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Iowa Theta: By the Numbers • 47 members • 3.14 GPA • 2600 service hours • $25,510 raised for charity • Over 9000 pounds of food collected for the Cedar Valley Food Bank • 8 of the last 9 intramural titles • 4 of the last 5 IFC Presidents • Chapter of the Year 02-03 • Greek Man of the Year 0102 and 02-03 • 5 straight Buchanan Cups • 3 former Regional Directors • Student Organization of the Year 1-04

The 2003-2004 school year was once again a very successful year for the chapter as the Undergraduates received many awards for their diligent efforts. The chapter received awards during the Greek Awards Banquet for the following: Greek Man of the Year - Nathan Lombardi Past President of the Year - Aaron DeJong Chapter Advisor of the Year - Father Mark Ressler Highest Fraternity Cumulative GPA - 3.14 Most Improved Chapter GPA - 3.03 to 3.14 Most Likely to Become UNI's Next Greek Advisor - Josh Meyer During the University Awards Banquet held earlier in the Spring, the chapter received the coveted Student Organization of the Year. This is truly a reflection of the many great things that the chapter has and does year in and year out. Chapter President Steve Waigand ’05 has and continues to look at the positives in any situation. He writes “SigEp is on top. In the upcoming days and weeks many people will ask of our reaction to our chapter not receiving the award. We know we are the best on campus but this is no time to go running our mouths and whining about not winning. Congratulate those that won and use this as motivation for the upcoming year. “Ability will enable a man to go to the top, but it takes character to keep him there." Many people are looking to see how we react to this, lets let SigEp's true colors shine those of the University of Northern Iowa's Student Organization of the Year.

Sig Ep’s Volunteering Volunteering is an ideal that is a major reflection of the characteristics that many Alumni have continued with throughout their careers. Brother Chad Ellsworth ’95, founding father of Iowa Theta, has diligently taken on many volunteering efforts throughout the area. He is a member of the Urbandale Jaycees, where he volunteers his time/efforts to other charitable entities, older citizens, etc. He has gotten involved with his firm’s activities for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, where as a firm have raised over $5,000 during the Work For The Cure, JDRF event that is done in downtown Des Moines. Continued on page 5

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V o lu m e 1 0, Is s u e 2

U N D E R G R A D UA T E E X E C U T I V E B OA R D President STEVE WAIGLAND Hi, my name is Steve Waigand. I am a junior elementary/middle school education major with a mathematics minor here at UNI. I joined Sigma Phi Epsilon in the Fall 2001 and have held the Knick-Knacks and Vice President of Programming positions prior to being elected President for 2004. I am looking forward to working with my fellow brothers to continue the rich tradition of Iowa Theta locally and nationally. The semester is off to a great start as we look to implement several new ideas promoting the ‘Balanced Man’ ideal in the near future.

“ We were all equal. We all worked together for the best of all of us.“

Outside of academic and fraternal affairs, I enjoy spending time with my family and golfing back in small town Afton, Iowa. I am the second youngest in a family of eight. My youngest brother is a senior at East Union CSD in Afton; I enjoy watching him participate in athletics. I coach little league baseball and do a lot of camping during the summer months. Overall, UNI and SigEp has been a great choice for me in all aspects of my life. It’s a great day to be a SigEp.

V.P. of Recruitment


I'm a Public Relations major in my second year here at UNI. I'm currently serving as the Vice President of Recruitment. I enjoy telling people about our great organization and take pride in being the first person that many recruits meet as they begin their journey with SigEp. Before taking this

position, I served as Rush Chairman for a year. I am from a small town called Sully, Iowa. My dad, Craig is the owner/operator of Classic Car Wash and Westside Mini Storage. Linda, my mom, works in the office at Vermeer Mfg. in Pella, Iowa. I also have two sisters. Jennifer is a freshman at Dordt College and Paige is a 5th grader at Sully Christian School. In my spare time I enjoy heading out to the lake with friends for some

waterskiing and wakeboarding. I also play way too much golf. SigEp for me can be broken down into two categories; the good times and the great times. The friends that I have made through SigEp and the experiences we have shared is what I will remember most about my years at UNI. I'm looking forward to taking the reins of recruitment and serving my fraternity and yours to the best of my abilities.

