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3 September 2018

WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LOOK QUARTERLY MEMBERS NEWSLETTER Along with the usual updates on union activities and the regular word search we have introduced some new features:

Spotlight – a questions and answer section with a member of your Branch Team. Maureens Recipe – each issue we will include a recipe provided by Maureen Deans who worked for many years as a school cook.

Members Compe77on – This is a

UNISON sets appeal in motion on sleep-in case

‘We will be taking the appeal forward and fighting for our members’

general knowledge quiz and there will be a prize. This edition the winner will have a choice between a voucher for Afternoon Tea for Two at The Clifton Hotel or two tickets for a home game at South Shields Football Club. Index

UNISON has asked the Supreme Court for leave to appeal against the Court of Appeal decision that care workers’ sleep-in shifts do not count as work time and do need to be paid in line with the national minimum wage.

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The Supreme Court will now decide whether to grant the union the right to appeal against the July decision by the Court of Appeal.

“We believe the Court of Appeal got this decision completely wrong and will do everything we can to reverse it, says the union.

The latest on sleep-ins for care workers is on the next page PTO

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What was the decision? The Court of Appeal decided on Friday 13 July 2018 that sleep-in shifts do not count as working time. UNISON believes this is wrong, and is at odds with legal precedents and a common sense understanding of what counts as work. Most care workers on sleep-in shifts aren’t sleeping. Most nights they have to get up to care for people, are on constant call, and are not free to come and go from their place of work.

As promised in the July members bulletin we have made arrangements for the Christmas Trip. The details are as follows: Date Saturday 8th December Destination York Pick up details 8:30am South Shields Town hall, Beach Road 8:45am Jarrow Bus Station Depart York 5:30pm Drop off Jarrow Bus Station South Shields Town hall, Beach Road

What is UNISON doing about the decision? As of 7 August 2018, we have sought leave to appeal the decision at the Supreme Court. Head of legal services Adam Creme said: “UNISON has lodged an application to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal against the Court of Appeal decision in the Mencap case. There will be a period of time when the court considers the application but it is reasonable to expect the court will agree. Assuming this is agreed UNISON will be taking the appeal forward and fighting for our members. We believe the Court of Appeal got this decision completely wrong and will do everything we can to reverse it.”

Cost £10 per Member (payment in full when booking non refundable) £15 Per non Member (payment in full when booking – non refundable) Please note the following: Last year we received complaints from the bus company and some members regarding drunken and abusive behaviour on one of the buses. We would like to point out that any behaviour like this reflects very badly on the Branch so, for the coming trip we have taken the decision that any person behaving in a rowdy manner or clearly under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed on the bus or if the bad behaviour occurs during the journey they will be removed from the bus at the next services and will have to make their own way home.

Will my current claim for back pay be honoured, or can I still put in a claim for back pay? This is currently unclear. Individual members with queries about claims should contact their branch or regional officer to ensure they are updated. To find your branch contact details, please use the Branch Finder or phone our member helpline on 0800 0 857857. Can employers stop paying the minimum wage for sleep-ins? This is a fear, but we hope that, with most councils’ funding at national minimum wage levels, we do not go back to the bad old days of small lump sum payments. The Government should clarify these shifts should be paid at national minimum wage as a matter of urgency.

We regret we have had to take this action however this trip is intended to be a pleasurable experience for all and we will not tolerate disruption from a few.

Food Bank Thank you A

Huge Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful generous members who have donated to the appeal from the Food Bank Hospitality and Hope. The dona7ons you have given are making a huge difference. Suggested items are: 7ns, sauces, dried goods, toiletries, toilet rolls, tea, coffee & juice and don’t forget things like children’s treats, sweets, chocolate etc This is an ongoing appeal and we are always happy to take dona7ons in the Branch office or collect from your workplaces throughout the year.

Unions go to front of Class At the Durham Miners Gala in July this year Jeremy Corbyn called for children to be taught about unions before entering the workplace suggesting young people should learn about the principles of solidarity and collective action. “ Children should not only learn about trade unions and their rights at work but should be fully equipped to exercise and develop those rights” The TUC announced that its membership among the under 30 year old has fallen from 20% to just 17% in the last 17 years. To combat this trend union reps have been going into schools to teach students mostly in the 14 to 18 age group about the role of trade unions in the workplace. Generally just 3% of pupils have heard of a trade union. This scheme has been in existence in Scotland for well over a decade typically 100 schools a year. Training is offered to reps with opportunities to observe others and detailed lesson plans have been produced. Sessions start with questions and an explanation of trade unions in the simplest form and continue with role plays, videos and discussions and explanations of all the different types of unions out there. The response from schools has been very positive with return visits being requested. Key union achievements are also discussed, highlighting benefits that students may take for granted, such as Weekends, Maternity Leave and National Minimum Wage. Trips to the Houses of Parliament have also been arranged to meet with MPs to discuss the Vote 16 debate further. In the one hour session pupils learn that unions are there for them when they join work and they are given a pocket handbook listing minimum legal standards and contact details of where they can get help.

