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Miss Colusa County “... I was new to walking in heels and bathing suits, it was hard to show I was confident but as soon as I got on stage I didn’t care what people thought about me.” - Madison Forney

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Madison Forney

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“I was thrilled and I couldn’t stop smiling. I worked hard and I wanted to represent Colusa County” - Madison Forney

editor’s note Welcome to the all new redesigned United Online Magazine. We truly do keep getting better and better each year. As I approach my fourth year of being in publishing, I knew that I had to create an exciting change to keep our readers interested in our product as well as introduce our magazine to new readers in new formats. We have become a culture of fast everything we want our news and information on a moments notice. We went from telegrams to e-mails, from e-mails to text messages. From daily newspapers to online news outlets. With those concepts in mind United Magazine is moving into the new frontier of publishing, Mobile devices. United Colusa County is the only media outlet in Colusa County with a mobile application to support our publication. We are excited about where this app will take us. Since July, 30th 2011, we have had hundredths of download of our application via our web site. What does that mean? Well simply put, it means that once we publish our magazine, hundredths of mobile users will get to see it, read it and enjoy it insistently. That’s right, event before we get our publication back from our printers, United mobile users will have the first look at each United right in the palm of their own hand. It doesn’t get much faster then that.

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community Today, the Sikh parade is a big attraction to the Yuba –Sutter area and has contributed greatly to the cultural diversity of the Central Valley for over three decades. This annual event brings thousands of people from all parts of the globe to Yuba-Sutter every November. Sikh means disciple. Sikhism originated in the Punjab- five rivers region of India. The Sikh tradition is a hybrid of Hindu and Islamic beliefs. Sikhs believe in the Hindu concepts of karma and reincarnation. At the same time, they reject the caste system and the belief in multiple divinities and graven images that Hinduism embraces. Sikhs are strict monotheists because they believe in the oneness of God like Muslims. Sikhism has ten gurus, spiritual leaders, that lead the early community, and these men are honored in the tradition, not worshipped. The Sikhs started arriving to the west coast of North America in the early 1900’s to work on the railroad. Many left that industry to work in agriculture because agriculture was the prominent industry of the Punjab. Sikhs settled in the MidValley because the climate was similar in their homeland. The first Gudwara-Sikh place of worship- in America was established in Stockton in 1905, and Sikhism was recognized as a legal religion in 1912 in California. Yuba-Sutter Sikhs had to travel to worship in Stockton until 1969 when the local Gudwara in Terra Buena was built. The Sikh parade began in 1979 and has continued ever since. Yuba-Sutter Sikhs have created a parade and a three day celebration in November because this month has deep religious meaning for their community, and the parade is open to all people. Guru Nanak, the first guru was born in November. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and final guru, was murdered in November of 1708. After his death, the Holy Scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib, became the living

Guru of Sikhism. The parade celebrates the Holy Scriptures being the source of religious authority. The scriptures are placed on a float with flowers, and is paraded through the streets. Also, Divali-celebration of light- is celebrated in India this time of year; the Sikh temple is covered in lights like many other temples in India, which could be an influence from Divali. The parade is open to the entire community because it is a time when people come together and eat communally, meaning that caste does not matter. One can find traditional Indian food, like samosas, naan, rice and lentils to American foods such as chips, ice cream bars, and Pepsi and Coca-Cola products, showing that this event has become Americanized. The food is donated and provided by the Sikh community, and no one is charged.

The Sikh parade has become an attraction for people the world around. Sikh adherents make the pilgrimage to the parade from all over North America, Europe, India, Malaysia, and the Fiji Islands. The Sikh parade is part of a global phenomenon for the Sikhism putting the Central Valley on the map as a pilgrimage destination for Sikhs. Since the parade is open to the community, residents from the Central Valley, who are not Sikh, attend the parade faithfully and has become a tradition for them. Christians, Jews, Hindus as well as nonreligious persons can be found there. While attending the parade, one can hear Punjabi, English, and Spanish being spoken. This has added to the cultural landscape of Northern California, similar to the annual Bok Kai parade celebrated in historic downtown Marysville. Overall, it cannot be argued that the Sikh population has not greatly added to the cultural richness of the Mid Valley.

