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August 2013


BEACON U n i t a r i a n o f

Sunday Services

Charles in Charge

“Like Rivers to the Sea” Water Communion Aug 18

Radical hospitality

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Our church offered magical summer programming for children on July 15-18 & 22-25!

c h u r c h L i n c o l n

El Camino de Santiago An Armchair Tour

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Lantern Float Friday, August 9

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Students of Hogwarts Chalice Camp 2013 Week 1

Alycia Lehn is happy with the Sorting Hat’s choice.

Louis Helms leads the Firesong house in for an opening ceremony. !

Linda Brown’s Herbology Class included a tour of plants on church grounds.

Sydney Singh tells her future in her crystal ball in Divination Class.

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August 2013



A Month of Sundays 10:00 AM in the Auditorium

Sunday, August 4 –! "Water Brothers & Sisters: In our need for Water, We are One." Without water to drink there is no life. The UU Service Committee has chosen the “human right to water” as one of its primary four areas of focus. It is an issue of environmental justice. This Sunday we will celebrate the justice work of the UUSC and the remarkable work we have been doing in California and around the world to make safe drinking water available for everyone.!! Worship Leaders: Revs. Jim Eller (Kansas City UU Minister Emeritus) & Fritz Hudson Music: UU Flute Ensemble

Sunday, August 11–!"Souvenir" Je me souviens. Our family's rendezvous in Canada this summer found me trailing many Quebecois license plates with this legend. "I remember" – what motivates an entire province to proclaim this their motto? Souvenir, in French, is both verb and noun - a conscious activity not just an acquisition. A Saul Bellow novel character proclaimed "Memory is life." How so? Worship Leaders: Fritz Hudson & Chelsea Maitland Music: Bill Carpenter, piano Share the Plate: The Table at Indigo Bridge

Sunday, August 18 – "Like Rivers to the Sea" Where or how have we found and felt new life this summer? As the season turns our annual ritual is to draw upon our separate wellsprings to find a flow into our renewed common course. (To make your connection, please bring a small bit of water collected in your summer refreshment or plan to symbolize it with water from our shared reservoir.) Worship Leaders: Fritz Hudson & Chelsea Maitland Ceremony: NEW ADDITION GROUND-BREAKING (See page 3) Post-Service: All Church Picnic (See page 6)

Sunday, August 25 –! "Flight" Nothing changes your perspective like being aloft in a small plane. In T. H. White's !The Once And Future King, the magician Merlin changes Wart into a hawk; he flies, he learns, he sees no boundaries.!Two pilots from our congregation share their stories from this elevated perspective. Speakers: Tom Winter, Mark Hiatt Worship leader: Wesley Botham Ceremony: Religious Growth Leaders Installation Music: Bill Carpenter, piano Share the Care: Fundraising Committee !

6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

August 2013


WO RS H IP Parson to Person:

Cultivate & Celebrate offered by Rev. Fritz Hudson

We're "shovel-ready"! After our years of dreaming and talking and planning and choosing changes in our physical church, this month we begin their DOING! Our annual ingathering service – our Water Communion Sunday, August 18 - will close with a ground-breaking for our new addition.

This new beginning, of course, is really a REnewal. It recalls our first ground-breaking at 6300 A Street:

- Bring water, as always, from your source of personal renewal this summer. We'll fill our community bowl with its life-giving power. - BRING this year, as well, A SHOVEL. With the water we've gathered, we'll first sanctify the soil now covering our future foundations. Then each of us, shovel in hand, (ages <1 to 101+) will join in to "move our Earth."

Choose mindfully how you dress, August 18, 2013 - our future's eyes await us! Choose full-heartedly, as well, the spirit of our coming together this day. We invoked that spirit when we set "Our Mission, as a welcoming congregation":

We cultivate growth and celebrate the changes that growth brings. This day, LET'S DO IT! See you in Church


6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

August 2013



Why Teach?

offered by Chelsea Maitland, Religious Growth Director

-Children are the vigor in life and offer teachers freshness, vitality, and humility.

We are about to start another church year and are recruiting for teaching and assisting volunteers. Our Religious Growth and Learning Program for children and youth is not possible without these amazing adults who offer their time and wisdom. Over the past few years, I have asked teachers during orientation why it is that they like to teach. I have also asked what their hopes and dreams are for the children and youth of our church.

