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Welcome Back Butterflies! First and foremost, I’d like to re-congratulate the Xi Alpha Chapter for winning the "TNX Women Summer Membership Drive!” Some of us took a vacation after undergraduate, some of us returned after taking time to set our lives in order, and some of us pledged into GAP as young professionals. We’re glad you’re here and appreciate your unique voice, because Xi Alpha wouldn’t be the same without it. There’s so much to come back for: community, scholarship, diversity, fun times, the desire for a better world and the willingness to make it better. Some sisters expressed their reasons for returning: I decided to become active this semester because I moved back to New York and knew that I wanted to join a GAP chapter to continue to be a part of Theta Nu Xi. It is wonderful to be a part of a group of strong women and even better to work together in community service efforts and important local and international issues. When I moved to New York I didn't join a chapter right away; I was an active GAP at Large member for a year and

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Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013

The Mariposa Project The Mariposa Project is our yearly community service project and its mission is to provide essential needs to a family in need with the hope of bringing joy and relief during the holiday season. In December, Sisters came together on behalf of a single mother of three boys going through difficult times. We were able to provide her with clothing for herself and the children, toys, groceries, shoes, a Christmas tree and more. Above are the fruits of our efforts to support the family. Below is a picture of Sors. Jessica, Natasia and Monica with the family with half of the gifts we provided.

took some time to become acclimated to the city. However, spending quality time with sisters is something that is important to me, and it was something that I felt was missing when I wasn't in a chapter. I really enjoy being in the company of Xi Alpha's dynamic and diverse women who are at many different stages of their professional and personal lives. I finally had enough money saved up to put forth toward national dues again, and my goal was to be active again and in Xi Alpha by the end of the year. Xi Alpha has never been this size in its existence and new members always bring new style, new ideas, new energy to the table, helping Xi Alpha evolve in so many beautiful ways. We have always strived to be a good example to undergrad chapters as well as our fellow GAP chapters, and we're going to continue to try to exceed our own expectations, reach for new heights, and raise the bar higher -- not just for ourselves, but the Greek community as well. I became active after taking a year off because I wanted to reignite the passion that I had for my organization when I first crossed. I love being a sister of Theta Nu Xi because I get to contribute to something larger than myself, all the while still staying true to who I am. As this sisterhood continues to grow, I feel obligated to give back to something that helped shaped me by contributing to its continued success. I joined Xi Alpha because the sisters impressed me with their professionalism, sisterliness, and commitment to community service. It let me know that this was where I belonged because we shared the same values. My reason for reactivating is that I missed my sisters. Theta Nu Xi has played a major role in my life for the past five years, and it feels like something is missing when I'm not active. I joined GAP after being away from the org for close to 2 years and feeling empty and missing the sisterhood. While it was challenging to get back to being active it has been the best decision I have made. Slow and steady I strengthened my butterfly wings after resting them for a while and they have never felt more inspired and dedicated to soaring into the Lavender dawn of this ONEderful Sisterhood!

Xi Alpha has become my TNX home!

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Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013

Unpacking Social Justice In October of 2013, Xi Alpha had their Chapter Retreat at Sor. Jeanelle Folkes’ home in New Jersey. Many of us had only been active as of the summer and were still learning how to be an active sister again, how this chapter conducted business, and getting to know our fellow sorors from really all over the place. Sisters in our chapter pledged through schools in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado and more and we all brought different ideals, goals and personalities to the table. However, we came together as ONE that weekend to discuss the national organization’s call for social justice. Sor. Jessica Peñaranda stepped up in a tremendous way to lead our Social Justice workshop. In the Social Justice Workshop we discussed the national organization’s goal to have sisters become supporters of social justice in our immediate communities, throughout the country and possibly around the world. Through open discussion we answered the discussion questions Jessica set up for us. Here are just a couple:

What does “social justice/social change” mean? We defined social justice as finding deficiencies within the community, educating underrepresented folks, and speaking up when we witness injustice. Social justice is looking for where there is injustice and shedding light on it for the world to see. Being aware of our personal motivations and getting rid of any “savior bullshit” was also a part of social justice.

