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UP Front

Lessons in Positive Change for Labor Relations

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LEAD UCON’s Executive Leadership Program 36 20 INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP LABOR RELATIONS • Leading the State in Labor Relations • UCON’s Labor & Member Services Team • Labor Relations By the Numbers • UCON’s Industry Partner Meetings 32

Mark Breslin is a Rat Scab— Lessons in Positive Change for Labor Relations

It’s 1989 and labor relations is a self-canceling phrase. There is no love in the air.

I get a phone call from my sister who lives in San Mateo County near the San Francisco airport. She informs me that there is a 4’ x 8’ plywood sign mounted high next to a jobsite on the side of Highway 101 with maybe 150,000 cars a day going by.

In big, bold letters, it says, “Mark Breslin is a Rat Scab.”

After flinging my DayTimer (remember those?) at the wall, I call the union Business Agent who I know is responsible. We debate the merits of his arguments loudly and vigorously. Four letter words are used. Mutual threats ensue. The issue is actually pretty minor. The contractor in the conflict is union. The workers are all union. UCON is all union. And his interests have less to do with representing the working man or woman than sticking it to management—me being at the sharp end of that spear. I broke the handset on my office phone. And that summarizes the labor relations of that era.

Labor and management relations have come a very long way from those times of conflict, mutual distrust, suspicion, and general dislike...a recognition of business interest interdependence has moved the needle miles from those old days.

In this issue, we focus on labor relations and what is relevant and vital today. But our history needs always to be remembered so we don’t repeat it. Labor and management relations have come a very long way from those times of conflict, mutual distrust, suspicion, and general dislike. The combination of more evolved leadership, a mutual market challenge from open shop

firms, the reduction of ego and posturing as the default, and—most importantly—a recognition of business interest interdependence has moved the needle miles from those old days.

UCON’s changes and growth also reflect this dynamic. Every one of our contractor members is signatory to one or more union agreements. And on the day that sign was put up we had around 65 union contractors in the organization. Now, over 30 years later, we have close to 400. These members include the market leaders in every segment of the industry across California and have made us likely the largest union contractors’ association of our type in the United States. This is a direct result of our leadership in labor relations. It is also a reflection of our contractors taking the lead in labor relations and staff following. It has been a principled approach that UCON needed to remain a union-affiliated organization, even when many predicted Open Shop was the future. It has required building long-term trust with labor leaders—now our partners, vs. adversaries of old. Though we don’t always see eye to eye on everything, and there are always some inherent issues we must confront, no one needs a 4x8 sign on the highway to get their point across anymore.

For more than a dozen years now, UCON’s contractor leaders have approached union relations and negotiations as a collaborative and dialogue-based model. Transactional and positional bargaining has cost the union industry a lot of market share loss in the past. More importantly, the idea that the problems of this industry can be solved at the bargaining table is no longer the way forward. To take on shortage of talent, unfunded pension liability, the need for advanced training, changes in technology, jurisdictional conflict between crafts, PLA challenges, a need for field leadership, meeting legal and regulatory mandates, market recovery and increases in market share—all of these are business challenges that take a business


mindset and honest discussions. That is UCON’s mission and foundation for our way forward for our members, partners, and our industry.

In 2022, UCON has negotiated eight new collective bargaining agreements across California for hundreds of companies, and many thousands of workers representing tens of millions of man hours worked each year. It is a serious undertaking requiring a degree of competence and commitment that takes time to build and maintain. The UCON contractors who participate in this effort, as well as our staff leaders (arguably the best labor relations team in the Western US), deserve the recognition and respect for their time and leadership on behalf of all of us (see pages 10-13 for UCON’s Labor Relations Teams). Without solid contractor leadership

and their “skin in the game” commitment, there is no UCON.

The mission of promoting positive change with labor relations takes time. It takes patience. It takes trust. And most of all it requires doing the right thing even when it is hard or unpopular. My having been called names, threatened, yelled at, and sued was part of a culture that was ineffective and unprofessional. But it never deterred us from looking at how we could do things better or differently for our valued members and our union industry. And this remains our mission and focus on behalf of all of you. u

OCTOBER 2022 7
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The title of this article is about contractor leadership. It is about dozens of owners and senior managers of construction companies around the state that put in the time and effort on behalf of the industry. It’s about contractors with skin in the game who stepped up in 2022 to lead the industry in negotiations during one of the most unique and uncertain economic times we’ve faced in decades.

As a result of their leadership, UCON now represents nearly 400 union contractors and 1,240 Powers of Attorney (with 200 Southern CA POAs added since 2019) for 21 CBAs across the state… and counting.

This kind of growth and industry impact are no accident. It’s part of a well-maintained strategic plan created by UCON’s Labor Executive Committees (LECs), encouraged by the Board of Directors, supported by the contractor members, and enacted by UCON staff. And we’re just getting warmed up.

With a hands-on contractors-first approach, this year 56 UCON contractors participated in twelve (12) collective bargaining negotiations across the state. Their efforts solidified our industry’s competitive framework for the next three to five years. Their leadership secured primary bargaining status (i.e. masthead) for UCON, which now spans six (6) agreements across the state with the Laborers, Pile Drivers, and OE3 unions.

Their competency and focus are the foundation for industry partnering over the next cycle to take on the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities.


UCON’s Northern CA and Southern CA LECs each consist of the co-chairs of the Laborers, Operating Engineers, Carpenters, Cement Masons, and Teamsters craft committees from their respective geographic region. Each LEC is comprised of local contractors who collectively hold complete autonomy and authority to make labor relations policies and strategic decisions for their region. Contractors lead, staff follows.

Since the LECs’ decisions are made by contractors through transparent, democratic processes, it’s an opportune time to share some of the key priorities and objectives they set to guide UCON in 2022’s historic negotiation season:


CBAs are synonymous with complexity. Crossing craft jurisdictions and geographic boundaries can be at times like crossing a minefield. Creating consistency in terms and conditions across CBAs regionally and statewide is and will remain a top priority for our LECs. In 2022, we made tremendous progress in every CBA we negotiated by creating consistency and operational flexibility in areas like meal and rest periods, training rates, modified duty, statutory claims / PAGA waivers, and dispatching.


Our contractors’ operational and competitive challenges never seem to slow down. And the reality is most of the issues our industry faces cannot be resolved through


collective bargaining. Therefore, our LEC’s primary focus during each contract cycle is partnering with each union. This takes form in 1-4 meetings between our craft committees and their respective unions to take on industry challenges, like skilled talent shortages, non-union competition, and creating more work opportunities, from a partnership perspective. More importantly, these partnership forums create a value opportunity to connect with the who’s who of labor relations and construction in California.


