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Sunday Services Including Water Communion August 16

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Saturday, August 8

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Building A New Way Four among us were able to go to General Assembly (GA) in Portland, OR this year. Here are some highlights. 2015 Ware Lecturer Dr. Cornell West called for integrity, honesty, decency, and virtue above all else. Cornel West is a prominent and provocative democratic intellectual. He has recently been deeply involved in the Black Lives Matter protests and was among those arrested in Ferguson in 2015. “America, do we have what it takes? Always an open question. It could be that we are just experiencing the decline of an empire that goes the same way of Rome. Depends on what we do.” Watch this powerful lecture: multiculturalism/ga/ware-west From Chelsea Krafka:

My first day at General Assembly was Professional Day for Directors of Religious Education. The Keynote speaker was Susan Katz Miller who talked about her new book, "Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family.” The major take-away was that intercultural identity is important. As a Religious Educator, I need to be intentional about making sure our lessons and curricula are welcoming, accepting, and inclusive for children who may have another religion practiced at home. From Jean Helms:

I attended the AUUA Professional Days before General Assembly. We heard from Tandi Rogers, UUA Innovation & Network Specialist, on "Administrators as Mission Control: the faithful

ministry behind the scenes" and Janette Morrow, Administrator UU Church Marin, CA on "Maximizing Rental Potential." The other huge highlight for me in Portland was participating in the pop-up choir as a part of the pop-up service celebrating Marriage Equality on Thursday, June 25. From Wesley Botham:

At General Assembly, the delegates voted on a statement in support of the national Black Lives Matter movement. The meeting is recorded online at under the title ‘General Session VI’. Discussion of the vote starts at 47:30 and continues for 105 minutes. I cannot summarize that discussion here without cheapening it, so I will only say this: I charge every one of us to play that video. Those 105 minutes are less than you’d spend on a Hollywood blockbuster and they tell a story filled with more tension, drama, and insight than anything I’ve seen at the movies. The issues of racial justice confronted in that meeting are crucial to the health of our society and the mission of our Unitarian Universalist faith as expressed by our second and sixth principles, and as such we must continue that discussion here in Lincoln. From Gretchen Woods:

One of the highlights for me this year was the Service of the Living Tradition: honoring newly fellowshipped UU minister and professional leaders, fully-fellowshipped UU ministers, retiring UU ministers, and UU ministers deceased during the past year. The Rev. Marlin Lavanhar preached on “Building a New Way.” Check out for video of all of this and much more.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •



A Month of Sundays 10:00 AM at 6300 A Street Sunday, August 2 - “Who Am I and Why Am I Here” Identity and Mission: the first of four significant religious questions. Worship Leaders: Gretchen Woods, Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Members of Worship Associates Music: Bill Carpenter, piano

Sunday, August 9 - “What’s Important?” How do we answer another major religious question? Worship Leaders: Gretchen Woods, Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Members of Worship Associates Music: Bill Carpenter, piano Share the Care: Newcomer Committee

Sunday, August 16 - “Water Communion” Where or how have we found and felt new life this summer? As the season turns our annual ritual is to draw upon our separate wellsprings to find a flow into our renewed common course. To make your connection, please bring a small bit of water collected during your summer or plan to use a bit of our symbolic water to add to our shared reservoir. Worship Leaders: Gretchen Woods, Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka Music: Member Groups

Sunday, August 23 “How Then Shall I (We) Live” The answer to this question evolves through our lives - and that of a congregation. Worship Leaders: Gretchen Woods, Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Members of Worship Associates Music: Lisa Howell, soprano Share the Plate: Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

Sunday, August 30 Worship Leader: TBD Music: Bill Carpenter, piano

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •



time “getting the gossip” before I greet someone, so I can do so without other people’s biases in the way.

Greeting, Meeting, and Connecting

That leads to actually Meeting. This is the stage when we move beyond first impressions to opening to what the other person wishes to show us of him or her self. We tentatively allow the “other” to see a deeper level of our personhood and hope they will look for ours as well.