B eh in d T h e R e d D o or

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V.P. of Development

JEREMY WEEKS My name is Jeremy Weeks. I am originally from Indianola, Iowa. My family is still living there. My parents are in the medical profession and my younger brother is in High School and my sister is pursuing a nursing degree. I enjoy reading religious books and exercising through sports and running. I am involved on campus with the Navigators a college Christian ministry. I joined SigEp not really sure what I was doing but have found direction, opportunity and a brotherhood offered nowhere else. I don't need to sell SigEp to you but it has blessed me to be a part of this organization. Now recently elected Vice President of Development I have a full plate. I am excited to see the new momentum that IA Theta has put forth. My name is Dustin Lumpa. I am 19 yrs. old from Monticello, IA. I went to Monticello High School and was a panther for 12 years, which I am continuing today. I am currently a sophomore here at UNI and going into a double major of Finance/Real Estate. My family consists of my mom (Janine Bossard), dad (David Lumpa), sister (Jasmine Lumpa), two half brothers (Riley Bossard & Dallas Lumpa), and a half sister (Hailee Bossard). Currently, I am the V.P. of Finance and my plans are to continue past traditions in balancing the finances, but attempt to go


D U S T I N L U M PA V.P. of Finance a little further. As far as organization, I have been asked to prepare a cash flow statement for each month of the year and I am currently working on that. I am also looking into a better way to present the budget to the chapter. I haven't been involved in past positions, but I plan to continue V.P. of Finance and stay active in intramurals, philanthropy, and academics. Throughout my collegiate career SigEp has meant a pathway to involvement. Without SigEp, I never would have gotten involved and stayed with as many of the things I am now achieving. It has been a great 2 years of my life spent and many more to come.


My name is Dave Kniffen. I graduated from high school at Williamsburg Jr/Sr High School. Parents are Todd and Marge Kniffen. Two little brothers, Stephen (16) and Luke (12). I enjoy watching and attending Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings and Iowa Hawkeye games. I also enjoy being around my family, friends and SigEp brothers. I am currently a sophomore. I was the academic chairman and the Guide for the Standards Board last term. By previously holding these two positions, I knew that a bigger role was expected of me. I decided to become the Iowa Theta Chaplain. The main goal is to make the chapter's average GPA 3.15 and continue to make IA Theta the foundation for great leaders at UNI.

Hold These Dates!! June 5 Alumni Golf Outing Des Moines, Iowa September 4 UNI v. ISU Football game Ames October 8/9 UNI Homecoming Cedar Falls

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V o lu m e 1 0, Is s u e 2



JAKE DANIEL FRIEDRICHSEN V.P. of Programming Hello, My name is Jake Daniel Friedrichsen and I am Vice President of Programming in Sigma Phi Epsilon. I was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa and attended East High. I was very active in high school and participated in show choir, football, and track. My parents are Curt and Patricia Friedrichsen. My father owns his own communications business and my mother works at Midwest Community Credit Union. I am a sophomore here at UNI and my major is political science and my minor is politics in law. My goal is eventually to attend law school somewhere on the east coast. After getting my law degree I want to get involved in state politics back in Iowa being a campaign manager or director of public relations. I am looking forward to a successful year of programming with lots of fun and hard work..

Births Max William Anderson, to Derek and Kari Anderson

A DA M B AG G E T T V.P. of Communications I'm Adam Baggett, a freshman from Ankeny, Iowa. I come from a five member family. My dad, Doug, works for Lennox in Marshalltown, my mom, Ellie, works for Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny, I have a sister, Carrie, who is a junior at Ankeny High School, and I have a brother, Nate, who is a freshman at Northview Middle School. I am majoring in History Nonteaching and in Sociology. I will probably end up going to graduate

school after I graduate from UNI. I am currently the VP of Communications, and I am also the Sorority Chair for Recruitment. In my VP position I plan to finish up the chapter of the year application, and then when that is finished I will work on organizing the paperwork that surrounds my position. Lastly, SigEp has been a source of friendship and growth (mentally, physically, and spiritually) throughout my first semester.