-My wish for our UU youth is that they will be confident and comfortable in both their strengths and their weaknesses.

Here are some of their responses:

-I teach because I want the children of this church to know they are loved and supported

-Children remind me to have more fun and take life a little less serious. It also gives me a sense of community. -I hope I can help them build good relationships with their classmates. -I like to teach because I know that to some of those I help to learn they will one day do the same for me, my children or their children.

-My dream for you is…to fly…to believe in dreams…and make your dreams come true. -My dream for you is to never be a copy. Be uniquely, wonderfully YOU! -Children remind me to lighten my load -I am teaching to enrich my own spirit

If any of these words spoke to you, please consider volunteering to either teach, assist, or substitute in our program. We ask of an average commitment of 7-10 Sundays per church year which runs from SeptemberJune. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact me. In Peace, Faith and Love,


Teacher Training Teacher Training will be August 16, 5:30-7:00PM and August 17, noon-1:30PM (your choice of days). Please let Chelsea know which date you will be attending if you have agreed to teach this year:

Church Cleanup Please help us clean the building! Whole building clean-up including RGL classroom space will be August 11 after the service.


August RGL Calendar Preschool Class and Nursery Care are available every Sunday for younger Pre-K children. August 4

Summer RGL Program

August 11

Summer RGL Program

August 18

All Ages Water Communion

August 25

Ingathering - Classroom Blessing

September 1

First day of Classes

6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

August 2013


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Charles in Charge

Picture it: Nebraska, 2013. Having just attended your first worship service at The Unitarian Church of Lincoln, you now stand in line for coffee. Offered a red striped mug, you are publicly identified as a visitor (in other words, as an “other”). You selfconsciously view fellowship hall artwork for 15 minutes before politely returning your candy cane coffee cup and then leaving, unsure you will return. As hyperbolic as the above scenario is, it represents what was (until very recently) our long-standing practice of coffee hour hospitality. Well intentioned though we were, we asked visitors to take the first step towards relationship building (noting, of course, many guests simply refused the striped mug or skipped the coffee hour altogether.) We placed the onus of communication and outreach upon guests in our church home.


Bothered by current practice, I suggested during the recent Worship Committee Retreat that we institute a policy of radical hospitality: trustees carry the striped mugs and the duty of visitors’ welcome. The suggestion carries the twin benefit of eliminating visitor anxiety (vis-à-vis the ubiquitous mugs) and ensuring our trustees are publicly identified. Like the Worship Committee Retreat attendees, our Trustees also supported the proposal. Therefore, our Sunday Trustee Announcements now specify trustees as the bearers of red-striped mugs and of welcoming conversation. In the Spring 2012 issue of the UU World, UUA President Peter Morales wrote “Hundreds of thousands of people will visit our congregations this year. They are looking for a religious home, for spiritual sustenance. They want to be accepted, to be engaged, to be loved…Smile [to them]. Say good morning. Start a conversation. You are about to meet some wonderful people.” Morales is right, of course. Hospitality is an opportunity—not a duty—and one that we share collectively. Truth be told, hospitality is about so much more than a brightly colored coffee mug. It’s about welcoming every visitor as you would a guest in your own home (a fitting metaphor on many levels.) Active, empowered, and inclusive hospitality: this is living our Principles and this is growth.

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August 2013



Playground Moving Day

Sunday, August 18 • 11:30AM • Grounds/Gallery

Saturday, August 3 • 8:00AM-5:00PM

Please join us for the renewal of our energy and spirit as we meet for the Water Communion service and potluck. Everyone is invited. Please bring a dish to share and your own table service. New members and newcomers are especially encouraged to join us. This event is hosted by the Newcomer Committee and volunteers who have graciously agreed to help set-up and clean-up. If you are able please plan to help with the set-up and clean - up too. Many hands make light work. Drinks will be provided.

Bring your socket sets, crescent wrenches and muscles to help dismantle the playground in preparation for our new construction that will be starting in a month. We'll start on Saturday, August 3 at 8AM. Come anytime. Bring water and gloves.!Recommend wearing close toed shoes and a hat and sunscreen. Call Harry Heafer if you have any questions: 402-420-1233.

