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JULY 2016


BEACON U n i t a r i a n C h u r c h o f L i n c o l n

Sunday Services

Pride Picnic

Including “Jesus for President” on July 3

We kick off Pride again this year on Friday, July 8

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Welcome New Two Concerts Property Coordinator Way Station Concerts Michael Straatmann

July 3 and July 7

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“Like Dating, Only Worse” Ministerial Search Committee Update Gretchen generously gave all the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) members a copy of the book “Like Dating, Only Worse: Rethinking the Ministerial Search Process.” So far, we’ve held a weekend retreat and met weekly to do the work of finding our settled minister— and we haven’t run into that “worse” part yet. Our first big labor is nearly ready to share with you— a church-wide survey. We want to capture information that will give ministerial candidates a sense about who we are—and we need to know what you want in a minister. We are hoping for a 100% response rate, and we’re going to make the survey as accessible as possible. We’ll have an online Survey Monkey version for people who are traveling or away from the church, but we’ll also have paper versions for people who don’t use computers. Your input is essential, so please help us by completing your survey. The MSC will continue to meet weekly as we plan for more shared communication (including small group cottage meetings), engage in learning more from the Unitarian Universalist Association, and write our "singles ad" for ministers to review and learn about our church. The book “Like Dating, Only Worse” says “Search committees are not in the hiring business. They are in the church transformation business.” We know how important this is, and we can’t do it without you. Thank you for entrusting us with this work.

MINISTERIAL SEARCH CMTE You can contact us at any time: ✦ Karen Heafer, Chair (402) 499-0491,

kheafer@neb.rr.com ✦ Wesley Botham (541) 805-8421,

wjbotham@gmail.com ✦ Julie Enersen (402) 202-8477,

julieenersen@gmail.com ✦ Trish Lanning (402) 429-2555,

trish.lanning@gmail.com ✦ Amy Miller (402) 210-9098,

amiller@aclunebraska.org ✦ Mark Weddleton (402) 499-6672,

mweddleton@gmail.com ✦ Nathan Woodruff (402) 525-9770,


6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org



A Month of Sundays Sunday, July 3 - “Jesus for President”

10:00AM at 6300 A Street

In their book by the same title, self-acclaimed radical Christian authors Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw explore their claim that “All of creation waits, groans, for a people who live God’s dream with imagination.” Are we such a people? Worship Leader: Christine Starr Davis Worship Associate: Sandra Washington Music: Bill Carpenter, piano

Sunday, July 10 - “Not 'Just' A Game” It's hot outside. Let's explore the lessons to be found in a great indoor pastime: tabletop games. Worship Leader: Jesse Metcalf Worship Associate: LauraLee Woodruff Music: Bill Carpenter, piano Share the Care: Religious Growth and Learning (RGL) Committee

Sunday, July 17 - “Do Something That Won’t Compute” The Commons, a storefront with no store inside, strives to serve recognizable functions for the community while at the same time challenging conventions about leadership, ownership, place, and value. Amanda Huckins is a neighborhood organizer and facilitator at The Commons. Speaker: Amanda Huckins Worship Leader: Mark Weddleton Worship Associate: LauraLee Woodruff Music: Bill Carpenter, piano

Sunday, July 24 - “Stress and Aging: Nature and Nurture” Through the modern science of “epigenetics” we know that our aging and the stressors we encounter can cause really crummy genetic modifications. Let’s consider some positive things we can do to rescue our genes from their stress-induced funk. Speaker: Dick Dienstbier Worship Associate: KK Munson Music: Bill Carpenter, piano Share the Plate: People’s City Mission Free Medical Clinic

Sunday, July 31 - “Death Is Final, Question Mark” A “reasoned analysis” of the afterlife question that picks up where the Intelligence Squared debate left off. Speaker: Steve Enersen Worship Associate: KK Munson Music: Bill Carpenter, piano 6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


WO RS H IP Woods Working: “Summertime and the living is easy . . .” ....or not? Yes, it has been a crazy, busy, year. You probably have seen, if not read, all the reports from the various groups that worked so hard through this year of transition. You have all served this congregation well with care and consideration. I am grateful. It is difficult to believe it is almost a year since Judy and I arrived here in Lincoln. And we are already moving into another home with a new address, still in Lincoln for another year. No moss growing on us. . . The work continues, as noted in the information from the Transition Team, the Ministerial Search Committee (which is already trained and moving forward with their efforts), and Board. This particular summer will be busier than usual.

