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Table of Contents Thank You, LIVE UNITED Leaders ................................... 1 Friends ................................................................... 2 Spirit of Snohomish County Award Winners ....................... 13 Days of Caring ......................................................... 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service ............................... 15 Supporters .............................................................. 16 Volunteers Lead United Way Lobbying Efforts ...................... 21 Partners ................................................................. 22 $10.46 Million in Revenue for 2012-2013 ........................... 35 Ambassadors ............................................................. 36 Champions ................................................................ 38 Tocqueville Society ....................................................... 39 Celebrating The United Way Endowment .......................... 42 Legacy Circle ........................................................... 43 Volunteers Decide Where to Invest $7.9 Million Through Multi-Year Program Grants ................................... 44 Board of Directors ....................................................... 45

Beth (From Cover)

Youth United volunteer. Teen Leadership Council member.

AMBASSADOR Do you remember being a teenager and trying to find your place in this world? Now imagine doing that as a brand new member of this country. This is Beth’s story. Beth emigrated from Ethiopia with her family several years ago, and wanted so badly to fit in and give back to her new community. “I felt so out of place, but I didn’t know where to start,” Beth recalls. When Beth learned about Youth United, she knew she was headed in the right direction. “Once I started volunteering with Youth United, I met friends and learned that every time I serve, I light up. Volunteering with Youth United gave me a place to belong. It gave me direction,” says Beth. United Way developed the Youth United program to give teens the opportunity to strengthen the community and become engaged in issues that matter to them. Today, Beth continues to be active in her community and her high school, and dreams of attending Stanford Law in the future. As a lawyer, Beth wants to serve low-income clients and immigrants. Youth United connected Beth to her new community; a community she will continue to strengthen in the future.

Thank You, LIVE UNITED Leaders We want to thank you and recognize all the ways in which you give, advocate and volunteer with United Way of Snohomish County. Long-time volunteers are recognized at the same level as long-time donors. Days of Caring volunteers and team leaders are recognized at different levels. Tax site volunteers and committee leads are given special recognition, as well. This list of 6,559 names represents the strength of our Snohomish County community between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013. We apologize for any errors or omissions. If you wish to submit your information to be included in the next edition or you have a correction, please visit our website at



Champions have done one or more of the following in the past year:

n Given $5,000+* n Given 3% of their income (1 1/4 hour’s pay per week)† n Celebrated 25 years or more of donating n Chaired a United Way committee n Celebrated 10 years or more of volunteering n Included United Way in their will or estate plans Ambassadors have done one or more of the following in the past year:

n Given $2,500 - $4,999 n Given 2% of their income (1 hour’s pay per week)† n Volunteered on a United Way committee



Partners have done one or more of the following in the past year:


A LIVE UNITED Leader’s recognition level is determined by his or her highest level of engagement.

In the past year, LIVE UNITED Leaders have...

n Given $1,000 - $2,499 n Given 1% of their income (1/2 hour’s pay per week)† n Celebrated 10 - 24 years of donating n Served as a campaign manager (ECM) n Volunteered at a tax site Supporters have done one or more of the following in the past year:

n Given $250 - $999 n Led a team at a volunteer event n Led an advocacy event Friends have done one or more of the following in the past year:

n Given $100 - $249 n Volunteered at one or more events * Gifts of $10,000 or more qualify for membership in the Tocqueville Society.

† Calculations are approximate and are based on a 40-hour work week.


FRIENDS Champion

Friends have done one or more of the following in the past year: ¢

Given $100 - $249


Volunteered at one or more events







Karsten Aagaard

Ron Alumbaugh

Weera Arachchi

Brenda Ableman

Jovanny Alvarez

Stacy Aragon

Nick Abrahamson

Julie Amdal

Diana Arango

Ben Adams

Kimberly Ames

Zekarias Araya

Jedadiah Adams

Karen Amos

Amy Archambault

Jessica Adams

Nicholas Amrine

Paul Archipley

Penelope Adams

Douglass An

Dori Archuleta

Wyatt Adams

Thomas An

Tino Ardiente

John Adrian

Cole Andersen

Kristine Arena

Samuel Adrian

Christy Anderson

Tracy Armstrong

Mikella Aflleje

Emily Anderson

Norman Arnett

Kathryn Agnew

Eric & Anna Anderson

Yureli Aguilar

Evie Anderson

Thomas & Kimberly Arney

Grecia Aguilera

Jason Anderson

Elizabeth Arrand

Dionel Aguirre

Kaitlyn Anderson

Joseph Arreygue

Summer Ahrns

Kevin Anderson

Sylvia Arteaga

Tammy Akers

Kristen Anderson

Diane Arterburn

Diana Akkerman

Kristin Anderson

Layla Asaidali

Amy Albano

Launa Anderson

Alexa Asmus

Paige Albert

Sharon Anderson

Michael Assadi

Sandra Albertson

Shawn Anderson

Effie Atkinson

Breonna Albro

Sara Andres

Emma Atregenio

Marcus Albro

Amber Andresen

Janinna Attick

Rebekah Alewine

Angelyn Andrews

Andy Atwood

Tiffany Alexa

Justin Angelos

Michelle Aulik

Eryka Alexander

Jennifer Antczak

Jeri Austin

Myra Alexander

Amber Anthony

Jessica Austin

Sherilee Alexander

Sandra Anthony

Pamela Austin

Greg & Tieryn Allen

Paula Antonevich

Marlene Avalos

Hannah Allen

Aimee Antuna-Toledo

Edgar Avanesyan

Marcus Alley

Julie Anzures

Ron Averill

Melissa Allison

Darryl Aoki

Kim Axelrod

Cherae Almanza

Shanna Applebee

Annay Ayers

Jeffrey Almazan

Mardonia Apuya

Toni Ayers-Nottling

Fatima Al-Shafee

Reigina Apuya

Austin Ayres




Youth United volunteer.