Nelson Potter Honored

Saturday, August 24 • 2:00-4:00PM

Unitarian Church of Lincoln long-time member Faith Colburn will be reading excerpts from and signing her new book “Threshold: A Memoir.” Cookies and coffee will be served. Sponsored by the Bookstore Ladies.

Thursday, August 15 •5:30 - 8PM Christ United Methodist • 4530 A

During its upcoming annual potluck, Alternatives to the Military will be honoring Nelson Potter for his decades of community service with groups like the ACLU, Nebraskans for Peace and Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty. Kathy Johnson will be accepting the award on behalf of Nelson. All Unitarians are encouraged to attend.

Book Signing- “Threshold: A Memoir”

Newcomer Chat

Nelson Potter

Are you new to the Unitarian Church? Want to find out more about Unitarian Universalism? Join us for the Newcomer Chat the First Sunday of each month in the church library, room #2. Grab a cup of coffee and join. We will begin at 11:15 after church and usually are finished by 11:45AM. We’ll show you a short DVD about Unitarian Universalism and you’ll get a chance to ask

Shared Hospitality Workshop Saturday, September 7 • 8:30-11:30AM

All new members, members and friends are encouraged to attend the Shared Hospitality Workshop. You will have fun while making new friends, interact with others, and you will become an integral part of our ongoing mission of welcoming the stranger. Training at each of the Sunday stations will take place and we’ll discuss visiting with newcomers during coffee hour. This is important work that we do. It feeds our soul as we learn to “claim our strand of the interdependent web while honoring the needs of others.” Please save the date! Sign-up sheet will be on the Newcomer Welcome Table. Childcare can be arranged with enough notice. (Two weeks notice is preferable.)

“Lay service means claiming your own strand of the interdependent web while honoring the needs of others. “ - Erik Walker Wikstrom, author of Serving with Grace !

6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

August 2013


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS New Volunteer Opportunity

Save the Date

Volunteer at the Gathering Place to help those less fortunate than we are!

Saturday, October 27 • 2:00PM

Years ago Unitarians from our church volunteered regularly at The Gathering Place to prepare and serve an evening meal to those less fortunate that ourselves. Through no fault of our own the opportunity was lost to us until now. Recently I discovered the need for volunteers exists and that our help would be very welcome. What is needed: 6 – 10 people (8 is ideal) to show-up at 1448 E St on the appointed date in the early evening – 4:45 pm – serving begins at 5:00PM and lasts until 6:00PM. Volunteers are usually on their way home by 6:15PM. Our duties for the evening would be serving the meal, washing the dishes and putting them away and generally cleaning up the rooms that are used for serving. If you are interested in helping with this valuable service opportunity please contact Karen Dienstbier at

WHO ARE YOU CALLING A CRONE?! What is a "Crone"? Why are women proudly claiming this title? A Croning celebration will be held at the church on Saturday afternoon, October 27, 2013 to honor several Wise Older Women of this congregation. Shouldn't you be there to join in honoring these women? Should YOU be among those honored? For further information, call Joanna Fink at 488-9238 or e-mail

Note from the Bookstore ladies: Thank you for the wonderful donations this month. And remember WE LOVE TO SHELF the books. So, please don't take the pleasure away from us. Plus, we have a very organized systematic way of doing things.

An Evening on the El Camino de Santiago Sunday, August 4 • 7:00PM

The El Camino de Santiago, or The Way of Saint James, is the ancient pilgrim’s path that leads to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Join us at the church for an armchair tour of this ancient road. Duke Engel and Matt Hansen have each walked the El Camino de Santiago once and they will share their experiences in words and pictures. They will discuss the history of the Camino and the many stories and legends that have grown up around St. James. They will take us down the route itself which crosses the Pyrenees several times and contains the medieval churches, hospitals and refuges that supported the millions of pilgrims over the centuries. They will also discuss the monstrous cathedral itself that is found at Santiago de Compostela, a city that grew up around the original shrine!at the grave of St. James. If you have had no opportunity to travel this summer, this is your chance! !

6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

August 2013



A Chosen Faith Book Discussion

Saturday, July 27, 9:00 a. m. to 11:00 a.m.

