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Barry Monohon “New Mixed Media Artworks”

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I Can’t Fix Chicago: A Love Story Michael was on his way to the “L”, returning to Lincoln, when a homeless man approached him. With seven dollars in his pocket, Michael didn’t have much to offer. The next Sunday, as he was still pondering how to be of service, he heard about Fresh Start and decided, “I can’t fix Chicago, but I can make a difference in Lincoln.” Second Sunday meals at Fresh Start Home for Women have been running like clockwork ever since. Michael created an email list serve, and each month volunteers make food that is served to their clients. The volunteer group ranges from 5 to 15 each month; most are members of our church. The goal is not only to provide a sit-down meal, but also to fill the refrigerator with a few days worth of leftovers for women who were not able to join that evening. Michael says that he is proud that they generally succeed in this goal and, “Most importantly, we learn how much we have in common. Our first principle is ‘We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people’ and there is a reason that it is number ONE!”  Michael’s mother, Kay, has helped almost every month - and she is warmly welcomed. And then there is Melanie. She and Michael had just started dating around the time this got underway. Michael said of her pitching in, “It tickled me that she was willing and she is a hell of a cook!” He wouldn’t come right out and say it, but I suspect that working alongside each other serving food to the women at Fresh Start made their love richer – so rich they recently became engaged. People can donate food even if they can’t attend that Sunday. If you would like to get on the list serve to be contacted each month about providing food for Fresh Start, contact Michael 402.601.4501;

Selecting our Next Settled Minister Learn how the search works

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“Winter Solstice Service” Monday, December 21 • 7:00PM Midwinter is fast approaching! December 21 is the longest night. In our time we no longer fear that the sun has left us cold in the dark, but we still celebrate the Return of the Light with music, stories, and song. Come join our Unitarian community to celebrate the Return of the Sun on Solstice Eve. Your donations of apple juice and treats for this special event can be brought that evening or left in the kitchen on Sunday, December 20. All are welcome. Worship Leaders: Members of the Order of the Red Grail

“The Peace of Christmas” Thursday, December 24 • 5:00PM An All-Church Christmas Eve with child dedication, celebrating the peace we may yet find in this season. Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods Music: Roger Geery

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


WO RS H IP Sunday, December 6 -

A Month of Sundays 10:00AM at 6300 A Street

“Unitarian Universalists Who Created Christmas” You may be surprised at how deeply Unitarians and Universalists have affected the celebration of Christmas. Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods Worship Associate: LauraLee Woodruff Music: The Marshall Trio: Julie Felzien, piano; Genevieve Randall, flute; Pance Zaev, clarinet Post-Service: Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, December 13 “Dark and Light: the Turning of the Year” Preparing for the changes that naturally come with the winter solstice. Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods Worship Associate: LauraLee Woodruff Music: Unitarian Choir Share the Care: Worship Associates Post-Service: Winter Congregational Meeting

Sunday, December 20 “Stranger Share Our Fire” An All Church celebration of a true meaning of Christmas in giving to the Mitten Tree and expanding hospitality. Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods Music: The ‘A’ Street Band, The UU Flute Ensemble, The One-Hour Choir, The Flicker Choir, The Flame & Chalice Choirs, The December Singers

Sunday, December 27 “Boxing Day Service” The holiday season can be overwhelming with expectations and materialism. We shall explore how the traditions of Boxing Day offer solace.    Worship Leaders: Worship Associates Music: Barb Brant, piano (See the front page for details about the two non-Sunday special services this month - Solstice and Xmas Eve.) 6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


