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2009 2012 2015 A report to the community in the third year of a six-year plan to advance the common good in Olmsted County*

*a web edition of the report published the Post-Bulletin 09.12.12





The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. - Mahatma Gandhi



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United Way

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people and organizations who bring the passion, expertise, and resources we need to get things done. recruits





2009 2012 2015

Dear Supporters and Community Members, On behalf of United Way of Olmsted County, thanks for your continued commitment and support. Three years ago, we launched a six year plan, and what we believe will be a nearly $20 million investment, to prepare our children to succeed in school and our youth to succeed in the community; to move working families toward financial stability; to improve the health of our community; and, to meet our neighbors’ basic needs of food, shelter, safety and inclusivity. Now at the half-way mark, we look at where we aspired to be and where we are. In many cases we are making great progress in strengthening our community. In every corner of Olmsted County, our volunteers, donors and advocates invest their passion, their expertise and their resources to create opportunities for a better life for all. Ours is a dynamic community. There are more people who call Olmsted County home than there were three years ago. There are more children who qualify for free and reduced lunch. There are more children under the age of five eligible for enrollment in the Imagination Library. Though unemployment is low, underemployment is affecting many working families who struggle to reach and sustain financial independence. United Way of Olmsted County envisions a county that is supportive, safe, healthy and welcoming, where individuals and families are thriving and full of hope. It’s what we all want. We are all connected, interdependent. To create real, lasting change in our community, it will take all of us living united. Start now by volunteering, lending your voice, and giving! Throughout this report you’ll read more about our reach and impact. You will learn about the ways in which our collective work is working and the ways in which our work needs more collective work. Get engaged, visit our website, and make a difference. Change the world. Start right here. Start right now. You have our continued promise that we will be good stewards of your trust in us to do all that we can together to advance the common good.


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United Way of Olmsted County

United Way of Olmsted County Board of Directors Toni Adafin IBM Patricia Barrier Mayo Clinic Randy Chapman, Chair Post-Bulletin Don DeCramer Mayo Clinic John Edmonds Olmsted County Larry Edmondson Olmsted County, retired Todd Fierro Oshkosh Truck Corp., McNeilus Commercial Group Betty Hutchins, Vice-Chair Mayo Clinic Walt Ling IBM Brad Lohrbach Family Service Rochester Kelly McDonough First Alliance Credit Union Heidi Mestad Mayo Clinic Michael Munoz Rochester Public Schools Chris Nelson Dunlap & Seegar, P.A. Gail Nelson, Treasurer First Alliance Credit Union Joanne Rosener Mayo Clinic, retired Jim Rustad IBM Wendy Shannon Byron Public Schools, retired Dave Stenhaug Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group David Thompson Stewartville Public Schools Judy Weller Marco, Inc. Mike Willard IBM, retired Karen Mathison United Way of Olmsted County, ex officio

Thank you!


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Uniting people and resources to improve lives in our communities.

Karen R. Mathison, President United Way of Olmsted County

Karen Mathison (center) and UWOC Board Chair, Randy Chapman (right) with Senator Al Franken during his recent visit to the Running Start for School distribution site at the Heintz Center in Rochester.



GOOD Education

2009 2012 2015

Supporting learning and development of children and youth so they become responsible, contributing citizens.

Anyone working to improve education understands that it’s a cradle-to-career undertaking. Education starts at birth, and children learn wherever they are. In partnership with many community organizations, United Way of Olmsted County has been working on a few education strategies against which we can execute forcefully. Our Education Solution team, a group of local education leaders chose two focus areas -early childhood literacy and connecting youth to their community - and then drilled down into each to understand and identify: • Critical obstacles and underlying issues to achieving the desired outcome; • Evidence-based community strategies that can address the underlying issues; • Meaningful roles that United Way could play in support of the community strategies. Out of this emerged three targets for 2015: 1) 75% of Olmsted County children achieve development milestones and pass kindergarten assessment. 2) 3,330 low-income youth connect to caring adults and community. 3) 3,330 low-income youth demonstrate leadership in the community. So, how are we doing? We think we need to do much better.


United Way of Olmsted County

Though there are proven methods to boost students’ literacy skills, the challenge is bringing these methods to more children. While over 80% of children who are part of the United Way partner programs achieved development milestones and passed their kindergarten assessment, in 2012, only 54% of all Olmsted County children achieved development milestones and passed their kindergarten assessment. We also know that from cradle to career, a student connected with caring adults does better in school today and builds a better life tomorrow. Here again, reaching more children with mentoring and other programs remains a challenge. There are simply more youth in need of mentors than we have mentors for these youth. Even now, United Way volunteers and community partners are coming together to look at what we need to do differently and better over the next three years to bring the strategies that are working to scale. Anyone working to improve education understands it will take all of us to succeed.

Children in partner programs.

Children passing kindergarten assessment

All children.

90 80

2015 Goal: 75%

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0




Since June 2006, 363,607 books delivered to 15,386 children. Not so long ago, when we asked people if they had heard about the Imagination Library, more often than not, they would say no. These days, without asking, we hear how much the children love their books! The Imagination Library is an early literacy program we know has a positive impact on the lives of children - and their parents. Where children are receiving this free monthly, age appropriate book, we know their parents are reading to them more and are more aware of their children’s reading. Both are important indicators of improved childhood literacy. By 2015, we want to have at least 75% of the eligible children enrolled and receiving books. We are at 52% and as of the 2010 Census, we now know there are even more children we need to reach.

Community Gang Initiative & Operation Starfish Connecting young people with caring adults is a core strategy that works. Investments of patience, persistence, perserverance, and a passion for making a difference pays dividends in young people who see a future for themselves they did not believe possible. That vision doesn’t just breed hope, it builds determination. The Community Gang Initiative brings together a cross section of public, private, and nonprofit groups to work together to provide opportunities for young people who face some very difficult challenges. Operation Starfish is one recent outcome of this collective effort. This project assists youth ages 17 to 21 with job mentoring, job training, and work experience. In its first two years, 13 youth have completed internships. Of these, 5 found full-time employment. Two others found part-time employment. All 13 found out life has more to offer than they thought possible.



GOOD Income

2009 2012 2015

Increasing income assets and providing job training for improved employability.

The cost of housing, health care, child care, gas and other basics is far surpassing income in America. Many families are barely getting by, even working multiple jobs. Over the past 20 years, the cost of living in the United States has increased almost 90 percent, drastically outpacing income growth. Just one unanticipated expense – a car breakdown, an uninsured illness, a week without a paycheck – can lead to crisis. The situation is most critical for lowerincome working families. Note the emphasis on working families – those in which one or two adults together work the equivalent of a full-time job or more but still don’t earn enough to make ends meet. “In Olmsted County, 37 percent of workers work only part-time or part of the year, or both,” according to Phil Wheeler, director of the Rochester/Olmsted Planning department, “Many of these workers work multiple jobs, and more than 12,000 jobs in Olmsted County pay less than $10 per hour. A majority of the people in the labor force who are in poverty are employed.” Achieving greater financial stability allows lower income working families to move toward financial independence. The cornerstone of financial stability is family- sustaining


United Way of Olmsted County

employment which is why increasing income assets and providing job training for improved employability are cornerstone strategies for United Way of Olmsted County. In the first three years of our sixyear effort, 238 families achieved stabilization and are building assets. At our half-way mark we are at 75% of our goal to provide financial literacy skills to 790 people by 2015. The Financial Stability Partnership helps eligible Olmsted County wage earners to receive quality tax preparation and income-building opportunities to start them on the road to financial stability and to strengthen the economy of our Olmsted County community. In the past three years, 2,780 working families have received $4,426,568 in Earned Income Tax Credits through a United WayAARP partnership providing tax preparation services. 161 persons have completed job training and gained employment at greater than $10 per hour at a company that also provides health insurance. By 2015, our goal is to take this number to 400.

* numbers above may include duplication of service recipients

Family-sustaining employment is the cornerstone of financial stability. As part of our financial stability initiative, United Way of Olmsted County supports students participation in a number of vocational training initiatives. Working through the Job Training Collaborative Partnership (Catholic Charities; Express Personnel; Hawthorne Education Center; Hiawatha Homes; International Mutual Assistance Association; Kelly Services; Lutheran Social Services Link Program; MN Department of Education and Economic Development; MN Department of Transportation; Rochester Community and Technical College; United Way of Olmsted County; Workforce Development, Inc.), we identify areas

of current or expected hiring in the community. Then, working with employers like McNeilus, Crenlo, and others, curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation for careers in that industry. Past programs have been held in welding, soldering, building utilities maintenance, and customer service.

People completing job training and gaining employment at greater than $10/hr.

400 400 350 350 300 300 250 250 200 200 150 150 100 100

50 50 00


2011 2012

“The best anti-poverty, the best pro-family, the best job creation measure to come out of Congress.” That’s what President Ronald Reagan called the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Here’s what EITC has meant right here in the past three years:

$4,426,568 came back to Olmsted County from 2,780 returns filed by working families. These families received free tax preparation through the efforts of the Financial Stability Partnership joining with the tax preparation services provided by the AARP Tax-Aide Program, The Salvation Army, and the Senior Center, as well as the Internal Revenue Service and the Minnesota Department of Revenue.



GOOD Health

2009 2012 2015

People achieve optimal health through promoting wellness and health care access.

Good health is fundamental to people’s capacity to enjoy their lives, to provide for their families, to realize their dreams and to contribute to society. The solution goes well beyond medical care and the health care system. Good health depends on personal choice and responsibility. People’s health behaviors are also shaped by conditions over which they as individuals have little or no control. The impact of ill health goes far beyond the individual. With medical insurance costs growing faster than our GDP, preventing disease is one of the best ways to improve the health of the American economy and our people. Both public and private sectors are recognizing major underlying factors that affect health and the roles they can play to contribute to the solution. United Way of Olmsted County donors, advocates, and volunteers are making a difference in health. With funding awards to partners that support programs and initiatives that mobilize resources and volunteers, we are contributing to a supportive and healthy community.


United Way of Olmsted County

The quality of life for all of us is connected in important ways to the health and health care available to all of us.

9,467 Since 2010, the number of uninsured people receiving early interventions for mental illness in a community setting.

Leveraging technology and collaboration to promote healthy behaviors.

your wellness line

Adults find it difficult to hold a job when they are not healthy.

United Way 2-1-1 is a free and confidential community helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It helps people access information they need to navigate the ever increasing and complex array of health, human, and community services.

The uninsured are less likely to access preventive care or seek early treatment of an illness and therefore may miss more time at work or school.

Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) helps Minnesotans lead longer, healthier lives by preventing the chronic disease risk factors associated with tobacco use and exposure, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. SHIP is a collaborative process of community partners working across school, worksite, community, and healthcare settings.

Healthy children miss fewer days of school and are better prepared to learn.

Using health care appropriately, instead of the ER in nonemergencies, lowers the cost of health care for everyone. Untreated mental health issues interfere with academic achievement, employment, and housing. In the past three years: Our partners have helped 6,276 people obtain or retain health insurance. 6,233 uninsured 3-14 year olds received preventive dental care and education. 10,307 uninsured residents received basic health care. * numbers above may include duplication of service recipients

Get well connected.