A Chosen Faith will be offered Aug 4, Aug 11, Aug 25 and Sept 1, after church. There will be a light lunch serviced at 11:30AM in Room 6. Childcare will be available. If you are new to our church and would like to learn more about Unitarian Universalism please join us. This is a four week book discussion group. It is specifically geared for newcomers, but is open to anyone interested in reading the book and entering into discussion. The book is written by two noted Unitarian Universalist ministers and is based on our Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism. Plan to sign up at the Welcome Table on Sunday mornings or contact Karen Dienstbier at or see Karen after church.

The enhancement of our building will eliminate several of our flowerbeds. The Grounds Committee would like to give our shade-loving plants new homes in the Memorial Garden and we need your help. Bring a spade or a shovel if you are able and help us transplant perennials. After 11:00AM on Saturday, July 27, all remaining ornamental plants and shrubs along the walkway between the parking lot and our west entrance, except for the Hostas at the base of the linden tree, will be available for adoption. You are welcome to dig them up and take them home.

P S D & UUA N EWS MidAmerica Region Makes History at 2013 GA by Kathy Burek, MidAmerica Board Member

The MidAmerica Region made history at this year's General Assembly by becoming the UUA's first region. On the morning of Saturday, June 22, delegates approved the proposed amendments to the UUA Bylaws which will recognize regions alongside districts as part of the UUA's structure. The same set of proposed Bylaws amendments also added MidAmerica to the list of named UUA districts, and phased out the Central Midwest, Heartland, and Prairie Star Districts as they complete their process of dissolving and merging into the MidAmerica Region. The final vote was overwhelmingly in favor of our proposal. Contacting MidAmerica Region With the formation of MidAmerica Region, there is a new address, new phone numbers, and new emails. To contact staff members directly, use their individual email or phone numbers. Mail (all mail including Fair Share contributions): MidAmerica Region Unitarian Universalist Association 2355 Fairview Ave. #312 Roseville, MN 55113 312-636-9724 Web Site: Virtual Office: Phone: 312-636-9724, Fax: 224-603-2309, Email: Field Staff: Your first call for help is the former District staff you already know. Any staff member will be able to assist you with his or her knowledge and experience. For Field Staff members areas of expertise, see


6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

August 2013



GREEN CORNER Suggestions for August:

PERSONAL LIFESTYLE: Turn your thermostat way up or off when you leave home or office for an extended time-- don't repeatedly cool space you aren't using.

EDUCATION: Cimate Progress is a blog by Joe Romm, the most technically qualified partisan in the USA.

ADVOCACY Write Lincoln Electric System thanking them for July's big addition of wind power, and asking why they had to buy it from an Oklahoma project instead of one in Nebraska. Kevin G. Wailes, Administrator & CEO, 1040 O Street, P.O. Box 80869, Lincoln, NE 68501 LES Administrative Board at (http://



July 28

Aug 4

Aug 11

Aug 18

Aug 25

Pulpit Decoration

Leona Braziel

Linda Ager

Janine Copple

Karen Heafer

Barbara Ellis


Molly Klocksin

Deb & Paul Bevard

Mandie & Andy Schadwinkel

Becky & Sharad Seth

LaVonne & Gene Hanlon

Coffee Hosts







Cindy Maly

Lindsay Bartlett

Charles Coley

Liz Bonney

Charles Coley


Sheila & Orvis Wall

Janine Copple, Steve Larrick

Jong-Im Lee & Greg Rutledge

Tim Johnson, Mark Weddleton

Les & Lee Manns




Reed Maly

Roger Geery


Welcome Table

Trish & Tony Olderbak

Amy Birky

Carol & Jack Carlson

Connie Benjamin

Ameera & Nick Guenzel

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August 2013


O N - G O I N G A C TI V I TI ES The fellowship activities and discussion groups listed below happen on a regular basis and are open to new participants at any time. Please contact the group’s organizer if you have any questions!

Adult Game Night

Men’s Potluck

2nd Saturday of the month • Aug 10 6:30 PM Potluck • 8:00 PM Games

Second Monday of the month Aug 12 • 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Adult game night is August 10 at Lynn Darling's home at 2601!SW 23rd St.! From West Van Dorn and Coddington Ave (Lee's Chicken), continue west on Van Dorn to 23rd.! The house issecond on the left.! Please bring a dish to share.! Everyone welcome. Contact: Leona 402-489-0916

All men are invited to attend to enjoy good food and conversation. Table service will be provided. Bruce Raymer 402-475-7875

Bridge Groups Intermediate Group Every Tuesday 2:30 PM

Coordinator: Jackie Egan 402-435-6111!