WO RS H IP WOODS WORKING: “Blessings of the Winter Holidays” As the waning days seem to rush into dark, as Hallowe’en comes and goes, as daylight savings gives up its sway with our sense of time, we recognize that we are entering a fallow period in the northern hemisphere. When our days marched to an agrarian beat, we marked the final harvest of field, bedding of the gardens, and the tradition of bringing the flocks down from the hillsides to winter in shelters. Hampered by lack of light and increasing cold, our time was spent indoors, repairing tools and caring for our resources so they might last until the awakening of spring. We were afraid of illness and the wearing of our energies. So, even now, we generate things for which we long: evergreens in the home to remind us that life will return; candles and lights in the windows: beacons to those whom we love and wish to find their way to us; hospitality that includes the stranger; bounty of the harvest lovingly prepared; and, above all, music and spiritual openness to the unseen that might lift our spirits through the time of darkness. This season provides time with and for family and friends: telling stories, sharing insights, looking within to assess what we have accomplished and what may yet be done when the warmth returns and our energies can be spent profligately once more. In many spiritual traditions, we honor this as time of reflection and renewal, time for assessment and dreaming of what may yet be. I wish for each of you recognition that this time of year: “Hallowthanksyulemaskwan,” may be a time of rest, a time of connection, a time of thanksgiving, and a time for dreaming within the dark that prepares us for the light to return. As the Tao tells us, only by going through the deepest dark, may we again find the greatest return of light. May it be so. Warmly, Gretchen

TOWN HALL MEETING #2 Sunday, December 6 • 11:30AM • Auditorium Come and learn about the Proposed 2016 Annual Budget approved by the Trustees at their November meeting. Church Members will vote on the Budget at the Winter Congregational Meeting on Sunday, December 13.

WINTER MEMBER MEETING Sunday, December 13 • 11:30AM • Auditorium We will hear brief reports from key leaders and vote on the Proposed 2016 Annual Budget approved by the Trustees at their November meeting. 6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


RELIG IO US G RO WTH & LEA RNING REFLECTIONS This last month, my son Logan was dedicated to the church. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I cannot believe that he is now one year old! Time really does fly...and yet it stands still at the same time. What a bizarre phenomenon when it comes to parenting. Leading up to his dedication, I was thinking about my devotion to him as a mother. I have never known a deeper love. How amazing it is that with every breath I take, I love this child even more. How incredible to recognize that I would honestly do anything for him. November and December are times for holidays when we reflect upon family and the meaning of spending time together. Saying that I am grateful for my family is an understatement. I don't know who I would be as a person without them. I now identify as a mother first and foremost in all of my interactions. Despite the craziness and the stress, the exhaustion and exceptions that come with the holidays... I appreciate beyond words the fact that I am able to now share these moments with my son. Logan is now a part of our family and for that I know I am truly blessed. He is also a part of our church family. I am forever appreciative of this community and so happy you have welcomed Logan with open arms. My son's laughter is the brightest light in my life. May you also find light in the darkness this cold December. Peace, Faith and Love, Chelsea

SoUUper Supper Saturday, December 5• 6:00PM • Gallery/Fireplace Room

Come join us for food, fun, singing and stories for all ages as we enter into holiday time at the Unitarian Church! This year we will be encouraging people to approach SoUUper Supper more like a potluck. We would love for you to bring soups of any kind - vegetarian/ vegan/gluten-free options in addition to traditional soups are encouraged. If you are bringing a soup terrific! Please label things really well as some folks have dietary restrictions. You may bring soup in stove-top pot or a crock-pot. We know soup takes quite a bit of energy/effort/ingredients. If you cannot make soup - please consider bringing the following...



• A-G: Crackers, bread or chips • H-L: Veggies or fruit • M-R: Cheese, hummus, salsa, dip, sour cream .....other things to add to soup or the items above • S-Z: Sweet treats for dessert

DECEMBER RGL CALENDAR Preschool Class and Nursery Care are available every Sunday for younger Pre-K children in the Preschool Room. December 6

