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Jeong Won’s Poetry Collection

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About the author – page 2 What’s poem? – page 3 First page of Poem Collection – page 4 Dandelion (12 line poem) – page 5 Hanoi, Vietnam (12 line poem) – page 6 Life (Picture Poem) – page 7 My house (My favorite place) – page 8 Scary House (Scary Poem) – page 9


About the author The author’s name is Jeong Won (Jenny) Han. She was born in Sanbon, South Korea and she grew up in Sanbon city. But since March 16th, 2012, because of her father’s work, she is living in Hanoi, Vietnam with her parents and her younger sister. And now, her school is UNIS Hanoi. She enjoys playing with rubics cube, watching television, and reading webtoons.


What’s a POEM? The dictionary meaning of “POEM” is a piece of writing in which the words are carefully chose for their beauty and sound and are carefully arranged.


Poetry Page



White dandelion


Blooming on the ground.

It's so pretty!

Flowing in the air by wind,

A cat is coming.

tick tock tick tock.

It's so pretty as a rose!

The white dandelion

A cat is going back with a wagging tail,

Blooming on the ground.

A beautiful white dandelion


Hanoi, Hanoi Interesting Hanoi Hot and humidity weather, everyday high temperature I can see yellow stars above my head, and motorcycles like a group of bugs next to me

Hanoi, Vietnam Horn! Oh my god! I thought a lion just went here! Like a cry of lion, it was really loud! Horn! Be careful! You can hurt your legs! Interesting city, Hanoi Vietnam





HOP!! Feel the freedom of the world! Can you see that big ocean? Your life will big as that ocean Can you feel how smooth the sea sand are? Your life will smooth as that sea sand However, your life won't be as perfect as you want you will suffer and you will fall into despair But, happy things will happen more than bad things So, don't give up in any cases and always think in your mind



My House

I can hear my family's sounds Cooking sound, and their voice These sounds make me feel comfortable Also, in my house, I can listen to music and I can read cartoons I can do whatever I want I can eat delicious home food and I don't have to pay for them, like the school canteen Besides, it's delicious. My wonderful house, FOREVER 8

After school I came back to home The lights were off, and blood were everywhere I was so frightened Rooms were dark as deep cave, and house was silent as death Suddenly, strange sound was heard Whoo~ I became a statue that doesn’t move at all Suddenly, a little lovely pierrot doll appeared I leaned on the beanpole wardrobe and touched pierrot's rounded head "A new person came in! I will eat you." ..NO!!!!!!!!!! When I woke up, Sparkling sunshine was coming through my room, and it looked like my normal house Phew.. It was just a fearful dream

Scary House


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