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Watched Frozen yet? What do you think about the cost of the lunch tickets?

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Thinking of reading “Holes” Louis Sachar? What’s on at MRISA soccer?

Lunch Tickets; What do you think?

During the past year, the price of many items in the canteen menu have rapidly increased, including the set menu. This year the prices of the lunch tickets (for the set menu) is 80.000vnd but last the price was only 50.000vnd for grades 2-4. Now the ticket price is higher than 50.000vnd. Most of the deli Items such as the fruit smoothies have also grown higher. There are 2 sides on this topic. In a way, I think the prices aren't suited for the items , and some customers are not satisfied. This leads to borrowing money from friends, which sometimes the money does not get paid. Parents and the lenders are not happy about this. Another reason is that this is quite unhealthy, because if you don’t have enough money, how are you supposed to buy your lunch? However, there is another point of view on this topic. The canteen has a point because the prices in Hanoi in general are getting higher. Because the prices of fruits are getting higher, smoothies and fruit juice prices are also getting higher. Some prices of the sandwiches get higher because of the vegetables, and so on. In a way it is also a good thing. People can respect their food more in stead of dumping it in the trash more often. Which side are you on? Do you believe the prices are way too high? Or are you torn? In my opinion I think both sides have a good point of view, and in a way it can reduce food waste.

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Movie Review: Frozen Frozen By Ziya Griffin Frozen is a heartwarming movie about one sister, Elsa, who turns Arendelle frozen with her powers. With the help of her sister, Anna, a talking snowman, Olaf, and a local friend, Kristoff, they are set to change the world. Things don’t go too well when Elsa is being stubborn and accidently freezes her sister’s heart. In order for Anna to survive not being frozen for life she needs a kiss from her true love. These characters go through a lot but will the world be un-frozen after all? My favorite character is Anna. I like her because she gets over the fact that Elsa is not being nice to her and still saves her life. Anna basically risks her life for Elsa. She also still tries to become closer to her sister even though Elsa ignores her. Anna shows that she wants to play with her sister in the song, "Do you want to build a snowman?" I think the best part of the movie was the snowman, Olaf. He was a very funny snowman who could talk. He did not know that if he went in the sun he would melt. When Anna told Olaf that he would melt he said "Some people are worth melting for." I thought this was a very cute quote basically saying, I would die for you. I would recommend this movie to children to all ages. Many people can understand this movie in different ways. If you are younger you could see it is about a princess/queen movie. If you are older (teenagers- adults) you could see it as an inspirational film teaching lessons about how to love your family, like with Anna and Elsa. Also all ages could enjoy it as a comedy, because it was a funny movie. If you are any of these age groups, I suggest that you watch the movie “Frozen" as soon as possible

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A World of Holes By Ga Eun

Stanley is just a regular kid until he is found responsible for a crime he did not commit. His family has a curse that has been in his family for several generations. His bad luck makes Stanley obligated to be in a strange correctional camp in the Texas desert. The Warden has all the inmates digging holes in a dry lake bed. The story weaves interesting tall tales from local history and Stanley's family. The relationships among the juveniles in the camp are interesting to follow. Stanley finds a good friend, treasure, and learns to like himself. For me, my favorite character is Zero. Zero was a friend of Stanley in the Camp. He helps Stanley a lot to settle down in the camp. He is an honest and brave boy. He had a little confession that Stanley’s crime was actually his. Zero stays good friends with Stanley. Both Stanly and Zero are the main character in this book. I recommend this book to MS students, but also ES students. This book makes readers interested by describing how a teenage boy’s life changes. It is not hard to read, because its sentence structure is simple and vocabulary words are also easy to understand. I think even teachers and parents can read this book. They will enjoy reading this book. You will be impressed by Stanley and Zero’s friendship. If you liked reading ‘Holes’, don’t miss out on ‘Small Steps’. The touching story about Armpit’s life after leaving the Camp.



