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1. Concrete Poem 2. Limerick Poem 3. Couplet Poem 4. Kenning Poem 5. Twelve Line Poem


Once their was blob who’s had a name called bob All he ever wanted to do was make a mob He asked his friends for help But they all yelped So bob sat their and played around with log


My awesome Jacket Once I had a really cool jacket So I named him packet But one day I lost it On my friends arm pit So I told my Dad And he got really mad So I sat on my bed And thought of the colour red


Lion: Fast Hunter Fluffy mane Aggressive roar Animal Chaser Gigantic Cat


Aggressive Tiger Fighting awesome Tigers In a rainy grass land Next year In a country GRRRRRRRR Roared the Tiger Tigers are strong Tigers are as strong as Titanium Tigers have huge muscles Stay Alert!!


Hi, I am Thang Bui and I guess you could say that I am a sporty type of guy. When make poems I find it kind of hard because sometimes I am unfocused and to me making poems is so much easier when it relates to real life. After the Poetry unit I have learnt a lot about poetry for example: The twelve line poem, the concrete poem, the kenning poem, the couplet poem, the extended metaphor poem, and the limerick poem. But to be honest at the starting of the Unit I didn’t really like this unit but now since I learnt a lot about poetry I realized that this unit enhanced my creative skills a bit and I also know that during the years I will learn more about poetry


EngB06 - Creativity - Poetry Collection - Thang Bui  
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