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WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Clarity Growth Love

Laura Janes Founder

BE THE BUSINESS you WANT TO BE A lot of brilliant financial businesses never reach their full potential. It takes brilliant marketing – and we know that’s not quick or easy. But with the right help they could be truly unstoppable. At Uniquity we have a lofty ambition to grow the world’s best financial brands. We’ve made it our mission to help financial businesses everywhere build a brand they’re proud of and get the growth they deserve.

WHAT MAKES a BRAND LOVED? We’re passionate about discovering the answer to this question. We’ve got a pretty good idea what it takes, but we had to know for sure. So we asked some of the financial brands we love and admire the most to give us their view.

“Uniquity opened its doors in 2016 as a specialist marketing agency with a vision to grow the world’s best financial brands.”

Through our conversations we gained a fascinating insight into how these brands think, feel, work, and create really strong connections with their customers. Their insights are incredibly revealing and will help to shape the way we work with our clients in the future. We hope you love discovering the stories from these brilliant brands as much as we have.

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Together



Tell me about your brand and why people love it Offspring Avinash Rajan Founder and CEO

“Offspring is for families and their children. It’s a social savings tool that lets people come together to save for a shared goal. You can collect money for a child’s present, save towards a holiday with friends, or contribute towards a wedding or deposit for a house. Whatever you want to save for, Offspring makes it simple.”

What would you tell yourself if you were starting the business today? “Talk to your customers, understand what they’re trying to do and make sure the solution you’re creating is something that makes their job easier.”

YOU MUST READ… “Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin. A fascinating book for anyone who’s running a small business that’s growing rapidly. It’s a quick read, but with plenty to learn from others in the world of start-ups.”

What has helped your brand grow? “We’ve grown our client base by working with microinfluencers – people who have a small but dedicated following amongst parents – and can engage on a very personal level. You need someone who’s a good fit and really believes in your product. It’s worked particularly well for us in terms of getting our brand out and people using it. There’s an element of needing to be careful about who you’re working with, because influencers have an impact on the brand. It’s very important to understand what makes a good fit and measure that before you go out to talk to them. Only work with influencers who use your product and totally believe in it.”

“I think it’s fair to say that we’re very clear about the job we’re trying to do for people and our target market. We’ve backed it up with service levels that are very personal.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “We’d like to work with established financial services brands to help them build relationships with customers across multiple generations. We have a mission of helping younger people start with a little less debt than they currently do. We believe that, in order to achieve this in the long term, we have to help families pass down wealth from one generation to another in the most efficient way.”

A FINAL THOUGHT “Never forget that you’re making a promise to a customer. Once you’ve made that promise, you must be able to deliver it.”

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Dependable



Tell me about your brand and why people love it Willis Owen Jason Chapman Managing Director

“We help customers take care of their financial future. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about one pound or a million pounds, it means something to someone. We’ve worked hard to engage with customers who have been with us for years, but also focused on building a digital platform that speaks to the younger generation.”

What would you tell yourself if you were starting the business today? “Try to change quickly and learn faster. Maybe take more risks, be more adventurous. And, I guess, sit down with the investor early doors.”

YOU MUST READ… “Good to Great by Jim Collins. It’s a book I read many years ago. It really struck a chord with me about everybody being on the same bus.”

What has helped your brand grow? “I was given time to build a brand. So I could think about what I was doing in that space. We talked to customers, and people who weren’t our customers, to understand how we could replicate what financial advisers do, but in a digital space. How could we help with that and grow as a business? And that’s about education. It’s about knowledge. It’s about trust. It’s about all those things.”

“We deal with people’s life savings, and that’s not for us to squander. That’s for us to look after and help people.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “We need to stand out and be different in a world where, underneath the first layer, we’re all really similar. I’ve always felt that we don’t talk well to our customers in financial services; we over-complicate, we’re a little arrogant. We need to change our language, and that’s what we’re doing here. We’ve built a platform that allows open communication with our customers – we can bottle that feedback and use it to spread the word more effectively.”

A FINAL THOUGHT “If you can listen to customers and change the things that matter, they will follow you.”

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Friendly



Tell me about your brand and why people love it Equilibrium Financial Planning Gaynor Rigby Managing Partner

“Everything we do is about making people’s lives better – the level of communication, the personal touches, how invested our team is in doing a great job. And that’s the same whether you’re one of our clients or part of our team. It’s why we’ve been in the top ten of ‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For’ for the past four years.”

What would you tell yourself if you were starting the business today? “It’s terrible to say, but I would do what I did. The advice too early wouldn’t have worked – though I should have delegated earlier.”

YOU MUST READ… “Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. It’s more like a textbook on how you should run your business. It has everything in it, packaged in a way that makes complete sense.”

What has helped your brand grow? “We started off focusing more on the team and what we wanted it to be like as a place to work. And then it grew organically into what we do for our clients. It’s an approach that’s replicated in a great book called Vivid Vision which talks about your mission statement not as a paragraph, but why you do what you do and how you bring it to life. It’s a kind of inside-out approach but it works.”