Concerns about unfunded Pension trusts and withdrawal liability have increased exponentially since the last downturn, and for good reason. While some funds have rallied into the “green zone” or even beyond 100% funded, others still lag behind. Effective management of pension, H&W, and training resources so that they can be a benefit, not a liability to the industry is another top priority for our LECs. Since 2018, we’ve developed and placed 11 trustees and 5 new co-chairs. Our cohort of next-gen talent being groomed is unmatched, and we’re still actively recruiting more talent.


Approaching bargaining and industry issues as a united front is necessary to ensure the future of union construction in the state of California. For this reason, our LEC’s longstanding policy has been to reach out to our association partners for each negotiation to offer

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OCTOBER 2022 11
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collaboration, if not partnership, at the bargaining table. This has been problematic for decades—getting management on the same page and keeping the industry focused on outcome. We see it as an industry imperative and have bargained jointly many times in the past to solid results. This year, Engineering Contractors’ Association (ECA) and UCON jointly negotiated the Laborers (S. CA) Master Agreement, becoming the primary negotiation partner (or masthead) for that agreement.

Labor Executive Committee (LEC) is UCON’s labor relations policy and decision-making body. The LEC oversees and sets UCON’s strategic direction for our CBAs, labor partnerships, and overall industry influence.

Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC) is a labormanagement group that oversees a union’s apprenticeship program and training center.

Labor Management (L/M) Organization is a committee comprised of both labor and management representative that focuses on a specific industry issue such as labor compliance or promoting union construction.

Sub-JATC – Labor-management group that oversees apprentice disciplinary and performance-related matters.

Craft Committee – exists to provide value to our members by delivering direction and leadership in the execution of strong, effective labor relations advocacy.

This kind of growth and industry impact are no accident. It’s part of a well-maintained strategic plan created by UCON’s Labor Executive Committees (LECs), encouraged by the Board of Directors, supported by the contractor members, and enacted by UCON staff. And we’re just getting warmed up.


With so many talented, experienced leaders retiring in the next few years, there is no better time for contractors to step up and accelerate into leadership at an industry level. That’s why UCON has been aggressively recruiting, developing, and placing contractors to become our next co-chairs, negotiators, and trustees. Since 2016, UCON has recruited over 90 new members to our craft committees. UCON provides

LEC Negotiating Team Craft Committee Trust JATC L/M Organization Sub-JATC Negotiations • Contract Bargaining • Labor Agreements Governance • Trust Funds • Apprenticeship Committees Relations • Creating the Win Win • Industry, Management, Labor Leadership • Industry Influence • Sustainable Relationships NDUSTRY LEADER DEVELOPMENT SERIES Leadership with UCON is Leader Development for Your Organization
Executive Committee (LEC) is UCON’s labor relations policy and decision making body. The LEC oversees and
UCON’s strategic direction for our CBAs, labor partnerships, and overall industry influence. Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC) is a labor management group that oversees a union’s

labor relations and negotiations training, mentorship, and unique opportunities to grow as an industry leader. If you’re not involved already, reach out to learn more about the benefit to you, your team, and your company. On the opposite page, please find UCON’s Leadership Matrix to understand the structure and opportunities available.


A big thank you and debt of gratitude is owed to our LEC and negotiation team members across the state for their leadership, guidance, and passion to help grow and sustain the union contractor’s place in California.


Andy Vasconi, Casey-Fogli Concrete Contractors

Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction

Mike Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

Catherine Moncada, Granite Construction Company

Steve Clark, Granite Construction Company

Kevin Hester, McGuire and Hester

Donna Rehrmann, Stomper Company, Inc.

Joe Sostaric, The Conco Companies


Louis “LJ” Fisher III, Cell-Crete Corporation

Tony Naranjo, J&M Concrete Contractors

Steve Clark, Granite Construction Company

Kurt Eddy, Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.

Matt Kuzmick, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.

Ricardo Sepulveda, Veteran Pipeline Construction


Jim Maddox, American Landscape Inc.

Gary Peterson, American Landscape Inc.

Alan Guy, Anvil Builders

Anthony Cozzo, BATS Traffic Solutions, Inc.

Mariano Pacheco, BATS Traffic Solutions, Inc.

Ron Fadelli, Berkeley Cement, Inc.

Chris DellAringa, Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring LLC

Dan Baker, Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc.

Gabe Farncroft, Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc.

Tom Donnelly, BrightView Landscape Development, Inc.

Tomas Kuehn, BrightView Landscape Development, Inc.

Wahid Tadros, California Engineering Contractors, Inc.

Louis “LJ” Fisher III, Cell-Crete Corporation

Robert Chrisp, Chrisp Company

Jake Chrisp, Chrisp Company

Bryn Burke, Dees Burke Engineering Constructors, LLC

Michael Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

Greg Goebel Jr., Goebel Construction, Inc.

David Riccitiello, Golden State Bridge, Inc.

Steve Clark, Granite Construction Company

Catherine Moncada, Granite Construction Company

Gerrad Gerber, Haldeman Homme, Inc.

Matthew Lovingier, JMH Engineering and Construction, Inc. Alejandro Murillo, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

Katie Williams, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

Steve McFadden, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

Greg Silva, Knife River Construction - Stockton

Robert Cowan, Marina Landscape, Inc.

Doug Ford, Pavement Coatings Co.

Kurt Eddy, Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.

Monty Khouri, Pierre Landscape

Trent Hill, Pierre Landscape

Ken Lindberg, Power Engineering Construction Co. Ron Bianchini, Preston Pipelines Infrastructure LLC Richard Lemus, Robert A. Bothman Construction

David Preston, Safety Striping Service, Inc.

Kurt Kniffin, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.

Matt Kuzmick, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.

Anthony Ascencio, Statewide Safety Systems

David Nicholas, Statewide Safety Systems

Chip Sterndahl, Sterndahl Enterprises, Inc.

Donna Rehrmann, Stomper Company, Inc. Bill Boyd, Sully-Miller Contracting Company

Jasmine Gongora, Super Seal & Stripe

Brenda Hampton-Ortiz, Super Seal & Stripe

Darren Veltz, Superior Pavement Markings

Dave Greco, Teichert Inc.

Maizer Ouijdani, The Conco Companies

Joe Sostaric, The Conco Companies

Tom Gibson, Toro Enterprises, Inc.

Wally Stillwell, Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI)

Fernando Soriano, Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI)

Mike Scott, Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI)

George Bradshaw, Underground Construction Co., Inc. Ricardo Sepulveda, Veteran Pipeline Construction Randy Jenco, Viking Construction Company


Want to learn more or participate? Contact any member of the UCON Labor & Member Services team to find out more—(925) 855-7900, memberinfo@unitedcontractors.org.

OCTOBER 2022 13


UCON’s Labor & Member Services Team

Helping You Navigate Labor, HR & Payroll Minefields Across California

United Contractors Labor & Member Services team is a valuable resource for contractors statewide, assisting key management, administrative and field staff on a daily basis.