Regular Classes

December 13

Regular Classes

December 20

Regular Classes

December 27

All Ages Service

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


WO RS H IP A RTS Sing With the Choir The Unitarian Church Choir is open to all of our members and friends. If you like the challenge of reading music and would enjoy singing in Sunday services, then simply come to our rehearsals in the church auditorium: Dec. 2 & 9: 7:00 PM rehearsals Dec. 13: 8:30 AM rehearsal. 10:00 AM service (The December Singers [see below] will join Choir to rehearse “Evening in December” at 9:20.) Jan. 13 & 20 - 7:00 PM rehearsals (Shape Note Singing) Jan.. 24 - 8:30 AM rehearsal, 10:00 service

Singing Opportunities on December 20 At our annual "Stranger Share Our Fire" service, numerous member groups will lift their voices. These ensembles are open to all! Go online to take a listen at and then mark your calendars for the rehearsals which interest you and your family.

Flicker Choir (Preschool) During their preschool time on several Sundays, the children will practice a song to share at the Dec. 20 service. They will then come a little early on that day to put on their choir t-shirts and practice their song in the Auditorium: Dec. 20: 9:40 AM rehearsal in Aud.

Flame & Chalice Choirs (Kdg. - Gr. 5) Our elementary-aged students will be accompanied by The ‘A’ Street Band when they perform at this service. Shelly Fowler will introduce the song at the Nov. 29 Ingathering and then will rehearse it with them at these times: Dec. 6: 11:15 – 12:00 rehearsal in K/1 Room Dec. 13:  11:15 – 12:00 rehearsal in K/1 Room Dec. 20: 9 AM rehearsal in Aud. for 10 AM service. (The Flame & Chalice Choirs will sing with The One-Hour Choir at 9:00 and then practice their song at 9:35.) is New th December Singers (Gr. 6 - Adult) year! The Rev. Gretchen Woods has recommended a beautiful song entitled Evening in December which is perfect for the "Stranger Share Our Fire" theme. We would like an intergenerational group to sing this piece so are pulling together a group of singers who are in middle school or beyond. They will rehearse prior to church on these Sundays: Dec. 6: 9:00 – 9:40 AM rehearsal in Music Room Dec. 13:  9:00 – 9:20 AM rehearsal in Music Room, 9:20 – 9:40 AM rehearsal in Aud. Dec. 20: 8:45 AM rehearsal for 10 AM service

The One-Hour Choir (all ages) The One-Hour Choir is always a joyous addition to our multi-generational services. Singers of all ages are invited to come to rehearsal at 9:00 AM – one hour before church – to practice two songs which will be performed in that day's service. Ability to read music is not required as we will learn by repetition. Practice ahead of time at  Dec. 20: 9:00 AM rehearsal for 10 AM service. (The December Singers and Flame & Chalice Choirs will also participate in this rehearsal.)

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



Notes from the Transition Team

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story, by Mariam Gates

submitted by Becky Seth, Transition Team member

This beautifully illustrated, full-color book tells the story of the natural world as it closes down for the night, while teaching children a simple flow of yoga postures inspired by their favorite characters from nature. Moving from "Sun Breath" to "Cloud Gathering" to "Ladybug & Butterfly" and more, readers learn techniques for self-soothing, relaxing the body and mind, focusing attention, and other skills that will support restful sleep and improve overall confidence and well-being. $17.95:


The Holiday Cookie Project will take place on Sunday, December 13 during worship and RGL. Please bring homemade cookies, store-bought cookies, and fruits to the Gathering Place before worship Sunday, December 13. Then following service, come to the Gathering Place to pick up cookie platters to deliver to new church members and households who have experienced a joy or a hard time this past year.