The Sikh Parade:

A Pilgrimage to Yuba-Sutter

By William Hovey II

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No northern California town nor any town in America has a Sikh celebration of this caliber. Amazingly, the Yuba-Sutter area is home to an event of this sort. This shows that the Sikh community is a large part of that community and is here to stay and has established itself here in the Mid Valley. Contrary to the first Sikh immigrants who had only come to the area to work and return home over a century ago, it would be interesting to see how they would have viewed this legacy. Possibly, this event will have a long lasting tradition for the Mid Valley for generations to come like the Bok Kai celebration. Who knows? Only the future can and will tell. See photos of the event, the day after! Download the United Magazine app. visit for a free download today!

Madison Forn miss colusa county


on the cover Madison Forney recently shared some of the experiences she had during the Miss Colusa County pageant. “It’s truly amazing and an honor to have won the title of Miss Colusa County,” said Madison Forney in an interview that took place just a few days after she won the crown. Forney said entering the contest helped her to step out of her comfort zone and forced her to challenge herself. “I’m usually shy and for once I wanted to take a risk because I knew I had nothing to lose,” Forney said. “I also wanted to be the first person in my family to take-on the experience.” Forney, age 18, said the Miss Colusa County Pageant is an excellent learning experience that teaches contestants to work hard, bond together and most import, to have fun. Throughout the entire pageant process, contestants work with each other creating a bond between them. Forney said two of the hardest obstacles

she had to overcome was learning how to walk in high heels and working on her self-confidence. “Walking in high heels was very difficult for me so I had to spend extra time practicing turning and walking without looking uncomfortable,” said Forney. The Queen stated that although walking in heels was a bit of challenge for her, her ultimate obstacle was working on her self-confidence. “Since I was new to walking in heels and bathing suits, it was hard to show I was confident but as soon as I got on stage I didn’t care what people thought about me,” Forney said. “I knew they were laughing and judging but I had the courage to be up there and I let them know how confident I was.” ...continued on the next page

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Madison Forney miss colusa county

Forney believes her involvement in school, extracurricular activities and community service helped her become a well-rounded candidate. She stated she felt comfortable in the interview portion of the contest and was passionate about the speech she wrote regarding the United States military. When she was asked what her initial reaction was when she heard her name called as the winner, she said, “Initially I was thrilled and I couldn’t stop smiling. I worked hard and I wanted to represent Colusa County but I was also saddened because after spending all of those weeks practicing and bonding with the girls, I knew it would not be the same because it was over.” When asked if there was anything she could change about the pageant experience she stated that she would like to see the bathing suit portion of the contest be replaced with a talent. “I know a lot more girls that would be interested in running if it (bathing suit portion of the contest) was taken out, because the way you look in a bathing suit should not determine how you represent Colusa County.” Winning the title of Miss Colusa County

has opened up several opportunities for Forney and she has considered entering in other pageants but just hasn’t decided. Forney’s inspiration is her sister, Jada, who is in the United States Air Force and is stationed in Germany. “I admire her courage, strength, and bravery. She has taught me to be adventurous in my life and not to be afraid of anything. She always told me to enter the pageant and I wanted to make her proud so I surprised her and sent in my application.” Although it was 3 a.m. in Germany, Jada was on the telephone listening to the pageant when Madison was named Miss Colusa County. As Miss Colusa, she will represent the County at other state fairs and will participate in chamber of commerce sponsored events. “If you have the opportunity to participate in a pageant then I say do it,” Forney said. “There is nothing to lose only things to gain. I have made so many friends, created so many memories, built self-confidence and gained public speaking skills from this experience.”

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organizations The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Yolo County (HCCYC) and the North Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (NVHCC) are merging and will now jointly form the NVHCC. The move was effective July 27, 2011. In 1983 the HCCYC was formed with a hand full of local citizens that saw the needs of the Hispanic Business Community not being met. After 28 years of continuous operations the Hispanic Chamber of Yolo County serves as one of the principal entities providing assistance to the Hispanic Business community.   “Now more than ever, with the troubles in our economy, collaboration is needed. I am very happy that this effort is moving forward. We will be able to support our business’s regionally throughout many communities,” said Silvina Salcedo, HCCYC President The North Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was established in 2008 and equally serves the areas to the north of Yolo County.  They have a wellestablished group that focuses on facilitating the building of partnerships between local community leaders and chamber members. These partnerships are designed to allow Hispanic businesses and other members of the community to better understand the contribution that they each make

