Retirement.” “Connections Through Culture” Networking opportunities while experiencing some of Snohomish County’s cultural gems in a relaxed atmosphere. For more information about joining the Young Leaders Society, please contact John Rivera Greene at United Way of Snohomish County, 425.374.5504 or

Janessa Bishop Sherwood Comm Services Derick Bradford Work Opportunities Lisa Clarke Highlands Consulting Ken Creech Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Christine Eger Boys & Girls Club of Snohomish County Jeff Fowler Fluke Jeremy Glines Christina Greene Providence Foundation Maya Hemachandra United Way of Snohomish County Teresita Hernandez Work Opportunities Kristen Hill Premera Blue Cross Patty Igo Providence Health System Cassie Koehn Cocoon House


Toraya & Mike Miller Frontier Bank Eric Nicholson & Kathie Golden ND, LM Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Katrina Ondracek United Way of Snohomish County Jeremy Oshie Boys & Girls Club of Snohomish County Christine & Ben Pfiester Frontier Bank Janet Prichard Perteet Engineering John J. & Jill Rivera Greene United Way of Snohomish County Garrett & Kristina Rutledge Work Opportunities Luis Silva Fluke Heidi Stuelpnagel Fluke Eddie Tadlock Lynnwood Convention Center (SMG) John Weber & Aleisha Jacobson Frontier Bank Young Leaders Society


This past year 1,601 generous community partners became members of the Leadership Circle by donating between $500 and $999.

Leadership Circle: Donors of $500 to $999  

Rebecca L. & John P. Aaronson Kari A. AbbottCavanough


L. Abel

Nancy L. Abell

Brenda & Michael Adams

Bradley M. Adams


Sue AdamsCornelson & Mark Cornelson

Jeffery R. Adams

Perry E. Anderson

Ann & Bill Anderst

Kenny Ang

 Jerry Apperson 

Susan M. & William J. Ardissono

Adam Arlan

Emily M. Armstrong

Marc M. Armstrong

Kathleen M. Arnold

Doug Asbe

 Melissa Adams

Elizabeth W. Atkinson

Mary Atkinson

Norma J. Adams

 Jeri Aguya  Kurt 

W. Ahrensfeld

Patricia A. Ainsley


R. Alaniz


G. Austin

 Laura & Gerald G. Autio  

Marc & Robin Avni Laurence & Patricia Azus

Mark & Mary Albertine

Nicholas & Jeanne Aldrich


Teddy Bachour

William D. Aldrich

Jeff S. Bacigalupi


Theresa AldridgeKirschbaum

Christopher H. Allen

Diane Allvin Beach & Warren E. Beach


Mary O. Baehm


Peter M. Baffaro


Melissa Almli

Virginia K. Alonzo

Susan & Lane Ambler


Darlene Amdal

Diane M. Ammons Michael C. Andermon


B. Bagge

Joshua Bagwell Bruce & Kim Bailey

Luann E.M. & Lauriston D. Baker

James & Mary Ann Ballew

Janessa L. Bishop


Dorothy L. Bivens

David & Lorraine Britton

Beverley A. Banks


M. Barbacovi

Curt D. Birklid




Helen M. Broadfoot

Gordy & Becky Brockman

Peter F. Barbee

Grace Bargreen

Dalene R. Bley

Mary Brodd

Greg & Shelley Barker

Daphne & Karl W. Blom

Charles Brody

Gordon D. Bogert


 Lynn A.


M. Brokaw

Melissa Barrett

Debra Y. Boggio

Kevin Brooks

Janet & Michael Bartlett

Toni Bohan

Michele F. Bartoli

Ashley Bohannan

Barbara Brown & Michael Heuerman

Michael Bates

Therese L. Boles

Dora A. Brown

Tresia M. Bass

Richard A. Brown

Rickie L. Bates

Tom D. Brown

Greg Batie

David T. Brunner

Brad & Tina Baxter

Donna Brunner

Deborah & Donald Bayard


Harrold & Kimberly Beba

Danelle M. Bourne

Sarah Bovey

Stan & Judy Bechtol


James R. Beidle


Stephen Benson


Richard E. Berg

John T. Bowman

Michele L. Boyd

Monte & Colleen Boyer


M. Berger




& Dennis J. Bolger

Gregory D. Bolin Sharleen R. Bonnville Erin O. Borts Bosman

C. Bowen

Eric Bevan & Vicky Tsai


Paul Bainbridge

Brian C. Baker

Charlotte & James Beyer

 Brian Anderson

Howard L. Baker

Robert Bibb


James & Jeri Baker

Nancy J. Bickerstaff

Mark & Susan L. Bigger

& Anne Bailey

Robert L. & Bonnie L. Bingaman

P. Bowhall

L. Bowman

Matthew T. Bailey

Leadership Circle

D. Brittain



Community Fund. Not all employers provide this information to us.

Dianne Bresnahan

Margaret Blanchard & Keith D. Maw

Richard A. Berndt & Erin M. Hayes

 A special thank you to those who give to United Way’s Local

Thomas M. Brennan

H. Anderson

H. Babcock

Robert S. Bader


 Steve & Sally Anderson


Martin & Linda Boyle



Alison & Bryan Brynelson

Jaime & Marty Bucher

Richard L. Buck

Ronald A. Buckner



& Joanna Buff

Sheryl Bulatao-Quang & Arlon Quang & Janice Burch

Katherine M. Burdick


& Gerald Burke

W. Braaten

James l. Burkepile

Derick J. Bradford

Ricky L. Burkett

Ronald & Colleen Bradley

Dennis Burkhardt

Heather Burns

Joe Burns

Carol Burwell

Christopher J. Busik


L. Bradley & Nicole J. Meckel

Dave A. Branan

David Braza

Brian & Rebecca Butler

Darlene J. Corcoran

Joseph & Susan Diggin

Patrick J. Fagan

Hal A. Gausman

Joan & Doc Cadle

Elizabeth M. Corlett

Mary Anne Dillon-Bryant

Ken F. Fairleigh

David K. Gebert

Tom J. Cahill

Kevin Corson

Carl Diltz


Bonnie Gerken

Juventino Camacho

Pam Cottrell


Todd J. Campbell


Shilo Candelario

George J. CoxPaquette & Ann Cox



John F. Cantalupo

Jeff & Chrissy Capponi

Robert M. Carey

Aurora C. Cariaso

Linda B. Carl

Dennis Carlin

John J. Carmack


& Victoria Carpenter


B. Carpenter

Mark A. & Tani C. Cox

Sally J. Cox

Susan & Ron Cozzens




M. Craig

John Crane

Larry & Helen Crawford

Samayya H. Crawford

Michael J. Creeden

Terry & Barb Cressey

Chris Fawcett

Mark L. Gessner

S. Disney

Brad Feilberg

Thomas Geyer

Janna E. Dmochowsky

Carl L. Fender


Nancy & Karl Docekal

 Peggy A.