I begin working with you as your interim minister on August 1 and begin the task of joining with you. This will continue for a few months to come – or as long as it takes. I truly enjoy this process and find myself in interesting conversations as we join forces as interim minister and congregation.

Finally, we may or may not Connect. When we do connect, we actually begin to feel we know the “other” and that we are becoming known in an even deeper way. In the best situations we learn how to share our energies and move forward for the greater good of all.

It occurs to me that there are several stages in this process and that those stages probably apply to many of our human interactions. Let’s consider these stages: First, there is Greeting. How do we begin a relationship? We do that by saying, “Hello!” A lot depends upon how we say “Hello.”. Are we open to the possibility that the “other” might be a very positive person in our lives or are we highly defended? I try not to spend too much

Lots to think about in each stage. Please join me in this process, assuming best possible intentions. Blessings for our future together, Gretchen Woods

WORSHIP ARTS NEWS Non-Musicians Needed For Music Ministry As we look ahead to the start of the new church year, it’s easy for the musicians in our midst to get their calendars out and start thinking about how they will be involved. But there are also ways for nonmusicians to further musical work of the church. Please contact Julie Enersen at if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions and would like to be part of our ministry.

Do you like to file, sort and make order from chaos? Your skills could be put to you in the music room. We have occasional work days in the space when we stamp the music, label the folders and put everything in its place. The more hands we have, the faster the work goes. 

Are you a Google Docs user who likes to do data entry? Every year, our church acquire dozens of samples of music. In order to access them effectively, we need volunteers to input titles and keywords into an online Google Doc.

Have you heard a great musician or ensemble? You know how it is. You’re sitting somewhere listening to music and think, “This person would be GREAT at a church service.” The next step is to tell me! Send an email to and let me know how to get in contact with the performer you are recommending. 6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •


RELIG IO US G RO WTH & LEA RNING Top 10 Reasons to Teach or Assist in our Religious Education Sunday School Program:


10. Dirt, hula hoops, chalk, togas…find out what is going on back there!

We need lots of helpers. Meet in the gathering place after service to get our classrooms ready for the year.

9. Learn all you need to know about UUism but were too afraid to ask 8. Because it is more fun than a committee meeting 7. Because it takes a village to raise a child 6. Kids say the darndest things – you are guaranteed a smile 5. If you come to church and played with clay and paint by yourself – people may look at you funny 4. The commitment is just 7-10 times per church year! That is less than an average of once per month! Plus Chelsea gives teachers the fun and easy lesson plan ahead of time. 3. Experience new and awesome classrooms! 2. Change the world. If you change one life you have made a difference. 1. Karma credit Peace, Faith, and Love, Chelsea


Sunday, August 23 • 11:15AM • Gathering Place

PREVIOUS YEAR CURRICULUM Previous year teachers: please check your homes for curriculum binders and return to Chelsea..these are expensive to print and time consuming to create.

OWL BAKE SALE A HUGE SUCCESS! WOW! Incredible turnout for our baked goods auction on Sunday, July 19. Thank you to all who contributed and to those who helped: Jackie Egan, Liz Bonney-Heermann and Trish Lanning! We raised $1,016.50 so we can cover all 3 people to be trained for OWL - their fuel - and have money left over to put in our reserves for fencing in front of the preschool room. Our Whole Lives (OWL) helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. With a holistic approach, Our Whole Lives provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information about a range of topics, including relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences on sexuality.

Sunday, August 30 • 11:15am

Plan on coming if you signed up to assist in our classrooms or email Chelsea if you are unable to make it this day.