In addition, Karen Dienstbier has retired from her position as Membership Director, effective September 1. Please let her know how much you appreciate her creation and maintenance of this program. The Personnel Committee will be addressing that staff change, as well as that of Worship Arts Director. Lots more change to come. . . I just want to encourage you, despite all the busy-ness ahead, to take some real time to recharge, reset your lives, and be prepared to come back to this community with renewed vigor and inspiration. I intend to do the same. We need one another!

Bright Blessings for the summer, Gretchen Woods, Accredited Interim Minister (AIM)

JULY RGL CALENDAR Preschool Class and Nursery Care are available every Sunday for younger Pre-K children in the Preschool Room. JULY 3










Worship Associates wants YOU! The Worship Associates wants you to be a part of us. Whether you want to speak in the pulpit, say a few words now and again, or work behind the scenes (or, like many of us, do all of the above), we need you. Please consider joining the Worship Associates. Also, if you are interested in giving a sermon/ message for a Sunday service, we are always looking for those who have a message to share. Contact Jesse Metcalf via e-mail: jesse.metcalf@windstream.net

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


RELIG IO US G RO WTH & LEA RNING MONICA STARR’S SENIOR STATEMENT I started going to this church when I was in diapers. There are several people who probably remember me at this stage of life. Chelsea Maitland (in those days) took care of me in the nursery. Now she has a baby of her own, and I turned out pretty well so I have high hopes for Logan. Fritz Hudson was the minister who dedicated me. Years later, when he found out I had gotten my driver's license, he came to our home and offered to have me take him for a drive. Hey, it was a stick -- I had no experience driving a stick! Instead, he drove us both to Meredith Enersen's house to celebrate and discuss how we were the first babies he had dedicated in the church. As a youngster, I was fairly outdoorsy, for which I credit my mom and her appreciation of nature and belief about its importance in our lives. My mom and I used to go to Pioneers Park a lot to walk the trails, visit the bison and of course explore the nature center. I absolutely loved the nature center buildings. I think the reason we went so often was because of Becky Seth. I have early memories of being in the nature center with Becky and more of going to summer programs and doing things like dissecting owl pellets and learning hands on about "the web of life." Not just the people have shaped me though; the places have also had an impact on my transition through the years. I've witnessed many Christmas Eve Services, weddings, dedications and countless services, not to mention many grounds clean ups. I even roped a Lincoln High non-church friend into helping me in the preschool play yard. All of these events and happenings have shaped my role in this community and for that, I am grateful. Even though my memories of Faith Church were not always fond ones, the experience of being in a different space while our lovely home here on A

Street was being renovated was truly defining. I kind of took a break after Faith and the Youth service of this fall and it mostly had to do with the demanding coursework and life changes of being a senior in high school. I don't regret that break, but I know I certainly missed out on some cool things going on here. I've honestly felt lucky to participate in services at the church as often as I have, such as the drama for the youth service when I was in middle school, "The Dirty Youth Service" in high school, the flower communion a couple of years ago when Dom Radcliffe and I read Norbert Capek's words. Thank you to everyone who helped me (literally and figuratively) grow into my voice. You may have done this by challenging me or encouraging me to express my opinion or by simply listening while I spoke from the pulpit. Your open ears increased my confidence in my voice, which in turn aided me in speech competitions throughout my high school career. I am hoping to use these skills in broadcasting in college. So, eighteen years later, I can say that I sincerely appreciate all of you for your contribution in my life. I only hope that I had a similar impact on some of you. There is really one more person who I am especially grateful for, and she won't be here, because as usual she is being the best mom she can be and she is helping me get back to you all, safe and sound from Ohio, where I'll be attending college in the fall. So, thank you to my mom, who has been so crucial in letting me form my own ideals and morals while guiding me with many of the UU principles. I feel pretty lucky to have a role model who has lived out and is still trying to live out so many of those principles. (Used with permission; only a bit trimmed.)