Justin Beckett

Matt Blosser

Brytahni Brock

Patti Byrd

Eilona Babak

Payton Beck-Glessner

RaeAnn Bobadilla

Beth Brockerman

Sam Byrne

Lorna Babcock

Darlene Beckley Douglas

Dave Bodach

Christopher Brogan

Deanna Babiker

Dianna Beery

Stephen Boden

Cherise Bromberg

Elizabeth Badley

Tracy Begley

Elizabeth Bogart

Shana Jo Bromley

Jenny Cabrera

Candace Bagwell

Krista Beirne

Ryan Bolle

Jennifer C. Bronson

Gabriella Caferro

Magdalena Bagwell

Elizabeth Belanger

Amanda Bomba

Linn Brooks

Briana Caffee

Patricia Bahr

Anna Belkin

Susan & Michael Bonasera

Nicole Brooks

John Cake

Cassandra Bailey

Alejandro Bello

Jessica Bondar

Anthony Broussard

Takara Caldwell

Jennifer Baina

Melissa Bello

Melinda Bonner

Dez Brower

Cory Calkins

Jacob Baird

Wendy Bello

Vivian Bonsu

Melissa & Dustin Brower

Kaleb Callahan

Jacob Bak

Kais Ben Mariem

Juliana Borges

Carol Brown

Craig Callies

Elizabeth Baker

Meghan Benda

Krystal Boring

Carrie Brown

Gene Calvillo

Judy Baker

Gene Bennett

Elizabeth Borland

Chad Brown

Dulce Camacho

Mark Baker

Jeremy Bennett

Famara Bosang

Eddie & Jennifer Brown

Sylvia Camalho

Brian Bakken

Will Bennetts

Dusko Boskovic

Frehiwot Brown

Rosa Cameron

Gautham Balakrishnan

Beth Benson

Curt & Linda Bossert

Muriel Brown

Natalie Campbell

Trisha Balderrama

Rhonda Benson

Andrea Boswell

Natalie Brown

Tiffany Campbell

Angelica Baldwin

Nicole Bentzen

Marty Boswell

Ryan Brown

Christina Canfield

Andrea Ball

Megan Beretta

Andrea Bourdo

Timothy Brown

Terry Cantiberos

Diane & Jerry Ball

Christopher Berg

Austin Bournique

Wendy Brown

Joseph Carbajal

Tracy Banfield

Jason Berg

Sierra Bove

Yordanos Brown

Andrew Cardenas

Anthony Banks

Jessica Berg

Ashley Bovenkamp

Dawn Bruce

Heidi Cardin

James Barber

Laura Berg & Geoff Tennant

Chris Bowen

Mary Brudvik

Rachel Cardin

Michael Barber

Kyra Bergan

DeRae Bowers

Mark Brunner

Willie Cardona

Gina & David Barger

Jessica Berlin

Rachael Bowker

Jason & Erika Bruss

Wendy Carey

Diana Barker-Schmid

Richard Bernardi

Debbie Bowling

Kailah Bryan

Starret Carless

David Barnes

Danielle Bernhard

Barbara Bowne

Selina Bryant

Terry Carlile

Kayla Barnes

Kendall Berry

Sue Boyle

Teri Bryant

Jeff & Julie Carlsen

Mary Ann Barnes

Rachel Berry

Mandy Brady

James Buchholz

Kenneth Carlsen

Kathy Barr

Paula Alron Bersabe

Art Braevl

Steven Buckingham

Katherine Carlson

Colin Bartels

BreeAnn Bertalan

Michael Braevl

Jalyn Buckley

Kellie Carlson

Ashley Bartlett

Cynthia Berumen

Stephanie Braevl

Michelle Budenski

Jordan Carlton

Lucinda Bartlette

Jeff Betz

Mary Jo Braun

Jennifer Buell

Elizabeth Carmichael

Avery Barton

Adam Bicks

Nick Braun

Macristina Buensuceso

Sandy Carney

Jared Bartsch

George Biggins

Janell Braxton

Hong Bui

Janine Caron

Kari Bass

Michael Bitz

Shannon Bray

Suong Bui

Catherine Carpenter

David Bateman

Cynthia Bixby

Alissa Brazil

Todd Bullock

Luis Carrasco

Craig Baughman & Kathleen Tran

Jayanne Bixby

Maria Breitenstein

Kendra Bunnell

Levongia Carrera

Natalie Bjerke

Stephanie Brennan

Elizabeth Burch

Mark Bauman

Edgar Carretero

Leslea Bjornsen

John Brewer

Brittni Burgess

Abbey Baumgartner

Sandra Carretero

Matthew Blacken

Rosellen Brewer

Patricia Burke

Renee Bavis

Yaqueline Carretero

Kimberly Black-Washington

Michael Brick

Patrick Burke

Cody Baxter

Thomas Carstens

Vanessa Blaine

Kerrie Brickman

Nicole Burns

George Baxter

Richard Carver

John Blair

Helene Brier

Aidan Burr

Valerie Baxter

Catie Case

Justin Blair

Lauren Briggs

Claire Burr

Emmanuel Bazan

Patrick Casey

Eric Blanchard

Shad Bris

Becca Burt

Alisher Bazarov

Jihan Caskey

Judy Blanco

Jaclyn Brisbin

Christina Burton

Linda Beals

Cameron Cassidy

Valerie Blesener

Megan Briscoe

Adah Butler

Christopher Bean

Victoria Castaneda

Cheryl Block

Jacob Brittle

Judah Butler

Michelle Becker

Glen Castillo

Duane Blocker

Denise Brittner

Susan Butterfield

Tess Cathey

C Jennifer Cabrera




Jeremy Caughell

Tamra & Charles Close

Ronald Crown

Aaron DeFolo

Katharine Dunn

Nikki Caver

Vicki Close & Dave McKay

CJ Cruz

Austin B. DeFreece III

Sarah Dunn

Byron Cavit

Bernard Coan

Tricia Csanadi

Tim Dunn

Gregory & Debbie Cederlind

Samantha Cobb

Robert Cuff

Vanessa Deigh & Ryan Hansen

Frantz Celfie

Toby Cobb

Miguel Culala

Suzanne DeJong

John Durney Angelika Durovchic

Lieng Duong

Elaine-Lynn Cena

Jordan Cobun

Ron Culver

George & Marilou Dela Cruz

Brian Centeno

Dawn Cogan

Jenelle Cummins

Michael Delacruz

Sandy Duvall

William Chan

Cindy Cohen

Trisha Cunningham

Marcia Delaurenti

Taylor & Donna Dwyer

Allison Chang

Brandon Cole

Leonard Cupps

Mike Della

Samantha Dyess

Viswanathan Changarath

Julianne Cole

Kathleen Curless

Colleen DeLorenzo

Christopher Chaplin

Jared Collinge

Connie Curran

Terry Delorenzo

Craig Chapman

Lori Columbro

Faith Curtis

Tasha DelPozo

Michele Chapman

Barbara Colvard

Elizabeth Curtiss

Kenneth Denning

Robert Chapman

Ashley Combs

Kimberly Cutts

Ramneek Deol

Sean Chapman

Nicole Combs

Janet Chapstick

Kayla Composano

Julia Charboneau

Daniel Conchas

Kevin Dahl

Michelle Chase

Judith Conlin

Mark Dahl

Jillian Chaves

Tomas Contreras

McKenna Dahl

Kristina Che

Brenda Cook

Alice Dailex

Yan Juan & Jie Chen

Francesca Cook

Jeane Daley

Daniel Chernichenko

Gisele & Steve Cook

Lisa Dammeyer

Conchita D. Chinchilla-Weller

Madi Cook

Laura & Alex Damron

Timothy Cook

Brandon Chisolm

Tri Dang

Melvin Cooke

Annette Lynn Chmiel

Jennifer Dankoff

Michael Coombs

Hannah Cho

Michelle Darci

Jaime Coonts

Grace Choi

Dean Dardzinsk

Jessica Cooper

Hee Choi

Bill Dargavel

Kathleen Cooper

Taran Christensen

Ulyana Datskaya

Maddison Cooper

Katlyn Christenson

Stephanie Daurie

Vicki Coppock

Kyle Christenson

Casandra Davenport

Abigail Cormier

Linda Christie

Ella Davenport

Sandra Corona

Jennifer Chu

Erin Davidson

Hunter Cosgrove

Tiffanie Chu

Sherry Davies

Kaitlin Costello

Tanessa Chuckulnaskit

Adrian Davila

Alex Costumbrado

Anna Chung

Aaron Davis

Anne Cottrell

Adam Churnside

Carol Davis

Stephen Court

Jen Chwalibog & Michael Macri

Dana Davis

Nick Cousino

Elizabeth Davis

Conrad Ciszek

Paulette Couturie

Julie Davis

Syrra Coventry Austin Cox

Karen Davis & Shawn Beadnell

Katherine Cox

Kenneth Davis

Matthew Drees

Dylan Cragg

Michael Davis

Kai Duan

Dawn Cramer

Michelle Davis

Alberto Duarte

Sheila Davis

Amy DuBeau

Ruth Clark

Kelly & Mondell (Charlie) Cramer

William Dubendorf

Christie Clarke

Tina & Richard Davis

Tyree Cramer

Donna Dudley

Jack Clarrice

Toni Davis

Robert Crannell

Brittney Duffy

Donna Clausen

Bart de Boer

Suzanne Crichton

Chelsea Duffy

Nick Claymore

Anthony De Mello

Bryndis Crider

Sean Duffy

Brooke Clement

Aurik DeCrow

Travis Crockett

Charles Duggins

Ken Clements

Susan DeFelice

Jailene Cronn

Alyssa Clark Amber Clark DarcI Clark Lynsey Clark Morgan Clark

Conradus Derkx

D Carly Daggett

Megan DeRobertis Scott Desmarais Shannon Deveny Laura D’Hondt Enrico Di Salvo Ailienette Diaz Brianna Diaz Mariana Diaz Carolyn Diedrich Tracie Diemert Kathleen Dill Jessica Dinger Michelle Dittbrenner Mylz Dixon Gail Dobbins Chris Donais Jenny & Erik Donner Melinda Dormaier Lindsey Dorney Ryan Dorney Kelsey Dosen Angela Downes Jeff Downey Elizabeth W. Downing Mary Downs Max Dragich Daniel Draper

Denise Dunham

E Dave Earling Stephani & Eric Earling Robert Eastman Winston Eastman John Eaton Kristin Ebeling Cameron Eccles Paula Edmonds David Edwards Rebecca Edwins Arielle Effenberger Adalee Eifert Susan Eischen Kristi Eisenkraft Jack Eissler Tammy Ekenbarger Driss El Machichi K.T. Elliot Bannon Elliott Brandy Elliott Lori Elliott Stacy Ellis Travis Ellis Steve & Vanessa Ellsworth David Elsberry Kevin Emery Debbie Emge Randall Eng Samath Eng Brooke Ensor Wes Erdahl Andrea Erickson Angela Erickson Colin & Nancy Erickson Jay Erickson Todd Erickson Randy & Tina Ervin Josh Erwin Courtney Esmay Megan Ess Jon Essex Amanda Estes

Donna Rice was named the winner of our Roger Bouck Award for Volunteerism in Action in August 2012. Rice, who lives in Startup, is known in the community for serving meals to the homeless, caring for seniors and helping as a midwife—delivering 350 babies over the past 50 years—all as a volunteer.

Elbert Estrella

Tanya Fesiienko

Darrel Ford

Matthew Freyberg

Sara Gallagher

Amy Evans

Tetiana Fesiienko

Kathryn Forrester

Thomas Fridge

Victoria Gallardo

Celia Evans

Tatum Fetherston

Ben Forrestor

Nathan Frisby

Noemi Galvah

Dan Evans, Jr.

Deanea Field

Sarah Foster

Sandra Froehlich

Dolly Gamlyn

Kristine Evans

Justin Figgins

Walt Foster

Kristen Froseth

Elise Gan

Larry Evans

Kimberli Finer

Sahand Fotovat

Felicia Froton

Christina Gant

Matthew Eyer

Elizabeth Finley

Ryan Fowler

Mary Fry

Christy Garcia

Haley Finley

Sterling Fox

Tina Fryberg

Maria Garcia-Jimenez

Ethan Fabela

Raelynn Fischer

Rebecca Fuentes

Norma Garcia-Monay

Brooke Faber

Kayla Fisher

Norm Frampton & Ed Hunziker

AJ Fulcher

Isabel Garcia-Ruiz

Melanie Fadaoff

Kerry Fisher

Amy Franklin

Dale Fuller

Stephen Garcila

Erica Fague

Michael Fite

Douglas Franklin

Scott Fuller

Jennifer Garner

Joanne Fajardo

Camille Fitzpatrick

Christopher Frantz

Aidan Fullerton

Laurie Garrison

Lisa Faller

Henry & Claire Flatley

Shelley Franz

Johnathan Fulton

Nicole Garvin

Anna Fallgren

Amy Fleckenstein

Lindsey Franzi

Mckenzie Fulton

Ada Garza

Nancy Farley

Craig Fleek

Brehanna Fraser-Bumatay

Kendal & Steve Furnas

Bill & Norma Garza

Richard Farmer

Paris Flenoy

Gary & Anna Frazier

Annie Fusco

Tracey Gaspa

Elisabeth Farrell

Jeremy Flores

Craig Fredlund

Christopher Felarca

Maggie & Charles Flores

Adam Fredrickson

David Felix

Nicholas Florkowski

Jody Freedman

Andy Fenner

Shawn Flowers

Shane & Tonya Freeman

Jodi Ferguson

Jonathan Flutts

Erika Freitas

Karyn Ferreira

Kyle Flyberg

John French

Lyudmyla Fesiienko

Justin Fogg

Lisa French

Ashley Foland

Ryan French


Bassirou Gassama

G MacKenzie Gaddy

Jeffrey Gastineau

Amanda Gagnon

Christopher Gatata

Brendan Gail

Judy Gattinella

Alwyn Galang

Lou Gazzanigo

Austyn Galang

Bonnie Gearheart

Shaun Galbreth

Praveen & Prasanna Gedela

Sean Gallacher




Leann Geiger

Michelle Graham

Sharon Hall

Grayson Helms

Penny Holland

Alfred Gengnagel

Katrina Gramsrau

Steven Hall

Helen Helms

Jodeanne Holley

Alisha Gere & Holly Flatt

David Grant

Roger & Joan Haller

Julie Hemenway

Rob Hollis

Guy Gibboney

Jennifer Green

Susan Halsey

Ben Hempstead

Wendy Hollis

In Honor of Ann Gifford

Kirsten Green

Paul Halvorsen

Melissa Hemrich

Kate Holm

Billy Gilbert

Mona Green

Meagan Halvorson

Ryan Henderson

Skye Holm

Jon Gilbert

Jodie Green Leaf

Craig Hamilton

Dana Hendricks

Nicole Holt

Kathie Gilbert

Carl Greene

Heidi Hamilton

Steve Hendricks

Allison Gilham

Nate Greenland

Alex Hamrick

Diana Hendrix

Astrid Holt-Marshall & Brad Marshall

Dowdy Gilles

Bill Grey

Simran Handa

Becky Henry

Sabrina Hong

Susan Gillikin

Grez Family

Candie Handyside

Cami Herbert

John & Mary Hoogstad

Deborah Gilmore

Jennifer Griep

Sara & Mark Haner

Kristopher Herdeck

Amy Hoopes

Justin Gipaya

Ronnette Griffin

Ashley Hansen

Lori Hermansen

Allison Hoot

Allen Gipson

D. Griffiths

Destiny Hansen

Robert Herndon

Andrew Hoover

Olivia Girard

David Griggs

Kevin Hansen

John Herrera

Krista Hoover

Richard B. & Kathleen Glassburn

Karen Grimm

Nicole Hansen

Taylor Herrera

Heather Hopengarcher

Jennifer Groenewegen

Cheryl Hanson

Brian Herring

Susie Hopkins

Bayley Glover

Renel Groenink

Harlis Hanson

Madeline Herzog

Adrian Hoppenbrouwer

Ashlee Gobin

Samantha Grospe

Clare Hao

Myles Hester

Donna Hopper

Kristen Godfrey

Danny Grover

Shelia Haptonstall

Mike Hewitt

Crystal Hopstad

Savannah Goguen

Brooklyn Groves

Michael Hardeman

Candice Hiatt

Donna Horne

Leisa Goldberg

Courtney Gu

Antoinette Harkess

Kaitlin Hibbard

Shahla Hossienpoor

Chad Golden

Jolene Guest

Timothy Harper

Karen Hickenbottom

Albert Houde

Judith Goldman

Fabiola Guevara

Mark Harpring

Joe & Coni Hickey

Zach Houghtaling

Bonnie Golla

Jilene Guiao

Desiree Harris

Caspar Hickman

Shelley Houston

Debra Gomes

Brian Guiney

James Harris

Jeff Hickman

Douglas Howell

Nataly Gomez

Bruce & Christy Gullion

Jon Harris

Melissa Hicks Park

Eric Howell

Valentin Gonzales

John Gundersen

Beverly Harrison

Brian Higgins

Rea & Kevin Howerton

Jesus Gonzalez

Troy Gunnell

Nola Harrison

Garrett Higgins

Jonet Howland

Jan & John Good

Pramod Gupta

Lindsey Hartelroad

Chris Hoy

Eric & Joie Goodman

Steven Higgins

Devin Guzman

Todd Hartsock

Ben Highum

Mark Hruska

Cheryl Good-McEachran

Edith Guzman

Janice Haskins

D’Linda & Jon Highum

Chris Hsu

Nicole Goodspeed

Noe Guzman

Nancy Hasler

Nick Highum

Darien Hsu

Corri & Dwight Hastings

Anika Hildebrand

Dannial Huang

Blake Hathaway

Jason Hill

Tanya Huber

Sheila Haas

Cameron Hauenstein

Kathy Hill

Adam Hudson

Kathleen & Daniel Hagemeister

Toni Hauser

Ruben Hill

Eric Hudson

Susan Havlovick

Steven Hill

Karen Hudson

Bryce Hagen

Angie Hawkins

Evan Hiner

Larry Huemig

Stephen Hager

Jodi Hawkins

Tammy Ho

Kelsey Hughes

Marie Hagmann-Freeman

Anthony Hawley

Chung Hoang

Jeremy Hugo

Taryn Hai

Kelly Hayase

Lisa Hochhalter

Linda Hull

Toyea Hakso

Benjamin Hayes

Kristine Hoeflin

Wendy Hull

Kathryn Haldeman

Kasey Hayes

Ryan Hoeflin

Cynthia Hupp

Leo Hale

Ann Hayes-Bell

Wendy Hoerner

Brittney Hurst

Jeffery Hales

Bob & Linda Healy

Karen Hoff

Nate Hutchinson

Mary Halfmoon

Joseph Heckel

Christopher Hoffman

Anh Huynh

Abby Hall

Lauren Hedeen

Jennifer Hoffman

Duy Huynh Nate Hyres

Aaron & Kala Goodwin Carrie Goodwin Shelley Goodwin Nancy Gootee Donna Gordon Murray Gordon Nicole Gordon Sherri Gorham Jenny Goss Yoshitaka Goto Thomas Gotts Anders Gould Gabrielle Gould Laura Gould Vinnesa Gozali Jerry Gozdek

