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annual report

2009 United Way of Central Oklahoma

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Letter from the Chairman


Vital Signs


Community Partnerships

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Accountability & Focus Areas











Board of Directors

Acc o u n t a b i l i t y

focus areas


Successful Kids Strong Families Independent Living Healthy Citizens Community Preparedness Media Partners Campaign Results 2009 Statement of Financial Position Statement of Activities Community Investments

Letter from the Chairman Friends of United Way, It has been an honor to serve as Chairman of the Board and to be a part of

the many wonderful things being accomplished through United Way. We continue to build a stronger, healthier, more compassionate community by strengthening our partnerships with community leaders, our Partner Agencies and our generous donors and volunteers. The year 2009 was exciting for United Way of Central Oklahoma. We dedicated our new facility, we opened the United Way Volunteer Center, we celebrated our 85th anniversary and we had a record-breaking fundraising campaign. Led by Pete Delaney, OGE Energy Corp, our 2009 fundraising campaign broke our previous record with a total of $20.2 million dollars. Despite the lagging economy, donors were generous with their gifts. These contributions will help fund programs focused on Successful Kids, Strong Families, Independent Living, Healthy Citizens and Community Preparedness.

“We continue to build a

stronger, healthier, more compassionate community by strengthening our partnerships with community leaders, our Partner Agencies

and our generous donors and volunteers.�

Our new facility allowed us to host a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site where we partnered with Oklahoma City University to provide free tax return preparation for low income families. In addition, we hosted many community meetings, including a Student Success Summit follow-up meeting with students and faculty, conferences and meetings for Smart Start of Central Oklahoma, Central Oklahoma Turning Point, Youth Leadership Exchange and Oklahomans Against Human Trafficking. Needless to say, our new home has provided a great space not only for the staff, but for our community. We closed out the year with two significant events, the record snowfall and the establishment of a homeless campus. At the request of our city leaders and in collaboration with 2-1-1 and the Boy Scouts of America, we organized an effort to clear snow from walkways and driveways of our elderly residents that depend on home health care and mobile meals. On behalf of the City of Oklahoma City Council we helped establish and plan for a homeless resource center and day shelter to be built in 2010. These are great examples of how collaboration between United Way, its Partner Agencies, and other entities help make this a better city. This year has been very rewarding and I look forward to the continued growth of United Way of Central Oklahoma. I want to express my gratitude to the volunteer leadership and generous donors who support United Way of Central Oklahoma, our 60 Partner Agencies and our community. Your dedication and contributions allow us to fund programs that provide critical services in our community. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an extraordinary organization. Sincerely,

Ed Martin United Way of Central Oklahoma Board Chairman Ackerman McQueen

Ed Martin Board Chairman Living United for 41 years


Vital Signs Oklahoma County Vital Signs has been central Oklahoma’s only broad-based community evaluation since 1994. This document has offered extensive data on key trends in our area. Rare nationally, most communities are just beginning to pursue research of


1 volume 1, edition

this magnitude. As it has been written and published in the past, Vital Signs offered a comprehensive review of our overall well-being in Oklahoma County and was released every other year.


Because data and statistics change so frequently,


community. Therefore we redesigned and restructured



our biennial model was no longer beneficial to the the report allowing for more current and specified data. In September 2009, we released our first edition in a series of six Vital Signs publications. Each edition is centered around one of our five Focus Areas: Successful

SucceSSful KidS e dition

Kids, Strong Families, Healthy Citizens, Independent Living and Community Preparedness. In addition, special editions featuring various community initiatives will be integrated. Vitals Signs is intended to be used by citizens at all levels to follow changing conditions, guide policy development and support the allocation of resources. The information contained in this publication is a call to action to celebrate progress, spur critical thinking, shape a community vision, and take steps toward positive change.


Community partnerships

United Way of Central Oklahoma’s history is steeped in partnerships that have shaped our community. United Way is widely recognized as a fundraising organization, which is accurate, but we have evolved into an organization that helps meet the ever changing needs in our community. We go above and beyond funding programs at our Partner Agencies to address our community’s most pressing needs. We bring partners to the table to find solutions, and we provide resources to build a stronger, healthier more compassionate community.

