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“I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.” -Pablo Casals

This is a place where generosity and compassion take a front seat. Our state is famous for the ‘Oklahoma Standard’ - putting your neighbor’s needs ahead of your own and banding together when times are tough. The central Oklahoma region is no different. Our citizens continually stress the importance of community, and as a result, our community has grown stronger. There’s a lot of work left to do, but with people like you leading the way, we know the ‘Oklahoma Standard’ will continue to be upheld.



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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2012 Leadership Giving Reception


United Way of Central Oklahoma Tocqueville Society


Leadership Giving


Emerging Leaders


Women’s Leadership Society


Loyal Contributors


2012 Leadership Giving Volunteers


United Way of Canadian County


You will see Oklahoma icons throughout this book landmarks which hold special meaning to our citizens. Be on the lookout for some of these icons. Each one is just a small representation of what each group of Leadership Donors means to us at United Way.





United Way of Logan County


The individuals listed here are donors contributing to United Way of Central Oklahoma, United Way of Canadian County and United Way of Logan County in the summer and fall of 2012. Much of the data is based on information submitted by companies and organizations between June 1, 2012 and April 1, 2013.

Janet & Dennis Jaggi and Sue & Steve Gentling






Thanking & Celebrating

LEADERSHIP RECEPTION Every year an exclusive reception honors the members of United Way’s Leadership Giving Societies. We take the opportunity to celebrate the generosity of more than 5,000 donors who care about their neighbors in need and give to improve the well-being of our communities. We come together to share good food and the good company of friends. We thank long-time friends like Chesapeake Energy for their continued support of this event, which allows us to acknowledge and thank those who so graciously “Live United” for the common good of central Oklahoma. Hors d’oeuvres were offered and drinks (of the non-fizzy variety) were toasted as we celebrated your generosity during the 2012 campaign.


(1) Greg and Linda Hall. (2) Kyle Coldiron, Shannon Patterson, and Emily & Daniel Hayes. (3) Doug Stussi, Debby Hampton and Bryan Gonterman. (4) James Bertsch, Nick Samarripas and Jason Zielke. (5) Daniel & Courtney Johnson pose with their photo from the 2012 Leadership Giving Registry. 5

RECOGNITION LEVELS Ordre de Independance $250,000 or greater

Generous & Giving

La Societe Nationale $100,000 - $249,999


Ordre de Fraternite $75,000 - $99,999

United Way’s Tocqueville Society is the giving level reserved for our most generous and community-minded contributors. Tocqueville members represent those who are willing to truly invest in the welfare of our community. As our community’s philanthropic leaders, they understand the significant role they fulfill as individuals supporting the business of caring for our most vulnerable citizens and solutions for the ever-evolving human needs we encounter within our community.

Ordre d’Egalite $50,000 - $74,999 Ordre de Liberte $25,000 - $49,999 Le Patrons de la Societe $20,000 - $24,999 Les Amis de la Societe $15,000 - $19,999 Membres de la Societe $10,000 - $14,999

Tocqueville members contribute $10,000 or more annually to United Way. Their contributions impact our community in the most profound ways fostering strength, health and compassion for those seeking the services of our Partner Agencies. Their commitment to “Live United” has proven to be the most effective way to make a powerful difference in our community. Alexis de Tocqueville, for whom the society is named, famously documented the American public’s unique willingness to work for the public welfare – a tendency to lend faithful support to neighbors and countrymen, especially in times of need. Like the dome atop our capitol building, our Tocqueville members are incredibly unique. They are the example to aspire to: one-of-a-kind and generous.




$250,000 or greater

$25,000 - $49,999

E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation

LA SOCIETE NATIONALE $100,000 - $249,999 George & Nancy Records One anonymous member

Steve & Maggie Dixon

Leslie & Cliff Hudson

Tom & Judy Love

Not pictured: Bob & Jan Campbell

ORDRE DE FRATERNITE $75,000 - $99,999


William M. Cameron Aubrey & Katie McClendon

$20,000 - $24,999

ORDRE D’EGALITE $50,000 - $74,999 Lynda Lee Cameron Mrs. C. B. Cameron G. Jeffrey Records Jim & Christy Everest

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Givens

Larry & Polly Nichols 7

LE PATRONS DE LA SOCIETE $20,000 - $24,999 (Continued) Not pictured: Ann S. Alspaugh Jim & Jill Brown Jack & Sylvia Golsen Mrs. Robert Gordon & Family Lucille Owens One anonymous member David & Kim Rainbolt

Gene Rainbolt

John & Charlotte Richels

LES AMIS DE LA SOCIETE $15,000 - $19,999

Clayton I. & Louise Bennett


Martha A. Burger

The Luke & Becky Corbett Foundation

James R. Daniel

Pete & Karen Delaney

LES AMIS DE LA SOCIETE $15,000 - $19,999 (Continued)

Jeff & Myrcia Hoppe

Carol & Michael A. Johnson Not pictured: Dave & Susan Bert David Delao Jeffrey & Becky Fisher David & Alice Hager

Herman & LaDonna Meinders

Jeannette & R.L. Sias

John & Kip Suter

Henry & Laura Hood Marian & Tony Moon Lester Zitkus & Sandra Fraley


Mrs. Martha V. Williams

$10,000 - $14,999

Brian & Laura Babb

Mr. & Mrs. G. T. Blankenship

Dr. & Mrs. David R. Brown

Marty Byrd

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Clements


MEMBRES DE LA SOCIETE $10,000 - $14,999 (Continued)


Doug & Peggy Cummings

Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Ellis

Mark & Beverly Funke

Steve & Jennifer Grigsby

Kirkland & Julia Hall

Michael Horn

George B. Kaiser

Bruce & Donna Lawrence

Martha Lippert

Greg & Lisa Love

Laura Love

Edmund O. & Kathy Martin

John & Jenny Meyer

Jay & Lisa Minmier

Jeff & Cristy Mobley

MEMBRES DE LA SOCIETE $10,000 - $14,999 (Continued) Mrs. John W. Nichols

James H. & Madalynne Norick Foundation

Steve & Susan Prescott

Tom & Lisa Price

Sarbjit & Indira Singh

Jay & Michele Stratton

Doug & Susie Stussi

David & Jane Thompson

Tony & Lisa Vaughn

William & Kristy Whitsitt

Amy & Brian Winter

Not pictured: Cary Baetz Bobby Bolton Dennis & Carla Brand Ted Campbell David & Sharon Carpenter Greg Condray Gary Cook Andrew Coolidge Nick & Nicole Dell’Osso Gino DeMarco Charles & Robyn Duginski Brian Exline Gary & Beth Gould David & Kirsten Griffin Boots & Carole Hall Fred J. & Karen Hall Robert & Dorcas Holtsmith Harry Hutson Jr. & Mikey Dodds Angela Ibara Lorrie L. Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. E. Carey Joullian IV John & Kathy Kapchinske Mr. & Mrs. Jean Leger Jr. Bryan Lemmerman

Frank & Malia Love Paul Lupardus Michael McCann Mark & Elizabeth McLean Angus & Jodi McQueen Stephen W. & Marilyn Miller Mark & April Orgren Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes & Scott Forbes Harold L. & Stacy L. Roberts John Seldenrust Darryl & Kathy Smette Rene & Cindi St. Pierre Todd Stephenson Jack & Jill Talley Pam & Lyndon Taylor Cathy & Lane Tompkins R. Sean Trauschke Steve Turk Lee & Melauna Wescott Vincent W. White Jerry Winchester Dave & Ida Wittman Mark & Gale Wood Two anonymous members 11

Lee & Suzanne Symcox First Fidelity Bank

Ambitious & Invested

LEADERSHIP GIVING ASSOCIATION Leadership Giving Association members are dedicated to the work of United Way and our Partner Agencies. They demonstrate their commitment to addressing the needs of our communities through their annual contributions of $500 - $9,999. Through their generous contributions, they lead our communities in creating sustainable change in the lives of those who need it most. The covered wagon is a symbol of our community’s pioneer heritage and a homage to these donors who are constantly pushing the boundaries and exceeding our expectations. Our Leadership givers are the ones who are willing to lead the pack, take initiative and set the bar for the rest of the community.



Champions Patrons Benefactors Leaders Horizon Circle

$7,500 - $9,999 $5,000 - $7,499 $2,500 - $4,999 $1,000 - $2,499 $500 - $999



$7,500 - $9,999

$5,000 - $7,499

David Baker Brenda Hefner Baldwin Greg Bruton Elliot Chambers Tom & Carol Edwards Zachary Graves Bonnie Hefner Richard Hefner Vici Hefner Heitzke W. Craig Henry Steve Larman Ceci Leonard Al & Jere Litchenburg Rich McClanahan Wesley Myers Donald R. Rowlett J. Michael Sanner John Sharp Lee R. & Suzanne M. Symcox Brian Wasinger Scott & Kimberly Weaver

Stephen Adams Jason & Kimberlie Ashmun James D. & Sarah Beavers Cory Beck Mark Bender Tony & Melissa Blasier Dave Bolton Rick Bott Brian Bounds George Bradley Robert & Karen Browne Skye Callantine Mike Cervantes Mr. & Mrs. M. Scott Chapline Kerry & Donnita Clapp Tom & Kristine Cleveland Dale & Jennifer Cook Traci Cook Bob Costello Scott G. Davis Randy DeLaune George & Linda Denny Gary Dunlap Gary & Penny Egger Lesley Evans Hillary & Peter Farrell Mark Ferman David J. Feroli Shawn Fields Anville Francis Linda Gardner Josh Glancy Randy & Gwen Goben David Godsey Kristina R. Goforth

Scott Hackworth Mr. Harold Hamm Jane B. Harlow Kelly Hart Don Harville Mark & Roxanne Helm Mr. & Mrs. John A. Henry III J. D. Hertweck Eric Hoffman Mike Huff James A. Hyde Paul Ingram Douglas & Dawn Jacobson Dennis & Janet Jaggi Jim Johnson David & Paula Kerrigan Joe Ketzner Jesse & Loreta Langston James & Kathy Lardner Al Lavenue Rosie & Tom Layman Todd & Donna Lisle Mrs. Louis Loeffler Dave & Lana Lopez Bob & Marcia Lorenz Kinney Louthan Mr. & Mrs. A. Thomas Loy Larry & Diane Lunardi Richard Marcum David & Jean McLaughin Revan McQueen Mary MĂŠlon Cliff Merritt Jerry & Jayne Metcalf

Jeff & Martha Miller Stephen W. Miller Keith & Darline Mitchell David Mobley Phil Moser Mark & Angie Mote Richard E. Muncrief Max & Janie Myers Ngoc-Phuong Nguyen Frank Osborn Lisa Phelps Greg Phillips Robert Portman Bob Purgason John Reinhart Randall Rodrigue Marc Rome Charles Rule Mr. & Mrs. Scott Sachs Michael & Kerry Sawatzky Darryl & Stacy Schmidt David Smith Elmer & Connie Smith James & Dori Smith Dan Sparks Steve Stafford Bill Stanger Mike & Joni Stice Carl & Kathie Strickler Steve Tharp Gregory Wheeler David & Gayla Whitten Mark & Elizabeth Widaski Renate & Chuck Wiggin Dale Wildman Garland & Melinda Wilkinson

Kent Wilkinson Roy Williams & Linda Schulz Tyson & Bronda Williams William Wilsey Jim Wimmler Bill & Debra Winkler Bob Woodside Sean & Erica Woolverton Three anonymous members


BENEFACTORS $2,500 - $4,999 Susan Alberti John Alexander Bob Amyx Wayne Anderson Phil Anthony Kevin Ashley Betsy Ball Paula Barrington Cindy Barrios Daniel & Twyla Barth Walter Bennett James & Janea Bertsch Ray & Cris Bitsche Gregory Blair Catherine L. Blevins Thomas Boucher Paul Brewer Scott & Lori Briggs David M. & Carla D. Brockman David Brooks Jeff Brooks Carrie Brower Hal & Kathy Brown Owen Broyles Jeff Bull Bill Busch Timothy & Nancy Butkus Ronald J. & Ellen O. Byrne Scott Byrum Linda Cantrell Jeff & Jeanmarie Carper Tracy & Tamara Carter Tana Cashion Luann Chance Teresa Cheek-Moore Steve Chesher


Yong Cho Charles & Marlene Ciskowski Mr. Jack D. Clay Sandra Cleary Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Clements Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Clements Stephen Cody Kyle Coldiron Sherry Combs Commissioner Terry Cline, Ph.D. Robert & Marsha Conner Kristine Conway Tim Cook Chuck & Karen Cooley Claire Cooley Gary E. Copeland Scott & Angie Copeland Angela F. Cosby James D. Couch Phil & Donna Crissup Sean & Terri Cummings Jonathan & Barbara Davis Michael & Patricia Davis Brian & Tricia De Luca Brett & Kim Dean David Deatsch Nick Delaloye Michael & Sue Dennis Pat & Amy Dennis Tim Denny Georgia Devening Paul Dick Bob & Penny Dilg

Derek Dixon Todd & Dee Dobson Greg & Cathy Dodd Robert D. & Deborah D. Dudley Tim Dugan J. Walter Duncan IV Mr. & Mrs. William E. Durrett Richard Easterly Carl & Susan Edwards Eric & Sandy Eissenstat Jeanette & Rand Elliott Barbara Eskridge Williams Espino Tricia Everest Deanna Farmer Joseph & Martha Ferretti Timothy S. & Ellen D. Fleming Mitch Floresca Scott & Michele Forbes Steve & Amy Foskin Greg Fox Josephine Freede Dale & Kathy Fritz Kelly & Chris Fry George & Lynn Fulco Lisa K. Gisler Shannon Glancy Barry & Gay Golsen Bryan & Andrea Gonterman Jim Govenlock Jim Gray Regina Gregory Ron & Debbie Griffin

Doyle E. Groves Paul Hagemeier J. Brent & Wendy Hagy Michael & Debby Hampton Jay & Valerie Hannah David & Aimee Harlow Don & Pam Harris Gayle Harris Russ Harrison & Natalie Shirley Ronald F. Hartman John Hatton Chris Haugen Justin Heinken Jim & Dana Heinze John Henry Gregory Henson Susan & Jim Hillis Joseph Hodges John Hogsett Tom & Ann Hooper Trish Horn Cherie Horsfall Charles Horsman Matt Hughes Amy & Bill Hull Eric & Sadhana Hundley Gary & Gail Huneryager George Rex Jackson Mr. & Mrs. George W. James Donald & Teresa Jennings Craig & Susan Jones David Jones Jim D. & Mary N. Jones Robert & Stacy Jones