The Transition Team is excitedly looking forward to the Cottage Meetings that will take place in February. We urge each of you to participate. Using the Appreciative Inquiry Process, we will engage in conversations with each other about what attracts our most passionate involvement. The Appreciative Inquiry Process invites us to reflect on what is best in our congregation; on the elements that have allowed us to act in life giving and life changing ways, and how that has affected us personally, as a church, and as a force in our larger community. We will be encouraged to share where we find meaning, hope, excitement, inspiration and joy. Although this is not primarily a planning process, positive lessons from the past greatly influence our ability to have a creative vision for the future. Small groups will gather in the homes of members of the congregation - and yes, we’ll be asking for volunteer hosts. You will be able to sign up for a time to participate that works for you. Gretchen will train facilitators during the month of January. We’ll take notes on our conversations and after all the Cottage Meetings are over, several church members will review the notes and report back to us on the themes that emerge and point us toward a common endeavor. Transition Team: Evelyn Weymouth, Wesley Botham, B.J. Wheeler, Becky Seth, Jerry Petr.

Unitarian Gallery Art Gallery DECEMBER: BARRY MONOHON “New Mixed Media Artworks by Barry Monohon" will be displayed during December. Barry is a church member and a well-known Lincoln artist who has had his work exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally. Included in the exhibit are oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and mixed media drawings and prints. He has an unusual personal style that ranges between impressionism and expressionism.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Welcome Megan McGuffey! (Oh, and Pledging) offered by Christine Starr Davis & the Mgmt Team

The Management Team is very pleased to welcome Megan McGuffey as the newly appointed Membership and Education Coordinator for the Management Team. Megan brings a wealth of experience working in nonprofit world. You may know her as the mind behind our pantry garden. She currently chairs the Newcomer Committee and is actively involved with young adults in our church. The delay in filling the vacancy was due entirely to renewed attention to the careful process of selecting a person especially well suited for this important role. Time well spent. Happily settled in our “re-imagined” building, pledge results so far suggest we are determined to leverage our green capital investment. With a settled minister to call (and to pay at mid-range) and restoration of full-time staffing and programming, we have heard from 149 pledge units so far and the average pledge increase is 23%! Join us in the seasonal lighting of the fireplace Saturday, Dec 5, as the Soup Supper helps us gather for the dark mid-winter and in celebration of all the gifts we bring. It is time for any members who haven’t yet, to review the brochure the Pledge Team prepared and complete the quick and easy worksheet for calculating their pledges. Having as many pledges as possible submitted by the time of our budget vote helps to increase confidence in our members and solidarity in our collective stewardship. Our stewardship is a manifestation of our principles, and we have a notable history of making a principledriven difference in Lincoln. Gretchen continues to help us document and celebrate it. Our green sanctuary is a tangible signal in a community that needs role models with regard to meeting global climate change. We are models! What about the difference we haven’t yet made though? Our principles are rich for programming not only within our vibrant church community, but in the community at large. Our giving each year determines what resources we have to carry our principles beyond our walls, and who will guide and support us in doing so.

Track Our Energy Use! Submitted by Becky Seth

Perhaps you have noticed the display that "magically" appeared in our entrance hallway a few weeks ago. The Green Sanctuary committee invites you to explore the information you can find there. Various tabs on the iPad bring you up-to-date information about our solar production on an hourly, daily and long-term basis, and give you access to the graph that shows how much of our electricity costs have been covered by that production. During the month of October, for example, you will find that our solar energy production was equal to all of our general electric consumption (not including HVAC). There is also a nifty spreadsheet that records all our energy use and costs. It shows, for example, that our total energy use after renovation has not gone up even though the floor area has increased by over 60%. Thanks to Kristi Wamstad-Evans for tracking our energy numbers, to Curt Donaldson for designing and constructing the attractive case for the iPad display, and to Becky and Sharad Seth for the donation of the electronics. A word of warning: sometimes it might take a while to refresh the information when you switch to a new tab so you will have to be a little patient; we are looking at possible solutions to the problem.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Capital Campaign News by Mary Sommermeyer, Capital Campaign Treasurer

As of press time, the balance in the capital campaign fund was at least $58,500. Thanks to Curt Donaldson’s hard work, this includes $17,956.50 in assistance with the detention pond expenses from the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District that was received 11-17-15! Our liabilities are: Outstanding amount on Union Bank line of credit $70,530.86 Member Loans TOTAL

