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ABOUT THE AUTHOR William Michiel Simson van Dijkhuizen is half British and half Dutch. He has lived in 5 different places in his life and those places are Australia, India, Sri lanka, Malaysia and Vietnam. He was born in Sydney, Australia at 28/5/2001 at about 4:00 to 7:00 pm. His favorite sports are volleyball, basketball and football. He went to school in Colombo the schools name was the Overseas School of Colombo, Montkiara International School and United Nations International School Hanoi. He started writing poetry in kindergarten with other children.


HANOI POEM Big Viet Nam is‌ A scary night Stealing and driving A place of frowns A land shaped like a giraffes neck A country of market and traditions

A place where people live off the land The country of fields and farming The poor make money They buy motorbikes Then there is the world of motorbikes

Everywhere there are honks Bikes on the pavement Where will Wil walk?


MALDIVES POEM GOOD SIDE, BAD SIDE Maldives is‌ A relaxing place to be Beautiful endless blue ocean Hearing the waves go swish swoosh Tasting the salt on your tongue The cool water on your skin A boat out at sea The sound of the engine

The smell of the oil The boat going up and down Looking at the sea from the boat Diving into the sea to look at a animal It is a sleeping shark It might wake up

Swim away to safety I get on the boat Where do I go now???


CHEETAH POEMS My sister and I are cheetahs growling at each other getting ready to fight. items in my house are the sand shooting up when we knock things over. My dad is the plants taking up space. My mum is the sand trying to keep peace between my dad, sister and I. My dad, sister, mum and I are the picture making harmony without each piece it would not be even.

The amazing cheetah is‌. A fighter prepared attacker and defender Killing its prey Survival of the fittest A thing An object of beauty An animal with brown eyes Yellow fur, black dots The cheetah plots For the kill With the skill 6

ALLITERATION POEM Today two terribly talkative teal Turkish toads took two terribly timid Thai turtles toward Tanzania to two typically technological taverns to talk together talkatively till ten terribly tenacious Tajik terrorists tenaciously tied twelve talented teenage tourists




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