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UNIS Hanoi’s Weekly Community Newsletter Volume 22, Edition 5, Friday 18 September





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ISA Tests Grades 3-9, 21-24 SEP Varsity Girls’ Volleyball vs CISH @ UNIS, 16.00-17.30, Sports Centre


Community Meeting with Head of School, 8.15-9.45, Canteen Grade 3 Field Trip, 9.15-12.00 JV Boys’ Volleyball @ BVIS, 15.30-17.30, BVIS Varsity Boys and Girls’ Volleyball vs SPAS @ UNIS, 16.00-17.30, Sports Centre


MSHS Trip Week


Standardised Tests - Parent Information Session, 18.00-19.00


Grade 5 Camp


Autumn Blastoff Swim Gala HAC Varsity Volleyball Tournament @ OLY SAT Testing

UN Day Lunch Prep. Meeting, 13.00-14.00 ECC & G1 Moon Festival Assembly, 13.10-13.50, Theatre G2-G5 Moon Festival Assembly, 14.10-15.10, Theatre HAC MS Basketball Festival @ UNIS Hanoi, 16.0017.30, UNIS Hanoi MYP Information Night for Returning Families, 19.00-20.00,


Timberwolves Invitational Varsity Volleyball Tournament @ CDNIS, Hong Kong, 25-27 SEP Faculty/ Staff Professional Development - No Classes for Students

JV Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball vs HIS @ UNIS, 16.00-17.30


UNIS Hanoi Varsity Tennis Invitational

School News


From the Head of School On another matter, it has come to our attention that some parents have arranged for private tutors from outside to meet with their child on campus for after school academic assistance. Unfortunately due to our Child Protection Regulations, this not allowed. Any outside tutor found working on campus will be escorted to the gate and banned from returning. If you have any questions, please see your respective principal. Finally, I hope you are all planning to come to the SCO Sparkly Social tonight. It has become one of the highlights of the year on the UNIS Hanoi events calendar and is always a good time. See you there. It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the first Community Meeting of the year with the Head of School and members of the Senior Leadership Team. These meetings are held four times per year in an atmosphere of dialogue and good communication. This first meeting will be held next Wednesday, 23 September beginning at 8.15 in the Cafeteria. After a brief presentation of the IB Diploma Results from last year’s grade 12 students, we will open up the floor for questions, concerns and suggestions. This is a great chance for us to talk together in person so I hope you will consider stopping by.


UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc


Dr. Chip Barder Head of School

Welcome to UNIS Hanoi Pooja Pooja Banglorewala, G08e

We wish all the best to Vedant Behera, G11g who left UNIS Hanoi last week.

From the Elementary School say can contribute to a stronger and healthier community. We talked about how we cannot just be along for the ride, we need to be active and engaged participants.

Community: In this assembly we defined community and talked about how we are all part of different types of communities. We talked about the importance of community and working together towards common goals and common purposes. Each student was challenged to help make our UNIS Hanoi community stronger each and every day. Each week our Elementary students, Grades 1 through 5, gather for our elementary assembly. The purpose of our weekly assemblies is to build community, recognize the great things that are happening in our school and to celebrate our learning. The first several assemblies have been a fun way to kick off this school year focusing on learning, community, and responsibility.

Responsibility: This assembly takes the idea of being part of a community one step further by talking about the responsibility that comes with being a member of a community. We talked about how everything we do and

Throughout the year, we will strive to involve our students to a greater degree and give them opportunities for leadership during our assemblies. We will highlight the IB learner profile and importance of being an internationally minded person. We will learn more about the PYP attitudes such as commitment, confidence, empathy, and enthusiasm and demonstrate how we are living out these attitudes through action. Bottom line, our assemblies are fun, informative, and engaging for our students. We want all our elementary learners, from our youngest to our oldest, to be engaged, thinking, and learning. We want them to be the best they can be, and making a positive difference in our school and in our world. We look forward to sharing more as the year progresses.

Stephen Lush ES Upper Deputy Principal

Learning: We talked about how we are all learners, students and adults alike. We talked about how learning takes time, practice, diligence, perseverance, and is a process. We challenged each student to work on being the best learners they can be.

