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wanna hot body? your better pilates with MARK KLEIN

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Andrew Christian


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Andrew Christian is arguably the best known gay underwear designer. Some of his most notable products include Flashback, Almost Naked, Show it and of course Trophy Boy. Learn more about Andrew and what’s next for this power house fashion brand .......................Pg 10

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What an honor it is to have the opportunity to feature the one and only Andrew Christian this month. Our very own Lemuel Haynes scored this amazing opportunity do a Q&A with the Trophy Boy creator. Also this month we have three amazing local and regional gay business owners starting with the King of Queens George Chamorro a.k.a. JC the man behind JC Events who is the exclusive promoting company who brings to us all the Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race to the Northern California region. Another amazing person featured this month is stylist Armando Flores, who as many of you know is not just a super talented stylist but also a pillar of our community and is very involved in many projects from Fashion Shows to feeding the homeless. One up and comer in our community is pilates instructor Mark Klein who recently started Pilates With Mark. We hope this edition of Q Sacramento gives many of you an insight to the talent, creativity and amazing men who make up our local, regional and worldwide group of gay business owners. Have a great month! editor in chief






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Modus Vivendi is the brand name of a range of men’s fashion items designed by Greek fashion designer, Christos Bibitsos, which has been present on the market since 1989. Yet with the launch of their e-commerce outlet in the summer of 2005, Modus Vivendi is bringing quality men’s products to the international market. Their e-commerce site prides itself on customer care, offering fast delivery services throughout the world.

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q&A with





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fashion Denim Spot hair e13 Salon

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Q&a with...


by lemuel haynes

What excites you more, the direction of your sportswear, accessories, or swimwear?

This season I’m really excited about my sportswear. I’ve devoted a lot of time to sportswear this season and sort of going back to my roots. A lot of people don’t know that I started my company with designing sportswear. Of course it’s the underwear that people remember because of those iconic images of hot guys in the underwear. I’m really focusing on unique color combinations and innovative cuts for my new sportswear collection.

As a boutique owner, I study other business’s marketing strategies and have fell in love with how you use videos as a marketing tool. Over the last year, I’ve noticed that the videos appear to be a little more provocative. Assuming that’s been by design, have there been any challenges with it? Increase in styles featured in the videos?

That’s so interesting you asked that question, I was just thinking about this the other day. Looking back at my first viral video “Car Wash” it seemed really shocking and innovative at the time, but now it seams kind of tame. I think once you have done something iconic and well received you have to keep outdoing yourself and breaking new ground. Part of my artistic vision is to keep people entertained and guessing what I will do next.

I really like the original Almost Naked No show trunks(style #9276). What would you recommend for straight clients? I would recommend any style that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. It’s all about confidence and anything that makes you feel good inevitably will give you confidence.

Who’s Your favorite Basketball Player?

I would have to say Jason Collins. To have the courage to come out in a sport that stigmatizes gay as being less than a man. It takes a lot of courage to come out in a profession where you may not know if you will be accepted by your peers or if it will effect your profession negatively.

Now that Andrew Christian is a world wide name in men’s underwear, any plans to introduce a women’s line? I plan to stay with men’s underwear and keep doing what I’m good at. I don’t want to loose my focus and take me away from giving my customers the product they want and ask for.

What’s your favorite style of AC undies?

Trying to pick my favorite pair of AC undies is like asking a parent who their favorite child is. If I had to pick just one style though it would be my new Trophy Boy briefs. I love the new waistband I designed and the bright colors incorporated into the design. I really love the fit of the briefs as well plus they are constructed out of super soft bamboo fiber.

on the cover

Lus Barrera


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s a c r a m e n t o

l o s

a n g e l e s

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get to know

the King




San Francisco’s self proclaimed club kid Gorge Chamorro Carcamo a.k.a. JC has been making a splash across California with his RuPaul’s Drag Race Queen Invasions for a few years. Now JC is taking his brand to a new level of fun with exclusive parties across San Francisco, San Jose, Modesto, Sacramento and more. Q Sacramento sat down with JC to see where he’s planning to take the party next. What is a JC Event?

We are one of the hottest gay event promotional companies in NorCal. We’ve been around for five years and are currently hosting; Sugar - A Saturday Night Club Event at Cafe’ in San Francisco F*CK*R - A porn star driven club event held once a month on Wednesdays at Club Edge in San Francisco. We also host drag shows in Sacramento featuring some of the Rupaul Drag Race Contestants. We are working on additional events in Sacramento, San Jose, and Modesto.

Why did you get into Club/Event Promotions? As a club kid, I didn’t find enough venues for the younger gay community to hang out at. So I decided to work on putting together events my friends and I would enjoy. Next thing you know, we had a nice following and had found my passion.

JC Events is the main reasons that we get to see most of the

Rupaul Drag Race contestants perform in Sacramento. Anything else coming up with them. Definitely! With the new season on full force we have new queens that we are bringing on tour across California. Check out for full dates and details for upcoming parties.

I know a lot of our readers will enjoy checking that out. Where would you like to see JC Events grow/expand to next? We are working on a holiday weekend/ festival event that I would love to see grow into one of Northern California’s major events. Outside of that, I envision us hosting some major events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas soon. Then New York, Miami and then an Europe invasion We also have a new 18 and over club starting called #WERK which will debut in San Francisco this month on April 17th at City Nights 715 Harrison Street featuring Laganja Estranja and Barbies Addition, so we are really excited for that.

learn more @

Q 18


you wanna hot body? pilates with mark you better

What’s your background in Pilates Well ,I started my Pilates journey in Santa Barbara in 2006. I have always been interested in fitness, health and wellness, and I discovered Pilates in one of the local Spectrum Health Clubs. Once I had gotten my first sample of the practice, I was instantly hooked. I really loved the intricacy of the work and the precision for which it required your body to adapt. At that point I decided to seek out a local Pilates studio that specialized specifically in the practice of Pilates. Once I set foot into a true Pilates studio, I felt right at home just knew it was for me. So in early 2007 I began my training through Body Arts and Science International headed by Rael Isacowits, a legend in the Pilates industry. I then later completed my teacher training and began teaching in Santa Barbara. I moved to Sacramento in January 2013 and decided to start my own business, Pilates Body by Mark, and partnered with Sonia Louie at the House of Pilates. Outside of unimaginable flexibility, why would you recommend our readers to check out Pilates? Well, we know how obsessed our community can be with the “six pack”, but having a six pack or great abs does not necessarily mean you have a strong core. Pilates teaches the body to activate the proper muscle groups for each of the body’s movements. The abdominals should always work together with the lower back extensors to alleviate stress and tension on the lower spine; therefor, relieving lower back pain. Pilates trains your body to naturally and automatically create stability and balance while the body moves the limbs. Our limbs are simply an extension of our core. The stronger the core, the less tension and strain we put on our limbs and joints. Are there any promotions for 1st timers? I do offer promotions to any new studio clients. The studio is a private studio, so

each new client must go through an intake process prior to enrollment into any program. Pilates is a specialized practice that requires a thorough assessment that includes health history, injury disclosure, posture analysis, an introduction to some Pilates terminology, and some fundamental set up philosophy. My initial fee for an assessment is $75 for one hour, but for new clients I offer 50% off the assessment with the understanding that if the client decides to enroll in any program the fee will be applied towards the purchase of a package of their choice. I also offer a free private assessment to any client that wishes to enroll in any program and purchases a package of 10 classes. Most of us assume it’s similar to Yoga. Is there a difference? There most definitely is a difference. I am a fan and a student of yoga so I do find that the two practices complement one another. In my opinion the only real similarity is that they are both esoteric practices. While yoga focuses on holding poses, working the larger muscle groups, and the breath, Pilates focuses on a system of exercises that create better body alignment and body stance to make people feel longer and look leaner. So much about Pilates is about your will: What you put into your work, you will get out of your work. Pilates also offers more variety to our clients. There is the basic Pilates mat work that is the true foundation of Pilates, but the practice also offers a variety of apparatus to work upon which provides an unstable platform for the body to react to. Have you tried any of your Pilates positions in the bedroom? Was your partner impressed? Well, I don’t typically kiss and tell, but I can tell you that I have seen many men turn in kids in a candy store when they see what I can do with my body…if that’s what you mean.





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Q Sacramento Magazine Spring/April  

Q Sacramento Magazine feat. Andrew Christian Designer and business mogul. Also featuring JC Event's George Chamorro and much more! Sacrament...

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