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Dear Employee Campaign Coordinator, Thank you for leading your organization’s United Way 2010 Campaign. We are thrilled to have you working with us to improve lives and strengthen our community to make it a better place to live. We truly appreciate you and your organization’s support of United Way of Central Ohio. Workplace campaign donations make up 80% of our revenue. Your efforts to educate your co-workers about United Way and engage them in improving our community will make a difference. Every single gift, regardless of size, will assist in making positive change in central Ohio. This Campaign Coordinator Manual addresses the campaign basics – the fundamental steps you can use to educate and inform your colleagues and help grow your organization’s campaign. This information, combined with the online Campaign Toolbox, will provide ideas, tips and other resources to support the efforts of you and your team. Remember, the communication between you and your United Way Relationship Manager is key to making your campaign a success. Please feel free to call upon him or her for assistance during your campaign. We wish you the best of luck with this year’s campaign!

Carl English 2010 General Campaign Chair

Charles Tippie 2010 Labor Campaign Chair

Table of Contents 1. Employee Campaign Coordinators: A Key Link


2. 3.

Our 2010 Campaign: LIVE UNITED a. Building Blocks for a Good Life b. The Community Impact Fund c. Invitation to Live United d. FAQs


Campaign How-to: The Overview



Campaign How-to: The Details a. Campaign Growth Strategies b. Making the Ask c. Employee Giving Options d. Pledge Collection Options e. Wrapping Up/Thank You


5. Leadership Giving Groups


6. Community Benefactors


7. Celebration of Excellence Awards


8. Additional Resources


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1. Employee Campaign Coordinators: A Key Link Congratulations! As a leader in your organization, you’ve been selected as a United Way Campaign Coordinator. We know you have a lot to offer, and we welcome your leadership and input in our 2010 campaign!

Your Mission: The Campaign Coordinator is a critical link between United Way and your co-workers. Through your communication, organization and leadership skills, you enable your co-workers to participate in the work of strengthening our community.

Campaign Coordinator Tasks: Conducting a United Way campaign should be a fun and rewarding experience. United Way of Central Ohio provides many tools and resources to assist you as you plan and execute your campaign. The resources and tips provided in this guide will help you plan an enjoyable, meaningful and successful campaign. Campaign Coordinator’s tasks may include: • Work closely with your CEO and United Way representative to develop an effective campaign plan • Recruit and coordinate a team of volunteers to assist you • Coordinate your company’s kick-off and recognition events • Promote the campaign throughout the company • Encourage leadership giving in your campaign • Encourage volunteerism among your co-workers • Educate your co-workers about United Way • Attend United Way kick-off and victory events • Invite everyone to give • Make a gift yourself • Thank your donors and volunteers • Evaluate and make recommendations for next year Scattered throughout this manual are “best practices” from our 2009 Celebration of Excellence Award winners. You may choose to adapt some of these ideas or create new ones based on the specific needs and culture of your organization. Let your enthusiasm and creativity shine through, and your efforts will pay off. It takes people like you, who go above and beyond, to make this campaign successful.

Employee Campaign Coordinators: A Key Link


2. Our 2010 Campaign: LIVE UNITED Live United is a an exciting way that United Way of Central Ohio is using to communicate our work, and to energize people to give and get involved. To Live United means we each have a responsibility to the community where we live and work, because when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.

Building Blocks for a Good Life At United Way of Central Ohio, we improve lives in our community. We call it advancing the common good. We bring together the people and the organizations who have the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. Together, we focus on education, income, health and home. These are the building blocks for a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, good health maintained throughout life, and a safe place to live. Our goal is to create long-lasting changes that prevent problems from happening in the first place. To do this, United Way funds programs that focus on the community’s most pressing problems.

Community Impact Fund: The Most Powerful Way to Make a Difference! By combining thousands of individual gifts, the Community Impact Fund has the power to make a bigger difference than any single contribution. Gifts go to where they will make the most impact – to both proven strategies and innovative ideas that will create lasting change and achieve the following results:

EDUCATION • Young children enter kindergarten physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively prepared to succeed • Youth graduate from high school well-prepared for additional learning and productive careers

INCOME • People in crisis have access to emergency food, shelter and financial assistance • People achieve financial stability

HEALTH • People overcome barriers to accessing health and wellness services • People maintain healthy nutrition and physical fitness • The community is prepared to respond to disasters and emergencies in a coordinated and comprehensive way

HOME • People live in safe neighborhoods • People live in safe and decent housing 2

Our 2010 Campaign: LIVE UNITED

The Invitation to Live United How can people get involved? Be part of the change. We want to engage more people at a deeper level than we ever have before. Specifically, we want people to Give, Advocate and Volunteer.