ES Assembly

School News


From the Middle and High School Special recognition must be given to Max Knight, Phuong Le, Roope Makela, Uyen Trinh, Natania Hui Ting Peh, Rachel Lambert, Giang Nguyen, Seyon Park, Yoon Zoo Gee, Ewa Dung Lachman and Linh Vo for achieving perfect grade point averages of 7 in semester 2 of the 2014/2015 school year. The entire MSHS faculty would like to congratulate the following HS students:

Academic Honour Roll Dear MSHS Families, The High School is pleased to announce Honor Roll and Principal’s List students for semester 2 of the 2014-15 school year. Students are recognised for outstanding academic achievement by being identified with Honour Status. To qualify for the Honour Roll, a student must achieve a 6.0 grade point average (Out of a possible 7) on their semester 2 report card. To qualify for Principal’s List, a student must attain a 6.5 grade point average. High School students attaining Honour Roll or Principal’s List were recognised during the High School Morning Meeting held on September 16. While I am very proud of all students who work hard and aim for personal goals it is also important to recognise students for academic excellence.


UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc

Grade 9 of 2014-2015 Elizabeth Somers Ezekiel Edwards Ha Nguyen Joel Akio Tamura Ky Anh Nguyen Le-Y-Mai Emeline Do Linh Nguyen Minh Quan Dao Nguyen Niklas Jaakola Saskia Brennen Sorcha Hamer Tae Su Kim Tra Mi Nielsen Ye Hyun Kim

Grade 8 of 2014-2015

Grade 10 of 2014-2015

Adelaide Charlier Carlota Montalban San Jose Daniel Rijpma Eliza Tu Thi Stelmach Gaeun Lee Jae Yoon Jung Jieun Lee Khanh Linh Duong Khushi Kapoor Kiridan Munro Krisha Valle Kristof Karolyi Marcelle-Marie Villars Minh Quan Do Nadya Suprobo Rohan Gowda Shane SungHee Chung Sofya Koroleva Thanh Le Toya Tabe

Alan Wichink-Kruit Duy Truong Erika Valles Harjas Murar Hoi Yoon Jung Jee Eun Kim Khiem Hoang Kimberley Van Anh Knaggs Linh Vu Maho Wakui Matteu Motyl Ngoc Le Ngoc Trai Nguyen Nils Jaranovs Sofie Brondum Reeh Son Dao Su Ho Jeong Tae Young Jeong Thomy Duong Woohyuck Choi

Grade 11 of 2014-2015

Grade 9 of 2014-2015

Grade 11 of 2014-2015

Byung Jun Park Chihyun Ryu Hui Long Gan Jedidiah Edwards Jemima Brennen Lena Fiebrantz Mai Phung Min Ji Kim Nhi Lu Nina McLean Rosaria Battista Shin Ha Susie Park Son Nguyen Son Trinh Surabhi Sundaram Tino Peltola Vince Jose Keiko Escalante Yi Chun Chen Yin Teng Ho

Darlene Cheong Jae Min Yoo Kees Christiaanse Long Than Min Joo Choi Minh Anh Nguyen Natania Hui Ting Peh Nga Nguyen Nguyet Nguyen Nozima Burkhanova Quang Anh Nguyen Rachel Lambert Yoav Shahar

Awua Buahin Catherine Hoang Ewa Dung Lachman Gun Hee Yoon Hieu Nguyen Jin Sun Park Linh Nguyen Linh Vo Michael Emblem Nhi Trinh Pedro Montalban San Jose Seung Yoo Yang Tae Heog Yang Vu Bui Yong Bin Kwon

Principal’s List Grade 8 of 2014-2015 Beatrice Dominique Campilan Ela Kalra Gia Han Le Giang Le Jina Park Linh Dang Max Knight Phuong Le Predtheev Ravi Roope Makela Uyen Trinh Yeon Su Park

Grade 10 of 2014-2015 Briani Griffin Giang Nguyen Henryk Le Hai Hyunsoo Chung Luna Vermeire Seyon Park Truong Son Trinh Ujwal Kumar Yerim Kim Yoon ZooGee Young Ju Lee

Congratulations to all recipients! Warm regards,

Pete Kennedy MSHS Principal

School News


HS Honour Roll and Principal’s List Photo Special


UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc

From Director of Learning ISA gives us very useful comparisons about the quality of our educational programme in relation to other similar international schools and also to national norms. Each of the four parts of the ISA takes between 45 and 60 minutes to complete. There are both multiplechoice and open-ended tasks. The test is completed in a paper booklet which is then sent back to ACER to be scored and analysed.

