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A key challenge during an emergency incident is how to collaborate effectively within the organization and to give everyone involved the right situational awareness. UniSea Emergency is a software tool to help your organization manage emergency incidents and drills in an effective way by working smarter together in an easy to use integrated workspace with a live data feed. When you create a new log entry, all previous communication related to the caller or the relevant crewmember is displayed as you register the call, to help you deliver consistent information to the press, next of kind and all other parties. UniSea Emergency helps you stay on message, and stay consistent. As the Emergency Manager updates the shared list of objectives, it is reflected in the workspace for all users of the system. A key benefit is that UniSea Emergency will be available for authorized personnel anywhere. The system can be live on a big screen in the Emergency room and all staff involved at the main office, department offices, those that are travelling, they can all access the system based on their access privileges from their own computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device from wherever they are.

UniSea Emergency: Improved organizational efficiency during a crisis

An easy to use meeting and task solution will help you drive a plan of action for your ERT members and your extended organization. It will help to clarify how, when, why and by whom decisions were made, and to track action items to get the work done. You save time by using your predefined meeting templates, and you save time by creating live tasks directly in the meeting minutes. Every user works out of his personal task list, all managers also have a list of tasks they have delegated, from all meetings. When the task progress is changed, or a comment is added, or the task is completed, a mail notification is sent to the one who delegated the task.

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