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Suffolk Newsletter The United Suffolk Sheep Association Spring 2016 Volume 6, Issue 1

***USSA Office Contact Information*** PO Box 121 ● Holland, IA 50642 Office: 641.684.5291 ● Fax: 734.335.7646

Inside this issue: USSA President’s Message 3 UJSSA Information


USSA Ambassador Message 6

A message from the USSA Board of Directors:

Ewe Lamb Giveaway Information


National Junior Suffolk Show Information


2. Promote a more user-friendly Suffolk sheep.

Regional Junior Show Information


3. Re-establish an association connection to the commercial sheep industry.

USSA Futurity Program Information


The current USSA Board will be holding a similar strategic planning meeting on April 15-17, 2016, in Omaha, NE. Facilitated by Jim Gibb, a well-known and respected leader in the beef cattle industry, the retreat will bring the Board together to evaluate progress toward these 2013 objectives and to identify key opportunities and strategies for the future.

Calendar of Events


USSA Online Sale Entry


Registry Reminders


USSA Member News


It is important to us that this session involves the ideas of the entire USSA membership. While not all ideas can or will be adopted in the strategic plan, all ideas that are brought forth constructively to the USSA board will be discussed and explored. Please contact a Director in your region (http:// to identify opportunities for the USSA that you would like to have discussed at the retreat.

Classified Ads


NSIP Update


In 2013, the USSA Board of Directors held a strategic planning meeting and decided on the following 3 outcomes or objectives: 1. Maintain an economically-viable office.

Grand Announcement: Parasite Control Strategies 28 National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) and the Suffolk breed.


2016 Spring Suffolk Newsletter  
2016 Spring Suffolk Newsletter