“Communication is a big thing for us. We’ve had a marketing department since we were a very new company, but it’s ensured there’s consistency and a professional element to what we do.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “Like everyone, we’re doing much more online, but we need to figure out how to make it personal. We want to make people feel special and be able to convey our personality, but in a different way. It’s bringing that human touch to an online brand experience. That’s definitely our journey right now. ”

A FINAL THOUGHT “Everyone likes to think they’re doing a great job, but the proof is in the pudding. Unless we reach out to our clients, how can we be sure that’s the case?”

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Everyone’s



Tell me about your brand and why people love it Snoop Scott Mowbray Co-founder

“Snoop is an app that’s on your side. It connects to your bank accounts and credit cards, using your transaction data to save you money. We’re turning the tables on big businesses to ensure everyone’s better off – whether it’s our customers, our team or our shareholders.”

What would you tell yourself if you were starting the business today? “We’re only months old, so I wouldn’t change anything. But you need to think about what makes you distinctive. What makes someone talk about you to their friends down the pub.”

YOU MUST READ… “Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed. It’s all about learning from failure. I’d recommend it to anyone in business – or in any walk of life.”

What has helped your brand grow? “I think making finance accessible. There’s no small print or jargon, but we don’t dumb down either. We help people make as much as they can of their hardearned cash, and that’s something that people are looking for right now. We’re lucky, but when you have a product that’s working for people, they’re happy to talk about it. It’s what I always used to describe as ‘the dinner party effect.’”

“Raw, honest feedback on the App Store lets us discover whether people love or hate what we do. And what we need to develop next.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “We’ve got the early adopters. They’re tech-savvy – they understand the technology and are comfortable with it. Now what we need to do is get Mrs Miggins in Middle England using our app, because we can save those people money too. So taking open banking and open finances to the masses is definitely something we’ve got our eye on, because that’s the market we’re growing into.”

A FINAL THOUGHT “There’s always something you can do to improve. Complacency is the one thing you’ve got to avoid at all costs – either as a start-up or any other business.”

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Simple



Tell me about your brand and why people love it PensionBee Jasper Martens Chief Marketing Officer

“We’re bringing pensions kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Not a steam-powered product, but something you can manage on your phone. Within minutes you can combine all of your pensions into one new online plan. That’s why customers love us – because we take something really complicated and make it simple.”

How can you evidence that your brand is loved? “With a 97% retention rate, that shows we’re doing something right. When we can see that people are logging in 10 or 12 times a month, people clearly love the product.”

YOU MUST LISTEN TO… “FinTech Insider podcast by Simon Taylor. If you want to get up to speed with what’s going on in FinTech land, then this is the podcast to go to. Sometimes it’s a bit geeky. But I tune in almost every week.”

What has helped your brand grow? “Instagram definitely has. With a story we can show a problem and then offer a solution within a few seconds. It’s job done. We’ve also invested in meaningful relationships with the key journalists. They know we have our finger on the pulse and ask us to comment on things that happen in pension-land. So we’ve become an authority on the topics we want to have authority over.”

“It was always about loving our customers, because that means you want to take care of them and build a product that suits their needs. Other pension providers aren’t doing that.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “I’m excited about launching our first fossil fuel free pension in the UK. It will give our customers a great return and make the planet a better place too. We’re also doing more through our app – downloads have shot through the roof recently! And we’re using YouTube to share videos of customers using PensionBee, taken on their own phones. It helps us reach other customers and it’s genuine.”

A FINAL THOUGHT “Keeping something simple is the magic ingredient. Forget all the classic marketing stuff – simplicity is the one to go for.”

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Pioneering



Tell me about your brand and why people love it Wealth Wizards Tony Vail Co-founder

“We bring together technology and financial advice, neatly packaged in a digital platform for expert financial advisers to use. We’re regarded as experts in both tech and finance equally, not just one bolted onto the other. We’ve always had that vision, and today Wealth Wizard brings that expertise, efficiency, engagement and insight to businesses so it can benefit everyone.”

What would you tell yourself if you were starting the business today? “Go and talk to the people that you want to make your product for. Understand their needs, problems, and what they want, because that’s the key to being successful.”

YOU MUST READ… “Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez. It’s about how women are totally overlooked in terms of product design and so many other things. It’s a reminder that even in 2020 this is still going on.”

What has helped your brand grow? “Because we engage heavily with our potential users, we understand what they want. For some of our business-to-business clients we’re saving them hours in the process, we’re driving consistency that they’ve never seen before and we’re giving them management information that they’ve never had before.”

“When we started the company, I don’t know whether we were clever or mad. We had this idea of automating advice and going into a space that few wanted to go into. People thought we couldn’t do it, but we always had a strong belief we could.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “We need to raise awareness of our brand, extend our partnerships, and launch new ones. We’ve done well to create ourselves as a brand within our niche. Now we’ve just got to make sure we can take what we’ve established and get it more widely known.”