The SHIP Healthy Behavior Initiative works to improve systems support and resources for healthcare professionals to improve referrals to lifestyle change resources for healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco cessation. After exploring various other database options, Mayo Clinic and other Olmsted County SHIP partners decided to work with United Way of Olmsted County to develop a healthy behavior referral database. Leveraging existing 2-1-1 resources and infrastructure, United Way 2-1-1 added a “Wellness Line” (healthy behavior resources) to the service. Then, partnering with the Community Healthcare Access Collaborative, United Way of Olmsted County helped develop a plan to increase awareness and use of the 2-1-1 line.

Coming in 2013: continued healthy collaborations. In 2012, United Way of Olmsted County was asked to participate in drafting a set of potential indicators for a community health needs assessment and improvement plan (CHNA) initiated by Olmsted County Public Health Services, Olmsted Medical Center, and the Mayo Clinic. As the CHNA project enters its next phase of assessing and prioritizing these indicators, United Way of Olmsted County will continue to play a role in this planning process. When the CHNA results become known in late 2013, we will begin to align our health efforts to this countywide strategy.



GOOD Community Basics

2009 2012 2015

Helping meet basic needs of people and stabilizing lives with a “safety net”.

Andrew Carnegie observed that “the best means of benefiting the community is to place within its reach the ladders upon which the aspiring can rise.” Education, Income, and Health at United Way of Olmsted County, we think of these as our “ladder” strategies. However, meeting basic needs is a first and necessary step. When basics needs are being met the next step can be a step up. So, in addition to the “ladders”, communities need to maintain a “safety net” of support for individuals and families in times of economic dislocation from job loss, health challenges, family strife, or any number of other challenges that life can place before us. Most of those who use these services are working. In some cases, these services help them continue to work. Additionally, these supports allow people with disabilities to attain a larger measure of independent living and participate in the working life of the community. United Way of Olmsted County also supports programs that enable seniors to remain in their homes longer, continuing to live relatively independent lives. Over the past three years, in a economy that has challenged all of us, we have supported the


United Way of Olmsted County

work of providing literally millions of nutritous meals. In the past three years, 868 people accessed immediate shelter. Though the situation is closely tied to the economy, over the past three years 1,427 people with disabilities have been integrated into our community through employment and other life skills support. That’s about half the annual rate we would like to see but the trend is improving. Where seniors are concerned, our 2015 goal is to reduce the costs of services that allow them to remain living independently by providing 50% of the service hours required with volunteers. Our three-year average is just below 30%.

Being “smarter” about advancing the common good helps advance the common good. IBM is working with United Way of Olmsted County and its partners to create the Community Information Sharing System (CISS); a “smarter” solution producing better data analytics that makes smarter decisionmaking possible in the social service sector. CISS makes it possible for clients receiving goods or services from partnering agencies to have their basic information collected only once. This one-time intake provides clients with greater ease of access and reduces wait times for the services they receive. CISS allows participating agencies to serve clients more effectively while at the same time collecting data useful for measuring progress toward community goals, quantifying local needs, evaluating community-wide initiatives and allocating community resources. Currently, more than 16,000 Olmsted County households are part of the CISS project. The more than 20 participating agencies include Channel One Food Shelf, Salvation Army and Family Service Rochester. CISS results to date are impressive. For example, Channel One Food Shelf has reduced their client intake time from waiting in line from up to 1 ½ hours to just minutes! The time savings enables Channel One to reallocate staff to work deeper with about 20% of their most dependent clients. Throughout the system, partners replace redundant client intake with better client support and referrals. Agency information technology expenses are reduced as well. Time for direct delivery of services is increased. Even more importantly, clients access services with efficiency and greater dignity.

As with all of our work, our own volunteers are continually assessing our efforts and looking to improve them when necessary. At the halfway mark in community basics, in those areas where we are tracking behind where we aspire to be, our partners and solution teams are working on the innovations and enhanced collaborations “getting it done” will require.

* numbers above may include duplication of service recipients

In the past 3 years, 868 homeless or near homeless people were provided with immediate shelter. LIVE UNITED

LIVE UNITED United Way of Olmsted County

Advancing the Common Good 2015 year 3 summary of six-year plan indicators | 2011 - 2012 Indicator

24 Month Report

36 Month Report



EDUCATION: supporting learning and development of children and youth so they become responsible, contributing citizens.

2011 Community Impact Recognition Awards 2011 Exceptional Partnering in Education Quarry Hill Nature Center 2011 Exceptional Results in Health Children’s Dental Services 2011 Exceptional Results in Community Basics Project Restore/ Family Access Center 2010 Exceptional Partnering in Financial Stability Job Training Collaborative: Hawthorne Education Center, IMAA, Catholic Charities, and RCTC

By 2015, 75% of Olmsted County children achieve development milestones and pass kindergarten assessment.

54% of Olmsted County achieved development milestones and passed kindergarten assessment.


By 2015 3,330 low-Income youth connect to caring adult & community.

2,356. All youth served.


By 2015 3,330 low-Income youth demonstrate leadership in the community.

660 low-Income youth demonstrated leadership in the community.

581 (some duplication)

CCRR, Justice & Opportunity for Youth, Migrant Head Start, Sports Mentorship Academy, Byron Schools, Civic League Day Nursery, Boys and Girls Club, Good News Children’s Center Girl Scouts, Bridge Builders for Kids, Quarry Hill Nature Center Workforce Development Inc, Reading Center, Rochester Family Y, Family and Children’s Center

82.7% children who are part of the partner programs achieved development milestones and passed kindergarten assessment.

Volunteer mentors needed to address waiting list of youth.

INCOME: increasing income assets and providing job training for improved employability. By 2015 400 people complete job training and gain employment at >$10/hr.

83 at $11.14/hr 69 w/insurance. (cumulative)

161 at $10.99/hr 114 w/insurance. (cumulative)

Catholic Charities, IHN, Hawthorne Education Center, Workforce Center, RCTC , Workforce Development Inc, Center City Housing, IMAA, ABC—SWATC, AARP, Salvation Army

Fast TRAC training providing a wider range of occupations including, welding, CNA, call center, hospital CNA, child development, and clinical assistant.

In this year, 65 Families achieve stabilization and build assets. (annual)

87 families achieved stabilization and build assets.


In this year, EITC refunds of $1,547,745 to working individuals.

$1,415,975 refunded through EITC.

$1,341,401 refunded through EITC.

To date, $5,314, 221 in refunds returned to to working families.

By 2015, 790 people gain financial literacy skills.

366 people gained financial literacy skills.

590 (cumulative)

All job training stabilization clients complete financial literacy seminar.

HEALTH: people achieve optimal health through promoting wellness and health care access. By 2012, 3,520 uninsured 3-14 year olds receive preventive dental care and education. (annual)

2,219 received preventive dental care and education.


Annually 3,700 uninsured residents receive basic health care. (annual)

3,905 uninsured residents received basic health care.


Uninsured people receive early interventions for mental illness in a community setting. (annual)

4,281 uninsured people received early interventions for mental illness in a community setting.


Family group, individual services, suicide prevention in schools.

People obtain or retain health insurance through partner interventions. (annual)

1,796 people obtained or retained health insurance through partner interventions.


Changing government regulations have complicated retention efforts.

= not on track

= caution

Salvation Army, Children’s Dental Health Center, Family Service Rochester, Zumbro Valley Mental Health, Olmsted County Social Services, IMAA, NAMI, Silver Creek Corner

= good and going

No longer includes Fillmore County. All those seeking care receive care.

= not yet reported updated: 08.21.12(b)

year 3 summary of indicators Indicator

24 Month Report

36 Month Report



COMMUNITY BASICS: helping meet the basic needs of people and stabilizing lives with a “safety net”. People access nutritious meals.

150,847 nutritious meals provided to those in need.


Channel One, Family Service Rochester, Salvation Army

*Change in metric accounts for significant difference.

Children experience safe interactions with caregivers.

This year 662 children experienced safe interactions with caregivers.


CCRR Crisis Nursery, Family Service Rochester

Due to these prevention efforts, no maltreatment or violence toward youth occurring; new partnership with law library means increased services.

890 low income residents have access to basic legal representation and education.

1,999 low income residents accessed basic legal representation and education.


Legal Assistance of Olmsted County

New law library parternership creating additional access.

By 2015, 50% of service hours helping seniors remain in their homes and living independently are provided by volunteers.

This year 31% of service hours helping seniors remain in their homes and living independently are provided by volunteers.


Elder Network, Family Service Rochester, Salvation Army

8,306 volunteer hours or 30% of services.

Annually 1,068 people with disabilities integrate through employment & life skills.

This year 451 people with disabilities integrate through employment & life skills.


Ability Building Center, PossAbilities

Employment opportunities improving with the economy.

Annually 315 homeless or near homeless people access immediate shelter.

278 homeless or near homeless people access immediate shelter.


Salvation Army, Center City Housing

In the past 3 years, 868 people sheltered.

People in the safety net access additional public benefits*.

3,063 people in the safety net access additional public benefits.


[all of the above]

*Partners agree to assist to the extent opportunities to do so arise.

2012 summary of additional indicators Indicator

2012 Report



COMMUNITY INITIATIVES: distributions of essential resources (books, school supplies, winter coats and other outerwear) provided through partnerships and donations. By 2015, Imagination Library books are delivered to 75% of eligible children.

This year: Imagination Library books are delivered to 54% of eligible children.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Women’s Leadership Council, U.S. Postal Service, Olmsted County.

This initiative contributes to kindergarten readiness. Eligible population increased with 2010 Census.

2,408 Free or Reduced Lunch students pick up school supplies.*

2,631 Free or Reduced Lunch students picked up school supplies.*

70 business and other organizations throughout Olmsted County. Donations from community. Media partners: Cumulus Media, ABC News 6.

This initiative contributes to youth success in school. *This report is for the August 2011 distribution.

2,565 individuals come to winter outerwear distribution, and received a coat.*

2,561 individuals came to winter outerwear distribution and received a coat.*

46 business and other organizations throughout Olmsted County. Donations from community. Media partner: Cumulus Media.

This initiative contributes to meeting basic needs. *This report is for the October 2011 distribution.

Multifaceted response of prevention, intervention and suppression programs to reduce youth violence and youth gang involvement

444 high-risk and gang-involved youth connect with pro-social activities and community supports.

25 non-profit, business, and government partners serve as governing body of the Community Gang Initiative. CDBG grant supports case management, pro-social youth activities, mentoring, and internships.

This initiative contributes to youth success in schools and connecting youth to caring adults and the community.

= not on track

= caution

= good and going

= not yet reported updated: 08.21.12(b)

Every six months United Way of Olmsted County issues an update on our 2015 goals. Available online or at our office.



2009 2012 2015

United Way of Olmsted County recruits people and organizations who bring the passion, expertise, and resources we need to get things done. Impact Area Funding and Community Program Partners Education

$1,113,911 Ensuring children are ready to learn and motivated to stay in school until graduation means contributing citizens for tomorrow. Child Care Resource and Referral, Justice & Opportunity for Youth, Migrant Head Start, Sports Mentorship Academy, Byron Schools, Civic League Day Nursery, Boys and Girls Club, Good News Children’s Center, Girl Scouts, Bridge Builders for Kids, Quarry Hill Nature Center, Workforce Development Inc, Reading Center, Rochester Family Y, Family and Children’s Center



the world


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United Way of Olmsted County

2012 -13 Total Grants and Program Awards




Total Administrative and Resource Development Expenses

$400,000 Access to health care helps strengthen the entire community.