B eh in d T h e R e d D o or

Sig Ep’s Volunteering Brother Ellsworth has been involved with the Iowa Beta, Iowa State University, for about four years. He has held the offices of Vice President, President, and is currently the Secretary for the Alumni Board. The Board has been working hard to set the right tone at the top for the Undergraduates and have worked diligently to set that example. The Alumni Board has assisted in recruiting by working side by side with the Undergraduates calling incoming freshman, great recruitment numbers followed with this. “Volunteering for Sig Ep has been a challenging and rewarding experience that has given me a greater appreciation of the tremendous volunteers with Iowa Theta while I was an undergrad. They did (and continue to do) a great job!” The Board has refinanced the house and did a considerable amount of remodeling, one of which was a two weekend effort where they came in and did a deep clean of the house. They threw out old items that filled one large grain truck as well as the dumpsters for trash collection.


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(continued from page 1) They then did a deep cleaning of certain areas and started replacing doors and other odd jobs. The next item was to clean and paint the house parent’s apartment. They both were smokers and seeing the walls of the apartment would get many smokers to quit. Brother Ellsworth went to the chapter house the week before classes started for an afternoon and worked beside the Undergraduates cleaning the house, scrubbing stairs, etc. He states that working with these young gentlemen has been a very tough and difficult job, but one that is very rewarding. It’s great working with them and it feels great to impact Undergraduate SigEps! It has given me a greater appreciation of everyone's time. “When you volunteer your time, you really start to see how precious of a resource that is and you start to look at things in a different light,” commented Ellsworth.


Brother Brian Pederson ’01 has kept busy with Sigma Phi Epsilon since graduating serving as a Regional Director for the National Fraternity and now as the Scholarship Advisor for the Colorado Gamma chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Brother Pederson says “It’s a big commitment to volunteer, especially to give of your time.” We all can give money and it is very easy to get out the check book to write a donation and then move on. Giving of one’s time is priceless. Due to volunteers making the time, events get planned, improvements get made to chapter houses, and we all get updates on what our chapter is doing to improve the college experience. That’s what being a volunteer has taught me. I have a considerable amount of respect for others who choose to volunteer and grow with it.

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Sites to bookmark Career networking and mentoring for SigEps www.sigepprofessional Iowa Theta on the web New Iowa Theta website (in development) te/lay_home/cfm New Iowa Theta Intranet (in development) DesktopDefault.aspx SigEp Headquarters University of Northern Iowa UNI Alumni Association Panther Athletics

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V o lu m e 1 0, Is s u e 2


UC Irvine was founded as the first Beta Alpha Chapter of the fraternity in 1997. The chapter won a Buchanan Cup at the 2001 Grand Chapter Conclave. For the past two years they have hosted a District 28 Sports Day, where Southern California Chapters come to their campus to compete in different sporting events. It is a way to promote competition amongst chapters and to celebrate the Balanced Man Ideal.



Brother Nick Patterson ’03 recently moved to Colorado where he serves as a Sales Representative for Document Imaging. He has also been heavily involved as serving as the Chapter Counselor and the Balanced Man Steward at the SigEp chapter at Colorado State. In February he accompanied the Undergrads at CLA in Kansas City. He has and continues to work with the brothers at Colorado State to incorporate the ideals and practices of being a Balanced Man Chapter. Colorado State is currently involved with a five year process of fundraising for a new house and they have been involved with various meetings with Pennington, a Greek fundraising company. He and the Undergraduates have embarked on a journey that will be long and difficult but ultimately rewarding.

Brother Mark McConnell ’03 has been serving as the Chapter Counselor at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. His primary responsibilities are to act as the liaison between the Undergraduate membership and the Alumni Board. His role entails acting as an advisor to the Undergraduate leadership throughout the chapter on serious matters and informing them of Alumni Board concerns and mandates, fulfilling the Alumni roles in the ritual, acting as a bridge between headquarters and the Undergraduates, representing the Alumni Board at regional and national SigEp functions, and voicing Undergraduate needs to the Alumni Board. He does this by staying in steady contact with the Undergraduate chapter and Alumni Board by attending executive council meetings, formal chapter meetings, Alumni Board meetings, ritual rites of passage, Alumni functions and scholarship receptions, and any other function Iowa Delta asks him to attend that he can fit within his busy schedule. On average, Brother McConnell is at the Drake House once a week and spends a couple of hours there or in correspondence with Drake brothers every week. “Volunteering not only instills a greater urge to give of myself to others, but also gives me a deep sense of appreciation for those who have volunteered (and continue to volunteer) before me,” said McConnell.