GIVE Our donors’ gifts have been improving lives in central Ohio for decades. More children are receiving quality early education, more people have gotten the job training that has helped them find good jobs, fewer children are hungry, and more people are off of the streets and living in places with supportive services because of our generous donors. We are asking people to continue to give, so we can continue to help those in need.

Let people know: Giving to United Way of Central Ohio’s Community Impact Fund is the easiest and most powerful way to improve lives and build a stronger community. The Community Impact Fund supports programs in Education, Income, Health and Home. Each individual gift adds up, no matter the size.

ADVOCATE We want everyone engaged with United Way to advocate for our work through word-of-mouth, to let others know that partnering with United Way is an effective way to help others. We will also be asking supporters to weigh in on important public policy issues like improving early education and dealing with vacant and abandoned housing.

Let people know: You can make change happen with your voice. Get informed. Tell your friends. Write a letter to the editor. If you are passionate about helping others, our community needs you to speak out. Go to to sign up for our newsletter so you can be in the know about advocacy opportunities in central Ohio.

VOLUNTEER We want people to volunteer through United Way. Many people know about our annual Community Care Day, which is the largest single volunteering event in our area, mobilizing over 4,000 people. But they don’t know we also have many other volunteer efforts. For example, this year we helped organize 186 volunteers to provide free tax preparation for hardworking low- and moderate-income people, resulting in $4.9 million in refunds. Those refunds help people be more financially stable and strengthen our local economy.

Let people know : Volunteer your time and talents to make a difference in people’s lives in central Ohio. Give an hour. Give a Saturday. Share a talent. Lend a hand. You’ll make a difference. For more ways to get involved, “like” United Way of Central Ohio on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at Our 2010 Campaign: LIVE UNITED


UWCO FAQs What is United Way? United Way is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization lead by a local, all-volunteer board of trustees. We focus on determining the underlying causes of the most important issues in our community. Then we engage the community by listening to experts and partnering to get results that no individual or single organization can accomplish alone. United Way of Central Ohio is working to advance the common good by focusing on the building blocks of a better life: a quality education that leads to a productive career, enough income to support a family through retirement, good health, and a safe place to live.

Why should I give to United Way instead of giving directly to individual agencies? If you give directly to individual agencies: • Supports a single organization or service. • Helps people needing that particular agency or service. • Gifts might not be multiplied by leveraging private and/or government matching funds.

If you give to United Way: • Supports many health and human service programs in central Ohio. • Helps people who may have multiple health and human service needs, more than any single organization. • All programs are evaluated to ensure they meet their goals and are providing impact. • Gifts to United Way are leveraged annually, multiplying the impact of each charitable dollar several times.

How does United Way achieve impact? First, United Way assesses the community by bringing people together to identify the issues that matter most. Then, we research the problems, craft smarter solutions, invest funds, deploy resources and evaluate the results. By leveraging partnerships, government funding, and grant support, we maximize our impact and find the best, most cost-effective ways to respond to problems. Our goal is to create lasting change and advance the common good.

Why should I give to United Way? Your United Way contribution is an investment in your community. Hundreds of thousands of individuals’ lives are changed each year in central Ohio through services and programs supported by United Way. Your donation this year ensures that the needs in the community will continue to be addressed.


Our 2010 Campaign: LIVE UNITED

Why should I give to the Community Impact Fund? The Community Impact Fund is the best way to help solve critical community problems in central Ohio. Experts and community leaders right here in central Ohio evaluate the community’s needs and make research-based decisions on where funds are invested. Giving to the Community Impact Fund allows you to work together with other donors to advance the common good.

How do I know United Way is fiscally responsible? United Way of Central Ohio takes our role as a trusted community leader very seriously. As a result, we have a long tradition of adhering to very high standards of accountability and transparency. UWCO is a member of United Way Worldwide and annually completes certification of strict membership requirements. The local organization is audited annually by an independent CPA firm, and the audit results are reviewed by the all-volunteer Audit and Finance Committees and the Board of Trustees. Both our 990 tax form and our annual audit are available for review on our Web site,

How does United Way’s overhead costs compare to other organizations? The Better Business Bureau states that a charity should spend no more than 35% of related contributions on fundraising. United Way of Central Ohio operates with a 11.84% overhead rate, investing nearly 90% in programs and services.

