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United Way of Long Island’s story begins prior to 1964. Back in 1950, a small group of individuals, led by Leon A. Swirbil, co-founder of Grumman Aircraft Corp., organized the Long Island Industry Labor Fund for hospitals, marking the beginning of the first major private non-profit fundraising effort on Long Island. In 1958, The Long Island Industry Labor Fund changed its name to the Long Island Fund for Commerce and Industry, still serving 40 agencies and hospitals. Between the years of 1958-1963, The Long Island Fund for Commerce and Industry grew to serve 43 organizations & hospitals. In 1961, the first discussionrelated to the United Fund of Long Island to take place. That same year, the seed money for the operation of the United Fund of Long Island was provided by corporate gifts from 7 companies: Franklin National Bank, New York Telephone Company, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Long Island Lighting Company, Meadowbrook National Bank, Security National Bank and Sperry Gyroscope.

John J. McManus Becomes the First Executive Director of United Fund of Long Island and the Board of Trustees Holds its First Meeting

 The Civil Rights Act was Signed

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is Completed

 Long Island Fund for Commerce and Industry Officially Becomes United Fund of Long Island United Fund of Long Island Becomes a Registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization and it Raises $1.6 Million for 44 Agencies and Hospitals

The Fall Campaign for the United Fund of Long Island Benefits 66 Member Agencies and Hospitals

Average Cost of a New Home is $14,200 Average Income Per Year is $6,900 Gas is 32¢ a Gallon

Neil Armstrong Becomes the First Man on the Moon 

 Nation adopts the name United Way

Thomas Mugel Serves as United Fund Executive Director January 1971- Spring 1973

Cost of a Superbowl Ad was $88,000 For the First Time in U.S. History, Women Were Allowed to Serve on Juries in all 50 States

 26th Amendment is Signed Lowering the Voting Age to 18 in the U.S.


United Way Nassau-Suffolk is adopted and Elizabeth Eberhardt is Hired... ‘Betty’ is the Longest Tenured Employee at 45 Years

United Way Operates in 2300 Communities and Raise More Than a Billion Dollars to Support 37,000 Agencies and Serve 34 million Families Worldwide


0 0 2 Rumble in the Jungle with Ali vs Forman takes place in Zaire

USA Celebrates its Bicentennial

Campaign Achieves Results of Over $5,084,155 Through 15,000 Campaign Volunteers United Way of Long Island Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

United Fund of Long Island Raises $2,931,674

Jack J. Shinker Serves as United Way Executive Director July 1973- 1979

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Minted, She is the first Woman on a Coin

is Adopted  as the Organization’s Official Name

ESPN Television Network Launched on Cable Television

Former California Governor and Actor Ronald Reagan is Elected President of the United States

97 Volunteers Donate Over 1,500 Hours to review the financial, management and effectiveness of Volunteer Agencies

United Way Volunteers Provided Support to Over 116 Hospitals and Affliated LI Agencies

 The World’s Most Popular Computer Program, Microsoft Word, is Launched Jack J. Sage Serves as United Way Executive Director 1983- 1996

Live Aid Concert Raises Over 50 Million Dollars for Famine Relief in Ethiopia 


The Maiden Voyage of the Space Shuttle Endeavour was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida

Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

United Way’s 20th Anniversary of the First Fund Raising Campaign Two Million People from Both Sides Help Bring Down the Berlin Wall English Scientist Tim Berners-Lee Invents the World Wide Web.

Long Island’s United Way administers the LI Emergency Food & Shelter grant of $1,361,282



HONG KONG July, 1, 1997

Hong Kong is Handed Over to China by the UK Project Warmth is Created to Fill the Need for Emergency Heating Assistance on Long Island

 U.S. Troops Restore Order and Give Aid After an Earthquake in Haiti 


United Way of Long Island Receives the Contract to Administer the Ryan White Grant for Long Island HOPWA is Created

Willie B. Edlow Serves as United Way Executive Director 1997- 2003

Project Warmth Helps its 5,000th Family


The Turn of the Millennium and Widespread Fear that Computers Would Stop Working on 12/31/99

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AOL and Time Warner Merge NASDAQ Peaks at 5132.52 as the Dot Com Bubble Bursts

United Way Worldwide September 11th Fund is Created in Response to 9/11 Attacks

Facebook is Launched as a Social Networking Site Open to Students from Harvard Only D.R.E.A.M.S for Youth Scholarship Program is Established 

Wikipedia, a Free Content Encyclopedia, Goes Online Queen Elizabeth II's Celebrates Her Golden Jubilee 

Nancy Pelosi is Elected as the First Female Speaker of the US Congress

 AFL-CIO and Locally, the Long Island Federation of Labor Partner with the United Way and NALC to Raise over 13 million Pounds of Food Since 1995

Apple Computer Releases the iPod

United Way of Long Island Raises a Record Breaking $12,064,000 and Prepares to Relocate to their Newly Renovated 819 Grand Blvd Office Space

In 2006, the Legislation changed to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act, Originally Known as The Ryan White CARE Act Funded by Congress

Patrick J. Foye Serves as United Way Executive Director 2004-2006

Theresa A. Regnante becomes President & CEO of United Way of Long Island Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc. & United Way Partner to Create Stuff-A-Bus YouthBuild Long Island Begins

 United Way of Long Island Receives a $500,000 Grant for Long Island’s Senior Access to Home Initiative

Barack Obama the First African American President of the United States is Elected

Christopher Hahn Serves as United Way Executive Director 2007- 2009

Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger Makes an Emergency Landing on the Hudson River

Successfully Launched its Dragon Capsule

 Becomes Premier Supporter of the LIVE UNITED Celebration Luncheon as Title Sponsor – This Generosity Has Become Annual Tradition, Contributing Half A Million Dollars. Database Call Center for Long Island begins

The End of the Mayan Calendar, or the end of the world as some believed, is observed with little to no consequence

Raises Over $1.2 million for United Way of Long Island

Ebola Epidemic Becomes Global Health Crisis

United Way of Long Island Wins its First US DOE Housing Innvotion Award

The First-Ever Refugee Olympic Team Participates in the Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro

United Way of Long Island is Chosen to Administer the Grant for the Town of Hempstead’s Empire Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI)

Emergency Fuel Fund

Helping Long Islanders Afford Home Energy

Super Storm Sandy Hits the U.S., Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic First VetsBuild Class Graduates

Edward Snowden Leaks Information About the NSA's Secret Internet and Cellphone Data Gathering Program

United Way of Long Island’s E3 SmartBuild Training Center Opens

U.S. Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

In 20 years, Project Warmth has Helped 94,082 People in 29,000 Households

The Paris Agreement by 196 Countries Details the Steps Each Country Takes to Respond to the Threat of Global Climate Change. U.S. is the Lone Holdout

The World's Last Male White Rhinoceros Dies in Kenya, Making the Subspecies Functionally Extinct

United Way Becomes the First Non-Profit to Win Five U.S Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards 2015 WINNER Housing Innovation Awards

2016 WINNER Housing Innovation Awards

2017 WINNER Housing Innovation Awards

2018 WINNER Housing Innovation Awards

2019 WINNER Housing Innovation Awards

United Way of Long Island Celebrates 55th Anniversay


United Way of Long Island & Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc. Celebrate 10 Years of Stuff-A-Bus, Distributing Over 750,000 Supplies to 32,000 Children

 127 Women hold Seats in the United States Congress, 25 Women Serve in the U.S. Senate, and 102 Women Serve in the U.S. House of Representatives


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55th Anniversary Timeline  

55th Anniversary Timeline