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AUGUST 2022 | ISSUE 8/VOLUME WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG228 WHAT’S INSIDE: The Winners and Losers of Tech and Innovation p.6 The UCON BBQ Event p.14 The UCON App: Take advantage of the benefits p.48 The Tech It Takes

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The Winners and Losers of Tech and Innovation

How Do You Fit 70K People In A Toyota?

I don’t know about you, but if I put all the people from the Dodger Stadium in my car, it might get a little crowded. But I met the man who did it. How did he get 72,000 people into his Toyota? Technology. Meet Varuzhan. Friendly. Unassuming. Trilingual. And one of the most successful Uber drivers in California. The driver profile that came up when I called for the ride showed me that he had done 51,957 rides. More than 70K people have ridden in his car. Wow. I got in the Uber and congratulated him, and he informed me that those numbers did not include 15,000 Lyft rides or the 8,000 Door Dash deliveries. Via technology, free agent Varuzhan is one of the winners. He works his ass off and makes bank. His kids went to the best Universities. Last year, Uber dropped a $20,000 bonus in his bank account without advance notice. It turns out, he is the number two driver for rides and money in the state. For every one of him, there are hundreds of others who are not winners but cogs in the tech wheel, functional but not “winners.” Technology has the tendency to create remarkable opportunities for those that quickly and fully embrace it. The disproportionate benefit comes from those who adapt faster versus others who wait. And you can see this in our industry, and even in our association, as a Technologygamechanger.is becoming a bigger part of our lives and work, now more than ever before. It is creating highly visible winners and losers. As leaders, we are compelled to make it work for us organizationally and personally.

Post-pandemic, it has transformed the workplace, geography, and worker expectations. A new generation wants a world and a construction industry that is technologically sophisticated, and the talent of the market will poorly judge companies that are not. Tech is also bringing productivity tools in vast abundance with more coming every day—as do online distractions that probably waste more time than what is saved.

The UCON App is your mobile portal for UCON Professional Development classes, and more.

The expectations that we put on our people to leverage technology and their talent requires the time for training and the willingness to invest more and faster. I personally am trailing in my own capacity (The Old Dog Learning New Tricks Factor). Still, I am willing to invest in it for UCON to significantly improve operational capacity and responsiveness. To be a tech winner, you have to go early and go big. On the other hand, the sheer amount of tech “overload” must be managed. Tech can

Right from your phone (or on your desktop), UCON members can level up with scheduled and on-demand classes. In addition, the UCON App has access to the Contractor Resources Library (CRL), Alerts, Member Directory, Event Registration, and more.

Watching the world walk by with heads down and faces to phones is a little disheartening.


Scan QR Code and download today:

By MarkUCONBreslin,CEO

• The end game of being the winner has to be better outcomes for those we serve as employees and clients. UCON is one of the few associations that I know of that runs on Salesforce, and we’ve been at it for almost a decade. We have a data-driven, highly focused, tech-forward approach and have spent a lot of time and money on it for the member experience. As a mid-sized nonprofit, we are way over our skis at all times on this, knowing that if we don’t have a sense of urgency on this, that the members will see and feel it without knowing why.

AUGUST 2022 7

• Salesforce • Microsoft O ce Suite/365, including Teams, and SharePoint • RingCentral • WebEx Events • Tripit • Accounting Seed • Social Media: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram • Hootsuite • Adobe Creative Cloud • Campaign Monitor • Get Feedback/Zoho • Zapier • Zoom • Google Analytics • EASE • WellSteps • Bugherd • Jot Form • Todoist • Grammarly • AppExtremes/Conga • Capitol Canary • Creative Force • and more lunch

The Tech It Takes...

The following technology is some of what is used by UCON (and me) to meet and exceed the needs of the members and industry. Seems to take everything plus the kitchen sink. become too much of a good thing. On the next page, you will see all the technology that we use at UCON to serve the members, and this is not a complete list. This collection of tools allows us to be a small but mighty team. UCON has enjoyed serious annual growth rates, without compromising the integrity of the member experience of the more than 600 members in our midst. Technology has allowed us to scale our work and maintain member service excellence. What the Uber story above tells us is one of evolving opportunities with the people—tech blend of recreated business models that don’t anticipate final outcomes. It continues to impact companies and workers in ways that defy our old school and traditional industry. It is not a coincidence that all our union partners have brought up technology in labor negotiations this year as key concerns related to displacement, jurisdiction, and training as tech makes its way out of our offices and onto the job sites. UCON has offered to serve as a lead management partner with them for effective co-creation of an industry that will not look the same ten years from now. The quote that comes to mind is, “No army can withstand the power of an idea whose time has come.” The key for UCON and each leader reading this today, is how to use the power of that idea effectively and proactively. The narrative today can be summarized in several points that I think are relevant to the industry and certainly UCON. They might lay out as follows:

• Tech winners and losers will be determined by the rate of adoption, level of investment, and cultural norms that support or hold back progress.

So, try to imagine what is possible if you were to embrace technology. To be that winner in the market it might not be putting tens of thousands of people in your car, but you are still in the driver’s seat on this key area of opportunity now and for your future.

• Technological advances are a double-edged sword, and few improvements or innovations come without unintended consequences. People’s investments nearly always pay off exponentially. Both demand attention—one by necessity and the other by the rise of culture as a strategy. Visionary leaders are acting both at a very high level of energy and investment.

• There will never be a substitute for a people-first approach. Varuzhan is pulling down mid-six figures. He is famous in his world. He also grinds harder than anyone else. The tech is only a tool for his work ethic and determination to achieve. There is no free (though some of the new generations may argue this with me). This will always drive our business as jobs evolve, there will be nothing more potent in a business mix than a culture that expects a lot and rewards in equal measure.