B. Dong


Thomas & Linda Dorazio

Craig W. Doty

Katrina Douthit

Kenneth & Janette Dowd

James T. Dowling

 Darren & Michelle Crews

Clarence K. Downard Margaret J. Downs

Kathy Carsen

Keith A. Crosby

Alan & Susan Carter

Richard & Linda Crouch


Michael C. Carter

Lindsay E. Crow

Patricia A. Casey


Joel Castellanos


S. Cunningham

Denny Duncan



Jane A. Dunn


 Robert & Barbara Cebull

L. Cugini

David M. Cuthill

Roger J. Cecil

Janice L. Cecotti


Shelly M. Dahl

 Roy & Sharon Chandler


Steve & Deborah E. Chapman


S. Chapman

Tom & Susan Susor





Nikki & Dale Cheatham

Thomas D. Cheshier


& Leilani Ching

Timothy A. Christensen

Yvonne Christos

Zita M. Chubbuck

Craig F. Church


J. Clair


L. Clark

Leslie E. Clauson

James E. Clodfelter

Bert A. Clough

 Jennifer & William Cobb  Zebedee & Betty Cobbs


Naile Daoud Dixie A. Dastis Austin M. Davidson Davis

Earl & Gloria Davis

 Elizabeth & James Davis    

James & Janet Davis Raymond C. Davis Robert & Connie Davis Sharon L. Davis


C. Davis

William J. Davis

Richard & Lisa DeBrino

Diane DeCol

Susan DeFelice



 Jennifer & David DeHaan  David

& Nancy Deaver

Mary T. & C. William Decker

Paul Coffelt

Kenneth L. Cohen

James Degnan

Michael R. Coleman

Michael J. Collum

Ron Demers, Jr. & Diane Demers

Jean Deming & Jon McCabe

Micheal J. Compise

Maureen A. Condit


J. Condon


M. Condon

John Conley

Paul S. Denny

Regina D. Derda & Michael L. Coleman


& Jerry W. Detloff




P. Cooney


David L. Cooper


M. Cooper

& Janelle Duce

F. Dunnigan

Kristin Dutton


M. Duvall-Perry & Judd Perry


Kathryn Ferrell

Gail S. Ferrera


& Susan Fillier

David P. Finch



Dr. Shelly Finn & Douglas Stevens

Carolee Fisher


G. Fitzgerald

Erin Flansburg

Jesus I. Flores

Mark & Regena Flotlin

Andrea & Larry Floyd

 William & Sheryl Fogarty  Terry


Karen I. Ford

Viggo & Aileen Forde

Lisa Forsberg

Hilary B. Forsythe


Kathleen J. Gibbs

Allan C. Giffen

Margie A. Gilbert

Corey Gillespie


Janell Gilmore

Andrea Gioia

Grace Giorgio

Richard B. & Kathleen Glassburn

Jeremy Glines

Benji Goerz

Christine M. Goff

Dr. Randal A. Goffe

Ignacio N. Gonzalez

Carol & Patrick Good



Judith Goodnow

Linda Goos

Dave & Laurie Gossett


& Rosanne Goulet

Leslie A. Fox

Jacklyn A. Graham

Robert Earhart

Tom & Lori Fox

Paul & Laura Graham

Christine Eck


Debbie S. Grandpre

John & Marcee Grasso

 David  Kelly 

& Cynthia Dyck

L. Eddy


Pat Edwards



Trudy A. Francis

 Douglas  Denise

C. Frank

M. Franklin


M. Graves

Danny L. Graves

Michael R. Fredrick

Frederick H. Gray, Jr.

Christine Eger

Sharon L. Freel

Kimberla K. Gray

Mike & Mary Ann Ehlebracht

Jon & Dizne Freeman

Mark Gray

Lawrence L. Fritts

Thomas Gray

Lisa Frost


Debra M. Fulton

E. Edwards

Melinda L. Eidbo

Angelia R. Eide


F. Eilts

John Eisenberg

Steve C. Eke

Robert Elliott



James & Laurie Elmer

 Margaret  Steve



Marianne B. Endicott

Bruce Engebretsen

Gail L. English

Liz Enneking


F. Entenmann

Gail Erickson

Krista Erickson & Bradley McRae

William H. Eskridge, III


Evans & Al Richardson

Mary J. Dewald & Lynda Dial

Joseph P. Dray


& Ray Danielson

Michel Danon


E. Dahlen



& Bruce E. Fernstermaker






Richard R. Fabian

Leon J. Dietlin


Leonard & Stephanie Dietlin


John D. Facey, Jr.


R. Funaro


Denise Catherine Green


L. Green

Kim D. Fyfe


Jennie Gabrielson


Dan E. Gadbois


James L. Gaffney

Richard L. Greer

William E. Greer Ina & Tiffany Gregg



Marcel Green Greene

P. Greenmun

Denise Gaines

Dennis E. Galbreth

 Carol A.

Paul A. Gallagher

Joseph A. Galus


Bethanie M. Gamble

Barbara F. Grimes

Robert M. Gamboa

Stephen A. Grosso

Allison Games

Paul J. Grotjahn

Phyllis E. Garbutt

Sharol & Tim Grover

Paul & Karen Gruen


M. Garnich

Kevin C. Garrison

 Theresa  Gay




R. Gasca


& Jennifer Gasperetti


Timothy C. Griebel

 Daniel  Ren


L. Gualtieri


Gregory A. Guest

John & Pamela Guilford

Brandi Gulfan

Nanette Gulfan-Desuze

Gayle & Philip Gassman Leadership Circle


Michelle & John Gurnee

Karen L. Guthrie


Mike Guyton


Mary E. Guzman

Gerald & Cynthia Hodgins

Judith & Dave Hofeditz


William & Fanchette Hoff

Courtney M. Hoffard


 Gary & Dolly Haakenson 

Eurdice A. Haggard

Alemayehu Haile-Meskel

Toyea Hakso

Jerry & Irene Hall


L. Hall

Janice & Niklas Halladay

Lisa K. Hallett

Gail Hamilton


L. Hamman

Tammy Hammer Maurice J. Hansen Laurie A. Hanson




R. Harder


Grover Hardin Lynn T. Harmer



Christine F. Harper



Thomas Jay Harris, Jr.

Kymberli M. Hart

Anne Hartline



Erin J. Haslam


K. Hatch

Summer M. Hatch

Patricia A. HatďŹ eld

 Susan A.



J. Hayes

Madeline L. Haynes



John R. Headerson


D. Heath

Elise A. Hegrat

Frank Hella

Maya Hemachandra & Scott Johnson

Teresa A. Hemmann

Nathan S. Henderson

Allen J. Hendricks


M. Hendrickson

James F. Hereford

Teresita Hernandez

Dr. Eugene R. Hertzke

Shane A. Hester

 Richard  Robert

M. Hetland


Debra K. Hitch



K. Hogland

& Ross Johnson

Jeffrey L. Johnson & Shelly Johnson

Michael D. Johnson Johnson

Renee Johnson

Jon & Phoeur Holden

Nancy L. Holiman


Randy & Linda Holland

Sheri Jones

Ruth S. Holland

Steven Jones



& Cynthia Jones


Carl & Julie Jorgensen

Anne W. Holmes

Gordy & Eva Holmes

Lynn Jorgensen & Gary Grayson

Deana Holsather

Linda & Christopher Holtorf

Matthew L. Holttum

James C. Hopper

Mark Horne

Dan & Erika Hornyak


 Denise  David 

G. Junge

H. Kaatz

Deborah & Nick Kammenga

John Kanarick & Rebecca MacLean

Donna & David Kapustka

Judy A. Kirkhus



Keith B. Kitayama


F. Kiyonaga

Julian Kiyoung Davis


L. Klein

Juergen & Kathy Kneifel

Mary A. Knell

Chris & Crystal Knight

Kyle T. Knocke

Steve & Mary Knox

Peter R. Knudson

The Koch Family

Sharon Fay Koch


Koehler & Tim Fitzgerald


D. Koehler

David Koenig & Heather McCartney

Shane M. Koeppen

Stephen B. Koho

Kelly A. Konopka-Nelson

 Coral A.


Debra L. Karber

R. Hosler

Judith E. Karber

 Richard A.

Maria M. Houchins

Janice C. Kramer

Susan A. House

Rabbi Harley & Barbara Karz-Wagman

Sonya & Steve Kraski

Jane M. Howard

Naomi Katsh


Denis J. Hoyt


Jim A. Huber



P. Kaufman

Helen Lee Koshman Koske

J. Kristiansen

Renae L. Leeming


L. Lehman

Sara A. Leinen


L. Lemke

 Kert & Kristin Lenseigne 

Duane & Kelly Leonard

 Martha A.

Leonard & Betsy Davis


L. Leonard

Kristen K. Leorna

 Randall  Roger


M. Levan

Daniel R. Levin

Lynn & Brad Lewis

Peter M. Lilly

Kirk Lilyengren



Ken & Cynthia Limon

Karen M. Lindsey

Debbie L. Little

Dr. Linda D. LittleďŹ eld

Mark H. Litzinger

Joan E. Litzkow

Jacqueline A. Liversidge

Timothy & Midge Livingston

Jose & Selmia Llamas

Barbara L. Lloyd

Ralph Krusey


Robert Kaufman

Vickie Kuhnhausen

Nicholas C. Longman

Linda J. Kautz


Jack Lopez

 Marla Miller & Albert Huff

Janet D. Kavadas

Luanne C. Kunz

Justino M. Lopez

Eva E. Hughes

 Patrick & Maureen Keaty

Peggy & David Kurtz

Stephen D. Lord

Scott & Julie M. Hugill

April Keim


Lorie & John Hulbert

Meryl A. Keim


Craig Tiegen & Janet Love

Cheri & Edmond Hurst

Bruce & Barbara Keithly

Robert & Amber L. Low

Sharon S. Lowe

Katherine D. Lowery

Debora G. & Norman R. Lowery

Joyce Lu

Andy & Angela Lubresky


D. Hudson

Lori E.& Bill Husa


M. Husby

 Daphne A.  Deborah


S. Kelley


E. Kuntz

Kwong J. Kyser

Anthony R. LaBrum Jack L. LaMont Linda Ladwig

Barbra J. Hyman

Debra A. Kelly

Rita Lai

Robert A. & Eva Hynes

Karen V. Kelly

Thomas & Beth Laird

Loren J. Ihle, MD & Diane M. Decker-Ihle

Angie & Joe Lamie

Bill Ingram


T. Inman


L. Kendall

 Christian A.  Kelly 



Ken Kettler

 Sally A.