Salvation Army, Children’s Dental Health Center, Family Service Rochester, Zumbro Valley Mental Health Center, Olmsted County Social Services, NAMI, Silver Creek Corner

Community Basics $729,394

Meeting basic needs stabilizes lives and provides the foundation upon which a better life is restored. Channel One Food Bank and Food Shelf, Family Service Rochester, Salvation Army, Child Care Resource and Crisis Nursery, Legal Assistance of Olmsted County, Elder Network, Ability Building Center, PossAbilities

According to the recent study , “Where Did My Money Go?”*, “the average American adult believes it is reasonable for non-profit organizations to spend 23 cents out of every dollar on overhead expenses such as fundraising and administration...[T]hat same average adult believes non-profits actually spend 37 cents out of every dollar on overhead....” United Way of Olmsted County, spends 16 cents of out every dollar on overhead. * released August 14, 2012 by Grey Matter Research

Many hardworking families are walking a financial tightrope. As a community we can broaden the tightrope into a path, making it less likely people will fall. Catholic Charities, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Hawthorne Education Center, Workforce Center, RCTC , Workforce Development Inc, Center City Housing, ABC—PACTT, AARP




ASSETS 2011 2010 Current Assets Cash & cash equivalents



Investments 1,873,237 1,815,316 Pledges receivable, net



Prepaid expenses and other assets







Total Current Assets Property and Equipment-Net

Total Assets $6,288,669 $6,513,925 LIABILITIES Current Liabilities Accounts payable & other



Current maturities / long-term debt



Community grants



Donor designations payable





Total Current Liabilities

Long Term Debt 179,432 256,009 Total Liabilities 1,670,690 1,889,546 Net Assets Unrestricted Fund



Temporarily restricted fund



Total Net Assets



2011 2010 Public Support and Revenue Public Support $4,043,955 $3,646,638 Less: Designations



Program Income



Other Income 100,077 75,228 Investment Return





Community Grants



Internal initiatives



Advocacy, grant making and result tracking 421,891


Fundraising, Resource Development






United Way Dues



Transfer to Endowment







Net Assets- January 1



Net Assets-December 31



Total Public Support and Revenue Distributions and Expenses Functional Expenses:

Total Distributions and Expenses Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets

IRS Form 990 and Audited Financial Statement available at or at United Way of Olmsted County 903 West Center Street Suite 100, Rochester, MN


United Way of Olmsted County



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LIVE UNITED GIVE When you give to United Way, you help change lives.

At United Way of Olmsted County, we focus on providing the building blocks for a good life: Education, Income, Health, and Community Basics. With one gift, you help the whole community. And you can expect that your contribution will yield results you can see. You can give to United Way of Olmsted County’s LIVE UNITED Community Fund to advance the common good; a specific impact area such as education, income, health, or community basics; or an initiative like the Imagination Library. If you work in Olmsted County but live elsewhere, you can support your local United Way.

review our annual audit and IRS 990. In addition to meeting the standards of United Way Worldwide, we also meet standards set by the Charities Review Council. With a commitment to transparency, accountability, and results, United Way of Olmsted County enables you to make a difference right where you live and know the difference you are making. Our IRS 990 forms and other financial information as well as third-party ratings are available on our website (www.uwolmsted. org) or at our offices (903 West Center Street, Suite 100, Rochester, MN ).

You can also give to any nonprofit organization of your choice. United Way of Olmsted County makes available for general

For 20 years, one campaign for all.

Since 1992, United Way of Olmsted County has made it possible for thousands of employees to pledge millions of dollars to the non-profits of their choice.

Open choice and communitybased.

Every year, hundreds of people use the LIVE UNITED Campaign to pledge thousands of dollars to over 200 organizations in dozens of states and two countries.


United Way of Olmsted County

LGB Research Institute - a nonprofit organization conducting research in the area of community investment - describes our type

of campaign as “a truly ‘open’ campaign, in which any 501(c)(3) is eligible….” While other “expanded” or “employee choice” campaigns restrict your donation to a handful of member charities, the United Way of Olmsted County workplace campaign does not. All donations are processed locally. Fees support the work of local nonprofit organizations. A complete list of current recipient organizations is available at www.

A gift of a lifetime gives birth to an endowment. In 2012, United Way of Olmsted County was entrusted with a legacy gift from the estate of Martha Frey. With this generous gift, the seeds were sown for lasting giving to United Way and our community. Martha came to our community for medical treatment and then gave back with a lifetime gift given to use as best seen fit. As a tribute to Martha’s generosity, her gift was placed into a permanent endowment for today and tomorrow. Earnings from the United Way Endowment Fund will generously help to change lives and provide a better quality of life for everyone. Martha’s decision to share her gift of a lifetime with our community will reach far and wide as United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all.


2011 Campaign Awards 2011 LIVE UNITED Award Rochester Public Schools 2011 Employee Campaign Coordinator of the Year Marlene Jehnke, Child Care Resource and Referral 2011 Exceptional Increase Award Mayo Clinic 2011 Best New Campaign Award Geotek, LLC 2011 Excellence Award First Alliance Credit Union Texas Instruments United Way of Olmsted County 2011 Distinction Award ATA, Inc. CRW Architecture + Design Group Elder Network Minnesota Public Radio KLSE Minnwest Bank 2011 Achievement Award Channel One, Inc. Child Care Resource & Referral Custom Alarm/Custom Communications, Inc. Hammel Green & Abrahamson, Inc. McGladrey Smith Schafer & Associates Southeast Service Cooperative Southern MN Municipal Power Agency US Bank Weis Builders 2011 Appreciation Award A Taste of Rochester, LLC Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation Domaille Engineering, LLC Family Service Rochester, Inc. Geotek, LLC Herberger’s

Jim & Judy Sloan Foundation Kane & Johnson Architects KTTC Television, Inc. Legal Assistance of Olmsted County Merchants Bank NAMI SE Minnesota Oscar J Boldt Construction Premier Bank RBC Wealth Management Ricoh-USA The Reading Center University of Minnesota Rochester 2011 Leader Award Alan C Anderson Chartered CPA Auto Owners Insurance Byron School District Charter Communications Child Care Resource & Referral Civic League Day Nursery Coldwell Banker/Burnet Realty Cub Foods Dr Pepper/Snapple Group Edina Realty Friends of Quarry Hill Nature Center Gauthier Industries Inc Interfaith Hospitality Network jcpenney Johnson Printing 2011 Corporate Award Benchmark Electronics, Inc. Crenlo, LLC Davies Printing Company Eastwood Bank Geotek, LLC IBM KTTC Television, Inc. Mayo Clinic McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc. Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Post Bulletin Company, LLC Rochester Athletic Club Sargent’s Landscape Nursery Think Mutual Bank US Bank Weis Builders Wells Fargo & Company

Throughout the year, the work of advancing the common good in Olmsted County is generously supported by public and private grants, donations, in-kind services, and other considerations. This support is vital to programs in education, income, health, and community basics.


United Way of Olmsted County



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Participating in and convening public discussions on the challenges facing our community is fundamental to United Way of Olmsted County’s ability to achieve community impact. We are most effective when we bring together the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to identify new and innovative solutions to ensure that the needs of all community members are adequately considered and addressed. In the realm of public policy, we stay current on legislation, regulatory standards, and other government policies and programs: • that help us achieve our goals; • that address issues in education, income, health, and community basics; • that affect giving, advocacy, or volunteering. In doing so, we are committed to non-partisan, outcome-based policies that further the goals established by our volunteers. (We do not endorse candidates for office.) Whether we are meeting with State Senator Carla Nelson on early childhood literacy, briefing State Representative Tina Liebling about our work, or speaking with U.S. Senator Al Franken as he

visits a Running Start for School distribution site, our goal is to educate and seek support for those issues our community tells us are important. In recent years these issues have included: maintaining the tax exempt status of nonprofit organizations; protecting the charitable tax deduction; ending the Minnesota state government shutdown; extending 2-1-1 services; and, securing disaster relief and recovery support. An important part of advocacy is providing access to sources of information on issues, conditions, and trends related to advancing the common good in Olmsted County. With a commitment to advocacy, United Way of Olmsted County enables you to make a difference right where you live - in Olmsted County, in Minnesota, in the United States of America, and increasingly, in the World.

Information you can use available on our website. The Common Good Forecaster, created by United Way World Wide and the American Human Development Project, forecasts how things might change in our communities if educational outcomes were better. Minnesota Compass measures progress in our state, tracking trends in topic areas such as education, economy and workforce, health, housing, public safety, and a host of others. The Opportunity Index is a guide for measuring and improving opportunity. Economy, Education and Community Health and Civic Life are used to calculate the overall Opportunity Score. GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER.

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LIVE UNITED VOLUNTEER People with the passion and the expertise to get things done.

For over 85 years, the civic philanthropy and community engagement of United Way of Olmsted County has been accomplished by dedicated volunteers. At United Way of Olmsted County volunteers raise the money. Volunteers assess needs, set priorities, establish goals, discuss strategies, review funding requests, award funds, monitor results, and govern the organization. Volunteers collect, sort, and distribute school supplies and winter outer wear. Volunteers assist in free tax preparation. A volunteer manages the day-today operations of the Imagination Library. And, of course, a volunteer helps operate the Volunteer Center. As a result of our contributions to the August 2007 flood response, United Way of Olmsted County is now part of the Olmsted County Disaster Response and Volunteer Coordination. We coordinated volunteer flood response in 2010 and provided technical assistance to the United Way of Greater Duluth as it responded to the flooding of 2012.

We partnered with IBM as part of their Centennial Day of Service. With a commitment to volunteerism, United Way of Olmsted County enables you to make a difference right where you live with opportunities for service that are appropriate, meaningful, and rewarding. In 2010, our 300 Volunteers Campaign recruited volunteers to work with students and seniors, and to train for disaster response. Early in 2012, we launched the Readers, Tutors, Mentors campaign to recruit voluteers to work with Olmsted County youthserving organizations and school districts.

In the years 2009 through 2011

8,369 volunteers provided

39,403 hours of service to United Way of Olmsted County valued at


This fall we are partnering with the Rochester School District for the first We Want You Back Day by recruiting volunteers to call on high school students who did not return for the 2012 - 2013 school year. Community and staff members will be encouraging them to re-enroll. Our community’s work, and the work of United Way of Olmsted County, is accomplished in large part by volunteers. Our Volunteer Center supports the work of nonprofit organizations throughout southeast Minnesota.

United Way of Olmsted County’s Volunteer Center provides easy access to a wide range of volunteer opportunities in Southeastern Minnesota. There’s easy online access to hundreds of ways to make a difference right where we live at Turn the page and find two great opportunities to volunteer to be the caring connection youth need to succeed. With you change can happen. You can change the world. You can start right here. Turn the page and the opportunities to do so will be staring right at you.


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2011 Volunteerism Awards 2011 Volunteer Engagement Award Channel One Food bank and Food Shelf 2011 Emerging Leader Award Jenny Hegland

Thank you for making a difference right where you live.