UNISON IS NOW BRITAINS LARGEST UNION UNISON now has 1,377,006 members making us Britains largest union. Unison’s rise to become Britain’s biggest union will be seen as an endorsement of its thoughtful and pragmatic approach to campaigning. That approach has helped Unison lead the way on recruiting women and defeat the government on employment tribunal fees which was a long and hard fought campaign

Maureen Makes … VIENNESE BISCUITS 175g (6 oz.) Margarine 50g (2oz) Caster Sugar 175g (6oz) Self Raising Flour Few drops of vanilla Essence 1. Heat oven to 160C, 325F Gas Mark 3. Grease Baking Tray 2. Cream fat and sugar very thoroughly, s7r in the flour and essence. 3. Place the mixture in a piping bag with a large star nozzle and pipe rosece 4. When cool, decorate to your choice. To make chocolate ones reduce your flour by 2oz and add 2oz of coco powder. I added chocolate chips to the biscuits but they are a licle more difficult to pipe. Enjoy!

SCHOOL NEWS !! Unions Into Schools –TUC resources for Schools Following on from the ar7cle on page 3 Unions go to the front of the class. We would like to make you aware of TUC Resources for Schools. These materials are designed to enable school to incorporate educa7on about Unions into lessons such as ci7zenship, personal health and social studies to name a few. There are five units to choose from each with a set of teachers’ notes, a 45-minute presenta7on featuring videos, slides fact sheets and other ac7vi7es. The units are:

The Essen7als – a beginners guide to trade unions, what they are, who they represent and what they do; Working Lives - and introduc7on to the world of work and the trade unison role in the workplace; Rights and Responsibili7es – a basic guide to rights and responsibili7es at work; History – a look at 200 years of Bri7sh trade union history, developed in partnership with the TUC Library collec7on at London Metropolitan University; and

Working for Global Jus7ce –

the trade union role in interna7onal campaigns for labour standards and human rights.

The TUC also has regional panels of young trade union speakers who deliver talks to schools . The TUC resources website is at hcp:// To find a speaker go to hcps://


UNISON Quiz Competition Please return the answers to the quiz on hard copy below to the Branch Office along with your name and contact details and phone number to be entered into the draw to win a choice of afternoon tea for two or tickets to a South Shields Football Club home game. This competition is open to UNISON Members only. All entries must be received by 1st October 2018

1) What is measured on the Beaufort scale? 2) What colour is a New York taxi? 3) What is the pirate's flag with the skull and cross-bones called? 4) What is the centuries old art clipping hedges into various ornamental shapes tradi7onally called? 5) In which film do Paul Newman and Robert Redford jump into a river holding hands? 6) What is the name given to a female deer? 7) According to the proverb, what do too many cooks do? 8) Which youth organisa7on held its first jamboree in 1920? 9) Which zodiac sign has the symbol of the bull? 10) What Paris club is famous for the can-can? 11) What does white smoke coming from the Va7can chimney mean? 12) What are the names of Princess Anne's two children?

Spotlight On The Team

We thought you might like to get to know your Branch Team a little bit better so we have decided to include a Spotlight on the Team section and ask them some questions which will give you an idea of who your representatives are. We have started with Jan Green the Branch Secretary. 1) Where is your favourite place in the world? I love the Dominican Republic and have very happy memories of my holiday there that would have been my answer however earlier this year we had a family holiday to Thailand and it would have to be something special to better that holiday. 2) How long have you been active in UNISON? I became active in 2013 and have been a full time activist since 2016. 3) Do you have any pets? I don’t have any pets but I do “dog sit” twice a year for a gorgeous pooch called Coco. He comes to live with me when his family are on holiday and I have to admit he is thoroughly spoiled. 4) What is your day job if not Branch Secretary? If I stopped being Branch Secretary I would return to my job with South Tyneside Council as a Mobile Technician. However I have got other strings to my bow, I am a trained hairdresser and once had my own business and I have also been a publican and have run a number of pubs. 5) What is your favourite song? That’s an easy question, We’ve got Tonight by Bob Segar and Silver Bullet Band. 6) You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what colour would you be and why? I think I would be Yellow, because I try to brighten things and be a ray of sunshine. 7) What is the last gift that you gave? Another easy one I brought a huge bag of courgettes in to give to Kathryn the admin assistant in the office, they are from my brothers allotment and I have exhausted all recipes for courgettes!! 8) What achievements from outside of UNISON have you been able to use in the Branch? I have been trained as a Samaritan and I have been able to bring this training into the Branch in my role of Welfare Officer. 9) How would you describe the colour yellow to a blind person? I would say it is a happy colour and warm and I would let them smell a lemon. 10) You have been given an elephant, you can’t sell it or give it away, what would you do with it? I would ride it to work, nothing like making an entrance.

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UNISON South Tyneside Newsletter September 2018  

UNISON South Tyneside Newsletter September 2018

UNISON South Tyneside Newsletter September 2018  

UNISON South Tyneside Newsletter September 2018