Liza L. Lange

Kenneth A. & Barbara L. Langland



C. Ludan


& Thomas Lundberg

Gale Inman

Lisa A. Irwin

Scott K. Irwin

Timothy A. Key


Dominic A. Ivankovich

Frank A. Kezele

Donna & Robert Larsen

Jennifer L. Lyon

Brett Jackson

Jasmine V. Khambatta

Marci L. Larsen

Toraya H. Miller

Roberta M. Jackson

Debbie Kidd

Chris & Jill Larson

Dean Maas

Zack Jackson

Kelley M. Kier

John D. Larson

Leonardo Machado

Belinda R. Jacobs


Marie A. Larson



J. Jakala


& Judith Keuss

L. Killen


E. Kim

Kristen Hill Cammy Hillis

Curtis A. & Tracie Hines

Richard M. Jamieson


Leslie Hines

Deepa Jansari



& Margaret Marie Jamieson



Thomas E. Hingson

Gloria J. Hirashima


Steven A. Hire


Leadership Circle


Chelsey M. Holloway

S. Hines

E. Johnson

Thomas E. & Patricia M. Johnson




Loren & Darrell Jenkins Jespersen Johnson

Charles V. Kimball



J. King

 Lorraine A.

& Becky Lanter

 Scott A. 


Eric H. Le


G. King


E. LeBlanc

Kathleen J. & Timothy S. Leach

Jeffrey & Rachel King


Steve N. King


Gary & Patricia Kirchner

Fred Lee

Karl Kirk

Maria Lee

Leathers F. Leder

David & Deborah E. Luprypa


G. Lyon

R. MacIsaac

Robert L. MacKay



Craig & Ann Madsen

Mary D. & Sam Magill

Barbara Magusin

Jeffery Mahaffey

Brad & Jackie Maher

Emily Jo Maher

Teresa Main

Betty A. Maitland

Marsha A. Majors

John Maley



Kathleen A. Maloney

Don March

John L. Marler


L. Marrs

Holly Martin


R. Martin

Larry L. Martin

 Cynthia  Ruth

L. Marum

& Teresa McPherson


Charles W. McQuery

Mike & Stefanie McQuery

Kimberlee A. & T. Lindsay Mead

Mary E. Mead

John F. Medley

Kathy A. Meier

Rita J. Mell

Cindy A. Melland

Sherrie MendozaSwanson Sandra L. Menghini

& Larry Mason

Elizabeth A. Massengale

Mark E. Masterson


Darryl W. Matson

Michael D. Mertins

Cynthia M. Meyer

Jeremy Meyer

Jerry & Lyla Meyer



Richard & Carolyn Mattson Ross S. Maynard Charlie Mays James McCall & Annie Blankenau-McCall


& Stacy McCallum

John McCann


B. & Dr. Matthew D. McCann


J. McCarthy

Rebecca L. McCarthy

Douglas & Rosemary McCartney



Troy & Nicole McClelland Devon McColleyHopkins & Warren Hopkins Gary McConnaha



Patrick McCurdy

Matthew McDanold


Karen & David McElliott Rita J. & Joseph R. McGeehan

G. Merrill



Richard B. Meyer

Ernest & Erika Michael

Jeffrey A. Michaelson

John Middleton



Gail & Paul M. Miller

Robert & Kathryn Miller


& Kurtis Miller

 Scott J. & Mary K. Miller 

Shawn M. Miller

Tim L. Miller

Wallace & Victoria Miller

Rhoda M. Millholland


L. & Michael P. Milne

Carl Milner

Durline Mineer

 Beth A.


 Angelika & Allen Mitchell 

Denice & Michael Moan

Hisao Mogi


E. Mohns

Corrine McGranahan

Brian S. McIntosh

 Kellie Monette-Chapman

Robert McIntosh

Stephanie D. Monson

William V. McIntosh

Sherry Mooney

Larry McKeeman & Cynthia F. Treharne


Dawn Moore

Lisa M. McKeirnan

Debbie S. Moore

Mary Maureen McKenzie & Ted Haase

Curtis K. McKenzie

Donna L. McKinney


& Jill McKinnie

Sean McKinnon


& John McLean




Judy L. Mohoric

Michael D. Moore


Anthony Morfin


Scott Morrison & Mary Ellen Osthus

Margaret O’Brien

Sharon K. O’Brien


David & Rhea O’Connor

Stacy Perretto

Steve & Candace Perrin

Margretta & Reverend Lawrence S. Perry

David & Julie Peters

Edward J. Peters Jonathan A. Peters


& Julie Morse

& Cynthia




Thomas D. & Sara Pendergast D. Pendergraft

Thomas M. Muir

Joseph H. Muller

Mary K. Muller

Elizabeth S. Mulligan

Charles E. Munro

Andrew & Leslie Muntz

Nathan B. O’Mera

Susanne I. Murphy

Holly & Tom Oakley


Timothy J. Murphy

Tim D. Odell

Jeanne Murray

Paul & Patricia Olafson


Karen Mustard

Thomas & Karen Olsen

John Mychalishyn

Carl & Debbie Olson


Christopher C. Myers


Robert J. Myers



& Suzanne

Myers  Kraig 

T. Myrick

Ed Hiar & Erna Naert


T. Nassif

Norikazu Natsume

Diane Navicky

Yasuo Negishi

DeeAnn L.& Jason Neil

Terry A. & Cheri J. Neil

Adam F. Nelson

Craig A. Nelson

Cynthia Nelson

Dianne M. Nelson

J. Craig Nelson

John L. & Geri Nelson

Larry D. Nelson

Lynda S. Nelson


D. Nelson

Rick A. & Lisa Nelson

Francisca Nerida-Hooks

Carlye Nesson


& Marsha Neumaier

Justin A. Neuroth


L. Newby

Charles & Wanda Newcombe

Caroline Ngo

Thi Nguyen & Lien Pham

Antwan Nguyen


& Jack O’Donnell

Tom G. O’Donnell


& Rachelle O’Hara



E. Peterson

Janet Peterson, PT, DPT Peterson

Nancy A. Petersen T. Peterson

Delene Pettibone

Irna Jo Olson

Robert D. Pettis

Nikolas P. Olson

Christine S. Pfiester

Earl E. Oman

Anne N. Pham

Keith Oneal


Eugene & Kathy Onishi


John S. Opel

Wanda J. Phillips

Kevin & Sue M. Opel

G. Carl & Judy Pickard

Rachel A. Organ

Michael P. Pickard

Kalleen & Larry Ormand

Rick & Laura Pierce

Brandon Orr

Laura Pierron

Nunsia L. Orr

Sandra Piotrowski

Lawrence E. Ortoli

Sandra L. Pistole

Tracy A. Osburn


Jeremy J. Oshie

Oliver & Irene Oshiro


M. Olson

S. Osterberg

Jason Ostrer Karen L. Overleese Susan R. Oxner

 Tara A.


Amber M. Pacquer

Toby & Deborah Paddock


Gregory L. Page Hannah Pandall

Shelley L. Pankievich

Rich A. Paradis

Linda J. Paramore

Jack L. Parker



Lynn M. Parton


M. Paterniti

L. Phillips L. Phillips

& Danny


Darryl P. Plata

Diana & George Plumis

Dava L. Plyer

Michael J. Podosek

Dave E. Postetter

Bruce L. Potter

Jeff Powers & Debra Haase

Phyllis G. Prather


& Teresa Pratten



Earl E. Price

Jim R. Price

Karen A. & Jim Price

Gary H. Proctor, DDS & Joan L. Proctor

Andrew B. & Anita Proudfoot

Joanne & Gary Purvis

L. Nicholas

Janelle L. Patnaude

Alisa & Robert Putnam

Gregory Nichols

Karen Patrick


Eric T. Nicholson

Wade G. Pattan

Iain T. Quigley

William R. Niegemann

Dave A. Patterson

Linda D. Quigley

Shelley L. Paul

Nancy & Karl Rabel


Hiller & Georgia Payne



 Kelli Anne  Sarah

B. Nielsen

J. Quast

R. Ralph

L. Morgan

Steve & Susan Nolen

Darrel D. Peacock

David & Susan Ralston


& Rhonda Morgan

David P. Nordgren

Kevin & Jolene Pearce

Greg Noren

David C. Pearson

Shannan & Aaron C. Ramey

Duane & Lianne Pearson

Sharon R. Randleman

Kathleen A. Raney

Dale Pederson

Ingrid Rasch

Shawn M. McNiven

Barbara M. McPherson

& Cecile Morrison




Deborah & Richard J. Morey

Gregory McNamara & Larry McNutt

Moore, Jr.

Elizabeth A. Moore





R. Morishige

Brenda Mork Maureen & Paul Morlock Steve J. Morrison

 Wayne A. 