Hello everybody! I am the sports reporter Suditi Sundaram and I am going to tell you about another awesome event that is taking place in UNIS! MRISA MS Boys & Girls Soccer Tournament is taking place in our school UNIS from the 20th till the 23rd of the February. It is going to be a very interesting game. Many schools are attending the tournament : Hanoi International School (Vietnam) International School of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Saigon South International School (Vietnam) International School of Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Northbridge International School of Cambodia (Cambodia) Vientiane International School (Laos) International School Eastern Seaboard (Thailand) There are going to be eye capturing matches that will stun you, as all schools are very intelligent and talented like our school.


All the students and teachers of UNIS have done their best and they have done lots and lots of hard-work which will definitely bring them closer to becoming The Champions! I have taken the interview of one of the teachers and of of the playersInterview with Mr. HumphriesQuestion 1- How excited are you to see your students play well after all your hard-work? Answer- We are very excited Question 2- Do you think that our school/ your students have a chance to be 1st or 2nd in the tournament? Answer- If they train hard and practise hard and if they really want to win they can Question 3- How long have you been practising for this tournament? Answer- From ASA season 2


Movie Review The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The movie “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” is the sequel of the movie “The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey.” This movie came out in Vietnam on the 3 rd of January, 2014, and came to the US on the 13th of December, 2013. The director of this magnificent and exciting movie is Peter Jackson. Some of the actors are Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey, Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggens, Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, and many more. In the movie, Gandalf the Grey left the dwarfs and Bilbo on their own for some important duty. But throughout the movie, Bilbo and the dwarfs had travel around from the elf kingdom to the land of the humans and reaching their final destination, Lonely Mountain, to reclaim their land by defeating the dragon Smaug. Smaug was known by his impenetrable skin and could only be killed by the black arrow, when there’s only one left. Could the dwarfs and Bilbo take down Smaug, or will this will have to wait for another time. I would recommend this movie for people that loves the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy or the people who watched ‘The Hobbit the Unexpected Journey’, since they wouldn’t really know what’s going on in the movie. But if you like a movie that’s has an amazing climax, I would really recommend this movie to you, because I really enjoyed it.

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6th Grade Math Tutorials !!!!!!!!! Need help with Math? Check out the video below for a quick math tutorial video by Chinh Mai 6QS

Math06 - Tutorial - Chinh Mai.mp4

The grade 6’s have been working on math tutorials as an assessment , and all of them did an outstanding job using their creativity and imagination . Click the video below to watch an example of a math tutorial one of the students made.

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Life at UNIS Diamante Poem By Shin Young (6JT)

Day Bright, Busy Learning, Talking, Teaching Morning Coffee, Sun, Lamps, Moon Isolating, Echoing, Haunting Mysterious, Desolated Night

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7th Grade Stories Wanting In By Taiga Boots Jonathan Reeds sat at one of many tables scattered across the school cafeteria. He was alone and kept his head down, not speaking. He glanced over to another table where a bunch of kids were talking and laughing. Jonathan put his head down again and kept chewing his cold and soggy pasta. “Man, I wish that I could go sit with them” He thought looking at the “cool kids”. Jonathan remembered what happened at last week’s PE class. Jonathan’s class was playing basketball and team captains chosen by the coaches picked the players in their team in turns. While all the “cool kids” got into one team, Jonathan and the other “non-cool kids” were forced into another team. Of course, Jonathan’s team lost. Jonathans did not like losing and wished he was in the cool kids’ team. He was not hungry anymore so he put his tray away and left the noisy cafeteria, alone. Jonathan walked out of the door depressed for no real reason. No actually, he was depressed because he was not in the cool kids group. This meant that people referred him as a “loner”. Jonathan wanted to belong somewhere, somewhere where he was noticed in a positive way, somewhere where people would actually listen to his ideas. Jonathan turned around a corner leading behind the school and saw that the group of the “cool kids.”