Celebration of Excellence – Best Practice

Employee Volunteerism – AEP – IBEW Local 1466 Highlights of AEP – IBEW Local 1466’s relationship with UWCO:

• Employees involved in the United Way Impact Councils, the Resource Development Committee and the Campaign Cabinet. They also have a presence on the boards of other funded agencies.

• Volunteer opportunities provided year-round. • Participated in Community Care Day. • Organized an agency tour for employees. • Promoted Leadership Giving with Key Club and YLG luncheons.

Our 2010 Campaign: LIVE UNITED


3. Campaign How-to: The Overview Ten Steps To Building a Successful Campaign Implementing these basic steps will help to ensure a successful United Way campaign. They are based on past experiences of organizations that have had exemplary campaign results.

Before The Campaign 1. GET PREPARED! Work with your United Way Relationship Manager to set goals, discuss ways to communicate the message, create a buzz, and incorporate fun activities that add momentum to your campaign.

How this helps: Having a plan makes the process smoother and easier for you to implement and manage.

Strategies: m Review campaign history with your United Way Relationship Manager, including the total amount raised, participation rate, average gift and the strategies used last year. m Set beginning and end dates for your campaign. m Download a sample campaign timeline at

2. RECRUIT AND TRAIN A CAMPAIGN TEAM You don’t have to do it alone! Having representatives from each department can be very effective. This team can help in all stages of the campaign: planning, promoting awareness and distributing and collecting materials.

How this helps: This shares your duties, stimulates more ideas, helps create enthusiasm about the campaign, and builds employee morale.

Strategies: m Form a Campaign Committee that provides leadership from all facets and levels of the organization. m Recruit people that are energetic, organized and well-liked by their peers. m Meet with your United Way Relationship Manager and team to discuss your goals and objectives.


Campaign How-to: The Overview

3. ENLIST MANAGEMENT SUPPORT Leaders lead! The support of your President/CEO, management team and/or labor leaders is crucial.

How this helps: By personally endorsing the campaign, members of your senior management team demonstrate their commitment both to your organization’s campaign and the United Way.

Strategies: m Ask the President/CEO to hold a United Way educational meeting with his/her leadership team. m Enlist leaders to speak at kick off meetings, send emails or letters. m Plan events around the CEO’s calendar whenever possible or call on other senior leaders to represent the President/CEO.

4. IDENTIFY CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS Meet with your committee early and often to discuss goals, communication strategies, incentives and special events.

How this helps: Getting employees involved in various activities helps them feel a part of the campaign and adds an element of fun!

Strategies: m Set campaign goals and publicize them throughout your organization. m Download a goal-setting spreadsheet from m Develop incentives to make influential changes such as early return of pledge cards, first-time donors, using payroll deduction and increased giving. m Schedule events on company calendar.

During the Campaign 5. PUBLICIZE YOUR CAMPAIGN Communicate campaign information and events to all employees through United Way marketing materials, emails, calendar of events, posters and more!

How this helps: Clear communication improves participation and creates a positive response to United Way.

Strategies: m Access the Campaign Toolbox ( m Order United Way campaign supplies. m Download Campaign Countdown emails. m Communicate your campaign’s calendar of events. m Use your organization’s communication tools: email, intranet, newsletters. Campaign How-to: The Overview


6. EDUCATE EMPLOYEES ABOUT UNITED WAY’S WORK One of the most important elements of a campaign is to educate employees about United Way of Central Ohio’s work. Some people relate to personal stories, while others want to hear about facts, figures and the return on investment.

How this helps: When donors understand the needs in the community and how United Way is addressing these needs, they make a personal connection to the campaign.

Strategies: m Arrange for United Way presentations at staff meetings to ensure every associate understands United Way’s Community Impact work. m Invite United Way to a meeting of your top management to discuss the work of United Way and address any questions from your senior team. m Distribute United Way materials.

7. KICK-OFF YOUR CAMPAIGN (ask employees to give) Campaign Kickoffs can be informative and FUN! Kickoffs can be elaborate (with costumes and scripts!) or as easy as snacks in a break room. Do what works best for your organization.

How this helps: By gathering your group together in one place, each person feels a part of the overall goal.

Strategies: m Invite senior management and United Way to join you to make the ask. m Include your President/CEO in events and communications. m Use United Way of Central Ohio’s marketing materials to create awareness.