430,000.00 $500,530.86

Almost all of the building project bills have been paid. Thus a substantial portion of the balance in the capital campaign fund will be transferred to Union Bank soon to help reduce that liability. Of the total $1,048,462 in financial commitments to the capital campaign, 10.52% or $110,290 remains to be paid. $2,330 is yet to be paid on the 2016 mortgage pledges. Please check the status of your commitment to the capital campaign and your mortgage pledge as shown on the third quarter statements mailed in early October. Mortgage pledge payments will be used to pay the $11,200 in interest on the member loans, which is due in December, and ongoing interest on the Union Bank loan. Financial commitments to the capital campaign were originally scheduled to be paid by January 2016. When the “close the gap” campaign was held in May 2013, those extra commitments were allowed to be paid through December 2016. We plan to officially close off the capital campaign as of the end of January 2016 and will use the remaining “close the gap” payments that come in through December 2016 to continue to pay down the Union Bank loan (if needed) and to start repaying member loans in December 2016. More details about the Capital Campaign Fund and expenses paid are on the church website ( in the “Members Only” section (contact the church office for login information). You can also contact me at 402-489-8213 or


In the first two months of 2016, the congregation will participate in the selection of a search committee for our new settled minister. It will begin with a personal phone call to each congregation member by a member of the Board of Trustees or the Nomination Committee. You will be asked to identify three members of the church you would most trust to serve on this committee. From the 14-20 most frequently identified individuals a seven-member panel will be identified. The congregation will then vote whether this panel becomes the search committee. If approved we will have our committee. The committee can then begin its work March 2016. The goal is to have our new settled member at the end of Spring 2017. But it all begins with you, a church member. We need your participation. Stay tuned for details. 

From the board: Due to family and professional conflicts, Liz Bonney-Heermann resigned from her role on the board of trustees. Her term was set to expire in May, 2016. During her time with the board she served on the Personnel Committee and as Secretary. The board appointed Rich Little to fill this vacancy. We are grateful to both for their wonderful service to our church!

Notes from the Bookstore: submitted by Denise Dickeson, Bookstore Lady

The Bookstore presents Chalice Jewelry from Chelsea Krafka. The selections can be seen and purchased in the church office. They are exquisite! Soon, there will be a jewelry case attached to the bookstore, but it's not done yet. It will match the Bookstore and feature more chalice jewelry. Speaking of the Bookstore, books make great gifts! I do my holiday shopping at the Bookstore yearround. Keep buying and keep reading!

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Food Bank Needs Donations

Cards Against Humanity Game Night

submitted by Debbi Barnes-Josiah

Friday, December 4 • 6:30-9:30PM • Gallery

Now that we are into the Holiday Season, it’s a good time to remember the adults, children and families who are hungry and depend on the Lincoln Food Bank. As you shop for your holiday meals, please consider picking up an extra nonperishable item (or two!) for our food pantry basked (in the coat rack across from the church office). Staples like canned tuna and meats, soups, canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, boxed dinners (like mac & cheese)… are always in demand, although no one will complain if you sneak in a holiday treat as well. Nothing in glass containers please. Note that the Food Bank’s website is stating that “…our current donated food supply is low” – help is urgently needed!

Join us for this going-away party for Jordan Blenner who is now a Doctor so she is too good for us. No really, she is leaving us to move back in with her parents while she continues to seek a full-time position in the PA or DC area.

Salon Reading Series: The Clean House

We will have two or three tables of Cards Against Humanity going simultaneously depending on the number of people who join in the fun. If you have a set to bring as a back-up that might be a good idea just in case. You may invite your friends and family. If you like them, I’m sure that we will like them too. Bring a snack if the spirit moves you. Age 18 and over.