International School’s Assessment Test Next week, between Monday 21 September and Thursday 24 September, 2015 we will be administering the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) test for students in Grades 3 to 9. This test requires no special preparation. We simply ask that students have a good night’s sleep and an adequate breakfast on the test days. The ISA was developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). This organisation also runs the PISA tests (Programme for International Student Assessment) which compare the competencies of 15 year olds across many nations. Both ISA and PISA are based on the same frameworks for literacy and mathematical skills. The data from

The ISA gives us descriptive information about what students know and can do. The results are equated from year to year so they can be used to track changes. The report will be used to provide data to the school, to you, and to your child. The results of the assessment will be available to parents in a written report. We expect to receive these in January 2016. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any concerns regarding your child’s reaction to the test.

Janet Field Director of Learning

An Information Meeting If you would like to know more about ISA or the other standardised tests we use – the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) – there will soon be an information meeting with the Director of Learning, Janet Field. When? Monday 28 September Time? 18:00 – 19:00 Where? Community Room, upstairs in the B7 Administration Building The purpose of this meeting is to explain more about the tests and where they fit in UNIS Hanoi’s total assessment of student learning. We’ll talk about why we do two different tests, why we do these tests at all, and we will give some examples of how we use the data to improve student learning. Everyone will be welcome – please bring along your questions!

School News


UN Day Flag Parade We are busy preparing for one of the main highlights of the year – UN Day! The spectacular Parade of Nations will as usual launch the ceremony when all the flags of the countries represented in the school will be carried on a parade through our audience and above their heads on the mezzanine balcony. In order to select students we refer to the students’ registered nationalities on our Admissions database system. We select the youngest (above Grade 1), oldest and longest enrolled child to carry their nation’s flag. If a child has already had an opportunity to carry the flag we then look for the next youngest, oldest or longest enrolled. We consider students who have a particular nation listed as their first nationality initially followed by students who have this listed as their second nationality where necessary.

Please note our Admissions office can only record nationalities for which they have received official paperwork. Having selected students to carry the flag for their own countries we then select our longest enrolled students to carry the UN flag and to help carry the flags for nations that have less than three students of this nationality. If a student helped carry a flag that was not their own, in the previous year, they may still be considered to carry their own flag the following year. We sent out invitations to flag bearers this week and appreciate prompt replies by TODAY’s deadline. For any questions in what can become a complex process, please don’t hesitate to contact our lead coordinator for the Parade of Nations, MSHS Deputy Principal, Mike Cyrus:

• Photos by NOI Pictures


UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc

Tết Trung Thu - Moon Festival Tết Trung Thu is coming! Tết Trung Thu or Moon Festival is one of the most cheerful and colorful festivals for children in Vietnam. Tết Trung Thu is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the day when the moon is at its fullness. This year, Tết Trung Thu is on Sunday 27 September 2015. In Vietnam, Tết Trung Thu is a wonderful opportunity for parents to buy presents and prepare the festival to show great love for their children. There are several versions about Tết Trung Thu and Cuội, the popular character in Vietnamese folklores. One of them is a story called “The Banyan tree and the Boy Cuội”(Cây Đa, chú Cuội). Cuội found a magic Banyan tree, which could help cure people from sickness. Because this tree was sacred, people were forbidden to put dirty water at its foot. Unfortunately, some men in Cuội’s village were jealous with him and had poured some dirty water on the tree. The tree started to rise from the ground and flew to the sky. Cuội had found out and grabbed on the roots and flew to the moon with the tree. He was very sad and lonely there. Nowadays, people believe that at Tết Trung Thu, when they look up in the sky they still can see Cuộii sitting under the Banyan tree looking down on the earth. Therefore, every year, at Tết Trung Thu, children play drums, do the dragon dance and parade with different shaped lanterns to let Cuội see the earth.

tortoises, shrimps, rabbits ect...In the old days, a paper mandarin was put carefully in central of the table as a symbol of successful learning which parents wish their children would become in the future. This night is a good opportunity for the women to show off their skills in preparing an astonishing variety of fruit decorations for the festive. Later at night, the children go out on the streets, each carrying a colorful lantern, wearing masks and marches in a parade. Múa rồng (Dragon dance) is also a part of the joyful night. As the evening wears on, the children return to their homes to feast on moon cakes, fruits and admiring the bright moon in the sky. Tết Trung Thu has changed over time, but it still is a very wonderful festival for children. The festival will stay with children forever as a wonderful memory of their childhood.