There are many reasons why companies join United Contractors. For some, it’s the networking and business development. For others, it’s the agency and government liaison activities. And for a select few, it’s gaining access to the people and conversations that produce real industry impact. Yet, ask most members why they remain a UCON member and most say the biggest value add UCON provides day-to-day is the support they get from UCON’s Labor & Member Services team—who many of you know as Victor Sella, Ruby Varnadore, Lucia Mixon, Sandra Kaya, Sue Weiler-Doke, Mark Breslin, and, most recently, Regional VP of Southern California, Clay O’Neal.

1 HELP DESK • Directly support field, office, and management staff with personalized solutions—from payroll to HR, Trust Funds to union contracts—weregulatory,complianceagreements,andlegalanddoitall. • Offer 24/7 contractor assistance through our ResourcesContractorLibrary each(overunitedcontractors.orgat8,000downloadsyear). 2 LABOR DISPUTE & GRIEVANCE RESOLUTION • Represent contractors in over 80 grievances and 250+ labor disputes annually. • Facilitate resolution with unions and trusts, saving you time and (overcontracts—wemoney.doitall.8,000downloadsAll Work Done to Your Satisfaction and On Time Headquarters 501 Cesar Chavez Street, Suite #101B San Francisco, CA 94124 Phone: 415/508-1800 www.BAYLINECUTTING.comCSLB#809660Certifications: San Francisco Local Business Enterprise #CMD021914855 DBE #21117 SBE #22512 CPUC #99EN0023 DIR #1000003185 Gold Shovel Standard ISN #400-230640

6 Ways to Make Labor Relations

What do we do for our members? Collectively, we manage labor relations across the state, handling more than 2,500 unique member issues a year to assist members navigate most every aspect of what it means to be a union contractor in the state of California. Ultimately, our goal is to make labor relations a competitive advantage for your company.

By Victor Sella, UCON Vice President of Labor RelationsLABOR


summary of

Your Competitive Advantage

Everyone from foremen to field supervisors, project engineers to estimators, and payroll managers to C-suite executives call our team daily to help their company be compliant and competitive. In short, we save your team time and money, often becoming the go-to resource throughout your organization. If you or your team are not fully taking advantage of UCON Labor & Member Services, here’s a quick what we can do for you:

AUGUST 2022 9 5 INDUSTRY ADVOCACY • Act as watchdog advocate for legal and regulatory issues. • Keep you informed on industry changes and trends with bulletins. • Listen and act on your feedback to promote contractor growth and sound owner/agency relations. 6 UNION NEGOTIATIONS • Lead CBA negotiations with 15 unions statewide. • Advocate for greater union contractor competitiveness and sustainability. • Cultivate contractors as labor leaders through negotiations and trustee positions. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call. We’re here to help—(925) 855-7900 or memberinfo@ unitedcontractors.org. ◆ For more information, contact UCON Vice President of Labor Relations Victor Sella at vsella@unitedcontractors.org, (510) 362-6959. 250+ 10,000+ 125 Team experienceofcombinedUCON’syearslaborrelations 130+ 8 StatewideUCON’sLaborRelationsTeam 18 Contracts UCON negotiates statewide Member calls/emails/ issues resolved annually Grievances and labor hearingresolveddiputespriortoeachyear Trust fund assistedaudits/issuesannually 9,000+ Documents downloaded from UCON’s Contractor Resources Library (as of July 2022) 50+Critical member updates, bulletins & payroll alerts sent to members annually Your UCON Labor Relations NumbersTeam by the 3 UNION RELATIONS & PARTNERING • Partner with contractors and union reps to identify and manage industry issues to make union contractors more competitive. • Support contractors to be the current and future leaders for the union construction industry. 4 BUSINESS STRATEGY & CONSULTING • Support maximizingin the union businessconstructionmodeland finding improved ways to competitive.stay • Consult on optimizing field operations, leadership development, succession planning, workforce development, or most any other strategic business planning.

How Do We Know if Davis-Bacon (Federal) or California DIR (State) Prevailing Wages are Applicable? Applicability is defined by Labor Code Section 1771 and California Code of Regulations (CCR) Section 16001. Davis-Bacon applies to 100% federally funded and administered projects, such as Federal Highway Administration (FWHA), Federal HUD, or U.S. Military bases. If there is any state or local money involved, then it is covered by California prevailing wages. If there is federal funding or assistance but it is administered by a state or local agency, then the higher standard will apply (usually California prevailing wages).

• Construction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under contract and paid in whole or in part out of public funds.

If you work or bid on a public works project, then you are considered a public works contractor. The term “public works contractor” includes subcontractors, and it can also include businesses that are often considered to be service providers such as truckers and surveyors. All public works contractors must fulfill four key 1.responsibilities.Registerasa public works contractor 2. Pay prevailing wages Follow apprenticeship requirements (for projects of $30,000 or more)

Note that all employees on the jobsite are not necessarily covered by prevailing wages. If a worker performs work that is covered by a prevailing wage determination and is classified as work by one of the crafts, then they are covered. If they are a purely supervisory employee who does not do any craft work, then they are not covered.

State prevailing wage rates are eff ective from the bid advertisement date through completion of the project. Predetermined increases that are posted

• State (“little Davis-Bacon”)

Project photo courtesy of Walsh Construction Company II, LLC


By Ruby Varnadore, PHR UCON Labor Contracts Manager

Prevailing Wages 101 Who is defined as a Public Works Contractor?

What is the E ective Date and Duration for Prevailing Wage Rates?

• It can include preconstruction and postconstruction activities related to a public works project.

4. Maintain and submit certified payroll records

What is the definition of Public Works?



• For a full definition of public works refer to Labor Code section 1720. What are Prevailing Wages? All workers employed on public works projects over $1,000 must be paid the prevailing wage determined by the Director of the DIR (state) or the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor (federal) according to the type of work and location of the project. The prevailing wage rates are usually, but not always, based on rates specified in collective bargaining agreements.

• Federal Davis-Bacon Prevailing wages may also be required on private projects if they have any public funds, or if the project owner requires prevailing wages in their contract.