H Sally Ha

Brendan Hall

Sara Hedges

Chris Graff

Liam Hogan

Charlene Hall

Mark Heier

Bill Graham

Elizabeth Hohenshil

Doug Hall

Pete Heinrich

Diane Graham

Tommy Holdefer

Jessica Idrova

Marty & Rosalyn Hall

Karin Heisen

Joseph Graham

Ray Holden

James Imhof

Mischa Hall

John Heiss

Elizabeth Holguin


Steven Ingalsbe

Chelsea Johnson

HwaYoun Kang

Heather & Paul Kinney

Evie Landis

Jessica Ingvarsson

Danielle Johnson

Michelle Kang

Angela Kinsella

Stevie Landis

Natalie Irwin & Tyler Keezer

Delia Johnson

Ravi Kapalli

Sarah Kinsella

Pamela Lane

Aarin Ishida

Elaine Johnson

Olga Karabut

Perette Kinser

Kyla Lang

Virginia Isler

Elizabeth Johnson

Marilyn Karasiewicz

Abby & Guy Kirchgessner

Sandy Langdon

Jessica Isono

Garland Johnson

Taylor Karnofski

Laurene Kitchen

Justine Langlois

Etsuko Ito

James Johnson

Laura Karnowski

Angelica Klein

David Langowski

Ryosuke Ito

Jazzmyne Johnson

Richard Karns

Courtney Klein

Brian Langren

Angelina Ivanova

Jenny Johnson

Madina Kasimova

Terry Klett

Christine Lapidario

Christa Iwanczuk

Joseph & Roberta Johnson

Garett Kawasaka

Kaytie Klinck

Karin LaPierre

Julie Johnson

Cy Kawasaki

Jason Knight

Lis Larsen

Karla Jackson

Karen Johnson

Vincent Keck

Jeremy Knoll

Alycia Larson

Leslie Jackson

Kenzie Johnson

Gary Keeler

Mari Knowles

Andrea Larson

Nicole Phelps

Kimberly Johnson

Gerald Keenan

Nancy Knutson

Kenneth Latimer

Peter Jackson

Lauren Johnson

Kevin Kehl

Danielle Koagal

Laurena Lau

Scott & Sandra Jackson

Leela Johnson

Kassia Keita

Leialoha & Daniel Kobernik

Anna Laurentyev

Kenneth Jacob

Michael Johnson

Nicole Keith

Brad Kobin

Jordan Laurenzo

Shannon Jacbson

Patricia Johnson

Shay Keith

Judy Koo

Nicolette Lauritzen

Geraldine & Javier Jacquez

Riley Johnson

F. Marsh Kellegrew

Rob Krakenberg

Becky Lawler

Javier Jacquez

Robert Johnson

Adelaide Kellett

Loretta Kreeger

Keionna Lawrence

Serina Jaeger

Shara Johnson

Craig Kelley

Gary Kreitel

Elizabeth Lawson

Jessica James

Will Johnson

Nancy Kelley

Chase Kremer

Alissa Lawton

Kara Jamieson

Debra Johnsrud

Casey Kelly

Hannah Kremer

Sophanna Lay

Tamiko Janczakowski

Brian Johnston

Bre Kelsey

Susanna Kriegh

Rachel Lazelle

Phillip Janecek

Jodi Johnston

Meh Met Kemahli

Solveig Kristiansen

Khoi Le

Pooja Jaradi

Mary Jonasen

Christopher Kennedy

Sandra Kubin

Minh Le

Abraham Jaramillo

Daniel Jones

Howard Kennedy

Michelle Kuder

Quynh Le

Joshua Jaramillo

Jennifer Jones

Dan Kent

Esfir Kuksa

Jason Leathers

Theresa Jaramillo

John & Debbie Jones

Kristy Kentch

Angelica Kulchitzky

Mackenzie Leavens

Jaye Jarchow

Lauren Jones

Annette Kerber

Josh Kulp

Suzanne Leavitt

Brad Jauron

Rick Jones

Rhonell Kercheval

Hsiu Fon Kuo

Brycen Lechner

James Jayne

Tyler Jones

Robert Kern

Tricia Kurniawan

Andrew Lee

Mary & Daniel Jeans

Zachary Jones

Lark & Kristopher Kesterke

D. Kusler

Ben Lee

Jessica Jenkins

Zora Jones

Aaron, Aimee & Pen Ketola

Judy Kutz

Gale Lee

Bev Jensen

Jing-Ming Jong

Will Khadivi

Steven Kuykendall

Jessica Lee & Joshua Davis

James Jensen

Kristina Joo

Nooshin Khalili

Vicki Kwast

Jinhoon Lee

Kiersten Jensen

Matthew Joong H Lee

Alice Khan

Savadee Ky

Joon Lee

Robert Jensen

Jessica Jordan

Anna & Mark Kim

Stephanie Jensen

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Thomas E. Metz Deidre Meyer Joseph Meza Markos Mezgebu Christine Mezo

Rhea Morales Nemuel Morden Melissa Morehouse Marissa Moreno Dacia Morgan

Project Homeless Connect is an annual, one-day event that brings together community volunteers and a wide variety of services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Direct services are provided on-site to help combat homelessness and related issues. The event is a collaboration between United Way, Snohomish County, City of Everett and numerous service organizations.

Linda Morgan

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Winners of the 2012 Spirit of Snohomish County Awards with Dr. Dennis G. Smith (top row, center), president and CEO of United Way of Snohomish County

Kyle Zellers Dennis Zender Abiel Zewolday Felisa Zhang Ning Zhang Brant Zhou Julie Zhu Jessica Zhuge Jody Ziemer Karen & Jeff Ziemer Mary Zimmer Eric Zimmerman Erin Zimmerman Elizabeth Zimmermann Logan Zobel Larry Zommick Julie Zurcher

Last Name Withheld Adam Sarah

Spirit of Snohomish County Award Winners Every year, United Way of Snohomish County celebrates the winners of the annual “Spirit” awards— individuals and organizations that help improve people’s lives, work for the betterment of our community and inspire others to serve. Nominations are submitted in June and reviewed by teams of volunteers. The only award handed out by the organization itself is the Reeves/Sievers’ Founders Award, which is similar to a lifetime achievement award. In 2012, the Reeves/Sievers’ Award was given to the family of the late Bob Smith, longtime supporters of United Way and several other organizations in Snohomish County. By virtue of their generous contributions, they are considered LIVE UNITED Champions. Other award winners in 2012 included Dominick Juarez, a volunteer with Cocoon House’s U-Turn program, who won the Youth Award; Mary Jane Brell Vujovich, then with Workforce Snohomish, who won the Adult Award; Allyn Triezenberg, an organizer for the annual Letter Carriers Food Drive through the Snohomish County Labor Council, who won the Spirit of Labor Award; and Campbell’s StockPot, in part for their support of the Meals on Wheels program and their commitment to volunteerism, that won the Community Partner Award. Background on the Award Winners Reeves/Sievers’ Founders Award – The Smith Family For decades, Bob Smith was a mainstay in Snohomish County’s nonprofit circuit. After his death, his family carried on his legacy of service. Community Partner Award – Campbell’s StockPot In addition to their support of United Way, employees also work closely with Snohomish County Senior Services and their Meals on Wheels program. Spirit of Labor Award – Allyn Triezenberg The values of volunteerism that were instilled in Allyn at an early age have carried over into her work with labor groups; Allyn is instrumental in organizing many labor service projects. Adult Award – Mary Jane Brell Vujovic Mary Jane’s earliest memories are of volunteering with her mother, who taught her the value of service and investing in the community. Youth Award – Dominick Juarez, Cocoon House Several years ago, Dominick was in and out of school, and involved with gangs and street culture. Today, he has two jobs, volunteers at Cocoon House each week and is attending University of Washington Bothell. For more information, visit



Days of Caring from The Boeing Company read to elementary school children in Everett, volunteers from Crane Aerospace & Electronics worked on a home building project with Housing Hope in Monroe and volunteers from U.S. Bank prepared dorms for artists-inHere are some examples of the volunteer residence at Pilchuck Glass School groups and the projects they worked in Stanwood. on: volunteers from Premera Blue Cross For more information, visit helped organize clothing donations for Clothes for Kids in Lynnwood, volunteers In 2012, 769 Days of Caring volunteers on 63 teams from 43 organizations participated in 36 projects throughout the county. The estimated financial impact of their nearly 4,000 hours of work is more than $85,000.

In addition to maintaining an online database of volunteer opportunities at nonprofits throughout Snohomish County, United Way also hosts two annual, signature volunteer events: Days of Caring in September and Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in January. Participants are considered Friends, and individuals who lead volunteer teams are considered Supporters.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Day of Service

Approximately 200 high school students from throughout Snohomish County participate in Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. MLK Day is an intergenerational celebration in which high school students spending the day volunteering, thereby transforming Dr. King’s life mission and teachings into community service. Volunteers assist senior adults and people with disabilities with household tasks and, in some areas, they work in

teams led by Senior Corps or other adult volunteers to help out at senior centers. Our local Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is a partnership of United Way of Snohomish County, YMCA of Snohomish County, Catholic Community Services and Senior Corps-RSVP. For more information, visit

Left: Members of United Way’s vision councils helping fill plant containers in downtown Everett as part of Days of Caring

Above left: Volunteers from Fluke helped Snohomish County Red Cross with several projects as part of Days of Caring 2012.

Above top left: Taran Christianson, a 12th grader from Kamiak High School, washing windows as part of his MLK Day of Service project

Above top right: Volunteers posing with Joan (in overcoat), whose home they cleaned as part of MLK Day of Service



Supporters have done one or more of the following in the past year: ¢

Given $250 –­$999 ¢ Led a team at a volunteer event ¢ Led an advocacy event






Shannon Aamold

John Anderson & Mary Lou Hatcher

Robert Banhegyi

Jude Anderson

Roger Bare

Wendelin Abbey

Melacca Anderson

Randy Barker

Arian Abdulkader

Sally Anderson

Glenn Barnard

Cynthia Abelejohnson

Johnson Andrews

Jennifer Barnes-Kennedy

Evelyn Abeyta

Sonthima Anoulack

Steven Barrera

Mark Ackerman

Antonios Antoun

Edward Barrett

Sprague Ackley

Kathe Arambul

Jil Barrett

Jamie Acuff

Alisa Arcos

Mary Ellen Barringer

Jonathan Adair

Frank Areliz

Jeff Barrington

Anthony Adams

Emily M. Armstrong

Phil & Amy Bartlow

Mindie Adams

William Basham

John Agee

Kimberly & Thomas Arney

Michelle Agnew

Marcos Arrolla Jacob Arvidson

Carey & Donald Bates

Patrick Akins Timothy Alaniz

William Ashe

Amy Albee

Andria Atkinson

Jamie Albert

Wendy Ausler

Jessica Aldecoa

William Avalone

Robert Alfonso

Sabin Awal

Lovella & Sheldon Allen

Jami Aycox

Ariel Almacen

Mariette Azucena

Alden Alo

Laurence & Patricia Azus

Stephen Alsup

laura Azwol

Marcos Abarca & Maricela Zamora

Jennifer Alter


Eric Barben

Angela Basher Dale Bates Steven Bawolak Brett Beam Richard Bean Penny Beauchamp Roland Behee Nicolas Behr Celina Bello Anna Belonogova Julie Bergendahl Cierra Berger

Daveen Ancheta

Nikolett Bacso

Karen Bergman

H & Jan Andersen

Fredelito Badua

David Bezold

Charles Anderson

Chris Bagley

Garrison Binion

Ellen Anderson

Jason Bailey

Kimberly Binion

Heather Anderson

Andy Baker

Bruce Bishop

Jessica Anderson

Mary Baker

Edward Black

Jo Dee Anderson

Kevin Bales

Catherine Blackburn


Jana Ball


(left) ¢ Days of Caring team leader. ¢ $500/year donor.


John Blaine

Allison Buss

Jane Clemente

Theresa DePrey

Marshall Blaine

Andraya Bustad

Brian Cocking

Amardit & Iqbal Dhillon

Christina Falk

Scott Blake

Brian & Rebecca Butler

Emma Cocking

David Dickhaut

Jim & Bonnie Farmer

Jessica Blakesley

Susan & Al Butler

Andre Cohrs

Theresa Diemond

Don Faust

Caleb Blanchett

Anthony Bybee

Elaine Cole

Kolette Dietlin

Corinne Favero

Austin Blubaugh

Larry Byrd

Susan Cole-Dapper

Nancy Difrancia

Alan Fayard

Roy Colistro

Mary Ann Diggs

Cara Federspiel

Joan Collins

Alice Dills-Hardenburgh

Christopher Feliciano

William Compton

Lisa Diseth

Lyn Felker

Eric Conley

Dia Glynn Dissmore & John Glynn III

Ronald Fernandez

Peter Contos Christopher Contreras

Dwight Dively

Michael Fiedler

Scott Conyers

Mailinh Doan

Maria Filip

Megan Cook

Delbert Dodge

Rubylee Findley

Delbert Cooper

Dwight Donovan

Stanley Finley

Michele Cooper

Ryan Donovan

Heidi Finucane

Steven & Tanya Coram

Michael Donow

Kurt Fischer

Gabriella Corchado

Roxane Dougherty

Michael Fischer

Deborah Corlis

Thomas Dougherty

Fischer family

William Cornell

Evelyn Doyle

Catherine Fisher

Kevin Corson

Deborah Drez

Mia Fisher

Kimberly Costas

Ann Dubois

Albert Fisk & Judith Harris

Bianca Couturier

Evan Ducker

Peder Fitch

Donald Duckwitz, Jr.

Russell Fitchlee

Doug Blue Margaret Bluher

C Christopher Cabana

Brian Blythe

Reina Cabatana

Amy Boisse

Lisa Cagle

Robin Bolmes Steven Bond Dana Borgmann Shirley Bosma Corinna Boteler Tammy Botham

Donald Cahuya Tommy Caldwell Todd & Doreen Campbell Kitty Canney Guillermo Cano McCala Caren

Mary Boudrieau

Ginger Carlson

William Bowden

Krista Carmack

Juli Bowen & Jim Tolton

Stacy Carman

Liezel Boyance

Charles Caro

Robert Brace

Pamela Carter

John Brager

Susan Carver

Shaina Bragiel

James Casad

Jeffrey Ferrell

Joanne Brandt

Heather Case

Kristel Craft

Richard Brereton

Heather Craggs

Guy Duff

Julie Bridgeman

Joel & Candy Castellanos

Sandy Cramer

Molly Duim

In honor of Mistie Flammang

Jesus Brito

Edwin Castro

Jess Crane

Scott Dunphy

Rudy Flores

Lynn Bronson

Jan Catey

Susan Craven

Leonard Dupree

Karen Foley

David Brooks

Dave Caudill

Oscar Cruz

Catherine Duran

Loretta Fosnes

Keith Brooks

Hazel Cecil

Alfred Culdice

Sarah Dutchin

Karin Foss

Lois Brooks

Rita Cecil

Ben Culver

Linda Duval

Katrina M. Fountain

Caleb Brothers

Susan J. & Jen Cedar

Andrew Cummins

Lorna Dykes

Stephanie Foust

Amanda Brown

Teresa Chandler

Gary Curry

Daron Brown

Erin Chaney

Paula Cushman-Idowu

Alana East

Hortense Brown

Kevin Chao

Bob Cutler

Mariah Egbert

The Brown Family

Christopher Chapin

Michael Brown

Diana Charles

Michele Darrington

Bryan Elkins

Sara Brown

Paul Chase

Lori Dasilva

John Emery

Shelley Brown

Robin Chernich

Cynthia Davis

Jessica Emig

Tom Brown

Dan Cheyney

Daniel Davis

Marianne Endicott

Thomas Browne

Lanny Ching

Kiliona Davis

David Brueher

Kim Christie

Michael Davis

Charlie Enoch & Emilia Bam

Kristine Bruketta

Ross Chung

Raymond Davis

Susan Brunelle

Brian Cian

Gregory Day

Michael Cindric

Cameron Decker

Russell Clark

Amy DeCrescenzo

Joshua Erickson

Dr. Howard R. Clarke

Marilou & George Dela Cruz

Kirsten Erickson

Dante Gagne

Steve Erickson

Fred Gaitan

Bryan Clayton

Vida Delanty

America Escobar

Ray Gallagher

Shelly Cleator & Susan Moreno

Jessie Demchok

Carl & Tammi Estes

Salvador Gallegos

Cory Dennis

Matthew Evans

Ryan Galloway

Debbie Cleland

Katherine Denter

Melinda Evans

Maria Gamiz

George Buck Mark Buckner Susan Burge Mary Burgess Ricky Burkett Danny Burnam Kellie Burroughs