Advanced group Every Wednesday •1:00 PM

Coordinator: Earl Kramer 402-489-8213! Want to join us? Contact us prior to the day of the game.

Coffeehouse Fourth Friday •Aug 23 7:00 PM •!Gallery

Board games for adults and kids. Open to all individuals. Hosted by the LGBTA Welcoming Cmte. Contact Nathan Woodruff

Men's Discussion Group Second & Fourth Tuesdays Aug 13 & 27•!7:15 PM

This is an open group which welcomes new participants at any time. Contact Duane Polzien 402-483-0522


Moms Group 2nd Monday of the month • Aug 12 5:30PM • Preschool/Room 5

Moms with young children meet to chat while the kids play. Contact Kim Ziemann 402-464-1179

Newcomers Chat First Sunday of every month Aug 4 • 11:15 AM • Room 2

Meet with visitors and friends in the Library to watch and discuss a 10-minute film called "Voices of a Liberal Faith.” Contact Karen Dienstbier 402-489-7545

foyer and come in to the yoga studio through the French doors to your left. Meditation, discussion and fellowship included. Contact LauraLee Woodruff 402-474-3272

Women’s Book Group Every three weeks •10:00 AM Gere Library • 56th & Normal Blvd.

All meetings are at Gere Library, except Aug 24, which will be at church in Rm2. For more information, contact Diane Richards August 3: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce August 24: Wild by Cheryl Strayed September 14:!Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver October 5:!The Green Boat:! Reviving Ourselves in Our !!!!!!!!! ! !!! Capsized Culture by Mary Pipher

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Women’s Brunch

Fourth Tuesday • Aug 27 • 7:00 PM Gallery/Aud/Rm 2 & 7

June 8 • 1:00 – 2:30 PM Braeda @ 48th & O

The LGBTA Welcoming Committee sponsors PFLAG which meets at our church each month. Maintaining confidentiality at each meeting is of the upmost importance. Please join us or visit us at

All UU Women are invited to join in the dining and conversation. Contact Margaret Brown 402-488-2882

UU Meditation Sangha 2nd & 4th (& 5th) Wednesday 7:15 PM •!1834 Ryons Street

When you enter the front door, please leave your shoes in the

Second Thursday of the month

Zen Meditation Every Thursday • 7:00PM • Room 11

We are a small group of UU's who meditate at at church each week. The Meditation Room can be used at any time. Contact Norm Simon 402-435-0225

6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •

August 2013


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS !"#$%&'($)'*+,%&-'.($'/%'0(1%'2#34'($)'!%5#6"(678 9$$+(:';($3%"$'<:#(3='*(>(&(,?'!(7 *#"34%(&3'@?)%='0#:5%&';(,%='9+>+&3'A='BCDE'F'G-ECHA-ECIJ !"#$%&'(#$'($)*+',-.&')/'&%%&01-2*'*-3&415'1$'/)46#2%&'2'*-11*&'1&7/$4245'%28&15'+&%&4.&'0&-1#&4'*-3&415'0$4' %28&159:';&0<27-0'=420>*-0?'!"#$%&"'()*+,-",.*%/*0,11#2)-(1"(?'@ABC