AUGUST 2022 11 with the applicable determination are also part of the prevailing wage rate. Davis-Bacon wage rates are eff ective from the contract solicitation date through the completion of the project. Union contractors are still responsible for factoring in and paying annual wage increases, unless the collective bargaining agreement provides otherwise. ◆ Have Prevailing Wage Questions? Take UCON’s August Class!! Certified Payroll–Answering Contractors Most Frequently Asked Questions Tuesday, August 30; 2:30pm-4:30pm Instructors: Darbi Gri n and Jesse Jimenez, FFC and Ruby Varnadore, United Contractors Class Style: Virtual | Class Limit: Unlimited Cost – Member: FREE | Non-member: $100 This class will cover UCON members’ most frequently asked certified payroll questions and common pitfalls. Including Compliance requirements of Labor Code 1776, which is covered by certified payroll and contractor registration; apprenticeship requirements. The last 30 minutes of the meeting will be a moderated Q&A with Ruby Varnadore, UCON’s Labor Contracts Manager. Attendees can pre-submit their questions or ask during the WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG/CALENDARsession. NEED TO KNOW MORE? DIR Website: – FAQ on contractor registration, certified payroll reporting and other aspects of prevailing wage compliancePublicWorksSB854FAQ.htmlhttps://www.dir.ca.gov/Public-Works/ – Public Works Manualdlse/PWManualCombined.pdfhttps://www.dir.ca.gov/ Related Resources for UCON Members in our Contractor Resources Library: – Apprenticeship Basics for Public Works – Trucking Prevailing Wages Reference Guide – Skilled & Trained Workforce Guide Not Just A Bank -- A Business Partner Helping Contractors Succeed -- Call Us! Ray Strzelecki Senior Vice President 510 457 3739 Oakland - Walnut Creek - Sacramento - San Jose CaliforniaBankofCommerce.com Erik Pierce Vice President 510 457 3779 Member FDIC Michael Khan Senior Vice President 408 606 6613 Chris Barr Executive Vice President 530 906 3155

12 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG Trusted Partners. Proven Builders. stacywitbeck.com

AUGUST 2022 13 ! ! !( ( ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ( ! ( ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ( ! ! ! ! ! ! ( ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ^ ^ ^ _ RiverEmidioSanRockLos Baños Pleasanton Sanger SacramentoLandingLexingtonWayTable Mtn SEE INSET MaderaAshlan Cache Creek Bakersfield Grass Valley Saticoy Roseville NapaSantaPetalumaRosaSan Rafael ^ Vulcan's Inert Landfill Locations in California ! ! ! ! ( ! ! ( ! ! ^ ^ SunPalmdaleDurbinValley Santa Ana Los Angeles SERVING CONSTRUCTIONYOUR NEEDS THROUGHOUT 408-728-1123CALIFORNIAwww.vulcanmaterials.com

More than 800 UCON members and industry partners joined us August 4 for our largest annual event of the year— the UCON BBQ. A highlight this year, was the return of the infamous Chili Cook-O , where six teams competed for the coveted Chili Perpetual Trophy, and secure their spot in next year’s competition! Live music, outdoor games, a drum corps, BBQ, and a beer garden kept guests hydrated and entertained. But the best part of this event is connecting with friends, teams, partners, and even competitors as the UCON BBQ is one of the largest industry events of its kind— a true example of the people and companies that make this industry a great place to be. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you at our next event, the Sal Rubino Golf Classic (see page 38 for more information). & chili cook-off



16 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG CHILI COOK-OFF IS HOT!! Thank you to our Chili Cook-O Competitors this year! • Bay Area Tra c Solutions: Top Gun B.A.T.S. • Corrpro Companies, Inc.: Corrpro’s Kickin’ Cowboy Chili • Ferguson Waterworks: Chili Con Carnage • McGuire and Hester: Jabba the Chili Hut • Peterson Trucks, Inc.: Nacho Momma’s Chili • Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP: Better Call SCH! & chili cook-off

AUGUST 2022 17 CHILI COOK-OFF...and the winners are... Thank you to our amazing CHILI COOK-OFF JUDGES they can handle the heat!! • Xenia Lanier, San Ramon Marriott • Captain Jim Gill, Firefighters Union • Kate Rooney, KRON4 Congratulations to UCON’s 2022 Chili Cook-O Winners: • Judges’ Choice: Smith Currie & Hancock LLP • People’s Choice Best Chili: McGuire and Hester • People’s Choice Best Booth: Bay Area Tra c Solutions

18 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG FACES THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS— UCON 2022 ANNUAL SPONSORS: ANNUAL PLATINUM SPONSORS — ANNUAL GOLD SPONSORS — Anvil Builders Bay Area Tra c Solutions Chrisp JosephGriGraniterockCompanynSoilGroupJ.Albanese, Inc. Knife River Construction - Stockton PACE PavementSupplyRecycling Systems, Inc. Peterson Cat Sierra Mountain Construction, Inc. Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. Sully-Miller Contracting Company Sweeney Mason LLP Teichert Inc. United Rentals Trench Safety Volvo Construction Equipment & Services Vulcan Materials Company Woodru -Sawyer & Co. ANNUAL SILVER SPONSORS — Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc. Bay Area Temporary Sanitation Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring LLC California Bank of DynamicDoyle’sDMZTheCliftonLarsonAllenCommerceLLPConcoCompaniesBuildersWorkCompany,Inc.Oce&Accounting Solutions/ Dynamic Technical Partners Ghilotti Bros., Inc. The HeritageHartfordBank of Commerce Hoseley Corporation JCC, KiewitInc.Infrastructure West Co. Marina Landscape, Inc. McSherry & Hudson, LLC Midstate Barrier, Inc. Moss Adams LLP National Trench Safety, LLC PentaRiskNewfront Insurance Services LLC Silverado Contractors, Inc. Sukut Construction LLC Team Ghilotti, Inc. Toro Enterprises, Inc. TYS, WalshLLPConstruction Company II, LLC

— Michael Terry, Bayview Services, Inc. “One of the best networking events —industry-wide!”JustinBochmann, Foundation for Fair Contracting

“The whole event was a blast. This was my first time going and WOW what a great event. The drinks, games, networking....the whole sha-bang—will definitely go to the next event.”