Worth & Lisa Norton

Leadership Circle


William R. Raser, Jr.

Steven Russell

Stephanie Ratliff

Miguel O. Ryan


Teri & Buddy Ratner

Mike L. Saelens

Rachel Shearon

Karen L. Rautenberg

Karel Sahlberg

Betty Sheckler

Garnett E. Ray, Jr.




William C. Reasons

Victor H. Reddick


Taylor Redick

Neva J. & Kevin M. Redmond, Sr.


& Jonathan E. Sand


L. Sanderson

Gayle L. Tangen

Ronald & Diana Spliethof

Lance & Tammy Taylor

Raymond C. Taylor

John D. Sprague

Stan E. Spurgeon

Stephen Sher, MD

Vaughn A. Sherman & Janice Lind-Sherman


Mark A. Sherman

Kevin Standerfer

David Sherrick

Elcena Standish

St Pierre

Jaclyn R. Staats Shirley & Mr. Lynn Stallings

Janis Sandhop

Joshua Shippey

Bruce R. Stanley

Maria R. Sandvik

Tanky W. Shiu

Larry & Debbie Stave

Lisa & Steven Shookman

Pamela J. Steeber

E. Reed

Bart B. Sanford

Willow T. Reeves

Vicky S. Santangelo

Ramona A. Reneau

Cynthia L. Santo

J. Rhinehart

Michelle A. Spivey




Jon & Cathy Samuelson

& Don Shaw

Kelly Shepherd



Teresa & Stephen Salvione

R. & Brenda Rayner

 Keith A.






J. Shriver



 Terri A.


Laura Steinbaugh

Brad & Melissa Sieloff


M. Temple

Janice Tharp



J. & David Thorp

Kimberly B. Thorp



Roger M. Thorinson



Jesse A. Thomsen

& Sherry Thorpe

Theodore & Cathy Thwing

 Theresa A. 


Michael & Teresa M. Timmons

Sam & Cathy Richard

Chris B. Sarver

Ray A. Stephanson


Don L. Richards

Reese Teresa Scales

John & Theresa Sienicki

Jack R. Stephens

Samuel Timple

Joseph Richardson, Jr.

John B. Scehovic

Thomas J. Stephens

T. Craig Tiopan

Teresa R. Richardson

Cathy Schaeffer

Petra & Michael S. Silverstein

Lynn & Mike J. Tipping

David S. Richardson

Jason W. Scharf

Doug A. Tisdel

Ericka Rickman

Russell J. Schell

Margaret D. Riddle

Cathy & Mike Schindler

Jeff L. Riechel

Nathan & Nancy Schloetel

Stephen & Cheryl Riedeman



Larry Ringstad B. Rinkler


J. Roach



Reg & Karen Robertson

Wayne & Betty Robertson

Viola Robertson-Daley

Carlin K. Robinson

Jess S. Robinson

Laurie P. Robison

Marshall T. Robinson


K. Robles

Jeremy E. Roche

Jeffrey Roe

Emily Rollins

Karri J. Ronngren

Michael Root

Sally J. Rosamond

Kathleen P. Rose

Kraig J. Rosencrantz


B. Rotert, Jr.

Heidi Rothgeb

Patrick W. Rowe


C. Roy

Steve Rubin


Maureen & Donald Schmitz


Max Riggs


L. Rienstra



Jennifer Smith Shaw

J. Ruef

Jeffrey & Teresa Simon

Gary D. Simpson

Rhonda Simpson


Tracy Simpson


May Sinclair


C. Stewart

Linda Siozopoulos




& Karen Sitzman

Robert Stern M. Sterner

Joyce A. Stewart

 Robin & Jeffery Stinardo

Sherry L. Sivaivai

 Mary Ann


Myla J. Schorsch

Mark & Robin Sjolund


Peter & Rosalynn Schott

Michael R. Skibeness

 Kenneth A.

Zephan & Dawn Schroeder

Renee & Gene Slaght

Dianna C. Stoops

Jim Schuler

Kathy & Doug Sloan

Jenisa L. Story

James D. Schultz



F. Stone Stone

Amanda L. Stoupa

Allen V. Smith

Rachel A. Stout

Calvin & Marilyn Smith

Brian & Lori Stowell

Cheryl Smith

Martin Strand

T. Scott

Darrell C. Smith

Jim Streitenberger

Joyce & Steven Scott

Desmond E. Smith


Susan R. Scroggs

Donald E. Smith

Randy Stuart

Rose A. Seaburg

John A. Smith

Heidi J. Stuelpnagel

Fred & Joanne Sealund

Judith E. Smith

Demetri L. Stull

Paul & Kathleen Seely

Leslie E. Smith, Jr.

Terry & Jeannine Stull

Christopher Selby

Maurya F. Smith


Ruthie R. Smith


J. Schuster

Stephen & Julie Schwecke



J. Selga


& J. Rick Sturgeon

D. Smith

L. Smith


Joy & Donald Suda

Norman R. Selset


Tom & Joan Sena


Ronald D. Serles

Douglas Snavely

 Christine A.

Bryce Setran

Ray Snyder



(Bo) Setterquist

Suderman Sulik

M. Sullivan

Michael L. Sullivan

Leticia Solis

Elaine C. Swain



Cindy L. Setters

Oystein Setvik

Patty L. Songstad

Larry & Victoria Swanson

Kory Severson

Sandra L. Songstad

Laurie Swartz

Alan Lee Seybold

Peter K. Sontra

 Jim A.

Wendy M. Soper

Mary & Allen Swenson

James & Carla Southworth

Tony P. Szabados

Roger Taber & Kristi Carpine-Taber

 Julie A. 


Steven & Gullermina Sharmahd

Richard & Erin Rung


Doris A. Rupert

J. Sharpe

Allen Sharples

 Ann Russell & Joe Nault



Leadership Circle

& Julie Schwecke





Joshua Shaw &


Michael & Kristy Spencer


Scott E. Spencer


Michael A. Spining

Tadlock & Gail Tamble

Sandy Tamiesie

F. Timpe


M. Tocher

Jennifer & Mark Tomas

Thomas J. Tomberg

Doris J. Toroni

Ann T. Totorica

Susan K. Tow

Beth C. Trachy

Doug & Sherry Tracy

Gwen A. Trentham



& Diane Turnbull

Violeta D. Tveit



Susan Tuller


Lindsay Uhrich


& Fred Ulf

Daisuke & Louise Uriu

John Urlaub

Kelly Ussery

Brandy D. Vail

Dr. & Mrs. Mark C. Valentine, MD

 Gene & Linda Valentine  Paul 

Van Amerongen

Ruth L. Van Dyke


E. Van Horne

 Deborah Van Pevenage 

Laura & Paul Van Slyck

Alyson K. Vandertoorn

Clare Vantol

Linda A. Varner

Amy Vesey

Lynette Vierra

Chris L. Vogel


R. Von Bargen-Miles

 Julie A. 


Mary J. Vujovic


D. Waddle

Lillian & Douglas Wagner


Patricia & Brian Walker

Nathan Wehunt

Gary & Judy Wangsmo

William A. Weiand

Judy W. & Ken B. Ward


& Micheline

A. Ward

M. Weed


John Werner

Pamela Wessel-Estes

James I. Williams


Hiller & Mary West

Lenny Williams

Paul Williams


Mike & Breeze Williams

Julie M. Wood

Brian Wilson

Kenneth E. Wood

John L. Wilson

Rodric Wilson & Jean Hanrahan



Howard & Edythe Lynn Weymouth

Brian T. Waterman

Larry & Rita Watkin

Brian L. Wheeler

Madonna M. Watson

Arthur L. Whetstone


& Debbie Webber

John D. Weber & Aleisha Jacobson

Leeanne J. Wold



Dean E. Williams


Bob Wodnik

Richard & Shirley Warthen

Carolyn A. Webb


Ted & Teresa Wenta


Dave E. Willeiksen

Colleen R. Wartelle

D. Watts

& Stephen


Donald P. Whitfield



Gail C. White


Whitaker P. White


& Joel White

Christopher & Tonnie Wolfe

Christopher & Elizabeth Wright

Daniel J. Wright


M. Wright




B. Wolfe

& Anne Yeldell

James & Serena Yelle

Elaine K. Youngkrantz

Dr. George B. & Amy Youngstrom

Brian R. Woodburn

Karen L. Yount

Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory

Sarah & Anthony Zabel

Gail E. Workman

Tom S. Zamzow

Robert W. Winicky, Jr.