Mitch Kauk Robert L. Kendrick Dan & Nancy Kennedy Brad & Robin Krieger R. Murali Krishna, M.D. Jennifer Langford Henry & Lorrie Latimer Joanna L. Latting John P. Laws & Family Theresa Lee John Lennon Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Lenz Andy Levine Jenee Naifeh Lister Tony & Dana Lorenson Richard Luedecke James & Victoria Lynch Richard Magann Jr. Craig Manaugh Marc Marion Kyle & Maggie Martin Bill Masino Mike Mathews Oxana Matthey Mark Mazzolini Andrew McCalmont Sam & Lori McClure Ji McFarland Steve & Lori Merrill Scott & Jan Milanowski Wes & Sandy Milbourn Maya Mims Linda M. Modestino Janice Modisette Darin Molone David G. Moore Mark & Pattye Moore



$2,500 - $4,999

$1,000 - $2,499

Jeff Morgheim Christopher Mullen Patrick Myers John Myles Kenneth A. Nash Bob Neville Dee A. Niles Cathy O’Connor Darrel Overgaard Scott A. Overmeyer Rick S. Painter Michael & Pama Palmer Michael & Kellea Park M.C. Patton Steven Payne Randy & Julie Peck Gary Peterson & Bobara De Caulp Rand & Judy Phipps Randy Pierce Gary, Myrla, & Nicholas Pierson Steve & Shannon Pittenger Ricky Pollot & Julie Foster Cheryl J. Ramirez Greg Ramsey Chris & Amy Reen Michael A. Reese Paul & Karen Renfrow Rae & Lisa Rice Stan Richards Nancy Richardson David Righthouse Kristine Rogers John & Pamela Romano Chuck Rose Dee Ross

Terry Ross Frank Rudolph William H. & Paula K. Sanford Blair & Jeannie Schoeb Douglas & Nancy Schultze Wendi & Terry Schuur Keith J. Schwarz Mark Schwisow Mr. & Mrs. Tony Shelby Bob R. Shephard Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sheriff Dave Shiels Tony N. & Kelly H. Shinn Kyle Shipley Joe Shockley Jr. Carol Shoemake Terry & Ruth Shyer Rudy Sims Sam C. Sitton John & Shyla Slay Patrick Smith Stephen & April Smith Stephen Smith Jason Snyder Rich Snyder John & Kate Spaid Dr. Robert L. & Pamela Spinks William Spradlin Chris Stamm Michael Stover Amanda Streitmatter Brad & Tresha Swickey Don & Mary Louise Symcox Connie D. Tatum

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Taylor Terry Elaine Teel Cheryl Ann Thompson Laura Tiffany Tammy W. Turnipseed Doug & Kamee Van Meter Marvin E. & Carolyn S. VanBebber Vose Foundation, Inc. John Waldo Harold & Jean Wallace Ronnie D. & Sue Ward Cary & Deborah Watson Dan Weinmeister David Westman Shane & Lori Wharton Pamela Whinery Jim & Kathi White Joe Whiteside Tom Wible Bart & Ardis Williams Benjamin Williams Brett & Barbara Willis Adam Wilson Matt & Lesa Wilson Bill Wince Dave Winchester Dr. Peter Winn & Gail Deaton Ray Wolf Guy & Terri Woodland Charles Wright Kristy Yager Jason Zielke Three anonymous members

Wyatt & Shilpa Abbitt Timothy Abbott Ed Abel Paul & Lou Ann Abel Stephanie Abrahamson Don Ackerly Mark & Deanna Ackerman Karla J. Acton Kenny Adams Mike Adams Steven Adams Thomas W. Adams Christina Adcox Ben Adkins Cynthia Adkins Tristan Adler Dr. Darrin Akins Derek & Amy Albro Joseph L. Alesch Edward Alexander Greg Alexander Brian T. Alford Robert L. Allee Blane & Kathy Allen Erin Allen Isaac K. Allen Jesse Allen Sere Allen Andrew & Lisa Allison Douglas Almgren Sandy Alvarado Judge & Mrs. John M. Amick Derek & Sarah Amyx Heather Anderson Jean Anderson

Ollis Anderson Jeffry Andrews M. Dewayne Andrews, M.D. Thomas Archer John & Catherine Armitage Larry Arnold Terri Arnold Kevin Asbury Patrick R. Ashby Thad & Djuana Ashcraft Charles Ashley & Nancy Coats-Ashley Michael & LaShawn Ashley Dean A. Atkinson, M.D. Jeffrey Atteberry Kristin Attebery Robby & Shari Austin Scott Autry Alex & Kelley Bagby Alana Baker Donna Baker Brad Ballard Pam Ballard You Bang Sherrlyn D. Bardwell William & Michelle BarkerMiller Joe D. Barnard Timothy Barnes Bruce & Julie Barnheiser Sheryl Barrese-Sanders Brett Barrowman Redmond Barry Daniel Barth Bren Barton Charles Bass Aaron Bastian


LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Brent Bates Cynthia Batt Tom Baumann Jerry & Barbara Baumeister Ann H. Baumgarten Sylvia Bawden Jim Baxter David Beal Lee & Sherry Beasley Matt Beasley Michael Beaver Mira Beavers Kate Beavin Mark Becker Terri Becker Lewis Beckett Rick & Patricia Bedlion Karen Beeler Mark Beffort Shandy Belford Christopher & Katie Bell Eugene & Pamela Bell Janienne Bella Thomas B. Benes Lance & Linda Benham Billy Bennett Patrick Bent Rick F. Berg Brent Bergevin Sherry Bernstein Dianna L. Berry Martha Biard Geoffrey F. Bice Brad & Aleta Biddy Catherine Bierschenk Kim Biggs


David Billeck Thomas Binford Jerry D. Birdsong Jason Bissonnette Diana Bittle Travis Black Katherine Boaz Kent & Lisa Boevers Katrina Bohannan Randy Bolles Kathleen M. Bolton Chuck & Ann Bonsteel Donna Bookout William Booze Will & Jodana Borden Cheryl & Peter Borelli Jana L. Boren Randy Borlaug Ann Bornholdt Randal Bose John Bottrell Mark Bottrell John & Evelyn Boulton Steve Bourke Jerry Bowen Beverly Bowers, Ph.D. Mike Bowers Dennis Bowman Kent Bowman Curtis & Terena Boyer Christian Boyle Carrie L. & Heath Boyles Hank P. Bradley Robert Bradley Stephen Bradley David Brannen

Charles Brashares Charles & Sandra Braun Rick Bray Edward Brehony Mary K. Brett Jeff Bridgwater Michelle Britten Danny Broadfoot Shirley Brodersen Joyce F. Broiles-Hill Jane Bronnenberg Michael S. Bronze David Brooks Margaret Gregg Brooks Kirk Broussard Hugh Brower Brandon Brown Crystal Brown Damon Brown Donna Brown Donnita Brown Glen Brown Michael Brown Peggy Brown Richard & Pat Brown Royce Brown Rick Browning Monty W. Bruce Robb Brummett Cynthia Brundige & Mark Grossman Steve Bruton Mary Bublis James Bucci Jim & Becky Buchanan Grady Buckhalter

Lori Budde JoeVan Bullard & Cristi Miles-Bullard George & Rosemarie Bullers Mr. & Mrs. Bob G. Bunce Steve Burcham Lori Burgess Anne Burkett Allison Burks Jim Burnett Todd Burns Jason & Sundee Busby Julie Bushong Daria D. Butler Lori Byrd Rick Cain Kevin & Patti Calabrese Scott Caldwell Grover Campbell Mike Cantrell Gary D. Cardwell Gina G. Care Ginny Carl Jeffrey Carlson Dan & Lou Carmichael Victor & Rhonda Carneiro Micki M. Carney Stephen & Natalie Carns Richard & Karen Carothers Billie Carpenter Judith Carr Linda Carr Michael Carrier Julian Carrillo

Clayton O. Carson Chris & Mary Carter Karon Kaye Carter Steve & Deanna Carter Gary & Sheron Cartwright Keith & Beth Case Jill Castilla Sunny Cearley Tess D. Chambers Jack & Stephanie Chapman Terry Chapman Don Chappell Suzanne Charbeneau Deborah Chilcoat Sherry Childers-Talkington Charles Chinda Andrew & Veronica Chodur Laura K. Chong, M.D. Carla Chown Kathleen Christ Laura Christofferson Don Ciupak James R. Claflin, M.D. Benton Clark Jr. Coleman & Melissa Clark Jim & Carolyn Clark Linda Clark Reino Clark Gary & Sherri Clear Nolen Cleaves James Clements Richard D. & Kim A. Clements Kristi Clemmens Wayne D. Cloutet Elizabeth M. Coe

LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499

More than one-third of Oklahoma County residents


live in poverty. Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 American Community Survey One-year Estimates

United Way allocates donor dollars to Partner Agencies such as Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled and Special Care, Inc. Your donation helps provide transportation for disabled clients from their homes to the centers, employee training for client services, and programming for daily activities.

William Coffey Dave Coffin John M. Coffman Jeremy & Jennifer Colby Kyle Coleman Mike & Stephanie Collison Janie Colliver James Comer Steve & Pamela Commons Al Compton Michele Compton Vance Conallis Gregory Conder Judy Condron Shelly Connolly Hershel Conrad Jason Constable Cheryl J. Cook Gary & Debra Cook Linda Cook Richard Cook Steven Cook Ruth Cooley John & Janny Cooper John W. Cooper & Patti Davis Juanita Cooper Kevin Cooper Jody Cordeiro Fred Cornell Roy Cowan Kim Cowherd Chris Cox Darlene Craig Joe Craig Joan Crall Paul Crawford

Steven A. Crawford, M.D. Cynthia Ann Creger Manuel Crespo Pat Crigler Ryan & Shannon Cross David Crouser Mr. & Mrs. Mike Crowley Brent Cummings Jamie Cummings Linda Cumpton Ron Cunningham Sandra Cusack Patricia Cutbirth Chris & Terri Cwiklinski Jeffrey Dahl Tiffany Dailey Chris Daniels Kelly Danner David & Lorri Darrah Lisa J. Daves Tony & Patti Davidson Brett E. Dawkins Peter M. Day Lynn & Nina Daylor Charles & Eileen de Coune Andy & Becky Deck Kevin Decker Lauren Decker Kathleen E. Dedig Kevin Deeds Shaun Delaney John Delano Mark & Leann Demos Mike Dennehy Barb Denny Lorianne Denslowkearney

John Depron Bob DeSplinter Aletha Dewbre Hank DeWitt Robert & Maurie DeWitt Roger & Marilyn Di Salvatore Ken Diamond Jerry Dicharry Mike & Lori Dickinson James R. & Teresa L. Dickson Tommy Dickson Gary Dill Bonnie & John Disch Carroll E. Dobbs Page & Nancy Dobson Homer Dodd John Dodds John Doddy Scott & Emily Dolina Darrell Dollens Scott Donnelly Daniel & Colleen Dooley William C. Dooley, M.D. Matthew O. Dornan Leonard B. Dorton Timothy & Amber Doty Lynn & Kathleen Doughty Greg Douglas Michael L. & Julene D. Douglas Robert Doupe Steven Douthit Tyrone Dover Deborah Dowdy John Drake


LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Steven & Veronica Drew Mandy Duane & Steve Cookson J.P. Dube Denise Duffle Chad Duncan Robert H. Duncan Dr. Lynne A. Dunham & Mr. V. Tucker Kirk David Durrett Vanessa & Chad Dutton Kathryn Duval Ron Dysart Patricia Dysinger Jeff Eager Kandace Eaves Steve Eddy Mark Edge Sheldon Edmond Jason Edwards Mark Edwards Alan J. Egelston Carrie Ehrlich Christine Eichholz James C. Elder Galen Elliott Jack Elliott Daniel & Rose Ellis Kevin & Tracy Ellis Mark & Erica Ellis Melanie Ellis Steve & Kay Emde Harry & Kristin Emerson Susan Emigh Jeffrey Engle Catherine A. English Jon English


Kenneth & Norah Erb Lael Erickson David Essary Marcia J. Estes David Evans Carla Evans Ron Everett Lyric Ewing Michael Falen Tom & Linda Fanning Jim & Lisa Fansher Erik Fares Ralph & Cherri Farrar Darise Farris Richard & Connie Fehrmann Stanley Ferchau Jenny Ferguson Stephen Fernstrom Jef Fialkowski Eugene & Marianna Fielder Lynn Fielding Glen Fields Greg Fierle Warren V. Filley, M.D. James Finch Catherine Fischer Kim Fisher James Fitzpatrick Keith Fitzsimons Paul Fleming Judith Flesher Tom Flesher Greg Floerke Harry Flynn Dr. Teresa Folger

Amy S. Folsom Marshall & Chelsea E. Foo Larry Forsyth Valerie Forsythe David Fortenberry Mark Fortuna Kevin & Jennifer Fosbenner Brad Foster Jerry Foster Michael J. & Jennifer Foster G.E. Fowler Kathryn Zynda Fox Tamara Fox Walter Frank Robert Franke Kathryn A. Frankenfield Paul Franson Jason Franze Dustin Fredrick Ralph & Doreen Fredrickson Butch & Bobbie Freeman Rhona Freeman Randy Freer Paullettee French Bret L. Frie Lucy Fritts Katie Frost Henry D. Fry Andy & Jamie Fugate Michael L. & Jeanie Fuller Frank Gagliardi Fred & Jo Ann Gagliardi Janice Gales Michael Gallagher Angi Kelley Mathew Gambill

Gerald & Jane Gamble Chris Gander Benny & Brenda Garcia Bryan Garcia Melanie A. Garner Randy & Susan Garner Ann Trent Garrett Steve Garrett Louis M. Gasbarra Nina Gaugler Brigette Gean Garyl Geist Daniela Gencheva James N. George, M.D. Steven Gerards Michael Gerzina Jon Giffin Mike Gilbert Dennis F. Gimmel Jan Glasgow Travis Glauser Sheila K. Glenn Michael A. Goad Jim Gomez Teresa L. Gonsoulin Raymond Gonzales April & David Gonzalez Ismael & Shelly Gonzalez John Gorton Diane Gosey Matt & Shannon Gottschalk Robert Gottshall Allen F. Gould Paula Grace Mike & Gail Grady

Kemit Grafton Jack & Catherine Graham Jane Graham Terri & Thomas V. Graham Jr. Faith Grant Katherine L. Grant, M.D. Charles Grapes Thomas Graves Jim Gray John Gray Ken Gray Richard Green Rick Green Susan Green Suzanne Green Tracy Green Kajsa Greenhoward Bill Greenlees David & Pam Greenwell Warren Greer Brett Gresham Bob Greufe Timothy & Courtney Griffin Angela D. Griffis Cathy Gritts Melissa Gruenewald Vertis Grummert Rick Grundman Kevin & Kerri Guarnera Victor & Tammy Guarry Marinell & Ralph Guild Ralph T. Guild Hendrik Gulikers Marina Gustke Bill Haaland

LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 William J. Haaland Melissa Haas Marcus L. Haberichter Pat Hackler Lance Haffner James Hager Frederick C. Hall Greg & Linda Hall James E. Hall Jeffrey Hall Becky Hamby Ed Hamilton Kelly Hamilton-Coyer Mark A. Hamilton Scott Hamilton Chris & Julie Hammes Howard Hammett Mr. & Mrs. Royce Hammons Sam & Joy Hammons Traci Hampton Joel Hancock William Hancock Debra Moebius Handy Jon Hanna Donna Hardrick Chris Hardwick Susan Harkness Larry Harmon Larry & Debbie Harmon Mark Harmon Matthew Harper John Harrington Brian Harris David Harris Lauretta Harris Marva Harrison

Roger Harrod John Hart Margaret Ellan Hart Mealnie Harvey Kevin Harwi Jane Haskin Matt Hastings David & Kathy Hatch Richard T. Hatch, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hatmaker Daniel Hattaway Linda Havrilla Debbie Hawkins Larry & Paula Hawkins Susan E. Hawkins Daniel Hayes Mark & Deborah Hayton Christopher Hayward Rich Hearst Sheila Heim Gary Heinen Michael E. Heister Donny & Donna Heitzman Kim Henderson Stephen Henderson Steven G. Henderson Susan Henderson Jean D. Hendrickson Penn Henthorn Vernita Henry Warren Henry Dan Hensley Martin Herman Randy Herring Edward Herrman

Reid P. Herzog Samuel Hewes Shannon Hiebert Dean Higganbotham Charles & Sherry Higginbotham John Higginbotham Michael Higginbottom Joe Hight Harvey Hightower Neil Hightower Frank & Bette Jo Hill Rick A. Hill Lori Hillhouse Richard Hinkle Carla Quinette Hinton Tom & Debbie Hite Jimmie Hobbs Janis Hodges Marilyn Hoeffner Lisa Hoffman Jamie Hokett Brandon & Jennifer Holasek Zachary Holland Sissy Holloway Cliff & Jo Ann Holman Lanny & Kathy Holman Carol Holmes Tracy A. Holmes O. Melvin Holt Archie Holtan Andy & Elaine Hood Melissa Hoppe William G. Horn Kathryn O. Horner Philip F. & Marian B. Horning John Howard

Kate Howell Leon C. & Kathey Y. Howell Scott Hoyte Kenneth & Patty Hubble Cheryl Hudak John & Janet Hudson John & Helene Huff David & Lucinda Huffman Keystone Hughes Kasey Hundt James E. & Teri L. Hunter Todd & Debra Hutsell Travis Hyde Randy Ingargiola Jeff Ingerson Joann Ingle Garrett Jackson F. Gregg Jacob Joseph Jakofcich Karen James Bret Jameson Tim Jamison Tom Jantz Jim Jarrett Jr. Michelle Jarrett Deborah & Zeke Jenkins Eugene Jenkins Dan Jensen Dennis Jett Jim Jinkins Alex Johnson Amy Johnson Carlos E. Johnson Keith Johnson Kimberly Johnson Matt & Debbie Johnson

Scott Johnson Scott Johnson Jon L. Johnston Delilah Joiner Patsy Jones Brad & Sherry Jordan Michael E. Joseph Kathleen E. Jost Marti Jourden Margo Juergens Don & Nancy Juntunen Jim & Jan Karcher Patrick Karry Doug Kathol Scott & Cathy Kaufman Robert R. Kedy Michael Kehs John Keller Debbie Kelly Debby Kelly Dennis & Gwen Kelly Ronda Kelly Thomas Kelly Jean Kelsey Brad Kemp Josh Kemp Michael Kendrick Joseph Kennedy Robert Kennedy Joely Kennemer Chris Kenney Robert Kenworthy David Duane Kenyon Ken Kerrihasd Melissa Ketchum David & Lori Key John Kieschnick


LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Victor Kilby Jr. Brent Kile John Kilgallon Raymond & Kimberle Kilway Klaholt & Jerlene Kimker Bill Kimler Richard Kincade Becky King Beverly King Lois King Ronald Kingsley Jenifer Kinney Darrell Kinsey Leroy W. Kirk III Percy Kirk David Klaassen Matthew Klaassen Gordon Klundt Ted & Lisa Knatvold Jason Kneedy Greg Knight Steve Knowles John Knox Nancy Knox Julie & Craig Knutson James & Troyia A. Kobriger Sue Koehler Jerald Koehn Robert G. Koenig Gary L. Kofoed Mark & Donna Kramer Jennifer Kraszewski Karen Kreger Steve & Holly Kreidler Jim Kuhlman Jim Kwasny


Aaron Lacey Karen Ladusau Danessa Lambdin Linda P. Lambert Walter Lamle Laura Land Pascale Lane Elvin Lane Jr. Barbara & Jake Langthorn Gary & Rhonda Lassley Christopher S. Lawler Justin & Holly Lazzari Huy Le Randy & Cindy LeBlanc Dan LeDonne Christopher H. & Guihyun J. Lee David W. & Lynn Lee Norman D. Lee Louis LeFlore Steven Leitch Jeff Lenocker Scott & Susan Lerch & Family Stuart & Kitt Letcher Brad Levendofsky Gale Lewis Pat Lewis Randy Lewis Clint Lile Sylvia M. Lilley Paula Liotine Richard L. Lipe Jr. Rodney Lipe Peter & Suzi Liszewski Antony & Michelle Lloyd Stephen Lobaugh Robin Loeffelholz

MIKE & CONNIE FRANKLIN Chesapeake Energy & Bank of Oklahoma what does united way mean to the community?

It is a way for us to organize our efforts to ensure that we are taking care of our neighbors - those that many times would not ask for help, but benefit from that help greatly.

LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Alan & Deborah Loeffler Phil Logsdon Earl London David & Valerie Long Jake Long Shane Loudon Jerome Loughridge Sherryl Love Michael Lovell Michael Lovero Jack Lowry Charlotte L. Lumpmouth Lisa A. Lunsford Mary Lutz Anthony Luvera Michelle Lynch Victoria Lynch Michael & Ellen Lyons David Maberry Cheryl MacDonald Robert B. Macy Bill Madrid Herb Magley Stephen Magrini Daniel Mahoney Pat Mahoney Chuck Mai Keith Mallo John & Amy Manfredo Gary Marchbanks John Marshall Richard & Regina Marshall Robert Marti Fred & Ginger Martin Herbert & Marynm Martin Kerry & Amber Martin Lindsey Martin

Amanda Martinez Max Masters Gregory Matejcic Dale Matherly Richard Hutton & Marcia D. Matthews Linda Mattison Ken Maulsby Jeff Maxwell Edward D. Mayberry Janice & Robert Mayberry Glen & Roxie Maynard William McAlister Andrea McCall William G. McCandless John McCartney Cindy McClintock Sean McCollum Laura McCorkle Don & Evelyn McCoy Mark McCoy Riza V. McCoy Mark McCubbin Rick & Barbara McCune Gary & Janie McCurdy Rick McCurdy Pamela & Neldon McDaniel Tom J. McDaniel R. Kelly McElhaney Tim & Linda McFall Thomas L. McFarland Jordan McGee Connie Thrash McGoodwin M.Ed. Matt & Kelley McGuire Joshua McKee

Martina McKenzie Kelly McKinley Curtis McKinney Ken & Debbie McKinney Mitchell McKinnon Marty L. McKinsey David & Katie McKnight Scott & Michelle McLaws Bruce & Claire McLinn Chris M. McMahon Steve & Priscilla McMillen Jerry & Carla McNabb Larry McNutt Michael & Kathryn McNutt James McPhee Frank McPherson Ryan McQuillen Cristina McQuistion Gerald McRae James Meade Frances Mears Elizabeth Mechnig Dino Medina John McHenry Mee James Meek Mike Mellen Steve Melton Albert Menchaay Frank & Debbi Merrick Dr. & Mrs. Allan Metz Gregory Metz Chris Meyers Jonas Meza Sandi Michalicka Ronald D. Micue Lindsey Miles

Craig & Cindy Miller Marty Miller Mike Miller Tom & Peggy Miller Wentz & Carole Miller Steven & Tamiela Millican Karen Mills Steve Mills Robert B. Milsten Philip B. Miner, Jr. Jon Minson Rosalind Mitchell Greg Mitchum Mary Mobley Udayakiran Modugu Todd Moehlenbrock Rodolfo Molina Scott & Lauri Monetti Jay Monroe Kendra Monroe Brian Montgomery Casey Moore Cindi Moore Dennis R. Moore James Moore Maria A. Moore Michael Moore Stormy Moore Timothy Moore Daniel & Carolyn Morehead Carla Morgan Mack J. Morgan III Mark & Pam Morgan Todd Morgan Brenda Morgensen

John Morozuk Melinda Morris Steve Morris Nathan & Amber Morrison John Morrow Dorman & Sheryl Morsman Harry Moseley Don Mosher Dr. & Mrs. John S. Muchmore Gregory Muhlinghause Margaret Muhlinghause Larry Mullican John G. Munger Jack Murlin Sean Murphy Steven W. Myers Thomas N. Myers Mark & Laura Nance Mark Nault Leonardo Neece Donna Neel Bob & Diane Neely Robert & Freddie Nelon Bree Nelson Staci Nelson Colby Nesmith Ryan Neufelder Mike & Jeanne Neugebauer Kristopher Neuhold Tim Newville Lam Nguyen Rome Nichols Sean Nichols Diane Nickel Tony Nickel Jim T. Nield


LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Ann N. Ninh Mr. & Mrs. Rickey Noblett Norick Investment Company Dana & J. D. Northcutt & Family Yvonne Nottnagel Chris Novosad Vincent Nowaczewski Hannah Nowlin Drew Nugent David J. Nunez Daniel Oard Toby & Trish O’Brien Brian & Megan Ochs Patrick & Jessica Ockershauser Tuck Oden Chris Ogles Thomas O’Keefe Jennifer Oliver Karen Oliver Arthur Oneal Dara Oney Charles L. Oppenheim Evan Orgren Dr. William C. & Carol Orr Charles Osborn Wesley Osbourne Dave Osburn Bryan Ott Patricia I. Overhulser, M.D. Brian Overman Josh Overocker & Emily Griffin Overocker Cynthia Owen Ted Palmer


Ben Panfalone Jeanne C. Panza, DMD Daniel Parker Julie Parker Richard Parker Gary D. Parks Gary Parks Kyle E. Parks Lynette & Joe Parmley Martha Pate Douglas C. & Candace Patterson Hardy Patton Kathleen Patton Darlena D. Patty Marcus & Angela Payne Mark Payne Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Payne Jerry & Shelley Peace Johanna Torres Peier Dennis Pendleton & Karrie Oertli Bill Penhall Gregory & Sarah Peno Jeffrey Perkins Gena Perry Aida Peters Brent & Michele Peters Molly Peters Dale & Donita Petersen Paula Petersen Charles A. & Deborah A. Peterson Darcy Peterson Rhonda Petty Linda Phillips Margaret L. Phillips

Steven C. Phillips Michael Pickens Brian Pierson John Pinkerton Jeff Pinter Dale L. Pippin Michael Pittser Charles F. Plowman John Poarch Rachael Pollard Charley Pollock Dean Pollock Pat Polumbus Buz Poole Myron & Shanna Pope Tim Popp Erick Porter Harriette Porter Tom Portman Angela Ports Gary Potter Mr. & Mrs. Ray Potts Diane Pound JP Powell Robert Powell Steve Powell Santosh T. Prabhu, M.D. Timothy & Connie Sue Pranter John & Diane Prem Katie Price Samuel C. Price Stacy Prince Michael Privett Kirk Purnell Paul Pustmueller Brian Putnam

Paul Quattro Lawrence Querbach Shelly Quimby Mark Raidt S. Rusty Rains Mr. & Mrs. Pedro V. Ramirez Alyse M. & Robert G. Ramsey Charles Ramsey Shawn & Kimberly Randall Allison Ratliff Diana Rawdon Lacosta Rawls Bill & Sally Ray Joe Ray Mike Ray Sherry Ray Pat Reaves Ken Rechlin Ronda L. Redden Jim Redfearn Jonathon Reece Donovan & Melissa Reed Michael Reed Scott Reed & Terri White Steve Reed Harold Reel Stephen Reel Michael S. Reeves Mike Reeves Christina Rehkop Richard & Cindy Reich John & Pattie Reichenberger John & Cynthia Reid Jim Reisch

Vicki Repetto Berta Faye Rex Glenn Reynolds Irma Rezanour James Rhodes Fred L. & Sherri M. Rhoten Clendon Rice Jeanette Rice Lonnie & Risa Rice Lori Renee Rice Patrice Rich Elizabeth Richards Jack Richards Vicki A. Richardson Shannon D. Richey Lekeda Richmond Julie Ridlon Brad B. Riebe Harold Rieker Mark Rinehart Leon Rippee Pamela R. Roberts William Roberts Jr. Rebecca Robertson Scott Robertson Carole Robinson Steve Robinson William J. & Jan Robinson Lance & Michelle Robnett Sandra Rochell Raul F. Rodriguez John & Erin Rogers Mike & Kelly Rogers Randy Rogers

LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Cynthia Rohloff John Romine Patrick & Marianne Rooney K. Randy & Tamara Roper Curtis T. Ross Mike Ross Mike Rossiter Brian K. Routh Gary Rowlett Carl J. Rubenstein, M.D. Kent Rugeley Richard A. Rumsey Ken Rushing Wendy Russell Jeff Rust David E. Ruyle Robert Ryan Fawn Sachleben Donna Jo Sadler Leslie A. Saenz Bryan Sagebiel Stephen Sakamoto John & Barbara Salama Nick & Lora Samarripas Claudia San Pedro Richard Sandefur Mary Ann Sanders Shelley L. Sanders Matt Sanderson Eddie Saroch Heath & Kelley Satterfield John Satterfield Sally Saunders David Sawyer David Scalf Hank Scheel

Devin Schindele Bob Schmicker Gail Schmidt Brian Schmit Dave Schoonmaker Colin Schoonover Kurt Schrantz Charles P. & Kathleen Schroeder David J. Schroeder, Ph.D. Clinton M. Schwab Donna Sciulara Brian Scott Clay Scott Heather Scott Wiley & Patricia Scott Claude Seaman Phil & Nancy Sears Russell Sears David M. Seat & Mary Lynn Seat Michael & Jennifer Seaton Paul Sechrist Tim Seeley Theresa M. Seitz Dale Self Laura Self Janet Selling Dawn R. Lowe & Don Serup Auggie Setiadarma Gina Sewell Susan Seymore Nicole Shanks Dennis Shannon Douglas Shannon Lisa Shannon