Human Trafficking Task Force Human Trafficking is no longer an international crisis. Oklahoma is one of four states listed by the U.S. Department of State with the largest concentrations of trafficking survivors receiving federal assistance. Understanding the growing population of human trafficking survivors and the work of United Way and its Partner Agencies, the FBI asked us to step in and help provide services to victims of this horrible crime. United Way of Central Oklahoma helped formulate and add structure to a Human Trafficking Task Force. The task force is focused on education and relationship building among social services organizations, law enforcement, and the faith community. In an effort to educate citizens, United Way of Central Oklahoma is sponsoring and coordinating a statewide conference on these issues.

United Way Volunteer Center Oklahoma City continues to be ranked one of the highest cities for number of volunteers. Understanding the importance of providing quality and timely opportunities for the thousands of volunteers in our community, United Way established the United Way Volunteer Center. Kicking off with a volunteer fair, the Volunteer Center has made great strides in its first

year. Since its inception, the United Way Volunteer Center has shown steady growth and provided exciting opportunities including Make a Difference Day, Disney’s Give a Day. Get a Day. program, and disaster preparedness training.

WestTown Resource Campus for Homeless Services In 2009, United Way of Central Oklahoma was asked by the Oklahoma City Manager and City Council to assist in the planning of a new homeless services campus. Federal stimulus funding was to be used for the physical construction, and deadline requirements of this funding presented a challenge to the planning for a multi-agency approach for the delivery of programs on the campus. United Way Board Members and staff worked closely with City and Partner Agency staff to help create the partnerships needed for a successful operation. The campus will have two main functions, a Resource Center and a Day Shelter. The Resource Center will house several different agencies allowing for services to be delivered quickly and conveniently. The Day Shelter will provide a place for the homeless during the day, rather than congregating in various locations in the downtown area. The campus is scheduled to be completed and open for services in Spring 2011.


Accountability “One of the goals of

the United Way allocations process is to

provide a means to ensure

the appropriate level of accountability to our donors. I believe the process works very well

and meets that goal and more.”

We believe we have a responsibility, both to our donors and to the community, to ensure that the dollars people entrust to us are invested in ways that will produce the greatest impact, enabling our community to thrive. Our investment strategy brings together our network of more than 60 Partner Agencies under a set of shared goals and ties our funding to the achievement of specific measurements, increasing our likelihood of driving substantial change. United Way of Central Oklahoma continually exceeds United Way Worldwide’s Standards of Excellence. Committed to responsible stewardship, 87 cents of every dollar contributed to United Way of Central

Oklahoma goes directly to programs serving our community. With combined administrative and fundraising costs less than 13%, we are well below the national standard for nonprofit organizations, which is around 25%. Helping us we remain accountable, is a team of over 200 volunteers who spend approximately 4,500 hours reviewing all funded programs at our 60 Partner Agencies. In addition to assessing the agency’s budget and audit, the volunteers take time to visit each agency to learn more about their programs and interact with staff and volunteers. The volunteers recommend funding levels that are ultimately voted on by our Board of Directors.

Shane Wharton Community Investment Chair Living United for 21 years Jean Wallace Community Investment Vice Chair Living United for 30 years


FOCUS AREAS Five Focus Areas guide everything we do at United Way of Central Oklahoma. United Way of Central Oklahoma is focused on creating a better life for all by funding programs that support Successful Kids, Strong Families, Independent Living, Healthy Citizens and Community Preparedness. We all win when children succeed, when families overcome obstacles, when seniors can continue to live independently and when our community is prepared for disasters. In 2009, United Way funding provided critical resources for hundreds of thousands of central Oklahomans. Generous residents invested a record $10,609,232 in local programs with measurable outcomes at 60 Partner Agencies. Details of our funding by Focus Area, as well as by program, can be found in the following pages.

2009-2010 Focus Area Funding Distribution




13% 17%

Successful Kids Strong Families Independent Living Healthy Citizens Community Preparedness


successful kids

Through our focus on Successful Kids, United Way of Central Oklahoma nurtures infants, children, and youth, giving them the opportunity to succeed in school, develop life skills, and become productive citizens.