Brother Clint Anderson ’94 and founding father of Iowa Theta, contributed a great deal with his volunteer efforts in assisting with the establishment of CA Beta Alpha at UC-Irvine (University of California at Irvine). He was asked in 1995 to be the founding Chapter Counselor as it got up and running. The Alumni Board was founded in the summer of 1995 and the colony was launched in the fall of 1995. The Alumni Board included alumni form Nebraska, Oklahoma, Marshall, Long Beach State, Chapman University, and New Mexico State. The colony was established with a strong initial class and continued to do very well. The colony was charted in 1997 as California Beta Alpha. The chapter obtained housing in 1998 in the university-owned housing complex for Greek organizations. Brother Anderson resigned his role with the chapter in 1999 when he started Graduate School. Today, his volunteer efforts are with his church, Redeemer Presbyterian, in which he is the treasurer. He is also a member of the Association for Corporate Growth, and later this year will become a board member of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Orange County's internationallyacclaimed professional orchestra.

B eh in d T h e R e d D o or

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For the first time in 14 years, the UNI men's basketball team returned to the NCAA tournament. The Panthers faced Georgia Tech in the first round on March 19th. Hundreds of fans made the trip to Milwaukee to cheer on the team in person, while hundreds more gathered at game watch locations around the country. Although the Panthers struggled in the first half, the Panthers came out strong after half time, going on a 15-2 run in the first four minutes. UNI eventually reclaimed the lead by one, but Georgia Tech came back. Georgia Tech escaped with a narrow victory of 65-60 over the Panthers.



Upcoming Alumni Events The Alumni Association is sponsoring several upcoming alumni events. You don't want to miss out on these great opportunities to meet other alumni and reconnect with UNI! May 10 - Sacramento Alumni Reception with UNI's Peterhof Quartet. May 11 - San Francisco Alumni Reception with UNI's Peterhof Quartet. May 13 - Los Angeles Alumni Reception with UNI's Peterhof Quartet.



CHALLENGE UNI's Human Performance Complex Fund Drive received a boost recently. The R.J. McElroy Trust pledged $500,000 for the Human Performance Complex as a challenge grant. Through this challenge, the UNI Foundation is charged with raising $1 million in order to receive the $500,000 from the Trust. This is an outstanding opportunity for UNI to complete fundraising for this important project. For more information on the Human Performance Complex and the Students First Campaign, visit

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Abraham Lincoln

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V o lu m e 1 0, Is s u e 2



A SigEp alumnus, Brother Steven Yang, from Pittsburg, has created a website for fellow SigEps to post their resumes/jobs and look for internships, jobs, etc. The site is in the early stages of its development, however some internships and jobs have already been posted. The site is constantly being updated and is a great way to stay current with developments pertaining to job openings in your field. The word is getting out, so check it out.

"Faith in the ability of a unless it be united with

Go to: Click on Register For access code: TNGAMMA Password: (create your own)

faith in his justice."

This is to ensure that this site is exclusively for SigEps.

leader is of slight service

-George Goethals

RUCK LEADERS HIP INSTITUTE Brother Steve Waigand ’05 has been selected to attend the 2004 Ruck Leadership Institute to be held at the College of William & Mary and will host 120 undergraduates from throughout the country with a median 3.4 GPA and outstanding leadership experience. The Ruck Leadership Institute was founded on the tenets of teaching the few to impact the many, living a balanced life with a Sound Mind and Sound Body, and setting the stage for future volunteering with SigEp. The Ruck Leadership Institute has impacted 249 participants and 146 chapters in only five years.