Living United we are part of the change. Janice Aaker Julie Abbott Roshini Abraham Amina Abukar Toni Adafin Mark Adafin Dianne Adams Brian Adams Elizabeth Adams Jill Adams Sue Adams Tracy Adams John Aderton Mike Adkins Kristina Afseth William Aguero Jessica Aguilar David Ahlquist Susan Ahlquist Sarah Ahmad Basra Ahmed Parvia Ahmed Mohamoud Ahmed Allen Aksamit Clement & Ivy Akogyeram Seila Alagic Amal Alaso Ronda Albers Teri Alcott Adam Alcott Julie Aldrich Mary Alessio Glenn Alexander Andrea Alexander Mustafa Ali Eman Alihassan Roberta Allan Kathleen Allen Mitch Allen

Sean Allen George Allen SR Jeffrey Allman Nancy Allsen Nancy Allsen Steve Almos Michele Altman Peter Amadio Renee Andersen Stephanie Anders-Folstad Justin Anderson Ann Anderson Carolyn Anderson Jennifer Anderson Marlys Anderson Beverly Anderson Cheryl Anderson Deborah Anderson Kelly Anderson Kristin Anderson Lisa Anderson Mary Anderson Naura Anderson Peggy Anderson Peg Anderson Paul Anderson Pat Anderson Robyn Anderson Stacy Anderson Taylor Anderson Jolene Anderson-Rau Karen Andrews Marisa Andrews Laura Andrews Laura Andrews Robert Andrews Angela Andrist Heidi Andrist Marjorie Anfinson


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Heather Angell Kurt Angstman Anthony J Bianco John Antolak Emily Applen Carol Arend Dick Argue Richard Arians Therese Armstead Christine Armstrong Kristy Arndt Turner Lee Arnett Donna Arntson Kimberly Aronhalt Caroline Arpin Jayne Arvold Kathleen Asay Aneel Ashrani Darlene Aske Kristen Asleson Edward Asmann Shannon Astorino Eric Atherton John Atkinson Naomi Atrubin Chris Atwood Sarah Atwood Marie Christine Aubry Raymond Auger Ann Austin Jodi Austin-Thompson Beth Ayen Michele Back Beth Backus Ralph Baez Cindy Bahler Steven Bahnemann Ruthie Bailey Holm Justin Bain Travis Bain

Jenna Baker Robert Baker Cassidy Baker Dominique Baker Mark Baker Alan Baltzer Fritz Banfield Valerie Banick Valerie Banik William Bardsley Kathryn Bargfrede Josh Bargfrede Stephen Barlow Bruce Barnum Bruce Barnum Dawn Barrett Brigitte Barrette Patricia Barrier Vinny Barry Barb Bartelson Jose Bartolon Ivana Bartulovic Kathleen Baruth Patrick Basile Sara Bass Susanne Bastyr Dorothy Bauman Nikki Baune Christie Bausman Audra Baxter Mary Bayrd Dave Beal Charles Beatty Chantal Beaulieu Lora Beaupre Rebecca Beck John Beck Lisa Beck Scott Beck Gil Becker

Linda Becker Katrina Beckman Christine Bedney Jonathan Bedsted Janet Befort Kebede Begna Brad Behle Karla Behringer Kristy Beling Margaret Beliveau Ficalora R Michael Belknap Tom Bellinger Tom Bellinger Karen Benassi Robert Bendzick John Benike Cindy Benjamin Connie Benjamin Debbie Bennes Matt Bennett Ashley Benson Catherine Benson Carrie Benson Debbie Benson Jenna Benson Tony Benson Susan Benysh Barb Beranek Anne Berberich Brenda Berg Danielle Berg Jesse Berg Chris Berg Pamela Berg Evan Berg Elaine Bergeron Sherry Bergeson Steve Bergeson Steve Bergeson

Candus Bergh Eric Bergstralh Laurie Bernard Michele Berndt Dan Berndt Al Berning Allen Berning Nancy Berning Matthew Bernstein Phyllis Berreth Carol Berteotti Whitney Bestor Audrey Betcher Audrey Betcher Andrew Bettermann Bev & Gaylord Knutson Courtney Beyer Keith Bible Bonnie Bickel Briana Bicknese James Bier Charles Bierman Mark Bilderback Mary Ann Billeter Kate Billings Kris Billman Bea Bishop Allen Bishop Lucy Bishop Lucy Bishop Adam Bisig Uldis Bite Carole Bitz Kathleen Bix Bruce Bjorgum Joie Bjork Carma Bjornson Jenn BjornstadHelgerson Chris Blade


Becky Blaesing Diane Blakley Anissa Blanshan Anissa Blanshan Laura Blatti Janet Blattner Lori Blauwet Paul Bleimeyer Amy Blenker Shery Block Kevin Blondo Cheryl Blouin Linda Bly Mike Bockelman Gregory Bockenstedt Cynthia Bock-Goodner Rose Mary Boesen Kelly Boice Jerry Boland Ruth Boland Jill Boldt Cate Boler Tisha Bolger Charles Bollig Rodney Bolterman Jeffrey Bolton Robert Bonacci Jeffrey Bond Emily Bond Mary Bonnerup Christine Boos John Boray Donald Borcherding Beth Borg Erwin Borgen Timothy Borland Joe Borland Aleta Borrud Rosanne Boser Angela Bostrom Linda Both Catherine Botz Dona Bowen Deborah Bowen Elizabeth Boyce Jason Boynton MickenzyBoynton Jennifer Boysen Stacey Boysen Tonya Boysen Scott Boyum Ginny Boyum Kirk Boyum Fran Bradley Sharon Bradley Chris Braendlin Steven Branda

WesBrandenburger Ben Brandt Kathleen Brandt Sarah Brandt Sheri Brandvold Amy Brase Ann Brauckmuller Ardell Brede Ardell Brede Cathy Breen Ronald Breid Daniel Breitkopf Jennifer Brekke Merri Bremer RoxAnneBrennan Denae Brennan Michael Brennan Christopher Brent John Bresnahan Kris Brewer Lindsay Brice Cyndi Briggs Melissa Brinkman Melissa Brinkman Cheri Brinson Jill Brion Jeffrey Broberg Lindsey Brockman Sara Broeckert Mark Bronson Maria Brown Maria Brown Douglas Brown Dwight Brown Kenneth Brown Marie Brown William Brown Robert Brown Jean Brown Christina Brown Deb Brown Deb Brown Josh Brown Judy Brown Donna Brown Petric Laurie Brownell sara brownell Steve Browning Karen Brownlow Nancy Brubaker Steve Brumm Carla Brunsvold Charles Brust Dianna Bryant-Sendek Brent Buchan Daniel Buchanan Wanda Bucher


United Way of Olmsted County

Blair Buchinger Blair Buchinger Curtis Buck Waneta Buck Josh Buckmeier Alicia Buda Armin Budimlic Heide Buettner Phyllis Buettner Jane Buffie Lauri Buhr Theresa Bui Patrick Burch Julie Buresh Marsha Burgeson Jim Burke Jan Burnes Halcia Burns Jeff Burns Toni Burns Michael & Sally Burns Jean Burrington Pat Burrows Phillip Burton Shawn Buryska Tina Burzette Dennis Busche Donna Bussell Kelly Bute Joni Butler Jason Butrum Carole Butterfass Becky Buzard Ron Buzard Laura Byrd Julie Byrne Lori Byrne Jeanne Byron Kim Cada Betty Lynn Cadle Karen Cady-Davis Elizabeth Cahill Byron Cahill Mark Cairns Christy Calder Valarie Calder Robin Caldwell Mary Callier Mary Callier Michael Camilleri Gary Campbell Chad Campbell John Campbell Leah Campbell Bryan Campion Jane Campion Nick Campion

Jane Campion Megan Campion Nick Campion Cynthia Cantrell Vincent Canzanello Arlen Carey Linda Carisch Elyse Carleton Susan Carlsen Sara Carlson Kurt Carlson Bridget Carns Paul Carns Gladys Carpenter Paul Carpenter Lorra Carrow Haddon Carryer Peter Carryer Lisa Carter John Carter Elaine Case Jenny Casper Joseph Cass Christy Cass Sally Castillo Roberto Cattaneo Greg Caucutt Andy Chafoulias Dianne Chafoulias Carissa Chapek Randy Chapman Robert Chase Luisa Chavez-Lavagnino Daniel Chick Katherine Chick Stephanie Chin Vicki Christenson Suzie Christenson Thuy Christenson Rachel Christenson Suzie Christenson Kimberley Christians Grant Christiansen Patricia Christofferson Mark Christopherson Shirley Claffy Jane Clark Meredith Clark Raynell Clark Rita Clark Barbara Clark Lisa Clarke Kelly Classic Paul Claus Christy Clay Eric Cleveland William Cliby

Robert Cline Sydney Cock Charles Coddington Duane Coffman Robert Cofield Lisa Colborn Denise Coleman Sharmaine Collins Cynthia Colvin Cynthia Colvin Lisett Comai Anna Connelly Tim Connelly Steven Conner Amy Conners Steve Conners Steve Conners Rose Conway Bill Cook Kate Cook Dave Cook Terri Cook Julianne Cords Julianne Cords Karl Corrigan Marcia Cortelyou Steve Courts Steve Courts Debra Cox Daniel Craig Paula Craigo Hannah Crawley Susan Crawley Terri Crist ChristineCross Karen Cross Susan Crowell John Crowley Kelly Crowley KayleighCummings Julie Cunningham Marty Currie Rebecca Curtis Jack Cusma Kelly Cutsforth Richard & Jennifer Dahl Jennifer Dahle Richard Dahlen Liz Dahlen Paul Dahlen Janet Dahlin Paul Dahlinger Bruce Dahlstrom Susan Dahmus Dorothy Dallmann Brian Daly

Karen Daly Fred Daly Anya Dammerman Erik Daniel Arthur Daniels Denise Daniels Judith Daniels Jean Daniels Eugene Dankbar Virginia Darling Peg Dass Bryan Datema Jasper Daube David Daugherty Chella David Allison Davies John Davies Thomas Davies Anita Davis Stacy Davis Patrick Davitt Patrick Day Patrick Day Piet De Groen Richard Dean Roger Dearth Al DeBoer Emily DeBoom David Decker Joanne Decker Dave Decker Chad DeCook Barbara DeCramer Barbara DeCramer Donald DeCramer Amy Degnim Emily DeGrazia Kerri Delaney Mark Delehanty Sharon Deml Randy Demmer James Demulling Ashley Denisen Joel Denney Heidi Deno Mary Dery Molly Destro Borgen Betty Devine Richard Devine Richard Devlin Rebekah DeYoung Robert Diasio Bob Dick Paula Dickinson Katherine Dickson Richard Dietman Kristine Dietz


Donna Dillemuth Eugene DiMagno Robert Dingmann Ann Discher Andrea Dittrich Susan Dixon Tram Do Karen Doering Dan Doering Martha Doherty Judy Dokken Peg & Ranly Dokken Marcia and Allen Dollerschell Kathlene Domaille Amerett Donahoe-Anshus Debra Donahue Bonnie Donelan Dunlap Haidong Dong John Donohue Hamsitha Dontamsetty Janet Dornfeld Ann Dose Kathryn Doty Norm Doty Mary Doucette Mike Dougherty Frederick Douglas Marsha Douglas Bonnie Douty Robert Douty Jill Dowdy John Doyle Mark Dozier Dr. George & Sandra Hohberger Janice Draxler Donna Drews Cindy Dripps Sue Dripps Sue Dripps Sherilyn Driscoll Beth DuBord Kika Dudiak Lucas Duenser Mary Dugdale Joan Dugstad Yvette Dulohery Yvette Dulohery Frances Dunagan Cindy Dunbar Sharon Dunemann Sharon Dunemann Zach Dunford Tessa Dungan Wanda Dunkley-Cram Joel & Sandra Dunnette