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS A Note from Karen Dienstbier Friends, It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter of resignation. I will retire from my position as Membership Associate at the end of August, 2016. It has been an honor for me to be the Membership Associate for the past 10 plus years. And a humbling experience too. Before taking this job I could not have imagined the satisfaction I would receive from helping so many newcomers make the Unitarian Church of Lincoln their church home. I have met and worked with many wonderful people over the years and I have enjoyed just about every minute of it. It has been a real privilege for me to serve all of you in this position. I have watched our congregation grow and change to be a much more open and accepting community of people and one more generous with time and energy. It is gratifying to me that I have been able to play a small role in the change. I love this job and I will miss working with all of you, but this seems to be the best time for me to retire. There are still some things left for me to do with Dick. Retiring will give me the freedom to stay away on Sundays if I want to and to pick up and leave town at the drop of a hat.

But the real reason for making this decision now is that retiring in August will give my replacement an entire year to learn the position and be ready to work with our new settled minister. To me this seems to be the right thing to do. I have really enjoyed working with Fritz and now Gretchen. They have been very supportive of me in my role as Membership Associate. And I have appreciated and enjoyed working with the staff members too. I thank them for their comradery and support throughout my tenure. This has been my church home since my family and I moved to Lincoln more than 40 years ago. And I intend to stay connected to it – just not quite so closely. In closing I want to say that I look forward to seeing the changes and the forward momentum to go beyond where we are to what we can become together. Best Wishes, Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate Unitarian Church of Lincoln membership@unitarianlincoln.org

JULY ART GALLERY: Janna Harsch Janna Harsch’s artwork is being featured in the Unitarian Church Gallery. She considers herself a figurative artist, and horses are her primary subject matter. She tries to capture their motion, grace, and power in her compositions. At a young age, she remembers drawing a saddle and bridle on anything with four legs, from moose to hippo, that were pictured in a set of animal encyclopedias. Janna received a B.F.A. in Studio Art from Concordia University in Seward. Being able to keep learning, growing, changing, and moving ahead is an important part of her life, and she has continued her education in workshops with many nationally recognized artists. Janna has exhibited throughout Nebraska, regionally, and nationally. Janna uses a variety of techniques and styles. She works in acrylics/mixed media as well as painting on brushed metal surfaces. She loves how the reflective patterns ground into the metal change what the viewer sees depending on the lighting and the angle of view.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


NEWS NEWS & UU PANTRY GARDEN The UU Pantry Garden is located on the A Street side of the building. We raise healthy, organic produce to give to food insecure members of congregation. There is a lot of misinformation about food insecurity. A lot of times the public conversation is about hunger, which is easier to understand. Food insecurity is a term that better fits what many people in the United States deal with. If you are food secure you have access to a safe, nutritionally adequate, and culturally acceptable diet. Food insecurity presents many challenges. Imagine you are not able to pay your electric bill so your refrigerator doesn’t work. Or that you are living in a shelter so you have to keep all your food with you. Or that you are a parent with a limited food budget who has to make a tough choice between a nutritious snack or a filling one to get your kids through the day. The cheapest and most shelf-stable foods are the least healthy ones. If you are struggling with food security you may be more susceptible to diet-related diseases like diabetes and obesity. Food security is very much a social justice issue in-line with our UU values. The pantry garden is just one small way of attacking the symptoms of this problem. We should also address the causes of food insecurity and poverty to create a more just food system. Together in community we can make a difference. Food from the pantry garden will be harvested and available on Sundays in our church kitchen. If you would like to be added to a private mailing list to notify you when food is available please contact the office. Watch the Facebook page for information as well. Contact Megan McGuffey if you would like to help.

Pride Family Picnic Friday, July 8 • 6:00-8:00PM • Gallery

Once again the LGBTA Welcoming Committee and PFLAG are hosting one of the opening events of Star City Pride, the Pride Family Picnic. We have done this for several years and typically serve around 80 people, mostly non-church members. It is a great opportunity to partner on an important community event. We have always had great support from church members to make it a success. Once again we need your help. Here is what we need: •Help setting up. Come between 4 and 6 pm. •Help cleaning up. During the picnic and at 8 pm. •Salads and/or desserts. Drop off between 4 and 5:30. If you leave it in the church kitchen earlier, please clearly mark it for Pride Picnic. •Help with children’s activities. The water balloon battle is a tradition but it would be great to have face painting or sidewalk art or something else for the kids. We will purchase the rest of the menu which is hot dogs/ veggie dogs and lemonade. Everyone is welcome to come eat as well. It is all free and open to the public. Questions? Deb Hope at debra.a.hope@gmail.com See you on July 8!