Born with a rare combination of Down’s Syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis, Addy faced a difficult road. Both of Addy’s parents needed to work to cover her medical expenses. Typical childcare facilities were not equipped to meet Addy’s unique needs. Thankfully, United Way of Central Oklahoma supports a specialized childcare facility designed specifically for children like Addy. Well-trained teachers and on-site therapists have made a tremendous difference in her life. Now three years old, Addy is achieving and surpassing developmental milestones.

always build the “Wefuturecannot for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. ” -Franklin D. Roosevelt



Partner Agency

2009 / 2010 UW Funding

American Red Cross, Central Oklahoma Youth Services Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma One-to-One Mentoring Boy Scouts of America, Last Frontier Council Comprehensive Youth Development Learning For Life Outreach Program Personnel Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County Memorial Park Boys and Girls Club Camp Fire USA, Heart of Oklahoma Council OKC CYD (CLUBS) OKC INSCHOOL Program Personnel Celebrations Preschool, Inc. Celebrations Preschool, Inc. Citizens Caring for Children Resource Center Coffee Creek Riding Center for the Handicapped Therapeutic Riding Program Girl Scouts - Western Oklahoma Leadership Development John W. Keys Speech and Hearing Center Language Preschool Moore Youth and Family Services, Inc. Moore Alternative School and Treatment Program Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care Child SHARE Parents Assistance Center Child Abuse Prevention Positive Tomorrows Education Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Special Care, Inc. Childcare-Special Needs Program Personnel Sunbeam Family Services, Inc. Contracted Foster Care (CFC) OKC Educare Program Personnel Tinker AFB Youth Center Social Programs Special Events Sports Program YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City School Age Child Care Teens Youth Cornerstone Art Shaping Character Youth Services for Oklahoma County Supporting Kids in Independent Living (SKIL)

Total Investment: $2,960,049

55,883 151,618 294,140 63,353 54,303 40,727 127,500 141,930 68,000 27,387 122,400 95,000 80,929 254,299 9,000 75,630 16,000 134,400 76,124 173,792 265,000 38,400 25,992 280,338 19,800 8,565 799 8,900 132,000 65,000 23,200 29,640


Strong Families

United Way of Central Oklahoma strengthens families by providing resources to achieve financial stability as well as access to counseling, debt management, education, job training, and housing.


Heather never imagined she’d become homeless. But after enduring years of abuse and violent behavior from her boyfriend, she gained the courage to leave him and start a new life. She tried to make ends meet and remain in her home, but the cost of living in Denver was too much for her to maintain. Heather, along with her two children, made her way to Oklahoma. She found work and a small apartment, but after an on-the-job injury Heather was unable to work. Facing eviction, Heather found a United Way Partner Agency focused on providing housing, educational services and programs to low-income individuals and the homeless. Having a safe, affordable place to live has allowed Heather to find steady work, learn how to become financially stable, and work on completing her bachelor’s degree.

remember that “Always the future comes one day at a time. ” -Dean Acheson


Partner Agency

2009 / 2010 UW Funding

Catholic Charities Family HOPE Holy Family Home Immigration

49,690 75,000 164,612

Community Literacy Centers, Inc. Basic Skills LEAP Tutor Training

29,210 32,458 12,841

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma (CCCS) Education


Latino Community Development Agency Community Development Riverside Community Center

120,134 17,625

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. Oklahoma City Law Office


Mental Health Association of Central Oklahoma, Inc. Core/Information & Referral


Parents Assistance Center Violence Prevention


Positive Tomorrows Family Support Services


Possibilities, Inc. Participatory Community Capacity Building


RSVP of Central Oklahoma, Inc. America Reads Tutoring & Mentoring


Salvation Army Social Services TEEM, The Education & Employment Ministry Job Placement Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City Affordable Housing Children and Families Entrepreneurship Employment and Training Program Personnel

207,931 20,000 37,740 51,035 66,180 110,000 38,233

Total Investment: $1,407,434


independent living United Way of Central Oklahoma seeks to engage older adults and the disabled with access to independent living, job skills, volunteer positions, and dynamic relationships while their primary caregivers receive respite and support.

A retired military veteran, Herb is dedicated to serving others. Through a United Way of Central Oklahoma funded volunteer program, Herb continues to give back and remain active. He’s providing a priceless service and enjoying the rewards of being an active member of our community. Herb drives senior citizens to doctor’s appointments at no charge. The elderly clients he serves are thankful for his help as they have no other means of transportation for medical care. Herb is humble about the service he’s providing. He says he gets more out of the experience than the people he drives. The senior adults he chauffeurs are healthier and Herb enjoys the opportunity to volunteer. The rewards of giving back keep him young and engaged as an important member of our community.