Linden & Joy Clausen

Loren Fox


Diane Franklin Gayle Frazier Joan & Michael Frazier

Tom Eigenbrode


Mike Frederick Elizabeth & Philip Frederickson Sandra Free Letia Freeman Shari French Lydia Frey

Andrea Enos

Friends of BD – Connor, Eve, Cody & Daniel

Trina Ent Manuel Equihua





Linda Ganz

Sarah Haeger

Barb Hoover

Maria Garcia

Anne Hagel

Diane Hoover

Joseph Gardner

Danielle Hamer

Mari Hopkins

Robert Gardner

Paul Hamilton

James Hopper

Douglas Garman

Sherri Hammons

Brooke Horman

Sarah Gau

John Hanaway

Justin Hottel

Ivan Gavrilchik

Gene Hanchar

Loren Houman

Jacob Gelow

Hidde Hanenburg

Scott Hovland

John Gelzer

Paula Hanes

William Howald

Celeste Gemmer

Rich Hannan

Rosemarie Howard

Charles George

Kristine Hannigan

Sean Howe

Jane Gesell

Raymond Hansen

Jeffrey Howell

Jane Gessner

Cheryl Hanson

Janice Hoyt

Neeloufar Gharavi

Scott Hanson

Daniel Hubert

Bob Giammarco

Craig Hardt

Barbara Hudson

Ann Gibson

Robert Harnetiaux

Christopher Hudson

Tim Giffin

Augustina Harper

Sean Huff

Gilda Gilbert

Cindy Harris

Shawn Hunstock

Harrison Gilbert

Deborah Harrison

Michael Hurd

Gail Gilberts

John Hartmann

Aaron Hurzeler

Megan Gilday

Venson Hass

Lai Huynh

Fred Gillings

Bruce Hawes

Felicity Ginn

Daniel Hawkins

Julie Glafke

Kyle Hays

Lucia Glasper

Cara Hazelbrook

Brandie Glass

Bridget F. Healy

Tim Glynn

Staci Heldring

Richard Gobel

Richard Helsten

Shanna Myers

Eli Heminger

Gary Goldbaum & Judith Unger

Don & Laurel Hendrix

Leanna Goldstein

Joseph Henry

Maribel Gomez Arus Michael Gonzalez Darin Goodpaster Dorothy Gorsuch Theresa Grage Rhidian Grant Denise, Rob & Bella Green Noralee Green Robert Green Justin Greene Carl Grimes Eileen Grimes Vladimir Grinberg Sally & Tim Grube Dora Gulley Cori Gunkel Dustin Gunnarson


Daisy Henry Daniel Henwood Kelly Hesby Daniel Hester Gregg Heyne Carrie Higginbotham David Hildebrand Cherilyn Hill Zachary Hill Brian Hiney Kathleen Hintz Marcia Hirst Dennis Hobbs Diana Hoffer Marcia Holiday Gary Holland John Hollis Evonne Holt Rachel Holthenrichs

David Haberkorn Mari Hackett

Leona Holzman


Kathleen Landis Dwight Kaestner & Grace Reifers

Cheryl Larsen

Joseph Kalmar & Patricia Tam

Kyle Larson

Julie Larson Marie Larson

Joey Kane

Vickie LaVergne

Kevin Karsner

Mark Laverman

Theresa & Bruce Keever

Nathan Lawless

Paul Kelley

Eric Lawrence

Patricia Kelly

Karen Le

Thomas Kempkes

Patrick Lee

Sheryl Kepler

Thomas Lee

David Kerns

Tin Lee

Brian Kester

Jeff Leer

Timothy Key

John Lees

Heather Kibbey

Lisa Leif

Jan Lee Kille

Lisa Leikin

Sung Kim

Dock Leong

Aaron Kimball

Kim Leslie

Janneen King

Paulsey Liamthongsamouth

Thomas King Kevin Kinsella


Chih-Hua Liang

Shannon Kinsella

Kimiko Ichikawa

Donna Lindell

Michael Kinsman

Cheryl Ifland

Joyce Lindell

Bente Klatt

Waynetta Iukes

Maura Lindquist

Heidi Klippert

Cariann Little

Michelle Kloss


Tina Liu

Josephine Jackson

Jodi Knieper

Joshua Jackson

Lisa Knight

Thomas Jackson

James Knoblich

Miranda Jacobson

Hin-Wan Ko

Ashley LommersJohnson

Stella Jaeger

Barbara & Steve Koerber

Kathleen Loomis

Erin Jamieson

Michael Kogut

Antonio Lopez

David Janszen

Ksenia Kopyeva

Catherine Lorch

Mandi Jauregui

Mr. Jerry Koski

Jon Losey

Kyle Jeffries

Nicole Kraft

William Love

Casey Jensvold

Cynthia Kreutz

Crystal Lovelace

Ranjit Johal

Jennie Krumm

Garth Luark

Elizabeth Johnson

Bruce Kurjiaka

Andrea Lucas

Heidi Johnson

Jeff & Christie Kurtz

Jennifer Lucas

Liane Johnson

Naomi Kyle

Chad Lucy

Michael Johnson Steve & Angela Johnson Kristina Johnson Rose Ron Johnsrud Daniel Jones Diane Jones Erika Jones Steven Jones Beri Geraci Brian Justice

Jerry Lockleer Pierce Loftin

Jennifer Lundberg

L Gerald Lachappelle

Joey Lundquist

Greg LaFata

Dennis Luschen

Jason Lafferty

Paul Lutt

Lucille Laird

Christina Lyon

Kangpo Lam

Nancy Lyons

Diane Lamb Marlene Lambert

M Dr. Zhenkui Ma

Brian Lambertsen

John Macandrew

Patricia Lamborn

Sandra MacCarthy

Johnathon Lameres

Rebecca MacLean & John Kanarick

Sharon McNeely Holt

Dan Myers

Cynthia Peugh

Linda Robison

Shawn McNiven

Nicholas Myers

Garrick Pickett

Shelle Rock

Wendi Lee MacLeod

Gail & Larry McNutt

Michael Pierce

Melissa Roe

Max Magee

Christopher McPeake

Michael Y. Nakayama

Jennifer Piplic

Natascha Roehl

Maureen Malley & Jeffrey Capeloto

Judy McTaggart

Levern D. Neal

Chris Pittman

Lynn Rogers

Mary Mallinak

Eamon Nelly

Sally Pogue

Karri Ronngren & Family

Kelly A. Meagher

Betsy Nelson

Ron Pollard

Erik Ronning

Ole Medhaug

Crystal Nelson

Victoria Pontrantolfi

Michael Root

Karen Nelson

Darryl Poole

Jerry Rosenburg John & Suzanne Ross

Tita Mallory Jason Mang Christina Manns Deirdre Marshall Barbara Martin Joan Martin Leah Martin Mary Martin Philip Martin Teresa Martinez Susan Masel Faith Massey Paul Massie Trina Massingale Maureen Masterson Patricia Mathison Kevin Matland


Kristin Meadows

Stephen Meece Luz Mejia

Tamra Nelson

Jeffry Powers

Stanislaus Mendonca

Gregory Nereim

Rodney Powers

Vivian Rotunda

Evelyn Mercier

Mark Nermo

Laura Preuninger

Travis Roy

Greg Nesbitt

Jeff Price

Tony Rubio

Helen Ngoh

Kimberly Priest

Lisa Rucks

Esther Nicolas

Nelson Pringle

Jayne Ruffin

Suzette Nielson

Sodaney & Sokoyntea Prom

Eric Russell

Carla Norris

Travis Protzeller

Matt Russell

Jennifer Norton

Sean Proudlock

Kelly Rutan

Christopher Merwede Carli Meyer Jose Meza Cain Michael James Michaels Richard Middaugh Benjamin Midyette

Tammie Nulf

Steve Mikulecky Michael Milam Harry Miller

Nicole Nystrom

O Dan OBrien

Judy L. Miller & Jerauld D. Miller

Jesus Ocampo

Teresa Ruud

Q Lienhoa Quach

Heather Ryan

Karla Quackenbush

Kelly Ryan

Karla Quast

Dana Ryen



Gregory Oden

Emily Raab

Kholysoh Salaymane

Neil Oehring

Christoph Radach

Tristine Samberg

Stein Oettle

Bruce Rae

James Sample

Damon Olafson

Marilyn Raffelson

Eric Sandburg

Wendy O’Neal

Fahim Rahim

Robert Sanfelippo

Joy O’Rourke

Travis Ramirez

Tom Sanger

Dana Osborn

Rosalie Randall

John Santucci

Vicki & Michael Osborne

Sonia Raullerson

Don & Jean Sarcletti

Dean Overman

Charlene Rawson

Mark Saretsky

Sophie Ray

Carlee Savage

Kyle Matthews

Leander Miller

Carla Mauseth

Lesley Miller

Jeremy Maxfield

Sarah Miller

Sara McArdle

Tina Miller

Dee McArthur

Jamie Milligan

Michelle McCallum

Tonya Miranda

Dean McCann

William Mitchell

John McCann

Tami Moberg-Rice

Rebecca McCarthy

Ken Mock

David Mccauley

Lois Mock

Claudia McConnell

Tim Moebes

Angela Palacios

Bonnie Reed

Michael Scanlon

Christopher McCormick

Shane & Andrea Moloney

Kevin Palmer

Susanna Reeves

Marie Schattenkerk

Rhonda McCrary

Cynthia Monson

Jacob Pangle

Terry Reeves

Michael Schendel

Rob McCrorie

Sheril Moon

Rita Payne

Benjamin Reinhard

Daryl Schilke

Eric McCroskey

Brandon Moore

Margaret Pearse

Sharon Reyes

Lee Schisler

Richard McFadden

Julia Moore

Carrie Pearson

Maria Reyna

Veronica Schmidt

Carly McGinty

Kathryn Moran

Robert Pearson

Christy Rhodes

Debbie Schultz

Robert McIntosh

Jeremy & Nesha Moreland

Donald Pepper

Lonnie Richardson

Dylan Schultz

Jane McKenzie

Matthew Moroge

Charlotte Perkins

Kevin Riddell

Griselda Schultz

Patricia McKeon

Carol Morris

Stacy Perretto

Riebe Family

Gary Schuster

Seann McKeon

Anita & Dan Morrison

Laura Perrotta

Robin Ringland

Mark Scott

Michael McKibbin

Katherine Mossman

Cody Perry

Keith Risley

Dr. Peter Scott

Cathryn McKinnon

Lisa Muck

Jacqueline Personeus

Luis Rivera

Janice & James Scrabeck

Cara McLachlan

Joseph Muller

Lance & Jill Peters

Bob Robatzek

Alexis Searles

William McLain

Jeffrey Murphy

Kim Petersen

Alex Roberts

Amy Seiber

Michelle Mclaughlin

Jeremy Murphy

Cindy Peterson

Katherine Robinson

Devon Self

Danee McMahon

Mike Muth

Cliretha Peterson

Patricia Robinson

Lisa Severn

William McMillen

John Mychalishyn

Karen Peterson

Ray Robinson

Vicki Shanks




Kirk Stewart

Leticia Torres

Jason Williams

John Shaw

Virginia Stewart

Tri Tran

Chris Wilson

John Sheehan

Michelle Stiller

Kathryn Troll

Cynthia Wilson

Jill Shepard

Gerald Stillings

Leann Tronsdal

James Wilson

Ernest Sherrid

Brian Stokke

David True

Chris Winchell

Jason Shirley

Norman Story

Patrick Sean Truitt

Leslie Wiser

Suzette Shively-Ost

Brian & Lori Stowell

James Tupper

Jane Witmer

Asa Sholdez

Martin Strand

Hank Turner

Tom Wojtkowiak

Mary Short

Marianna Strang

Wendy Turner

Steven Wolf

Stephanie Shuey

Elizabeth Strater

Ellen Shuler

Roy Strine

Sonja Siemering Marc Sigle

Brittany Van Brunt

Bryan Woodworth

Daniel Stuart

Ilona Van Duser

Thomas Worle

Darrell Stuart

Tracy Vanderpool

Elizabeth Wright

Gail Simburger

Charlotte Stuyvenberg

Clare Vantol

Joyce Wright

Steven Simester

Emily Sullivan

Shauna Wynne

Irina Simonenko

Desere Sumner

Jayne Vaughan-Ellis & Timothy Ellis

Verl Simpson

Linda Sundstrom

Paul Velasco

Mary Sipher

Deborah Suther

Sandra Vernon

Ken Yeung

Dennis & Candy Skaugrud

Scott & Robin Swanson

Cheryl Vessey-Prieto

Andy Yim

Ok Sybertz

Brenda Viloria

Trevor Skelly

Lori Young

Andrea Szabo

Theresa Voigt

Trevor & Willow Young

Michael Skibeness Terry Slack 20

John Wood


Cheryl Smith Jay Smith Jennifer Smith John Smith Kaleb Smith Krystal Smith Terryl Smith Leslie Smithson Neal Sofian Pamela Soine Nicole Sorensen Kelly Soule Felicia Speaks Rhonda Spears Keshia Speer Mary Jo Spurr Vicki Squires Sakhoeun Srei Tina St Cyr Miller Steve StG Tom Stark Victoria Stedman Christy Steele Michelle Steele Selena Steele Monica Steiner Joanne Stern Vincent & Chrishna Stevens