8. ENCOURAGE LEADERSHIP GIVING United Way of Central Ohio offers a number of recognition levels and giving groups for those who lead by example through their giving, and for those who want to connect with others who are inspired by what they can accomplish together. (See page 17 for Leadership Giving group descriptions.)

Celebration of Excellence – Best Practice

Employee Education – Bruner Corporation Highlights of Bruner Corporation’s relationship with UWCO:


• Bruner Corporation CEO and agency representative as speakers at kick-off event • Calendar of Events publicized • United Way video shown to all employees • Lunch and learn sessions offered throughout the campaign week • United Way updates sent monthly in the company newsletter • CEO sent personal thank you notes to all employees who pledged

Campaign How-to: The Overview

How this helps: Leadership Giving provides the fastest way to help increase total dollars raised in the campaign, and the networking opportunities offered within the groups boost your organization’s presence in the community.

Strategies: m Encourage Leader’s Circle as an easy and effective way for all donors to make an investment in United Way based on a percentage of their salary. m Encourage Community Builders to those who give at a leadership giving level but do not qualify for a United Way affinity group. m Promote the benefits of membership in affinity groups. m Recognize the people that gave at these levels last year. Others will want to know more about how to get involved. m Recognize individuals who give at Leadership levels through special recognition events, personalized letters from senior management or exclusive incentives.

After the Campaign 9. ANNOUNCE RESULTS AND SHOW APPRECIATION Plan ways to finalize your campaign, celebrate your accomplishments and thank employees for their participation and contributions.

How this helps: People will have a more positive feeling about their donation, and receiving appreciation increases the likeliness that that they’ll participate next year.

Strategies: m Announce campaign results via email or during staff meetings. m Create opportunities to say thank you. m Show how one “small” gift combined with the entire company’s will create a big impact. m Recognize your own work and submit a Celebration of Excellence award application.

10. ESTABLISH YEAR-ROUND UNITED WAY COMMUNICATION Collaborate with United Way to provide year-round educational programs to implement throughout your workplace (newsletters, intranet, etc.). Work with your United Way Relationship Manager or Loaned Executive for more information on how to promote awareness about United Way’s work.

How this helps: Year-round communication helps educate employees on the impact of their gift and how integral they are to the work of United Way.

Strategies: m Publish noteworthy information in company newsletters or intranet. m Lunch and Learn sessions (coordinated by United Way). m Small group tours of United Way-funded programs (coordinated by United Way). Campaign How-to: The Overview


4. How-to: The Details Key Strategies for Growing your United Way Campaign Overall • Aim for 100% education. Enhance year-round education and communication. • Aim for 100% pledge card collection. This ensures that people have considered a gift to the United Way Campaign and made their decision. It does not mean they should be forced to give.*

To Increase Giving (Average Gift) • Communicate increasing community needs to individual donors • Invite United Way speakers to employee meetings • Personally ask the donor to increase their gift • Create or refine leadership giving structure • Use suggested giving guidelines (i.e., two hours’ pay per month) • Structure incentives so that they are based on giving levels • Establish a competition between departments based on total dollars raised • Personalize pledge cards • Express appreciation immediately • Make specific asks at various income levels • Hold direct report meetings • Make asks to the next level of management

To Increase Participation (# of Givers) • Communicate senior management’s support – ask the President or CEO to write a letter of support, attend group meetings, make a personal gift prior to the start of the campaign • Recruit campaign committee with representation from all levels and departments • Take campaign committee on agency tours • Ask ALL employees to contribute • Invite United Way speakers to group meetings • Hold group meetings • Enhance year-round education and engagement • Develop year-round communication * The Board of Trustees of United Way of Central Ohio believes that the most responsive contributors are those who have the opportunity to become informed and involved. A well-planned campaign with an effective communications program, conducted by committed volunteers, will ensure responsive contributors. Giving is a personal matter and decision; no form of coercion is acceptable to United Way of Central Ohio. 10

How-to: The Details

Making The “Ask” The number one reason why people don’t give is because they aren’t asked. It’s so easy to do! There’s a number of ways you can go about doing it. Let United Way help in making the ask.

Educate Employees United Way of Central Ohio has many resources available to help you educate your employees and run an effective campaign. Campaign materials, video, speakers, agency tours and volunteer projects are excellent ways to show how United Way dollars are working in our community.