is the gift of “Youth nature, but age is a work of art. ” -Garson Kanin



Partner Agency

2009 / 2010 UW Funding

Areawide Aging Agency, Inc. Program Personnel


Daily Living Centers, Inc. Adult Day Health Care Eldercare Case Management

$187,250 $26,765

Dale Rogers Training Center Adult Rehab Auxilliary Transportation Auxilliary Day Care Camp Tumbleweed Special Needs

$51,066 $48,646 $6,996 $13,212 $16,411

EARC, Inc. The Trails


Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma Job Connection Center


Hospice of Oklahoma County Hospice of Oklahoma County


John W. Keys Speech and Hearing Center Hearing Aid Bank Lennie Marie Tolliver Alternative Care Center* Geriatrics

$14,283 $725

Metropolitan Better Living Center Adult Day Health


Neighborhood Services Organization, Inc. Palo Duro Program Personnel

$41,135 $36,000

Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled, Inc. Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled, Inc.


RSVP of Central Oklahoma, Inc. Professional Volunteer Services Provide-A-Ride Transportation Telephone Buddies Volunteer Recruitment & Placement

$3,850 $56,075 $6,350 $44,200

Salvation Army Senior Citizens


Sunbeam Family Services, Inc. Emergency Senior Shelter Senior Companion Services

$73,760 $165,799

YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City Lincoln Park Senior Center


YWCA Oklahoma City Youth & Adult Services


Total Investment: $1,772,431 *Funding relationship terminated on March 1, 2009 (pass-through designation)


Healthy Citizens

United Way of Central Oklahoma is focused on Healthy Citizens so that central Oklahomans have access to physical and mental health care and adopt healthy lifestyles while important medical research is funded.

After battling drugs and alcohol for years, Levi sought counseling services at a United Way of Central Oklahoma Partner Agency. Through counseling he was able to recognize the affect his addiction had on his family, his friends and his work. He took charge of his life and dedicated himself to his recovery. Now two years sober, he has reconnected with his family, become active in his church, and is a volunteer counselor in the same addiction recovery program that changed his life.

citizens are “Healthy the greatest asset any country can have. ” -Winston Churchill



Partner Agency

2009 / 2010 UW Funding

American Heart Association Cause Initiatives Cultural Health Initiatives Quality Improvement Research State Health Alliances American Lung Association Public Education American Red Cross, Canadian Valley Chapter Armed Forces Emergency Services Health & Safety American Red Cross, Central Oklahoma Health & Safety SAF (Services to Armed Forces) American Red Cross, Heart of Oklahoma Chapter Armed Forces Emergency Services Health & Safety Services Arthritis Foundation, Oklahoma Chapter Patient and Community Service Public Health Education Bethesda, Inc. Girl’s Therapeutic Counseling Program Calm Waters Center for Children and Families Center-based support groups Catholic Charities OKC Counseling Central Oklahoma Integrated Network System, Inc. (COINS) Central Oklahoma Project Access A Chance to Change Foundation Family Assistance Program D-DENT, Inc. Preventative Program Personnel Restorative Easter Seals Oklahoma Medical Rehabilitation Therapy HeartLine, Inc. Suicide Prevention Mental Health Association of Central Oklahoma, Inc. Sunbridge Counseling TeenScreen NorthCare Adult Services Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) Research Program Safe Kids Oklahoma Safe Kids Buckle Up Sunbeam Family Services, Inc. Counseling Services Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City Urban Health Variety Care Family Planning Obstetric Clinic Pediatric Clinic Youth and Family Services, Inc. Community Counseling Program Personnel

Total Investment: $2,317,618

46,667 23,333 5,000 74,460 33,333 73,735 243 1,490 283,827 344,122 2,820 10,256 32,500 82,000 25,500 30,600 2,200 23,640 45,900 19,000 7,600 51,338 10,104 19,000 12,070 29,634 232,260 115,000 18,922 171,873 18,127 45,391 193,300 213,180 15,994 3,199


Community Preparedness United Way of Central Oklahoma is preparing our community to respond to individual and community emergencies.

On May 3, 1999, Kendra’s family huddled together as an F-5 tornado ripped through their home. She will never forget the support of disaster volunteers who arrived shortly after the devastating tornado struck. Kendra has since become a volunteer and provides the same comfort she and her family received years ago. In addition to funding programs focused on disaster response and preparedness, United Way of Central Oklahoma has built partnerships with the City of Oklahoma City, local non-profit organizations and various community organizations to stand ready to assist with response efforts.

better people prepare “The for a disaster, the better they will be able to survive it.