Y Sherleen Yanez

Alda Yu

W Quan Ta

April Wagner

Curtis Takahashi

Miyeon Yun

Forrest Walker

Gayle Tangen

Cindy Walkingshaw

Michelle Taylor

Brandi & Kristopher Wall

Rick & Jean Zahalka

Tammy Taylor

Kevin Walser

Ronald Zenie

William Taylor

Pete Warbus

Bill Zimmer

Marc & Jolene Teeters

Catherine Ward

Jane Zimmerman

Jonathan Tegman

Krista Wardecker

Annel Zuniga-Tablada

Crystal Templeton

Michael Warren

Tjaard Zwaagstra

Christopher Thayer

Pam Warren

Marlene Zylstra

Tracy & Blaine Theriault

Dwight Watson

Sir Troy

Glenn Wattum

Deanna Thistle

Russell Waughman

Steven Tholl

Kelli Wedemeyer

Deb Thomas

Linda Weir

Gomer Thomas

Arlene Weller

Lynn Thomas

Jason Welling

Nanci Thomas

Boyd Wells

Bobby Thompson

Terry Wells

Brent Thompson

Lisa Wesolowski

Christopher Thompson

Wendy Westby

Roxanne Thompson

Kristal Whaley

Gael Thomson

Alysia White

Norie Thorkildsen

Sharon White

Jose Manuel Tiemann

Lee Whitfield

Christine & Ray Todd

Kerrie Whitney

Jeffrey Toffic

Darlene Wilczynski

Julie Toldness

Anthony Williams

Anne Tompkins

Jamie Williams

Z Joe Zaffiro

Last Name Withheld Diane Pete F. Ryan

Volunteers and United Way staff participating in 2013 Lobby Day

Volunteers Lead United Way Lobbying Efforts After several months of deliberations and careful consideration, volunteers on United Way’s vision councils, public policy committee, board of directors and other committees (all considered LIVE UNITED Supporters) chose priorities for the 2013 legislative session in the fall of 2012. These priorities focused on early learning, hunger, homelessness and seniors. In February 2013, more than 80 United Way volunteers and staff attended the 7th annual United Ways of Washington Lobby Day. More than 20 volunteers and staff travelled to Olympia to represent United Way of Snohomish County at the event.

By the end of the legislative session in June, legislators increased funding for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) and made it easier to enroll in the Working Connections Child Care program. They also increased the number of kids who participate in the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS), ensuring these children are ready for school and that school is ready for them. Legislators increased funding for state food assistance to legal immigrants, as well. In the last budget, this program was reduced by 50 percent. In the new twoyear budget, funding was increased to 75 percent of the earlier level.

Legislators also preserved funding for the Housing Trust Fund and the Housing & Essential Needs (HEN) program, formerly called “Disability Lifeline.” Lastly, legislators preserved funding for the Senior Citizens Services Act. Funding for other services of specific interest to seniors, such as long-term care programs, were also maintained. For more information, visit





Partners have done one or more of the following in the past year:




Given $1,000 –­$2,4999


Given 1% of their income (1/2 hour’s pay per week)†


Celebrated 10 - 24 years of donating


Served as campaign managers (ECM)


Volunteered at a tax site

A Kari Abbott

Susan Allen

Robert Anthony

Marguerite Abbott

Vikki Allen

Kenneth Aoki

Polina Abdrakhmanova

William F. & Jan D. Allen

Dave Appesland

Deb Abeyta

Michelle Arbuckle

Rebecca Ableman

Anastasia Alles & Joseph Hubach

Alexandria Abraham

Rachel Alley

Susan M. & William J. Ardissono

Jody Adams

Kaleb Allinson

Chantel Arey

Julie Adams

Garth C. Almgren

Stephanie Arias

Lelane Adams

Melissa Almli

Pedro Armenta

Linda & Thomas Adams

Lorraine Almy

Peter Arndt

Robert Adams

Nicholas Alpaugh

Bret Arneson

Robin Adams

Elizabeth Altabef

Bennie Arnold

Shelby Adriance

Katrina Alvarez

Arlene Arnott

Victoria Alvarez

Marissa Arquiza

Rusty & Debra Ames

William Arthur

Diane Ammons

Karen Asbridge

Dan Amundsen

Andrew Ashton

Clayton Ande

Samuel Askew

Michelle R. Andersen

Dean Athanassiades

Alice Anderson

Alexis Atkins

Brian Anderson

Maiya Atkins

Todd Agee Greg Ahles Molly Ahrens Kurt & Mary Ahrensfeld Jayna Ahue Regina Aiello Ali Akbarpour Crystal Alaniz


Diane Albright Jennifer Albright Clarice Alden Jeanne & Nicholas Aldrich Elizabeth Alexander Kelly Alexander Julie Alger

Deborah Anderson

Katherine Atwood

Gary Anderson & Janice Ikeda

Andra Audet

Jeffrey Anderson

Leslie Axelson

Kirk Anderson

Sandra Ayers

Linda Anderson Michael Anderson

Hatem Ali

Patti Anderson

Ed Alipio Nancy Allbaugh Connie & Gary Allen Molly & Gary Allen


Cynthia & David Anderson Rhonda Atregenio

Vickie Anderson James Andrews Ilya Andreyanov Anne & John Anholm

Julie Austad

B Merrie & Farshid Babazadeh Michael B. Babbitt Rajkumarie Bachan-Kleckley Jeffrey Bacigalupi Pirri Badenhop

† Calculations are approximate and are based on a 40-hour work week.


(left) ¢ $400/year donor. ¢ Has donated to United Way for more than 10 years.

Jamie Baggett

Michael Beck

Jennifer Blume

Mary Bredereck

Wayne Bull

Joshua Bagwell

Kazua Bedker

Kim Blume

Deborah Breedlove

Bultman Family

Bruce & Kim Bailey

Daniel Beebout

Yvonne Blumenthal

Curt & Hollie Brees

Lori Bumstead

Richard Bailey

Lori Bell

Beatrice Bock

Shane Brend

Sandra Bumstead

Tish Bailey

Quincy Bell

Sherry Bodily

Thomas Brennan

Barbara Buquing

Jay Baines

Robin & Brett Bence

Scott A. Boeckenstedt

Teresa Brennick

Wendy Burchill

Katherine Bair

Stephanie Benham

Susan Boehnlein

Mark Bresnick

William Burke

Derick & Patricia Baisa

Judith Bennett

Deborah Bogart

Karel Bretthauer

Joanne Burke Snyder

James & Jeri Baker

Bruce & Brenda Bequette

Lila Bogdanovich

Joseph Baker

Bruce Berg

Lisa Bogetto

Gretchen Stahr Breunig & Christopher Breunig

Dennis Burkhardt & Gloria Geyer-Burkhardt

Kim Baker

Gretchen Berg

Keri Bogle

Carole Breysse

Susan Burlingame

Luann E.M. & Lauriston D. Baker

Rick Berg

Mr. & Mrs. Langdon Bohart

Thomas Breysse

Kayleen Burnet

Jacqeulyn Berger

Bruce & Sherry Brickner

Rasheedah Burnett

Heidi Berget-Frishak

Lynn Bohlmann & Terry Dale

Margaret Bridge

Jennifer Burnette

Richard Baldwin

Judith Bergsagel

Christopher Bohn

Gloria Brinkley

Deborah Burns

Jacob & Michelle Bale

Sandra Berkshire

Caroline Boktour

Dean Briscoe

Heather Burns

Rebecca & David Ballbach

Karen Bermudez

Barbara Boldrin

Dennis J. & Shirley J. Britt

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Burns

Tammy Ballenger

Michael Bernstein

Normita Burns

Kristin Banfield

Tammi Berti

Joy Bolger & Dennis J. Bolger Vicki Britt Judy Bompart-Hatfield Aubrey Brock

Agnes Barard

Inga Bertman

Lisa Bona

Clint Brock

Amy & Bill Burton

Shelley Barbano

Vincent Bertrand

John Bonner

Gordy & Becky Brockman

Tom Bush

Barbara Barber

Sharon Bettinger

Charles & Sheila Booth

Alan Brolsma

Tressa Bushnell

Vivian Barber

James Bevis

Margot Booth

Kevin Brooks

Lindsie Bussian

Carol Barmon

Bruce & Carol Beyer

Vanessa Borden

Leslie Brooks

Paula Butterfield

Amy Barnes

Charlotte & James Beyer

Teresa Borseth

Michael Brooks

Christina Buzzard

Lori Barnett

Monika Bhatt

Anna Bostwick

Patrick Brophy

Charlene & Douglas Byde

Mark Barnett

Paul Bialaszewski

Jeffrey & Elizabeth Bottman

Dr. Nick Brossoit

Cindy Byrd

Rosemary Barnett

Victoria Bieck

Lynnette Boulch

Siri Broughton

Tabitha Byron

Paige Barquist

Maria Bighaus

Mike Bounds

Nicola Brouqua

Paul Byun

Brett Barrett

Irene Billa

Jennifer Bowen

Andrea Brown

Lucelle Barrett-Biechler

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Gina Burroughs





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Darlene Chambers Hui Ai Chan Kristine Chan Desmond Chandler Sylvia Chaney Dan Chaplik Matthew Chaplik Seri Chaplik Debbie Chapman Judy Chapman Skip Chapman Christine Chappell Sabra Charles Nancy Charter Sandra Chase Sharon Chastain Roki Chauhan, M.D. Bill Chea

Maureen & Derek Condit

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Carla DeRosier Anthony Develice June Devoll Harriet Diamond William Dickinson Steve Dickison Joe Diederichs Lorraine Dietel John Dietrich Michelle Dietz-Date Joseph & Susan Diggin Carl Diltz Kathy Dinwiddie Eric Ditmeyer Jennifer Djimtoloum Baidoum Karl & Nancy Docekal Trevor Doleshel Lori Dolman Maria & John Domann John M. Dominguez Thin (Flora) Dong Carla & John Donohue Mrs. Beverley Dorfman John Dorn Kenneth Dorn Rick & Ann Dorris Brian Dorsett Stephen Douglas Cheryl Doull Patty Dowd Jennifer Dowell Robert Downey Michael Drake Ryan Drake Cathleen Draper Amy Drewel Christopher Dreyer Barbara Dubin Bui Duc Patricia Duemmell Lydia Duffy Ryan Duffy Michelle Dufour Janet Duncan Jean Duncan Mike Dunn Matt Durand Kristie Dutton

During the 2013 tax season, 104 volunteer tax preparers (who are considered LIVE UNITED Partners) prepared 2,844 returns and helped working families receive $5.1 million in federal tax refunds—money owed by the government in tax credits. Since 2006, United Way has helped file 12,000 tax returns and given back more than $20 million to our community. For more information, visit


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H Roger & Barbara Haaland Carol Haasl Barbara & Clayton Haberman April Haines Richard & Alice Halberstadt Dawn Haldar Dawn Halder Patti Halgren Amber Hall Barbara Hall Cathy Hall Nancy Hall Patricia Hall Gregory Hamada Jeff & Eileen Hambleton Verl Hamilton Rosetta Hamlin Nancy Hammer Tammy Hammer Patricia Hampton Rudy Han Ben Hanchinamani Mary Hand Barbara Haner Doug Hanna Sue Hanneman Sonja Hanning Cheri Hansen Craig Hansen

Cindy Harris Brenda Harrison Dana Harrison Linda Harrison Diane Hart James Hart Dorothy Hartman Mary Hartshorn N. Harvey Sherri Harwood Erin Hass Jennifer Hass Kim Hasseler Jill Hatch Laurie Hatch Nancy & Bryson Hatch Margaret Hatley Tammy Haubrich Jean-Claude Hauchecorne Duane & Brendan Hauer James Haug Barbara Hauschel John Hauser Janet Hawes Mark Hawthorne Tamara Hayburn Dave Hayes

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Henning Robert Henry Teresa Henry Lexa Henske Jill Henson Lorrie Hermanson Suzan Herod Carry Herrick Gordon Herron Bob Hertzler Cathy Hervin Amy Hiebel Yuko Higashi ML Hikida Jennifer Hileman-Keep Julie Hill Kelly & Jeff Hill Linda Hill Kim Hillhouse-Moyer Bob Hillmann Vicci Hilty Brett Hinker Tom Hinnenkamp Carrie Hite Thu Ho Linh Hoang Mary Hodge-Moen Daniel Hodgen Kathleen Hodges

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Suzan Horn Susan Horner Sharon Horswill Mick Horton Troy Hosler Rebecca House Heather Howard Paul Howard Cheraya Howell Denise Howell Edward & Kristina Howell James Howisey Denis Hoyt Jeanenne Hoyt Clark Huber Victoria Hudock Jan Hudson Gregory Hughes James Hughes Ron Hughes Eileen Hughley Lauribeth Hull


Shirley Isaacson


Terry Killen

Serra King Vonya King-Norton Katie Kinman Kristin Kinnamon Beverly & Allan Kinnear Kyle & Susan Kinoshita Mark & Karen Kipling Stephen Kipp Diane Kirchner-Scott & David Scott Dolly Kitchner Rebecca Kitzman Barry Klarman Debby Kleiss David Kleitsch John Klekotka David Kline Bruce Klouzal Brenda Knapp Christine Knockwood Richard Knowles Kathy Knutson Mary Koehler & Tim Fitzgerald Shannon Koehnen Joel Koester Richard Kolakowski Susan Kominsky-Scott & T. Scott Coral Koogler Megan Koopman Traci Kooy George Kosovich Jennifer Kostelecky Irena Koumaeva Thomas Kozicki Angie Kozlowski Kendall Kreft Lisa Kriewald Marla Kroll Gavin Krueger Jon Krug Ralph Krusey Kordell Kubo Julie Kuhnhenn Julie Kumasaka Donald & Barbara Kusler Wee Lee Kwok