Mike Shannon Stan & Sheree Shaw John W. Shawver II Dan Shearer Mary Sheets David John Shelden Carl & Robin Sherrill Michael Sherwood Carmelita R. Shinn Glen & Kathy Shipley Vance Shires Willard & Jane Shisler Dennis & Janet Shockley Kim Shoemake Lindell & Paige Shoemake Patrick D. & Jan F. Shore Teresa Shuffield Aaron Siemers Rhonda Sifford Kenneth Sigl Richard M. Sigler John & Kristin Simpsen David & Amy Sine Janice Singer Jankowsky Leigh Singleton Eric & Diane Sisemore Larry & Paula Skoch Cory Slaughter Steve Slawson Edward Slovacek Jeffrey Smail Diana Smalley Scott & Kelly Smelser Bert Smith Ginna Smith Jacob Smith Jeanne Hoffman Smith

Ken Smith Lee Allan & DeAnn Smith Linda Smith Michael Smith Michelle Smith Michelle Smith Oran Smith Richard C. Smith Robert L. Smith Steve Smith Zac Smith Troy Snowden Bill Snyder Preston Soell Michael Sohn Chris Sorrells Jimmy Sparks Charles Speer Jeff Speligene Eric & Kelly Sperling Cassidy Speyers Sherrie Spitz Mike Stackhouse Russell & Sarah Stafford Ryan & Brandy Stafford Craig Staley Brian & Deb Stanaland Stephen Stands Don & Julie Stanley Tamara Stanley H. Leo Staples Jr. Jack Stark Dorothy Stasser Mark & Sheila St. Cyr Greg Steele Greg Steelhammer Linda Steen

Vera Stelter Michael Stephan Terry Stephens Donald Stevens Robbie Stewart Stephanie Stewart William Stewart Edna Stinnett Robin Stinson Jayson Stock Erika Stockton Barbara Stone C. Renzi Stone Victor P. Stotler Mark Stout Sheila Stout Carl N. Stover Dennis Stover Tim & Marylee Strange Dan Straughan & Mary Lurry Bob Streeter Brenda Stremble Chris & Kim Stroh Vivyan Strong Joe Strunk Crystal Stuhr Steve Stulce Shanan Stutes, M.D. Julio Suarez Rick Summerlin Terri Sumpter Tom Surratt David & Jane Sutter Anastasia Svec Nicholas D. Swartz Walt Swiderski


LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Jennifer Swift Karen Swisher Brian Szmanski Marilyn J. Taber Tim Tackett Will Talley Charles Tanner Mike Tarpley Kathryn Tash Randy Tate Tony Tate Alison Taylor Archie Taylor John Taylor Ray Taylor Ricky L. Taylor Deena Teehee Pam Teply Michael Tepper Stewart Terbush Frankie Terry Algert L. Tesney Linda & Gary Tharp Virginia Theinert Brad Thomas Braden & Allison Thompson Kathy Thompson Linda F. Thompson Mark & Nancy Thompson Matt Thompson Sheryl Thompson Steven Thompson Lisa F. Thompson John Thorkelson


Robert C. Thornburg Brian & Julie Tibbs Todd J. & Leah K. Tidwell Linda Tillinghast Matt & Megan Tilly Cynthia Timberlake Stephanie Timmermeyer Loyd Tinsley Brent Tipton Peggy D. Tipton Gary Tisdale James Tittle Beth & Jim Tolbert Bob & Mary Toler Michael Toler Patrick & Robin Tolson Robert D. Tomlinson Nancy Toney-Sade Tammy Townsend Phyllis Trammell Robby & Linda Trammell Joanne Travis David Treadwell Kent Treadwell Gary Tredway Jason & Emily Trice Paul Trimble Jenni Troutman Ronald Truelove Bryan Tucker Trina Tucker Chris & Sharon Turner Kristi Turner Michele Turner Mike & Susan Turpen Bill Underwood

Rick Urash Mark Van Landingham Anita Vanderveer Garry Varney Steve & Merrie Lynn Vaughan Theresa Vaughan Amber Vawter Patti Verhille Pete Vermillion Patrick Vinson Kathryn & Walter Violette Lindsey Vise Justin E. & Marguerite Vogt Curtis J.Voyles Joshua & Kathy Waddell Nikki Wade Eddie Walker & Tim Fields J. Glenn Walker Linda Walker Yvette Walker Ron & Maria Wallace Scott Wallace Rick & Darcie Wallenmeyer John Waller Cindy Walling Margaret Walsh William Walter Michael Walters Terri Walters Charles Walworth William R. Wandel Bryce Ward James & Lisa Ward Pam & Scott Ward Al Warner

Jeff Warner Kimmie Warren Robert L. Warren Jr. Stephen & Julie Washam Kari & Hardy Watkins Nick Wavers Jennifer C. Weast Michael Weatherholt Drew & Ginny Webb Kristie Webb Aaron Webster Kenny Wehrenberg Jeff Weides Jennifer Weinland Diana Welch Dr. James & Mary Wells John & Vicki Wending Steven Wendte Mary Wesson D. Gene Westover Harry Wetz Jr. Jane Wheeler Robert Wheeler Douglas White Linda White Susie White Christina Whiteside Raymond Whitley Jr. Ryan Whitlow Mark & April Whitman Kim Whyburn George F. Wicks David Wiist Charles Wilburn Pamela Wiley Chad Wilkerson

Kim Wilkerson W. G. Wilkerson Arthur W. Williams Avilla Williams Barbara Williams C. Mark Williams Dori Williams Hardy Williams Mark & Michelle Williams Oda Williams Patty Williams Shirley Williams Teresa A. Williams Bob & Sheryl Willingham Mark Wilmes Cassandra Wilson Curtis & Wendi Wilson Kent B. Wilson Kevin & Denise Wilson LaDonna Wilson Randy Wilson Stanley Wilson Fred & Jamie Winnard Patricia Wisehart Vivian Wilson, M.D. Craig Wittenhagen Randy Witzel Jeff & Alison Wolf Jolanda Womack Carla Wood Daniel Wood Steve Wood Christi & Eric Woodworth Jeff Woolsey Rebecca A. Workman Lacey Wright

LEADERS $1,000 - $2,499 Sharron D. Wright Todd & Keiko Wright Kevin A. & Laurayne A. Wudi Chesley Wyatt Jim & Gina Xenos Michael Yarbrough David Yard Laura Yates Ye Yong Donald Young James N.Young Kerri G.Young Michael Young Gabe & Linda Zablatnik Anne E. Zachritz Mallory Zelawski Brad & Amy Zerger James Dean Zeuch Jenny Zhang Twenty-four anonymous members

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Dave Abeln Don Abernathy Jr. Paula Abla Jason Acock Beth & Dan Adams Daniel & Christina Adams Dennis Adams Dorene Adams Greg Adams John Adams Kerri Adams Norvella Adams Peter Adams Shawn Adams Wayne R. Adams Mike Adel Kim Adkins Randy Adkisson Rhonald Aebischer Susan Agel John Agnitsch Virginia I. Aguilar Roger Ahuja Catherine Aikman Gary Aker William Albert Donna Albright Alex Alderson David Alexander Marcus O. Alexander William & Sally Alexander Jose A. Alfonso Larry Alkire James Allbee Barbara Allee

Cari J. Allen Chaz Allen Cindy E. Allen Eric Allen Helen Allen Justin Allen Kane Allen Matthew Allen Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Allen Jack Alley Rick Alliss Donna W. Allred Mark Allred W. Almen Ryan Almstrom Chris Altom Muayyad Al-Ubaidi Richard Alvarez Lisa Alwert Sam Amadi Bradley Aman Sherri Amstutz Kristine Anaya Carol Anderson David Anderson DeLois Anderson Jack Anderson Jon Anderson Kerri Anderson Lisa Anderson Richard D. Anderson Vonnie Anderson Wes Anderson Coye Andrews Dayle Andrews

Tim Andrews Mike Angeles Debra Anthony Robert Anthony Gregory Appleton Stefanie Appleton Steve & Shannon Archer Larry Archibald Malinda Archibald James Argo Dann Armour Jeffrey Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Glen Armstrong Suzanne Armstrong Rebecca Arnold Lew C. Arnold Paul Arvin Dewayne Ashford Bill & Teri Ashworth Ryan Astheimer Ryan Atwell Aaron Aubrey Robbi Aucoin Tina Auge Danielle Austin Rebecca Avant Jeffrey Avery Ruth Ann Avery Toni Avery Filiberta Avila Brenda K. Baehler Henry Baer Evan Bagley Willie Bagwell Amy Bailey

Barbara Bailey Lori Bailey Bryan Bain Vernon Baird Linda Baity Julia Bakeman Charles Baker Hollie Baker Leslie Baker Robbin K. Baker Rod Baker Donald Balaban Sitaraman Balakrishnan David Balan Denice Baldwin Teresa Baldwin Barbara Bale Jennifer Ball Ralph & Marilyn Ball Tanya Ball Barry Ballard Cherokee Ballard Levi Ballard Lisa Ballard Lisa Bambara Lydia Banker Brandon Banks Quentin Banks Summer Banks Chris Barber Amelia Bardwell Nathan Barger Mel Barker Randy Barker Seth Barkocy


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Craig Barnard Franklin N. Barnes Joann Barnes Ryan Barnes Dennis Barnett Jennifer Barreras Cecelia Barrington John & Rebecca Barsetti J. Edward Barth Philip & Carol Bartholomew Starla L. Barlett Shelley Bartusch Chris Basehart Cecile H. Baskett David Bass Jim & Kay Bass Michael & Paige Bass John Bassett Curt Bates Erin Batey Donald & Lynn Batson Jeffery Battaglia Jeremy Battle Stacey Baty James Bauer Steve & Renee Bauer Kay Bauman Carter Baumert Hope Baumgarner Dean Baustert Gil Bayer Tanishia Beacham Jeff Beagle Michelle Beal


Alberta L. Bean Melody A. Beard Tim Beard Carolyn Beatty Kimberly S. Beaucourt Geoff Beaulieu Matt Beavers Mike Bechtel Lori Bedford Francy Beesley Tom Behrens Lauren Belflower Paul Belflower Jamel Belhadi Jason Bell Robert Rex Bell William M. Bell Judy Bellamy Ryan Bellew Dr. Joy Reed Belt George Benard Michelle Bender Terri Benear Perry & Donna Bennett Robert Bennett John Berger Katy Bergman Bill Bergner Kelly A. Berhalter Reba Berkheiser Catherine Bermudez Rosalio Bermudez Christine Berney Natasha Bernhardt Baylen Berry

William Best Bryan Bevins Robert F. Bewley Jennifer Beyer Gordon Beznoska Christopher Biagi Karen K. Bigaouette Kenneth & Suzanne Biggs Maria Billicana Keith Bingham Lindsay Birch Ed Birdshead Chris Black Cynthia Black Stephan Black Amy Blackburn Bob & Debbie Blackburn Lisa Blaich Richard Blair Sean Blair Diane Blake Joseph Blakey Veronica Blakley Travis Blalock Hilarie Blaney Gerry N. Blankenship James Blankenship Jap W. Blankenship Sherri Blethen Susan Blethrow Laren Blevins Roy Todd Blevins Celeste Blochowiak David Blows Darlene Blundell

Dot Blythe Amanda K. Bobo Stephen Bobo Carla Bodwell Eugene Boeckman James & Dayna Boggs George H. Bohn Jr. Brent Boles Laura Bolton-Cantrell Deborah Bond Janie Bond Jennifer Bono Meghan Booker Bob Boone Alan Booth Johnny A. Boreham Cathy Borjas Byron Boshell Tim Bostick Kristin Bottom Baxter Boughan Don & Grace Boulton Jerry Bowen Marcia C. Bowermon Deven Bowles Donnie Bowman Paul Bowyer Max Boyd Scott Boyd Drew Boyer Kyra Boyer Terri Bradburry Reagan Bradford Tara Bradley Karla Bradshaw

Tammy Brakebill Jessica Bramlett Kathie C. Branch Dustin Brand Kelly Brander Michael Brandt Elizabeth Branham Mark Brawley Avis Bray Holly Bray Zac Bray Robert & Barbara Brearton Tom Breninger Edwin Bryan Brewster Shawn P. Bennan Randy & Susan Brewer Janice Bricker Brian Briggs Molly Brill Jordan Brim Douglas Briscoe Chris Bristol Wayne & Delia Bristol Greg Britt Neil H. Britten Greg Brooke Deanne Brooks Raymond Brooks Scott Brooks Susan Hardy Brooks Tom Brooks Schnelle E. Broome Tanner Broomfield William J. Bross

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Rhett A. Brotherton Steven Broudy Deanna Brouillette Chris Broussard Cecily Brown David Brown Elzora Brown-Rowland Gregory Brown Gwendolyn L. Brown Harlan Brown Holli D. Brown James Brown James R. Brown Karen Brown Kimberly Brown Mark Brown Pamela Brown Richard Brown Ricky Brown Tela Brown Jason Bruce Mary Bruce Melinda Brumfield Jaime Bryce Richard Buchanan Rusty Buck Jennifer Buckmaster Donald & Glenda Buckmier Nichole Buckner Diana Buechle Ryan Buersmeyer Bill Bullard Karl Bullard James & Lyndel Buller

Michael Bullock Kenton Bulson Duane Bunch John Burch Marion Burcham John Burcher Lisa Burchfield Adrienne Burden Kimberly Burke Kenneth Burkhart John Burkhouse Linda Burleson Yvonne Burleson Judi Burnett LeAnne Burnett Ronald Burnett Stephen Burns Dave Burrow Alan & Patricia Burton Roger Burton Christopher Busby Wilson Busby Aaron Bush Earnest Bush Dennis L. Butler Sheila Butler Barbara Butner Jennifer Buxton Sharon Bycko James & Karen Byers Dennis & Samonia Byford David Byrne Patrick C. Byrne Cristina L. Byrne Alan Byrnes

Matt Cagigal Bernest Cain Jr. Gary Cain Kathie Calbone Chalista Calderwood Laura Calderwood Linda Caldwell Peggy Caldwell Matthew Callaway Dale Callicoat Chris Calvert Christopher Calvert Karen Campbell Ken Campbell Scot Campbell Scott Campbell Stanley Campbell Aaron Canales Bill Canfield Jami Canfield Marti Canida Julia Cannedy James Canon James Canton Aaron & Scharon Cantrell Cynthia Cantrell Jon & Stacy Cantu Skippy Capps Taylor Caraway John & Deborah Cardoza Wayne Cardwell Chris Carender Donald Carey Ramona Carey Laura Carey