Xuân Trần Vietnamese Teacher

Moon Festival Celebration at UNIS Hanoi Moon Festival Celebration is part of the Vietnamese programme at UNIS Hanoi, which provides a great opportunity for students to learn more about Vietnamese culture and traditions. This year, Elementary School students will have a Tết Trung Thu Celebration in the theater on Thursday, 24 September 2015. The schedule is as below: •

ECC & G1 Assembly: 13:10 - 13:50 (Theatre)

G2-G5 Assembly: 14:10 - 14:50 (Theatre)

Dragon Dance: 14:50 - 15:10 (In front of the Canteen)

All students and staff are encouraged to wear an “Áo Dài” (Vietnamese traditional dress) on this festive day.

On the night of the festival, a big table is set filled with bánh dẻo, bánh nướng (Moon cakes), lots of different kinds of fruits, tinny animals made from colorful rice paste representing dragons,

School News


University Fair

New Community Directory


Please remember that the goal of the new directory is to be a service for our families wishing to arrange activities and playdates for children and families.

Monday, 21 September 2015 Time & location: • 12:40 – 13:10 @ Theater: Overview of the university process

It has been designed so that community information cannot be downloaded en masse and commercial use will not be tolerated.

• 13:10 – 14:00 @ Outside of the Canteen: University Fair

All information is password protected and only available to Guardians using your ISIS Family password.

This is an opportunity for high school students to meet with representatives of 60 universities from the US and some European countries to be answered any questions they may have about higher education. Please see HERE for the names and locations of the visiting universities.

Scott Loeffler High School Counselor

It’s been a long time coming but we are in the final stages of creating an excellent new UNIS Hanoi community directory which will help our families stay connected. And now we need your help! Early next week all families will receive an email which will: 1. Let you know what we currently have on our database as your family information 2. Ask you to update your information, if necessary, with easy to follow instructions 3. Ask you select which contact information you would like published in the new community directory.


UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc

To ensure our community’s privacy, inappropriate use of the directory can be monitored by our Tech Team. Please look out for the email early next week and update your information and select your publish/not-publish information. The new Directory will be available with the launch of the new website after the October Break and you will receive further information at the launch.

Emma Silva Director of Advancement

Jobs Opportunity

Photos by Tim Barnsley

UNIS Hanoi is inviting applications for the following position.

Dear parents, students and UNIS Hanoi staff,

Please note that this is NOT a staff position, but a freelance contract proposal.

It is my great pleasure to let you know that all images taken by me for Tin Tuc and other school purposes this year will be available for you for cherished memories of your time at UNIS Hanoi! Social, academic and sporting images captured by me over the 2015/16 school year will be uploaded to my website and saved in titled folders of the particular shoot, for example, UNIS High School Day September 2015.

UNIS Hanoi Institutional Storyteller Overview: UNIS Hanoi would like to contract the services of an experienced freelance communications professional to ensure its stories are being told strategically to enhance institutional reputation and build community. The Institutional Storyteller (IS) will: • Ensure UNIS Hanoi has a unique and consistent voice which is appropriate and engaging for a wide range of audiences and materials • Explore and develop channels to strategically tell the School’s story to a broad range of targeted audiences for specific goals and outcomes • Write the stories from an agreed, strategic news agenda • Review and edit/write Institutional materials (including some handbooks) with a consistent institutional voice to provide clear and accessible information to the target audience. For the full proposal requirement PLEASE CLICK HERE. Proposals with CV, references and examples of work should be sent to the Director of Advancement, Emma Silva: Closing date for proposals: 12.00 Friday September 25, 2015

Here are five simple steps to order photos: 1.