AUGUST RGL CALENDAR Preschool Class and Nursery Care are available every Sunday for younger Pre-K children in the Preschool Room. August 2

Summer Classes

August 9

Summer Classes

August 16

All-ages Water Communion Service


August 23

Summer Classes

Chelsea will contact teachers to arrange dates for training this year

August 30

Summer Classes

Sunday, September 6 • 11:15AM

Whether new to our church or not- come learn about what happens with children and youth Sunday mornings and have the chance to ask questions.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

/ / / / /

/ / / / /

DOB (m/d/y)



Please tell us any information that will help us give your child the best RGL experience possible: ALLERGIES? Preferences? Medical Conditions? If needed use an additional sheet of paper: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________



Adult E-mail(s)


Additional Names and ages of other children (up to 18 Yrs) in your household: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Current Phone Numbers for Adults in household: __________________________________________________

Names of Adults (Parents & Guardians) In your household: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Full Name of Child/Youth

Fill out front & back (see above) GL of this form. Please Print.


RGL Education Programs Preschool—High School


Return form to church office or Chelsea’s mailbox located inside the church office or complete online at or mail to the church address: Unitarian Church of Lincoln-Attn: Chelsea Krafka 6300 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510


□ Join our RGL Committee: Approx. 1 Sunday per month □ Other (Please list):___________________________________

Secret Friends, Souper Supper, etc.): As needed

□ Youth In Action Event Helper: As needed □ Family Special Events/Project Help (Guest at Your Table,

□ Youth In Action Assistant: As needed—Wednesday nights be coordinated with Chelsea Krafka

with Chelsea Krafka

□ Substitute Teacher or Assistant: As needed– to be coordinated

coordinated with Chelsea Krafka

□ Classroom/Building Cleanup: 2 times per year □ Nursery/Preschool Assistant: Approx. 7 Sundays per year □ Classroom Teacher K-12: Approx. 7 –10 Sundays per year □ Classroom Assistant K-12: Approx. 7-10 Sundays per year □ Ingathering Leader or Assistant: As needed—to be

Krafka (Classrooms and/or Time for All Ages)

□ Classroom Move Back to ‘A’ Street– Some time in December □ Guest Storyteller: As needed- to be coordinated with Chelsea

We are a COOPERATIVE RGL Program! We cannot be a successful program without the involvement of each family. We know you have unique skills and gifts to share. Will you tell us how each adult family member will be involved in RGL? Please consider and check the appropriate box:

RGL Needs You!

Every child needs to be signed each year up for the Religious Growth Program so that we have current information




6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •



Unitarian Church Art Gallery

Saturday, August 8 • 8:15AM - NOON • Gallery

Artworks created by Noyes Cooperative Gallery artists will be displayed in the Art Gallery during the month of August. The Noyes Cooperative Gallery is located at 119 South 9th Street in the heart of the downtown Lincoln art district. The Gallery features approximately 60 artist members who show their work and volunteer their time to help operate the business. Artists whose work is featured in the 2015 Noyes Outreach Travel Show have used a variety of artistic techniques to create their images, including watercolor, acrylic, photography, and mixed media.

The Shared Hospitality Workshop is provided yearly to make a place for new members and newcomers who are interested in making friends and meeting people. The workshop will provide training in each of the Sunday hospitality areas – door greeting, welcome table host, making coffee and ushering. As part of the workshop you will take the training on “what to say after you say hello”. This activity will prepare you for talking with people that you have not yet met while visiting in the Gallery Room after church. Shy people find this part of the workshop really helps them meet new people. Everyone is welcome to join the fun! A light breakfast will be served at 8:15 a.m. and activities begin at 8:45 a.m. and finish up by noon. Childcare can be provided with advanced notice. Contact the church office to register and to have childcare 402-483-2213. We will meet in the Gallery Room to begin the morning. Hope to see you there! - Karen D

UU WOMEN GATHERING offered by Georgia Feiste

The UU Women Gathering plans to meet once a month, generally the first Saturday at 2pm. Rotating leaders choose the topic and the location. The next meeting will be Saturday, August 1 at 2PM at The Eatery and the topic will be THE FOUR AGREEMENTS. Past topics include: JOY and COMPASSION. All UU Women (members and friends) are welcome to participate. We communicate primarily via a private Facebook page, but there is also an email reminder system in place. The general desire is to maintain a cohesive group, so we have discussed making it a "closed group" if we grow to an unmanageable size, with the intention of encouraging a second group to emerge. If you are interested in more info or being added to the email list, please send an email to

