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Celebrate New Beginnings.

We have exciting news to share... With the Buck Creek Campus ground breaking just weeks away, we have reached a pivotal point in the history of the science school when the vision and commitment of so many will come to fruition.

New Home, New Name. As we establish roots through our new campus, we also have the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves with a name and a story that capture the unique spirit of our school and its educational programs. A more compelling brand will alleviate confusion about our current name, and allow us to create stronger messages about our vision.

A time of self-discovery We were challenged to take a fresh look at our school – it’s history, programs and strengths, as well as our values, culture and vision. This allowed us to clearly define who we are – not just what we do, but how we do it and why.

Strong Connections Most importantly, it enabled us to identify the passion that connects so many people to our organization and to express that passion through a story with deep meaning.

Key Messages We are passionate about our work. It connects us to the joyful spontaneity of children and nature. We awaken a sense of wonder by bringing people into the world to explore, learn and grow. Our philosophy and programs are ahead of their time. We are catalysts for change, inspiring environmental stewardship.

We wanted a name and tagline that better expressed these ideals. Introducing ...

Inspired by a philosophy of place-based education and her personal connection to the valley, Walking Mountains™ was Kim Langmaid’s original name for the school.

left: Kim Langmaid, founder

Our new name expresses the connection of all living things.

Our school and community programs take people walking in the mountains. So too, mountains walk, geologically shifting their shape and formation over time.

This name also exemplifies Kim’s vision of establishing a place-based environmental learning center, where people can study the changes in nature through the seasons and over the years.

We’re excited to share the story of Walking Mountains with you.

Wisdom is born of our wonder. We intend to share our passion for the natural world in ways that make a difference. From the high peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, we are teaching science and engaging in research, creating answers to today’s challenges.

Given a chance, the earth will move you. We inspire stewardship and sustainability, one person and one program at a time. From child to adult. Amateur naturalist to graduate educator. The headwaters of the Gore Range and Eagle River Valley to the world.

A year of new beginnings We will soon announce our new name and details about the timeline for our new campus. We will share our exciting news through advertising, newsletters, mailings and a media campaign. All communications will point to our new website.


The momentum will continue with a July 8 Ground Breaking Celebration at the Buck Creek Campus. We are actively promoting stories about the new campus across our region and communities of interest.

Environmental Education

Children and Nature Community-wide Scientific Literacy

Green Design and Build And more.

None of this would be possible without your generous support of our programs. On behalf of our Board and Staff and the children of our community, thank you.

Rivers flow. Trees stretch. Mountains walk. Revolving and evolving, the earth and all of its creatures are in a constant state of movement and change. And we are a part of this natural world.

The Story of Walking Mountains  

The story of Walking Mountains