With over 100 years of combined construction labor relations experience, UCON’s Labor & Member Services team will help you navigate Labor, HR, Payroll, and much more. We handle thousands of member calls every year, and are committed to doing our best to respond the same day. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it. Meet our team and learn our areas of expertise:

Regional VP - Southern CA

vsella@unitedcontractors.org (510) 362-6959

Victor oversees labor relations advocacy, contract negotiations, and support services to UCON’s 390+ contractor members across the state. By providing labor, operations, and human resources consulting to our members, Victor gets the satisfaction of resolving people’s problems and improving contractors’ abilities to get work done and stay competitive.

coneal@unitedcontractors.org (657) 439-4545

Clay is the Regional Vice President for Southern CA, leading member relations across the region, including labor, agency, and legislative matters. He is dedicated to cultivating genuine relationships and improving the business environment for UCON’s members across Southern California.

Ruby Varnadore, PHR Labor Contracts Manager

rvarnadore@unitedcontractors.org (925) 362-7310

Ruby oversees association labor contracts and supports UCON’s contractor member companies and their teams. Her main focus is researching and answering labor questions and inquiries related to contract interpretation, payroll, prevailing wages, employment law, and more.

Senior Labor & Member Services Specialist

lmixon@unitedcontractors.org (925) 362-7306

Lucia provides operational support and assistance to UCON’s contractor members. She assists in resolving issues and answering questions involving labor relations, collective bargaining agreements, grievances, labor disputes, payroll, and pre-jobs.

Clay O’Neal Victor Sella Vice President of Labor Relations Lucia Mixon

Sandra Kaya

Labor & Member Services



skaya@unitedcontractors.org (925) 725-6695

Providing administrative and project support to the Labor & Member Services team, Sandra assists in ensuring high-quality member service, and the best member experience possible.

Sue Weiler-Doke

Labor Relations Consultant

sweiler-doke@unitedcontractors.org (916) 719-6073

With more than three decades in construction, Sue WeilerDoke helps members with their labor relations. Directly involved with the $1.5 billion I-405 Project in Los Angeles, she led 11 departments as West Coast Business Director, including project engineering, risk management, contract and subcontract administration.

“Being a member of UCON is an essential function of our business at DeSilva Gates Construction. Having the ability to rely on an expert resource for help and insight with larger industry-wide subjects allows us to be more efficient and in turn make better business decisions.”

Brian O’Rourke, DeSilva Gates Construction

“UCON has successfully guided us to resolution on several union matters. We can depend on them for sound advice that aims to mitigate risk to our organization.”

Melissa Cowles, Sully-Miller Contracting Co.

“We appreciate UCON’s extensive knowledge, expertise, and help with a very challenging matter. UCON is very thorough, effective and efficient in their approach. We are very thankful and grateful to you!”

Brandi Lacampagne Engelke Construction, Inc.

OCTOBER 2022 15
250+ 10,000+ 125 Team UCON’s combined years of labor relations experience 130+ 6 UCON’s Statewide Labor Relations Team 21 Contracts UCON negotiates statewide Member calls/emails/ issues resolved annually Grievances and labor diputes resolved prior to hearing each year Trust fund audits/issues assisted annually 10,000+ Documents downloaded from UCON’s Contractor Resources Library (as of October 2022) 50+Critical member updates, bulletins & payroll alerts sent to members annually Your UCON Labor Relations Team Numbers by the



Labor & Member Services—Statewide

Supporting Union Contractors

United Contractors Labor & Member Services team provides the following services for our members statewide:

• Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Negotiations with Major Construction Crafts

• Grievance/Dispute Hearings & Conflict Resolution

• Contract Interpretation of CBAs, Including Payroll Challenges

• Wage & Fringe Benefit Compliance & Questions

• Public Works/Prevailing Wage Labor Compliance Assistance

• Apprentice Manning Requirements

• Layoff/Termination Procedures

• Employment/Labor Law Questions

• Organizing Agreement Assistance

• Labor, HR, Legal & Payroll Bulletins

• Attorney Referrals

• Substance Abuse Testing Program

“I’m very grateful and thankful that I have UCON as my number one resource. In our office we say this a lot: ‘Let’s check with UCON.’ Over the last 20 years, I don’t recall a time they couldn’t help our team navigate through a situation.”

Audrey E. Kaili, Esquivel Grading & Paving, Inc.

Power of Attorney (POA) Metrics—1,215 Total

Northern CA — 1,016 Total

• Laborers (includes specialty agreements) – 396

• OE3 (includes specialty agreements) – 314

• Carpenters/Pile Drivers – 148

• Cement Masons – 110

• Teamsters – 48

Southern CA — 199 Total

• Laborers (includes specialty agreements) – 96

• OE12 (includes specialty agreements) – 59

• Carpenters/Pile Drivers – 27

• Cement Masons – 17

Statewide — Iron Workers – 26

New POAs since 1/2021

• Northern CA – 110

• Southern CA – 88

“We are happy to have partnered with United Contractors, a reliable and responsive trade organization. They have a dedicated team who work hard to solve our labor relations and business needs. Additionally, we are exposed to a wide variety of other like-minded contractors in our industry. UCON does a great job bringing us together for events that are pertinent to our needs.”

Jim Nelson, Western Paving Contractors, Inc.


UCON: Member Growth

Statewide growth continues:

• 18% total increase in contractor members from 2021 through 2022

• 70 New contractors since 1/2021

UCON Negotiations—Involved Members!

• Number of contracts negotiated in 2022: 13

• Number of contractors who participated in negotiations in 2022: 40+ companies, with over 50 individuals

“It was very clear through the process that UCON’s approach to negotiations was the most thought-out and best in the industry. I gained valuable relationships with our industry and union leaders.”

395Total UCON Contractor Members (as of 10/2022)

“The value of having a partnership with UCON is unmeasurable for the industry and at the negotiations table. They offered support with data analytics as well as professional knowledge in negations with union trades. UCON helped multiple companies across multiple trades with multiple visions come together to have one vision one, one outcome, one goal: the contractor leads, UCON supports.”

Ricardo Sepulveda, Veteran Pipeline Construction

UCON’s Industry Partner Meetings Transforming the Industry through Partnership

UCON began approaching our union partners several years ago to create opportunities for discussion between labor and management outside of actual bargaining sessions. Called Industry Partner Meetings (IPMs), these provide a way for contractors to develop and foster relationships with their union counterparts while talking about common ground issues facing union contractors. The discussions can also lead to the formation of subcommittees to tackle specific areas of concern, such as non-union competition.