AUGUST 2022 19

— Jennifer Aguilera-Huerta, D-Line Constructors “Great food, great people, and a damn good time. Thank you UCON for another wonderful event.”

“It was so nice to be able to visit with our UCON family in person, and catch up on all the amazing things everyone is doing in the industry and meet our new members. As essential workers we pushed through some incredibly di cult challenges, so being able to spend time face to face at the UCON BBQ was very —uplifting.”KimCarone, Harbor Linx

THANK YOU BBQ EVENT SPONSORS: — REGISTRATION SPONSOR — — BAR SPONSORS — — HYDRATION STATION SPONSORS — — BEER GARDEN SPONSORS — Appian Engineering, Inc. Duran & Venables, Inc. Dynamic O ce & Accounting Solutions/ Dynamic Technical Partners Laborers-Employers Cooperation & Education Trust (LECET) Southwest McGri Insurance Services Moss Adams LLP Northern California District Council of Laborers Preston Pipelines Infrastructure LLC-Preston Electric Tra c Management, Inc. (TMI) United Rentals Trench Safety Veteran Pipeline Construction — SPECIAL THANK YOU — UCON Board of Directors Breslow Imaging, photography Construct Your Image, event signage and t-shirts Winslow & Associates BAY CITIES PAVING & GRADING, INC. EST. 1964 ORANGE Color PMS 158C / M61 Y97 Process GRAY Color PMS 445Coated 446Uncoated

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Change comes in many forms, whether through new business processes, new safety regulations or new technology implementations. The exciting news is that these changes have the potential to bring the construction industry growth and opportunity. That’s why construction leaders need to start planning for how new changes will directly and indirectly affect their company and employees, and take steps to set everyone up for success. Here are four ways to guide your team through change, ensuring smooth transitions and success in adopting new processes and technologies in the years ahead:

One of the biggest obstacles to embracing new technology is fear of the unknown. Employees don’t always understand the reasons for implementing new technologies and how they might impact the security of their job. For example, implementing an employee time tracking solution may cause payroll employees to fear job losses. First, the payroll team needs to understand the reasons for automating the payroll process and the potential benefit to their role. Once they understand that they’ll no longer have to spend time manually entering or processing payroll data, they’ll be much more open to adopting the time tracking solution.

4 Ways Construction Leaders Can Lead Change Successful Technology

1. Establish Trust and Secure Buy-In


2. Prepare in Advance Implementing change in the best of times can be a struggle, but after the inherent changes that we all had to make in business the past two years, it’s going to take some extra encouragement to ensure success. The best way to kick off new business practices or implement new technology is for leaders to roll up their sleeves and get to work directly with their team. They should not only know the new initiative like the back of their hand, but they should also put themselves in the shoes of others. More specifically, they need to know exactly what the requirements will be of each of the key individuals on their team to execute on the plan —and make plans around that. Questions should cover how the team would best receive this new initiative? Do SPECIAL FEATURE THE ADVANTAGETECH

To avoid additional pushback, leaders need to ensure they have their employees’ trust. That starts by making technology users part of the buying decision. The more that all levels of your organization are engaged in technology implementations from the onset, the more advocates you will build to champion the new technology. Then have a plan in place for implementation, including project benchmarks and timelines and check-ins with supervisors.


leaders should enact training or on-site technology mentorships to put employees’ minds at ease. It is always important to invest time and resources for proper training and goal setting for each team of employees as a part of the implementation. If the employee can see their opportunity for growth as part of the process, they will be active participants and influencers for the change.

3. Showcase How New Initiatives Will Complement Your Team’s Skills

4. Be Strategic in the Rollout (Timing is Everything)

AUGUST 2022 25 they understand why the change is happening? Do they know their role and what’s required of them in the short and long term to achieve a successful implementation?

The first question a team will ask when a new business process or tech solution is announced is, “Why?” Take, for example, a mobile workforce platform with live field data to track things like labor, production, job costs, safety, and overall field reporting. Not only should employees on job sites understand that a mobile workforce solution ensures they get paid for all the hours they worked and whether they’ve reached overtime or not, but back-office workers will also be affected. A mobile workforce platform also has a direct impact on payroll processing and job costing for the project managers and accountants. Just because such a change might make their jobs easier, it doesn’t mean employees won’t try to drag their feet along the Constructionway.

Change is happening, and it’s up to construction leaders to pave the way for their teams to make the best change choices. Take the extra steps and ensure that the new technologies and other investments being made are implemented and used. It will ensure the changes in the new year are for the better. ◆ The article is authored by Mike Merrill, cofounder and COO of mobile-resource-management software provider WorkMax.

A new initiative or technology implementation will only find success once a plan is in place, and if the team has the appropriate bandwidth to take it on. By the time a launch is being scheduled, managers should have a solid understanding of the amount of time it will take to achieve measurable success. For example, if a payroll team is at maximum resource capacity already, an impactful implementation of a mobile workforce solution for their employee time tracking may need to wait until the proper resources can be committed to the project. However, like most process improvements, this type of efficiency has a substantial and almost immediate return on investment. So don’t wait too long. Rollouts on new processes should also be paced out accordingly to ensure teams don’t get overwhelmed with too many changes all at once. This also allows for employees to adapt and ask questions mid-stream, which increases engagement along the way.

If employees feel like their supervisors are out of touch and don’t understand what it takes to get their job done, they will be more resistant to effectively participate. That’s why leadership needs to be in the trenches before they try to change processes, especially when it comes to technology. When leaders invest time in planning and laying out the blueprints for success, their teams will see a plan in place, gain an understanding of their role and trust that the change being made is for the betterment of the company.