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James D. McCall & Annie M. Blankenau-McCall

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Monica B. McCann & Dr. Matthew D. McCann

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Trish & Bob Lehr

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Emma & Adam Len

Linda Larsen

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Anne Larson

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David Larson

Chad Leonard

John Larson

Angelique Leone

John & Susan Larson

Minda Rhio Leonen

Marsha Larson

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Max Larson

Jane Lester

Robert & Denise Larson

Al Lewindowski

Maribel Lasala

Elizabeth Lewis

Dawn Lashbrook

Kim Lewis

Susan Latendresse & Philip Larendresse

Robert Lewis Donald Lhotka

Tom Laufmann

Kai Li

Russell Lauron

Mark Libbing

Ross & Dana Laursen Lonnie Lawhon Nancy & Tim Lawler Margo Lawrence

Margery Lillibridge Kathleen Lillquist Timothy Lim

Thomas Little Dr. Linda D. Littlefield Mark & Margaret Litzinger Jack Liu Shari Llona Crystal Lloyd Steve Locke Tiffany Lock-Osterberg & Tim Osterberg Steve & Charlene Lodholz Mike & Colleen Loewen Douglas Logsdon Jeffrey Logue Nancy Lombard Bob Long Gary Long Leo Longaker Lowell Lorenz Kirk Loschky Barbara Louden Sarah Lowe Sharon Lowe Katherine Lowery Mary Lowery Leonila Lowey Sue Lucas Tony Lucero Kristie Lum Cynthia & Thomas Lundberg Edwin Lundberg Jeffrey Lundt David & Deborah Luprypa Billy Lutali Pamela Lux Kelly Lynch Mary Jo Lynch Allison Lyon Jeanne L. Lyon

Nancee Mann Richard Mann Brittany Mantyla Vivianne Maphis Darlene Maple Cynthia Marcellus Rod Margason & Susan Gulick Janet Markov Herbert Maroon Patricia Marquardt Rosemary Marquis

William Martin

Jason McCarter Doug & Rosemary McCartney John McCartney David & Shannon McCarty Mike McClaskey Jeffrey McClimans Margaret McClure Yvonne McClure Anne McCool Bruce McCormick

United Way of Snohomish County, through its Labor Advisory Committee, works closely with local labor unions to organize the annual Letter Carriers Food Drive, the annual Toys for Tots Drive and various ramp and building projects throughout the year. For more information, visit

Tom McCoughlin

Kathy McKenzie

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Tamera Mueller

Candace McKenna & John First

Angelica Mendoza

Joyce Minehan-Stewart

Jeffrey Moon

Mike Mulholland

Sandra Menghini

Ms. Beth Minnock

Michael Mooney

Diana Mulligan

Marina McGowan Corrine McGranahan David McHargue Stacy McHarness Margaret McInnis Lawrence A. McIntosh Lynda McIntosh Sandra McKay James McKee

Connie Mennie

Angela Moore

Kelly Mueller


PARTNERS Mark & Jill Mullins

Joe Neussendorfer

Rachelle Olin

Cecelia Papa

Jennifer Pflum

John & Debra Mullooly

Tina Nevarez

Duane Oliphant

Michael Papa

Sinh Pham

Brittany Mulvihill

Si & Lisa Newland

Carol Ollestad

Alan Papen

Khear Phem

Martin A. Munguia & Dr. Sara R. Fagerlie

Anthony Newman

Mike Papilion

Jim Phillips

Richard Newton

Laurie Ollestad-Adams & Charlie Adams

Mark Papritz

Sally Phillips

Joy Munkers

Kara Ney

Barbara & Richard Ollivier

Richard Parchem

Virginia Phillips

Margarita Munoz

Binh Nguyen

Gregg Olsen

Brandi Parenzin

Jennifer Phipps

James Murphy

Hue Nguyen

Jayme Olsen

Michael Paris

Lisa Piatz

John Murphy

Huyen Nguyen

Kristian Olsen

Jason Park

Heather Pickar

Lawrence Murphy

Suong Nguyen

Kurt & Kelly Olsen

Lynn Park

Karen Pickard

Susanne Murphy

Tiffany Nguyen

Harold Parker

Rob & Cherry Pickering

Timothy Murphy

Vivian Nguyen

Mr. Robert Olsen & Mrs. Donna M. Olsen

Toy Piekarski

Zemorah & Brian Murray

Jodi Nichols

Amy Olsen-Veatch

Kim Parker Barbara & David Parkhurst

Maryhelen Pierce

Kenneth Muse

Cheryl Niclai

Margo Parkin

Carol Pietsch

PJ Parsons

Timothy Pietsch

Randy Partee Joseph Paterniti

Melanie & Raymond Pilkenton

Michelle Patterson

Raymond Pilkenton

Janet Musga

Zachary Niebruegge

Lindsay Mustain

W. Niegemann

Claire Myers

Kathy Nielsen

Jill Myers

Anna Nikolina

Irna Olson Karl Olson Michele Olson Sheryl Olson

Karen Nilson

Kenneth Olstad

Arika-Ann Nadeau

Sheryl Nilson & Michael Asplund

Neal Pattison & Sarah Duran

Frank Pinney

Earl Oman Donald O’Neal

Bill Paulen

Angela Pioli

Shayne Nagel

Jane Nishita

Jim O’Neal

Erika Paulen

Eric Pistole

Roberto Najera

Brian Nitta

Kathy & Eugene Onishi

Gerald Paulik

Charles Pittman

Deborah Nalty

Gienna Njie

Leann Onishi

Jennifer Paynter

Catherine Pittsenbarger

Monica Namkung

Pat Noe

Phillip Onishi

Orville Pearl

Stephan Plaisance

Dawn Napper-Langdon & Thomas Langdon

Andrea Nofziger-Meadows

Fran & John Opel

Carolyn V. Pearson

Dolores Plantilla

Kathryn Noonan

Kevin Opel

Molly Pearson

Gabriela Ples

David & Amanda Nash

Sadhia North

Theresa & Will Opstrup

Patricia Peckol

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William J. Nash

Kay Norton

Brandon Orr

Dale & Nancy Peinecke

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Jeniffer Nations

Barbara Noteboom

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Norma Pence

Allison Porter

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Zdzislaw Nowak

Charlene Osborn

Lubov & Clemente Penco

Cheryl Porter

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Ann Russell & Joe Nault

Porfirio Nunez

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Catherine Peterson

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Larry Price

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Kristi Myers



Elizabeth Olson

Christopher Neblett Raymond Neibert Glen & Betty Neidhardt Brian Neilson Arthur & Vicki Nelson Carol Nelson Diann Nelson Dianne & Ivan Nelson Ian Nelson Jackie Nelson Jeanita Nelson Jody Nelson Pat Nelson Wendy Nelson-Popke Lori Nemitz Catherine Nermo Courtney Nermo Todd Neumiller

O Mary O’Brien Richard O’Brien

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Jaja Okigwe & Teresita Carral Nila Palmer Rebecca Palmer Rumiko Okuma Brian O’Leary Michael O’Leary

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Q John Quam Martha Quarles David Quinn Robert Quirk

R Daniel Raby Carreen Radcliff Will Raihl Robert Rainbow Lin Raines Jon & Maria Ramberg Shannan & Aaron Ramey Dean Randall Rosemary Randall Kimberly Rashid David & Sue Rasmussen Lynn Rasmussen Peter Rasmussen Angela Ratcliff Cidney Ratliff Shawn Rauscher Karen Rautenberg Michael & Brenda Rayner Jennifer Ream Collette Reams Aaron & Kate Reardon Marguerite Reece Steven Rees Darla Reese Diana Reeves Kelsey Regester Jean Reiersen Connie Reiss Janice Rendahl Helen Renken Quint & Elizabeth Renshaw Jeffrey Rexroat Louis Rey Lynn M. & George S. Reynolds Teresa Reynolds Nancy Rhoades Chatt Rhodes Patricia Rhodes Jose Ribeiro Clarene & Stephen Ricarte Doreen Ricci

Kimberly Schuler Bren Schwab Judy & Sidney Schwab Kellie Schwacha Kelly Schwarting Stephen & Julie Schwecke Robin Scott Victoria Scott Marlies Scott-Wenzel Samuel Scoville Genell Scribner Ryan Scribner Ann Seabott

Rodney Strong Wine Estates S Veronica Rodriguez Kathy Sabo

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Kelly Sheward Joseph & Patricia Shields Hyon Shin Timothy Shipe Susan Shira David Shirley Mitch Shoemaker Julie & William Shore Craig & Rose Short Rebecca Shroyer Cecilia Shumate Harpaul Sidhu George & Sylvia Siegel Jason Sievers Jocelyn Sievers-Bailey Andrew V. I. Siguenza Bonnie Silcox Karen Silcox Lisa Silvestre Jamie Simmer Eileen Simmons The Simms Family Claudio Simon


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Elaine & John Sprague

Brenda D. Stonecipher & Dr. Thomas K. Stonecipher Hui Yen (Sandy) Tan Shari Tannahill Tracy & Kevin Stoops

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J. Stewart Skelly Margaret Skiftenes

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Melanie & Joseph Vallier Janice Vallin Alexander Valmonte Karen Van Hoose Kathleen Van Horn Myrnie Van Kempen Walter Van Selow Laura G. & Paul Van Slyck Jackie VanAssche Deanna VanCamp Sue Vance Steven Vande Griend Lori Vanderburg Valerie Vanderport Alyson Vandertoorn Debra Vanderwilt Paul Vannini Jim Van Osdol Linda Varner Kenneth Varteresian Carol Veals Jennifer & Jeremy Veleber Ravi Venkateswaran Marc Vesmer Lynette Vierra Rebecca & Trini Vigil Felix Vindiola Colleen Vinson Dep Vo Thao Vo Helen Voelker Laura Vogan Angel Vogt Ederlinda Voice Michael Volz Dioncia Von Bargen-Miles Daniela Vonghia Evan Vorwerk Scott Voyles Nam Vu



Paul Yan


Karen Zulinke

Last Name Withheld Audrey Skeeter



$10.46 Million in Revenue for 2012-2013

Left: Joyce Eleanor, CEO of Community Transit and chair of the 2012 campaign, receiving a chair recognition gift at United Way’s Community Caring Celebration This page: Employee Campaign Managers of the Year: (top left) Jessica Aldecoa and Gem Malone of B/E Aerospace; (top right) Nicole Allard and Laurie Ollestad-Adams of Aviation Technical Services, Inc.; (above) Tess Hernandez of Work Opportunities

United Way of Snohomish County’s preliminary revenue total for 20122013 was $10.46 million—nearly $500,000 more than the previous year. In addition to employee and corporate contributions, other revenues included $1.8 million from The Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound and an $800,000 grant from The Boeing Company (primarily for early learning, financial stability and sharing Lean operations techniques with local nonprofits). United Way also received a four-year, $440,000 grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to address intergenerational poverty, as well as a significant gift of land to The United Way Endowment from Buzz and Carol Rodland.

Employee Campaign Managers (considered LIVE UNITED Partners) are responsible for the day-to-day work of each campaign.

United Way of Snohomish County’s strong 2012 campaign, led by Joyce Eleanor of Community Transit, featured a $100,000 increase in employee contributions throughout Snohomish County, $570,000 raised by Premera Blue Cross and a significant increase in contributions from local labor unions.

At the time of this publication, United Way’s 2013 campaign is off to a strong start with Premera Blue Cross raising a record $606,000 in employee and corporate contributions.

United Way celebrated the successes of our annual campaign at the Community Caring Celebration in March.

Jon Nehring, mayor of the city of Marysville and a member of United Way of Snohomish County’s board of directors, is United Way’s 2013 campaign chair. Nehring selected “Strength in Community” as the 2013 campaign theme, which reflects his commitment to collaboration and cooperation at all levels of government. He is particularly interested in working with the leadership of 23 cities and communities throughout Snohomish County.

For more information, visit



Ambassadors have done one or more of the following in the past year: ¢

Given $2,500 –­$4,999


Given 2% of your income (1 hour’s pay per week)†


Volunteered on a United Way committee


A Nancy & William Abell

Patricia DeChenne

Mesgana Abraham

Dr. Suzanne Dedrick

Shannon & Shannon Affholter

Mary Anne Dillon-Bryant & Christina Harrison Brandon Bryant Melissa Hatton

Steve Ahern

Crystal & Richard Donner

Shannon Alessi

Robert & Paula Driessnack Ron & Debbie Heller

Willie Allen

Sarah Duncan

Dom Amor

Dr. Jean Hernandez Teresita Hernandez




Maya Hemachandra & Scott Johnson

Glenn & Micki Engel

Cory Armstrong-Hoss

Paul & Jill Heydron

Dr. Robin Fenn Candy & Brian Banker

Joshua Ferguson

Toby Barnett

Bill & Katie Finley

Jeffrey Bronstein

Jacob Fletcher

Audrey Brown

Cassie & David Franklin

Shawny Burgess

Kim Fyfe


Catherine Hilton Gloria Hirashima Nasiha Hussain

I Shari Ireton Dominic & Erin Ivankovich


Sharilyn Campbell


Danturty Hemachandra

Jacob Elliott

Elizabeth Anderson

Paulette & Tom Jacobson

Tim Gahm


Patty Ceis

Ann C. Gifford

Ken & Leslie Chandler

Tina Gilson

L’treyl Chatters

Bonnie Ginsberg

Stephen Chun

Robert Goetz

Marv & Terri Condotta

Beratta Gomillion

Dawn M. Cordero

Courtney Gu

Kathy Culver

Frank Guglielmo

LuAnne Kay

Dan & Ash Gunderson

Bre Kelsey

D Olga Darlington Leland & Sandra Dart


Kelly Davidson

Raelene Jeffery Lorraine Jessich Anthony Johnson Chris Jowell


Mike Guyton & Lisa Easley Kelvin Kelting Adam Khan Paul Haas

Barbara & Patrick Davis

Erica Hadley

Geri Day

Brent & Elizabeth Hall Bick Hang


Rubye Hayden


Maleah Amos 10

Beth Hannley & Greg Bogaard

Lisa King & Brian Schleicher Anne Kruger Peggy & David Kurtz

† Calculations are approximate and are based on a 40-hour work week.

