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INCREASING THEFT CASE Student Should Be Cautious

STUDENT INTERVIEW About Internship and Graduation for UNISTARs

NATURAL INSPIRED TECHNOLOGY An Engineering Technology that Makes People’s Lives More Convenient and Enrich

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By Hail Jung

By Hyun-Sik Yoon

By Sung-Yoon Jung

By Malika Sholambayeva

By Ozan Simsekler

By Moon-Kyung Cho & Hail Jung

By Cholpon Kozhoiarova

By Heeyeon Kim

Science Walden Pabillio n

By Dong-Hyuk Lee

By Heeyeon Kim

Research 2.

Research 1.

Adhesive Protein Nanoparticles using Mussel

Clean Surface Processing Technology

Prof. Hyung Joon Cha of POSTECH

Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials

By Yeon-Jin Noh

By Hwain Jung

By Sung-Jin Bae

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