A recent Forrester survey (January 2020) revealed that more than 75% of respondents in the construction, engineering and infrastructure industries had experienced a cyber-incident within the previous 12 months.


Source: Forrester, January 2020



Understanding the impact a cyber threat could have would help identify vulnerabilities and better enable the management of a recovery following an attack. A threat can expose all of a company’s digital assets including business plans and acquisition strategies; proprietary construction plans and designs; customer, contractor, and supplier lists and pricing; personally identifiable information (PII) of employees and contractors; protected health information of staff as By Aon.com ...more than 75% of respondents in the construction, engineering and infrastructure industries had experienced a cyber-incident within the previous 12 months.


Cyber Vulnerability in the

Construction firms are currently dealing with a huge array of new risks—both on and offsite—but it is a sector that’s been notoriously slow at identifying and addressing its cyber risk vulnerabilities. There is an almost ‘arms race’ to use and exploit technology to drive value and efficiencies across capital programs; often without appreciating what risks are potentially being inadvertently introduced into the program. Cybercriminals are continually evolving, modifying their techniques to exploit new avenues of attack. The construction industry needs to be equally proactive in its response, looking at the risks holistically and instilling a culture of cyber security in the boardroom, on site and everywhere in-between.

Construction Sector Cyber security is a growing challenge and the pandemic has amplified the need for the construction sector to have a robust cyber risk strategy. Modern methods of construction are driving digital connectivity; not only across the construction supply chain to facilitate accurate collaboration but also on the job site, as performance, progress, logistics, health & safety and sustainability is monitored in “real time.” This increased connectivity has significant benefits and drives value across the capital environment; however, increased connectivity and collaboration will also increase risk, including cyber risk.


behind schedule.

Additionally, many construction firms have access to confidential information from third parties. This access is granted under strict nonconfidentiality agreements as a part of individual construction projects, thus exposing them to risk of contractual penalties should a breach occur.


Concrete pumping provides benefits that best support the project’s critical schedule and enhances job site safety. We can pump concrete from one location while keeping ready mix trucks safely at the curb. Our trucks can pour more concrete in a shorter time than other methods resulting in time and labor savings. Serving Northern California since 1977, CF&T Concrete Pumping is a 100% Employee Owned Company that provides commercial and residential concrete pumping to our valued customers. is contractors can be financially projects In addition, the ability for cyber attackers to hijack physical devices—from security cameras to vehicle

the potential to cause project delays on project sites, where


With building practices changing and more contractors employing off-site manufacturing (Design for Manufacturing & Assemble—DfMA) these contractors and their supply chain hold valuable IP and business critical information. If this information is in anyway compromised, stolen, or held ransom, it can severely interrupt not only the manufacturing and building process but also hit profit margins and cause reputational damage. A ransomware attack might not lead to a loss of information, but by shutting down a company’s computer networks and potentially destroying information, it can cause an enormous amount of lost productivity and business delay. Especially YEARS SERVING CALIFORNIA California 2700 Rice Sacramento, CA

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BAY AREA 1970 National Avenue Hayward,

Ave West

AUGUST 2022 27 well as facilities security information. Collaborative working methodologies, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), can also increase these risks if the international standards are not used as guidance. As the supply chain creates data rich, highly visual and virtually navigable models, asset data and information not only increase the assets value but can create new or heighten existing risks by exposing how the asset lives and breathes. BIM processes force data aggregation which, although, can be of immense benefit for the lifecycle of the asset (in particular, design, build and operate) but can also create risks that have never been seen before.

penalized for delivering

•LINE PUMPS ALL THE WAY UP TO 61 METER BOOM •LOOP BELT (130') •TRAILER PUMPS CALL US: (510) 782-6910 | 24/7 DISPATCH: (844)CFT-CFT1 concerning


28 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL FEATURE telematics to industrial control systems—means that there is an ever-increasing risk of property damage and personal injury due to cybersecurity incidents. A recent article (February 2020) in ‘Off-site’ magazine for the construction trade highlighted an increased prevalence of ransomware attacks where criminals have attempted to hack into information relating to high profile buildings or projects, including government buildings, infrastructure (water and power) and military bases—all of which can be sold lucratively to terrorist or activist groups. In some cases, it isn’t so much about the information, but about slowing down the progress of a project. Other common characteristics of the sector include the widespread use of tablets, smart phones or laptops (increasing system vulnerability entry points) combined with a heavy reliance on sub-contractors and transient labor forces—all of which present further entry points for cyber criminals. Construction is a high volume, low margin business with its success based upon its ability to meet project Choose U-Rock for your sewer cleaning and inspection equipment needs We’re always on your side. Supporting you from demo at after-sale support Long term reliability. Building partnerships that will last a lifetime. Over 35 years of experience. Connecting you with top tier equipment. Contact Us! www.urockutility.com Info@urockutility.com (916) 294 7693 11355 Folsom Blvd, Unit F Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

AUGUST 2022 29

Base camps are usually set up on locations where workers can access a network to transfer information through portable devices and as many locations are a temporary workspace, the same network security protocols used in permanent locations might be overlooked. When employees connect to these networks—with company issued devices or personal ones—they are again exposing critical systems to cyber attacks.

Continued on next page

Employees and contractors commonly use project management software as well as BIM processes to track job status and collaborate with external vendors. This data is highly valuable for cyber criminals so it’s imperative for construction companies to take an inventory of this data and know exactly who has access to what, where, why, how and for what purpose. But it’s not just down to cyber and electronic information, physical documents are also still being created as either contractual deliverables, collaboration or as a preferred model and often without any of the control measures around them, exposing the same level of detail but with no governance to protect it.