Judith A. Worley

Carlos A. Zavalza

Carol Winter

Doug Wraith

Mark Zenger

Warren L. Wrich

Robert A. Zigler

Alan A. Wright

Leonard D. Zuvela


Louanna White

M. Wisted

Carolyn Wittenbarger



Christopher T. Wolff & John Wood


H. Wittmann

Zwaller Family

Although we don’t have space to list them all, thank you to the 18,389 people who contributed under $500 to support United Way’s mission to improve people’s lives!




pC Tot a





her eat









cie her

So uev

ld F Go

Toc q



pC l Tot a




her eat

dF Re







cie her




ld F



Toc q Company Name 2006 Workplace Giving - United Way Campaign AAA Washington Absolute Manufacturing Inc. ACCRA Manufacturing, Inc. Achilles USA, Inc. Acrowood Corporation Aerocell, Inc. Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Aetna, Inc. Agilent Technologies Alderwood Water & Waste Water District Alside Window Company NW American Red Cross - Snohomish County Chapter Amgen, Inc. Anderson Hunter Law Firm Aramark Uniform Services Arlington School District AT&T B/E Aerospace - Flight Structures Group Bank of America Bank of Everett Banner Bank Bartell Drugs Ben Bridge Jeweler Bethany of the Northwest Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County Brien Motors Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway

This chart does not reflect gifts to the capital campaign.



Leaders in giving by workplace


27 13 3 6 11

17 38 3 9 24 1 5 2 7 1 2 1 3 11

45 51 7 15 35 1 5 3 7 1 3 1 6 11 2 10 8 11 8 4 2 24 13 17 14 27 1

Company Name

1 2


6 1

6 1

4 1

1 3 3 1 1 1 44 1 1 4 1 4 2

1 1 1 1 10 2

14 2 1 6

1 1 3

2 5 1

1 3 4 3 1 1 51 1 8 1 4 1 8 3 1 1 1 1 24 4 1 6 1 2 6 3 1

2006 Workplace Giving - United Way Campaign C&D Zodiac Cascade Bank Cingular Wireless City of Edmonds City of Everett City of Lynnwood City of Marysville City of Mill Creek City of Monroe City of Mountlake Terrace City of Snohomish City University CityBank Coca-Cola Enterprises Cocoon House Comcast Community Health Center of Snohomish County Community Transit Compass Health - Everett Connelly Skis, Inc. Contour Aerospace (A Vought Company) Costco Business Center Costco Wholesale - Everett Costco Wholesale - Marysville Costco Wholesale - Woodinville Crane Eldec Corporation Crown Photo Systems, Inc.



1 3


2 6 1 4 1

5 1 1 1 2

4 4

4 7 6 7 4 2 19 12 16 9 21 1

Leadership Circle and Leaders in giving by workplace


Leaders in giving by workplace


1 1 1

1 4



3 2

1 10 7 1 5

15 2 1 28 1 18 1





1 3 12 4

1 6 3 1

2 2 5 10 4

1 35 5 1 83 47 1 1 1 17 9 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 4 8 2 14 8 2 1 6 2 32 3 11 3 1 2 4 1 35 3 11 2 16 4


der shi pC irc Tot le al

r her




dF Re

Sil ver

2006 Workplace Giving - United Way Campaign Moss Adams LLP Mukilteo School District Mutual of America Nordstrom - Alderwood Nordstrom Rack Northshore School District Olympic Behavorial Health, Inc. Pacific Crest Savings Bank Pacific Grinding Wheel Company Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters Pacific Treatment Alternatives Pemco Insurance Pepsi Bottling Group Perteet Engineering, Inc. Pfizer 2006 Workplace Giving - United Way Campaign Cont’d Philips Medical Systems Port of Edmonds Port of Everett Premera Blue Cross 1 Providence Everett Medical Center 1 Providence Hospice & Home Health Care of Snohomish County Providence Washington Service Center Puget Sound Energy Puget Sound Labor Agency Regence Blue Shield Reid Middleton, Inc. Rinker Materials Rodda Paint & Decor Center Rodland Toyota, Inc. Royell Manufacturing, Inc. Rubatino Refuse Removal, Inc. Seaview Chevrolet-Pontiac-GMC SEIU 925 Senior Services of Snohomish County Sherwood Community Services Siemens Medical Solutions Snocope Federal Credit Union Snohomish Health District Snohomish School District Sno-Isle Regional Library System Sonus Pharmaceuticals Sparling, Inc. SPEEA -Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace Stanwood Camano School District State Farm Insurance Stevens Hospital Stewart Title Stillaguamish Senior Center Sultan School District Target TECT Aerospace Tulalip Resort Casino Tulalip Tribes Twin Commander Aircraft Corporation Tyee Aircraft, Inc. United Parcel Service Unity Group Insurance

1 1 6 1 6 30 2 1 21


ille So cie ty the r

2 2 1 2 1 8 1 7 40 9 2 27 1 1 52 7 2 116 1 71 1 2 1 1 20 1 12 2 2 3 1 1 1 1 3 5 8 1 5 30 12 2 1 6 3 38 3 14 4 1 2 6 1 37 3 16 2 26 8

Go ld

Toc q

1 2

1 1 1


Company Name

1 3 1 2


irc le


Tot a

1 1



der shi pC

r her




dF Re

Sil ver


ille So cie ty the r


Go ld

uev 2006 Workplace Giving - United Way Campaign D3 Technologies Darrington School District Deaconess Children’s Services Deloitte and Touche Diversified Industrial Services Dunn Lumber Company East County Senior Center Eaton Electrical Edmonds School District Enterprise Rent-a-Car Everett Chevrolet The Everett Clinic Everett Housing Authority Everett Public Schools Foundation Everett School District FedEx-Express First Mutual Bank Fluke Corporation Fred Meyer Frontier Bank (Snohomish County Branches) GE Capital Services General Electric Company Giddens Industries, Inc. Girl Scouts - Totem Council Goodrich Corporation - ATS Granite Falls School District Group Health Cooperative - Everett Medical Center H.D. Fowler Hascal Sjoholm & Co. PS, CPA The Herald & Enterprise Newspapers Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation Hoffman Corporation Holman Automotive HomeStreet Bank Honeywell Flight Test Center Horizon Bank Housing Authority of Snohomish County Housing Hope IAM District Lodge 751 Intermec Technologies Corporation JAMCO America, Inc. JC Penney J-Lee Floors, Inc. Johnson Controls, Inc. KeyBank Kimberly-Clark Corporation Kohl’s - Marysville Lake Stevens School District Lakewood School District Landau Associates, Inc. Little Nickel Want Ads Little Red School House Lynnwood Honda Macy’s Magna Design Marysville School District Merrill Lynch - Everett Microsoft Corporation Monroe School District

Toc q

Company Name


5 25 1

1 2 4 13 1

5 30 1 2 2 2 1 2 3 1 1 2 5 21 1

49 1 3 116 18 10 2 3 1 2 1 6 1 6 9 6 4 1 1 2 2 1 7 26 2 5 4

68 1 4 204 25 12 3 6 1 2 1 6 1 12 9 6 6 1 1 2 2 1 9 30 3 9 11

1 2 1 17 2 1 1 3 7 10

3 3 1 20 2 1 1 3 8 13 1 2 1 21 1

2 1 1 1

2 1 1 1 2


1 8



17 1 77 6 2 1 3





1 1 2 1

2 3 1 3 5 1 1 3


1 2

1 1 1 7 1

1 14


7 3



1 14

1 6

Snohomish County Employees Charitable Giving Campaign Snohomish County - Airport Snohomish County - Assessor Snohomish County - Auditor 1 Snohomish County - Airport Snohomish County - Assessor Snohomish County - Auditor 1 Snohomish County - Budget & Finance Snohomish County - Clerk Snohomish County - Corrections Snohomish County - Council Snohomish County - Denny Youth Center Snohomish County - District Court Snohomish County - Executive Office Snohomish County - Human Resources/Personnel Snohomish County - Human Services Snohomish County - Information Services Snohomish County - Parks & Recreation Snohomish County - Planning & Development Services Snohomish County - Prosecuting Attorney Snohomish County - Public Works Snohomish County - Superior Court Snohomish County - Treasurer Total 1


2 11 1 2 3 1

Snohomish County PUD #1

Combined Federal Campaign of North Puget Sound Anacortes Post Office Arlington Post Office ATG PACNORWEST Bellingham Mt. Baker Station Post Office Bellingham Post Office BIA Puget Sound Agency Bonneville Power Administration Branch Medical Clinic Burlington Post Office COMDESRON 9 Commander Carrier Strike Group 9 (COMCARSTRKGRU 9)

1 3 1







2 1

1 1 1 1 1 2

1 2 1




1 1 1 3

7 16 3 6 1 1 3 3 3 4 2 5 1 3 3 3 3 5 7 19 3 4 1 3 1 1 5 8 6 7 4 4 2 4 3 3 1256 1806 42