Video United Way’s 2010 “LIVE UNITED” campaign video highlights local donors and ways they Give, Advocate and Volunteer. Less than four minutes long, this video provides an effective and emotional way to show your co-workers how their contributions make an impact right here in central Ohio.

Campaign Marketing Materials United Way of Central Ohio offers an array of high-quality printed and electronic materials available at no charge. This comprehensive approach helps to inform, excite and recognize donors and publicize your campaign. Talk to your Relationship Manager or visit for more details.

Provide Incentives Fun incentives can motivate increased personal gifts from associates. Solicit donations or think up low-cost rewards.

Promotion Ideas

Incentive Ideas

Distribute raffle tickets based on pre-determined increases on pledges

Paid time off

Provide a separate set of prizes for all new donors

Lottery tickets

Reward the department with the highest dollar increase over last year

Use of an executive office

Reward the department with the highest participation increase over last year

Airline or event tickets

Give incentives to all employees participating in payroll deduction

Day of golf

Donated prizes from company vendors Dinner at the CEO’s home

How-to: The Details


Speakers United Way volunteers, program volunteers, or volunteer labor representatives are eager to share their stories and are available to speak at your organization. A five-minute presentation by one of these speakers personalizes your employee meeting.

Tours Motivate employees to give by providing a first-hand look at how contributions make a difference in our community. Tours of agencies that have United Way-funded programs significantly impact the results of an employee campaign. Tours usually last 30 minutes plus travel time per agency and can be arranged to accommodate your employees’ schedules. Most groups want to visit with two or three programs.

Community Care Day Join over 4,000 community volunteers representing local corporations and organizations as they work at United Way agencies, community sites and schools to make a stronger community on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. This is a great opportunity for your team to see the real work of United Way and can be used as a team-building activity.

Celebration of Excellence – Best Practice

Best First-Time Campaign - Ologie Highlights of Ologie’s relationship with UWCO:

• Held campaign kick-off • Involved United Way Relationship Manager with campaign • Offered opportunities for employees to volunteer in the community • Held a celebratory event at the end of the campaign to thank all employees who pledged

Celebration of Excellence – Best Practice

Leadership Giving – Alliance Data Systems Highlights of Alliance Data System’s relationship with UWCO:


• Leader’s Circle heavily promoted – the amount is determined for each associate and highlighted on ePledge or pledge form • Discussion and education on the benefits of joining a Leadership Giving Group • Fundraising events offered year-round • Used personalized campaign materials • Thank you luncheon for committee members • CEO invites all senior leaders that give at the Leader’s Circle level to a cocktail reception

How-to: The Details

The 20 Minute Employee Group Meeting Group meetings are the most effective way to reach all employees in an organization and make the most efficient use of time. It can take as little as 20 minutes to convey the key messages to your group, make the ask, include an Agency Ambassador, and show the United Way video: Item




Opening Remarks

Employee Campaign Coordinator

1 minute

Welcomes everyone and states the reason for the meeting.

CEO Endorsement

CEO/Key Executive

1 minute

Demonstrates the support of the organization and its leaders.

Campaign Video

Introduced by the ECC/ 5 minutes United Way Representative

Thanks previous donors and sets the tone and focus.

Success Story

Ambassador or United Way 5 minutes Representative

Provides a concrete example of a community need fulfilled.

United Way Overview

United Way Relationship 5 minutes Manager/Loaned Executive

Shares the scope of the needs and illustrates United Way’s unique approaches.

Ask for Donations

United Way Relationship 2 minutes Manager/Loaned Executive

Solicits the support of individual donors.

Closing Comments & Thanks

United Way Relationship 1 minute Manager/Loaned Executive

Expresses gratitude for their time and their participation.

Whenever possible, incorporate the United Way presentation into an existing staff meeting. As employees enter the meeting, distribute personalized pledge cards with a copy of the donor brochure. Employees should turn them in before the end of the meeting, and the employee’s signature is required for payroll deduction. If employees miss the meeting, be sure that a member of your campaign team visits them for a one-on-one contact. Discuss with your Relationship Manager the ways to adapt group meetings to any environment.

Direct Communication One other approach to complement campaign communication is to contact employees individually, with personal letters or emails explaining the campaign, United Way activities and how they can participate. We’ve included a few sample letters that you may use, customize, or adapt. These are available at If you’ve got sample letters that have worked well for your organization, please use the Campaign Toolbox to share them with others! One more thing: If your organization provides a matching gift, be sure to include a reminder in your communications to employees. “Remember, (Company) will match your contribution dollar for dollar!”