Cybersecurity is now firmly positioned as C-suite risk and should be a regular topic of conversation at Board level. Investing the time and resources in creating an effective cybersecurity plan—from educating employees, creating a prevention plan and a strategy post breach—construction companies can protect themselves from threats and have a plan ready for when the unexpected hits. Without a proactive stance on cyber security, attacks are inevitable and it’s never easy dealing with a cyberattack while you are compromised. Being cyber aware will help prevent, detect and respond professionally and effectively when a cyber attack occurs—and it’s never a question of if a business will experience a cyberattack, but when it will happen. How fast a business will be able to react and contain a breach can be the difference between survival or not.

deadlines and contract specifications, in which many contractors experience strains on cash flow.

Certain cyber incidents have the potential to impact a company’s ability to meet those goals, causing huge financial penalties, that in some cases puts strain on the balance sheet.

4. Verify requests and information with out-of-band communication—pick up the phone and call

5. Check your browser to ensure Anti-Phishing services are enabled




• SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – Contracts with subcontractors, suppliers and others are an essential component of mitigating cyber risk. Legal review of business practices around cyber of business partners can mitigate cyber risks associated with doing business with third parties.


5. HACKING – an individual or group attempting to gain access to company systems with the intent to steal or destroy data.

1. Avoid replying to suspicious emails or engaging with senders 2. Open the site directly — don’t click on/download embedded links or media

3. Look out for pretexts laced with a sense of urgency or threat


4. VIRUSES – code which infects computer system, corrupting or deleting data.

2. PAYMENT INTERCEPTION – criminals are able to compromise the email account or credentials of an individual inside the organization to authorize a change to the bank account details for large payments

• INSURANCE – Cyber insurance is widely available and can be an effective component of an overall insurance program. Most cyber policies cover the costs of forensic investigation and breach notification associated with a cyber incident. In addition, many other lines of cover, such as Professional Indemnity and D&O, are now actively excluding any type of Cyber cover in order to address silent cyber concerns. Many construction firms are starting to take an interest in Cyber insurance policies as a way to mitigate this exposure. ◆ This is a ‘Point of View’ article and constitutes information only and is not intended to provide advice. Professional advice should always be sought regarding insurance coverage or specific risk issues. Learn more at www.aon.com, a UCON member since 1982.

3. PHISHING – malicious emails designed to look like genuine emails which encourage employees to click – infecting their computers in the process.

6. Use a password manager; don’t use the same password across multiple sites www.wombatsecurity.com/about/news/evolution-phishing

• POLICIES AND TRAINING – Even the best IT can’t prevent human error. It’s therefore essential to implement clear policies on cybersecurity basics like use of strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, use of encryption for sensitive data and restrictions on the use of removable media. It’s also essential to train employees on best practices, including how to recognise potential phishing emails and sensitive information to which they have been granted access.

1. RANSOMWARE – a malicious program which locks access to company files and data until a ransom payment is made, after which time access may be restored. (There have also been an increasing number of ransomware cases; not only is there a cost associated with paying a ransom to reaccess your systems and files, there is no guarantee that access will be granted even after a ransom has been paid, leaving companies at the whim of cyber criminals that demand additional sums.)

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By Liam Stannard,BigRentzJOBSITETHE The industry has experienced a 239% growth in drone use year over year, higher than any other commercial sector.

Drones. Whether flying around a room or capturing unique aerial footage, drones offer vast possibilities and applications—even in the world of construction.


How they are changing the industry.


1. Topographic Mapping and Land Surveys — Consulting topographic maps is essential when planning complex, large-scale construction projects. They can reveal costly blunders in designs ill-suited for certain terrain. Although topographic maps are helpful, they are expensive and take a lot of time to produce. Because of this, maps are not always updated during the start of a job. Due to their ability to map vast quantities of land, drones can exponentially cut down on time spent visualizing a site’s topography. This helps to keep the project on schedule and on budget and ensures accuracy before the project is initiated. Gathering this information can help determine feasibility and assist with design. High-resolution images produced by drones can be manipulated into 3D models, allowing the construction crew to pinpoint challenges during pre-construction and spot mistakes in the scope, saving time and money in the long run.

Drones in Construction

In the past few years, drones have become one of the most compelling construction trends. The industry has experienced a 239% growth in drone use year over year, higher than any other commercial sector. Their aerial vantage point and data collecting abilities make them a viable tool, offering benefits ranging from onsite safety to remote monitoring.

In particular, the benefits of drone technology have revolutionized the entire project life cycle, from inception through project closeout. Drone photos, videos, and imagery are used to scope out projects, track building progress and provide real-time updates. As the industry grows and construction projects become more complex, the use of drones in construction will continue to skyrocket.


How Are Drones Used in Construction?

2. Equipment Tracking — It’s a problem nearly every project manager has faced—losing track of where equipment is located at each job site. With a drone, that same manager can do a flyover and quickly assess whether the equipment is where it needs to be. They can also quickly recognize if a piece of equipment that should be terminated is still on-site, preventing expensive accidental extension charges.

With their real-time data recording and unique aerial advantage, drones can improve efficiency, cut costs and streamline workflow. Here are some of the ways drones are used in construction.

5. Personnel Safety — Worker safety is one of the top priorities of most construction companies. Falls in particular account for 34% of worker fatalities. Construction managers can also use drone video cameras to monitor the job site for safety concerns, ensuring workers are properly balanced and that no structures or equipment are loose or unstable.

AUGUST 2022 33

6. Structure Inspection and Photography — Replacing heavy machinery and bulky scaffolding, drones can provide a crucial inspection. They can be flown around structures to check stability and fine details, and take high-resolution imagery for analysis. Thermal sensors can detect heat leaks, cold spots, and any electrical issues. This level of quality assurance helps with client relationships in the long run.

Another valuable feature of construction drones is the visibility they can provide for clients. Drones can produce impressive aerial views and give clients a grasp of the project’s progression, especially when they cannot be physically present on a site. This helps assure clients that their spend is being utilized efficiently. In addition to client communications, drones can improve internal collaboration for teams by sending information to connected software during flyovers. Drones can also create a valuable trail of documents that teams can access later.

