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Evolutionary Psychology According to most evolutionary psychologists, jealousy was a necessary adaptation for the survival of our ancestors. Due to the different nature of problems that men and women faced back then, different mechanisms were adopted: he worried about her sleeping around, she worried about him falling in love with someone else.

males do not differ in their responses, but older women were more likely to choose sexual infidelity as the worst kind of infidelity. These results suggest the evolutionary theory might be right: older women who don’t need a male partner to look after their kids anymore, care more about sexual infidelity. “The truth is that we simply did not know how the results would turn out,” lead author Todd Shackleford explains. “Once the results were in, we offered post-hoc speculations. Previous work inspired by an evolutionary perspective indicates that younger women are more upset by emotional than sexual infidelity, and this was predicted before the results were in. The prediction was based on the fact that ancestral women faced more sever reproductive costs with a partner’s emotional infidelity—diverting

resources, time, and attention to another women and her children—leaving less for the woman’s own children with her partner. Because much older women do not have dependent children , we speculate that they are therefore less upset by a partner’s emotional infidelity and, by default, more upset by a partner’s sexual infidelity.”

David Buss, one of the leading experts in this than women, become upset when they see field, conducted cross-cultural research to examine male and female attitudes towards sexual and emotional infidelity. In one of his most well-known studies, participants were confronted with two scenarios: one in which their partner was in love with someone else, and one in which their partner had sex with someone else. Subjects had to pick the most distressing scenario. The majority of women surveyed in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Zimbabwe, experienced emotional infidelity as more upsetting. The majority of men, however, found the prospect of a partner’s sexual infidelity more agonizing.

a sexual infidelity, because it’s the sex act that compromises their paternity certainty. From a woman’s perspective, it doesn’t compromise her maternity certainty if her husband has sex with someone else; she’s still one hundred percent sure she’s the mother of her child. However, it could be extraordinary damaging for her, because she risks the diversion of her man’s attention, resources and commitment. One of the cardinal cues to that long time diversion of resources, is the man becoming emotionally involved with another woman. So women tend to be more upset by the emotional aspects of infidelity.”

Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe According to Buss, these different attitudes are the consequence of the evolutionary challenges our ancestors were faced with. “Both sexes are equally jealous, but they differ in the psychological design of their jealousy,” Buss explains. “Men, far more likely

Age difference Another interesting study conducted by a group of psychologists examined the difference in responses between the sexes and between a young group with mean age of 20 and an old group with a mean age of 67. The study points out that younger and older

Sorry Tom, I just can’t risk losing Carl’s attention, resources and commitment..

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