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Beginnings & transitions Helping children reach their full potential, empowering individuals and families to overcome difficult times and enabling immigrants to engage, contribute and thrive. For young children, building school readiness and helping you to reach healthy developmental milestones are the essential building blocks for your long term success. For an immigrant family starting a new life in Canada, having the right supports available to you in the community can pave the way for a bright and promising future. And, when life throws you a curveball – such as a job loss or a major family transition – getting to the root of the problem and building support systems for people early on is the best way to prevent challenges from becoming more complex in the future. Band aid solutions are simply not good enough. United Way believes in making investments for the long-term well-being of our friends, neighbours and our community – it’s the right thing to do and costs far less than paying for more complicated solutions later.

Why does United Way of London & Middlesex focus on beginnings & transitions? • One in four children entering the school system is not ready to learn (London Community Foundation Vital Signs)

• One quarter of children in low income, two-parent families have some kind of psychiatric, educational or social problems. This rises to 43% for children of low income, single-parent families (Institute for Well Being) • One in five Londoners is an immigrant

(Statistics Canada)

• London has the highest per capita population of refugees in Canada (London Cross Cultural Learner Centre)

Through investment, advocacy and the mobilization of resources United Way will work toward a community where: • All children and youth meet healthy developmental and educational milestones • All immigrants settle successfully • Individuals and families are stable and resilient during challenging times and life transitions To do this, we have established multi-dimensional strategies to promote success, stability and resilience and prevent challenging issues for individuals and families from growing more complex. In a community where everyone matters, we help children reach their full potential, empower individuals and families to overcome difficult times, and immigrants to engage, contribute and thrive. To learn more about our strategies visit to view our Community Impact Agenda.

Addressing root causes and creating lasting change: • Mentorship for Newcomer Success is a newly funded program provided by WIL Employment Connections. This innovative program connects internationally trained individuals with local mentors to gain a better understanding of the local job market in their field or occupation, establish valuable networking contacts, and learn more about sector-specific language and professional practice in Canada. To date, 50% of mentees have found employment thanks to their participation in the program. • We know that witnessing violence increases the chances that boys will grow up to act violently with dating and/ or marital partners. For girls, it increases the chances that they will accept violence in their dating and/or marital relationships. The Children’s Program funded by United Way at the Women’s Rural Resource Centre Strathroy & Area is addressing the root cause of cyclical violence with 4 out of 5 children leaving the program feeling safer, knowing how to access safety supports and with skills to express their emotions and utilize effective coping techniques.

Beginnings & transitions Impact Council: Ann Hutchison David Blackwell Dwayne Martins Glenn Howlett Karen Dalton Loraine Kelly (chair) Matt Bazely Michael Deeb Neil Bradford Paula Jesty

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Beginnings & Transitions  

Beginnings & Transitions

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