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Jonathan saw something glimmering in their hands. He wondered what the kids were doing until one of them took the glimmering item and start carving on the wall. He looked at the ground and saw broken glass pieces. “Of course!” Jonathan thought “that’s glass!” They were using broken glass to carve into the forest green walls of the school. One of the kids from the group looked up and noticed Jonathan. “Psss.” That kid let the others know about Jonathans presence. They stopped what they were doing and stared at Jonathan. Someone in the group said, “Awkward…!” “Uhh…hi” Jonathan said nervously, trying not to make eye contact. “Oh hey, Jonathan” Ted, the leader of the “cool kids” group said. “What are you doing here?” “Nothing” replied Jonathan hastily. “I saw you kick the soccer ball into the coach Spencer’s face two weeks ago” said Nick, another member of Ted’s group. “It was hilarious” said Ted. Everyone else in the group nodded and agreed with Ted. Jonathan replayed the embarrassing moment in his head. He was trying to pass the ball to one of his team mates on the opposite side of the field. Jonathan kicked the ball with all his might. Unfortunately, he aimed wrong and the speeding projectile of might flew into the coach Spencer’s face creating a loud “thump!” and a less than coach like vocabulary coming out of the raged coach’s mouth. The coach was obviously not a happy camper. “You meant to do that, right?” Ted asked. “What should I say?” Jonathan wondered. Before he could make up his mind, his mouth moved, “of course!” Jonathan felt stupid. The group laughed out loud. “Fantastic!” Nick exclaimed. “Well. . . thanks” Jonathan said as he rubbed the back of his

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neck and pretended to look at his wrist watch, “Oh, I think I should be going now” Jonathan said. “You know, better get to class early” he mumbled as he smiled in the most casual way as he could. As he turned around he felt a hand on his shoulder, “Hey Jonathan, you can consider joining our group, you know” Ted said as everyone in the “cool group” looked at him confused. “So do you want to?” “Why not?” Jonathan replied.

The next day, after the homeroom his teacher told him to go see the principal, Mr. Anderson. A shiver ran through Jonathan’s spine. He wondered if kicking the soccer ball into the coach Spencer’s face finally went around to the principal. He walked to the principal’s office thinking good excuses why the ball hit Mr. Spencer. By the time Jonathan reached the principal’s office he came up with a couple of good excuses. He knocked on the door feeling confident that his excuses would work. “Come in,” the principal called Jonathan in from the other side of the door. Mr. Anderson showed Jonathan the chair in front of his desk and invited him to sit. “I did not mean to kick the ball at Mr. Spencer,” Jonathan started as soon as he sat down. “It was a pure accident.” Mr. Anderson calmly put his hand in front of him to gesture Jonathan to stop. “I understand that was an accident,” Mr. Anderson told Jonathan. “But today, I called you here to ask you about why your name is carved on one of school walls.”

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“Vandalism is a great offense in this school and not to be tolerated.” Jonathan’s heart froze and sank deeply in his stomach. “This is your handwriting, isn’t it?” Mr. Anderson questioned Jonathan as he showed Jonathan a photograph of his name carved onto the wall. “Your parents have been notified and will be here shortly. You will have a lot to explain, young man.” Jonathan knew he could make up no excuses. Jonathan’s parents were not as calm as Mr. Anderson. They were furious. That night, Jonathan was sent to bed right after supper and was told that he was to be grounded for a week. “What a mess I got myself in,” Jonathan thought as he lied on his bed. “I should have had a better sense.” Jonathan was a good kid who knew what’s right and what’s wrong, but when he carved his name onto the school wall, his urge to be “in” overcame his better sense. Jonathan thought to himself, “I do not belong in the group and I will not sacrifice my reputation over a stupid group of “cool” kids.” Next morning, when Jonathan went to school he decided to be comfortable to be himself and not desperate about being “in.” He started to notice there are other kids who are like him and who do not belong in any group. Jonathan became friends with those kids and felt very comfortable, because by not wanting to be “in,” he became “in” a group of real friends.

The End.

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The spark issue 2 feb 20, 2014  

This is the 2nd edition of the MS newspaper - The Spark.

The spark issue 2 feb 20, 2014  

This is the 2nd edition of the MS newspaper - The Spark.