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Portugal Golden Visa Package The Portugal Golden Visa provides attractive opportunities to investors, in immigration and investments. Become a true European Schengen Traveller, with no bourders. Portugal is also a very atractive option for non EU citizens, who wish to provide families lifestyle and student conditions. Visa Benefits Freedom to live in Portugal , to Non EU citizens, during 5 year Resident Permit; Opportunity for Portuguese nationality or Permanent residency in Portugal; Acess to health care and education; Free visa to travel in Schengen Countries; Family reunification, being able to work or study in Europe.

Legal Requirements Investment of any property above € 500,000 or, Transfer of capital in amount over € 1.000.000 or, Creation of at least 10 jobs; Finance can be raised above that level (mortgage are available subject to status); a police report is required; private medical insurance; one week (first year) and 14 days/year, after that; proof of funds.

Real Estate • Capital • Immigration Investments • “Unique” Partners Network

Become an International Partner If you want to promote “Portugal Golden Visa” and create a “Unique partnership”, please contact us: or Skype: Unique Realty Collection Let us supercharge your sucess in performing “Portugal Golden Visa” and other investments.

Providing a high professional service, to investors, financial institutions, high net worth individuals and their families.

Become a Unique International Partner What are the benefits of “Unique Partner” joining? requirements

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Acess Offer: Real estate opportunities in Portugal, capital and other investments. Portugal GOLDEN VISA PACKAGE. Also, acess to investments opportunities, in other portuguese speaking countries. (Market with more than, 200 million people).

Become a Unique Partner, contacts us: Through e-mail, or Skype, we look forward to meeting you. Email: info@; SKYPE ID: Unique Realty Collection

High Sucess Fees: Based on the amount of investments or services. Attractive “Unique Partner success fees”. One Stop Solution: Personalized services, covering almost all investors need. Business partnerships. Business Synergies: Leverage business and marketing synergies, with our “Unique partners”.

Company profile: Set up and complete, your individual profile, or your company. Immigration consultancy firms; Real estate; Investment and Financial Institutions, Immigration and Legal firms; Individual professionals advisors, dedicate to these áreas. Best practices:  Demonstrate that you’re able to maximize your clients’ performances and, acquire new investors for “Unique International Network”. Spend: Show your performance background namely in real estate or, finance. Togheter, we will “maximize” our website “Unique Realty Collection”www.uniquerealtycollection. com, towards investors needs.

Know Your Market: Benchmarket potential investors, Golden Visa for Portugal. The proven success is what distinguishes Partners, of other professionals. Deliever the Investment, that your clients want: Speak with us, to find the best investment solution.

uNIQUE CAPITAL GOLDEN VISA Investment Immigration

Connecting you to “Golden Visa investment Opportunities”

Unique Partners Required  

For more information please contact us: Email: Skype ID: Unique Realty Collection www.uniquerealtycollectio...

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