IPMs have generated many successful initiatives, such as labor-management job fairs, joint legislative initiatives supporting industry funding, safety policy initiatives, and other programs to generate union market share growth. Yet, previous participants will likely tell you that

the real value is spending time face-to-face getting to know industry leaders. In other words, the opportunity to develop relationships with industry influencers is what pays dividends, and that’s the opportunity UCON creates through IPMs.

UCON is looking forward to returning to in-person IPMs in 2023. Meetings are being scheduled with SCDCL and OE12 for Q1 2023. We will be reaching out to our Craft Committees and other interested members as details for these and others are finalized.

Want to learn more or participate? Contact any member of the UCON Labor & Member Services team to find out more: memberinfo@unitedcontractors.org, or call (925) 855-7900.

OCTOBER 2022 17
18 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG MORE LOCATIONS TO MEET YOUR WATERWORKS NEEDS! Bakersfield 3105 Gateway Ave (855)376-5050 Dublin 6400 Sierra Ct, Ste G (844)829-1910 Fresno 4569 E. Home Ave (888)585-8137 Napa 10 Enterprise Ct (800)675-2656 San Francisco 200 Florida St (877)686-7223 San Jose 630 Quinn Ave (800)619-4723 San Rafael 1151 Andersen Dr (888)454-8282 Santa Clara 605 Laurelwood Rd (877)685-7223 Oakland 425 Market St (877)689-7223 Sacramento (I-50) 8400 24th Ave (800)267-1444 Sacramento (I-80) 5425 Stationers Way (844)717-8579 San Carlos 1691 Bayport Ave (888)700-3349 Santa Rosa 3033 Dutton Ave (800)244-8893 Stockton 4015 Newton Rd (888)463-7593 Ukiah 100 Parducci Rd (800)772-1555 Yuba City 717 Bridge St (800)215-3893 Locations Throughout Northern California Central Valley 800-400-4654 | wwsacramento@pacesupply.com North Bay 844-398-2897 | wwsantarosa@pacesupply.com Bay Area 888-261-6437 | wwbayarea@pacesupply.com Plant Division 916-999-8679 | ater orks lant@pacesupply.com w w p
OCTOBER 2022 19


UCON’s (In)Famous “Backyard” Fundraiser Raises $270,000+

for UCON Political Action Committee

On September 22, 90 UCON members from over 70 companies joined us at the home of our CEO, Mark Breslin, for our fifth annual PAC fundraiser. The event raised more than $270,000 for UCON’s Political Action Committee (PAC), which is used to elect and protect pro-industry candidates running in the state Assembly and Senate.

In attendance were special guests, Senator Josh Newman, Assemblywoman Lori Wilson, Assemblyman Heath Flora, and candidate for Assembly District 11, Shawn Kumagai.

“This isn’t about the money,” Mark told guests. “It’s about the trust, generosity, and support you give to United Contractors. We will never take that for granted.”

Following Mark’s comments, UCON Executive Vice President, Emily Cohen corrected him. “It is definitely about the money,” she joked. “The funds you have raised help us to elect and protect candidates that support our industry. They believe in investing in infrastructure across the state, they believe in uplifting union-signatory contractors, and they believe in creating a better business environment for you.” Emily spoke to the audience about how important the next election cycles will be in California. “We are fighting hard to elect moderate candidates who hold the line in California. We can’t afford to lose a single race. Every vote is precious.”

The annual UCON PAC Fundraiser was established by UCON’s PAC Committee Members just five years ago with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of UCON’s work to elect candidates, while raising money for our political allies. The event has quickly emerged as one of the most effective, owner-centric industry fundraiser events in the state.

Thank you to every member who sponsored and supported this unique and critically important event. And a very special thank you to UCON PAC Committee Members:

Chris Young, D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc. (chair), Mike Bauman, Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc., Steve Concannon, Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc., Randy Cram, Tri-West Tractor, Inc., Bruce Daseking, McGuire and Hester, George Furnanz, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc., Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction, Dominic Sposeto, Vanguard Construction, and Wahid Tadros, California Engineering Contractors, Inc. u

Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction, LLC, Paul Cianciarulo, Graniterock, Michael Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction, LLC Steve Concannon, Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. and Ron Bianchini, Preston Pipelines Infrastructure LLC Joe Sostaric, The Conco Companies, and Andy Vasconi, Casey-Fogli Concrete Contractors Emily Cohen, UCON EVP speaks to the guests Jorge Hinojosa, Ray’s Electric, and Wahid Tadros, California Engineering Contractors, Inc. Michele Newman, UCON CEO Mark Breslin, and Senator Josh Newman, SD 29 Bryn Burke, Dees Burke Engineering Constructors LLC, Tom Smith, Ghilotti Construction Company
OCTOBER 2022 21
Bruce Daseking, McGuire and Hester; Mike Preston, Preston Companies, Inc.; Randy Cram, Tri-West Tractor, Inc. Clay O’Neal, UCON VP, Southern California; Dale Breen, Midstate Barrier, Inc. Steve Gonsalves, Gonsalves & Santucci, Inc. dba the Conco Companies, and Jim Summers, DeSilva Gates Construction, LLC Dave Greco, Teichert Inc. Candidate Shawn Kumagai, AD16; Eric Gardner, Royal Electric Company Mike Hester, McGuire and Hester; Dan Elshire, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. Hal Stober, Gordon N. Ball, Inc.; Sonja Hoseley; Kelly Stober; Rusty Hoseley, Hoseley Corporation Donna Rehrmann, Stomper Company, Inc.; Assemblymember Heath Flora, AD12 Emily Cohen, UCON EVP; Jerry Condon, Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. Brandon Lovell, CMC Traffic Control Specialists; Victor Sella, UCON Vice President of Labor Relations Kurt Kniffin, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.; Christi Plum, P C & N Construction, Inc.; Juan Arrequin, Bay Line Cutting & Coring, Inc. Tom Barr, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.; Bill Ayers, WMA Landscape Construction Inc. Carlos Moreno, The Traffic Guys, LLC; Scot Terry, Silverado Contractors, Inc.; Assemblymember Lori Wilson, AD11; Everardo Rodriguez, The Traffic Guys, LLC Eric Patterson, Brian Gardner, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.; Chris DellAringa, Blue Iron Foundation & Shoring LLC Steve Clark, Granite Construction Co., Inc.; Tom Belcher, Underwater Resources, Inc.; Brock Grunt, McGuire and Hester