Sunday, December 6 • 2:00PM • Firespring

Angels Theatre Company Salon Reading Series Sunday December 6 at 2 PM at Firespring, 1201 Infinity Court. Admission is Free. This month we're reading The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl. The play takes place in what the author describes as "metaphysical Connecticut," mostly in the home of a married couple who are both doctors. They have hired a housekeeper named Matilde, an aspiring comedian from Brazil who's more interested in coming up with the perfect joke.

Open Circles submitted by Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate

If you are new among us and are looking for a way to make new friends and connect with a small group of people on a regular basis why not consider joining an Open Circle affinity group. They meet monthly and welcome newcomers and new members to join them. For more information please look for the bright yellow brochure on the pamphlet rack found near the Library on the table or talk to Karen Dienstbier during the coffee hour.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



The fellowship activities and discussion groups listed below happen on a regular basis and are open to new participants at any time. Please contact the group’s organizer if you have any questions! Adult Game Night

Men’s Potluck

UU Meditation Sangha

2nd Sat. • Dec 12 • 6:30/8:00PM 6300 A Street • Gathering Place

2nd Monday • Dec 14 • 6:30PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

2nd & 4th Wednesdays • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

Come join us for potluck dinner at 6:30PM and board/card games at 8:00PM. Come for one or both. All welcome. Contact: Leona Braziel 402-489-0916

All men are invited to attend to enjoy good food and conversation. Table service will be provided. Bruce Raymer 402-475-7875

Bridge Groups

1st & 3rd Tuesdays • Dec 1 & 15 6:30PM • 6300 A Street • K/1 Rm

We gather at 7:00PM and begin a short meditation promptly at 7:15PM. Then we have discussion time followed by a longer meditation period. Contact LauraLee Woodruff 402-770-9382

Intermediate Group Every Tuesday • 2:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Corine Simon 402-435-0225

Advanced group Every Wednesday • 1:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Earl Kramer 402-489-8213 Want to join us? Contact us prior to the day of the game.

Coffeehouse Not meeting on Xmas Day

Board games for adults and kids. Open to all individuals. Hosted by the LGBTA Welcoming Cmte. Contact Deb Hope

Men's Discussion Group No meeting in December

New participants are welcome any time. Discussion topics vary. Visit us for more details or contact Duane Polzien 402-540-5025

Men’s Reading Group

The book we are reading is “Fire in the Belly” by Sam Keen. Duncan Case 402-202-9152

Newcomers First Sunday Chat Sunday, Dec 6• 11:15AM 6300 A Street • Library

Meet with visitors and friends in the Library to watch and discuss a 10-minute film. Contact Megan McGuffey

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) 4th Tuesday • Dec 22 • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

The LGBTA Welcoming Committee sponsors PFLAG which meets at our church. Confidentiality at each meeting is very important. Please join us or visit us at:

Tai Chi Every Wednesday • 6300 A Street Gallery • 5:30PM Beginners, 6:30PM Intermediate

All UU Members and Friends are invited. No experience necessary. Contact Karen Dienstbier 402-489-7545

UU Women’s Gathering 1st Saturday • Dec 5 • 2:00PM RSVP to get the location info

November topic: Authenticity Facilitator: LauraLee Woodruff For more information or to RSVP, contact the Church Office or LauraLee Woodruff 402-770-9382

Women’s Book Group Every three weeks •10:00AM 6300 A Street • Gallery

For more information, contact Diane Richards December 5 The Storyteller, by Jodi Picoult January 9 The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt January 30 All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

Zen Meditation Every Thursday • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

We are a small group of UU's who meditate at church each week. Contact Norm Simon 402-435-0225

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


TH A NK Y O US Thanks to the Hospitality Team Thank you to all of our Sunday Hospitality Team members for November. They met with a number of visitors and welcomed them as they entered the building, put on name tags, gave them an order of service and chatted with them during coffee hour. You are AWESOME! Thank you all!