Foundation Bequest The Unitarian Foundation Committee encourages members and friends to consider bequests to the Church, on behalf of the living and those honored with a memorial. Contributions can be in the form of memorial gifts, wills and trusts to support the church's continued liberal religious presence in Lincoln. Please contact the church office for details and federal tax ID number. Current members of the Unitarian Church Foundation are: Gene Hanlon, Barbara Pearson, Bruce Raymer, Stephanie Geery-Zink, Sue Hubbard, Clarence Vlasak and Alan Worth. Please feel free to ask them any questions regarding contributing or putting the Unitarian Foundation in your Will or Trust.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org




Kathy Disney, Worship & Extension Coordinator

by Christine Starr Davis

Sunday morning announcements now include “today’s coffee and tea service is brought to us by (group or committee name).” For years, our afterservice coffee was done by individuals and we are now trying something new –group coffee/tea service! What’s the big deal, you ask? It’s just a chore that needs to be done. Washing cups and operating the coffee machine may not seem like the important work of the church, but it is. This is how we can CONNECT with one another, and perhaps with the world.  

When Michael Straatmann agreed to meet over coffee, I encouraged him to bring his wife, Lori, because her partnership was key to his consideration of leadership in the church. We talked about life and church and finally, the coordinator position soon to be vacated.

When we are served coffee by a group like the Board of Trustees or the Foundation, we can personally thank them for their work. Newcomers and visitors can see that our value of Shared Ministry extends to running the dishwasher. And there may be no greater recruiting tool than the sound of laughter from the kitchen! We share large things in common like our commitment to our principles and Social Justice involvement.  Group coffee/tea service can be a way to celebrate the fun and whimsical things we have in common. Form or join anAffinity Group. Seek out other members of your “tribe” scrapbookers, bird watchers, scrabble players, etc.  Right now, Science Fiction Fans and NPR/ Podcast Listeners need people to join. Check out the “want-ads” on the coffee doors to add your name to these groups or start your own. Who knows what may come of these connections? Form or join a Memory Group to honor a person or an important event. On the Sunday morning of her Memorial Service, the friends of Barb Kuhn gathered to serve coffee in her honor. It was a powerful statement of their friendship. What event anniversary or individual can you imagine honoring? Gather yourselves and sign up. All groups should have a minimum of three people and training is available. Yes, we are still talking about work, making coffee and washing dishes. But if we go about this with the right spirit, we can bring more joy into our community - and thus out into the world.

Here's Michael: "I believe that the proposed position of Property Coordinator is one that I can serve well in, and fits my knowledge and skill sets. After talking with Christine Starr Davis, I am excited about the establishment, creation, and generation of processes that surround this new position.” In May, the Board of Trustees said an enthusiastic yes to Michael's appointment, which began on June 15, the second anniversary of his and Lori's membership. His professional expertise will be a great asset for UCL. As the Circulation and Collections Manager for the University of Nebraska Libraries, he serves as one of the facilities contacts and works extensively with landscaping, facilities and systems maintenance. Sounds just right for the job doesn’t it!? By the way, Michael and Lori have been among us over more than a decade and joined the church after active involvement as non-members for several years. On the personal side, ask Michael about Scouting, historical reenactments and a replica Viking-age agricultural village in NE Missouri. We’re interesting folks.