Anh Linh

(left) ¢ 6-year volunteer on a United Way committee.

At United Way, our decision-making processes are led by 120 volunteers, who serve on more than a dozen committees. Volunteer recruitment begins in the fall with an open call for volunteers and a volunteer open house. In January, we hold a volunteer orientation for all new volunteers. United Way committee members are LIVE UNITED Ambassadors and our committee chairs are LIVE UNITED Champions. For more information, visit


Cindy Melland

Wes Pringle

Kim Tran

Michel Labarre

Toraya & Mike Miller

Bill & Anna Pritchard

Vivianna Trappe

Ann Laird

Susan Montague

Sean Puett

Janet Turpen

Elaine & Scott Larson

Jeffrey & Renee Moore

Anh Linh Le & Dennis Coffey

Julie Moore

Alex Lee & Sarah Goshorn Lindsey Legaspi Alice Lim Staci Lindstrand Lenara Litmanovich

Carolyn van der Meulen

Kris Morgan

Cristal Rangel-Pena

Joe Varano

Tracey Morrison

Scott & Mary Richards

Wendy Volosin

Haley Munday

Marshall & Carol Robinson

Daniela Murillo

Rayme Rogge

Jason Ney

Nancy Ma

Eric T. Nicholson & Kathie S. Golden

Ngoc Ma

Helen Nissani

Sibyl Martin Lisa Matson Rich Maturi

Mary Schoenfeldt

Mary & Thayne Wastman

Zephan & Dawn Schroeder

Jovanna & Alan Wetmore

Thom & Teresa Sena

Donna Wilson


Sophie Shanshory Kristie & Greg Ortman

Elizabeth A. Siedlik

Kristen & Erik Overleese

Deepkiran Singh Jake Smith

P Nancy Patton

Mike Smith

Deidra & Adam McCollum

Beth Paulos

Pam Somers

James R. & Patty McGoorty

Cameron Pelly Marissa Perez

The Temple Family

Ardie McLean

John & Vicki Pierce

Mary Toews

Patrick McCallister

Adrianne Wagner Bunny & Joe Walters

David & Shannon Schwartz


Karri Matau & Scott Stroble

Mary Waggoner


Lauren Nguyen



Anita & Gary Rutherford Christine Ndayiziga

Tori Ly

V Jacklyn Rae


Oscar Lucas

James MacMillan




Kalia Xiong J. Matt Yerbic Alice Yim



Champions have done one or more of the following in the past year: ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢

Given $5,000* Given 3% of their income (1 1/4 hour’s pay per week)† Celebrated 25 years or more of donating Chaired a United Way committee Celebrated 10 years or more of volunteering Included United Way in their will or estate plans


A Leslie Abbott-Pierson

Melissa Barrett

Rita Burwick

Monti & Maryanne Ackerman

Michele & Tony Bartoli

Darrell & Tari Bussard

Karen Adams Brian Aikins

Toni Baumann & Cara Biden

Mark & Mary Albertine

Mary Pat Beardsley

Kim Allen

Lynne Behrendt & Gregory Lange

Larry Bauman

Diane Allvin Beach & Warren E. Beach




Paul Bergstrom

Virginia Alonzo & David Carpenter

Elizabeth Black

Lane & Sue Ambler

Charlotte Blakeney

Eric Anderson

Daphne & Karl Blom

Rich & Connie Anderson

Brenda Bolton

Sue Andre Erica & Lee Ash

William P. Brackin & Linda S. Price

Lori Atiyeh Peters

Vivian & Michael Brade

Sue Blackburn

Elizabeth & Chuck Atkinson Priscilla Brady Terry & Shirley Brandon Marc & Robin Avni Sue Bride


David & Lorraine Britton

Mary Baehm

Pattie Broadus

Brian & Jodi Baird

David & Kelly Brock


Robert Baker The Baldwin Family Andrew & Sandra Ballard Laura Ballard Jim & Mary Ann Ballew Stephen W. & Robin R. Barker

Janet & Timothy Bruckshen Wendy Bruington Alison & Bryan Brynelson Kim & Mary Buike

Gubby & Gillian Barlow Sally Barnes

Samantha & Stephen Brown

Karen Bukis Kathy & Richard Bullene Julie Burslem-Daily

Claudette Campbell JoAnn Carbonetti Linda Carl Dennis & Cynthia Carlin Gretta Cary Judi Caudle Cecchetto Family Albert & Sharla Chang Roy & Carolyn Chapel Les Chase Kelly Chelin Katherine Cherrier Thomas Cheshier Terry & Kitte Cheshire Diane & Todd S. Christensen Steve Clemetson Linda Cline & Jim Carr Barbara J. & David E. Clutinger Zebedee & Dr. Betty J. Cobbs Kim Cochran Susan & Paul Cochran Dr. Gary Cohn & Dr. Susan M. Cohn Kris Colliander Thomas R. & Jane A. Collins

* Gifts of $10,000 or more qualify for membership in the Tocqueville Society.


† Calculations are approximate and are based on a 40-hour work week.



¢ 10-year volunteer. ¢ Tocqueville Society member. ¢ Includes United Way in estate plans.

Leanne & Tony Condon

Richard & Susanne Essex

Pamela Hantel

Donna Kapustka

Laurie Levine

Chuck Cooper

Josh & Kelly Estes

Cathy Harber

Janet Kavadas

Susan Levison

Paul Harden

Deborah Kelley

Wing Lew

Thyrone Fatzinger

Franklin & Ruth Harold

Duane Kellogg

Jim & Maureen Lico

Brad Feilberg

Kenneth Harvey

Kacey & Rick Kemp

Suzanne Lillibridge

Terry Feller

Tammy Harwood

Ronald Lindsey

Vincent & Colleen Cotroneo

G. Douglas & Robin Ferguson

Randy & Donna Hawley

Helen R. Kendall & Dr. William C. Sanford

Chris Heaton

Brian & Kelli Kesler

Kurt & Sharilyn Lippmann

Kristine Councilman

Julie Filer

Tom Hebner

Kelly Kessel

David & Tracy Little

Robin & Randy Counsellor

Silas & Carmen Flores

Janice Henning

Kenneth & Renae Kettler

Jim & Olga Litz

Wynn Courtney

Mark D. & Regena P. Flotlin

Rita Henry

Wayne Kettler

Joan Litzkow

Penny & Steve Coyne

Debbie Foraker

Mary & Eugene Hertzke

John King

Barbara Lloyd

Sharon Crandall

Ronald & Donna Foss

Mr. & Mrs. William Heth

Thomas King

Michael Lloyd

Martin Cross

Jerry & Gail Fraser

Jessie Hill

James Kirkness

Theresa LoCurto

Richard & Linda Crouch

Robin Hilleary

Philip Kirkwood & LeAnn Ehrhart

Lynn Loera

Karen, Kait & Sam Crowley

Patricia & Thomas J. Freeburg

Craig & Liz Curran

Ellen Fruland

Debbie & Bill Hitch

David Fudge

Bruce Hobert

Rick Cooper & Robin Hilton Dr. Thomas P. & Sue M. Cooper


Timothy Cort Michael Cosgrove

D Ella Daggett

Emily & Greg Hinrichs

Douglas & Kari Dahl

Paul & Nedra Gallagher

Chris Hoiby

Peter & Carol Dahl

Andrea & Ronald Gann

Michael & Pat Holcomb

Douglas E. Dahlen

Gayle & Phil Gassman

Grace Holland

Randy Dahms

Nicole Gaynor

Susan Hollenbeck

Eileen & Rick Dalton

Barbara George

Gordy & Eva Holmes

Gwendolyn Danforth

Scott Gibson

Kim Holt

Dung Dao

Nancy Gilbertson

Pamela Hooper

Agustin De Rojas

Kathy Gilmore

Nannette Howard

Mary & Jim Dean

Denise Goldsmith

Barbara Hulit

Peter & Linda DeBoldt

Margaret Goodwill

Laura Hunter

Bob Dent, Jr. & Carole Lycett-Dent

Eliza Goodwin

Cheri A. & Edmond L. Hurst

Robert Dickson

Stephen Goodwin

John & Julie Dickson

Linda & Tom Goos

Connie DiGregorio

Megan Gosselin

Nancy Divers

Jan Gough

Christine Dodds

Scot Graham

Linda Donaldson

Randal & Jamie Gravelle

Gail Douglas

Mikaela Gray

Jerry & Tonia Goodwin

Frances Douglass-Naylor

Sharon Gray

Milan Ducic

Carol Green

William E. & Dorothy L. Duff

Rick & Julia Grover

Robert Dunn

Mr. Ren Guardiano

Mary Webb Duryee

Betsy Guerra

E Dayna & Guy Eden

I Scott Imes

J Robert & Lola Jacobson Michiko Jarchow Charles & Joan Jewell Dewey Jinkens Pat & Jamie Job James Johansen Ann & Calvin Johnson Carol Johnson


Jack & Heidi Lopez

Mr. Thomas J. Kloch

Andy Lubresky

Deborah Knapp Michael Kniery Chris & Crystal Knight David Koenig & Heather McCartney Jerry & Karen Koester Terry Koubele Kenneth Kouchi Joyce Krachmalnick

Tim & Kathy Lucas

M Becky & Dan Mackenstadt David Madill Bob & Suzanne Mahlik Maureen Mallonee Bob & Sandy Malone Gem Malone

Claudia & Allan Krakora

Kathleen Maloney

Janice Kramer

Malcolm Mano

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Krull

Kent Marquardt

Luanne & Mark Kunz

Andrea & Terry Martin Eadye & Bob Martinson

L Chris Lacock Lynn Lahey Neil Lall Angie & Joe Lamie Lana Langhauser Dr. Marci Larsen Christine & David Larson Daniel Larson James & Sonya Larson

Jane & Ross Johnson

Dr. William E. Larter & Lynn A. Nixon

Jerry & Linda Johnson

Wayne & Beverly Lauerman

Thomas & Mary Johnson

John Law

Dr. Dennis L. Haddock

Dr. David & Cynthia Jones

Sidra & Larry Egge

Dwight Lawseth

Deborah Hagge

Jo Jones

Joyce Eleanor

Katherine Lawson

David Halbett

Shelley Jones

Steve Engelson

Deborah Lefler

Linda Hall

Nancy Jordan

David L. & Janice Epperson

Iris Hallock

Nancy A. Lellelid & Charles Wikman

Krista Erickson

Karen Halpin

Ricky L. Leong

Erno Family

Ellen Kahan

Susan Hanson

Gerald Kane

Dan Levin


Susan Logen

James & Sandra Klein

Bill & Jane Hogland


David Linhares

Linda Mauer Roberta Maxwell Patrick & Claudia McClain Judy McClure Judith McCoid & Daniel Wilson Bruce McConnell Phil McConnell Margaret McCormack Ann & David McCrea Andrea McKena Michael McKnight Brenda & Randall McLeod Debbie & Mike McLeod Jack C. McRae Kimberlee A. Mead & T. Lindsay Mead Troy Messick Fran & Bill Mester Gail & Paul Miller


CHAMPIONS Jeffrey Mitchell

Patricia Pederson

Marilla Sargent

Louise Temples

Ruth Williams

Mary Jean & Michael Mitchell

Martha Peppones

Robert Scarr

Bob & Mimi Terwilliger

Marykate Wilson

Ed & Carol Petersen

Marjorie Schaller

Patsy Thiemens

John & Christine Witters

Tara & Jim Mizell

Janet Peterson, PT, DPT

Donald & Maureen Schmitz

Gail Thomas

Stephanie Wittman

Rich & Monica Moczygemba

Zan Peterson-Moens

Alan & Jean Seamster

Ron & Virginia Thorvilson

Roger Wong

John & Shirley Mohr

Cheri & Steven Phillips

Patrick Selby

Mary J. Thrasher

Warren Wong

Elizabeth Phillips

Mr. Mike Sells

Dana Wray

Heather Phillips

Manivanh Sengsouvanh

Bob & Christine Throckmorton

Mark Phillips

Robin Sergent

Mike & Toni Tibbits

Linda & Ron Pilcher

Mark & Ellen Sherman

Joe & Colleen Towns

Scott Pinegar

Dan Shiels

Diane Townsend

Beth & Bill Pitt

June & William Shirey

Allyn Triezenberg

Thomas Pollino

Tanky Shiu

Charlotte Truax

Lisa Poole

Timothy Shriver

Stan Trussell

Patricia & Jon Pote

Lim Siek

Bert & Diane Turnbull

Judith Prince

Chris & Shirley Sievers

Mary Tyree

Sharon Prouty Hall

Preston & Jill Simmons

Carrie & Lance Morehouse Saranne K. & Jim M. Moreschi Jesse & Julie Morse Pamela & David Muellenbach Mary Muller Robert Munday Andrew & Leslie Muntz Daniel Murphy Gwendolyn Murphy Patricia Myers