Terry Cariker Cathy Carlson Jennifer Carlson Thomas Carlson John M. Carpenter Patrick Carr Robert Carr Ron Carr Gayzette Carson Marcia M. Carson Larry Carter M. Scott Carter James & Dona Cartwright John Carver Mac Carver Bob Case John Casey Charles Cash II Matthew & Cristy Cash Suzanne Casper Christopher Casteel Michael Castell Myron Castleberry Corrine Castro Karen Cathey Lisa Cavanaugh Ann Cawthon Frank & Leah Cedeno Bruce & Anissa Chadick Elizabeth H. Challis Marilyn Chambers Melissa Chambers Robert Clay Chambers Tom Champ

Deborah Chandler Randy Chandler Rhonda Chandler James Chapman Larry Chapman Philip Chapman Cheryl Charter Sue Chase Roman Chavez David Cheek Kelley Cheek Kathy Cheesman Brian Chenault Kara Chiodo Steve Chipera Dana Hope Chism Kent & Sharon Chrisman Rachel Clapp Amanda Clark Andrew Clark Carol Ann Clark Cherokee Clark Gary Clark Margaret Clark Matt Clark Mitchell Clark Stephen Clark T. Brandon Clark William Clark Joseph A. Claro Mr. & Mrs. Tony Claunch Nolan Clay Steven Clay Brad Claypool Dana Clayton


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Cathy Claytor Cynthia Clegg Bryan Clem Ryan & Vicki Clem Lyn Clements Norman Cleveland Eric Cline Megan Clinkenbeard Alan Coad Katherine Coats Mike & Melissa Coats Tammy Coe Kathleen Coffman Adam Cohen Janet Coker Ronald Colbert Stephen Cole Susan Cole William D. Cole Graciel Coleman Keith Coleman Michelle Coleman Robert & Robie Coleman Terry Coles Charles Collier Shandon Collier David & Julie Collins Michael P. Collins Mike Collins Robert (Bobby) Collins Melinda Colquitt Michael Combs Sharlett Combs Melissa Condley Bill Condon


Jerold Conner Terree Cassens Josh Conrad Shawn Conrad Paul Conway Scott Coody David Cook Jeff Cook Allen Cooksey Bob Cooksey Linda Cooper Scott Cooper Teresa Cooper Kyle Copeland Iris F. Copeland Martha Coppernoll Alex Corbitt Justin Corcoran Ron & Andrea Cordell Carolyn Corn Jennifer Cornwell Angela Cosby Dan Costello Kayla Costner Joseph Cotton Sydney Couch Mickey Coultes Lonnie & Linda Courtright Patrick Cousins Zach Cowden Shannan Cowden-Webb Benjamin Cowley Jr. Glenn Cox Jeremy Cox Rodney Coyle

DR. GEORGE E. YOUNG & DR. THELMA CHAMBERS YOUNG Holy Temple and University Place Christian Church

why is united way important to you?

It has a broad impact upon our community. It is a driving force in stabilizing the community and is central in assisting those who touch lives in distress.

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 John Cradduck Terri Craft Chad Craig Frank Craig Mark S. Craig Samuel Craig The Craig Family: Darin, Lone, Evie & Zi Dan Joseph Crall Sean & Angela Crandall Robert Craven Rex Cravens Teri Cravens Dustin Crawford Loretta Crawford Nathan Crawford Ruth Crawford Joe Creech Terry Creed Quinton Crenshaw Shawn Crichley John Crittenden Edwin Miller & Rita Crockett Dan Crofford Jerry Crone Quanna Cronister Murphy Crosby Antoine Cross Pamela S. Cross Robert Cross Sabine Crowder Bradley J. Crowdis Renee Crowel Bruce Crum Timothy Crutcher

K.W. Cryer Priscilla Cude Greg Cudjoe Steve Culbertson William Culbertson Stephen Cummings Jeff & Carolyn Cummins Kathryn Cunningham Paul Cunningham Phillip Curlin Robert Curling Dillon Curran Jason Currie Allen B. Curry Benjamin & Ashlee Curry Nancy Curry Neva Sue Curry Olen D. Curry Ashleigh Curtis L.E. Curtis Glenn Cushenbery Carolyn Cuskey Ann Dagg Steve Daghlian Colleen Dame Marvin & Tammy Damron Ashley Daniel Michelle Daniels Lori Dankenbring Kara Dawn Darnell Chris L. Daughtrey Barbie Quinn Davis Deanna Davis Ilena M. Davis John C. Davis

Joseph Davis Joyce Davis Khari Davis Martha Davis Michael Davis Paul Davis Terry Davis Todd Davison Roger Day Anna De La Rosa Jana Dean Jim & Pam Dean Judith Dean Landon Dean Philip Dean Shirley E. Dearborn, M.D. Ivan Deatsch Shelley Deck Cary & Stacey Decker David Deering Cheryl Dees Warren R. DeFerbrache Dana DeFrees Cathy DeGiusti Christy D. DeGiusti Michael Delaney Kevin Delay Drew DeLozier Cheryl Delzer Jenny DeMoss Jennifer Dempsey Donald Denard Linda Denison Eric Denneny Christie N. Dennis

Margaret Anne Dennis Todd Dennis Bridget DeNoya Nancy Dentlinger Chris Determan Chisholm Deupree Lawrence Dewett Chase Dickens Michael J. Dickey Warren L. Dickson Jan Dietrich Keven Dill Michael Dillard Donna Dillinger Jennifer Dinges Kyla Dinwiddie Michael Dionisio Eddy & Deniece Ditzler John R. Divelbiss Joel Dixon Kara Dixon Larry Dixon Shanna Dixon Sherry Dixon Dr. James & Pat Dixson Elaine Dodd Karla Dodge-Cook Gordon Dodson Cathy Dolezal Kevin L. Dollins Brian Dombroski Matt Donley Whitney Donley Mary E. Donnelly Andrew Donohue

Carl Doss Adam Doty Dawn Douglas Michael Douglass Claire Douthitt Cheryl M. Dowis Scott Downey Rebecca Downy Elda Drake Pam Drake Earl & Kimberly Draper Jo Laine Draugalis Judy Driskel Dana Drury Mr. Duerson Clint Duesman Kim Duffle Drew Dugan & Jennifer Hopper Bobbie Duke Mindy Duke Thomasena Dumas Bill Dunford Jim Dunford Bryan Dunn Jody Dunn Mikel Dunnagan Patrick Dunnagan Cuong Duong Tre & Kelli Dupuy Dilwyn Duree Josh & Tracey Duvall Chase Dwiggins Aaron Dycus Cynthia Dye


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Donna G. Dyer Jeff Dyer Greg Dykes Jarin Dykstra Jude Dysart Ken Eason Jody East Jonathan Easter Ryan Easter Michael Eastmond David Eberhardt Derek Ebert Marcus & Laurie Eby Kim Eckley Joseph Eckroth Kristina Edelman Thomas Edelstein Alecea Edwards Justin & Jennifer Edwards Pamela L. Edwards Wendell Edwards Mark Ehrhard Randy R. Eisert Carla Elam Treasa Marie Elam Marc Elasmar Jason Elder Jason Eliot Linda Elkins Jon Ellard Susan M. Ellerbee Catey Elliott Catherine Elliott Colin Elliot


Randall Elliott Michele Y. Elliott Jason Ellis Marty L. Ellis Randy Ellis Aaron Elyachar Amber Embrey Jessica Emerson Patricia S. Eneff David English James English Paula Enix Jan E. Epps Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Epstein Keith Erickson Harriet Ervin Sam Erwin Kim Escovedo Frank Eskridge Nicholas Estrada Allen D. & Sherron S. Evans Christa Evans Kathy Evans Mark Evans Terrence Evans Ronnie Ezell Dennis Fairchild Kent Faison Robert Fant James Farha Leslie Farha Keith Faris Janice Farmer Scott M. Farrington

Cabel Faulkner Ursula Faus Samuel Faust & Gwen Burkhardt James Favors David Feisal H. Gene Feisal Francies Feliciano-Simmons Michael Felty Terry Fendley Brad & Celine Ferguson Jed Ferguson Michelle Ferguson Robbie Ferguson Michael Feroli James Ferrell Mario Vicente Ferrer Hugh Ferringer Sonia Fideli Saenz Valles Roberta Fields Teresa A. Fife Michael Figgins Amanda Filbeck Michael Finley Steve Fiscus Ronnie P. Fisher Danny Fitch Che Fitzgerald Darryl Fitzgerald Ashley Fitzpatrick Theresa Flannery Douglas Flaten William Fleming Steven Fleske Bobby Fletcher

Lauren Fletcher John S. Flewelling Russ Florence Larry Flowers Doug Floyd Dawn Folmar Nelson & Erin Fong Mr. Fontenot Nadyne Ford Mathea A. Ford Loyd Fore Destiny Foreman Kathy Foreman William & Julie Foreman Richard & Debra Forshee Michael Forstrom David Foss David E. Foster Andrea Fox David Fox Forrest G. Fox Michelle Fox Barbara Frailey Jill Fraim David Frankenfield Connie & Mike Franklin Raymond Franks Kent Frates Alexander Frazier Dustin Freeman Kelley Freeman Travis Frels Bradly & Emily Freshour Kristin Friday Philip Friesen

Walter Friesner Jr. Toni Frioux Eric Frost Dr. Emily & Mr. Travis Frye Rachael Fugate Toby Fullbright Doug & Susie Fuller Gary Fuller Mandy Fuller Kenton W. Fulton Randy Gafford Cynthia Gahl Steve Gaither Shannon Galberth Paula Gallagher Robert Gallana Beau Galloway Cleab Gamble Julie Gamblin Jake Gamboa David Gandall Stephanie Gannaway Ken Garcia Miguel Garcia Barry Gardner Billy Gardner Regina Gardner Monty R. Garner Tim Garner Karla Garrett Lynn Garrett Paul Garrett Terry Garrett Lexie Garrison Jonathan N. Gary

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Tim Gaston Lisa Gates Ewan Gatherer Brenda Gauntt Christopher Gaylord Jim Gebhart Julie Geddes Lori Geiger Paul Geisinger Bradley B. Gentry Charles Gentry Scott Gibbs Christi Gibson G. Gibson Jr. Juanita Gibson Travis J. Gibson Ruth Giddens Helen Gigger Hugh Gilliland Tom Gilmore Harriett R. Ginn Jim Gipson Zachary Gladhill Connie Glaze Jeff Gleim Scott Glenn Celeste Gloria Sunnie Glover Linda K. Lynn & Ed Godfrey Barry Godman Neva Godwin Summer L. Goebel Ana Gomez Paul R. Gomez

Walkidia Gomez Debby & Jimmy Goodman Gennifer Goodrum Donald A. Goodson Charles Goodwin Cindy Goodwin William Goodwin Richard Goralewicz Kevin Gordon Barbara Goss Glenn Gottschalk Lawrence Grable Evan Grace Michael Graden Zach Gragg John Graham Marlina Graham Suzanne Graham William & Gayle Graham Ken Grant Mark Graves Susan Graves Douglas Gray M. Steven Gray Nancy Gray Shane Gray Terrell Gray Tom R. Gray III Brent Green Brian W. Green William Green Donny Greenawalt Alan Greene Christopher Greenwell

Donna Greer Randy & Pattie Gregg Lisa Gail Grego Robert A. Gregory Letha Grellner Glenn Gresham Loren Gresham Brett Griffin Devyn Griffin Dr. Gloria Griffin Jeff Griffin Ronald Griffin Steve Griffin David Griffith William Griffith Theresa C. Grochowsky Debbi Groh Roxanne Groves Katherine Grow Dave Grumieaux Lynn Grumieaux John P. Grunsted Ramana Gudapati Anurag Gupta Joshua Gurney Pamela Gutel Bryan Guzak Timothy A. & S. Elaine Haack Corbin Hackett Ashley Hackler Mary Haddad Pablo Hadzeriga Zac Hager Heather Haglund

Lea Hain Karlyn Hake Greg Hakman Mitch A. Hale Rick Hale Julie Haley Victor Haley Billy Hall Joe Charles Hall Pamela Hall Richard Hall Steve Hall Steven Hall Lindsey Hall-Wiist Mark Hamblin Lori Hames Shane Hamilton Weston Hamilton Jackie E. Hammers John Hammon Tresa Hammond Karen Haney Harold Hanke Stacey Hankinson Judy Hanna Ross Hansen Ben Hanson Mr. & Mrs. E. Sidney Hanson Thea Hapster Kirk Harbert Julie Hardell Martin Hardell Nicholas Hardwick John Hare

Jennifer Hargis Ron & Susie Hargrove Gary Harjo Krista O. Harke Evelyn Harms John Harned Patricia A. Harper Cathy Harrell Charlie Harrington Amber J. Harris Charles Harris Connie Harris Ellen Harris Joe Harris Kenneth Harris Kyle Harris Mark Harris Michael & Joleen Harris Mike Harris Morgan & Graham Harris Pamelia Harris Shirley Harris William Harris Beth Harrison Thomas E. Harrison Todd Harry Brent Hart Karen Hart Michael Hart Michael Hart Karen Hart-Davis Brian & Dianna Hartgrove Tim & Diana Hartley Shirley Hartline Morgan Hartman


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Susy E. Hartman Ty Hartman Christina Harvey Steven Harzman Diane Haser-Bennett Laquetha Haskins Jennifer Hast Matt Hatami Sherry Hatcher Donna A. Hatchett E. Anne Hathcoat Jennifer Hatley Alan Hatter Rudy Hauck Jackie Haverly Darcy Hawkins Jason & Jenni Hawkins Joseph Hawkins Kari Hawkins Philip Hawkins Victoria Hawkins Michael Haxton James Hayes Kevin L. Hayes Peggy Hayes Rodney Hayes Barry Haynes Jean Haynes Terry D. Head Mandy Heaps Amy Hearn Aaron Heathcock Kathy Heatherly Joe L. Heaton Robert Hefner IV


Stephanie Heiden Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Heimbach Fred Hein Heather Helterbrand Rob Hembree Jason Henderson Rebecca Henderson Tracy Henderson Alan & Mary Hendrick Jeremy Hendricks Tim Hendrickson Mary Henning Chris Henry Honorable Robert Henry Julie Henry Melody L. Henry Eric Hensley Dave Henson Michelle Hepner Mickey Hepner Kevin Herd & Robin Davison-Herd Sam K. Herd John Hermes Jennifer Hernandez Michael Hernandez Alan Herzberger Elisabeth Hesser John G. Hester Sheila Hibdon Clark Hickman Matthew Higdon G.P. Johnson Hightower Michelle Hileman Bethany Hill

Chris Hill Chris Hill Christopher M. Hill Dewayne Hill Harvey Hill Jane Hill Jim D. Hill Keith Hill Richard Hill Rick Hill Vicki Hill Marc Hille Gwen Hillhouse Wayne & Heather Hillicoss John & Kristen Hillis Cynthia Hilterbrand Roy Hinds Joel Hinson Steve Hoaglund Joseph Hobbs Lillian Hobbs Rita & William H. Hoch Ashlyn Hodge Jason R. Hodges Keith Hodges Susan Hoehner Danielle Hoeltzel Donna Hoffman Roy Glen Hoffman William Hoffman Deanna Hogue Tammy Hogue Rodney Hokett Tony Holden

Esli Holguin Angela Holland Charles Holland Pat Hollingshed Mark Hollingsworth Buz Holloway Janice Holloway Bryce Holmes Steve Holmes Don Holt John William & Sue Hood Josh & Whittney Hood Koko Hook Hope Hooks Maurice E. Hoover Jr. Travis Hopfer Tim Hopkins Donna M. Hopkins Amy Hopmann Randy Hopper David Horn Tracie Horn Brian Horner Kimberly Horton Richard & Lynn Horton Scott Horton Shannon Hotte Chad Hotz Warren Hough Pete Hounslow Debbie Houston Kelli Howard Rhonda Howard Kristi Howell Sandra Howerton

David Howlett Danielle Hrabar Amy Hubble Michael Hubler M.T. Huddleston Marcus Huddleston David Hudson Deborah Hudson Richard & Patricia Hudson Jeff & Kristi Huelskamp Kandi Huereca Pamela Huff John Hughes McKinley Hughes Michael Hughes Andrew Hull Justin Hull Raymond Hulley Tracy Hulsey John & Beth Humphries Tyler Humphries David Hunt David Hunt Kaitlyn Hunter Tami Hunter Stanley & Suzie Hupfeld Joel Hupp Penny Hurley Douglas A. Hurst Hussong Family Carolyn Hust Cristy Hutchens David Hutchins Carrol Hutchison Brian Ingalls

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999

Oklahoma is the only NON-COASTAL STATE listed among the

TOP THREE STATES with the greatest number of major disaster declarations. Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency

United Way and its network of 61 Partner Agencies provide collaborative resources in the event of a community crisis or disaster. The American Red Cross of Central Oklahoma, Heartline,The Salvation Army, and Catholic Charities are just a few examples of the many nonprofits which remain vigilant 24/7 - ready to serve our communities.