John Moffat, MCK Services, Inc.; Suzanne Siebert, Robert Chrisp, and David Morris of Chrisp Company Greg Gruendl and Jorge Hinojosa, Ray’s Electric John Torres, Nicole Laurence, Graniterock; Michael Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction George Rehrmann, Renee Rehrmann, Donna Rehrmann and Stephen Rehrmann of Stomper Company, Inc. Matt Anacker, Andreini & Company Hilary Tigue, Ken Lindberg, Power Engineering Construction Co.; Dermot Fallon, Foundation Constructors, Inc.; Wayne Stonecipher, Power Engineering Construction Co. Angel Ra, Greg Silva, Knife River Construction John Moffat, MCK Services, Inc.; Teresa Dias, Peterson Cat Greg Goebel Jr. and Brittney Goebel, Goebel Construction, Inc.; Joe Sostaric, The Conco Companies Aaron Peabody, Summit Financial Group, LLC; Steve Passerine, Andreini & Company Gary Silveira, Jeff Ward, and Cody Gunning, GSW Construction Inc.; Paul Cocotis Jeff Prevost, and Ross Darby, Hub International Insurance Service Inc. Brian Gardner, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.; Andy Vasconi, Casey-Fogli Concrete Contractors Mark Breslin, UCON CEO, speaks to the guests Don LeDoux, Summit Financial Group, LLC
LEADERS ~ $3,000 ADVOCATES ~ $1,500 TRAILBLAZERS ~ $7,000 THANK YOU PAC EVENT SPONSORS FOR YOUR TRUST, GENEROSITY AND SUPPORT CHAMPIONS ~ $5,500 (Sponsors as of publication printing) ORANGE Color PMS 158C / M61 Y97 Process 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4" wide 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4" wide

Have You Taken a Class?

Join the over 1,500 people who have taken advantatge of UCON’s Professional Development Programs. 2022 offered over 70 classes specially curated for our members. As the year comes to an end, take some time to join one of the important classes remaining. Check with your manager, and sign up for a class today!

NOVEMBER 8: Harassment Prevention Training

Tuesday, November 8; 2:30pm-4:30pm

Instructor: Rachael Brown, Sweeney Mason LLP

Class Style: Virtual | Class Limit: Unlimited Cost – Member: FREE Non-member: $100

Under SB 1343, all California companies with five or more employees must provide sexual harassment training to all employees. Non-supervisory employees must receive at least one hour of sexual harassment training, and supervisors must receive two hours of sexual harassment training. This training must be renewed every two years and be provided to any new hire within six months of their hire date or promotion to a supervisory position. This course meets the state-mandated requirements.

We have highlighted the most popular UCON end-ofyear classes below.

Did you miss a class? Many of our classes are “on-demand” through the UCON App—select the Members Only icon, and click on Visit UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG/CALENDAR to register. For any questions regarding UCON’s educational programs, contact Angelica Gouig, Director of Events and Education, at agouig@unitedcontractors.org, or (925) 362-7309.

DECEMBER 8: New Industry Law Updates

Thursday, December 8; 2:30pm-4:30pm

Instructor: Roger Mason, Esq., Sweeney Mason LLP

Class Style: Virtual | Class Limit: Unlimited Cost – Member: FREE Non-member: $100

Get up to date with new construction industry employment laws affecting your organization’s policies and practices. This program will discuss new laws and court decisions and provide strategies to implement new requirements at your company.

Stay Tuned for UCON’s 2023 Schedule!!

• Desktop—Click the CC icon in the bottom right hand corner; select your language preference

The Closed Captioning & Translation now available for most UCON courses! Automatically translate courses into over 30 languages in the UCON App on your desktop or mobile device.

• Mobile —Click the CC and settings icon in the bottom right hand corner; select your language preference using the settings (   ) icon


Translation & Closed-Captioning Now Available–Over 30 Languages!
2022 Professional Development Classes— most are FREE for UCON members!
Members Only: Now On-Demand
TRENCH SHORING COMPANY SERVICE AND INVENTORY FROM ALL OUR LOCATIONS INCLUDING BAKERSFIELD Compton - Corporate Office - 310-327-5554 Bakersfield Banning Corona Fresno Fullerton Lake Forest Moorpark San Diego San Leandro Las Vegas TrenchShoring.com 661-396-9160 951-849-1611 951-734-4290559-691-4123 714-879-1005949-454-0858805-529-4614858-530-2500510-900-0595702-651-0920
UP 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4.23" wide 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4" wide 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4" wide D M Z andscape construction landscape main enance landscape architecture erosion con ro de ign build Still Growing ®
With the support of UCON’s Annual Sponsors, we are able to continue to create high value with our development courses, special series and upcoming events.

Trusted Partners. Proven Builders. stacywitbeck.com

OCTOBER 2022 29
Choose U-Rock for your sewer cleaning and inspection equipment needs We’re always on your side. Supporting you from demo at after sale support Long-term reliability. Building partnerships that will last a lifetime. Over 35 years of experience. Connecting you with top tier equipment. Contact Us! www urockutility com Info@urockutility.com (916) 294 7693 11355 Folsom Blvd, Unit F Rancho Cordova, CA. 95742 In 2021, LIUNA’s commitment to training and apprenticeship in California included: 635,709 HOURS OF TRAINING 4,782 CLASSES PERFORMED 1,881 APPRENTICESHIP GRADUATES 26,957 STUDENTS TAUGHT
OCTOBER 2022 31 Find us on social media: facebook.com/volvoces volvoces Volvo CES volvoces
vcesvolvo.com Stay up and running with high-quality machines and unrivaled support. Volvo equipment simply offers more — more power, more fuel efficiency and more uptime to improve your bottom line. Our Volvo excavators and wheel loaders are designed to reduce fuel consumption and maximize uptime to help you lower your operating costs. Contact your nearest VCES location today to learn more. NOW’S THE TIME TO RUN A VOLVO. CA Lic. #569352 100% Employee Owned YOUR PROJECT YOUR SCHEDULE The local team you know and trust, with the CA footprint to cover all your work.
Bakersfield, CA 661.387.6090 Corona, CA 951.277.7620 Fresno, CA 559.834.4420 Lakeside, CA 619.441.3690 Redding, CA 279.201.4869 Sacramento, CA 916.504.2300 San Leandro, CA 510.357.9131 Turlock, CA 209.410.6710
SAVE THE DATE! Crab Feed 2023 Thursday, February 16, 2023 4:30pm | San Ramon Marriott 408-727-5700 JJALBANESE.COM SANTA CLARA, CA CA LIC #299880 SAFETY QUALITY PEOPLE TRUTH WE GET IT DONE SAFELY. Structural Concrete Site Concrete Grading & Paving Demolition Shotcrete Reinforcement Bridge Construction Concrete Pumping Sawcutting Core Drilling
“THE TRENCH & TRAFFIC SAFETY SPECIALISTS” RENTALS ENGINEERING SALES TRAINING SERVICE www.ntsafety.com FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL (888) 234-9244 WITH A NATIONWIDE BRANCH NETWORK, WE’RE WHERE YOU NEED US TO BE EXCAVATION OF SOIL IS DANGEROUS WORK and can lead to severe injuries and even death if the excavation process is not properly addressed. National Trench Safety has a full complement of excavation support systems as well as engineering and training services to ensure you have the equipment needed to perform the job safely and effectively.



affiliates competed for the top spot in the tournament while enjoying food and fun activities throughout each course, including a chance to win at the Donut Hole in One! Named after a UCON Associate Member whose involvement and positive attitude was a shining example, the “Sal Rubino” Golf Classic is a UCON tradition and favorite among members and industry guests.