2 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 5 2 1 2 2 1 2 7 1 1 6 5 5 1 48

2 3 2 2 3 2 2 1 7 3 1 2 3 2 2 8 2 2 7 9 6 1 65

1 3 3 3 3 2 2

1 3 3 5 3 2 3 1 4 2 6

3 2 3

2 1 2 4 1 1 1 4 1

1 1 2 3 2 1


der shi pC irc Tot le al

r her





Sil ver 2


ille So cie ty the r Fea

uev Combined Federal Campaign of North Puget Sound Concrete Post Office Dept. of Homeland Security/Immigration & Customs Enforcement Edmonds Post Office Everett Carrier Annex Everett P&D Facility Everett Post Office Federal Aviation Administration - Boeing Federal Aviation Administration - Paine Field Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Milk Market Administration Ferndale Post Office Fleet & Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Gold Bar Post Office Granite Falls Post Office Internal Revenue Service - Bellingham Internal Revenue Service - Everett Lake Stevens Post Office Lynden Post Office Lynnwood Post Office Marysville Post Office Mobile Emergency Response Support Monroe Post Office Mountlake Terrace Post Office Naval Intermediate Facilities Pac NW Naval Reserve Readiness Comm N W Naval Station Everett Navy Exchange Navy Recruiting District (NRD) North Cascades National Park NROTC Perrinville Carrier Annex Sedro Woolley Post Office Smokey Point Post Office Snohomish Post Office Social Security Administration - Bellingham Social Security Administration - Everett Social Security Administration - Lynnwood Social Security Administration - Mt. Vernon Stanwood Post Office Sultan Post Office U. S. Customs & Border Protection - Border Patrol U. S. Customs & Border Protection - Port of Blaine U. S. Customs & Border Protection - Sumas U.S. Air National Guard U.S. Army 380th Replacement Battalion U.S. Food and Drug Administration U.S. House of Representatives - 2nd District USCGC Henry Blake (WLM - 563) USDA Farm Service Agency - Everett USDA Forest Service USDA Forest Service - Darrington USDA FS Mt Baker Ranger District USDA NRCS - Everett USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) USS INGRAHAM (FFG-61) USS Momsen (DDG 92) USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) USS Shoup (DDG 86) Total

Go ld

Company Name

Toc q

ille So cie ty Fea the r Sil ver Fea the Re r dF eat her Lea der shi pC irc Tot le al Go ld

uev 2006 Workplace Giving - United Way Campaign United Way of Snohmish County Valley General Hospital Village Community Services Vine Dahlen & Co. PLLC Visiting Nurse Services of the NW Volunteers of America - Western Washington W&H Pacific W.S.I.P.C. Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, Inc. Washington Mutual Wells Fargo Bank Weyerhaeuser Company Whitfield’s United Insurance Agencies, Inc. Wilder Construction Company Work Opportunities Workforce Development Council of Snohomish County YMCA of Snohomish County YWCA Snohomish County Total

Toc q

Company Name

2 2 1 4 16 4 2 3 17 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 10 1

1 1





1 1 1 2

3 2 2 1 14

5 2 5 1 3 4 1 2 1 5 1 1 6 1 1 4 1 4 7 2 2 2 14 1




5 1 2 1 10


1 1 1 89

1 4 3 2 18 4 6 3 2 216

2 4 2 6 20 5 3 4 23 1 1 2 2 1 2 3 1 2 13 2 2 1 1 5 2 7 1 3 4 1 4 1 5 3 2 7 3 1 4 1 7 9 4 2 3 28 1 1 1 9 4 4 1 29 4 7 4 3 311

Leaders in giving by workplace


Diamond Givers are those individuals who have given to any United Way for 25 years or more. We appreciate and applaud their longterm investment in improving people’s lives. If you are a Diamond Giver and would like to be added to our list, please call 425.374.5503.

Diamond Givers: Donors for 25 years+ Monti & Maryanne Ackerman Catherine L. Adams Virginia K. Alonzo Madeline Ancelard Mary C. Anderson John A. & Joan G. Arnold Timothy S. Arnot Mary C. Asplund Elizabeth W. Atkinson Jose T. Ayala Ruth B. Bagge Ed & Anne Bailey Robert A. Baker Alma L. Ballard Dan J. Bannier Stephen & Robin Barker Jack M. Baron Steven & Cristel Barrett Michele F. Bartoli Glen H. Beam Jerry & Sue Beavers Harrold & Kimberly Beba Becki L. Bell Jon F. Beutler Robert Bibb Victoria & Wayne Bishop Randy J. Blair John T. Bowman William P. Brackin & Linda S. Price Vivian & Michael Brade Jean S. Bradley Terry P. & Shirely Brandon David & Lorraine Britton Debrah A. & Paul Bronson Karen L. Brown Barbara Brown & Michael Heuerman James l. Burkepile Christopher J. Busik Bettina V. Butt Claudia J. Buxton Glenn G. Campbell Robyn M. Canteras Claude Carlson & Jane Osborn-Carlson Shelley K. Carpenter Nancy D. Carrithers James & Lori Carroll Karen L. Carroll Nancy J. Cartwright 38

Diamond Givers

Janis L. Case James L. Cavoretto Barbara J. Cheyney Betty A. Clark George R. Clarke, Jr. Lori D. Clement Karen & Dan Clements Steve D. Clemetson Linda L. Cline Glenna G. Clouse Barbara & David Clutinger Jennifer & William D. Cobb Zebedee & Betty Cobbs Susan & Paul Cochran Michael J. Collum Gail D. Colson Darlene T. Cook Rick Cooper & Robin Hilton Darlene J. Corcoran Steve & Penny Coyne Susan & Ron Cozzens Sally M. Cram Richard & Linda Crouch Karen, Kaitlin & Samuel Crowley Debra L. Cruze Catherine L. Curran Jeff & Lorena Daggett Gwendolyn P. Danforth Margaret L. Daniels Jill Daverso Susan S. Davis Thomas C. Davis Mary M. Davis Mitchell E. Davis Charles M. Davis Paul & Christine Davis Edward A. Dawson Mary & Jim Dean Guy C. DeGregg Anne M. Dehaven Diane L. Delisle Ronald C. Detrick Liling Dinniene Christine K. Dodds Kenneth L. Doornbos Frances Douglass-Naylor Robert Dunn Sidra K. Egge Bruce Engebretsen JoDee K. Ensman Darrell J. Eylander

Sharon L. Farmer & Phillip Osborne Karen L. Felch Joseph M. Fitzpatrick Daniel J. Fredrickson Mike L. Gallagher Michael F. Gallavan Kathy D. Ganung Edgard T. Garcia Annette C. Garrett William & Jennifer Gasperetti Debra L. Gendron Barbara George Mary Lou Gjemso Michael J. Goffos Jackie Graham Jill P. Grant John & Marcee Grasso Diep N. Gregg Joanne M. Gregory Heather L. Griffin Scott & Anne Grindy Dennis C. Gudgel Dennis L. Haddock Frances R. Hale Jerry & Irene Hall Janice & Niklas Halladay Owen Hanby Conrad Hanson Brian S. Harris Jennie & Richard Harris Dianna & David Harvey Anita K. Hatch Steven G. Haynes Bill E. Heaton Diane M. Hellie Peter Hendrickson Dale W. Hensley Mr. & Mrs. William Heth, Jr. Debra K. Hitch Michael W. Hodge Lucille A. Hofer Linda M. Holte Betty Jo Hoogerwerf Debra Hrdlicka Lorie & John Hulbert Larry & Patty Jacobson Don James Robert W. Jennings Thomas & Patricia Johnson Lars & Paulette Johnson

Cecilia L. Johnson Cheryl V. & Mike Johnson Carol J. Johnson Jane T. Johnson Deborah S. Jones Mark & Terri Judy Sarah S. Jusko Gerald D. Kane Janet D. Kavadas Cathy Kessel Christopher & Judith Keuss Frank A. Kezele James G. King Christina H. Kirk James B. Kirkness Mary Kay Kite Howard H. Knoepfle Lee R. Kolsky Richard A. Koske Joyce M. Krachmalnick Paul M. Kukowski Daniel M. Kure Charles & Lyn Langdon Donna & Robert Larsen Daniel R. Larson Scott A. Larson William E. Larter, M.D. & Lynn A. Nixon Charles K. Lau Margaret A. Leon-Gaitan David A. Little Tom & Alice Locke Gail L. Lowery Theresa M. Lusier Thomas MacIntyre Kathleen A. Maloney Malcom S. Mano John L. Marler Penelope A. Marthaler Andrea & Terry Martin Diane M. Martineau Frances C. Martiny James & Cheryl Matheson Mary Leslie Mathews Darryl W. Matson Eileen M. Mattes Richard A. McAllister George & Alice McCain Sylvia McDonald Susan & Michael McDonough Jerry L. McGaha

