United Contractors Magazine March 2021

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THINK POSITIVE! UCON MEMBERS OFFER TIPS FOR HEALTH & WELLNESS Step Away from Your Desk “Get some fresh air. Enjoying some sunshine is rewarding both physically and mentally. Research shows that negative feelings, such as anxiety and depression are decreased after spending time outside. We encourage our team to step away from their work for a bit and go for a walk or if at our HQ, use one of our new custom bikes to cycle around the harbor for that much-needed mental health break.” —McGuire and Hester

Share Wellness Info: Start a Health & Wellness Newsletter “Working closely with HealthAdvocate, HealthNow Administrative Services, and IBH Population Health Solutions (Work-Life Matters) plus taking from company internal initiatives, Sukut’s newsletters serve as a tool to support its efforts in keeping employees healthy. The newsletters contain information on upcoming health and wellness webinars, medical and health benefits resources, healthy habits designed to improve overall wellbeing, mood, relationships, healthy recipes, and more. The newsletters are tied to current events (October’s breast cancer awareness), and have been key during the COVID pandemic to address new health and safety guidelines and ways to improve emotional well-being.” —Sukut Construction LLC

Isabella Lew, Project Engineer, takes advantage of the Wellness Tip.

Sukut’s Wellness Newsletter (left); and below, Sukut employees show their support for a safe and healthy workplace.

Get Your Physical Exam! “One of the most important investments you can make in 2021 is to complete a thorough physical examination. Early detection of many medical conditions and diseases is essential to protecting your health. Most health plans cover routine physical exams so schedule yours today!” —Graniterock

Graniterock team members supporting safety and socialdistancing.

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