S A R T O R I H O S P I T A L R E N OVAT I O N S Last year's Hoops 4 Hearts funds were donated to fund the remodeling of Sartori Hospital's ER. In lieu of this, Dave Swineheart (a SigEp alumnus and Sartori contact) invited IA Theta members for a tour of the ER. No construction had begun yet so the direction that the tour focused on was the changes that would be made with the money donated. The tour occurred on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2004 at 4:00 PM. Dave was very excited about having us in and this assisted IA Theta to appreciate more how our hard work actually does make a difference to people.

B eh in d T h e R e d D o or


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Summer recruitment is an integral part of the overall recruitment process. This has become an even greater area of focus for the Undergraduates to increase chapter numbers to that of the larger SigEp chapters throughout the country. In accordance with the BMS interviews, the Undergraduates have made it a priority to stay in contact with potential recruits obtained through the BMS and through various other sources on a biweekly basis. The Recruitment Committee is also planning on coordinating another SigEp Summer Blowout that has been successful in previous years. The third approach that the chapter is taking is to host a weekend gathering in Okoboji at one of the Undergraduate’s homes. This promises to be a wellfocused and challenging recruitment summer as the ef-

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." John F. Kennedy



As we begin to finalize our recruitment plans for the summer and coming fall, we are trying to make use of all resources available. One of these valuable resources is our alumni. Please consider attending the Balanced Man Scholarship Banquet which will be held on August 22, 2004. It will undoubtedly be an asset to our recruitment efforts to have alumni floating around talking to recruits and giving their angle on Sigma Phi Epsilon. In addition to the BMS Banquet, if you know any young men attending UNI this fall who would make a good SigEp, please contact them and myself. Our Fall Rush schedule will also be coming out soon and, as always, you are invited to attend these events. I am aware that everyone is busy with family, work, and other activities, but please consider attending an event or two and helping us out. Thank you for your continued support. HFF, Jason Zylstra V.P. of Recruitment

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May Graduates Eric Pecinovsky B.A. Business Administration 641-521-4082 Devin Rodgers B.A. Finance and Accounting Aaron DeJong B.A. Community Economic Development and minor Political Science 319-404-7205 Shaun Hogle B.A. Finance and Minor Economics

V o lu m e 1 0, Is s u e 2

S I G E P ’ S S H I N E W I T H U N I L U X AWA R D The University holds an award each spring that recognizes its top two individuals for service to the University and to the community. The Lux Service Award is a prestigious award sought by many at the University. To be eligible, an Undergraduate must demonstrate service to the University of Northern Iowa, is currently enrolled at the University, has completed 90 or more credit hours and is a Senior standing by May 31, 2004, and has earned a 3.0 or better grade point average at the time of nomination. There were two members of the chapter that were nominated for this award by faculty of the University. Matt Harris ’04 was nominated for this award. Brother Harris is a Public Relations Major and is working towards a minor in Marketing. He has served as the Philanthropy Chair, Senior Marshall for the Standards Board, and was instrumental in getting the chapter involved with the efforts in downtown Cedar Falls. He was the recipient of the Philanthropy/Community Service Greek Member of the year in 2002 and serves as a member of the University’s Student Alumni Ambassadors and is involved with the Varsity Men’s Glee Club. Brother Harris and his family were the recipients of the University’s Family of the Year 2003. He is involved with the Cedar Falls 2010 Strategic Planning Team and served an internship at the Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors Bureau.


Steve Waigand ’05. Brother Waigand’s credentials include being chapter President, Vice President of Programming, has a cumulative GPA of 4.0, is an Elementary/Middle School Education major with a K-6 Mathematics minor and a 7-12 Mathematics Endorsement, is an Intramural Official, is CBB Department of Management secretary assistant and has given tours to potential new faculty members, has helped over 2,600 UNI students over the past two years give up a meal to benefit the Northeast Iowa Food Bank and was able to raise nearly $5,000 for it, has served as an IFC delegate, has been CoChair of Philanthropy ay for Greek Week, is a member of Student Association for Middle Level Educators, has attended sever reading and math conferences held at UNI, is a Hoops for Hearts 3 on 3 Tournament Coordinator and participated in it, is a recipient of the Theodora Mapes education Foundation Scholarship, is a mentor and pen pal at Edison Elementary School, a Blackhawk Elementary School reading buddy, a Price Lab School math mentor, and has served as a Little League Baseball coach for 3 years in Afton, Iowa. Congratulations brothers, keep up the great work!