How-to: The Details


Employee Giving Options 1. Payroll Deduction • Enroll through your workplace campaign • Give a little every pay period for a larger annual gift

2. Credit Card ($50 minimum gift) • Use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express • United Way charges the credit card upon receipt of the pledge card

3. Cash or check • Give a one-time gift • Make checks payable to United Way of Central Ohio • Use your debit card instead of writing a check – instant tax receipting! Just use your bank statement as documentation

4. Donation of stocks or mutual fund(s) • Transfer stocks or securities through your investment firm • Instructions available on our website,, or call 614.227.2700

5. Scheduled billing ($100 minimum gift) • Select a one-time annual charge, a quarterly charge, or a monthly charge

Celebration of Excellence – Best Practice

Strategic Performance – Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP Highlights of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP’s relationship with UWCO:


• Participated in Community Care Day • Kickoff breakfast included a representative from a United Way agency and employee testimonials • Early pledge returns received door prizes • Lunch and Learn offered mid-campaign week to educate employees on the work of United Way • Volunteer fair offered employees an opportunity to speak with agencies, learn about their needs, and sign up to volunteer

How-to: The Details

Pledge Collection Options 1. E-Pledge System Make your United Way campaign run more smoothly by replacing paper pledge cards with the online ePledge system. The ePledge system allows employees to pledge privately and securely from their desks, or even from home. And, United Way of Central Ohio provides the system at no charge. Additional benefits include: • A personalized pledge process • Minimal time spent collecting pledge cards, creating reports, and following up on outstanding pledges • Real-time access to campaign progress or results

How to get ePledge. Your relationship manager can arrange for an on-site demonstration, assist you with gathering information, arrange for training, or answer other questions you may have. You’ll want to begin discussions at least 6-8 weeks before your campaign begins. Contributor information should be provided to United Way approximately four weeks prior to kick-off.

2. Pre-printed Pledge Cards Pre-printed pledge cards are based on our general pledge card. We personalize these cards with your company’s logo and each employee gets their own individual pledge card with their name.

What is the timeline on this process? You can begin discussions with your Relationship Manager at any time. Early planning helps to address any questions you may have, well in advance of your campaign. Depending on the size of your company, we will need the data file 2-3 weeks in advance of your due date in order to produce the pledge cards.

Celebration of Excellence – Best Practice

Community Impact Award of Excellence – Grange Insurance Companies Highlights of Grange’s relationship with UWCO:

• Adopted a co-chair and sub-committee chair structure • Strong executive endorsement of campaign • Thank you drawings held throughout the year • Personalized campaign materials • United Way updates sent daily in the company newsletter during the course of the campaign • Used the expertise of the United Way staff • Offered a Retiree Campaign asking retirees to support United Way

How-to: The Details


Wrapping Up You will want to have a formal “wrap up” of your campaign, announcing the results and thanking donors and participants. • Announce campaign results and accomplishments through newsletters, intranet, email, voice-mail or a memo. • Blanket bulletin boards and lunch rooms with “thank you” messages. • Post photos of employees participating in campaign events. • Include a special message with payroll stuffers. • Submit your campaign for our Celebration of Excellence Awards (see page 18) • Recognize Leadership Givers.

Thank You The two simple words “Thank You” not only show appreciation, but also set the tone for year-round communication and next year’s campaign. Contributors will receive an acknowledgement from United Way, but you can also build more support for future campaigns by acknowledging the work of your campaign committee, as well as each employee that contributes. Visit for a sample of thank you letters.

Ideas for Campaign Committee • Ask the President/CEO to host an appreciation breakfast/lunch for the campaign committee. • Create certificates of appreciation for each member of your committee. • Give event tickets to each campaign committee member.

Ideas for Donors • Ask senior management to send thank you notes to all donors. • Sponsor a “thank you” breakfast, luncheon or reception for campaign participants. • Distribute company pens, mugs, certificates, awards, buttons or note pads to volunteers and contributors. • Acknowledge donors at an all-employee meeting.

Give tokens of appreciation such as: • Calendars • Candy Jars • Paper Weights • Note Cards • Pen/Pencil Sets • Picture Frames


How-to: The Details

5. Leadership Giving Groups When you give, advocate and volunteer through United Way of Central Ohio, you’re setting an example by becoming part of a community that lives by its values. United Way offers a number of recognition levels and giving groups for those who lead by example through their giving, and for those who want to connect with others who are inspired by what we can accomplish together.