-Jeanne Salvatore



Partner Agency

2009 / 2010 UW Funding

American Red Cross, Canadian Valley Chapter Disaster Services American Red Cross, Central Oklahoma Community Services Disaster Services American Red Cross, Heart of Oklahoma Chapter Disaster Services Program Personnel HeartLine, Inc. 2-1-1 24/7 Services The Homeless Alliance Capacity Building Neighborhood Services Organization, Inc. Housing & Community Development Oklahoma Halfway House, Inc. Women’s Services

1,732 123,531 663,243 17,486 24,291 112,338 25,000 159,685 4,018

Salvation Army Emergency Shelter


Travelers Aid/Upward Transitions Community Outreach Program Program Personnel

291,000 23,000

Youth and Family Services, Inc. Emergency Youth Shelter YWCA Oklahoma City Crisis Advocacy & Residential Svcs (CARS) Program Personnel

16,081 493,251 40,095

Total Investment: $2,151,700


Media Partners United Way of Central Oklahoma is mindful donors invest with us because they want to help make their community a better place, not pay for advertising. Therefore we rely on dedicated volunteers to ask local media outlets to donate time and space to broadcast our message. The following media outlets are to be commended for donating over $2 million in media value to United Way of Central Oklahoma in 2009.

PRINT Media Outlet Black Chronicle Capitol Hill Beacon Edmond Life & Leisure Edmond Sun El Nacional El Reno Tribune & Mustang News The Journal Record Metro Family OKC Biz OKC Friday Oklahoma Banker Oklahoma Gazette Oklahoma Nursing Times The Oklahoma Publishing Company Piedmont Surrey Gazette The Point South Oklahoma City Chamber Southwestern Publishing ValPak The Vista Yukon Review

Media Outlet Cox Communications KAUT OK43 KFOR NewsChannel 4 KOCO Eyewitness News 5 KOKH Fox 25 & KOCB WB 34 KWTV News 9 Tyler Media

Ad Value 505,980 60,000 300,000 100,000 120,000 50,000 60,000

Radio Ad Value 15,000 1,100 750 1,350 2,500 1,500 36,000 3,500 2,000 1,000 350 5,000 35,776 338,067 1,000 2,750 550 7,500 24,000 2,500 1,000

Total Donated Media: $2,577,650 18


Media Outlet Citadel Communications Clear Channel Communications Perry Broadcasting Renda Broadcasting Tyler Media

Ad Value 60,000 35,000 60,000 100,000 160,000

Outdoor Media Outlet Lamar Outdoor Tyler Media

Ad Value 450,000 30,000

Production Media Outlet McNeese Fitzgerald Associates & McNeese Media OPUBCO Communications Group Tyler Media

Ad Value 5,000 2,500 250

Campaign Results 2009 Led by campaign chairman Pete Delaney, more than $20.2 million was pledged by local donors, breaking the previous year’s record by nearly $2 million. Individuals who make a pledge of support through payroll deduction at their workplace continue to be our largest source of giving. Though our annual fund drives are well publicized, many are unaware that we manage six unique campaigns simultaneously to reach our total. We are proud to serve the employees in both the public and private sectors in offering an efficient and accountable means of charitable giving in the workplace. Total giving for each of the campaigns we operate is listed below.

2009 Campaign Totals Campaign

Total Raised

United Way Central Oklahoma


Combined Federal Campaign


Heart of the City Campaign


State Charitable Campaign


United Way of Canadian County


United Way of Logan County


CAMPAIGN TOTAL: $20,272,928

Pete Delaney 2009 Campaign Chairman Living United for 20 years


Statement of Financial Position December 31, 2009





Temporarily Restricted



Cash and cash equivalents Pledges receivable, net Investments Property and equipment, net Other assets

7,905,778 11,307,615 607,906 4,781,435 71,587

250,367 157,683 300,000 -

8,156,145 11,465,298 907,906 4,781,435 71,587

8,116,805 8,548,705 930,311 4,501,565 82,953





Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Accrued postretirement benefits Allocations and designations payable Debt

271,527 458,068 5,976,267 3,599,975


271,527 458,068 5,976,267 3,599,975

1,127,726 998,735 5,852,550 2,993,303

Total liabilities





Net assets









Liabilities And Net Assets

The above information has been extracted from the December 31, 2009 audited financial statement. A complete copy of the audited financial statement is available upon request.