70 Years After: The Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Effect? Saturday, August 8 • 7:30-9:00PM • Holmes Lake

The event will occur on the northeast shore of Holmes Lake. Lanterns in a lantern float are traditionally used in Japanese ceremony to guide to rest the souls of the unquiet dead. Since the dropping of the first nuclear weapons in 1945, Japanese and American citizens have sponsored floats to memorialize the coming of the nuclear age to New Mexico, Nevada, Japan, the South Pacific (where nuclear tests, releasing radiation on local populations, occurred between 1946 and 1962), and the rest of the world. The program for this year’s lantern float will include the assisted construction of lanterns by children and adults in attendance and music by Native American flutist, Michael Murphy. The ceremony will end with the lighting of the lanterns with messages of what Nebraska citizens hope for in the way of nuclear dismantling. Contact: Tim Rinne, Nebraskans for Peace, (402) 475-7616 or Paul A. Olson, (402) 475-1318 or

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •


NEW ME MBERS New Members: Joe and Tanna Kinnaman

New Members: Melinda and Mike Krumm

Tanna and Joe Kinnaman joined us in membership on May 24th of this year. Tanna had been a church member years ago and after a brief hiatus began attending church last year with her husband, Joe. Since then they have taken A Chosen Faith class, the Seven Principles in Word and Worship book discussion class and the "Join Us" membership class. They are in Pathfinders, a small discussion group at church, attend the monthly Game Night and occasional potluck lunches after church. Tanna also enjoys the Women's Book Group and plays in the Bridge group on Tuesdays.

Mike and Melinda Krumm began coming to church a year ago after they saw the Saturday ad in the Lincoln Journal Star. They watched the ads for several weeks and liked the sermon topics and the activities being sponsored by the church. Soon after they began coming to church and found us to be a friendly group of people. They particularly liked being on the email list so that they could learn what was happening. And they were happy to be invited to the First Sunday Chat, and other adult programming. They were invited to join the newcomer discussion group which they are enjoying very much. Since that first few Sunday they have made friends and really enjoy the openness of people telling their own personal spiritual journeys.

They anticipate coming to the Shared Hospitality Workshop on August 8th at the church and want to help with the Fresh Start Home monthly dinners. Tanna is interested in joining a Open Circle Group while Joe is interested in checking out the Men's Discussion Group and the Men's Book Discussion Group. They have 3 children and 12 grandchildren who all live in Lincoln except for one grandson in Texas. They own a family business and are happy that two of their children are running the business. This give Tanna and Joe the chance to get away to Sanibel Island, Florida for the winter.  Their interests include bird watching, kayaking, biking, reading and taking OLLI classes. Tanna also enjoys quilting, tap dancing and photography.  Please seek out Tanna and Joe and welcome them as part of our church family. 

Melinda retired from her job in education in Iowa in 2009. She served as a teacher for 15 years and as a principal for 17 years. She and Michael have a daughter living in Lincoln, a son in San Jose, CA and a daughter in Scottsdale, AZ. They have been blessed with six grandchildren. Michael retired from education in 2011. He served as a teacher and a principal for 14 years and a superintendent of schools for 25 years also in Iowa and in Wisconsin. His professional interests included character education, service learning, bullying prevention, promotion of the arts, and community engagement. Melinda and Michael will consider what kind of Sunday Hospitality volunteerism to pursue after taking the Shared Hospitality Workshop in August. Michael is also interested in activity in the A St. Band and the Worship Arts Committee.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Green Corner By the time the newsletter comes out, the solar installation on the south facing roof of the church should be complete. Adding solar capacity to our building came largely from the Green Sanctuary committee. It originated in a discussion where Curt Donaldson, "wished out-loud" that we could add some solar to our plans for geothermal energy. The committee immediately came up with $30,000 in pledges. Curt contacted John Dixon for a plan and a bid. Fortunately, this was early in the renovation process. The 2016 committee immediately bought in.  Estimates came back at about $100,000 for about 100 photo-voltaic panels. We knew Lincoln Electric system would help. Eventually, costs came down. The solar system was paid for by Linda Brown, Becky and Sharad Seth, Curt Donaldson and Kathy Disney, JoEllen Polzien, Marty Powers, Alan Worth, Tonya Haigh and Rich Little, Tim Hopkins and the rededication collection. Thank you to all who gave money and specially to Curt Donaldson for his visionary-idea and for driving the project. To view production, go to

Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska Sunday, August 23 • 2:00 - 4:00PM • Auditorium

World-renowned climate scientist and drought expert Dr. Don Wilhite addresses the implications of climate change for Nebraska at 2pm on Sunday, August 23 at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln. He presents the findings of the UNL report Understanding and Assessing Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska (, released in September 2014. Dr. Wilhite is an author of the report, now recognized by the Nebraska Unicameral as authoritative on the topic.  He states, "We all face significant economic, social and environmental risks associated with climate change, both locally and globally.  The body of scientific evidence confirms human activities are the primary cause for the warming that the planet has experienced, especially in recent decades."  Looking ahead, the expectation for Nebraska is that drought frequency and severity will increase. Temperature increases will probably result in widespread drying over the U.S.  Climate scientists with drought expertise expect that a new, more severe Dust Bowl (worse than the 1930s) may arrive mid-century (2041-2070). Event organizer John Atkeison adds, "By making clear there are big climate consequences for Nebraska, Dr. Wilhite is doing us all a great service. We Americans must understand the urgent need to remove the main cause of the climate changes and disruptions: the greenhouse gas pollution that causes global warming." Nebraska will face many difficult challenges as a result of climate change. Embedded in each of these challenges are opportunities to create greater resilience as we adapt to these observed and projected changes in climate. Action now is preferable and more cost effective than reaction later. The free event is sponsored by the Green Sanctuary committee. Other sponsors include: EnergyLinc, Nebraska IPL, and Citizens' Climate Lobby; they will be available in the gallery following the presentation.  Contact John Atkeison at (402) 915-3210 or for more information.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Transition Team Update offered by Evelyn Weymouth

Everyone’s life is filled with moments of joy, sorrow, and confusion. Without a doubt, the previous year of the life of our church has been filled to overflowing with all those feelings and more. Rev. Gretchen Woods will help all of us sort through our feelings and make sense of them. She is much more skilled at that sort of work than The Transition Team would be. So at this point, the Transition Team asks that you set aside (for the moment) thoughts of what was and focus on what will be. Look around you while you are in our church. Revel in the light that streams in from all sides. Wallow in the space at coffee time and enjoy the freedom of movement. Be proud of what we – this church – have accomplished! Look into the future with the Transition Team. Imagine our church as a tangled ball of yarn from which we want to knit something of beauty and utility. First we need to untangle the yarn, which we have already begun to do. If we pull on this string, we create a knot. But if we pull, gently, on another string, it comes loose and leads us to another strand. As we carefully, slowly, untangle our past, we will begin to see our way into a future. The Transition Team invites every one of you to pick up a loose string. Give it a gentle tug. If it creates a knot, let’s examine it and find out how to loosen it. If it slides free – celebrate! Then pick up another string. If we all work together, as we have in creating our new home, we will create something amazing!! Join us in that creation!

Foundation bequest The Unitarian Foundation Committee encourages members and friends to consider bequests to the Church, on behalf of the living and those honored with a memorial. Contributions can be in the form of memorial gifts, wills and trusts to support the church's continued liberal religious presence in Lincoln. Please contact the church office for details and federal tax ID number. Current members of the Unitarian Church Foundation are: Gene Hanlon, Harry Heafer, Norm Hostetler, Amy Miller, Barbara Pearson, Bruce Raymer and Alan Worth. Please feel free to ask them any questions regarding contributing or putting the Unitarian Foundation in your Will or Trust.

