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was born at 2000 September 20th. He is 12 years old and he is from the Republic of Korea. He grew up in Korea and he moved to the Baview Glen Public School in Canada and he came to the United Nations International School of Hanoi when he was in grade 3. He is the youngest official author. This is his first collection. 2


g{x y|xÄw |á Ä|~x t ÑâééÄx A j|à{ t zÜxxÇ zÜtáá A [xtÜà á{tÑxw uâààxÜyÄç yÄç|Çz Ä|~x tÇ tÇzxÄ A \ vtÇ áÅxÄÄ à{x zÜtáá à{tà \ tÅ á|àà|Çz tàA _ç|Çz ÑxtvxyâÄÄç ÄÉÉ~|Çz tà t {xtäxÇ ÄÉÉ~|Çz á~çA U|à|Çz Åç átÄàç u|ààxÜ y|ÇzxÜ A gÉâv{|Çz à{x Üâáàç zÜtáá A


Morning sunny morning. Walking like zombie. Bright sunlight wakes me up. 6:30 Am. Yellow toasted bread. In my kitchen . Tik-tok. Excited to get ready. Roster crows loud. Like a motorbike getting traffic jam. Opening my tired sore eyes. Getting up. 4

*Fly high in the sky Little bit scared to jump down the cliff. More exited to jump down. 3,2,1 jump! I feel the chilly wind passing my belly. Opening my eyes slowly and calmly. I see the mountains and the tree rapidly passing. Opening my parachute slowing down on to the ground.


Sitting at a pho shop in Hoan Kiem lake. Smelling and sniffing the pho coming. Looking at people from all different places. Speaking different languages. Hearing different languages . Cycle moving fast . Feeling the wind past by. Motorcycles bunched up like a platoon. Waiting for the lights to become green. Tasting the pho. Soft noodle and soup passing through my throat. Quiet and peaceful lake. Clean and clear like a piece of glass. Quiet, crowded, peaceful and loud Hoan Kiem lake, same same but different. 6

ME Optimistic learner Basketball player Web-toon reader Slow runner Oboe player Music lover Intense gamer



Eng06Std - Poetry Poems - Dong Ju Shin  
Eng06Std - Poetry Poems - Dong Ju Shin