Statement of Activities

December 31, 2009 Total


Public support Total amounts raised Less amounts designated by donors for specific organizations Total contributions Administrative fees Less estimated uncollectible pledges

22,313,152 (6,548,244) 15,764,908 620,490 (628,359)

206,888 206,888 -

22,520,040 (6,548,244) 15,971,796 620,490 (628,359)

19,187,937 (6,029,433) 13,158,504 604,118 (743,955)

Total public support





Revenue Interest income Grants Miscellaneous Sponsorship

11,751 47,000 74,198 -

8,690 156,545

20,441 47,000 74,198 156,545

98,879 47,000 64,075 105,500

Total revenue





Net assets released from restrictions





Total support and revenue





Program Services Allocations to agencies Community investments and research Disaster Relief Outcome measurement Volunteer services Turning Point

9,138,278 348,065 8,896 8,335 68,822 273,691


9,138,278 348,065 8,896 8,335 68,822 273,691

9,704,149 402,889 166,354 8,268 174,634

Total program services





Supporting services Resource development Organizational administration

1,559,792 1,439,480


1,559,792 1,439,480

1,247,655 1,227,025

Total supporting services





Total expenses





Post-retirement related changes other than net periodic pension cost





Change in net assets





Net assets at beginning of year





net assets at end of year:





Support and Revenue

Temporarily Restricted




$11,208,025 21

Community Investments 2009-2010

(Based on 2008 Campaign pledges)

Distribution Base: 2008 Campaign Pledges Less Allowance for Pledge Loss Net Available for Distribution

$18,566,689 ($1,328,445) $17,238,244

American Heart Association American Lung Association American Red Cross, Canadian Valley Chapter American Red Cross of Central Oklahoma American Red Cross, Heart of Oklahoma Chapter Areawide Aging Agency, Inc. Arthritis Foundation, Oklahoma Chapter Bethesda, Inc. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Boy Scouts of America, Last Frontier Council Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County Calm Waters Center for Children & Families Camp Fire USA, Heart of Oklahoma Council Catholic Charities Celebrations Preschool, Inc. Central OK Integrated Network System (COINS) A Chance to Change Foundation Citizens Caring for Children Coffee Creek Riding Center for the Handicapped Community Literacy Centers, Inc. Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) D-DENT, Inc. Daily Living Centers, Inc Dale Rogers Training Center EARC, Inc. Easter Seals Oklahoma Girl Scouts - Western Oklahoma Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma HeartLine, Inc. Homeless Alliance (The) Hospice of Oklahoma County John W. Keys Speech & Hearing Center Latino Community Development Agency Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. Lennie Marie Tolliver Alternative Care Center* Mental Health Association of Central Oklahoma, Inc. Metropolitan Better Living Center Moore Youth & Family Services, Inc.

*Designations from 2008 campaign. No longer a Partner Agency.


$182,793 73,735 3,465 1,470,606 54,853 34,580 114,500 25,500 151,618 452,523 127,500 30,600 237,317 291,502 122,400 23,640 45,900 95,000 80,929 74,509 28,646 77,938 214,015 136,331 71,481 10,104 254,299 45,000 131,338 25,000 161,478 23,283 137,759 126,871 725 122,478 60,585 75,630

Neighborhood Services Organization, Inc. NorthCare Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled, Inc. Oklahoma Halfway House, Inc. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care Parents Assistance Center Positive Tomorrows Possibilities, Inc. RSVP of Central Oklahoma, Inc. Safe Kids Oklahoma Salvation Army Special Care, Inc. Sunbeam Family Services, Inc. TEEM, The Education & Employment Ministry Tinker AFB Youth Center Travelers Aid/Upward Transitions Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City, Inc. Variety Care YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City Youth & Family Services, Inc. Youth Cornerstone Youth Services for Oklahoma County YWCA Oklahoma City Sub Total Other Distributions: United Way of Logan County United Way of Canadian County Other United Ways Combined Federal Campaign Designations Heart of the City Designations State Charitable Campaign Designations United Way Worldwide Dues Resource Development Organizational Administration Allowance for Pledge Loss


236,820 232,260 140,000 4,018 115,000 16,000 159,000 150,208 23,970 126,275 18,922 889,687 303,400 737,562 20,000 18,264 314,000 321,315 451,871 270,000 35,274 23,200 29,640 576,115 $10,609,232 $180,943 249,482 171,037 2,623,487 160,637 217,198 147,423 1,585,815 1,292,990 1,328,445