Margaret d’Uscio Michael Easley Doug Eaton Stephanie Eaton David Ebel Kay Eberman John Eckerman Dawn Eckhoff Dawn Eckhoff Jon Eckhoff Sarah Edgerton John Edmonds John Edmonds Karen Edmonds John Edmonson Larry Edmonson Nga Edmonson William Edwards Jill Eggerichs Jill Eggerichs Jason Egginton Lisa Ehleiter Richard Ehman Jeffrey Ehrhart Michele Eichhorst Judith Eichman Schleich Eickelberg Jessica Eidem Meredith Eilertson Marla Einck Kathy Einck Gina Eisenach Pennie Eisenbeis Sharon Elcombe Rob Elder Dave Elfstrand Karen Elias Char Ellefson Jeffrey Ellerbusch Billi Ellingser Byron Ellingson John Ellingson Tracy Elliott Beth Elliott Robert Ellis Deb Ellsworth Stacy Emond Jan Engberg Kerwin Engelhart Doris Engelhart Neal & Sue Engelman Renee Engelmeyer Brett Engler Nicole Engler Kelly Engler Nicole Engler Mark Enquist


United Way of Olmsted County

Steve Epp Steve Epp Perry Erdahl Lee Erdmann Mark Erickson Jane Erickson Samantha Erickson Terri Erickson Michele Erickson-Johnson John Ernste Raul Espinosa Sheree Estes Lisa Estrada Diana Evans Steven Evans Titus Evans Pamela Evans James Eveslage Samuel Ewert Kevin Ewert Lori Ewoldt Christina Eyre Cathy Faas Carol Fallon Susan Fargo Prosser David Farley Courtney Farlow Michael Farnell Janice Farris Fatuma H. Kulmiye Carol Fealey Kathleen Featherstone Sandra Feehan Molly Feely Joel Felmlee Lyle Felsch Judy Felten Ann Felton Sara Felts Scott Fenske Duane Feragen Gerri Ferdinande Hilla Ferguson Chelsee Ferk Sara Fett Virginia Feyereisen Karen Fieck Michelle Fieck Fran Field Todd Fierro Fran Filzen Emma Fink Lisa Fink Lori Finlay Duane Finn Nicole Finne

Patrick Finneman Killinger Cris Fischer Matt Fiscus Rick Fishbune Brent Fisher Brent Fisher Pamela Fisher Debra Fitch Carol Fitzgerald Deborah Fitzgerald Carol Fitzgerald Phoebe Fitzgerald Michelle Flanagan John Flanders Paul Fleissner Lance Fleming Valerie Fletcher Lynn Flickinger Teresa Flinchbaugh Charity Floen Rita Flowers Matthew Flynn Rosann Fochs Andrew Foell Kristi Fogarty Mike Fogarty Bryce Fogelson David Foley Jackie Foley Walter Folger Alyssa Fordham Vagt Emily Forsman Emily Forsman Lori Forstie Lori Forstie Bruce Fossum Janelle Fox Denise Foy James Francis Pat Frank Sharon Franklin Amy Franqueira Jim Frazer Barbara Frederick Debra & Scott Fredericksen Krista Freed MatthewFreed Daniel Freese Jennifer Freese Richard Freese Sheri French Rick Freshwater Arlene Fretty Nan Frie Scott Friemann

David Froehling Doreen Frusti Denise Frydenlund Major JimFrye Shelly Fulsom Jay Furst Anthony Fyles Lonnie Fynskov Wafa Gaafarelkhalifa Zakaria Gaal Donald Gabrielson Sharon Gabrielson Chris Gade Nicole Gade Andrew Gadient Robert Gaffron DeWayne Gallenberg Mary Gallenberg Kelly Gangelhoff Dan Gannon Patrick Gannon Ericinski Gap Yolanda Garces Melissa Garcia Jim Gardner Jennifer Garness Elaine Garry Lori Gartner Corky Gaskell Clifford Gastineau Dennis Gastineau Tammy Gathman Diane Gatzlaff Gerald Gau Jeff Gau Wendy Gay Jenna Gazelka Yonas Geda Heather Geerts Marni Gehrking Kathy Geisler Jessi Geisler Timothy Geisler Russell Gelfman Karen Genero Janice Gerber Scott Gerdes Ann Gerlach Morie Gertz Amit Ghosh Kris Giere Robert Giere Carrie Giesler Leonard Giesler Vicky Gifford Cheryl Gilbertson Julie Gilbraith

Denny Gilgenbach Emily Gilles Kent Gillespie Sara Gilliland Mariah Gillman Sara Gimberline Paul Gip Eyob Girma Michelle Gishkowsky Carissa Gisi John Gisvold Donald Glascock James Glaser Kevin Glaser Jeff Glasrud Chelsie Glaubits Katrina Glazebrook Tari Gleason Ryanna Glentz Julie Gloss Holly Glunz Karol Gluth John Goellner Karen Golberg Amanda Golden Bertha Gomez Jonathan Good McKinsey Goodenberger Wade Goodenberger Vicki Goodew Carel Gordon Cristofer Gore Gregory Gores Colum Gorman Paul Gorman Grace Gorringe Sandra Goslee Wade Goss Jacquelyn Gosse Meaghan Gove Bryce Graf Susan Graf Matthew Graham Silvia Grande Melissa Graner Sam Grant Chrissy Graves John Graves Mariann Gray Amanda Green Rich Greenberg Tami Greenslade Joyce Greer Jan Gregorson Megan Gregory Rob Gregory Philip Greipp


Becky Greseth Nada Griffin Carey Griffin Patrick Griffin Emily Griffith John Griffith Emmee Grisim Christopher Groby Bob Groettum Ann Groover John Gross Mary Jane Grosso Deanna Grote Scott Groth Stephen Gudgell Bruce Gudlin Jean Gunderson Heidi Gunderson Jay Gunnarson Karmen Gusa Steven Gusa Larry Guse Jeff Gustafson Paul Gustafson Jean Gutschenritter Maureen Gwynn Paula Gyura Pamela Haase Thomas Haase Thomas Habermann Mary Claire Hachmeister Matt Hafar Marilyn Hafferty Michael Haffey Thomas Hagen Deborah Hagen Moe Julie Hager Wanda Hagquist Linda Hahn Ernie & Janeane Hain Faiza Hajiomar Morgan HakomakiFreyholtz Willie Halbert Curt and Jane Hale Curt Hale Jim Hall Donald Halley Valerie Halling Gary Hallman Jared Halloran Kimberly Hallum Linda Halone Arianna Halper Ann & Philip Halverson

Shelley Hamilton Kristina Hammel Traci Hammer LaVon Hammes Steve Hammill Pamela Hammond Stephen Haney Ron Hankey James Hannon David Hansen Julie Hansen Mark Hansen Jolene Hansen Marilyn Hansmann Elizabeth Hanson Eric Hanson Julie Hanson Karen Hanson Michele Hanson Sharon Hanson Patty Hanson Sandra Hanson Wayne Hanson Sara Hanssen Cynthia Hardel Matt Hardin Cynthia Hargenrader Karen Harlos Warren Harmon Kristine & Roger Harms Roger Harms Charles Harper Kathleen Harrington Marcelline Harris Penny Harrison Helen Hart Sandra Hart Emily Hartleben Phillipa Hartley Phillipa & Koeton Hartley Robert Hartman Thomas Hartman Vicki Hartman Jim Hartman Abdullahi Hassan Mark Hasselquist Ann Hathaway Teresa Hathaway Kristin Hatten Michelle Haugen Larry Haugen Michelle Haugen Peter Hauri Mary Hauser Kit Hawkins Kathleen Hawkins


United Way of Olmsted County

Dottie & Frank Hawthorne Dorothy Hawthorne Ian Hay Sharonne Hayes Susan Hayes S. Hayft Alison Hayward Mark Hayward Virginia Hayward Todd Hazen Kerrie Heath Joanne Heathman Lee Hecht Dottie Hecht Pat Heck Scott Heck Scott Heck Scott Heck Patricia Heckman Frances Hedblom Nancy Hedger Lois Heeringa Ryan Hegland Ryan Hegland Jennifer Hegland Jenny Hegland Michele Heidel Beth Heim De Bera Corey Heimer Paul Heimgartner David Heinz John Heit Shannon Heldt Missy Helgason Abbey Hellickson Roxanne Hellickson Nathan Hellyer John Helmers Kim Henderson Sylvan Hengesteg Paul Henke Maria Henry Joseph Hensel Jammie Henson Donald Hensrud Mike Heppelmann Norm Hepper David Herbert Lori Herges Beth & Curt Herman Margo Herman Pat Herman Jane Hermansen Linda Herrick Chris Hesby Jay Hesley

Russ Hess Jim Hesse Mark Hettinger James Heydon Jordan Heyer Alison Hicks Toni Higgins Anne High Aaron Hill Steve Hill Linda Hillenbrand Sandra Hillesheim David Hillman Mark Hillmer Becky Hinchley Becky Hinchley Richard Hinds Elizabeth Hinkley Amy Hinrichs Mike Hinrichsen Gregory Hird Chad Hirsch Dana Hlebichuk Jan Hoag Clark Hoagland Joleen Hoaglund Cindy Hoban Jane Hobbs Rachel Hoben Henry Hocraffer David Hodge Steve Hodgson Bryan Hoerl Steven Hoerle Julie Hoff Debbie Hoffman Harry Hoffman Jessica Hoffman Jessica Hoffman Jo Ann Hoffman Rhonda Hoffman Sylvia Hoffman Debbie Hoffman William Hogan Cynthia Hoglund Kari Hohn Jaclyn Holden Kathy Holets Adam Holland Barbara Hollar Chris Holloway Amanda Holloway Kerry Holm Heather Jerdee Holmgren Breanna Holtan Douglas Holtan

Judithe Holtan J Homan Melinda Hood Melanie Hoppenworth Bruce Horazdovsky Curt Horn Brian Hornberg April Horne Lori Hosek Jennifer Hosfeld Sue Hovell Ann & Duane Hoven Dan Hoversten Angelie Hovey Angelie Hovey Kim Hovey Diane Howard Rita Howe James Hoyer James Hoyer Drew Hruska Ed Hruska Keeley Hruska Barbara Huberty Eleanor Hudson Mary Huey Mary Huey Tim Huglen Marlina Hui Linda Hull Stephanie Humphrey Daniel Hurley Karen Hurtis Darliss Huss Halimo Hussein Betty Hutchins Briana Hutchison John Huxsahl Thien-Kim (Kim) Huynh Dana Hyberger Teresa Hyle Jessica Ihrke Pam Ikier Katie Imming Mary Imming Ann Indykiewicz David Inwards Franklin Iossi Amanda Irelan Asha Islaw Kathy Ivanca Mark Iverson Renata Iverson Robert Ivnik Ezola Jackson Angela Jackson Adam Jacob

Gregory Jacob Debby Jacobsen Andrea Jacobsen Kristie Jacobson Patricia Jacobson Kathy Jacobson Katie Jacobson Kari Jadin Zainab Jaffar Yamini Jaganarayanan Marcia Jager Jean Jahn James Jakub Med James E James Ruth Jamison Holly Jantzen Holly Jantzen Theresa Jarland Mark Jasmin David Jasperson Carol Jaworski Jean Jech TaVona Jefferson Marlene Jehnke Andy Jelinek Diane Jelinek Elaine Jenkins Donald Jenkins Kathy Jeno Amber Jensen Emily Jensen Jani Jensen Jeffrey Jensen Kathy Jensen Mary Jensen Nicky Jensen Tricia Jensen Jessica Dragan Jevremovic John & Ellen Harford John & Jean Boray Brandon Johnson Brenda Johnson Dorey Johnson Dana Johnson Deb Johnson Bruce Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Alaine Johnson Colleen Johnson Jenna Johnson Maren Johnson Thomas Johnson Verlyn Johnson Jorrie Johnson Vernon Johnson


