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For 4 th year and Fresh graduates

Internship is   a   Cultural   Exchange   program   that   offers   fresh   graduates  and  graduates  the  opportunity  to  gain  international  paid   and   unpaid   training.   It   offers   entry-­‐level   positions,   starting   with   a   basic  training  plan  on  the  particular  chosen  field.  

A v a i l a b l e F i e l d s       For  US:   -­‐ HRM/Tourism   -­‐ IT   -­‐ Engineering  

For China:   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐  

Business/Finance HRM/Tourism   PR/Marketing   Paralegal   NGOs/Charities   Healthcare  and   Pharmaceuticals    

P r o g r a m D u r a t i o n  

For US:   Minimum  6  months     Maximum  12  months  (for   Hospitality  courses)  and  18   months  (for  others)  

For  China:  

Beijing/Shanghai Internship   Minimum  1  month   Maximum  3  months   Hainan  Program   Minimum  6  months   Maximum  8  months    

A p p l i c a t i o n P e r i o d     US  internship  is  open  year-­‐ round.  You  may  apply  anytime  but   take  note  that  you  are  no  longer   eligible  Internship  from  12   months  after  graduating.       China  Internship  is  open   year-­‐round  and  it  begins  every   month.  Application  should  be  done   6  weeks  prior  to  desired  start  up   date.         A p p l i c a t i o n   P r o c e s s     1. Send  resume  online  with   schooling  dates  and  details   (i.e.  college  degree,  date  of   graduation,  etc.)  and  work   experiences  (i.e.  college   practicum,  part-­‐time  jobs)   2. Your  resume  will  be  assessed   and  you  will  be  notified  once   you  qualify   3. Once  qualified  you  will  have   an  initial  interview     4. Once  accepted,  you  may  then   pay  the  application  fee.        

U S a n d   C H I N A   P a r t n e r   C o m p a n i e s  

AND MORE U S P r o g r a m   F e e   6  months  internship:  PHP  10,000  and  $2750  (Approx.  $3000)     12  months  internship:  PHP  10,000  and  $3250  (Approx.  $3500)     Inclusive  of:  CV  Process  and  Evaluation,  Work  Permit,  Job  Placement,  Insurance,   Online  Paperless  Application  Process,  Visa  Assistance,  Pre-­‐departure  Orientation  with   United  Towers,  Online  Participant’s  Guide,  UT  Club  Membership  

Exclusive  of:  SEVIS  Fee,  MRV  Fee,  Airfare,  Pocket  Money,  CFO  Fee,  Housing  

C H I N A P r o g r a m   F e e   1  month  internship  (Shanghai/Beijing):  $2895     2  months  internship  (Shanghai/Beijing):  $3895   3  months  internship  (Shanghai/Beijing):  $4895   Hainan  Program:  $5795  (double  bed);  $6195  (single  bed)     (Shanghai/Beijing)  Inclusive  of:  Pre-­‐departure  assistance,  Airport  pickup  

on arrival,  Accommodation,  Business  culture  training,  Welcome  pack,  Sim  card  and   Travelcard,  Weekly  Mandarin  classes,  24-­‐hour  support  and  guidance,  Social   events,  Charity  weekend,  Networking  opportunities,  Membership  of  Alumni   Network,  CRCC  Asia  Certificate,  Guaranteed  placement  in  a  company,  English-­‐ speaking  supervisor  

(Hainan)  Inclusive  of:  Airport  pick  up,  health  insurance,  accommodation  for   duration  of  the  program,  10-­‐week  Mandarin  course,  all  teaching  materials,  trip   around  Hainan,  Internship  at  a  5-­‐star  hotel,  3  meals  a  day  during  internship     Exclusive  of:  Airfare  and  pocket  money  

**Payment scheme  will  be  given  upon  request  

USA & China Internship 2012-2013 Primer  
USA & China Internship 2012-2013 Primer  

A primer on the Internship programs of United Towers Philippines for 2012-2013.