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Yu Bin Jwa


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My Bed Night Bed Crowded Hanoi Song of the Raindrop Where You Are About the Author Picture Citations


My Bed My bed is like a spread sky. It is as white as a cream cake, And it makes me think of clouds swimming across the blue sky It sounds like a bird flapping it's wings,

Which makes me smudge in It tastes like a cotton candy, And when I jump inside the bed, Feather-fluffy blanket rolls me up and it bakes a sweet dream for one night.

Good night! 3

Night Bed I am inside my bed, Lying down aimlessly All sorts of weird imaginations Come into my head Make me stay awake. Just want to stay up, But I won't be able to get up As soon as I close my eyes, I remembered the true story That if a person imagine an old house of the one With all of the windows are shut And open the door, Will be able to see ghosts Just imagined an old house from my childhood

Can’t close my eyes again I see myself reflected Inside the light bulb on the ceiling Tired Annoyed Frozen I smell fluffy blankets that are pushing me down, I drink the cold night air, And feel something staring at me. I hear rustling sound, Rustle Rustle. Smell nothing but darkness. I truly want to close my eyes. 4

Crowded Hanoi Striking delivery motorbikes Chilly, dusty, and humid Always crowded, Hanoi

Crowded Hanoi The motorbike goes by Buzz! Always surprising, Hanoi

The street smells like fuel, But also smells like a delicious pho. Hanoi has lots of colorful smells Always unforgettable, Hanoi 5

of Raindrop is dropping It's raining every where, Tickling the leaves. Tick Tock Trickle Silly little raindrop

Tomato-red ladybug hiding under bean plant Dropping on ladybug's back Drip Drop Drizzle Blue little raindrop 6

Drip drop The rain that knocks the lake mirror Made my reflected face wave like a heat-haze

Where you are

Trickle trickle drizzling dawn I was quietly waiting for you in the woods. The woods were quiet as a dead mouse, And I was tensed if the silence will sweep me away.

I heard midnight-blue forest singing quietly, And icy but mellow wind tickled my nose Ah-choo! Then got surprised by clamoring echo Swoosh whoosh Whistling wind Was lithe as a smile, But seeing my face that trickling raindrop moistened Makes me taste the smolder Wish you were here


About the Author

Yu Bin Jwa was born in 2000.10.8, and she is from Korea, but she has been living in Hanoi, Vietnam for 4 years with her parents and younger brother. Her school is United National International School, and drawing a person is her favorite hobby.


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Eng 6B Std - Poetry Poems - Yu Bin Jwa  
Eng 6B Std - Poetry Poems - Yu Bin Jwa