Everett Ingraham Justin Ingram Michael S. Ingram Michael Ives Laura Ivy Angela Jackson Darlene P. Jackson Devin Jackson James & Becky Jackson James Jackson Jeremiah Jackson Kevin M. & Robye K. Jackson Michael S. Jackson Raymond Jackson Rick Jackson Scott Jackson Tera Jackson Mark C. James Nancy Jamroz Omar Janjua Chris Janka Gary Jarmon Carl Jarvis Tami Jarvis Daryl Jay Sathish Jayapal Shelly Jech Marian Jeffcoat Matthew Jeffcoat Alan Jefferson Lisa Gonshor Jefferson Cate Jeffries Megan Jeffries Christopher Jenkins

Mary Jenkins Robin Jenkins Shaum Jennings Christi Jernigan Karen Jobe Bob Joest Christy Johnson Daniel Johnson David Johnson David Johnson Debra Johnson Donnie Johnson James Johnson Jerris & Heather Johnson John Johnson Karen Johnson Ken Johnson Kristie Johnson Laura A. Johnson Lisa Webb Johnson Mark Johnson, M.D. Paul A. Johnson Jr. Stephen Johnson Tia Johnson Tracy Johnson Troy Johnson Willa Johnson Natalie Johnson-Papageorge Joseph Johnston Lori Johnston Michael & Cynthia Johnston Steve Johnston Bob Jones Charles Jones Cynthia Jones

Deanna Jones Donnie Jones Gary Jones Jeremy Jones Katherine A. Jones Ken & Sandi Jones Lucien C. Jones Monica Jones Randy A. Jones Sean Jones Stefanie Jones Susan K. Jones Tim Jones Chad Jongeling Douglas Jordan John & Carol Jordan Troy Jordan April Jorgensen Donald Jowers Mr. & Mrs. Juhnke Julie Jungman Randel & Valerie Jury Patrick Kamann Sheena Karami Miles Karpe III Kathryn Karr-Ake Keyton Kastner Sara M. Kaufman Kelly & Jennifer Kay Mark Keeling Joy Keeslar Lenice Keim Craig B. Keith Karen Keith William Kelch


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Kim Keller J. Roger Kelley Jim Kelley Judy Kellogg Melody Kellogg John Kelly Carl Kemp Ron Kendrick Annette L. Kennedy Bill Kennedy Gregg Kennedy Lonnie Kennedy Chris Kenney John & Jane Kenney Linda Kenny Lucinda H. Kennon Melinda Kerby Jim Kern Mike & Kay Kernan Joseph Kernke Jr. J.D. & Cheryl Kerr William Kerr Coy Kersey Jr. Frances Kersey Michael & Kelly Key Sandra Key Angela Keys Karlis Kezbers Sarah Kiespert Cristi Killian Patricia Killman Kelly Kimbrough Jason Scott Kinder Donna King Jason King


Kenny W. King Ron & Kelly King Kirk Kinnear Travis Kirk Jennifer Kirkpatrick Joshua & Jamie Kirschner Christopher & Kathryn Kirt Matthew B. Kirt Joyce Kirtley Rachel Klein Keith & Noelle Kleszynski Dennis Kloster Buzz Knapp Cynthia Knight Sherry Knight Thomas & Charlie Knight Wanda Knight Wes & Mary Margaret Knight Jeff Knoblock Brad Knowles Andrew Kock Jeff & Michelle Koehn Chris Konkler Jason Koon Ryan Koontz Pamela Korth Michael Koss Miranda Matilda Kotey Arnaud Kouemo Herbert Kramer Drew Kreman Kim Kremer John Krenger V. Sivarama & Vanaja Krishnan

Todd Krout Cheryl Kroutil Dawn Kruckeberg Emma Krueger Nathaniel Kuhnert Debra Kumm Karen Kurtz Mary Jane Kuykendall Mark Kyle Robert La Fave Donna Lady Kevin & Jennifer Lafferty Rusty LaForge Tan Lai Charles Lamar Paul & Judy Lambert Sheila Lamunyon Rodney Landes Darsi L. Landsberger Jason Lane Patrick Lane Bryan Lang Gwendolyn Lang Jaron Lang Lisa Lange Angela Langston Teresa Langston Duston Lansford Erica & Scott Lape Matthew M. Lapolla Palo & Tori LaPorte Jeff & Mickie Lara Tim & Linda Larason Mark Lasater Anne F. Lashley

Patsy Lassiter Myrna Latham Christopher Latkiewicz Tina Lawler Gina Lawson Jennifer Le Kathy Leasure Mitchell Leasure Thomas LeBlanc James Lebs Catherine Lebsack Casey Lee Casidy Lee Christopher Lee Kevin D. Lee Melissa Lee Mike Lee Peter Lee Wesley Lee Ruth Leebron Ken Leedy Alesha Leemaster Jason & Julie Lees Marvin & Lynda Leeth Crystal LeFlore Gilbert LeFlore Donna Leftwich Lydia Legarda John Legg Kim B. Legg Dan Leiphart Janis F. Leischner Dave Lemcke Brooke Lemley Brien Lemmings

Brad Lemon Nikki Lemon Donald Lempges Lewis & Amanda LeNaire Cheryl Lenochan Christopher Leon Anthony & Alexis LoPresto Daniel Leslie Chong-Cha Lester Tom & Jamie Levescy Martin Levine Michael Levine Harrison Levy Jr. Amanda Leweller Brett Lewis Brent Lightsey Jim Liles Karen Liles Angela Lilienthal Elissa Lim Lee Ann Limber Keith Limke Rhonda Lincoln John Lindsey Tiffany Lindsey Larry Lines Joel & Diane Lippert Patrick Lippmann Nichole Lipps Craig Litle Jim Little Melinda Littlefield Nancy Litton-Thompson William Livermon

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Sharon Livingston Christopher Lloyd Logan Lobue Robert Lockwood Lance Lodes Kenneth Loeber Bruce Loeffelholz John Loesel Ronald Lohr Robert K. Long Sandra & Donald Longcrier Sandra Lookabaugh Cori Loomis Carol Lott Larry Loughridge Danielle Lovelace Tim Lovett Maya Lowder James Lowe Amanda Lowery Kathy Loyd Carol Lucas Sarah Elizabeth Lucas Melissa Lugo Loren Luke Rob & Karen Luke Loretta A. Luli Charles Lundeen Jim Lupton Dan Luton Derek Lutz Don Lutz Tony Lyles Thomas Lynn III

Leeanne Lyon Mike Lyons Wes Lyons Joe Lytle Virginia Lytle Bruce Macella Douglas Mack Janet Mack Michael MacLean Roselyn MacLean Doug MacMillan Jacklyn MacWilliams G. D. Madden Sarah Madden Jaime Maddox Jamie Maddy Keith & Jill Madison Marsha Madrid James & Maureen Magovern Gary Mahanes Kenneth Maillard Mike R. Maimo Belinda Maine Dwight & Gail Makescry Pamela A. Malaske James Malody Stephen P. Mann Rhonda Mann Phil & Eden Manning Bob & Charolette Manspeaker Mike & Diona Manwell Robin Marcotte Travis C. Marker John Marks

Jennifer Marshall Kevin G. Marshall Marc Marshall Erin Martens Angela S. Martin Brenda Martin Dan Martin Debrah Leah Martin Jack W. Martin M. L. Martin Natalie Martin Robert Martin Steve Martin Toby & Amie Martin Carl T. Martincich Ben Martinez Milissa Martinez Steve Mason Kellyann Masse Carl Mathenia Mike Mathis Aruna Mathuranayagam Lauren Matlock Mr. & Mrs. James R. Matlock Belinda Matthesen Daniel & Janice Matthews Ronald Matthews Shelly Matthews Yasha Matthews Marvin & Margaret Matzinger Tim Maxberry Mary Maxwell Tiffany Maxwell David May

Matt Mayhew Andrew McAffrey Mary McAnulty Robert McAuley Matthew McBee Mark & Molly McBride Marla McBryde Keila McCain Sharon D. McCain Julie McCann Ruth McCants Kevin McCarthy Michael & Stephanie McCarty Rob McCarty John E. McCaskill Briane McClain Chris McClaine Gary McClanahan Debra McClellan OG McClinton Michael McCollough Brian & Macay McComas Kelly McConnell Jenae McCuistion William McCullough John McDaniel Shaun McDaniel Jacqueline D. McDonald Kenneth McDonald Matt McDonald Casey & Julie McDonough Vicki Mcdowell Debby McElreath Robert McFarland

Michelle McGannon Miriam McGaugh Brenda McGehee Todd McGinley Don McGovern Alonda McGraw Donna McGriff David McGue Josef McGuigan Cindy & Michael McInerney Deborah McIntyre Michael McIntyre Candie DeLane McKee Tammy McKeever Marian McKinney Marty McKinsey Alan McLain Scott & Dana McLain Cole McLanahan Rob McLaughlin Diana McLeod Gavin McMahan Loree McMahan Don McMahon Beau McMillin Mary A. McMillin Joe McMurtrey Janie McNabb Natalie McNeil Joe McNeill Marian McNeill Dirk McReynolds J.E. McReynolds Michael McVey


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Mike McVicker Kim Meadows Nick Means Brenda Medcalf Margaret Medley Mark Medley Robert & Trina Medley Roy Meek Nadir Mehta Adam Meier Larry J. Meilleur Jennifer Meimerstorf Arthur Mendez Teresa Mendiaz Bart & Sara Mercer Robert B. Mercer Cathryn Merideth Jarod Merle Paul Mescher Carol Metz Ellen Meyer Katie Meyer Megan Meyer William Meyer Greg & Karen Meyers Jonice Meziere Ashley Mick Christine Miesner Elisa Milbourn Andrea Miles Niki Millager Aaron Miller Aja Miller Casey Miller Cherisse Miller


Georgia Miller Jeanna Miller Kelli Miller Kelly Miller LaJunta Miller Larry Miller Margie J. Miller Michael Miller R.T. Miller Richard Miller Scott W. Miller Toni Millican Michael Milligan Sheryl Mills Carolyn S. Mills Marissa Mindieta Paul Minton Scott Minton Stephen Miracle Kathy Mires Vicky Misa Chris & Laura Mitchel Keith & Amy Mitchell Lee Mitchell Lisa Mitchell Nicole Mitchell Cyndi Mize Beth Moakley & Ted Rider John Mobley Raymond Mobley Randall & Sally Mock James Mode Kari Moeller Carly Moen Keith Moffatt

“ RUSS HARRISON & NATALIE SHIRLEY Harrison Gypsum Company & Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City why is united way important to you?

The United Way’s support for central Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens is an important statement about our priorities and our compassion.