“Tōrō n2,2%#-'Dⅉ⡲ὶࡋ?) is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns (chōchin) down a river; tōrō is traditionally another word for lantern, while nagashi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`4$0&%'20+'F)720'^-,#1%?:'Q4$8&%%$4'`2.-+'=$4%51#&?'[#24*&%'H9'U26#'`-%1-0,)-%#&+'Q4$8&%%$4?'_G\L' -01&4021-$02**5'4&6$,0-a&+'#)720'4-,#1%'%6#$*249 VRBSR'!Q)4%)-0,'1#&'Z&6)4-15'$8'2'M$4*+'(-1#$)1'G)6*&24'M&2/$0%?:'Q4$8&%%$4'Q2)*'X*%$0?'4&1-4&+'W21&'=$%1&4'Q4$8&%%$4'$8' b0,*-%#?'_G\L'8$47&4'/4&%-+&01'$8'G=Q9 CRSScCRKSR'=*)1&'7)%-6R'"#&'2%%&73*&+',4$)/'(-**'*-,#1'1#&'*201&40%'20+'/4$6&&+'1$'8*$21'1#&7'21'%)0%&1 Z/$0%$4%R'=-4%1'_0-1&+'U&1#$+-%1'D2*%$'%)//*-&+'-0%)4206&'6&41-8-621&PL\-06$*0'=4-&0+%'U&&1-0,L'=-4%1'U&00$0-1&'[#)46#L' =-4%1'\)1#&420'[#)46#L'I01&*$/&'Q24>'[#)46#'$8'1#&';4&1#4&0L'[2**'1$'I61-$0?'G&342%>2L'[*&4,5'Q&26&72>&4%'$8'\-06$*0L' I*+&4%,21&'_0-1&+'U&1#$+-%1'[#)46#L'"4-0-15'_0-1&+'U&1#$+-%1'[#)46#L'_0-124-20'[#)46#'$8'\-06$*0L'G&342%>20%'8$4' Q&26&?'\-06$*0'[#2/1&4L'_0-1&+'G21-$0%'I%%$6-21-$09'dddd'\23$4'8$4'&.&01R'\201&40'[$0%14)61-$0R'Z)%20'I**&720L';4-11205' [42(8$4+L'\-06$*0'[#2/1&4'Z1&&4-0,'[$77-11&&L'Z)%20'U-**&4'Z6#$&0L'\201&40'^&14-&.2*R'H20-0&'[$//*&L'Z1&.&'\244-6>9''

!"##$%&'#(%)*%)+#%,-./012% !

6300 A St. • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402-483-2213 •


August 2013

O U R C O M M U N I TY Thank You’s

Milestones, Millstones, Stepping Stones Don Gibson has come home after a stint in the hospital and recovery center. He writes: “How can I thank you for the cards, flowers, wellwishing, rides (and much more) I have enjoyed as I received them from you during my recent illness. You have all surely fulfilled your calling as a church. I am thankful to be a part of this celebration of true religion.” Topher Hansen and Kristi Newcomb have a new grandson Landon Alan who was born on 7/8/13. Congratulations to all including parents Maddie and Ryan Gates.

Congratulations to members and former Lincolnites Justin and Ambyr Henderson on the birth of their daughter Quinn Juliet on 7/17/13! Our sympathies go to Christine Starr Davis and her family on the death of her step-father at the end of July. Cards may be sent to 851 Moraine Dr, Lincoln, NE 68510 Thank you to those who volunteered to help with the Sunday Hospitality Team work during the month of July. You are a VALUED part of our church community and appreciated for the work that you do!



Fritz Hudson, Minister •! Charles S Stephen, Jr. Minister Emeritus • Chelsea Maitland, Religious Growth Dir. • Jean Helms, Administrative Dir. • Julie Enersen, Worship Arts Dir. • Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate • Christina Strong, Administrative Associate •!

Board of Trustees

Management Team

Charles Coley, President Linda Hellerich Curt Donaldson, Vice-President Bob Haack Lindsay Bartlett, Secretary Christine Starr Davis Priscilla Handy Officers: Cindy Maly Mark Weddleton, Church Treasurer Leslie Ryan Linda Ager, Assistant David Williams Jo Donohoe, Assistant Penny Urwiler Liz Bonney-Heermann Mary Sommermeyer, Stephanie Geery-Zink Capital Campaign Treasurer The Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Church. Any member or friend of the church is welcome to attend these meetings.

Church Office 6300 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510 Office Hours (beginning Aug 15) Sunday: 9:00 AM—1:00 PM Tues-Fri: 9:00 AM —3:00 PM Closed Monday & Saturday Phone: 402.483.2213 Fax: 402.483.7461 Email: Website: The Beacon is published monthly. Newsletter subscriptions are $20 a year. This newsletter is printed on 35% minimum post-consumer content recycled paper. It is also available online at 6

Beacon aug2013  

Unitarian Church of Lincoln newsletter

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