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Low Volume Nozzles Take Control of Your Spray ● ● ● ●

Neat Application - No more mess from excess fluid! Reduce fluid consumption Better Lubrication = Improved Part Quality Improve tool life

Metal Cutting Solutions Machining & Cutting: Get more by using less!! There is the OLD way and then there is the NEW way. The old way uses mineral oils mixed with water which are then called metalworking fluids. Unist Australia eliminates the OLD way (flood coolant) and replaces it with a cost effective alternative.‎ We‎ don’t‎ use‎ metal‎ working‎ fluids‎ we‎ use‎ a‎ CUTTING‎ OIL‎ (Unist‎ Coolube®) specially formulated by Unist for use with all minimum quantity lubrication systems (MQL). Our solution not only eliminates the safety hazard created due to coolant spilling over your machine tools and floors areas but also eliminates the wellknown disease called dermatitis that operators suffer from handling coolants.       

Revolution Coolubricator Saw Blade Lube System Coolubricator JR Low Volume Spray Nozzle Thru the tool Coolube

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