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Julie Moler Georgia Moller Monica Moller Timothy Molnar Joan Monahan Leah Monigold Richard Monnier Bethany Montazzoli Steve Montgomery Yvette Moody Bradley Moore Deanne Moore Debi & Jeremy Moore Frank Moore Greg Moore Kemp Moore Michelle Moore Natasha Moore Robert L. Moore Teresa Moore Thomas Moore Adolfo Morales Alan Moran Ron Moreland Carol Morgan David Morgan Denny Morgan Gary Morgan Michael D. Morgan Nelson Morgan Stephanie Morningstar Kim Morphis Amy Morris Colleen Morris David T. Morris

Debbie Morris Edward Morris Kenneth & Donna Morris Shawn & Diane Morris Yvette Morrison Morgan Morrissey Dana Morrow Kenneth Morse Kathryn Mortenson Michael Morton Terri Mosher Lisa Mosley Brett Mossman Sean Mossman Tyson Moulder Tina Mount Darren Mounts Michael & Jennifer Moyano Brad Mueller McKalyn Muldowney Judith Mullen Kelly Muller Mary Ellen Mullins Victor Munding David & Sally Munson Maggie C. Murdock David Murphy Shalone Murphy Steve Murphy Tom & Angie Murray David Murrell Derrel Musgrove Liz Muskrat Donald & Charisma Mustin

Drew Naccarato Ami Naik Cory & Jennifer Nance Kevin Nanke Mary Nash William & Patricia Nash Kimberly Nation Deborah Nauser Wendy Navarro Jose Navarro Jackie Nazim Bryan Neal Jeffrey & Kathy Neff Chris Neifert Angela Nelson Bruce Nelson Jamie Nelson William Nelson Janise Nepveux Dwight E. Neuenschwander Natalie Neufelder Bonnie Nevels Michael New Pam Newby Krista Newcomb Mike W. Newcombe Cheri Newman Susan Newman Preston Newton & Kelly Masters-Newton Patricia Nguyen Madior Niang Charles & Kristin Nicek Chad & Cassie Niemann Jason Nieuwenhuis

Bryan Nikkel Dustin & Kathryn Nimmo Clyde & Judy Nitta Kelly Nix Daniel Nixon Carol Noble Nancy Noble Norma Noble Andrew Nolen Barbara L. Norton Janice Nowka Kathy Nowlin Reid Nuttall Kelly Nutter Barrett Nuzum Gaysha Nwosu Patricia Nye Brody & Jan Ette Oakley Brad Ober Kathryn O’Brien James O’Bryant Jason Ochs Sean & Nancy O’Connell Robin O’Connor Tim O’Connor Jessica O’Daniel Becky O’Dell Kevin O’Donnell Kent & Suzanne Ogle Neil Olesen Alice Gates Oliver Debi Oliver Van Oliver Eric Olsen

Gerald Olson Kevin Olson Mike Olson Steve Olson Derrick Olton Sherri O’Neil Michelann Ooten Rebecca Oravetz James O’Reilly Cara Lisa Oricchio Lynn Orrell David Orth Pam Orth Dave & Rita Ortloff Jason Osborn Kathleen O’Shea Lori Osley Catherine E. Oster Mark Ottaviani Cynda Ottaway Patrick & Kelle Overand Judith Owen Jeff Owens Andy & Terri Paden Marion Paden Sharyl Padgett Ryan Palmer Stephanie Palmgren Olive Pang Amy Pannell Brian Parker Craig Parker Lynda Parker Rebecca Parker Teresa Parker


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Trisha Parker Daniel Parkhurst Toni Parks-Payne Lynn Paro Jennifer Parrett Therese Parrino Patrick Parsons Trina Partovi Jeanne E. Patterson Mark Patterson Todd G. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. William G. Paul Bruce Paulus Dalian Payne Ian A. Payne Karen Payne Ronald Payne Becky Payton Deone Pearcy Josh Pearman Tom & Cynthia Pearson Carol Peeler Janet & Greg Peery Crystal Pena David Pena Gary Pence Darin Pendleton Michael Penner Shane Pennington Tom Pepper Phil Perkins Steve & Sherri Perrin Cheryl Perry Cindy Persons Chandrasekar Perumal


Shawn Peschke Jake Peters Timothy Peterson Tony Peterson Clas Petersson David Pettit Joel Pettit Cheryl Pettus Sandra Pevey Bruce & Mary Pezant Bonnie Pfeiffer Mimi Pham Randolph R. Phillips Russell Phillips Linda Piatt Carol Pickett Jack Pickett Gisele Pierson Stan Pinney Lori Pipkin Roger Pippins Lisa Pitsiri Desiree Pitts Nathan Plank Ron & Alexandria Plato John C. Platt & Ricki V. Sonders Keitha Plumlee Adam Podschun Michael Poffinbarger Marilyn Pollard Alexander Pollock Valeri Popov Christopher Portwood Maria Postman

Randi Poteet Thomas Poteet Mathai Pothen Ernie & Carla Potter Melissa M. Potter Peggy E. Powell Tamara L. Powell Michael K. Powell Steven Powell Michael Powers James Pregler Earl Premont Sam Presti Kevin Preston Constance Prewitt Howard Price Kristin A. Price Tiffany Price Sherie Priest Dalia Principi Geoffrey Pritchett Raelene Pruitt Timothy Pryor Tony Puckett Nathan Pumphrey Sangeetha Punnoose Tom & Elaine Purvis Cindy Pyle William R. Pyle Maria Queimado Mary Quinn Stephanie Quinn Sandra Quintanilla Thomas Rachal Kip Rackley

Derrick Radicke Jim Rager Stacy Ragsdale Ryan Rainer John Raines Julie Rakett Elizabeth Raley Jason Rall Matthew & Cherish Ralls Tim Ramey Bogie Ramirez Jazmin Ramirez Magdalena Ramos Gary Ramsdell Jeff Ramsdell Robbinette Ramsey Jan Ramseyer-Fees Susan D. Randall Steve Randels Roger Randol Harriett Randolph Kyle Raney Charley Rankin Shawanda Rankin Rhonda K. Rathmann Catherine Ratliff Terry Rayburn Ken & Amy Raymond Carl Raynes Rachel Redd Cory & Bobby Redinger Nathan Redman Julia Reed Brian Reeder Ken Rees

Janis Reeser Dale Reeves Kirk Reilley Creighton Reindl Dale Reitz Susan Relland Brian & Barbara Renz Steven Replogle John Repp Douglas Rex Deborah Reyes Donna Reynolds Joy Reynolds Linda Reynolds Margaret Reynolds Molly Reynolds John D. Rhea Dale M. Rhoads Charla E. Rhodes Phillip Rhodes Jim Rice Cindy L. Richard Sheri Richard Elain Richardson Kenneth Richardson Lacie Richardson Mark Richey J.W. Richter Shannon Rickards Kenneth Rickenbrode Ryan Rickett Laura Rickey Jared Rideout Patti Riechers Mr. & Mrs. John Rieger

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 John Riemer Bryan Rife Vicki Riffle Gayle Riggs Richard A. & Judy C. Riggs Richard Riggs Braden C. Riley Kelly Riley Leslie Riley Linda Riley Sandi Riley Clayton Rimer Stacy A. Rine Tommy Ringo Carina Rios Patti Ripple Sally Ritenour Andrew Ritger Jr. Eddie Rivera David Roach Mike Roark Stacy Robbins Lane Roberds Nancee Roberson Anne Roberts Casey Roberts Colton Roberts Dennis Roberts II Harold Roberts James Roberts Jr. Karen Roberts Linda Roberts Michael Roberts Phil & Gayle Anne Roberts Chris Robertson

Jaye Robertson Nancy Robertson Patricia Robertson Robert Robertson Tommy D. Robertson Sr. Scott A. Robertson Casey Robinson Dallan Robinson Rachel Robinson Sharan N. Robinson Tyron Robinson Reid & Jean Ann Robison Crystal Rockwell Eddie Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez-Pico Randy Roehm Christiana Rogers David Rogers Denise Rogers Jon Rogers Kristen Rogstad Jeffrey Ronck Andrew Rose & Ashleigh Sorrell Rose Greg Rose Michael & Aminda Rose Teresa Rose Jack Rosenberg Jeffrey Rosenthal Anne Ross Paige Ross Sandra Ross Scott Ross Spencer Ross

Thomas & Yvonne Rossiter Lawrence Rothblum Harvey Rotramel Mary E. Rottler Kyle Roubidoux Amy Roush Rose Royal Barbara Royce Matt Rucker Mary Ruffel Larry Ruffin Jonathan Rule John Rusche Alisha Rusher Diana Rushing Ben Russ Ed Russell Jeff Russell Stephen Russell Tara Russell Susan Russell-Stewart Michael Ryan Owen Ryan Patrick Ryan Sherry Ryan Thom Rychecky Pooneh Sadeghi Bryan Sadeghy Meg Salyer Kenton Sams Eduardo Sanchez Cheryl Sanders Noble Sandlin Lee Sandoval

Shawna J. Satterwhite Sue Saunders Larry Savage Sandra W. Sawyer Larry Saxon Sareenah Sayall Saul Scaife Greg Schaefer Traci Schaeffer John Schaller Rich Schaller Jerone Scherer Jacob Schilling Elaine Schmidt Susan Schmidt Jason Schmitz Gary Schnacke Gary & Aimee Schones Dave & Deborah Schramm Stephen Schreiber Tony Schroeder Chet Schuelein Emily Schuerman Matt Schuermann Douglas Schultz Jason Schulz Ryan Schulz Mary Jo Schumacher Steve & Karen Schumacher Robert & Ellen Schuyler Bruce & Pam Schwager Michael Schweighart Ryan Schweighart

Cindy Schwieger Richard Scipione Deborah Scott Larry Scott Lorraine Scott Rick & Linda Scott Robert Scouten John M. Scully Teresa Seal Kily Seaman Mark William Sebesta Linda Sechrist Glen Seeber Scott & Janet Seefeldt Kathleen Selby Jeff Self Terri Self Teresa Sellers John & Elizabeth Semtner Scott & Deborah Senner Frank Sewell Kelly Sexton Stanley Shadid Wayne Shafer David Sharo Brain Sharp Sharon Sharp Carla Sharpe Justin Shaw Stephanie D. Shedden Glenda Sheehan Jessica Sheets Kelley Sheik Carl Sheler Betty Shelton


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Holly Shelton Christine Shepherd Michael Shepherd Adam Sheppard CRNA Charles Sheppard Roschan L. Sheppard Terry Sheppard Kimberley K. Sheppard Bryan Sherlock Larry Sherman Mike Sherman Rita Sherwin Ryan Shetley Jason Shevlin Nancy J. Shidler Steve Shilling Taylor Shinn Tony B. Shook Rachel Shortt Christopher J. Shuart Audrey Shuffler Lorraine Siefkas Sean Siegel Michael Sikes Vanessa Silas Jennifer Sillings Maurice Simmons Patrick Simmons Regina Simon Mark Simpkins Frank Simpson Laurie K. Simpson Marcus Simpson Ronnie L. Sinor Jerry Sirkel


Dan Sivard Joseph Skach Jesse Skaggs Matthew & Lindsay Skinner Michael L. Skinner Clifton Skopak Anne Skuta Mark Slates Eugene Slavens Lynette Sloan Sandi Slover Greg Small Scott Smalling Larry D. Smallwood Cynthia Smethers Angela Smith Bernadette Smith Brian Smith Carolyn Smith Charles & Julie Smith C.M. Smith Debra Smith Gilbert Smith H. Kirby Smith Inge Smith Jay Smith J.D. Smith James W. Smith, M.D. Jenna Smith Jon Smith Kara Smith Kari Smith Karol A. Smith Lori Smith

Marie Smith Mia M. Smith Michael E. Smith Michael Smith Mike Smith Reginald L. Smith Ron Smith Stan Smith Steve Smith Steven D. Smith Teri Smith Thomas Smith Todd Smith Val Smith Melinda Smith-Beets Kimberlee Smithton Sabrina Smythe Adam Snapp Marta Snapp Perry & Teresa Sneed Tammy Snipes Steven Snowbarger Mike Snowdon Gerald Snyder James Snyder Rick Snyder Pam Soltani Dr. William E. & MaryAnn A. Sonntag Linda Soper Jennifer Sorrels Pam Spanbauer Derek Sparks Jerfferson & Debbie Sparks Michael Spaulding

Johnnie R. Spears Justin Speer Kelley A. Spelman Shawn Spencer Billy Spinks Ricky Spradlin Steve Sprague Kathy Spreier Lisa Springer Nieta St. Clair Loni Staats Eric Stabinski Sherri Stacy Bob & Jackie Stafford Russell Stafford Daryl Stallings Joe Stallings Terry Standifer Johnny Stanford Shari E. Stapleton Randall & Kathryn Stark Tonya Stark Kenneth & Barbara Starks Susan Starns Jim Starr Philip Stasyszen Brenda Stavinoha Alquintine Steele Jeff Steele Cory & Audra Stegman Beth Steier Emily Steil Wynnette Steincamp Arthur J. Steinhofer

Rebecca Steinle Jim Stengle James Stephenson Michael Stepp Michael R. & Liz Sterkel Dan Stern Megan Steuernagel Cindy Stevens Debra Stevens Jennifer Stevens Kindy Stevens Larry Stevens Patrick Stevens Scott L. Stevens Angela Stevenson Scott Stevenson David Stewart Jessie Stewart Lori K. Stewart, RN, BSN Sandra J. Stewart Sarah Stewart-Schultze Joe Steyaert Warren Stickrod Jason Stinson Preston Stinson Don Stirling Keith Stockton Ruchella Stoltz Bonnie Stone Clint Stone Megan Stone Curtis W. Storie Jeff Story Jeffery Stovall Don Strain


Female Incarceration Rate (per 100,000 populations)

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999





(National Average)

Oklahoma incarcerates

women at a rate of


the national average. (Oklahoma’s female incarceration rate is 132 per 100,000 populations, compared to a national average of 69.) Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections

United Way supports an Oklahoma County collaborative initiative called ReMerge to reduce the number of displaced children due to the incarceration of the mother. ReMerge is a pilot program designed to transform pregnant women and mothers facing incarceration into productive citizens.

Ted Streuli Sharon Strickland Robert Stringer Megan Stroup Steven Stubblefield Keith Studebaker T.J. Stukey Connie Stum Jason M. Sturms Ana Suarez Doug Sublette Deena Suddath Carri Sullivan Michael Sullivan Stephanie Sullivan Steve W. Sullivan Larry Summers Lisa Summers Beverly Supplee Denice Sutton Gary Sutton Venoral L. Sutton Lauren Swan Ray Swanson Coulter Swart Jill & Chuck Sweazy Josh Swift Scott Swiggett David Syring Mary Tabb Jerry D. Tadlock Sr. Jason Taliaferro Kristie Tanner Ron Tanner Joe Tarantelli

LaTosha Tarkington Suzanne Tarrant Mary Tautfest Christie Taylor Christy Taylor David Taylor Jason Taylor Jody Taylor Joy Taylor Latosha Taylor Trey Taylor Amanda Terry Samson Tesfaselassie Nancy Thaler Joyce Thedford William Thetford Cynthia Thomas Gregory Thomas James Thomas J. Edwin, Laura, Ross & Jim Thomas Family Kayla Thomas Kimberly Thomas Ralph Thomas Tari Thomas Brandi Thomason Chevy Thomason Vicky Thomason Cameron Thompson Charlesetta Thompson Cindy Thompson Deborah Thompson Melody A. Thompson Michael Thompson Sharon Thompson

Steve Thompson Susan Thompson Tim & Patti Thompson Valerie Thompson, Ph.D. William & Judy Thompson Zephanie Thompson Clinton Thompson Jr. Dale & Jennifer Thurman Dale Thurman Matt Tiffee Todd Tigert Toby Tilley Allen Tinsley Poniman Tioanda DeAnna L. Tipton Michael Todd Ellis Toews Cannon Tolbert Teri Tolbert Andrew Tolly Suzette Tomlin Matt Toppins Carol Toth Jelaniopio Toure Danna Tow T. Scott Towery Tracy Townsley Berry Tramel Keith Tran Mary Tran Thanh Tran Tom & Lynn Travis Brad & Annessa Traynor Tyler Treece Rick Treeman


HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 David & Lisa Trent Patricia Trent Rhonda Trent Joseph Trevino Denise Trimble-McGinnis Mary & Donnie Trivitt Pamela F. Troup Kevin Trowbridge Carol Troy Chad & Carrie True Daniel Truong Jerry Tubb Vanessa Tucker-Davis Scott Tulane Karla Tull Connie Turner Loyce Turner Mark Turner Rachael Turner Sondra Turner Brian Twyman Marie Tyrrell Sharon Ulmer Laura Underwood Rob Underwood Jennifer Unruh Russell Unruh Elizabeth Upton Jade Urash Dana Vaden Donna Valentine Justin Van Nest Carolyn & Steve Vanarsdel Mark Vannasdall