3. Remote Monitoring and Progress Reports —

4. Security Surveillance — If you’ve ever had a piece of equipment stolen from a site, you know how devastating it can be. Having a boom lift or excavator stolen can leave you out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to the National Equipment Register, over $300 million worth of construction equipment is stolen from job sites every year, with less than 25% of it recovered. A drone operator can conduct a flyover to quickly see if a piece of equipment is in a secure enough location. They can also use the surveillance camera to see if unauthorized individuals are on the site. This can help prevent damage or theft and identify any trespassers.

The Future of Construction Drones Whether they are being used to conduct land surveys or to keep track of equipment, drones have proved invaluable to the field. They have direct benefits to the construction lifecycle. Their capabilities allow them to cut costs, time, risk, and labor, all while improving workflow, accuracy, communication, and efficiency. All these lead to more confidence and certainty when working on a construction project. ◆ For more information, visit www.bigrentz.com, a UCON member since 2021.

Key Features Drones are equipped with multiple features to help capture key data on building sites, including cameras, GPS units, thermal sensors, and infrared sensors. The information they collect can be sent to a computer via drone software, allowing users to analyze, interpret and organize collected data. These features improve efficiency in project management and allow for more thorough inspections.

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UCON MEMBER BENEFIT! Invest in your people, and encourage your teams to learn and grow. UCON has worked to develop education programs specific for the industry. Classes are taught by highly-rated instructors. If have any questions regarding UCON’s Professional Development contact Angelica Gouig, Education Manager, (925) 362-7309,


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Instructor: Jonathan Wisniewski, Dale Carnagie

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& Hancock

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The UCON PAC is Our Power

By EmilyUCONCohen,EVP

Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction

The UCON PAC and our allies need you now. It is the one vehicle we have available to support candidates that support our industry. Contributing to the UCON PAC ensures your political dollars protect and defend your business, no matter what size or specialty. Included in this issue, you will fi nd an invitation to UCON’s special PAC benefi t, as well as a save-thedate for the UCON Government Advocacy Auction (page 43); please consider donating, sponsoring, and attending these important events. To learn more, visit www.unitedcontractors.org/pac2022. ◆

Over the next two years, there will be a record number of open seats and competitive races across the state, which could change the climate of state politics for a generation. It’s more important than ever that we fight to elect and re-elect candidates who are pro-build, pro-industry, and support union contractors.

AUGUST 2022 39 PROTECTING OUR FUTURE PLEASE JOIN US FOR A SPECIAL EVENING TO BENEFIT THE UCON PAC thursday, september22, 2022 5:00 - 8:00pm Join us at the home of Mark Breslin, UCON CEO, for an evening of premium wines, great food, specialty cocktails, and networking with industry leaders in support of UCON’s Political Action Committee. Alamo, CA - address given upon RSVP - Business Casual Attire SupportPoliticalUCON’sActionCommittee Your sponsorship committment and RSVP are requested by September 16, 2022. Event attendance requires sponsorship at one of the above levels. See RSVP and Contribution Form on next page. For more information and to RSVP, contact Julie Hinge, Executive Assistant to EVP at jhinge@unitedcontractors.org or (925) 855-7900 The UCON Political Action Committee (PAC) exists to improve your business environment by strengthening the political voice of union contractors. Learn more at unitedcontractors.org/PAC2022

Other: we will sponsor the UCON PAC with a contribution in the amount of $ ________________. All sponsorship levels include entrance to the event for you and a guest. Thank you. RSVP to event by September 16, 2022: Yes, I will attend. Name of Attendee: Name of Guest(s): wish to support the UCON PAC with a contribution in the To request additional please contact Emily Cohen at ecohen@unitedcontractors.org, or (925) 362-7304.

CONTRIBUTION: Check enclosed. Check to be delivered at event. Please make checks payable to: UCON PAC, and mail to: UCON PAC 17 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 100 San Ramon, CA 94583 Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie Hinge, UCON Executive Assistant to the EVP, at jhinge@unitedcontractors.org, (925) 967-2466. Capacity is limited. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience, no later than September 16, 2022 Business contribution limit is $8,100 per calendar year. Individual contribution limit is $8,100 per person/$16,200 per couple per calendar year. Each individual contributor needs to complete this form. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions. 17 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583 | (925) 855-7900 | www.unitedcontractors.org/PAC2022


Name: Company:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Sponsorship is required in order to attend. Your commitment is requested by September 16, 2022. We will sponsor the UCON PAC at the following level: $7,000 – Industry Trailblazer All Champion sponsor level recognition plus a 1/4-page ad in UCON Magazine November/December issue, and special gift. $5,500 – Industry Champion All Leader Sponsor level recognition plus special gift. $3,000 – Industry Leader All Advocate sponsor level recognition plus your company logo listed as a PAC supporter for one year on UCON website. $1,500 – Industry Advocate Signage recognition at event, and logo placed in UCON Magazine November/December issue, highlighting PAC event sponsors.

UCON PAC Fundraiser

amount of $ _____________________________

RSVP and Contribution Form



42 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG UP By Christine Traina, Event Manager UCON EVENTS REGISTER NOW FOR UCON’S SAL RUBINO GOLF CLASSIC Registration is now open for this Annual Golf Classic. UCON will again be playing on both courses but space is still limited and this event historically sells out— you don’t want to find yourself on the waitlist Hotel accommodations at a discounted room rate can be made at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa (1 Old Golf Course Road, Monterey, CA 93940), by emailling events unitedcontractors.org. Space is limited See below for more information—We hope to see you on the course Register today by visiting www.unitedcontractors.org/calendar SAVE THE DATES UPCOMING EVENTS: Sal Rubino Golf Classic Friday, September 9, 2022 Location: Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course, Seaside UCON PAC Fundraiser Thursday, September 22, 2022 Location: East Bay, CA (See page 38) UCON Government Advocacy Auction Friday, November 11, 2022 Location: Claremont Hotel, Berkeley (See opposite page) Join us for UCON’s Golfing Tradition! Friday, September 9th 7:30am - Registration 9:00am - Shotgun Start 2:00pm - Reception GOLF CLASSICUNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG/CALENDARREGISTER/SPONSOR:FRIDAYSEP92022 BAYONET & BLACK HORSE GOLF $350/TICKETSEASIDE,CLUBCARegistersebeforenow,itout!