“United Contractors is a timeless organization! My first attendance was in the early 90’s...30+ years later they are truly still uniting contractors and suppliers to better the industry!


Congratulations to our Tournament Winners: Black Horse Course:


1st Place: Connor Lancaster, Berkeley Cement, Inc.; Tom Lum, Peterson Cat; Adam Palacio and Nicholas Scruggs, Columbia Electric, Inc.

2nd Place: Chase Archibald, Curtis Archibald, and Kaj Archibald, of C.F. Archibald Paving, Inc.; Mike McElroy, FERMA

3rd Place: Braden Luper, TYS, LLP; Tobin Moon, TYS, LLP; Brian Schwarer, Heritage Bank of Commerce; Chris York, TYS, LLP

Longest Drive - Men: Sean Moss, McGuire and Hester

Longest Drive - Women: Elizabeth Torrez, Tenna LLC

Closest to the Pin: Fred Gomez, Heritage Bank of Commerce

Marshmallow Contest: Kyle Miller, Viking Construction

Bayonet Course:


1st Place: Dan Boyle, Midstate Barrier, Inc.; Spencer Cook, CNA Surety; Mark Mallin, Otto Construction; Patrick Morey, Ferma Corporation

2nd Place: Mark Farkas, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.; Carlos Pozo, Casey-Fogli Concrete Contractors; Deuel Queiro, Tennyson Electric Inc.; Michael Romero, Anvil Builders Inc.

3rd Place: Sean Edgecumbe, Sweeney Mason LLP; Jeff Lindsay, Big Rentz, Inc.; Nick Pereira, Sanco Pipelines; John Wilshere, Nor-Cal Pipeline Services

Longest Drive - Men: Jeff Suitos, Nor-Cal Pipeline Services

Closest to the Pin: Chris Baldwin, Argent Materials, Inc.

Marshmallow Contest: Edward Pumphrey, Stevens Creek Quarry

OCTOBER 2022 35
FACES 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4.23" wide 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4" wide 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4.23" wide 3 color left chest ABOVE POCKET -chrome yellow -white underbase -black 4" wide GOLF CLASSIC





Ghilotti Construction Co.

McGuire and Hester

RNR Construction Trench Shoring


Anvil Builders

Bay Area Traffic Solutions

Chrisp Company


Griffin Soil Group

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

Knife River Construction - Stockton

PACE Supply

Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.

Peterson Cat

Sierra Mountain Construction, Inc.

Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP

Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.

Sully-Miller Contracting Company

Sweeney Mason LLP

Teichert Inc.

United Rentals Trench Safety

Volvo Construction Equipment & Services

Vulcan Materials Company Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.


Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc.

Bay Area Temporary Sanitation

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring LLC

California Bank of Commerce

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

The Conco Companies

DMZ Builders

Doyle’s Work Company, Inc.

Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions/ Dynamic Technical Partners

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

The Hartford Heritage Bank of Commerce Hoseley Corporation

JCC, Inc.

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

Marina Landscape, Inc.

McSherry & Hudson, LLC

Midstate Barrier, Inc.

Moss Adams LLP

National Trench Safety, LLC


PentaRisk Insurance Services LLC

Silverado Contractors, Inc.

Sukut Construction LLC

Team Ghilotti, Inc.

Toro Enterprises, Inc.


Walsh Construction Company II, LLC


Andy Betts, Ritchie Bros.

Glen Hungerbuhler, Mission Clay Products

Joe Peixoto, The Construction Zone


Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Club

Breslow Imaging

Construct Your Image

Winslow & Associates

OCTOBER 2022 37


In early September, 18 select UCON members gathered for UCON’s 2022 Fall Executive Leadership Program (ELP), an interactive, two-day, industry-tailored event to grow and enhance leaders across United Contractors and the industry. Selected attendees are nominated by the UCON Board of Directors based on their established or emerging leadership capacity to help grow and influence the industry.

The ELP was created to help UCON meet our mission of building the next generation of industry leaders. The program, now in its fifth year, is co-led by author, speaker, and consultant, Bill Treasurer, CEO of Giant Leap Consulting, and retired Navy Seal Captain John “Coach” Havlik, experts in leadership development, strategic planning, and team building. Together, they lead attendees through an engaging and highly interactive curriculum focused on strengthening leadership in three broad areas: leading oneself, leading teams, and leading in the construction industry.

The mission of ELP is to help UCON members maximize their effectiveness and capacity to create more value for themselves, the people they work with, and the organization they serve. Members also build connections with each other over the two days, sharing ideas, experiences and challenges, while enjoying great meals and drinks together.

The UCON Board views the ELP as a valuable, long-term investment in the organization and industry. Since its inception five years ago, the Program has graduated more than 100 leaders from construction firms of all sizes.

The Executive Leadership Program is an invite-only program that focuses on construction owners and principals, with select reserved capacity for VPs and emerging leaders. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Director of Events & Education, Angelica Gouig, or reach out to any UCON staff or Board Member. u


“Thank you all so much for the incredible honor to be both invited and a part of such an impactful training.”

— Kim Carone, Harbor Linx, Inc.

“Everything was great. The group activities were great team building activities, and I will be taking ideas back to my company. Being able to work with others in the similar situations and work is a huge benefit.”

— Monica Johnson, Independent Construction Company

“This program encouraged me to re-engage—to better lead myself and encourage growth of others.

— David Preston, Safety Striping Service, Inc.

Thank You to Our Executive Leadership Program Participants:

Rick Andreatos, Pavement Recycling Systems

Angela Bauman, Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc.

Kim Carone, Harbor Linx, Inc.

Jimmy Draper, Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.

Gabe Farncroft, Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc.

John Franich, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

Dave Heier, Moss Adams

Scott Helf, SVG Contractors, Inc.

Erik Jacobsson, Jacobsson Engineering Construction, Inc.

Monica Johnson, Independent Construction Company

Nicole Laurence, Graniterock

Eric McCosker, Independent Construction Company

Carlos Moreno, The Traffic Guys

Jeffrey Pike, Total Traffic Control Inc.

Dave Preston, Safety Striping Service, Inc.

Dave Sherman, Capitol Barricade

Brad Sorem, Mike Bubalo Construction Company

Sarah Tacker, Flatiron West, Inc.