A CHOSEN FAITH BOOK DISCUSSION Newcomers are invited to join in this four week series. The goals of the class are to gain knowledge of Unitarian Universalism, to make new friends with other newcomers, to learn about this church and where it fits in the larger picture, and to become more familiar with our Unitarian Universalist historical background. Classes will begin on July 10 after Sunday service at 11:15 AM. A light lunch will be served and childcare will be available. A Chosen Faith books are available from the Church office or on Amazon. Please sign-up at the Welcome Table. Karen Dienstbier membership@unitarianlincoln.org

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS New Member: Susan Easton

Way Station Concert: Jim Scott

Susan Easton has been attending our church since September 2015 and became a member in April. She had missed having a church home. Growing up on a farm near Fremont, Susan’s family attended the First Congregational Church there, and she has fond memories of her experiences as a child and teen in church activities. Since Susan is now living with her daughter Sarah and granddaughter Annie, she is hoping that Annie will have similar experiences at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln.

Sunday, July 3 • 7:30PM • Auditorium

Susan attended Doane College in Crete. After living in Boulder, Colorado for three years with her then-husband, they moved back to Crete in 1977 and Susan lived in Crete and worked in the Registrar’s Office at Doane College for many years. Susan attended our Unitarian Church in the early1990’s with her two teenage children, Sarah and Tim. Leaving the Unitarian Universalism behind for a while, Susan pursued her interest in Buddhism, focusing on meditation and receiving Buddhist teachings during weeklong retreats in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. Susan has lived in Lincoln since 1999. Other family members in Lincoln are son Tim, his wife Melissa, and their children Lexi and Gavin, as well as her mother Edith. Since retiring from Doane, Susan has spent her time providing childcare for her three grandchildren, who range in age from 5-10 years old. Susan is a member of the UU Meditation Sangha and part of the Newsletter Crew.

$10 to $15, suggested donations

Composer Jim Scott has three songs published in the UUA Singing The Living Tradition hymnbook, including "Gather The Spirit" and "Nothing But Peace Is Enough." For more than three decades, Jim has made it his business to create and perform music that celebrates the earth. His songs and poetry have inspired and educated audiences around the world.  As Co-Chair of the Unitarian Universalist Seventh Principle Project, Jim helped to create the “Green Sanctuary” program and accompanying handbook for building an ecological/spiritual awareness in church congregations. He performs many benefit concerts and often appears at events, supporting environmental causes with his music. http://jimscottmusic.com/about-jim/bio-resume/ 

Way Station Concert: Tim & Myles Thompson Thursday, July 7 • 7:30PM • Auditorium Adults - $20, Students - $15, Under 12 - Free

Tim is a Nashville based session player, singer/ songwriter and the 2008 International Fingerstyle Champion. Music has always filled the Thompson home. Today at the ripe old age of twenty-one, Myles is also a prolific singer/ songwriter and mandolin player. The duo has opened for Spyro Gyra, Don Williams, Mountain Heart, Richard Elliot, and is doing 2016 tour dates with Wynonna (Judd) and the Big Noise. No one music genre totally encompasses the Thompson’s repertoire. Is it acoustic rock, pop, country, Celtic, jazz, funk? The simple answer is yes to all of the above. To experience a Thompson performance is to remember the experience. http://www.timandmylesthompson.com

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Living in the Interim: A New Way to Approach Financial Leadership offered by Reed Maly on behalf of the Board of Trustees

Historically, the work of financial leadership at UCL has been borne by too few volunteers and/or by the minister. Better distribution of financial management tasks can allow us to maximize our valuable staff and volunteer resources while minimizing error and miscommunication. Enter -The Interim, where everything is possible! The UCL Board of Trustees is excited to announce a proposed model of financial leadership that offers a strong foundation for shared leadership/ accountability among paid staff and church members to ensure transparency, consistent compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and continuity in financial leadership while retaining ultimate financial authority and accountability with the UCL Board. We are grateful to Christine Starr Davis, who has recently served in a temporary capacity as Treasurer, for drafting the model for our consideration and adoption in May. To begin experimenting with the model, we felt it was important to identify interim leaders to begin

populating it. We are pleased by the willingness of Christine Starr Davis and Duncan Case to serve as provisional Assistant Treasurer for the next several months (Christine) and as provisional Treasurer for up to one year (Duncan). Their duties will be different. Christine will be handling day-to-day operations (Ex. bookkeeping oversight and documentation, working closely with office staff to support smooth, accurate operation). Duncan will seek leaders for the stewardship campaign for fall 2016, and some new positions on the Finance Team and initiate trial run of the model. Please join with us in thanking these adventurous church members, and in learning about the model so you can be a part of its successful trial. We will hold an informational meeting later in the summer where Christine and Duncan can field questions and update the congregation on their work with the model to date. As ever in the interim, we need your participation, your support and your trust. You can read the entire model at the Member Only page of the website. Contact the church office if you don’t have the password. www.unitarianlincoln.org/member-info