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Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013

What are some ideas for social change you could get behind? We realized that when our motivation comes from a more personal place we are more likely to be invested in that particular social change and any projects related to it. So we used our individual voices and dug into our personal experiences to decide what projects we’d like to be involved in. Some sisters expressed their disdain with skyrocketing rents in NYC so affordable housing was listed. Some sisters were honest and weren’t sure what kind of change they felt passionate enough about to campaign for. Here were more campaigns and ideas that were brought to the table: Educating inner city youth Rights to compensation for traffic accident victims Hosting panel discussions 30 Day photo/fact challenge for social change Healthy romantic relationships, especially among teenagers Rights and Justice for Immigrants And much, much more! Before concluding the seminar, we were honest with ourselves and admitted that sometimes we won’t be able to create the kind of change we desire. We have to be aware enough to not “burn out” and become overwhelmed with the enormity and complexity of the problems that are out there. We must know our role and play our role like an MVP. Having a “savior complex” is not necessarily a good thing. We must educate ourselves on the issues and sometimes that’s enough for the individual you are supporting. We need to work towards our desire for social change, but we also want to be responsible and minimize the feelings of helplessness in the people we want to help. It was a great workshop and Xi Alpha is grateful to the national organization for making this their campaign. We want to see hope and change sparked all over the country by Social Change Butterflies everywhere.

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Having a good time with the Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. at McFadden’s Saloon NYC. Pictured above are Sors. Margaret and Amber. Below are Sors. Margaret, Jessica and Amber with the Brothers.

Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013

Creator of her Own Definition… A Butterfly Transcends... This year a sister became the very first inductee of the honored Omega Chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. Sor. Edrecelia S. Colmer, #9 Flashback crossed into the Alpha Alpha Chapter in the Spring of 2008. She passed away Sept 2, 2013, but she will forever live on in the hearts of her sisters across the nation. Below is a note she wrote about herself that any woman would be wise to hold onto forever.

I don’t take things seriously, I change my mind constantly, I am irresponsible, I spend money carelessly, I drink too much beer, I drink too much soda, I am clumsy, I fall and crash into things, I laugh incessantly, I don’t say what I really feel, I play too much, I am unorganized, I cry too much, I am a procrastinator to the max, I am too loud, I roll my eyes too much, I wear too many dresses and very short skirts and too much blush. And mascara. Oh and I have nasal problems lol (-___-) But, I sure as hell have a kind heart. I smile too much I don’t have ill intentions. I can’t even hurt a fly, much less a person. I’m a good listener and willing to chime in some advice. I have respect and love unconditionally. I live for the small things and for hugs too and cookies and wine. Oh I can’t forget cheese too. I’ll fight for justice and for those who need defending. I am brave. I forgive endlessly. I have two passions and those are art and music. And I live for those two. I live for memories and to make a difference in this world, even if its small. I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else. At the end of the day, I am happy. My heart cries of happiness to be alive and to be surrounded by those I love. I am happy because I am myself and not anyone else. Everything else is nothing but small steps of some needed improvement that eventually I will learn.

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Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013 multi-racial cooperation. He didn’t rally the troops and dive into a vengeful plot motivated by bitterness over what he experienced personally. He exhibited grace. He exhibited understanding.

The Lesson Mandela Teaches Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize in December of 1993 "for (his) work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa." However, history has a way of sugar-coating events and editing the lives of its heroes. Important messages get lost in the revisions. In his passionate youth, Nelson argued that military action and violent tactics should be used against the ruling party’s apartheid policies.

He led an ANC delegation into negotiations and ordered his own group to a ceasefire, much to the dislike of the more radical elements of the ANC. After intense negotiations with the President of South Africa which lasted years, through more outbreaks of violence, and painful concessions on both sides, Mandela and Pres. De Klerk transitioned the government from strict apartheid law into a new democracy. They accomplished this without a bloody coup, or military standoff, but with diplomacy and a desire for peace. They were both awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for such an unexpected feat.