Recognition Levels Leaders Circle

Leaders Circle recognizes members who contribute a percentage of their income to support the work of United Way. Because it includes people at all income levels, Leaders Circle acknowledges that one’s commitment to caring is not measured by the size of the gift, but in giving to the best of one’s ability. Leaders Circle giving levels are found on the pledge card.

Community Builders – invest $1,000 - $4,999 annually

Community Builders is a new program that provides special recognition for those individuals who give at a leadership level but do not qualify for a United Way affinity group. Community Builders affirms the collective impact these gifts have in strengthening our community.

Affinity Groups Key Club – invest $1,000 or more annually

Key Club is a unique partnership of individuals within the African American community who interact with central Ohio’s most influential leaders, meet like-minded African Americans and work to promote balance and inclusion in our community. Members are invited to participate in networking events, professional development opportunities, educational forums and community service projects.

PRIDE Council – invest $1,000 or more annually

PRIDE Council brings together the LGBT community to make an even bigger difference in our community – one that can improve the lives of all central Ohioans. PRIDE Council members are helping to establish a larger “PRIDE Gives” group and connecting with other LGBT members in the community to keep our community strong.

Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) – invest $1,000 over your previous gift or renew current WLC gift

The WLC is a volunteer-driven group – one that creates its own initiatives and sets its own goals. WLC members are dedicated to improving financial stability for women and creating opportunities that increase their ability to provide for themselves and their families. – invest $1,200 or more annually (YLG) Young Leadership Group (YLG) and YLG Premier – invest $2,500 or more annually (YLG Premier) YLG members are individuals or couples age 45 or younger who want to participate in setting and implementing agendas for change in our community. Members learn about community issues while developing their leadership skills, and are invited to attend community service projects, educational roundtable luncheons and special recognition events.

Cinquefoil Fellowship – invest $5,000 -$9,999 annually

Cinquefoil Fellowship is based on five core values - appreciation, recognition, education, advocacy and inclusion. Cinquefoil Fellowship donors are recognized for their ongoing commitment to being an agent of change through special communications, events and publications throughout the year.

Alexis de Tocqueville Society – invest $10,000 or more annually

The Tocqueville Society is a special partnership of individuals who are inspired by what they can accomplish together and commit to a leadership role in giving. Members are recognized in the national Leadership Register and invited to participate in special gatherings and attend select social events.

To learn more about these leadership groups, visit Leadership Giving Groups


6. Community Benefactors United Way of Central Ohio’s 2009 Community Benefactors The Community Benefactor Program recognizes those companies and supporters in our community who support United Way of Central Ohio all year long with donations and in-kind services that go beyond the traditional campaign donation.

PLATINUM ($50,000+) American Electric Power Lane Bryant Limited Brands WBNS TV

DIAMOND ($20,000-$49,999) ABC 6/FOX 28 Bob Evans Farms CD101 Clear Channel Outdoor Clear Channel Radio Group The Columbus Dispatch The Columbus Foundation Columbus Radio Group

Grange Insurance Kroger Leslie H. Wexner NBC 4 Radio One Time Warner Cable WLVQ WWHO –TV

EMERALD ($10,000-$19,999) Alliance Data Easton Community Foundation EXPRESS Fechtor Advertising FedEx Express Fifth Third Bank The Huntington National Bank IBM Corporation

JPMorgan Chase Lifestyle Communities Nationwide New Albany Company North Central Region Payroll #0218 Target The Ohio State University UPS

RUBY ($1,000-$9,999) Alive! Columbus Business First Columbus State Community College Dupler Office Franklin University GBQ Partners LLC Hilton Columbus at Easton


Community Benefactors

Merrill Lynch OhioHealth The Pizzuti Company Porter Wright Morris & Arthur Swank Audio Visuals Willis

7. Celebration of Excellence Awards When your campaign wraps up, be sure to enter United Way of Central Ohio’s Celebration of Excellence Awards. Celebration of Excellence recognizes top-performers among organizations running United Way campaigns. The awards are given based on exemplary campaign strategies, performance, tactics and initiatives. Organizations may choose to submit applications for any or all awards.

Community Impact Award of Excellence The highest honor given by United Way of Central Ohio, it is awarded to a company that exemplifies overall achievement in corporate and volunteer philanthropic efforts. Consideration is given to all elements of a United Way relationship, and how the organization incorporates United Way of Central Ohio in their daily corporate culture.

