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Susan Aaron is a Spirit-guided artist who works with a counsel of guides. These same guides have supported her for thirty or more years in her body-based psychotherapy practice and in 2014 led her to create art. She allows the emotions, life lessons and teachings of her therapeutic career to find expression in her mixed media art and continues to work in both the psychotherapeutic and art fields. She has happily come full circle from her very first career as an art teacher.


The painting ‘Enigma’

This mixed media painting is an invitation to go through the portal and enter into the world where we can manifest our desires with the support of Spirit. The copper coloured lines are the password that allows us to transition from this grounded world to the more ephemeral one.

I had a rather interesting and unique experience in the process of creating this painting. I was very much in the moment and didn’t have a preconceived idea of the end result, which is not always the case in my art work. This time, I would complete one portion and then I would wait to see what was next. Each step felt like a risk, a challenge and an exercise in trusting that the next step would reveal itself to me. I felt like I was living inside the enigma—as long as I stayed with the truth that I didn’t know where I was going or how I would get there—then I could proceed. I was being brought out of the darkness into the light. I needed to be in a place of trusting in order to move forward. There are so many elements to this piece and yet in the end they all come together mysteriously.