A FINAL THOUGHT “In a digital world you’ve got to engage people quickly and give them value quickly. You’ve got to win and earn their trust.”

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? World-class



Tell me about your brand and why people love it Metis Ireland Carl Widger Managing Director

“We wanted to create Ireland’s leading financial planning brand and do things differently. Our vision was for the brand to be friendly and fun – something that’s not easy in financial services. We tried to take the corporate feel out of it, so people knew they were dealing with real people who had a very clear sense of what they wanted out of their lives.”

What would you tell yourself if you were starting the business today? “Take more risks and don’t look for perfectionism in anything. As Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn said, ‘If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late’.”

YOU MUST LISTEN TO… “Don’t Tell Me The Score, hosted by Simon Mundie. It’s a BBC podcast with people from the world of sport – but it relates to the world and business as well. Really, really interesting stuff.”

What has helped your brand grow? “We’ve always tried to do things differently. Associating with other brands where we know our clients and prospective clients would be doing their business has been a massive help. If you have a clear strategy and everyone is pointing in the same direction, you can create a vibrant and ambitious culture. People will buy into that and want to be a part of it.”

“We’ve always had a fairly big marketing spend, certainly compared to any other firms that I’ve spoken to. I think it’s been the very best money that we’ve spent.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “We have a really good reputation within the profession in Ireland. One of the things we have to focus on now is brand awareness in terms of the general public. We need to attract the right people. In terms of service delivery, we’ve recently set up a project around the entire client journey – how can we ensure that people are really excited to be working with us?”

A FINAL THOUGHT “We’re always being innovative – and I think that’s something that can’t ever stop. You’ve got to always be thinking ‘How can we innovate?’ ‘How can we get better?’”

WHICH 3 WORDS BEST describe your BRAND? Nice



Tell me about your brand and why people love it TSB Bank Pete Markey Chief Marketing Officer

“We’re a bank who were originally a legacy brand from the 1980s. We’ve been back in the UK market for just over seven years and now have around five million customers. Our whole purpose is around giving people money confidence, for everyone, every day. It’s also about helping communities thrive and succeed. That’s certainly underpinned our growth and success over recent years.”

What would you tell yourself if you were starting the business today? “Get around your brand purpose really quickly, galvanise the business, create energy and make it real every single day.”

YOU MUST LISTEN TO… “Oh, The Places We’ll Go! hosted by Mark Evans, the Managing Director of Marketing & Digital at Direct Line Group. Every week he has an amazing array of guests from the marketing and advertising industry. It’s fun, very, very clever and has become essential listening.”

What has helped your brand grow? “We’ve been working with Pride of Britain for a while and have just extended that partnership for another five years. It galvanises people – they unite around the idea that there are selfless people who want to help others. It’s been a great thing to be associated with and a really important part of our brand story.”

“There’s a beating heart in TSB – I felt that when I came for my first interview. Some businesses are like machines, where it’s hard to find a pulse. But here, people genuinely care about the business and its customers.” How will you grow your brand in the future? “We’re keen to deepen customer relationships through data and technology. By investing in the Adobe Experience platform we’ll be able to have real-time conversations with customers, using data to drive the right kind of outcomes for them. I’m also responsible for all of TSB’s digital sales journeys and we’ll continue to enhance, change, evolve and improve them.”

A FINAL THOUGHT “As a marketer, you’ve got to do more than just the communications for a business. You’ve got to help make the purpose real.”


We’ve talked, we’ve listened, we’ve learned. Having conversations with some of our most loved brands has given us even greater clarity about how we can help our clients become unstoppable. We’ve distilled our learning into a 7-step marketing model. It’s the blueprint we’ll use to drive growth and success for your brand, and the one that will ensure your brand is as loved as it is respected.

Style A distinctive visual identity to make you stand out

Story A precisely defined messaging structure


A clear strategy built on a defined vision, mission and purpose

Service A clear view of your brand experience and where you need to improve

Society A community of clients and partners aligned around your brand purpose

System A robust and proven marketing approach that keeps improving and works every time

Scorecard A measurement framework that tells you exactly where you are

At Uniquity we know you want to be unstoppable in business. To do that you need marketing that works, but it takes time, resources and knowledge to make that happen. We know that finding those things can be a challenge. We believe every great business deserves great marketing, and we understand that it’s hard to find the right marketing partner. That’s where we come in. We are proud to be recognised globally as the best financial marketing agency by Finance Monthly and Certified StoryBrand Guides. You can be sure that when you work with Uniquity you are working with dedicated experts who understand your unique needs and are always in your corner.

We’d love to hear more about your business and you plans for the future, please do get in touch for a chat. Telephone: 07803 207590


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Together, we can make your brand unstoppable.