Our services include installing underground

and dry utilities, cabling, signals, and lighting; soils testing, management, and disposal; and fill site management.

OCTOBER 2022 39
Preston Companies

UCON Regulatory Assistance A Member-Only Benefit

UCON welcomes our new regulatory consultants joining our team. Associates Environmental will assist on all CARB and Stormwater regulatory matters. We are excited to have them on board and are confident they will serve our members and UCON very well.

Founded in 2008, Associates Environmental is a clientfocused environmental consulting firm specializing in air quality, water quality and waste management regulatory compliance assistance and services. Associates are experts who have been involved with environmental permitting and plan writing since as early as the 1980s.

For any UCON member having questions regarding CARB, fleet compliance or stormwater retulatory matters, please contact Associates Environmental at (949)352-4941, www.associatesenvironmental.com. Our representatives are Mike Buckantz and Drew Delaney:

Associates Environmental Contacts: Drew Delaney, Mike Buckantz 18141 Beach Blvd., Suite 200 Huntington Beach, CA 92648; (949) 352-4941

We would also like to thank Tony Dorsa for his expert service with United Contractors, helping members with their regulatory issues over the years. Tony has recently retired, and we wish him all the best!

We know the regulatory burden for contractors provides incredible challenges and often feels overwhelming. United Contractors remains committed not only to advocate on behalf of the industry, but to assist members on a 1-1 company level. For questions related to your equipment compliance, or general CARB questions, contact UCON’s Regulatory Consultants, Associate Environmental, (949) 352-4941.

Contact: A. Robert Rosin Janette G. Leonidou Michael M. Lum Leonidou & Rosin 777 Cuesta Drive | Suite 200 Mountain View, California 94040 Tel: (650) 691-2888 Fax (650) 691-2889 www.lrconstructionlaw.com Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiation Trial and Arbitration Claims, Dispute Resolution and Mediation Bid Protests Collection YOU BUILD AMERICA. WE HELP COVER YOUR RISKS. DONE AND DONE. Business Insurance Employee Benefits Auto Home The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries. 17-0084 © January 2017 The Hartford. All Rights Reserved. Learn more at thehartford.com/bonds.
OCTOBER 2022 41 Serving our communities since 1914. CSLB# 132128 gbi1914.com San Anselmo Flood Risk

McSherry & Hudson is a Proud Sponsor of United

42 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG Supporting Our Community for 25 Years HeritageBankofCommerce.bank Member FDIC Heritage Bank of Commerce is a proud supporter of: To learn more about community banking, visit your local branch and let one of our relationship managers help you with all your banking needs. Making Highways Safer (209)944-9565 Stockton, CA CSLB # 529261 Midstate Barrier, Inc. Chuck Griswold Vince Scolari San Jose P 408-550-2130 Dave Bachan Steve Duke Watsonville P 831-724-3841 160 W. Santa Clara St., Suite 715, San Jose, CA 95113 35 Penny Lane, Suite 6, Watsonville, CA 95076 Lic. #0M77949 We’ve assisted contractors in managing their risk through specialized insurance and surety programs since 1913. We do it the old fashioned way: hard work, integrity, and strong relationships with the major construction markets.
Contractors JCC, Inc. is a specialized construction company providing utility adjustment services to general contractors, local municipalities and stand
utility companies throughout northern California
Our goal is to provide a quality finished work product through skilled labor, attention to detail and open communication. JCC is a union contractor and a Caltrans Ceritified Small Business. (925)370-6067
since 2010.
OCTOBER 2022 43 BUILDING DEMOLITION • INDUSTRIAL DEMOLITION • SELECTIVE DEMOLITION • BRIDGE AND TRANSPORTATION • MARINE DEMOLITION • EXCAVATION AND EARTHWORK WWW.SILVERADOCONTRACTORS.COM Register for our complimentary virtual Building Opportunity Conference for insights to help navigate trends and economic changes shaping the built world. RISE WITH THE WEST. MOSSADAMS.COM/CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITY RISES IN THE WEST CONSTRUCTION INSURANCE It’s our specialty, but we do a lot more! Jim Un�edt, President · P 408.418.2734 · C 510.928.1809 · F 408.418.2721 2033 Gateway Place · Suite 150 · San Jose, CA 95110 · California License #0G47886 California · Georgia · Illinois · Alabama  Two hour turnaround for certicates of insurance  Risk management training for estimators and PMs  Safety and claim management services  Subcontractor insurance audits and compliance  OCIP/CCIP program and coverage reviews  Benchmarking employee benets costs and contributions  Captive insurance options to build owners’ wealth



United Contractors would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the following companies who are celebrating their anniversary of membership with our organization in October:

49 YEARS – 1973

Contractor Member: Sanco Pipelines, Inc. Dave Schrader

45 YEARS – 1977

Contractor Member: Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc. Gary Ghilotti

40 YEARS – 1982

Contractor Member: Pacific Boring, Inc. John Iles

38 YEARS – 1984

Contractor Member: Ranger Pipelines, Inc. Tom Hunt

Associate Members: Ferguson Waterworks Carlos Ledon

Tri-West Tractor, Inc. Randy Cram

34 YEARS – 1988

Contractor Members: Redgwick Construction Company Bob Rahebi

St. Francis Electric LLC Guy Smith

33 YEARS – 1989

Associate Member: CEMEX Tony Skulick

30 YEARS – 1992

Contractor Member: R & B Equipment, Inc. Rick Jeffery

28 YEARS – 1994


R.J. Gordon Construction, Inc. John Johnson

26 YEARS – 1996

Contractor Member: K.J. Woods Construction Company, Inc. Kieran Woods

25 YEARS – 1997

Contractor Member: Bugler Construction Glen Bugler

24 YEARS – 1998

Contractor Member: Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. Mike Almeida

19 YEARS – 2003

Contractor Member: Neary Landscape, Inc. Brian Neary

18 YEARS – 2004

Contractor Members: Flatiron West, Inc. Mike Costa

Michels Corporation Murray Luedtke

17 YEARS – 2005

Contractor Member: Penhall Company

Josh Heath

Associate Member: Robust Network Solutions Bashar Asmar

16 YEARS – 2006

Contractor Members: D & D Pipelines, Inc. Dennis McElligott

W. C. Maloney, Inc. Curt Maloney

Associate Members: Last & Faoro William Last, Jr.