Leigh Johnson Mandy Johnson Mark Johnson Michelle Johnson Micah Johnson Robert Johnson Stacey Johnson Bryan Johnson Tory Johnson Lauri Johnston Larry Johnston Carol Jokinen Brad Jones Kathleen Jones Jacqueline Jones John Jones Mary Jane Jones Mary Jones Nyesha Jones Elizabeth Jones Corey Jordan Diane Jordan Serena Jordan John Jorn Lois Jorstad Carole & David Joyce David Joyce John Joyce Theresa Joyce Marlea Judd Brenna Judd Lucy & Robert Julius Steven Jurrens Julie Kaehler Brian Kaihoi AnneRose Kaiya William Kalmes Sanjay Kalra Janine Kamath Edward Kamin Rueben, Susan & Carol Kamper Carmen Kane David Kane Carmen Kane Steve Kann Corey Kanz Dennis Kappers Greg Kapraun Megan Karnes Barry Karon Brad Karon Ronald Karwoski Rahul Kashyap Mary Kasten Zvonimir Katusic David Katzelnick

Jerry Katzmann Scott Kaufmann Steven Kavka Akira Kawashima Casey Kazos Laura Keating Susan Kee Linda Keene Michael Kehoe Jill Keidl Mickelson Patricia Keith Lorraine Keith Laurie & Craig Kellagher Jennifer Keller Sarah Kelling-McCormick Denise Kelly Thomas Kelly Jessica Kelm Machelle Kendrick James Kenealy Barbara Kermisch Mike Kerr Patricia Kersey Gary Kerska Rosa Kesler Warren Ketterling Hussein Khalili James Kidd Marjorie Kidd Glenda Kidd ElizabethKiefer Andrew Kieffer Beth Kieffer David Kilburn Barbara Kile Sheila Kiltinen Teresa Kimlinger Deanna Kimmel Eileen King Judy King Tracey King Daniel Kingsley Denise Kinlaw Mary Ann Kinney Cathy Kinyon Randi Kirchner Lynne Kirklin Sheila Kiscaden Jenn Kiselica Jaben Kitson Bruce Klaehn Kerri Klang Kyle Klarich Mark Klarich Robin Klebig Ellen Klein


United Way of Olmsted County

Jamie Klein Christine Klein Vicki Klein Larry Klemenhagen Robyn Klemm Spencer Klemm Sue Klenner Bryan Klimek Diana Kling Shari Kmett Mary Knetter David Knopman Mary Knudson Steve Knudson Joseph & Marilyn Kocer Janelle Koch Mark Koch Tabitha Koch Brenda Kochevar Donna Koehler Sreenivas Koka Branden Kolb Jenny Kollasch Andy Kollengode Sue Kolling Michelle Komosinski Darci Kopischke Brian Kopp Sandra Kopp Jennifer Korte Jennifer Korte Louise Korte Anne Koschmeder Sarah Kosel Jennifer Koski Mary Kostner Mark Kotschevar Laura Kotten Dean Koutsoukos Christy Krahn Morgan Krakowski Philip Krautkremer Nancy Kravetz Karl Krecke Kathleen Kreidermacher Belinda Krenik Carrie Krieger Barb Kriesel Roy Kriesel Mary Kristo Bethany Krom Ann Krudwig Linda Krueger Gail Kruger Alisha Kruger Vicky Kruger Mark Krupski

Dave Krygier Jonelle Krygier Roxane Kuderer Kirsten Kuehl Liz Kueper Matt Kueper Shelly Kuhlmann Kelly Kuisle Kelly Kuisle Christopher Kundinger Amanda Kuper Philip Kuper Debbie Kupfer Robert Kurland Kay Kuster Rosemary Kuzma Stevan Kvenvold Robert Kyle John La Forgia Konrad Laack Lance Laack Kathy Labat Tom LaBounty Beth LaCanne Tim Lacine Martha Lacy Debra Lafferty Rene Lafflam John Lage Sharon Lager Sharon Lager Arie Lagerwaard Douglas Lambert Mary Lambert Christine Lambeth Tim Lamer Kari Lampat Nancy Lamphere Rob Landgraf Kathy Lane Markus Lang Craig Langbehn Paula Lange Harlan Langstraat Claire Langton- Yanowitz Sonja Mae Langton-Yanowitz Valerie Langworthy Jennifer Lanners Eric Lantz W Lantz Tricia Lanzel Aimee Larson David Larson Jenny Larson Jennifer Larson

Annette Larson Tammy Larson Mary Larson Rachel Larson Ruth Larson Martha Laskar-Aleman Edward Laskowski Nick Lauer Steven & Lois Law Bridget Lawler Lynn Lawler-Ottman Courtney Lawson Gregory Layton Laurie Leaf Dennis Leavelle Barbara & Norm Lecy Iin Lee Karen Lee Rick Lee Terry Lee Raymond Legrand James Lehman Shawn Lehman Stephen Lehmkuhle Cynthia Lehmkuhle Cynthia Leibson Kim Leichty Mary Jo Leimbek Kristine Leimer Tamsen Leimer Janet Leisen Sandy Leisen Victoria Leitz Vanda Lennon Jeri Lensing Sara Lent Laura Lenz Rhonda Leon Megan Lesch Teri Leslie Dorinda Leutink Kevin Levos Bradley Lewis Theresa Lewis Monica Lewis Monica Lewis Nancy Lewis James & Jeanne Licari Brandon Liebenow Tina Liebling Janet Lieder Chad Liedl Timothy Liepold Todd Lightner Glenn & Mildred Lilleskov Noralane Lindor Malcolm Lindsay

John Lindsey Timothy Lineberry Walt Ling Martha Link Andrea Liptac William Litchy Scott Litin Leslie Litwiller Robert Litwiller Garrison Lloyd Joe Lobl Jerry Lobland Rebecca Locher Jean Locke Karen Lockington Jim Loehr Edward Loftus Amanda Logan LeeAnn Lohmann Robert Lohr Brad Lohrbach Becky Lohrbach Christine Lohse Lori Lonergan Brennan Damian Long Harry Long Mitch Long Lisa Lonien Sarah Loots Laura Lopez Walt Lorber Andrew Loutsch Francie Lovejoy Laura Lovejoy Linda Lovik Cheryl Lovlien Julie Lower Sharon Lubahn Alison Lucia Doug Luebbe Sue Luebbe Todd Luedke Danny Luedtke Bonita Luhmann Duane & Kay Luinstra Duane Luinstra Bruce Lund Anne Lund Terri Lundak Jill Lundberg Megan Lunde Lisa Lundquist Carl Lundstrom Brittney Lutjen Ann Lutteke Johnny Ly Cristi Lyke


Galen Lyle Ann Lynch Jennifer Maass Linda Mabbitt Dean Mack Diane Mack Timothy Mackey Paul Mackin William Macon Sue Madden Daniel Maddox Mambidzeni Madzivire Michelle Maeder-Hickey Bob Maegerlein Donna Magtibay Leo Maguire Marie Maher Patricia Mahon Dale Majerus Laure Maki Monica Maldonado Monica Maldonado DC Mangum Diane & John Mann Jennifer Mann Al Mannino Pam Manos Linda Mansfield Michele Manthey Saack Deb Marcella Marcia Marcoux Karen Margotta Joanne Markee Patricia Markus Mary Marnach Robert Maroo Julia Marquez Laurie Marreel W Marsh Cindy Martenson James Martenson Hertica Martin David Martin Sarah Martinak Karen Masbruch Anna Matetic Anna Matetic Barbara Mathias Valerie Mathias Pam Mathiason Maryanne Mathiowetz David Mathis Pete Mathison Karen Mathison Karen Mathison Karen Mathison

Josh Matter Peg Mattke Mindy Maurer Mike Maurer Mindy Maurer Maxine A Mason Susan Mayer Barry Mc Coy William Mc Cubbin Kevin Mc Donald David Mc Fadden Corey Mc Glone Michaela Mc Gree Randall Mc Keeman Randall McAlexander Shelley McBride Pamela McCabe Patricia McCleese Deborah McClellan Barbara McClure Cynthia McCollough Heather McCormack Tracy McCray Heather McCready Deneene McDonald Suzette McDonald Kelly McDonough Heather McEldowney Tracy McElroy Wendy McFarlane Kimberly McGarry Kristy McGee Angie McGill William McGinnis Christine McGuire Donald McIlrath Bridget McKinley Charron McLeod Steve McMahan Jillian McMahon Jill McMahon John McMahon John McMahon Matthew McNallan Jim McNeil Mike McNeill Robbyn Mcneill Sarah McNeilus Mark McNiven Martin McQuiston Thomas McWhirter David Mead Sandra Means Sandra Means Zejna Medar Lindsey Meek Nick Meeker


United Way of Olmsted County

Amanda Meemken Douglas Meine Mary Meine Laura Meiners Laura Meiners Judy Meinke Streit Theresa Meldahl Sharryn Melin Thomas Meloy Janet Melton Ronald Menaker Walter Menning Karen Mensink Tracie Mensink Pamela Mensink Melissa Mergen Dan Mersel Dan Mersel Dan Mersel Emily Merten Joseph Messick Shari Messmer Dasia Mestad Heidi Mestad Heidi Mestad Heidi Mestad Callie Meyer Diane Meyer Caitlin Meyer Pamela Meyer Pamela Meyer Kathleen Meyerle Cecelia Meyers Margaret Meyers Edna Mezacapa Kristine Michael & Kristine Stensland Liana Michelfelder-Tessum Janice Mickow Coreina Midtovne Amanda Mikhail Michael Mikhail Colette Miles Barb Miller Ellie Miller Ericka Miller Sarah Miller Gene Miller Lynne Miller Fletcher Miller Gary Miller LuAnn Miller Todd Miller Wayne Miller Sarah Miller Tara Miller

Jodi Millerbernd Dawn Milliner Sheri Minderman Mitchel Mindrum Carter Mintey Kristy Mintz Chelsea Mir Hasan Mir Abbey Mirau Yitbarek Mirete Nour Mirza Brad Mitchell Jeryl Mitchell Wanda Mitchell Joleen Mittelstadt Beth Moe Kathryn Moe Louise Moe Stacia Moeller Julie Moenck Dave Moertel Ayan Mohamed Robin Molella Dana Molitor Dana Molitor Laurie Mona Craig Monson Elizabeth Montgomery Frank Moody Danielle Moore Kendra Moore Ryan Moore Michael Morehead Mary Morman Marcia Morrill Beth Morris Marol Morris John Morris Lori Morrissey Dustin Morrow Robert Morse Sally Morse Carol Mortensen Kathryn Mortland Steve Mosing Margaret Moutvic Judy Moyer Thomas Moyer Alan Storry Daniel F Dion Moses Pecinovsky Paul S Fishbaugher Russell N Rathlisberger Suyash Jain Abdullahi M Hassan Michael R Fauver Steven G Niemitalo