Catherine G. McLaren Mac McPherren Virginia & Miles Merwin Margaret J. Mesaros Kathleen A. Miley Gail & Paul M. Miller Wallace & Victoria Miller Roxanne & Michael Milne Richard & Anna Mockler Louisa B. Moe Robert L. Moeller David V. Monzel Saranne & Jim Moreschi Ann E. Morgan Darlene G. Moses Mark & Jeanne Moshay Mary K. Muller Rick L. Munson Gwendolyn H. Murphy Patricia E. Myers Kraig T. Myrick Marcia D. Nashem Diane Navicky Carol Nelson Kathleen & Jack Norberg Thomas E. Norgaard Pat & Rachelle O’Hara Michael & Diana Oleson Joan & Dennis Olson Joyce & Bob Olson Douglas L. Openshaw Oliver & Irene Oshiro Sakae Ouchi Fred H. Owyen Carolyn Palmer Karen M. Pauley Cynthia & Michael Peacock Duane & Lianne Pearson Terri & Lee Pelekoudas Colleen A. Pendleton Joyce O. Peregrino Suzanne Peyster Cheri L. Phillips Michael P. Pickard Patricia G. Pierce Rick & Laura Pierce Michael A. Pietrzykowski Linda & Ron Pilcher Richard & Joanne Pirret Michael P. Pokswinski Mona K. Porter Cirila E. Potter

Evergreen Legacy Society Sandra L. Potts Bill & Anna Y. Pritchard Albert & Pamela Ramsey Victor & Bonnie Reddick Janell R. Reich Linda M. Rethke Donnelle J. Reynolds Bruce & Karen Richards Wayne & Betty Robertson Reg & Karen Robertson Thomas & Marilee Robinson Buzz & Carol Rodland Beverly A. Rogers Joann A. Rogers Gregory L. Romig Carla M. Roop James & Terry Rose Carol A. Ross Paula Rozner Marlyce Runnels Thomas M. Ryan Toni M. Sambula John B. Scehovic Peggy L. Schmaus Marsha J. Schroeder Mae Y. Sebby Manivanh Sengsouvanh William T. Shane Kathryn L. Shaw Harold E. Shellabarger Mark A. Sherman Daniel A. Sherwood Rolland E. Shults Gary D. Simpson Renee & Gene Slaght Sandra K. Slaker Dennis L. Smith Dawn L. Staggs Ann Stanton Larry & Debbie Stave Bonnie J. Steiner Mary Ann Stine Toni L. Stockton Cheryl A. Storey Judith M. Strandlien Linda & Gene Stubbs Pamela & J. Rick Sturgeon Nancy F.R. Sunderland David A. Surface Valerie H. Sutherland John & Pam Swanson James S. & Gail A. Tamble 39

John P. Tannehill Joel Thaut Gail G. Thomas Randy A. Thompson Gerald D. Thompson Caryl J. & David Thorp Ron E. Thorvilson Ed A. Tobey Lida C. Tong Judith & Frederick Triggs William G. Trimm Bill & Judy Tsoukalas Carla A. Tuma Robert & Diane Turnbull James & Judy Turpie A. Marie Underwood Patricia K. Urie Karen E. Van Hoose Morris E. Van Horne Elinor M. Vandegrift John P. Vannoy Alex & Vicki Vasquez Charles H. Veals, Jr. Susan M. Venable Christine M. Verrall Cynthia D. Viger Kimberly K. Vranich Lillian & Douglas Wagner John S. Waldrop Donna K. Wallace Michael & Beverly Walsh Richard V. Walters Joan D. Watson James S. Weber Alan M. Weiss Sharon Wellman Teresa A. Wells Douglas J. Whipple Donald D. Whitford Gordon L. Wiborg, Jr. Laura Williams Carol A. Williams Dorn, Kearney & Greg Williston Kathleen Wilson Marilyn A. Wirtz John & Christine Witters Robert & Sharon Wojcik Thomas E. Wolf Dana Michael Wray Mark D. Zaretzke Sandy V. Ziemer

Leaving a legacy for the future. Making a difference far beyond your lifetime The Evergreen Legacy Society was created to celebrate the legacies of donors and their families. The fund will provide annual gifts in perpetuity to support the mission of United Way of Snohomish County.

Founding Members David Brock Endowment Fund Karen Anne Crowley Elaine Ruth Kinsman Estate Connie Niva Lynn D. Youngs

Members Dino Boitano Estate Mary A. Klaus Revocable Living Trust Cecilia T. Matta Rollin G. and Charlotte V. Wyrens Family Trust

How You Can Join Become a member of the Evergreen Legacy Society by making a gift or pledge to United Way’s endowment. You can make a gift in your will, trust, or as part of a beneficiary designation of an insurance policy or retirement fund. For more information on the Evergreen Legacy Society, please contact John Rivera Greene, Director of Development & Planned Giving, at 425.374.5504. The Evergreen Legacy Society has 3 purposes: •

Evergreen Fund: supports United Way’s overhead so a greater percentage of annual campaign funds can be directed to community programs.

Named Endowment Fund: $25,000 minimum gift; 50% of income supports United Way of Snohomish County, 50% directed by the donor.

Community Safety Net Fund: protects against the ups and downs of our economy.

Diamond Givers and Evergreen Legacy Society


Corporations and businesses help United Way meet its goals through their generous support. These funds represent a substantial portion of the campaign and show employees that their organization is committed to the community. United Way is proud to recognize and thank the companies and organizations who partner with us in the business of caring.

Corporate, foundation and labor support Cash & In-Kind Donations $500,000 $1,000,000

$10,000 $24,999

The Boeing Company

Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Agilent Technologies C&D Zodiac CityBank Crane Fund for Widows and Children Giddens Industries, Inc. Macy’s Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack Pepsi Bottling Group Puget Sound Energy Rodland Toyota, Inc. Scott Employees Fellowship Fund SEFF The Herald United Parcel Service Wilder Construction Company

$50,000 $99,999 Costco Frontier Bank Kimberly-Clark Corporation Philips Medical Systems Premera Blue Cross Washington Mutual

$25,000 $49,999 Bank of America Comcast Fluke Corporation Goodrich CorporationAviation Technical Services Division Intermec Technologies Corporation Microsoft


$5,000 - $9,999 Amgen, Inc. Aramark Uniform Services Eaton Electrical EverTrust Foundation JC Penney Johnson Controls, Inc. KeyBank Rubatino Refuse Removal, Inc. Sonus Pharmaceuticals Sparling, Inc. Wal-Mart Wells Fargo Bank

Corporate, foundation and labor support

$2,500 - $4,999

$1,000 - $2,499

$500 - $999

Achilles USA, Inc. Advanced Traffic Products, Inc. Best Buy Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Cascade Bank Degginger McIntosh & Associates, Inc. Enterprise Rent-a-Car FedEx-Express Household Finance International Headquarters JAMCO America, Inc. Judd & Black Nationwide Pacific Grinding Wheel Company Pemco Insurance Qwest Foundation Target Washington Federal Savings

ACCRA Manufacturing, Inc. Aetna, Inc. Banner Bank Ben Bridge Jeweler Brien Motors CIT Group Dunn Lumber Company Everett AquaSox Greg Rairdon Dodge/ Chrysler/Jeep, Inc. Hogland Transfer Company HomeStreet Bank Horizon Bank Lowe’s Magnolia Audio Video Mutual of America Newell Corporation Oasis, Inc. Pacific Coast Feather Company Regence Blue Shield Reid Middleton, Inc. Royell Manufacturing, Inc. Seaview ChevroletPontiac-GMC Shell Oil Company Foundation Stadium Flowers, Inc. State Farm Insurance Stewart Title US Bank

Carpenters & Millwrights Local 562 Contour Aerospace (A Vought Company) Crown Photo Systems, Inc. Frank J Martin Company Hoffman Corporation IAM District Lodge 751 I.B.E.W. Local 191 J-Lee Floors, Inc. KARRT Quality Construction, Inc. Landau Associates, Inc. Perteet Engineering, Inc. Pfizer Sterling Realty Organization Taco Time - Rucker Ave. Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, Inc.