14 YEARS – 2008

Contractor Member: Campanella Corporation Mike Campanella

12 YEARS – 2010

Associate Member: OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas CCD Cari Elofson

Member: Lone Star Landscape, Inc. Robert Samaniego 27 YEARS – 1995 Contractor Members: O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. Rob Layne Project photo courtesy of Ranger Pipelines, Inc. PS Form 3526-R, July 2014 (Page 2 of 4) Extent and Nature of Circulation Average No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months No. Copies of Single Nearest to Filing Date 15. 14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below 13. Publication Title a. Total Number of Copies (Net press run) In-County Paid/Requested Mail Subscriptions stated on PS Form 3541. (Include direct written request from recipient, telemarketing, and Internet requests from recipient, paid subscriptions including nominal rate subscriptions, employer requests, advertiser’s proof copies, and exchange copies.) d. Nonrequested Distribution (By mail and the mail) b. Legitimate Requested (By mail outside the mail) c. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation (Sum of 15b (1), (2), (3), and (4)) Outside County Paid/Requested Mail Subscriptions stated on PS Form 3541. (Include direct written request from recipient, telemarketing, and Internet requests from recipient, paid subscriptions including nominal rate subscriptions, employer requests, advertiser’s proof copies, and exchange copies.) (1) (2) (4) Requested Copies Distributed by Other Mail Classes Through the USPS (e.g., First-Class Mail Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other Paid or Requested Distribution Outside USPS (3) Nonrequested Copies Distributed Outside the Mail (Include pickup stands, trade shows, showrooms, and other sources) (4) (1) Outside County Nonrequested Copies Stated on PS Form 3541 (include sample copies, requests over years old, requests induced by premium, bulk sales and requests including association requests, names obtained from business directories, lists, and other sources) (2) In-County Nonrequested Copies Stated on PS Form 3541 (include sample copies, requests over 3 years old, requests induced by premium, bulk sales and requests including association requests, names obtained from business directories, lists, and other sources) (3) Nonrequested Copies Distributed Through the USPS by Other Classes of (e.g., First-Class Mail, nonrequestor copies mailed in excess of 10% limit mailed at Standard Mail or Package Services rates) Total Distribution (Sum of 15c and e) Total Nonrequested Distribution [Sum of 15d (1), (2), (3) and (4)] Copies not Distributed (See Instructions to Publishers #4, (page #3)) (Sum of 15f and g) Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation (15c divided by 15f times 100) you are claiming electronic copies, go to line 16 on page 3. If you are not claiming electronic copies, skip to line 17 on page 3. United Contractors Magazine 09/01/2022 1,707 1,661 N/A N/A N/A 1,661 N/A N/A N/A 18 18 1679 28 1,707 98.9% 1,775 1,725 N/A N/A N/A 1,725 N/A N/A N/A 25 25 1,750 25 1,775 98.5% Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation (Requester Publications Only) 1. Publication Title 2. Publication Number 3. Filing Date 4. Issue Frequency 5. Number of Issues Published Annually6. Annual Subscription Price (if any) 8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General Business Office of Publisher (Not printer) 9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor (Do not leave blank) Publisher (Name and complete mailing address) Editor (Name and complete mailing address) Managing Editor (Name and complete mailing address) 10. 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Tax Status (For completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at nonprofit rates) (Check one) Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months Has Changed During Preceding 12 Months (Publisher must submit explanation of change with this statement.) The purpose, function, and nonprofit status of this organization and the exempt status for federal income tax purposes: PRIVACY NOTICE: See our privacy policy on www.usps.com. United Contractors Magazine 09/30/2022 2166 3777 Monthly (NovDec Issue Combined) 11 N/A 17 Crow Canyon Ct., Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583 Michelle Vejby (925) 855-7900 Same as above United Contractors 17 Crow Canyon Ct., Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583 Mark Breslin, CEO 17 Crow Canyon Ct., Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583 Michelle Vejby, Publications Manager 17 Crow Canyon Ct., Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583 United Contractors 17 Crow Canyon Ct., Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583 USPS Required Annual Information
OCTOBER 2022 45 Drilling, Inc. Gregory Moeller Associate Members: Commercial Credit Group, Inc. Don Pokorny TPR Traffic Solutions Dennis Corona 9 YEARS – 2013 Associate Members: Argent Materials Inc. Bill Crotinger Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC Craig McCullum 8 YEARS – 2014 Contractor Members: Garney Pacific, Inc. Bill E. Williams Nor Cal Pipeline Services David Jaeger Associate Member: F & M Bank Keary Sullivan 7 YEARS – 2015 Contractor Members: Sukut Construction LLC Steve Yurosek 5 YEARS – 2017 Contractor Member: Poms Landscaping, Inc. Lane Poms Construction, Inc. Bill Ayers 3 YEARS – 2019 Contractor Member: Sheeran Pipeline, Inc. Eoin Sheeran Associate Members: D’s Trucking Service, Inc. Vladimir Montelongo Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP William Bogdan Mission Valley Kubota Tractor & Equipment Renee Trujillo 2 YEARS – 2020 Contractor Members: Avila Traffic Safety Kellie Avila Calmex Engineering, Inc. Bob Stone JMH Engineering and Construction, Inc. Matthew Lovingier Superior Pavement Markings Darren Veltz 1 YEAR – 2021 Contractor Members: Dean Visosky Contractors Inc. Rick Visosky Environmental Construction Group, Inc. Darrin McElroy Gesick Concrete, Inc. Bruce Gesick Reliable Tree Experts, Inc. Brian Fenske Associate Members: Sensiba San Filippo LLP Justin Scripps SONIC.NET, LLC. Damon Calegari Sunstate Equipment Co. Freddy Bustos Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation (Requester Publications Only) 16. Electronic Copy Circulation Average No. Copies Each Issue During Previous 12 Months No. Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date a. Requested and Paid Electronic Copies b. Total Requested and Paid Print Copies (Line 15c) + Requested/Paid Electronic Copies (Line 16a) c. Total Requested Copy Distribution (Line 15f) Requested/Paid Electronic Copies (Line 16a) d. Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation (Both Print & Electronic Copies) (16b divided by 16c 100) certify that 50% of all my distributed copies (electronic and print) are legitimate requests or paid copies. 18. Signature and Title of Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, or Owner certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits material or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions (including fines and imprisonment) (including civil penalties). 17. Publication of Statement of Ownership for a Requester Publication is required and will be printed in the issue of this publication. PS Form 3526-R, July 2014 (Page of 4) PRIVACY NOTICE: See our privacy policy on October 2022 Michelle Vejby, Publications Manager 09/30/2022



Assisting members daily—HR, legal and payroll issues, public works and prevailing wage compliance, contract interpretation, labor disputes and more.


Protecting the interests and increasing marketshare for union contractors statewide.


Guiding members with Cal/OSHA compliance, policies, procedures, problems, citations, and more; safety and regulatory resources; CARB assistance.



United Contractors empowers, advocates for, and supports California’s union contractors.

We are relentlessly committed to serving the needs of our members while building the next generation of industry leaders.

future leaders with classes to engage your team and increase productivity. www.unitedcontractors.org memberinfo@unitedcontractors.org UNITED CONTRACTORS
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