Amber L Aslakson Gail M Jensen Kristie K Larson Jackie A Boettcher Karen Cross Kari A Wiles Kristie A Koval Marsha Rea Michelle Mahannah Sally A Castillo Sarah A Christensen Shameyrae D Miller Teresa A Wolters Alice Baumgard Barbara A Brooks-Holtegaard Carmen M Balgeman Courtney K Johnson Danielle M Richardson Delores S Hart Jeanine M Lenzmeier Joleta A Smith Joyce B Dammer Julie A Doherty Julie Handley Kay C Petersen Lori J. Hengel Shamila R Amarasekera Sherry L Benike Stacy M Moening Susan M Dyck Bridget Mueller David Mueller Sharon Mueller Deb Muench Dan Mulholland Jay Mullen Mike Mullen Lisa Muller Thomas Muller Constance Mullins Michael Munnis Joan Munoz Michael Munoz Melanie Munroe Kelly Murphy Leena Murphy Matthew Murphy Sean Murphy Pam Murphy Rob Murphy David Murray Jean Murray Sharon Murray Joan Musel Lance Mynderse

Catherine Nagler David Nagorney Alex Nahvi Becky Nahvi Bradly Narr Bruce Narveson David Nash Brian Nass Brian Nass Karen Nation Wayne Nation Lonzetta Neal Wright Nee Mark Neeb Jerry Needham Barbara Nelson Cheryl Nelson Chris Nelson Chris Nelson Douglas Nelson Dave Nelson Gail Nelson Gail Nelson Gail Nelson Gail Nelson Heather Nelson Jason Nelson Audrey Nelson Audrey Nelson Jeanne Nelson Karen Nelson Martin Nelson Mike Nelson Roger Nelson Robert Nelson Michael Ness Robert Nesse Heather Nessler Gary Neumann Julie Neumann Mike Neumann William Nevala Debi Neville Margi Newkirk Linda Newman Randall Newman Francois Nguyen Elena Nguyen Douglas Nichols William Nichols Annette Nielsen Rebekah Nielsen Tracy Nielsen Presh Niemi Lori Nierman Cynthia Niesen Matthew Nigbur


Michael Nigbur Bernie Nigon Julie Nigon Cheryl Nimtz Todd Nippoldt Rick Nishimura Dan Nistler Robert Nix Dana Njus Vuyisile Nkomo Becky Noble Paul Nordlund Dale Nordquist Dale Nordquist Charlotte Nordrum Richard Nordstrom Richard Nordstrom Kristy Norman Kristy Norman Natalie Norman Sara Norstad Kim Norton Kim Norton John Noseworthy Kimberly Novotny Bob Nowicki Tina Nunemacher-Tews Sharif Nur Hared Kelly Nye-Lengerman Erin Nystrom Lisa Marie O Brien Thomas O Byrne Michael O Fallon James OBrien Dana O’Brien Janelle O’Brien Maureen O’Brien Pott Helen O’Connor Ethelyn Odell Jim Oeltjenbruns Dave Oeph Karl Oestreich David Oeth David Oeth Eric Ofori-Atta Shelly Ogroske Dale O’Groske Dale O’Groske Shelly O’Groske Terry Oh Michael O’Hara Krystal Ohlhaber Judy Ohly Herb Olin Nicole Olive Eileen Oliver Phil Ollendieck

Barb & Dale Olofson Sue Olsen Kerry Olsen Mark Olsen Amy Olson Jon Olson Michelle Olson Janet Olson Bettyjane Olson Brian Olson Eric Olson Rachel Olson Tom Olson Ursula Olson Diane O’Mara Martin Omerichamoi Brian O’Neill Nancy Orr Faye Osler Ahmed Osman Philip Osmundson Marlys Ostby Danae Ostern Mark Ostrem Cindy Ostrowski Todd Osweiler Cheryl Ott Stephanie Ottenbreit Lonnie Otterson Linda Ottesen Boisen Audra Otto Brenda Otto Kimy Ounkong Berit & Jon Oviatt Jonathan Oviatt Mary Owen Kelly Owens Lance Oyen Mitchell Oyen Rebecca Paape Valerie Pace Valerie Pace Ginny Padzieski Erin Pagel William Pagel Doris Pagelkopf Debbie Pahlkotter Donna Pairolero Alyssa Palen John Pallanch Juanita Palmby Sarah Panetta Barbara & Douglas Pappin Douglas Pappin Darrell Pardi Margaret Parham


United Way of Olmsted County

Maggie Parham Sue Parker Crysta Parkin Jodi Parrott Melissa Parry Margaret Parsons Tamra Parsons Sam Pasch StephaniePasch Karen Pathoulas Dianne Patten Mary Pattridge Katie Paulson Katie Paulson Stephen Paynic Emily Pearson Debra Pearson Randall Pearson Jody Pearson-Myers Larry Pease Kate Pedersen Candace Pederson John Pederson Prema Peethambaram John Pelkey Debra Pena Dan Penz Robert Perez David Perkins Christine Perno Kenneth Persons Rich & Shirley Peter Jessica Peterman Laura Peters Bret Petersen Carolyn Petersen Roger Petersen Ann Peterson Carol Peterson Jeff Peterson Sharon Peterson Shawn Peterson Tammy Peterson Tiffany Peterson Pam Pettengill Tanya Petterson Kathy Peyton Tammy Pfeffer Yannette Phang Paul Pharis Bradley Phelps James Philo Jennifer Phutseevong Robert Phyliky Luke Picker Paul Piechowski Chrisanne Pieper

Kimberly Pierce Brian Pike Colleen Pike Ivy Pillers Tiffany Piotrowicz Henry Pitot Mark Pittelkow Marion Pitts Anthony Pizer Amy Plagge Judy Plank Steven Pleschourt Carrie Plumlee Allison Plute Shelly Plutowski Jim Poethke Shirley Pokorski Connie Polk Barbara Porter Barbara Porter Co-Burn Porter Jared Post Devon Post Julie Postier Bonita Potter Brian Powell Joe Powers Nicholas Powers Shalini Prabhakar Samuel Prabhakar Dale Prestegard Diane Priebe Julie Prigge Ken Pritchett Mike Prochaska Mark Prondzinski Barb Pronk Rodney Prouty Scott Przybelski Alicia Psomas Alicia Psomas Nichole Ptacek Pauline Ptacek-Raiche Kari Pugh Mary Putnam Carol Pyfferoen Michelle Pyfferoen Tammy Queensland Donny Quimby Arthur Raak Julie Raddatz Carmen Radecki Breitkopf Sharon Radke Dawn Rainey Sheila Rainey

Kindra Ramaker Andre Ramalingam Chandru Ramana Kevin Randleman Amy Ransom Linda Rasmusson Nancy Redman Kenneth Reed Gay Reed Julie Reed Guy Reeder Michael Reese Ronald Reeves Judith Regennitter Mary Regenscheid Patti Regimbal Laura Regner Kay Rehm Lori Rehnelt Brenda Reichel George Reid Lori Reilly Jane Reiman Randy Reimer Kathleen Reimers Maurice Reiner Jessica Reinke Sue Reinke Katherine Reller Matt Remick Laura Remme Laura Remme Bruce Remme Nicholas Remmes James Rentz Karen Reopelle Helen Restovich Pat Reveland Marilyn Rhodes Kathleen Rhodes Vincent Riccioli Sean Rice Angie Richards Jarrett Richardson Molly Richmond Barb Richter Jennifer Ridgeway Marilyn Riederer Stephen Riederer Lee Riegler Kristine Riess Stephen Riess Lisa Rietmann Lisa Rietmann Erica Riley Marilyn Riley Suzanne Riley

Roger Ring Luz Rink Lindsey Rippentrop Erik Ritman Teresa Ritter Jose Rivas Robert Rizza Susan Robb Robert & Eva Colligan Kevin Roberts Ginger Roberts Carson Mary Roberts-Kivi Joanette Robertson Dianna Robinson Gayle Rock Alan Rodgers Kirk Rodysill Rebecca Roe Veronique Roger Michon Rogers Michon Rogers Patricia Rogers Michon Rogers Bruce Rohde Daniel Rohe Thomas Rohleder Charles Rohren Cindy Rolfing Steven Rolstad Rebecca Rolstad Megan Romens Megan Romens Ann Romo Katherine Romo Ron & Nancy Kreinbring Steve Root Rhonda Rosburg Kristine Rose Joan Rose Stephen Rose Shirley Rosenau Joanne Marie Rosener Dick Rosener Dorine Ross Jason Ross Phillip Rossman Angie Rossow Kevin Rossow Tiana Rossow Jamie Rothe Walter Rothwell Pamela Rotty Mary Roubik Jill Roux Randolph Rovelstad Marlys Rowe


Melinda Rud Laura Rud Ernest Rudolf Grady Rudolph Katie Rudolph Andrew Rumpho Randall Runtsch Mark Ruport Cindy Russell Jennifer Russell Teri Russell Theresa Russell Jim Rustad William Ryan Charlotte Rydberg Jay Ryu Cheryl Saballa Mary Ann Sahs Donna Saied Saeid Sakhitab Daniel Salay Lesley Salsman Karen Salz Mark Samson William Sanchez Nicole Sandberg Nicole Sandberg Darrell Sandeen Kristi Sanders Linda Sanders Susan Sanders Robin Saner Theresa Sanneman Paula Santrach Margaret Sapp Forrest Sargent Heather Saterdalen Amelia Sattler Ann Sauer Aarah Saugen Alison Saugen-Smith Melissa Saunders Gail Sauter Gail Sauter Gregory Sauve Steven Sawyer Tiffany Scanlan Tiffany Scanlan Paul Scanlon Connie Schad Lynnette Schaefer Renee Schaefer Stacey Schaefer Renee Schaefer Al Schafer Barbara Schafer John Schaffner

Daniel Schaid Lisa Scheiber-Case Kathy Scheid Lisa Schell Elaine Schembari Dee Schemmel Joanne Schenck Brandon Schenck JoAnn Scherger David Schilling Tricia Schilling Mary Lynn Schiltz Julie Schimelpfenig Bill Schimmel Mark Schleusner Erik Schlicht Lindsay Schmeling Al Schmidt Beth Schmidt Dave Schmidt Cynthia Schmidt Diane Schmidt Lucy Schmidt Mary Schmidt Bradley Schmidt Steven Schmidt Rebecca Schmieding Daniel Schmitz Taran Schneider Mike Schnell Corissa Schnell Kathy Schoewe Megan Scholer Donald Scholz Terrance Schoonover Kim Schott Lisa Schrader Lois Schreiber Peggy Schroeder Jillayne Schuder Rose Schuh Dodge Alex Schuler Bonita Schultz Carrie Schultz Kenneth Schultz Lori Schultz Darcie Schultz Bonnie & Russell Schultz Steve Schultz Daryl Schulz Georgia Schulz April Schumann Nicole Schuster Gary Schwartz Sara Schweitzer Sara Schweitzer