Apartheid in South Africa was not simply about keeping the races separate in education, industry, residency and marriage. Peaceful protests often led to violent crackdowns by law enforcement, mass incarcerations and the deaths of hundreds of South African citizens, often students. Mandela argued that the African National Congress (ANC) should arm itself for protection against the government.

We often quote the number of years unjustly spent in prison. We often hear about the inhumane segregation that made even the existence of a multi-racial child a crime. But Mandela also teaches us how to extend grace after injustice. He teaches us how to refuse the role of victim and become a hero. I learned about the ultimate form of humility, the kind that doesn’t seek retribution for wrongdoing but seeks to do what’s right for all involved. He teaches us to focus on the greater good instead of individual satisfaction. And that multiculturalism and acceptance is required in order to improve, excel and succeed.

We know how this plays out. Nelson Mandela was arrested and tried multiple times until he was finally sentenced to life in prison. He served from 1964-1990, he served 27 years. When he was released he was released into a new world where most foreign influences believed in his cause. He was also a new man. What I find so striking about this man is that upon attaining freedom, he went straight to work to end discrimination and to strengthen

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Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013

Sister Spotlight by Jasmine Hawkins

Hey Sorors! It’s almost a brand new year! 2014 is in the house and what better way to bring it in than to highlight Soror Genesys Nohely Nuñez! Soror Nuñez is one of the six founding sisters of the Alpha Iota Chapter at the Plattsburgh State campus. She takes great pride in being a 5 and would much rather if people referred to her as “Flawless”, her line name.

looks of her classroom! The schools administrator has complete confidence that one day Soror Nuñez will be holding a position of his caliber in education. But besides all of that, Soror Nuñez is a proud Dominican. I had the pleasure to vacation with her in the Republica de Dominicana for the Christmas holidays. Her comprehension about landmarks, statues, country and family history was very impressive. If she wanted to, Soror Nuñez could be a parttime tour guide for the Dominican Republic!

One of her reasons for becoming a sister of Theta Nu Xi is that she has a huge passion for social justice. Also, the ideals of our philanthropy Girls for a Change align with hers as an elementary school classroom teacher.

Here’s What You Don’t Know: Random Fact: If Genesys ever received tickets to go to a Beyoncé concert she would literally cry her eyes out from beginning to end!

Soror Nuñez has been a New York City public school teacher for a year and a half and she absolutely loves it. She has a special passion for working with the Special Education community and does a fine job at it. During her first year as a fifth grade teacher, Soror Nuñez impressed her school district's administrator beyond belief.

Random Fact: When Genesys was a young girl her mother sent her to DR to live for about a year. She was so used to the DR life when she came back to New York she forgot to call her own mother mommy!

As a first-year teacher he was stunned at how knowledgeable she was of her students, the curriculum, her objectives and goals and her leadership skills. He even fell in love with the

Oh, and just to let you in on a little secret January is Soror Nuñez birthday month (January 6th to be exact) so be sure to wish Soror Nuñez a very HAPPY birthday.

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Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013

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Xi Alpha Chapter Newsletter, December 2013

Edited by Sor. Natasia Harrison

About Xi Alpha Chapter


Xi Alpha is the New York City Graduate, Alumnae and Professional (GAP) Chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. There are currently 17 members active in the chapter, all of whom strive to live out the mission and tenets of Theta Nu Xi in everything they do.

To promote leadership, multiculturalism and selfimprovement through academic excellence, involvement in and service to the campus and community, as well as being living examples of sisterhood across different races, cultures, religions, backgrounds and lifestyles.

The Chapter was founded on April 11, 2002 by Soror Holly Woodard (Beta, Spring 1999), Soror Rebecca Treherne (Beta, Spring 2000), Founding Monarch Melissa MurchisonBlake (Alpha, Spring 1997) and Founding Monarch Janelle Poe (Alpha, Spring 1997).

TENETS Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, Leadership, Multiculturalism

MOTTO Sisters of diversity together as ONE!

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Xi Alpha Chapter December 2013 Newsletter  

The Newsletter for the Xi Alpha Chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

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