Visit my website, and click on the UNIS 2015/16 folder


Select the relevant folder for your required photo, eg UNIS ORIENTATION DAY AUGUST 18 2015


Click on the required photo and record the file number at the bottom of the shot


Print and complete THIS FORM with the folder name,photo number,your email details.

Please remember that not all the photos I take from shoots are included in Tin Tuc. If you are wondering if your child, friend or staff member has been photographed, please visit my website to enjoy many other photos of the event that have not been published. If you have any questions regarding ordering, the website or photography at UNIS Hanoi in general,please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a great school year and thank you in advance,

Tim Barnsley School Official Photographer tim.barnsley@gmail.comp

5. Enclose form and payment of 200,000 VND (per photo) in an envelope which can be dropped at the Advancement Office in the PHOTO ORDERS dropbox. I will then send you both a high resolution digital file suitable for framed prints and a low res version suitable for emailing to family and friends wherever they live around the world ! Saturday Soccer. Photos by Tim Barnsley

School News


Support Your Booster Committee!

Energize News Dear All Energize Users, This is to advise you that we are in the process of recruiting for a new fitness instructor to replace Mr. Quynh who has left UNIS Hanoi. While we complete our search, the UNIS Fitness Center will be staffed by a Fitness Room Supervisor. We will do our best to fill the position with a qualified instructor as soon as possible.

The Booster Committee will be selling popcorn this Saturday September 19 during Saturday Soccer near the canteen. Please come support your Booster Committee to help raise funds to support continued evolution of our co-curricular programmes, in particular the traveling arts and sports programmes. We are also selling Phoenix blue sports bags for 500,000 VND. (please see picture). If you would like to purchase a Phoenix bag you can find them in the school store or you can email us directly with your order. For more information about the Booster Committee or questions how you can become a volunteer, please email Renea Freeman or Cortney Aliesa at Thanks for all your support! GO PHOENIX!


UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc

In the interim, the role of the Fitness Room Supervisor will be to open and close the facility as well as make sure rules and guidelines are followed. The Fitness Room Supervisor is not qualified to give you technical feedback regarding specific fitness queries. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we recruit for this important position. Best regards,

Tarique AL-Iesa Director of Activities

Elementary School Snack Sale A big THANK YOU to all the parents in the contributing classes K2AB, K2CA, 2CH, 4MT, 4BM 4MS, 4NO that have created delicious healthy snacks to the ES Snack Sale! Today we had an impressive array of homemade colorful cookies, rice balls with seaweed, samosas, jello, fruit salad, muffins, waffles, sweet potato strings, tofu chips and so much more! Another big THANK YOU to the over 30 parent volunteers that stopped by today to help sell the snacks to our young ones. The joy on the kids faces were reflected in the faces of the parent volunteers as well! We hope to see you all at the next snack sale! A total of 10,825,000VND from today’s sales. All the money will go towards community projects that the UNIS Hanoi students, parents, faculty and staff can apply for. For more information about the SCO Project Funding process click here.

Contributing class list: In case you are wondering when it’s your turn to donate snacks, below is the list of Snack Sale dates and contributing classes. Looking forward to seeing more delicious treats!

Your Snack Sale Coordinators

November 20: K2JM K2CO, 2RJ, 3TS, 3VdC, 3BM, 3CG

Makiko Matsumoto

January 22: DTU, DSS, K1KM, 2TL, 1JH, 1SF, 1TA, 1RB

Seung Shin Lee

March 11: K1DV, K1AP, 2MA, 5MN, 5JH, 5TC, 5DL

Akiko Nakano Bo Young Hwang

School News


The Shop Need a PE shirt… check out the new Tank Tops! As many of you know, The Shop is still waiting for the shipment of the Light Blue PE shirt in MSHS sizes. WHY WAIT? You can also purchase a PE Tank Top available in both girl and boy styles to complete your PE kit. These PE Tank Tops have been officially approved as acceptable parts of the PE uniform and are made out of the Cool Dry Tech material. In this hot weather, your children will thank you for the tank tops…and maybe pick one up for yourself? Cost: 330,000VND


UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc

UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc Newsletter 05 vol 22 tt 18 sep  

News and events at UNIS Hanoi week 5, 2015-2016

UNIS Hanoi Tin Tuc Newsletter 05 vol 22 tt 18 sep  

News and events at UNIS Hanoi week 5, 2015-2016