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United Way of Logan County

Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide 2013

ASSEMBLE THE TROOPS! You’ve been recruited. You’re the best of the best. You have been enlisted to lead your company to the top of the ranks. With the help of your United Way staff sergeant and this basic training guide, you’ll be sure to soar to the top of your goal.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT Campaign Checklist...................................... 1 Sample United Way Rally Agenda.............. 2 ECC/CEO Speech Outline.............................. 3 Dates to Remember......................................... 3 Leadership Giving.......................................... 4 Campaign Awards.......................................... 5

CAMPAIGN CHECKLIST Follow this list and you’ll be sure to succeed in your mission. Review your company’s giving history. Encourage your CEO or Leadership to be involved: Complete his/her pledge card Pledge a corporate gift on behalf of the organization Write a letter or send an email to all employees Participate in/or attend campaign meetings Schedule a leadership meeting with top leadership Recruit a committee of co-workers to help you. Utilize your United Way Representative. They will help you plan your campaign, deliver your materials, schedule presentations and tours and answer questions. Set a challenging and realistic goal. Schedule specific start/end dates for your campaign and inform your co-workers. Educate your co-workers. Agency speakers, videos and tours are fun and informative! See the Sample Rally and ECC Speech outlines on pages 2 and 3. Complete your campaign by collecting pledge cards and reporting results to your United Way Representative. Turn in your results by November 1st to be an Early Bird! All campaign results are due by November 15th. Thank your co-workers for their generosity. Send an email, hang thank you posters and plan a celebration of a job well done!


SAMPLE UNITED WAY RALLY AGENDA: Your co-workers will enjoy learning about United Way’s work in the community. This meeting makes your job as an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) much easier. Here’s the rundown for a spirited rally to kick-off your workplace campaign with flying colors!

Audio Visual: Music - plan a soundtrack that fits your company’s campaign theme to play as guests enter and exit the room. Video - Play the United Way campaign video.

Decor: United Way posters Theme-related items such as centerpieces, wall hangings, etc. Goal poster

The Flow: 3 min. Welcome & United Way Campaign Endorsement 5 min. United Way Presentation

CEO and/or ECC

2 min. United Way Video

United Way Representative

5 min. United Way Partner Agency Speaker 3 min. Wrap Up

Partner Agency Representative

2 min. Collect Pledge Cards



United Way Representative

CEO and/or ECC


Introduce yourself and thank everyone for attending the meeting.


Give a brief overview of your organization’s United Way campaign. Include: a.Your organization’s campaign dates b.Your organization’s fundraising goal c. United Way facts

3 4 5 6

Talk about your personal experience with United Way either as a donor or a beneficiary of services. Introduce the United Way speaker. Encourage giving. Offer incentives. Say thank you!

Dates to Remember: September 10

October 4 & 5

Campaign Kickoff 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. American Legion

Day of Caring

November 1 Early Bird Deadline

For more information, visit


LEADERSHIP GIVING ASSOCIATION Encourage your co-workers to become a member of the Leadership Giving Association. Membership begins with an annual gift of $500 or more. Members receive all the benefits reserved for our top donors, including a listing in the Leadership Giving Registry. A leadership gift truly demonstrates commitment to lasting change in Logan County.







For more information about Leadership Giving, please contact: Ashleigh Sorrell Rose at (405) 523-3525 or

LEADERSHIP GIVING LEVELS Heroes Leaders Benefactors Patrons Champions Alexis de Tocqueville Society


$500 - $999 $1,000 - $2,499 $2,500 - $4,999 $5,000 - $7,499 $7,500 - $9,999 $10,000 & above

CAMPAIGN AWARDS United Way wants to recognize your employees’ generosity. The following awards will be presented to you at the campaign celebration based on your company’s per capita giving. Per capita giving is figured by dividing your total employee contributions by your total number of employees.

Diamond $500 per capita & above Platinum $200 - $499.99 per capita Gold $100 - $199.99 per capita Silver $50 - $99.99 per capita Bronze $25 - $49.99 per capita


For theme ideas, logos, forms, tips and more: please visit & explore the Workplace Campaign Toolkit

P.O. Box 1602 Guthrie, OK 73044 405-236-8441

2013 United Way of Logan County ECC Guide  
2013 United Way of Logan County ECC Guide