Stanley Vannort Danny Varva Raymond L.Vaughn Jr. Jayson Veach Robert Venter Russell D.Verba David Vice Randy Vicknair Suzanne Victoria Ann G.Vitali Brenda Vitatoe Randy Voreis Tim Voss Alexa Wade Christa Waehler Monika Waggoner Janice Wagoner William Wai Brent Waidmann Roger D. Walk Aimee Walker Kendall Walker Michael Walker Paul & Mary Walker Vicki Walker Joseph Walters Edward Wall Sherrie Wall Angela Wallace Kristin Wallace Kristina Wallace Natalia Garcia Wallace Steven Wallace Terry & Becky Wallace Joan Waller

Donnie Wallis Alan Walter Karen Walters Larry G. Walton Rhonda Walton Ronda Walzer Heather Ward Kendall Ward Lance Ward Tina Ward Tom Ward Richard W. Wardlow Christi Ward-Waller Stephanie Ware Teresa Warner Matthew Warren Mike Warren Joe A. Washington Sheila G. Wasland Eric H. Wassilak Blake Watkins Larry Watkins Marty Watkins Steve Watkins Danny Watson James Watson Timothy Watson Susan Jean Watt Amy Watters Donald Weatherly Michael Weatherly Alba N. Weaver Bill & Patricia Weaver Jeff Weaver Leslie Weaver

Melanie Weaver Troy Weaver Bill R. Weaver II Carol Webb Patsy Webb Jerry & Stacey Weddington Janet Wedman Jeffrey A. Wegener Janet Weimer Jared Weingartner Kelley Weis Stefan Weisheit Cara Welborn Alex Welch Geoff Welch Hazel Welch Kip Welch Leslie Welch Michael Welch Steven Welch David Welker Kevin Wellfare Austin Welliver Brigitte Wells David Wernli Chris Wertzberger Curtis West Jerry West Karen West Kelly West Linda Weston James Wheat William Wheaton Caroline Wheelbarger Brenda Wheeler

John & Cynthia Whetsel Lauren Whitaker Parrish Whitaker Alan White Alisa White Andrea White Catherine White Charles White Chris & Christi White Chris White Cindy White Danny White Iris White Jeffrey White Joshua White Larry White Michael White Robert White Shari Ann White Shelly White Troy White Derek Whitten Christie Whorton Don Wiechmann Steve Wiger James T. Wigley Carol Wilczek Brooke Wiley Mark Wiley Louis W. Wilham William Wilkerson III Claudette Wilkinson Lisa Wilkinson Al & Nancy Williams Bryan Williams

HORIZON CIRCLE $500 - $999 Carol Williams Cindi Williams Cindi Williams Dana Williams Darren Williams Dave Williams De Ann Williams Douglas & Jeannie Williams Eric Williams Jerry & Nancy Williams John Williams LaRhonda Williams Laura Williams Matt Williams Mikel Williams Norma Williams Patrick Williams Roger F. Williams Sharon Williams Thad Williams Kjulonda Ogles Williams Wayne Williams Mark E. Williamson Robert L. Williamson Cheryl A. Williamson Larry Willis Matthew Willrath Robert Wilpitz Chad & Carisa Wilsie Allen Wilson Andrew Wilson Barry Wilson Brent Wilson Bryn Wilson Darrell Wilson

Deborah C. Wilson Frank Wilson Howard Wilson John Wilson Kenna Wilson Larry M. Wilson Steve Wilson Yakini Wilson Justin Wine Kersey Winfree, M.D. Steven Winkler Ali Wint Francesca Winter Kristi Wisely Marsha Wiseman Cynthia Withrow David Witte Lori & Kenneth Wohl Laurie Wolcott Rick Wolfenbarger Jamie Wolff Bob Womack Allan Wondra Brad Wood Elizabeth Wood Lisa Wood Skip Wood Margaret Woodard Charles Woods Gary Woods Jon & Rhonda Woods Jonathan Woods Robert J. Woods Chad Woolbright Peggy Wooldridge

Gerry Wooten Larry Wooten Rebecca Wooten Calvin Worth Gregory Wortham Jo Worthen Wes Wostal & Natalie Noyes Allen Wright Andrew Wright Colin & Amanda Wright Eldona Wright Gary Dean Wright Joel Wright Kelly Wright Michael Wright Layne Wroblewski Hans Wybenga Robert Wymer Anthony Wynd Eric Wynn Michelle Wynn Alan Yancey Pamela Yarbrough Gregg Yeilding Amanda Young Bill & JoAnn Young Dennis Young Edward Young Jeffrey Young Nicole Young Pastor George E.Young Lorre Youngblood John Zabaneh Anthony Zahn John Zanatta

Jeff Zanotti James Zmek Thirty-six anonymous members



Innovative & Involved


United Way’s Emerging leaders are central Oklahoma’s next generation of philanthropic leadership. These young adults give back to their communities through financial contributions as well as investments of their time, talent and expertise. Contributing an annual gift of $500 or more, Emerging Leaders are dedicated to a lifestyle of giving back. One way Emerging Leaders give back is by volunteering at numerous activities throughout the year in collaboration with our Partner Agencies. They organize events for our community, including an annual Easter Egg Hunt for low-income families, a Halloween carnival at Special Care, Christmas gifts for the children at Positive Tomorrows, and Thanksgiving dinner at the Boys & Girls Club.


Emerging Leaders also have the opportunity to network with their peers and some of our community’s top leaders. Through the Lunches with Leaders series, they learn valuable leadership lessons from InvesTrust’s president and CEO David Thompson and AT&T Oklahoma’s president Bryan Gonterman. As we pass the baton of leadership to our Emerging Leaders, we are confident of their commitment to build a stronger, healthier and more compassionate community. The SkyDance Bridge is new and cutting edge - it symbolizes where our community is today and its amazing future. The Emerging Leaders are closely involved with that future, as they carry our organization and our community forward.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: (back row, left to right) Joe Crossley Lewis LeNaire Matt Ralls Trisha Davis James Bertsch Jason Acock (front row, left to right) Rachel Shortt Lisa Pitsiri Matt Beavers Wendi Wilson Not pictured: Vicki Guerra Mike Haxton Christa Evans Christina Rehkop 4


(1) Bryan Gonterman speaks to Emerging Leaders at a Lunches with Leaders event. (2) Danielle Hoeltzel, Cassie Niemann & Blair Bradley at the Raising the Stakes casino party. (3) Emerging Leaders with Ruby, one of the RedHawk mascots, at a RedHawks game. (4) Shannon Gottschalk & Vicki Guerra at the Special Care Halloween Carnival. (5) Emerging Leaders got the opportunity to take part in a private tour of the Chesapeake Energy Arena. 45

STEERING COMMITTEE: (back row, left to right) Donna Lawrence Beverly Funke Kathy Martin Robin Roberts Krieger Susie Stussi Jenny Love Meyer Charlotte Richels Kristin Peck Susan Edwards Julie Hall Amy Reen Kirk Hammons (front row, left to right) Nancy Ellis Martha Lippert Jane Thompson Not pictured: Martha Burger Barbara Eskridge Tricia Everest Mary MĂŠlon Jenee Naifeh Lister Polly Nichols Berta Faye Rex







A nationally-recognized group of dedicated female

(1) Ann Clore Duncan & Ann Cameron at the Women’s Leadership Society Kickoff Luncheon.

philanthropists, Women’s Leadership Society’s focus

(2) Lana Lopez & Pama Palmer.

Enterprising & Community-minded

WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP SOCIETY United Way of Central Oklahoma Women’s Leadership Society unites women – their time, talent, and resources into a powerful network of individuals devoted to enhancing and strengthening intergenerational opportunities within our community. With an annual donation of $2,500 or more, these women leverage the collective power of women supporting United Way of Central Oklahoma.

is to develop new leadership for the community through learning opportunities about community needs, philanthropy and mentoring. Not only is the redbud tree - our state tree - beautiful, but it is one of the first plants to bloom in the spring, changing the landscape with its bright buds. The women of our Women’s Leadership Society are just that - the first to offer their time, talent and resources; the first to spread the word about United Way, and the first to try to change our community for the better.

(3) & (4) Governor Mary Fallin and Miss Sue Mitchell, portrayed by Kathy Bates in the film ‘The Blind Side,’ spoke to potential members at the kickoff luncheon. (5) Co-chairs Jenny Love Meyer and Jane Thompson.


Committed & Devoted

LOYAL CONTRIBUTORS United Way Loyal Contributors possess a rich history advancing the common good. One such loyal contributor is Jim Hyde, who still serves on the United Way Advisory Board. He has been a United Way donor and volunteer for over 35 years. Jim recalls the days when United Way neighborhood drives were the outreach to donors to make a difference in the community. His mother would go door-to-door collecting change for United Way. And, as a young child he remembers participating in penny drives at his elementary school Horace Man in Oklahoma City. “It’s the best way to help the people of Oklahoma City [with regard to] the costs and expenses of operations,” says Jim. “The United Way coordinates agencies to get the best programs for the dollars raised to the people of our community.” Jim believes in the mission of United Way and its Partner Agencies. He continues to share the message that it is a mission that works!

Jim Hyde Former board chair of United Way and retired president of Bone and Joint Hospital at Saint Anthony


Loyal Contributors are those who have been contributing to United Way for 10 years or more. If you are a Loyal Contributor, please let us know. Share your story or let us know how long you’ve been giving by contacting 405.523.3544 or

Our Loyal Contributors are the key to our community and are an integral part in us being successful as an organization. Their loyalty is extremely important to us and the reason that we and our Partner Agencies are able to do what we do.


Dynamic & Engaged

2012 LEADERSHIP GIVING VOLUNTEERS Thank you to our incredible volunteers who help promote the benefits and meaning behind Leadership Giving. They have helped our Leadership groups to grow, as well as our organization as a whole, and for that, we are extremely grateful. Their dedication to our community and its future is beyond measure.

2012 LEADERSHIP GIVING CO-CHAIRS: David Thompson InvesTrust Mark Funke Stillwater National Bank Stockyards City is famous for many things - delicious food and incredible craftmanship to name a few - but at the core of its charm is the idea that hard work and dedication go a long way. Our Leadership Volunteers are shining examples of these qualities.



66 Revolutionary & Unified

UNITED WAY OF CANADIAN COUNTY Members of Canadian County Leadership Giving Association appreciate the impact their contributions have on their community. With an annual gift of $500 or more, they are reaching deep into their community to address critical needs, bringing solutions to its most fragile citizens. The commitment of Canadian County’s Leadership Giving members offers hope to thousands of residents. Route 66, or “The Mother Road,” weaves right through Canadian County and is a symbol of the progressive and giving nature of its residents.

Leadership Giving Association


INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital what does united way mean to the community?

It allows the money donated by the community to stay local and help fund many important and needed programs.



$1,000 & above

$500 - $999

Jason & Carrie Brunk James Crosby Patrick Fees Brad & Celine Ferguson Jon Goodin Vanessa Hill Raymond Kennedy Kenneth Newer Vernon L. Post Doug & Ranet Tippens Terry & Cindy White

Branden & Megan Ashley Stefan Baeriswyl William Baker William Bedford James K. Birdsong Norman & Karen Brankel Mary Bright Suzanne Briscoe Daphne Burnett Patrick Conley Dustin Culp Shawnee Dyer Dixie J. Elder Charles Foley Galen Glover Chuck Hauenstein Rick Herbst Bruce Kennedy

Milinda Leno Lauren Maxey Harlen McCreless Frank & Valerie Musser Vicki Myers Dwight Peck Timothy Bryce Puckett Elsie Purcell Craig J. & Marsha Smith Dora Stiles David Stirman Shuley Tucker Rex Van Meter Justin Vardeman Todd A.Vernon Russell Weathers Jean Ann Widdifield


Gracious & Neighborly


Leadership Giving Association members are dedicated to making a difference in Logan County. Their gifts allow United Way to continue to research community needs and allocate funds to programs that address these needs. The Beacon Drive-In has long been a staple in Logan County, just as its generous residents have been a beacon of hope to those in need of a hand.

Tocqueville Society




$1,000 & above

$500 - $999



$10,000 - $14,999 Lester & Marilyn Branch

Leadership Giving Association PATRONS


$5,000 - $7,499

$500 - $999

Dr. S. Kelly & Jan Brown Dr. Jim & Theresa Dewhurst

BENEFACTORS $2,500 - $4,999


Environmental Management, Inc. why is united way important to you?

United Way is important to us because it has a direct positive impact on our community.

Verdell Smith Jr. Nic Thams John Thomason John T. & Vicky Vance Tom & Mary Lu Walker Greg & Erin Webb

John V. & Jo L. Anderson The Steve, Rick & Kenny Davis Families Mark D. & Karen Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. David A. Roewe

LEADERS $1,000 & above Barry & Wendy Anderson Terry & Lonnie Bobo Kristal Flury Steve & Sue Gentling Kenneth & Jane E. Mitchell

Buck & Sharon Adams Jim Ahlgren Michael Bennett Preston & Jennifer Bobo Suzanne Brown Dennis & Cathy Clark Steve & Noelene Conner Delbert W. Converse Tammy Countess Marvin & Bonnie Cox Kimberly Crumb Craig Curry Damon R. Deveraux Richard Dill LaVerne & Susan Dowding Lynn Fielding Cecil Flores Wallace Dudley Freeman Bob Fries Trey Gallaway

Kimberly Goldman Barbara Gumerson Chuck & Lynette Hayes Blake Johnson Cindy Kyle Cynthia Lasyone Kenneth W. Lawson Sherri Longnecker Carol Ann Manning Rick McDowell Dennis Melton Evelyn Nephew Dan & Joy Newton Jamie Newton Phil & Tonya Nichols Brian & Megan Ochs Brian Padgham Jim K. & Wanda Patterson Joanna Peters Alan Phillips Price & Mary Purvis Tracy Rowlett Janice S. Ruhl Dan & Carol Stehr Sandy Stout Joshua J. Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walter Bill & Kathy Warner Brian Warner Steven & Sheila Wyatt


We celebrate our Leadership Giving Society members. You are the foundation of kindness and passion supporting our work to address the critical needs of our most vulnerable citizens. Thank you for touching the lives of thousands of central Oklahomans. In addition to the individuals and families listed in this book, we recognize the generosity of those members who wish to remain anonymous. Every effort has been made to accurately include all Leadership Giving Members. We apologize for any errors or omissions. For corrections, questions or general information, please contact the Senior Director of Major Gifts at 405-523-3544 or



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Leadership Giving Registry 2012 - 2013