Star City Pride Family Picnic a Success! offered by Deb Hope and Jordan Blenner – LGBTA Welcoming Committee Co-Chairs

The Pride Picnic was a big success again this year, serving over 90 people. Many thanks to everyone who contributed salads and desserts.  We had lots of terrific help with set up and clean up also.  Many hands do make light work!   Much appreciation to our friends at First Plymouth and PFLAG who are always great partners in this event. A special thanks to Nathan Woodruff who was our liaison to Star City Pride and PFLAG and took the lead on purchasing and preparing the food we provided.


Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times

by Peter Steinke

Anxious times call for steady leadership. When tensions emerge in a congregation, its leaders cannot be as anxious as the people they serve. To remain effective, congregational leaders must control their own uneasiness. This takes self-awareness and confidence to manage relationships and influence behaviors. Knowing how to deal with anxiety and how to work through complex challenges can lead a congregation to new insights, growth, and vitality. Anxious times hold not only the potential for loss but also for creation, important learnings, and changes that will strengthen the congregation. We have some copies in the office for $15.00. $18.00 plus S/H. 6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •


O N - G O I N G A C TI V I TI ES The fellowship activities and discussion groups listed below happen on a regular basis and are open to new participants at any time. Please contact the group’s organizer if you have any questions! Adult Game Night 2nd Sat. • Aug 8• 6:30/8:00PM 6300 A Street • Gathering Place

Come join us for potluck dinner at 6:30PM and board/card games at 8:00PM. Come for one or both. All welcome. Contact: Leona Braziel 402-489-0916

Bridge Groups Intermediate Group Every Tuesday • 2:30PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Jackie Egan 402-435-6111

Advanced group Every Wednesday • 1:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Earl Kramer 402-489-8213 Want to join us? Contact us prior to the day of the game.

Coffeehouse 4th Friday • Aug 24• 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Board games for adults and kids. Open to all individuals. Hosted by the LGBTA Welcoming Cmte. Contact Deb Hope

Men's Discussion Group 2nd & 4th Tuesdays • 7:00PM Gathering Place • (No mtgs August or December)

New participants are welcome any time. Discussion topics vary. Visit us for more details or contact Duane Polzien 402-540-5025

Men’s Potluck 2nd Monday • Aug 13 • 6:30PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

All men are invited to attend to enjoy good food and conversation. Table service will be provided. Bruce Raymer 402-475-7875

Men’s Reading Group

very important. Please join us or visit us at:

Tai Chi Every Wednesday • 6300 A Street Gallery • 5:30PM Beginners, 6:30PM Intermediate

All UU Members and Friends are invited. No experience necessary. Contact Karen Dienstbier 402-489-7545

UU Meditation Sangha 2nd & 4th Wednesdays • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

The book we are reading is “Fire in the Belly” by Sam Keen. Duncan Case 402-202-9152

We gather at 7:00 and begin a short meditation promptly at 7:15PM. Then we have discussion time followed by another meditation period. Contact LauraLee Woodruff 402-770-9382

Newcomers First Sunday Chat

Women’s Book Group

Sunday, Aug 5 • 11:15AM 6300 A Street • Library

Every three weeks •10:00AM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Meet with visitors and friends in the Library to watch and discuss a 10-minute film called "Voices of a Liberal Faith.” Contact Newcomer Chair Megan McGuffey

For more information, contact Diane Richards

1st & 3rd Tuesdays • Aug 7 & 21 7:00PM • 6300 A Street • K/1 Rm

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)

August 1 Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel August 22 The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

Zen Meditation

4th Tuesday • Aug 28 • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Every Thursday • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

The LGBTA Welcoming Committee sponsors PFLAG which meets at our church. Confidentiality at each meeting is

We are a small group of UU's who meditate at church each week. Contact Norm Simon 402-435-0225

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •


TH A NK Y O US Thanks to the Sunday Volunteers!