Board Members 2009 Officers of the Board Chairman of the Board: Ed Martin, Ackerman McQueen Vice Chairman of the Board: Roy Page, Third Degree Advertising & Communications, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer: David Harlow, BancFirst Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Davis, Asset Management Advisors, LLC

2009 Committee Chairs Administration Committee Chair: Doug Stussi, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc. Audit Committee Chair: Mark Wood, Ernst & Young LLP Campaign Chair: Pete Delaney, OGE Energy Corp Community Investment Chair: Jean Wallace, Community Volunteer Events Chair: Matt McGuire, Heritage Trust Labor Chair: Perry Sneed, Sheet Metal Workers Local 124/AFL-CIO Legal Counsel: Kenneth McKinney, Tomlinson & O’Connell Marketing Chair: Mary Hendrick, The Journal Record Personnel Chair: Dr. Joy Reed Belt, Joy Reed Belt & Associates/Joy Reed Belt Search Consultants Research & Community Initiative Committee Chair: Mike Joseph, McAfee & Taft

2009 Board of Directors Tom Adams, Adlife HomeCare John R. Allgood II, Oklahoma RedHawks Baseball Club John Armitage, M.D., Oklahoma Blood Institute Bev Binkowski, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Dr. John Bozalis, Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic David R. Carpenter, American Fidelity Assurance Company Mike Coats, IBC Bank Luke R. Corbett, Corbett Management LLC Jim Curry, Oklahoma State AFL-CIO Terri L. Cwiklinski, American Fidelity Assurance Company Pat Dennis, The Oklahoma Publishing Company Ron Dye, CWA Local 6016 Todd Edmonds, HSE Architects Carl Edwards, Price Edwards & Company James Elder, Mock Schwabe Waldo Elder Reeve & Bryant Cole C. Eslyn, OU Medical Center Larry Flowers, BCTGM Local 366 G Ryan Free, The Oklahoma Publishing Company Mark W. Funke, Bank of Oklahoma-OKC Bryan Gonterman, AT&T Barry Godman, American Fidelity Assurance Company Julie Gosdin, United States Postal Service Mark Grimes, Flintco, Inc. G. P. Johnson Hightower, Stillwater National Bank & Trust Company Susan V. Hillis, KPMG LLP Christopher D. Howard, SSM Health Care of Oklahoma Cliff Hudson, Sonic, America’s Drive-In LeAnn Jenkins, Oklahoma Federal Executive Board Bob Kendrick, United States Postal Service, NCED Nancy Koeper, United Parcel Service Steve Kreidler, University of Central Oklahoma

C. Bruce Lawrence, INTEGRIS Health D. E. “Rick” Lippert, Lippert Brothers, Inc. Gregory W. Meacham, The Benham Companies, LLC Mary Melon, The Journal Record Wes Milbourn, KFOR-TV Channel 4 and KAUT Channel 43 Roger Mitchell, Oklahoma Natural Gas Company Polly Nichols, Community Volunteer J. Larry Nichols, Devon Energy Corporation Dee Niles , KPMG LLP Tim O’Connor, Central Oklahoma AFL-CIO Labor Council Mike O’Neal, Oklahoma Christian University David Ortloff, The Humphrey’s Company Cynda Ottaway, Crowe Dunlevy Roberto Ramirez, Quad/Graphics Pat Rooney, First National Bank of Oklahoma K. Randy Roper, MidFirst Bank Jim Roth, Phillips Murrah P.C. Marc C. Rowland, Chesapeake Energy Corporation David R. Schaefer, UMB Bank, N. A. Paul Sechrist, Oklahoma City Community College Tony Shinn, Bank of America Diana L. Smalley, Mercy Health Center Karl Springer, Oklahoma City Public Schools Lee Symcox, First Fidelity Bank David Thompson, The Oklahoma Publishing Company Robert W. Toler, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City--OKC Branch Shane Wharton, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc. Chad Wilkerson, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City--OKC Branch John Williams, Skirvin Hilton Hotel James N. Young, JP Morgan Chase George E. Young, Sr., Holy Temple Baptist Church


Every day you may make progress.

Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an


ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the

joy and glory of the climb. -Sir Winston Churchill

Live United

P.O. Box 837

Oklahoma City, OK



2009 Annual Report  
2009 Annual Report  

2009 Annual Report