The Undergraduates have implemented a program to continue with SigEp's "Sound Mind, Sound Body" philosophy entitled the "SigEp IronMan Triathlon Challenge."The IronMan Triathlon Challenge will be implemented into our challenges this semester as an alternative exercise program for some people. Five IronMan points are rewarded if you completed the challenge. Also, this could have an impact on our yearly Athletic Excellence Award. Here are the three different challenges you could take: 1. Traditional Ironman Triathlon Challenge (swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles, run 26.2 miles) or 2. Non-swimmers Ironman Challenge (row 10000 meters, cycle 112 miles, run 26.2 miles) or 3. Double Ironman Challenge (swim 4.8 miles, cycle 224 miles, run 52.4 miles) Triathlon Challenge started: Monday, Feb. 16, 2004 Triathlon Challenge ended: Saturday, May 1, 2004

B eh in d T h e R e d D o or



The Undergraduates hosted the third annual Hoops for Hearts 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on April 17. The tournament was filled with ten quality teams made of players from UNI, East Union High School, Grinnell College, Grandview College, Wartburg College, and Iowa State College. Each participant received a tournament TShirt, Gatorade, and pizza. The tournament was held in a pool style play with each team guaranteed four games. The chapter donated $700.00 to Sartori Hospital and received press coverage from the Waterloo Courier and the Northern Iowan.

RAISING BALANCED MEN ACROSS THE STATE The Undergraduates hosted the Annual Mom’s Day on April 18. This year’s festivities included the mothers meeting at the house for house tours and then heading to the bowling alley for some friendly competition. Once the bowling was complete, a silent auction occurred at the chapter house and a total of $2002.00 was raised to be used towards the house for improvements. This is the third year that this event has been hosted and in years past, the Undergrads and their mothers have had a luncheon, tours of the University, awards, and socializing. Fitting for the occasion, the Undergrads are having T-Shirts made for their mothers that will say “Raising Balanced Men Across the State.”

Sig Ep’s entering the real world The month of May brings graduation to a few of the fine SigEp’s. We wish the new graduates every bit of success in their new endeavors. They have been extremely active and successful in Iowa Theta. They have contributed to (since 2000): 2 Buchanan Cups (1999-2001, 2001-2003) 3 Intramural Titles (2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004) 1 Chapter of the Year (2003), hopefully two 1 Student Organization of the Year (2003-2004) 3 Academic Excellence awards (Top Fraternity on campus) 4 Manpower Excellence awards (Top Fraternity on campus) Held 8 Executive Board positions and countless committees

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May Graduates Kevin Hetland B.A. General Communication and minor Marketing 641.780.0666 Andrew Danks BA: Biology: Environmental Emphasis and Minors Chemistry and Economics 319.721.6267 Matt Harris B.A.: Public Relations, Minor Marketing 319.240.4706 Nate Lombardi B.A. Biomedical and Minor Chemistry 319.240.8644 Dan Boyce Corey Jansen Nate Lowry Sean Salger

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Behind the Red Door The Newsletter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Iowa Theta Chapter Editor: Kate Westercamp (PRide) Managing Editor: Carson Hattel (’03) Chapter Officers: President- Steve Waigand VP of Programming- Jake Friederichsen VP of Development-Jeremy Weeks VP of Recruitment-Jason Zylstra VP of Finance-Dustin Lumpa VP of Communications-Adam Baggett Chaplain-Dave Kniffen House Manager-Ben Bjorholm IFC President-Josh Meyer Alumni Board Officers President-Dave Friederichs VP of Relations-Bob Graper VP of Undergraduates-Mark Ressler Secretary-Josh Pedelty Golf Outing-Mike Bringle Newsletters-Carson Hattel Website-Matt Bremer Faculty Advisor-Carol Weisenberger Open Director-Tom Shank

V o lu m e 1 0, Is s u e 2

Spring 2004 Alumni Newsletter  

Spring 2004 alumni newsletter for the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of Northern Iowa.

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