Thank You Very Much! offered by Julie Enersen, former Worship Arts Director

What a grand surprise to be serenaded by all of you at the end of the June 5 service! Thanks to those who created the new lyrics to “What a Wonderful World” and to all my musical comrades who signed the book of the same name. (If you didn’t get a chance to sign and would like to, please let me know!) I also greatly appreciated the beautiful necklace and orchid from the staff and individual notes sent by several of you. I treasure all of them as I head into the next chapter of my career.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org



The fellowship activities and discussion groups listed below happen on a regular basis and are open to new participants at any time. Please contact the group’s organizer if you have any questions! Adult Game Night

Men’s Potluck

UU Meditation Sangha

2nd Sat. • July 9 • 6:30/8:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery/Kitchen

2nd Monday • July 11 • 6:30PM 6300 A Street • Gallery/Kitchen

2nd & 4th Wednesday • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

Come join us for potluck dinner at 6:30PM and board/card games at 8:00PM. Come for one or both. All welcome. Contact: Leona Braziel 402-489-0916   windflower@aol.com

All men are invited to attend to enjoy good food and conversation. Table service will be provided.

Bridge Groups

Bruce Raymer 402-475-7875 bruce.raymer@gmail.com

Intermediate Group

Newcomers First Sunday Chat

Every Tuesday • 2:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Corine Simon simondp@neb.rr.com 402-435-0225

Advanced group Every Wednesday • 1:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Earl Kramer krameyer@neb.rr.com 402-489-8213 Want to join us? Contact us prior to the day of the game.

Coffeehouse 4th Friday• July 22 • 7:00PM

Board games for adults and kids. Open to all individuals. Hosted by the LGBTA Welcoming Cmte. Contact Deb Hope debra.a.hope@gmail.com

Men's Discussion Group 2nd & 4th Tuesday • July 12 & 26 7:00PM • Library

New participants are welcome any time. Discussion topics vary. Visit us for more details or contact Duane Polzien 402-540-5025 duaneep2000@yahoo.com

Sunday, July 3 • 11:15AM 6300 A Street • Library

Meet with visitors and friends in the Library to watch and discuss a 10-minute film. Contact Shelly Fowler seeshells@mac.com

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) 4th Tuesday • July 26 • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

The LGBTA Welcoming Committee sponsors PFLAG which meets at our church. Confidentiality at each meeting is very important. Please join us or visit us at: www.pflagcornhusker.org

Tai Chi Every Wednesday • 6300 A Street Gallery • 5:30PM Beginners, 6:30PM Intermediate

All UU Members and Friends are invited. No experience necessary. Contact Karen Dienstbier 402-489-7545

We gather at 7:00PM and begin a short meditation promptly at 7:15PM. Then we have discussion time followed by a longer meditation period. Contact LauraLee Woodruff holybear47@gmail.com

UU Women Gathering 1st Saturday • July 2• 2:00PM • RSVP for location

July topic: “Cultivating a Peaceful Heart” Facilitator: Georgia Feiste For info, Facebook link, or to RSVP for location contact: Georgia Feiste gfeiste@gmail.com 402-304-2908

Women’s Book Group Every three weeks •10:00AM 6300 A Street • Gallery

For more information, contact Diane Richards dianemn2@gmail.com June 25 Bettyville  by George Hodgkin July 16   The Fishermen  by Chicozie Obioma

Zen Meditation Every Thursday • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

We are a small group of UU's who meditate at church each week. Contact Norm Simon 402-435-0225 nsimon1@neb.rr.com

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


TH A NK Y O US Thank You for the Hospitality

Thank you to the Auction/Garage Sale folks:

Thank you to all of our Sunday hospitality people who greet at the doors, host the welcome table, usher and serve coffee each Sunday morning. Where would we be without you? You are very much appreciated for your service!