Grounds Thank You’s The fall cleanup on November 8 marked a milestone in our renovation of the church grounds. Together we pruned overgrown shrubbery, removed fallen branches, moved benches back in place and hauled away nolonger-needed building materials. We still have a few empty beds that will have to wait until spring, but the new landscape plan is largely in place. Afterward, we celebrated with a potluck made possible by yet more helping hands.  Thanks to all of the volunteers who finished a myriad of tasks in record time. Special thanks to Becky Seth, George Maly, Noreen Carpenter, Linda Brown, Megan McGuffey, Duane Polzien, Scott Josiah, Sue Hubbard, K.K. Munson, Nick Vaccaro, Bill Genuchi, Sheila Maly, Roger Day and Tim Johnson who volunteered to take on grounds tasks for the 2016 growing season.  We still need volunteers for next year to weed the playground next to the patio, and control weeds in the parking lot area. Please contact Martha Horvay if you would like to contribute to making our grounds an ecologically sensitive and spiritually nourishing environment.


December 13

December 20

December 27

Pulpit Decoration

Janine Copple

Elsie Haack

Karen Heafer

Barb Brant


Pamela Forster, Mary Jane Gruba

Mary Ann & Jerry Petr

Connie Benjamin, Sandy Scott

Shelly Fowler, Tim Johnson

Coffee Hosts

Kathy Disney & Curt Donaldson



Irish Coffee People


Penny Urwiler

Amy Birky

Amy Birky



Marj Willeke, Leona Braziel

Tricia Monzon, Gary Colvin

Becky Seth, Marty Powers

Lee & Les Manns


Don Pinkley, Rick Urwiler

Michael Reinmiller, Larry Gregg


Don Pinkley, Michael Reinmiller

Welcome Table

Molly Klocksin, Carol Kendrick

Denise DeBose, Naetion DeBose

Tim Johnson, Marj Willeke

Megan McGuffey, Molly Klocksin

Chalice Lighters





6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



O U R C O M M U N I TY Thank You’s

Milestones, Millstones, Stepping Stones Our sympathies to the family of member Bryce Ohmstede. A Memorial was held for Bryce in November at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln.

Congratulations to Wally Martin who joined us in membership on November 15, 2015! Wally, we welcome you as our newest member!

Please keep the family of member Dick Herman in your thoughts. A Celebration of Life for Dick will be held at 2PM on Saturday, December 5 at the Unitarian Church.

Congratulations to Josiah Bevard on achieving his Eagle Scout Award! We are all proud of you Josiah. He is the son of our church member Deb Bevard and her husband Paul, who were both instrumental in his achievement.

S TA F F & LA Y LEA D ERS Staff Rev. Dr. Gretchen Woods, Interim Minister • Fritz Hudson, Minister Emeritus • Charles S Stephen, Jr. Minister Emeritus • Chelsea Krafka, Religious Growth Dir. • Jean Helms, Administrative Director • Julie Enersen, Worship Arts Director • Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate • Christina Strong, Administrative Associate •

Board of Trustees

Management Team

Christine Starr Davis Lindsay Bartlett, President Reed Maly, Vice-President Kathy Disney Molly Klocksin, Secretary Megan McGuffey Leslie Ryan Officers: Penny Urwiler Hess Dyas, Co-Treasurer Kristi Wamstad-Evans Linda Ager, Co-Treasurer Jamie Radcliffe Jo Donohoe, Assistant Amy Birky Rich Little Mary Sommermeyer, Curt Donaldson, Immediate Capital Campaign Treasurer Past President The Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Church. Any member or friend of the church is welcome to attend these meetings.

Church Office 6300 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510

Office Hours August 15 - June 14: Sunday: 9:00 AM—1:00 PM Tues-Fri: 9:00 AM —3:00 PM Closed Monday & Saturday Phone: 402.483.2213 Email: Website: The Beacon is published monthly. Newsletter subscriptions are $20 a year. This newsletter is printed on 35% minimum post-consumer content recycled paper. It is also available online at Newsletter deadline for submissions is the 18th of the previous month.

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