United Way of Olmsted County

Carrie Schweyen Diane Schwinghammer Ann Schwob Sheila Scrabeck Bonnie Seaver Douglas Seberg Mary Seeger Patrick Segler Richard Seime Linda Seime Scott Seinola Kathleen Sellner Amy Semmen Dave Senjem Sandy Senst Aileen Seoane Kirk Severson MechelleSeverson Hope Severson James Seward Phyllis Sexton Heidi Seyer Brian Shamblin Donna Shanahan Wendy Shannon Wendy Shannon Frank Sharbrough Lynda Sharbrough Michael Shaw Desiree Shaw-Jarman Patrick Sheedy Tammy Shefelbine Anne Shelby JoAnn Sheldon Linda Shepherd Cynthia Sheppard Sheldon Sheps Beth Sherden Phillip Sheridan Jennifer Shin James Shipman Deb Shirley Shirley D Rhodes Cindy Shones Shonie L Buenvenida John Shonyo John Shonyo John Shonyo Diane Shopteau Sandra Showalter Stan Shreve Shridhar M Sherde Jennifer Shulha Lynne Shuster Jeffrey Sigrist Michael Silber Patricia Siljenberg

Jackie Silver Sandy Simar Will Simmons Savannah Simms Alex Simon Kurt Simon Christine Simonson Connie Simonson Hattie Sims David Sippel Joseph Skalski J. Daniel Skinner Annie Skogen Paul Skovbroten Janis Skuster Susan Slager Lynne Sloan Suzanne Small Annette Smick Annette Smick Brian Smidt Chris Smiley Chuck Smith Crystal Smith Constance Smith Gary Smith Hugh Smith Jackie Smith Marvin Smith Michael Smith Jessica Smith Gary Smith Jay Smith Jill Smith Lauren Smith Lori Smith Nicole Smith Thomas Smith Lenora Smith Keri Smith-Norman Luc Smolders Craig Smoldt Chad Smutzer Leah Smutzer Carol Smyrk Karla Snider Bruce Snyder Vicki Snyder Michael Snyder Dylan Soberg Crystal Sobotta Sandra Soltis Rebekah Solum Kristin Somers Michael Soper Steven Sorensen Carol Sparrow

Melissa Sperber Jeanne Spettel Patrick Spinler Nancee Spittell Stephen Sponsel Kimberly Spors Micki Spors Nadine Sportsman Thomas Spratte David Sprenger Leah Springer Jennifer St Sauver Bonnie Stauff Randy Staver Mark Steege Cindy Steffen Gerald Steffens Jody Steffl Paul Steger Jodi Steinkamp Jaimi Stejskal Kent Linda Lee Stelley Thomas Stelter Thomas & Marlyce Stelter Jennelle Stemper Brooke Stene David Stenhaug Dave Stenhaug Steven Stenhaug Annie Stensrud Kathryn Stettler Tammy Stettner Dynee Stetzler John Stevens Randy Stevens Antoinette Stevens Jim Stevenson Janet Stevenson Elizabeth Stewart Karen Stewart James Stickney Kathy Stien Stephanie Stillwell Richard Stirn Walter Stobaugh Tara Stockman Colleen Storino Diane Storm William Stott Justin Stotts Danielle Stover Danielle Stover Jay Stoyles Gwendolyn Strampp Kenneth Strand Edythe Strand

Katherine Strande Jessie Stratton David Strauss Michael Strauss Dianna Streed Emanuel Strehler Christine Streiff Mary Streit Peter Streit Cindy Strelow Patricia Stricke Robert Stroebel Desiree Strom Kylie Strom Jeffrey Strommen Jeanne Struckmann Susan Struckmann Randy Stuhldreher Glenn Sturchio Peter Suby Christine Suby William Sullivan Ann Sullivan Paul Sundeen Don Supalla Alyssa Surges April Sutor Jessica Sutton Jeremy Sutton Andrew Sutton Mary Svoboda Brian Swancutt Nicole Swanson Andrea Swanson Kenneth Swanson William Swanson Sylvia Swede Harry Swedlund Joseph Sweeney Cynthia Sweeney Philip Swenson Laura Swenson Denise Swinbank Willow Swinbank Barbara Swisher Van Sy Pam Syverson Tanja Taff Morello Zahra Taherkhanchi Mary Taing John Talcott James Talen Sandra Taler Jayant Talwalkar Cherie Tank Christina Tatting Judith Taylor


Michelle Taylor Danielle Teal Jason Tebay Christopher Templeton Harvey Tepoel Robert Tereba Chris Terry Stephen Textor Nona Thackeray Genevieve Theobald Stephen Thibodeau Susan Thiede Suzanne Thieke Pamela Thieke Brian Thiel Jackie Thielen Jason Thiesse Andrew Thilges Terry Thisius Andrea Thomas Jack Thomas Lisa Thomas April Thompson Brittany Thompson David Thompson George Thompson Jennifer Thompson Teresa Thompson Marianne Thompson Deanna Thompson Janice Thompson Rodney Thompson Warren Thompson William Thompson Steve Thornton Marisa Thorpe Carol Thouin Emily Ties Paul Tieskoetter Amanda Tighe R Tilbury Sandra Timm Sarah Timmerman Donald Tindall Mary Jo Tittl Mary Jo Tittl Jason Tjelta Logan Tjossem William Tointon Wade Tollefson Heather Tomlinson Cory Tomlinson Mary Tompkins Lynn Tonkin Michele Tooker Dennis & Connie Tooley

Mark Topazian Kathryn Tordsen Jonathan Torrens-Burton Josephine Trachy Linh Tran Sandra Trayell Nancee Treadwell Stephen Trenkner Mary Tri Tami Tripp Patty Trnka Leanne Trom Tim Troxel Helen Truxal Roxann Turner Stephen Turner Vicki Twerberg Vicki Twerberg Troy Tynsky Duane Udstuen Sue Underdahl Kelsey Underdahl Lorraine Uthke James Utz Pauline Utzinger Laura Vacura Brandon Vagt Gina Valentini Kim Valiquette Dorothy Van Buskirk Justin Van Dalen Steven Van Nurden Susan Van Oort Steven Van Rooy Ann Van Ryn Fay Van Vliet Ruth Van Vugt Stacey Vanden Heuvel Catherine Vanderboom Kayla Vandewalker Ariella Vaughns Adisa Velic Jeff Velker Tim Velker Sue Vermilya Cheryl Vessey Jan Vetter Sarah Vetter Emily Vetter Shirhan Vgas Roger Vick Conny Villar Ann Viozzi Matthew Vitek Carolyn Vitek Mary Vlazny


United Way of Olmsted County

Jim Vlazny Danielle Vlazny My-Linh Vo Kyle Voelz Paula Vogt Jennah Vold Erik Voldal Bill Volkmar Jesse Volner Barbara Volz John Volz Georgia Von Arx Rosalie Vondrashek Andrea VonWald Steven VonWald Wendy VonWald Becky Vossberg Rebecca Waara Rebecca Waara John Wade Bruce & Karen Wagner Allen Walburn Tom Waldemar Stephen Waldhoff Brenda Walker Connie Walker Tami Walker Denise Walker Carolyn Wall Chantel Waller April Waller Kris Wallerich Denise Walser-Kolar Jennifer Walsh Emily Walsh Dale Walston Jennifer Walter koby walters Michael Walters Leah Walters Alan Walther Lisa Walther Deborah Walworth Dengel KimberlyWanek Andrea Wangen Jessica Wannarka Marge Ward Cathy Ward Melissa Ward Ronald Ward Carol Warmka Roger Warndahl David Warner Mary Warner Jerry Watson Tammy Watson

Heather Weber Linda Webster Allison Weckman Denise Wedel Margaret Weglinski Jolleen Weick Karel Weigel Jay Weimer Brian Weinshenker Richard Weinshilboum Timothy Weir Shirley Weis Ruth Weispfenning Dennis Weivoda Lilli Weivoda Mary Welder Judith Weller Mary Wellik Deborah Welp Gail Welsh Andy Welti Becky Wendland Judy Wendland Suzie Wendt Darla Wendt Doris Wenger Tom Wente Jodi Wentland Joyce Wenz Jane West Tammy Westby Jennifer Jane Westendorf Richard Westerlund Jodie Westland Alaine Westra Kimberly Wettleson Shelley Whalen Dana Whaley Adam Wheeler David Wheeler Nancy Wheeler Phil Wheeler Phil Wheeler Jack Whisnant Teresa Whitcome Amy White Trisha White Christopher White Linda Whited Kim Whiting Peggy Whitley Roger Wichmann Jon Wicks Mike Wiebusch Mary Wiekamp Anne Wiekamp Leth

Anne Wiekamp Leth Cindy & Steven Wiese Curt Wigham Bill Wiktor Jerome Wilker Deb Wilkinson Mike Willard Mike Willard Mike Willard Deborah Williams Aileen Williams Megan Williams Steven Williams Constance Williams Julie Williams Troyce Williams Michael Wills Rachel Wilmes Ashley Wilson George Wilson Kathy Wilson Jacque Wilson Travis Wilson Andrea Wilson Gregory Wilson Jack Wilson Jaymi Wilson Judi Wilson Linda Wilson Paul Wilson Peter Wilson John Wiltsie Patricia Wimmer William Wimsett Lindsay Winkles James Winslow Bruce Winter John Winter Kathy Winter Brian Winters Peg Winters Peg Winters Robert Witte Allison Wittfoth Paul Wittmer Stephanie Wittmer Liz Wittrock Stephanie Witwer Scot Witzke Michael Wojcik Vee Wojtkiewicz Benjamin Wolf Monica Wolf Kayla Wolfe Michael Wolter Randi Wood Jen Woodford

Jim Woodruff John Woods John Woollard Sandra Woolley Heather Woolman Christina Wooner Kevin Worden Diane Wottreng Diane Wottreng Tracey Wozniak Rutherford Julie Wright Pamela Wright Alan Wright Diane Salentiny Wrobleski Amy Wrobleski Sarah Wundrow Chris Wurtz Jill Wylam Bao Xiong Ping Yang Katherine Yeakel Kathe Yoss Britta Youmans Dave Young Elizabeth Zimmermann Young Diane Youngs Karen Ytterberg Steven Ytterberg Haili Yu Thomas Yung John Yunginger Katherine Zahasky Paul Zahasky Teri Zander Chuck Zehnpfennig Barbara Zelinske Belinda Zhang Gordon Ziebart Maria Ziegler Kelly Ziemer David Zill Michael Zinser Jean Zuroski Debra Zwiener If your name should be on this list but does not appear; or, if we have you listed incorrectly please let us know so we can correct our records and acknowledge your service.




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We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. - Martin Luther King, Jr.



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Karen R. Mathison, CFRE President Anne Berberich, CFRE Senior Vice-President, Resource Development April Sutor Senior Vice-President, Community Impact Dave Beal Vice-President, Communication and Advocacy Dale O'Groske Chief Financial Officer Kris Brewer Relationship Services Coordinator Dorothy Dallmann Finance Assistant Neal Engelman Business Relations and Development Manager Deneene McDonald Project Manager Gang Initiative and Community Impact Support Specialist Becky Nahvi, CVA Volunteer Center and Community Impact Specialist Renee Schaefer Community Impact Project Specialist Bonnie Schultz, CFRE Leadership and Planned Giving Associate Alyssa Surges Community Initiatives Coordinator [ AmeriCorps/Vista ] Mary Jo Tittl Community Impact Specialist Pam Wright Executive Assistant Nancy Alisen, volunteer Volunteer Solutions Debbie Hoffmann, volunteer Imagination Library Coordinator United Way of Olmsted County 903 West Center Street Suite 100 Rochester, MN 55902 • 507-287-2000 •


United Way of Olmsted County


Advancing the Common Good 2012  
Advancing the Common Good 2012  

a web version of the United Way of Olmsted County report published in the 9.8.12 edition of the Post- Bulletin, Rochester, MN