strength in numbers for hispanic chamber

By Luis Barrera

Adrian Lopez, President of the NVHCC Photo Provided by The Luis Barrera Design Studio

to the growth and development of the North Central Valley of California. “The North Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce welcomes with open arms the addition of Yolo County into its service area,” said Adrian Lopez, NVHCC President. “The merger is a momentous occasion, one which will allow us to better serve the ever growing Latino market in the North Central Valley of California, and provide additional resources and services to Hispanic owned business in Yolo County. Our goal will continue to be to work with all members of the community to improve the economic vitality of our region.” The first mixer of the newly expanded North Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was held on July 27, 2011 at Silvina’s Basket Restaurant in Woodland. Over 100 people attended the mixer, including key dignitaries such as the Mayor of Woodland, Art Pimentel, Woodland Joint Unified School District Board Member Angel Barajas, and Yuba Community College District Trustee Xavier Tafoya. For more information about becoming a NVHCC member visit their website at

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Local beat: The paper melody


By Sarena Galindo

I recently sat down with the band The Paper Melody and found out more about them and how they got to where they are today. They are local alternative band from the Yuba-Sutter area. The band consists of three members right now and are in search of a fourth member. Jill Sullivan does bass/vocals, Anthony Reeder does guitar/vocals, and Dan Vallier does guitar/vocals, and the drummer is yet to be determined. Sullivan confesses, “The three of us (get along) really well and so it’s like a family, and bringing another member into the family is an intense process.” They got started when Dan Vallier’s first band broke up and he decided he wanted to continue making music, so he met Anthony Reeder and Jill Sullivan. Sullivan started out just doing lights for the band until she found out she could do bass and then she became part of what it is now, The Paper Melody. “The name of the band comes from the idea and desire to create music that fills the listeners heads with images, almost as if the melodies were images on paper,” says Anthony Reeder. The Paper Melody was inspired by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman as far

Anthony Reeder, Jill Sullivan and Dan Vallier Courtesy Photo

as style and writing and on their Facebook page they mention being like “Tim Burton’s Rock Band”. When asked if their career has created value in their lives, they all agreed that music makes them really happy. Dan tells us, “It’s taught me a lot about definitely not really worrying about money so much as much as like a happiness. It’s really important for me to do what I want in order to be happy rather than like what makes the most money.” I asked the band who they would most like to go on tour with or play with someday and they were all on the same page with The Receiving End of Sirens, Versa, and Muse. The Paper Melody mostly plays at the Soda Shop in Orland, Ca. “Every time we do a tour or anything, we start off there because it always just gets (us in) such a good mood for the tour and always helps us off on our way,” says Anthony Reeder. They also played at Club Retro and used to play at the Boardwalk in Sacramento, Ca., but it has now turned into the Ace Of Spades and they have to make it there yet. They are definitely working on it, though, and will be touring this year in July and August. If you would like to see them perform, please visit our website at www. to check tour dates.

Come to Colusa Casino Resort and leave the work to us! Colusa Casino Resort is nestled in the heart of the Sacramento valley, just west of the scenic Sutter Buttes. Just a few minutes from Interstate 5, our resort combines first class services and amenitites, with sweeping landscapes and breathtaking views. The grounds at Colusa Casino Resort offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable experience. Whether you are looking to hold a reception for 10 people or 1,000, Colusa Casino Resort can accomodate your needs. The resort offers a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, with a dedicated staff ready to make your event special and effortless. Our award winning executive chef can customize and prepare the perfect menu and our professional event coordinator will make sure your event is one of perfection.

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giving back Sometimes all it takes is a single hand up to get a family back on its feet. A Colusa County effort is designed to provide that extra hand up with its new $1.2 million Colusa Independence Project. Construction of the housing site was funded with State Emergency Housing Assistance Program – Capital Development (EHAP-CD) funding for capital development activities for emergency shelters, transitional housing, and safe havens that provide shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals and families. The City of Colusa also partnered with Federal Community Development Block Grant Program Income (CDBG PI) funding that is a flexible program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs. Colusa Treasurer Gar Rourke commented on the final product saying that he was impressed, and that it was money well spent. The recently completed project will provide temporary housing for adults and children. The five unit, 19 bed housing site will provide homes to families. The small gated site is located at 713 D Street in Colusa. Colusa County Health and Human Services (DHHS) interim director Elizabeth Kelly explained that although the units will provide shelter to both children and adults, it is primarily for families, but will be available for single women with children,” she said. The housing program participants will receive support services that will assist them toward self-sufficiency. Participants may stay in the program for up to 24 months. However, the average stay statistically averages 6-8 months. The goal for each participant family will be to graduate from the program with safe, affordable housing and a stable income source. The Colusa County DHHS is partnering with the Colusa One Stop to implement the transitional housing support services. The Colusa One Stop currently implements transitional

Colusa Independence Project providing homes

By Kathy Craigo

William Cornelius, Mark Marshall, Elizabeth Kelly and Denise Carter

Photo by Kathy Craigo Media Consulting

housing and support services with two units in the City of Colusa, and will transfer those units to the Independence Project explained Kelly. Late in July, an open house was held at the new complex. Visitors to the site found not only beautifully finished apartments with new furniture, washers and dryers and kitchens stocked with necessities, but a welcoming courtyard area as well. One visitor commented that this is a place where families can gain a sense of living in a neighborhood, and be a part of a community. The homes will provide individuals with an opportunity to get back on their feet. While it is not a permanent solution, it is an avenue of support for families to begin anew. It isn’t a ‘handout’ by any means. “The adults must be employed, and pay rent, but a portion of the money paid will be deposited into an escrow account banked for future move-in costs for traditional housing once the participants are stable and on their feet,” said Kelly. The Colusa Independence project has been in the planning stages for a number of years and Kelly said she is so pleased it is finally completed. “High costs to move into a house or apartment often is more than a family can handle,” she said. “That is why many families end up living in their cars, or are prevented from leaving abusive relationships.” The units are designed to accommodate a variety of sizes of families. Four of the units have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and are big enough for families with up to six children. One unit is a single one bedroom unit which is ADA accessible appliances and shower. This unit can house one wheel-chair bound adult and one child. It also has a wheelchair lift to access the back patio. All of the units are ADA accessible. Colusa County Board of Supervisors Chair Mark Marshall and Supervisor Denise Carter toured the site during the July 28 open house. Both Supervisors commented that they could not be more pleased with the end result.


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The Colusa Theatre has been one of the area’s finer Movie Theatres for more than 75 Years. At the Colusa Theatre we are committed to preserving the neighborhood movie theatre experience for years to come. Outside of regular business hours the Colusa Theatre can be rented for private parties and special events. In addition to film projection we are equipped with digital projection for applications such as power point presentations and DVD movies. Visit our website for more information.

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From the stunning dining room to the granite and slate bar area to the posh VIP lounges, we’re serving up an incredible food, beer and entertainment experience. The good times are pouring here! The 350-seat smoke-free dining area features an excellent view of our master brewers in action. You’ll be seated at one of our gorgeous hammered-copper tables, where your expertly prepared meal will be served. Our affordable menu boasts tempting appetizers, flavorful entrees and decadent desserts to satisfy every taste. Whether it’s a crispy pizza to-go or a full selection of mouthwatering sushi dishes, we think you’ll find that our food keeps you coming back time and again. If you prefer to dine al fresco, enjoy the intimate setting under the shade lattice on our outdoor seating area. A water-misting system keeps you cool in the summer, while the fire pit provides warmth on chilly winter days and nights. Take a moment to admire the view of the natural stone wall outside the patio; all of the rocks that form the wall were unearthed on our surrounding property. Beer Here! Sidle up to the graceful bar and play

Casino Brewing Company

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a little video poker. Or, pull up a comfortable stool and watch the sporting action on one of the big-screen TVs overhead. Our bartenders will pour you a perfect pint of craft ale, one of seven brewed right here onsite. Once you find your favorite, you can take it home in a 64-oz. growler! Music Here! There’s always a full slate of entertainment in the brewery. A state-of-theart sound and lighting system will heighten your enjoyment of our exciting slate of musical acts. Experience a show from inside a deluxe VIP suite, or get a bird’s-eye view of the stage while seated in a sumptuous leather chair on the VIP balcony. Both include private servers for cocktails and appetizers. Feather Falls Casino Brewing Company understands that a good experience and good value go hand-in-hand. Whether you are looking for a fine meal, a unique ale, a great band or just an awesome place to see and be seen, the good times are pouring here!

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