Friday, November 11, 2022 5:00-10:00pm The Claremont Club & Spa Berkeley, CA 2022 ADVOCACY AUCTION Please join us, live and in person, for a magical evening of connection, celebration, and fundraising to benefit UCON’s Political Advocacy programs. The United Contractors’ Political Advocacy programs build coalitions, marshal political support, drive local and state ballot measures, ensure regulatory fairness, and assist with complex compliance requirements—all to benefit and support union contractors. SponsorDonateAttend inMidnightMorocco United Contractors www.unitedcontractorsauction.com

Member: Smith ConstructionDenisonCo. Matt Goldsmith 12

44 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG UCON AUGUST ANNIVERSARIES United Contractors would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the following companies who are celebrating their anniversary of membership with our organization in August: 26 YEARS – 1996 Contractor Member: Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. urt ni n 25 YEARS – 1997 Contractor Member: Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc. 21 YEARS – 2001 Contractor Member: Dixon Marine Services, Inc. Mark Sutton 20 YEARS – 2002 Contractor Member: Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. Steve Concannon W. Bradley Electric, Inc. Joe Murphy

Contractor YEARS

– 2010 Contractor Member: Suarez and Construction,MunozInc. John Suarez Associate Member: Andreini & Company Kathleen Earle 10 YEARS – 2012 Contractor Member: Vulcan Construction & Maintenance, Inc. Robert Flores, Jr. 9 YEARS – 2013 Contractor Members: De Haro Ramirez Group Marco Ramirez RC Underground, Inc. an Cau fie Teichert Inc. Mary Teichert Associate Members: National CorporationCasting Gautam Kedia The Hartford Andrew Holloway 8 YEARS – 2014 Associate Member: Dynamic O ce and Accounting Solutions/ Dynamic Technical Partners i an tuart 24 YEARS – 1998 Contractor Member: Bruce Carone Grading & Paving, Inc. Erica Carone-Blanke 23 YEARS – 1999 Contractor Member: Golden Construction,Bay Inc. ofcourtesyphotoProject Group.ConstructionDuran Preston Companies PRESTONCO.COMFINDUS: Ourservicesincludeinstallingunderground wetanddryutilities,cabling,signals,and lighting;soilstesting,management,and disposal;andfillsitemanagement. QUALITY.INTEGRITY.SERVICE.

AUGUST 2022 45 7 YEARS – 2015 Contractor Member: Azul Works, Inc. Sandra Rocio Hernandez Associate Member: JAM Services, Inc. e omane 6 YEARS – 2016 Contractor Member: Walsh CompanyConstructionII,LLC e er rc ie 5 YEARS – 2017 Contractor Members: Duran Construction Group a uran, r. Industrial Plant Reclamation, Inc. dba Plant Reclamation an oito a en onne Associate Members: G. Peterson Consulting Group, Inc. ar eterson 4 YEARS – 2018 Contractor Members: A.M. ConstructionStephensCo., Inc. re tep ens Super Seal & Stripe ren a ampton Orti Total Tra c Control Inc. e re ike Tracy Grading & Paving Inc. o ert oc a Shimmick/Disney JV 3 YEARS – 2019 Associate Member: SMTD Law LLP ari n in er 2 YEARS – 2020 Contractor Member: KRC Safety Co., Inc. ar Castro Associate Member: Linarc Inc. ant i a an 1 YEAR – 2021 Contractor Members: Caliagua, Inc. Cor o rom Cantor Construction Corp. a i Cantor Engelke Construction err n e ke Loza & Sons, Inc. uan anue Lo a Mosto Construction antia o o ar Wahlund Construction Inc. an a un Associate Members: Bobcat of the Bay uss ie en Carno Law Group nna Carno Construction Genius ric n erton Pure E ect, Inc. atie ossetti In 2021, LIUNA’s commitment to training and apprenticeship in California included: 635,709 HOURS TRAININGOF 4,782 PERFORMEDCLASSES 1,881 APPRENTICESHIPGRADUATES 26,957 STUDENTSTAUGHT

46 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG Members Only A “log-in” members-only area to access UCON’s Contractor Resources Library, and education classes on-demand. UCON News Access the latest UCON news related to the industry. Join UCON Learn about forward-thinkingbenefitsmembership,UCONandtheofjoiningthisgroup. Users Your industry connections from UCON’s education and events. Announcements Notifications on classes and events—the perfect way to keep up-to-date on what’s coming next! Contact Us How to contact UCON. ACCESSDOWNLOADGRANTED:THEUCONAPP The UCON App is your mobile portal for all UCON Professional Development classes, and more. Right from your phone (or on your desktop), UCON members can level up with scheduled and on-demand classes. In addition, the UCON App has On-demand CRL, Alerts, Member Directory, Event Registration, and more. Download today: UCON APP FEATURES: Join Your Class Click to join your class. UCON Calendar Direct Access to upcoming events & education from UCON—you can register directly from this hot-link. Annual Sponsors UCON’s 2022 Sponsors—virtualAnnualbooths! Corporate Brochure Discover what UCON is all about, and how our members are our mission! Education Catalog View UCON’s 2022 Education Catalog and find the classes you need—75+ classes are o ered this year, many of which are free for UCON members-only. UCON Directory Easily search UCON’s online Directory.

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