Lincoln 55+

offered by Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate

offered by Lee Manns, Public Relations Chair

Thank you to those who volunteered their time during the month of July on Sunday morning to welcome our visitors and members. It is sacred work that we are called to do.

Lincoln 55+ is a FREE newspaper that is published quarterly. It provides informative articles, columns by local writers, art by local artists, and a four-page calendar of events. They estimate they have 25,000 readers throughout the Lincoln area. This newspaper gives The Unitarian Church of Lincoln a free listing with our name, address, and time of service in exchange for us making the paper available at church. The editor has mentioned that most of the papers are still left when a new issue comes out. Please help support this free publicity by taking and reading a 55+ paper!

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with welcoming our visitors and members on Sunday mornings plan to come to the Shared Hospitality Workshop. See the announcement on page 6 for more information. We hope to see you there!


August 9

August 16

August 23

August 30

Pulpit Decoration

Barb Brant

Vicki Treat

Becky Seth

Cindy Maly

Molly Klocksin


Stacey Skold, Amy Birky

Mary Jane Gruba, Kay Hoff

Mary Sommermeyer, Kathy Stastny

Pamela Forster, Gary Colvin

Sheila & Orvis Wall

Coffee Hosts

Penny Urwiler






Penny Urwiler



Liz BonneyHeermann

Kristi WamstadEvans


Brooke Downing, Bruce Raymer

Bob & Jackie Egan

Earl Kramer, Lori Straatman

Janine Copple, Megan McGuffey

Barbara & Al Pearson


Harry Heafer





Welcome Table

Connie Benjamin, Lee Manns

Tim Johnson, Denise DeBose

LaVonne & Gene Hanlon

Molly Klocksin, Sheila Thomas

Jan Hostetler

Chalice Lighters






6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •



O U R C O M M U N I TY Thank You’s

Milestones, Millstones, Stepping Stones Long-time church member Judy Cole died Monday, July 20. A memorial service will be announced at a later time.

“Congregational leaders  need  to  come  to  a  new   position,  one  that  regards  con5lict  as  inevitable,   possibly  essential.  ...  How  can  we  turn  trouble  into   opportunity?  Most  critically,  when  con5lict  arises,   how  can  it  be  seen  as  a  learning  point  for  change  and   an  experience  that  can  strengthen  the  congregation’s   functioning?”


- Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times by Peter Steinke (UUA Bookstore Highlight of the month - see pg 9)

S TA F F & LA Y LEA D ERS Staff Rev. Dr. Gretchen Woods, Interim Minister • Fritz Hudson, Minister Emeritus • Charles S Stephen, Jr. Minister Emeritus • Chelsea Krafka, Religious Growth Dir. • Jean Helms, Administrative Director • Julie Enersen, Worship Arts Director • Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate • Christina Strong, Administrative Associate •

Board of Trustees

Management Team

Christine Starr Davis Lindsay Bartlett, President Reed Maly, Vice-President Bob Haack Molly Klocksin, Secretary Kathy Disney Liz Bonney-Heermann Officers: Leslie Ryan Hess Dyas, Co-Treasurer Penny Urwiler Linda Ager, Co-Treasurer Kristi Wamstad-Evans Jo Donohoe, Assistant Jamie Radcliffe Mary Sommermeyer, Amy Birky Curt Donaldson, Immediate Capital Campaign Treasurer Past President The Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Church. Any member or friend of the church is welcome to attend these meetings.

Church Office 6300 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510 Summer Office Hrs June 15 - August 14: Sunday: 9:00 AM—1:00 PM Tues-Fri: 9:00 AM —1:00 PM Closed Monday & Saturday Phone: 402.483.2213 Email: Website: The Beacon is published monthly. Newsletter subscriptions are $20 a year. This newsletter is printed on 35% minimum post-consumer content recycled paper. It is also available online at

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Monthly Newsletter of The Unitarian Church of Lincoln

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Monthly Newsletter of The Unitarian Church of Lincoln