Sponsoring partners Event Sponsors

In-Kind Sponsors

Premier Sponsors $10,000+


2006 Campaign Executive Program Loaning Organizations The Boeing Company Frontier Bank Goodrich ATS

Supporting Sponsors $5,000 - $9,999

$25,000 - $99,999

$500 - $5,000

Young Leaders Society Sponsor $1,500


Abbey Party Rents Creative Printing Fast Signs, Everett The IRS Stadium Flowers Tulalip Resort Casino Washington State Community, Trade and Economic Development

Sponsoring Organizations Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. The Boeing Company The Everett Clinic Group Health Cooperative Kimberly-Clark Corporation Premera Blue Cross Combined Federal Campaign Naval Station Everett U.S. Postal Service Everett Post Office USS Abraham Lincoln

Labor Support We want to thank these Locals who provided formal endorsement letters of support to United Way. American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1576 Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Communications Workers of America IAM District Lodge 160 IAM District Lodge 751 IBEW Local 191International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Lake Stevens Education Association Laborers’ International Union of North America AFL/CIO Local #292 Letter Carriers Local 791 Marysville Education Association Mukilteo Education Association

National Association of Letter Carriers Public School Employees – Marysville School District Public School Employees – Snohomish School District Puget Sound Labor Agency SEIU – Service Employees Local 925 Snohomish County Labor Council, AFL/CIO Snohomish Education Association SPEEA – IFPTE Local 2001 Teamsters Joint Council 28 Teamsters Local Union 763 Teamsters Local Union 38 UFCW Local 21 United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers United Steelworkers Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Sponsoring partners


July 2007 - June 2010 program grant recipients KEY

 Kids Matter  Families Matter  Community Matters

American Red Cross Snohomish County Chapter

 Health and Safety Preparedness Education $7,500  Armed Forces Emergency Services $26,000  Disaster Relief $80,000

Boys and Girls Clubs of Snohomish County

 Youth Development Program

Northshore Senior Center

 Greater Mill Creek Senior Program


 PACT Program


Northwest Youth Services

 Transitional Living Program

Camp Fire USA

 Small Group Development  Camping Youth Development

$58,000 $17,000

Parent Trust for Washington Children  Continuum of Family Support Services

 Retired Senior Volunteer Program  Youth Recovery Program  Family and Children Services  Housing  Counseling  Volunteer Services

$7,000 $57,000 $20,000 $47,500 $56,000 $10,000

 Northshore Family Center Early  Childhood Program


 Cocoon Advocate Program  Cocoon Complex Youth Development  Emergency Shelter  Project Safe  Way Out Program  Cocoon Complex-Self Sufficiency  Emergency Shelter for Teens

$20,000 $30,000 $30,000 $15,000 $15,000 $38,000 $28,500

Catholic Community Services

Center for Human Services Cocoon House

Community Health Center of Snohomish County

 Culturally and Linguistically  Appropriate Health Care

Community Resources Foundation  Stanwood Camano Community  Resource Center Compass Health

 Children’s Intensive Services and  Therapeutic Foster Care

Deaconess Children’s Services


 Integrated Mental Health Services at  Everett Healthcare Clinic

Providence Hospice & Home Care of Snohomish County  Hospice Care Program Secret Harbor School

 Foster Care Program  Residential Treatment Center

Senior Services of Snohomish County  Family Caregiver Resource Program  Transportation Assistance Program  Senior Information and Assistance  Senior Nutrition Sherwood Community Services

Snohomish County Center for Battered Women


ExCEL’s Tech STEP Program Sherwood ExCEL (Exceptional Children’s Early Learning) Program Sherwood Learning Center

$115,000 $21,000 $18,000 $5,000 $12,000 $7,000 $80,000 $58,650 $21,000 $15,000 $9,000 $13,500 $40,500 $67,500 $5,400 $24,000 $45,000


 Comprehensive Senior Program



South County Senior Center

 Comprehensive Senior Development and  Well Being



Stanwood Community and Senior Center

 Stanwood Connects with Seniors and  the Community


Stillaguamish Senior Center

 Comprehensive Senior Social Services


The Arc of Snohomish County

 Parent and Sibling Support  Leadership and Connections

$20,000 $14,500

Volunteers of America Western Washington


 Bridges  Adaptive Technology Dynamics

$27,468 $31,710

East County Senior Center

 Comprehensive Senior Development


ElderHealth Northwest

 DayBreak Senior Respite Program


 Therapeutic Equestrian Program  for People with Disabilities

Friends of Youth

 Healthy Start  New Ground



$9,500 $9,534 $15,000 $28,500

Work Opportunities

$16,000 $12,000 $36,000 $20,000 $100,000 $21,000

Intercommunity Mercy Housing

 Service-Enriched Housing

Kids Place Early Learning Center

 Kids Place


Little Red School House

 Toddler Preschool for At Risk Children  Early Intervention  Tulalip Early Learning  Services to Families in Shelters and  Transitional Housing

$20,000 $71,000 $17,000

Program grant recipients

Family Support Centers Foster Care Multicultural Parent Education and Families Advocacy

Snohomish Seniors


disAbility Resource Connection

 Community Empowerment Project  Tomorrow’s Hope Childcare  Homeless Teen Parent  Homeless Families On The Move  College of Hope Learning For Life

Providence General Foundation


 Transitional Housing Program  Case Management

$35,000 $50,000 $35,000 $22,000 $47,000

Housing Hope



Gateway Teen Parent Advocacy Parent Trust Kids On the Move IMPACT Darrington Family Support and Resource Center

Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center  Parent Infant Program

Lutheran Community Services Northwest

YMCA of Snohomish County



YWCA of Seattle King County-Snohomish County


Sky Valley Community Resource Center $30,000 Camp Volasuca Education and Youth Development. $30,000 Support to Early Learning Professionals $35,000 Social Connectivity for Developmentally Disabled $23,500 Snohomish County Food Bank Distribution $122,083 Community Voice Mail $16,000 Emergency Services $71,250 Care Crisis Response Services $48,750 Funding Assistance for Child Care $64,400

 Connecting Persons with Disabilities to  their Communities  Transition to Community Inclusion  Employment for People with Disabilities

$30,200 $10,000 $45,500

 Big Brothers Big Sisters School-Based  Mentoring Program  Early Childhood Education  School Age Childcare  Teen Services  Y-Service Learning & Civic Engagement  Y-Community

$40,000 $50,000 $100,000 $35,000 $21,500 $47,500

 Dawson Place Children’s Advocacy Center $33,500  Building Healthy Families $100,000 $3,293,670

Accountability matters

Unaudited Statement of Financial Activities 2006-07

United Way of Snohomish County meets the highest standards of nonprofit management excellence as set by charitable watchdog organizations.

Public Support & Revenue

United Way’s Local Community Fund includes all contributions that are not otherwise specifically designated by donors. If you contribute to United Way’s Local Community Fund, your investment enjoys the added benefit of oversight by volunteers and professional staff who work year-round to study community needs, make informed decisions about the best use of resources and monitor results to achieve the greatest impact.*

Annual Campaign

Through the Local Community Fund, United Way makes grants to 93 exemplary local programs that people rely on everyday and invests in innovative initiatives that address the underlying causes to our county’s most urgent problems.

Impact Investments


of your donation


Local Community Fund


Government/ private grants and donated goods



in impact


Less: Estimated Uncollectible Pledges


Net Annual Campaign


Other Revenue— grants, in-kind, fees & rent


Total Public Support & Revenue


United Way Grants United Way Initiatives & Program Support Donor-Designated Gifts


Total Investments


1,313,213 3,391,606

Administration & Fundraising


Total Investments & Expenses


Change in Net Assets Change in Net Assets Beginning Net Assets Ending Net Assets

$608,064 1,907159 $2,515,223

This is an unaudited Statement of Activities and does not include the purchase of the building. For a copy of our annual audit, please call 425.374.5511 or go to We do not charge our affiliates to be partners of United Way of Snohomish County.

Where Local Community Fund investments go United Way meets highest standards of excellence United Way of Snohomish County meets the highest standards of nonprofit management excellence as set by watchdog organizations such as the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance and American Institute of Philanthropy. 84% of revenue is returned to the community, 7% is fundraising costs, and 9% is management and operations.

* Donor-designated gifts are sent to various charitable organzations as directed by the donor. United Way does not monitor or oversee the use of these donations.


Accountability matters


The intent of this publication is to recognize our donors, volunteers and community partners. We have listed all Leaders in Giving whose pledges were received by May 30, 2006, except for those who wished to remain anonymous and those whose names are withheld in accordance with workplace policy. Special recognition is given to those individuals who directly support United Way of Snohomish County’s mission through an undesignated gift or a gift to the Local Community Fund; however, not all workplaces provide information about individual employee gifts. We make every attempt to include everyone and list all donors correctly. We apologize for any errors or omissions and would appreciate being notiďŹ ed. To make corrections, please call Deborah Squires at 425.374.5501.

Graphic Designer: Sara McArdle / With deepest thanks to The Boeing Company for printing / 2007

3120 McDougall Ave., Suite 200 Everett, WA 98201 425.374.5500 Printing compliments of The Boeing Company.

2007 Annual Report  

2007 Annual Report