Ralph & Kathleen Quaas

N Patrick & Mary Nassif


Dr. William F. Shepherd & Karen P. Madsen


Megan Sloan


U Lisa Uribe Patricia Urie


Jon & Mari-Anne Nehring

Rick & Edie Reclusado

Dr. Dennis G. Smith & Terri Jean Smith

Cynthia & Bradley Nelson

Jason Redrup

Mary M. Smith

John Nelson & Geri Steitberger

Candice Reed

Mayumi & Richard Smith

Pete Reeder

Samuel O. Smith

Robert & Kerile J. Neprud

Reeves-Bacigalupi Family

Sandra Smith

Scott Walker

Connie Niva

Matt C. & Keely Anne Reinhard

Rick Snyder

Tracy & Mike Walrath Daloris Waltz

Nathan & Kirsten Reinhard

Patty Songstad Robert Sotak

Tanya Ward

Vickie Southern Sonja Springer

Debra Warden & Steve Kohlmyer

Dan & Deborah Squires

Cheryl & Scott Washburn

Carol Stanley

Karen Watkins

Nancy Stedenfeld

James Weber

John Stengrund

Josephine Weber, Aleisha Jacobson & John Weber

Jo Noack Helen Nordby Worth H. & Lisa D. Norton

Brenda Rempel

Christine Nyblod

Alan Rice

Dr. Larry L. & Kathy Nyland

Bruce & Karen Richards


Yvonne Ricker

Mike Ochiltree

Molly Ringo

Nancy Olds

Betty & Wayne Robertson

Melissa & Mike Olejniczak Thomas & Karen Olsen

Gregory Romig Mark Rosenblum

Rick O’Neal

Jolynn & Gene Rothrock

Oliver & Irene Oshiro

Kathy Rounds

William O’Toole

Ed & Marilana Rubatino


Eunju Park Liza Patchen-Short Karen Patrick Fred & Rhonda Paul Renee Peare Duane & Lianne Pearson

Toni Stockton & John Macklin

Beverly Rogers

Katrina Ondracek & Mike Wilson

Linda Paramore

Jean & Herbe Stocker

Buzz & Carol Rodland

Christian Olson

Danita Pace

Thomas & Judy Stephenson

Carol Robson

Doris & Thomas Rupert

Mark & Michelle Valentine Susan VanDlac Maria Venida


Kevin & Lori Weed Beverly Wellen Sharon Wellman

Sue Stoddart

Teresa Wells

Carol Stolz

Denise Westmoreland

Colleen Strenge

Doug Whipple

Anita Stuart

Danna White

Sylvia Sturgill

Ralph White

Stephanie Subak

Rich & Brenda White

David & Linda Surface

Tim Whitty

Mary Sabetto-Davis

John & Pam Swanson

Jane Wilken

Krista & Scott Sadler

Terry Sweeney

Jeri & Richard Wilkes


Fred & Diane Safstrom Sharon Saldana Susan Sallup Brenda Sanchez Surjit Sanghera

Carol & Donald Williams

T Paige Tangney Dorothy Taylor Kenneth & Jeanette Taylor Raymond & Deanna Taylor

Laura Williams Mike & Breeze Williams Phil Williams Ric & Ali Williams

Debra Wymer

Y Barbara & Roy Yates Michael & Marlene Yeoman David & Valerie Young

Z Carl J. Zapora & Cheryl L. Foster Peter Zieve & Maria Morozova Michael Zwink

Tocqueville Society

Friends of Tocqueville

Tocqueville Members: D.A. Duryee Chapter Champions giving a gift of $10,000 or more

Champions giving an unrestricted gift of at least $5,000 to United Way of Snohomish County

Diane Allvin Beach & Warren Beach Providence Hospice and Home Care Foundation Snohomish County & Holiday Inn Express

Jerry & Tonia Goodwin Senior Aerospace, Aerostructures Division

Erica & Lee Ash Ash Consulting

Michael & Pat Holcomb

Rick & Julia Grover Premera Blue Cross

Mary M. Smith Mayumi & Richard Smith Nippon Business Institute & Depiction

Kent Marquardt Premera Blue Cross Jim Messina Premera Blue Cross

Dan & Deborah Squires The Boeing Company & Northwest Harvest

Kerile J. & Robert J. Neprud United Way of Snohomish County & Precor, Inc.

Kacey & Rick Kemp Premera Blue Cross

Debra Warden & Steve Kohlmyer SonoSite, Inc. & GE Healthcare

Gubby & Gillian Barlow Premera Blue Cross

Helen R. Kendall & Dr. William C. Sanford

Scott & Cheryl Washburn YMCA of Snohomish County

Katrina Ondracek & Mike Wilson United Way of Snohomish County & The Boeing Company

Kim & Mary Buike The Boeing Company & Kruger Orthopedic Clinic

Philip Kirkwood & LeAnn Ehrhart The Boeing Company

Darrell & Tari Bussard Senior Aerospace AMT

Dr. William Larter & Lynn A. Nixon

Jeri & Richard Wilkes United Way of Snohomish County & The Boeing Company

Dr. Gary & Dr. Susan M. Cohn Everett School District & State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jim & Maureen Lico Fluke Corporation / Danaher

Brian & Jody Baird The Boeing Company & Performance KIA

Thomas R. & Jane A. Collins Anderson Hunter Law Firm

Barbara Hulit Fluke Corporation

Kurt & Sharilyn Lippmann Moss Adams LLP Andy Lubresky

Rick Cooper & Robin Hilton The Everett Clinic

Karen Madsen & Dr. William Shepherd

Dr. Thomas P. & Sue M. Cooper

Bob & Sandy Malone The Boeing Company & Pemco Insurance

Bob Dent, Jr. & Carole Lycett-Dent John & Julie Dickson Coastal Community Bank Robert Dickson Mary Webb Duryee Joyce Eleanor Community Transit Brad Feilberg City of Monroe G. Douglas & Robin Ferguson Anderson Hunter Law Firm Jerry & Gail Fraser The Boeing Company – Retired & Mukilteo School District

Rich & Monica Moczygemba Premera Blue Cross Connie Niva Melissa & Mike Olejniczak Philips Healthcare & Advanced Machine Solutions, Inc. Matt C. & Keely Anne Reinhard Rhino Ventures LLC Buzz & Carol Rodland Rodland Toyota of Everett Krista & Scott Sadler YMCA of Snohomish County Dr. Dennis G. Smith & Terri Jean Smith United Way of Snohomish County

Barbara & Roy Yates Carl Zapora & Cheryl Foster Verdant Health Commission Peter Zieve & Maria Morozova Electroimpact, Inc. 1 member wishes to remain anonymous

Bob & Mimi Terwilliger Snohomish County Superior Court Mike & Toni Tibbits KeyBank David & Valerie Young Premera Blue Cross 3 members wish to remain anonymous


Celebrating The United Way Endowment

In November 2012, longtime friends, donors and volunteers gathered at the Hibulb Cultural Center to share stories, learn more about United Way’s work in the community and hear about The United Way Endowment.


We heard from Ralph White, who served as executive director of our United Way from 1967 to 1983 and we celebrated four major gifts to our endowment:

Above: Legacy Luncheon guest of honor, Ralph White, served as executive director of our United Way from 1967 to 1983. Top left: Bill Larter, Lynn Nixon, Toni Stockton and John Macklin at the event, celebrating United Way of Snohomish County’s endowment. Lynn has volunteered with our United Way for over 30 years, is a past chair of our Community Matters Vision Council and still serves on that council. She and Bill have been donors since 1981 and recently made a pledge to The United Way Endowment. Toni and John have been donors since 1975. Top right: Terri Jean and Dr. Dennis G. Smith, president and CEO of United Way of Snohomish County, sharing a moment with Helen Kendall at the event. Helen is a past board member, a member of our Tocqueville Society and past chair of Women Leading the Way.

• Buzz Rodland, owner of Rodland Toyota of Everett, made a generous gift of land— the first gift of its kind to United Way of Snohomish County. • Diane Bresnahan, then senior human resource consultant at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, along with Josh Estes, a current United Way board member, helped secure a $25,000 gift to the endowment from the Kimberly-Clark Foundation. • Tocqueville Society members Debra Warden and Steve Kohlmeyer gave a gift that will ultimately result in $250,000 to the endowment. • Grace Holland of IAM District 751 decided to direct her payroll deduction to the endowment. For more information visit

Legacy Circle Members Champions who’ve made an outright gift, a multi-year pledge or a commitment to a bequest or other deferred gift to The United Way Endowment

Tocqueville Legacy Circle Members Champions giving a gift that creates an annual Tocqueville-level gift, in perpetuity J. David Brock & Kelly Brock Kerile J. & Robert J. Neprud Debra Warden & Steve Kohlmyer

Legacy Circle Members Platinum Level Champions giving $250,000 — $999,999 Elaine Ruth Kinsman Estate Silver Level Champions giving $50,000 — $99,999 Buzz & Carol Rodland Rollin G. & Charlotte V. Wyrens Family Trust Bronze Level Champions giving $10,000 — $49,999 Bob Dent, Jr. & Carole Lycett-Dent


IAM District Lodge 751 Kimberly-Clark Corporation William E. Larter, M.D. & Lynn A. Nixon Gift in memory of Mary & Doug Lawrence Members Champions giving less than $10,000 or including United Way in their estate plans Adam & Shannon Abitbol

Cecilia Nguyen-Eldridge

Diane Allvin Beach & Warren Beach

Connie Niva

Elizabeth Blosten

Matt & Keely Reinhard

Richard B. & Mary J. Brannon

Dennis & Terri Jean Smith

Dr. Thomas P. & Sue M. Cooper

Mayumi & Richard Smith

Penny Coyne

Randy Stuart

Karen Anne Crowley

Gift in Memory of Claire Tucker & Doug Ashman

Mary Webb Duryee Grace Holland Mary A. Klaus Revocable Living Trust Moss Adams LLP

Eugene Wan, in Memory of Yuen Ling Wong & Abraham Wan Tim Whitty

Cecilia T. Matta

Lynn D. Youngs

Toraya & Mike Miller

2 member families wish to remain anonymous

Samuel Newman

Volunteers Decide Where to Invest $7.9 Million Through Multi-Year Program Grants

United Way of Snohomish County will invest $7.9 million in 107 programs throughout Snohomish County to address the set of 13 priority investment areas priorities (see chart) identified by volunteers from three United Way vision councils.

15% 4% 9% 11% 7% 8%


4% 6%

10% 9%




Community investments by priority investment area Family Skill Building ­15%

Health Gaps ­9%

Seniors ­9%

Job Skills ­6%

Reducing Isolation ­7%

Life Skills ­4%

Community-Based Centers ­ 5%

Early Learning ­8%

Crime Victim Support ­2%

After-School Services ­11%

Housing ­10%

Foster Care ­4%

Emergency & Crisis Assistance ­10%

These targeted investments represent an increase of more than $300,000 over the last three-year cycle; they are the result of a rigorous, 12-month, volunteer-driven process that responds to immediate community needs by helping fund programs that have a proven track record of achieving desired outcomes. Volunteers serving on United Way’s Kids Matter, Families Matter and Community Matters Vision Councils spent more than 2,500 hours between 2012 and 2013 in a three-step process that included reviewing community conditions, establishing priority investment areas and evaluating grant applications. The 53 volunteers who reviewed proposals work for a range of Snohomish County-based companies, educational institutions, nonprofits and local government agencies. They represent a broad cross-section of our community. (Members of the councils who work for nonprofits were not eligible to participate in the grants review process.) These 107 programs will serve people living in 23 communities throughout Snohomish County—from Stanwood and Darrington in the north, Sultan and Gold Bar in the east and larger cities along Interstate 5. Volunteers gave careful consideration with respect to vulnerable populations, geographic diversity and programs that address critical service gaps in our community. The resulting funded programs align with specific priorities identified by each council. These priorities included programs that focused on early learning; after school programs; foster care; family skill building and support; affordable housing; emergency services; health gaps for the uninsured and underinsured; career education; job and life skills training; creating an aging-friendly community; improving access to services and connections to community based centers; reducing isolation due to disability, transportation or language; and reducing crime and/or offering support to victims of crime. For more information, visit

Board Members Continuing Members

Retiring Members

Dr. David Beyer 2013 Chair Everett Community College

Tom Johnson Community Volunteer

Andrew Ballard Vice Chair Marketing Solutions Jim Litz* Immediate Past Chair Agilent Technologies Debbie McLeod* Secretary Opus Bank

Ken Kettler Tulalip Resort Casino Dr. Marci Larsen Mukilteo School District Becky Mackenstadt Vine Dahlen PLLC Kevin Weed Community Volunteer Matt Yerbic Aviation Technical Services, Inc.

Preston Simmons Treasurer Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

New Members

Dom Amor Puget Sound Energy

Shannon Affholter Economic Alliance of Snohomish County

Brian Baird The Boeing Company

Bret Burnside Aviation Technical Services, Inc.

Dr. Gary Cohn Everett School District

Dr. Sue Dedrick Community Volunteer

Joyce Eleanor Community Transit

Brent Hall AT&T Mobility

Josh Estes Community Volunteer

Beth Hannley The Everett Clinic

Jerry Goodwin Senior Aerospace – Aerostructures Division

Tom Hebner Premera Blue Cross

Frank Guglielmo The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA)

Dr. Jean Hernandez Edmonds Community College

Ron Heller Union Bank Grace Holland International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), District Lodge 751

Anthony Johnson Everett High School Dr. Fran Mester Monroe Public Schools Haley Munday Snohomish High School

Dennis Kendall Community Volunteer

Mayor Jon Nehring City of Marysville

Toraya Miller Coastal Community Bank

Jackie Rae IBEW Local 77 and Snohomish County PUD

Matt Reinhard Rhino Ventures LLC Dr. Dennis G. Smith United Way of Snohomish County Mike Tibbits KeyBank Rich White The Boeing Company

Sharon Wellman Everett Community College

*Term expired in Dec. 2013


3120 McDougall Avenue, Suite 200 Everett, WA 98201 tel 425.374.5500 @unitedwaysnoco

fax 425.374.5555

2013 LIVE UNITED Leaders Publication  

We want to thank and recognize all the ways in which our LIVE UNITED Leaders give, advocate and volunteer with United Way of Snohomish Count...