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Favorite T.V. Ad’s: Wallwisher Assignment Checklist TASK: Please visit the United States History II Wallwisher page by accessing the following link; The pre-assignment dictates that you select (2) of your favorite television advertisements and post them on our page with 1) Your Name 2) YouTube Link 3) Advertising Strategy Used. Once we have read “The Gospel of Advertising” in our reading teams and had a class discussion lead by the Prezi “Advertising in the 1920’s”, please post as many notes in reference to classmates selections and the 1920’s advertising strategies used in their submissions. Please note the following criteria which should guide you during the completion of this assignment. Consideration to these criteria (5) will give full credit (5 points) for each of them met. There is NO PARTIAL CREDIT. This assignment is based on your submissions, observations as well as application of the material from discussions and presentations. CHECK EACH ITEM OFF AS YOU COMPLETE THE TASK IN THE BOX PROVIDED.





Content Application



Student submits (2) of their favorite television advertisements, by correctly pasting the YouTube link into Wallwisher Note. To open a new note, simply DOUBLE-CLICK on the canvas. For more directions consult the “WallWisher Instructional Video”. Student labels their own submissions by modeling how Mr. Stoessel set up his notes. Student should submit 1) Student Name 2) Product Advertised 3) Advertising Strategy Used. To model the organization, look at Mr. Stoessels submissions at the top of the page. Student may choose from a variety of advertisement genres (i.e. humor, tragedy, public service, shocking), but may not submit material which is inappropriate. Mr. Stoessel will monitor content submission, and responsibility and adherence to the schools Digital Media Policy is expected. Student utilizes the “Advertisement Strategy” section of their note to apply the strategies identified in their reading of “The Gospel of Advertising” and participation in the subsequent classroom discussion. If confused, students should consult the list created after completing the “Advertising in the 1920’s” graphic organizer. Student reflects on the advertising strategies presented by fellow students in reference to their own submissions, and offers insights of their own. Students should be referring to their “Advertising in the 1920’s Graphic Organizer” for definitions and examples from the text and classroom discussion.

TOTAL SCORE: Out of (25) possible


Wallwisher Assignment Checklist  

Assignment Checklist for the Wallwisher Activity