Best First Time Campaign This award follows the same criteria for the Community Impact Award of Excellence, but is given only to organizations that have completed a United Way campaign for the first time.

Strategic Performance Awarded to an organization that embraces campaign “best practices.” Typically, the campaign is led by a cross functional team that includes the CEO, Campaign Committee and Employee Campaign Coordinator. The campaign exhibits fun activities that engage all members of an organization, including a kick-off, thank you and incentives.

Employee Education Awarded to an organization that educates employees on the work of United Way and provides information on how employees can donate. Typically, the recipient holds group meetings, direct report meetings to educate the direct reports of the organization’s CEO, and posts information on its website or in emails and newsletters. Other examples of employee education include kick-off events, campaign publicity and yearround education.

Leadership Giving Awarded to an organization that promotes United Way affinity groups and Leaders Circle. Typically, the recipient has a Leadership Giving Ambassador or someone designated to promote UWCO affinity groups, and the organization has a high percentage of Leadership Giving donors.

Employee Volunteerism Awarded to an organization that provides year-round opportunities for employees to volunteer in the community. Typically, the recipient has employees who sit on United Way boards and committees, and the organization participates in Community Care Day or has their own volunteer day(s).

Recognition of Excellence in Community Impact Awarded to an organization(s) whose program(s) supports the achievement of United Way of Central Ohio’s Bold Goals through collaboration and best practices. Please speak with your Relationship Manager about your application, or visit after September 1, 2010 to download entry forms. Celebration of Excellence Awards


2010 Celebration of Excellence Winners: We salute the following companies for the excellence of their 2009 campaign efforts!

Community Impact Award of Excellence Grange Insurance Companies

Best First Time Campaign Ologie

Strategic Performance Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP

Employee Education Bruner Corporation

Leadership Giving Alliance Data Systems

Employee Volunteerism AEP - IBEW Local 1466

Recognition of Excellence in Community Impact Alvis House, Inc. Columbus Works Columbus Urban League Godman Guild Goodwill Columbus Jewish Family Services New Directions Career Center The Neighborhood House The Salvation Army United Cerebral Palsy of Central Ohio Vision and Vocational Services Columbus Metropolitan Library: Ready to Read Corps


Celebration of Excellence Awards

8. Additional Resources Your United Way of Central Ohio Relationship Manager is by far your most valuable resource for information and materials during your campaign. To contact her or him at United Way, please call 614.227.2700. However, United Way’s Web site,, is the next best resource when he or she is not available.

Campaign Resources This web site provides you with the resources and information needed to run a model campaign. The Campaign Toolbox is a one-stop-shop for ordering materials, sharing ideas, and electronic versions of various tools and materials, including a .pdf of this manual. You will also find information about agency ambassadors and tours, Leaders Circle and Community Builders, Leadership Giving, Celebration of Excellence and much, much more.

About Us Information about United Way of Central Ohio including our mission and vision statements, Board of Trustees roster, policies and employment opportunities.

Getting Results A section on the work of United Way of Central Ohio: improving lives and building stronger communities. Here you will find success stories, results and statistics, initiative information as well as information on how United Way is working with our member and partner agencies to reach our mutual goals.

News A complete listing of recent press releases regarding United Way activities.

Events Information on recent and upcoming United Way events, including Community Care Day. Frequently, photos and videos of events are posted on as well.

Additional Resources






How To Live United United Way of Central Ohio is working to advance the common good by focusing on the building blocks for a good life: a quality education that leads to a productive career, enough income to support a family through retirement, good health, and a safe place to live. Join us. United, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.

GIVE Giving to United Way of Central Ohio’s Community Impact Fund is the easiest and most powerful way to improve lives and build a stronger community. The Community Impact Fund supports programs in Education, Income, Health and Home. Each individual gift adds up.

ADVOCATE You can make change happen with your voice. Get informed. Tell your friends. Write a letter to the editor. If you are passionate about helping others, our community needs you to speak out.

VOLUNTEER Volunteer your time and talents to make a difference in people’s lives in central Ohio. Give an hour. Give a Saturday. Share a talent. Lend a hand. You’ll make a difference.

Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

Live United


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2010 Employee Campaign Coordinator Manual  

The United Way of Central Ohio 2010 Employee Campaign Coordinator Manual

2010 Employee Campaign Coordinator Manual  

The United Way of Central Ohio 2010 Employee Campaign Coordinator Manual