A lot of people had to come together to make the Garage Sale a success! We didn’t quite make our goal of $3,000, but we came pretty close. Huge kudos to Barbara Pearson and Karen Heafer who did most of the wrangling and organizing.

Thank you from the bookstore ladies: We want to thank Margaret Brown for the donation of nearly new books. She made this donation on her 90th birthday. We have seen a slight uptick in donations, but we are still rebuilding our “library” of books for sale in the bookstore. If you are able to cull your shelves, we would really appreciate it.

Thank you to everyone who donated items and came to purchase items. Thank you to everyone who worked that week, either accepting donations, pricing items, or loading up the Goodwill truck at the end of the sale. We got a letter back from Goodwill, with their thanks for donating almost 1,000 pounds of items.


July 10

July 17

July 24

July 31

Pulpit Decoration

Janine Copple

Becky Seth

Cindy Maly

Karen Heafer

Linda Ager


KK Munson, Tim Johnson

Connie Benjamin, Linda Hellerich

Orvis & Sheila Wall

Heather Fox, Pamela Forster

Joe & Tanna Kinnaman

Coffee Hosts


RGL Cmte


Men’s Potluck



Amy Birky

Leslie Ryan

Leslie Ryan

Amy Birky



Megan McGuffey, Noreen Carpenter

Bob & Jackie Egan

Tricia Monzon, Amy Birky

Larry & Peg Pelter

Al & Barbara Pearson


Roger Geery

Don Pinkley, Larry Gregg


Don Pinkley, Larry Gregg

Gene & LaVonne Hanlon

Sheila Thomas, Shelly Fowler

AudioVisual Welcome Table

John Atkeison & Kelly Carstens

Michael Straatmann, Mary Sommermeyer, LauraLee Woodruff Carol Kendrick

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 • unitarianlincoln.org


JULY 2016

O U R C O M M U N I TY Thank You’s

Milestones, Millstones, Stepping Stones Congratulations to Aaris Kliesner and Matthew Nespor on their July 3 wedding. Laura Lee Woodruff officiated. Congratulations to the Darnell-Tibbs family on the birth of Morgan on June 5. Morgan weighed 9 lbs 3 oz and was 21 1/4 inches long at birth!

Our sympathies are with Judy Paine and her daughters Heather, Jennifer and Lisa on the death of Carlton Paine. The Rev. Dr. Gretchen Woods will officiate a Celebration of Life on Saturday, July 30 at 10:00AM at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln. Congratulations to Maddy Monohon who got married last month!

S TA F F & LA Y LEA D ERS Staff Rev. Dr. Gretchen Woods, Interim Minister • revdocgwoods@gmail.com Fritz Hudson, Minister Emeritus • fhudson@uuma.org Charles S Stephen, Jr. Minister Emeritus • patandcharles@windstream.net Chelsea Krafka, Religious Growth Dir. • religiousgrowth@unitarianlincoln.org Jean Helms, Administrative Director • admin@unitarianlincoln.org Worship Arts Director _____________________________________ Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate • membership@unitarianlincoln.org Christina Strong, Administrative Associate • associate@unitarianlincoln.org

Board of Trustees

Management Team

Kathy Disney Reed Maly, President Kristi Wamstad-Evans, Megan McGuffey Vice-President Michael Straatman Molly Klocksin, Secretary Officers: Leslie Ryan Christine Starr Davis, Jamie Radcliffe Interim Treasurer Amy Birky Linda Ager, Assistant Rich Little Mark Shiffler Jo Donohoe, Assistant Linda Brown Mary Sommermeyer, Lindsay Bartlett, Immediate Capital Campaign Treasurer Past President The Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Church. Any member or friend of the church is welcome to attend these meetings.

Church Office 6300 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510

Summer Office Hours June 15 - August 14: Sunday: 9:00 AM—1:00 PM Tues - Fri: 9:00 AM —1:00 PM Closed Monday & Saturday Phone: 402.483.2213 Email: admin@unitarianlincoln.org Website: www.unitarianlincoln.org The Beacon is published monthly. Newsletter deadline for submissions is the 18th of the previous month. It is available online at www.unitarianlincoln.org/newsletter

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Beacon july2016  

Monthly Newsletter of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln

Beacon july2016  

Monthly Newsletter of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln