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Keren Hayesod–United Israel Appeal

Your Legacy to Israel

Theodor Herzl

What the Jewish World faced in 1920 “To the Jews of the World... Keren Hayesod begins its work at a great and tragic hour. Two thirds of the Jewish race are living under conditions of unendurable anguish... exposed to savagery as Europe has not witnessed for 400 years.” – London Jewish Chronicle, December 1920

100 Years of Partnership Continues Keren Hayesod–United Israel Appeal (KH-UIA) is a global fundraising organisation established in 1920 to raise funds from the global Jewish Family to establish a Jewish State. Over the years, KH-UIA has assumed responsibility for issues of primary importance to Israel and the People of Israel. With thanks to the partnership between Israel and the diaspora, KH-UIA has played a pivotal role in building the land and infrastructure; rescuing and resettling new immigrants, and advancing weaker sectors of Israeli society. Notable partnership achievements: • Brought more than 3 million Jews back home since 1948 • Strengthened Israeli society by closing the education and social gap and providing opportunities to acutely disadvantaged youth • Rehabilitated over 100 distressed neighbourhoods and border towns • Established over 1,400 social, educational and cultural projects for the socially and economically marginalised population mainly in peripheral regions • Deepened Jewish identity and enhanced the connection to Israel among the Jewish Diaspora

Professions for Life - Stella “KH-UIA helped me to leave Uzbekistan and with their further support learnt Hebrew and started the intensive Nurses Licensing program for new Olim from former Soviet countries. I am now a Chief Nurse at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.�

National Priority Programs KH–UIA continues to be at the forefront of virtually every aspect of Israel’s development and progress. Working in co-operation with the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Israeli Government, KH-UIA provides hundreds of Programs and initiatives designed to break the cycle of poverty, strengthen weaker communities and foster research excellence. Special emphasis is placed on National Priority Programs: • Jewish Rescue - implementing rescue operations where lives are in peril • Aliyah - planning needed to bring the potential mass wave of new olim as anti–semetic incidents proliferate • Absorption - integration into Israeli society and retraining • Youth at Risk - professional intervention and nurturing disadvantaged and marginalised youth • Vulnerable Elderly including Holocaust Survivors provide safe and affordable housing • Enhance Jewish identity and Solidarity with Israel organise a myriad of events for Diaspora Jews Contact us for detailed information on KH-UIA Programs

KH-UIA has the deepest desire ... to do our part in serving the People of Israel by raising funds for the next generation

Aliyah & Absorption

US$5,000 can help support one new immigrant from the former Soviet Union by preparing them for Aliyah,

funding their flight to Israel and help with their initial stay at an Absorption Centre

Israel’s Future is Reliant on Your Support Today! The previous generation made huge sacrifices to establish the Jewish homeland with financial support continuing for the past 75 years. What about the next generation? Sadly, the history of the Jewish people has proved that the need for ensuring a safe and secure Jewish homeland will not end in 5 years, 25 years or even 100 years. While we cannot predict the future, we do know that the next generation in Israel will experience an enormous strain on resources. Besides new security challenges, KH–UIA’s partner, the Jewish Agency, must prepare for the potential mass wave of immigration as anti-semitic incidents proliferate.

Now more than ever … it is critical to ensure KH-UIA’s Programs remain well supported to strengthen the needs for the Jewish homeland’s future and long term wellbeing

Youth Villages “Today I have the option of dreaming, of growing and achieving thanks to the tools I was given and thanks to UIA’s support that enables teenagers like me to realise their dreams.” Natalie was left without parents as a young girl. We gave her a home at a Youth Village

Help Secure Israel’s Future Now The act of creating a Legacy Gift through KH-UIA empowers you to complete the work of your heart and enjoy the peace and satisfaction that leaving your Legacy for the next generation will bring. You are assured that your philanthropy will help secure a bright future for Israel and the People of Israel. KH-UIA offers two types of Legacy Gifts through planned giving. Choose either a Gift as a Bequest in your Will after passing or create a unique Endowment Fund while alive.

Your Legacy Gift... has the potential to make a profound difference to the lives of vulnerable people in Israel who are in desperate need of your support

Legacy Gift in Your Will Can be for any amount! Your Will allows you to stipulate how you would like your estate to be distributed to your loved ones. This includes an opportunity for you to leave a Bequest through KH-UIA which is your way of playing an important part to help secure Israel’s future. Your Legacy Gift will help fund KH-UIA Programs including Aliyah, Rescue and Immigrant Absorption. You may choose to direct your support to educational Programs focused on Israel’s disadvantaged youth, to activities that reinforce Israel’s border towns and periphery communities; or to provide a safe home and care for the elderly. Your Gift may also go towards inspiring the next generation of Jews in the Diaspora through Jewish and Zionist education. A Legacy Gift in your Will: • Is easy to arrange – our office has honorary solicitors available to assist with a change to your Will (codicil), or drawing up a new Will • Costs you nothing during your lifetime • Preserves your savings and cash flow • Allows you to be far more generous than you ever thought possible •

You may choose to gift your Life Insurance or Superannuation benefits

Request your solicitor to contact us for the correct Bequest wording

“But I have nothing to give...” We appreciate that sometimes people feel they do not have the means to donate during their lifetime. However, when it comes to arranging their affairs, they realise they can make a difference by leaving a Legacy Gift that will not affect their quality of life today

We realise your family and loved ones come first. All we ask is once you have taken care of them, to consider being part of Israel’s future, by leaving a Legacy Gift through KHUIA for the next generation

Create an Endowment Fund Tax deductable gift that lasts forever An Endowment Fund is ideal to establish your eternal and personal connection to Israel and the People of Israel for future generations. It can also mark a momentous event or milestone in your life or to commemorate the memory of a loved one. The principal sum gifted remains intact forever - it is never touched! The interest earned from your unique Fund is distributed annually in perpetuity by KH-UIA to a Program you can nominate. This may include: • Rescuing endangered Jews anywhere in the world • Bringing new Olim to Israel and providing for their immediate needs • Helping disadvantaged youth to overcome educational and social gaps • Assisting the elderly population and other vulnerable People of Israel • Strengthening Israel’s periphery • Enhancing Jewish identity and solidarity with Israel among young Diaspora Jews Endowment Funds provide a reliable source of income for KHUIA as they are protected against economic fluctuations and political changes. They also provide finances during times of extreme emergency. Contact us for more details about creating your Endowment Fund

Youth Futures Program

US$2,750 will support one child and their family for one year.

The Israeli Government matches gifts to KH-UIA’s Youth Futures program

Amigour – Sheltered housing for the elderly

US$23,000 will fund the maintenance of one sheltered housing building for a year

Memorialising our Legacy Donors Every year, on the festival of Shavuot, KH-UIA remembers their deceased Legacy donors in a special ceremony at Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue. Names of Legacy donors are read during the Yizkor prayer, along with names of Israel’s deceased Presidents and Prime Ministers in a solemn service conducted by the current or past Chief Rabbi of Israel. The names of deceased Legacy donors are also inscribed in a Yizkor megillah, which is distributed to all congregants attending the service. Copies are sent annually to family of the deceased.

One of the magnificent stained glass windows inside Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue

Your Legacy Gift today will help empower and strengthen the future of the People of Israel

Contact Michael Jackson UIA Planned Giving 9361 4273 / 0413 441 333 140–146 Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Privacy Any information you disclose will be treated with the utmost respect and complete confidentiality

Knesset Law KH-UIA is the only fundraising organisation that operates by virtue of a Knesset Law. The 1956 Keren Hayesod Law recognises its unique status as the official fundraising arm of the State of Israel globally, apart from USA.

Planned Giving

Bequests and Endowment Funds ‘Your Legacy Gift – Israel’s Future’

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