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My Brother My brother is a king he gets what he wants. My brother is a king he beats who ever doesn't listen. My brother is a king he uses my dad as a elephant. My brother is a king he goes to sleep when he wants. My brother is a king he has a kingdom on the top floor, where he plays all day.

Food Noises Crunching barbeque potato chips. Slurping noodles between your lips. Gulping down a tasty drink. Chomping on food that makes you think. Because I crunched slurped gulped and chomped down all this tasty food I think I need to go to the bathroom.

Homework Is Hell Homework is hell its like jumping off a tower bell . Homework is hell its like blow drying in a well. School is a acid pool. School makes me drool. Homework is hell it makes me want to yell.

Concrete Xbox

My Fat Cat My cat is very fat. He broke my baseball bat. It cant even catch a rat. I always know where he's at Because he's very very fat. /| .--''^``-...___.._.,; /, '. _-' ,--,,,--''' { `_-'' ' /} `;;' ; ;; ._..--'' ._,,, _..' .;.' (,_....----''' (,..--''

About The Author Luke Harris was born in America in 2001 and moved to Hanoi Vietnam in 2008. He comes up with inspiration from random things in Hanoi, the internet, and things he enjoys doing. My themes probably are animals, family members, school, food, and video games.

EngA06 - Imaginary Worlds - Poem Collection - Luke Harris  
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