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At only 11 years old J’Plus The Entertainer is a beast at what he does. Not only does he rap but he also acts, models, and dances so you can say he is a quadruple threat. His new song he has out now is called “Get Your Swag On” where he explains below in the interview what it means. You can also check out the video that was released today for the song plus find out where you will be hearing the song at. He’s building up his fan base by doing performances and hopes to branch out more over time. With acting, modeling, dancing, and rapping behind we can only imagine what is going to be up next for this upcoming superstar.

So J’Plus, can you tell us a little more about the song, for instance who wrote, produced it, and what is the song about?

The song is basically about a kid that’s enhancing, informing, or helping other kids on how to ya know conquer like getting bullied or get your swagger on no matter what people say about them. We see you did the video for the song yesterday correct. Yes So was it your first time making a music video, and how was that for you were you scared, nervous, excited?

It was my first video shoot, it was fun and it was a little... it was kinda nervous at the same time but it was a good experience for me. Where will your fans be hearing the song, like can they hear the song, or where can they hear it at?

They can hear it on youtube and search J’Plus The Entertainer, or you can go on And speaking of the song, we heard it is suppose to be the theme song for the new teen dance tv show Rhythm Nation? Yes. That’s correct. So when you first heard the news that they picked your song for the theme song, what was your reaction to that?

I felt excited & scared at the same time. Why were you scared? Lol

Well because I was like what would they think about my song.

Well you’ve got my opinion, it is actually a really great song, we loved the song when we first heard it. We are pretty sure people won’t have a problem liking it because it has a positive message behind it. So how old are you by the way and what’s your favorite subject in school?

11 years old and Language Arts Hmm, Language arts... and why is that, you must like to write. Lol

Yes, I like to write stories, papers, and it’s fun because we get to express ourselves during our writing. Plus we get to read interesting books and then watch the movies for them. Ohhhhh ok so do you write your own song and raps? Yes Oh ok cool, wait hold up so your 11 years old and you write your own songs and raps... when did you learn to do that?

Well like before when I was younger, I danced and act but then rapping just came into place like I wanted to try it because I seen my dad do it all the time. He used to be in the studio recording songs with the groups sometimes and I would go in there during the free time and try rapping. I actually did it to see what they were going to say and I even ask them if I would be able to go on tour if I recorded it because the man wanted to see how good I was. He told me not right now so I went back to acting and dancing until I wrote my own rap and let my dad hear it and he said he liked it and he was proud of me. So then I just kept on writing raps. Ok let me back track for a minute... You dance, you act, you rap. Wow that’s a lot for an 11 year old... So is that how you came up with J’Plus The Entertainer?

Yes, it’s like J’Plus The Entertainer stands for the X-factor cuz I do all those things like rapping, acting, dancing, and modeling. Oh wow so you do modeling too wow, so it’s like you’re just all over the place. That’s pretty good for an eleven year old. So being 11 years old seeing that you got dancing, modeling, acting, rapping under your belt; if a kid came up to and said they wanna do what you do, what advice would you give them?

I would advise them to follow their dreams, don’t let anyone put you down, and not necessarily always you know do or be quick at the first thing that you see cuz the first thing that you see might not be a good option for you. So you should always go with what you think in life in your mind. Because everything that you see might not be right so you should have a mind of your own. I would also tell them to just keep going and keep pushing. Before we go, we have one more question for you, what are your social networking sites? My twitter is JPLUS_TheEnt, facebook is J’Plus The Entertainer Well that’s all the questions we have for you and we would like to thank you again for doing this interview with UniQ Music Media and hope to see you in a lot of other projects, you never know we might see you in a movie one day.


Hi, LaTonya. I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview for our blog UniQ Music Media. I personally watched your journey on Born To Dance from beginning to end and was rooting you on the whole way through. When I found out you won I was very excited and proud for you. So, tell those that didn't watch your journey on Born To Dance how was that experience for you?

For me Born To Dance was an AMAZING experience. Laurieann pushed all of us through the challenges one faces as a professional dancer in the industry from music videos, to live performance, to how to capture the camera, or the importance of believing in yourself no matter what. I struggled a bit in the beginning, I'm the over analytical type who is always in their head, but I learned to get out of there and get into my gift! By the end I was a better dancer, artist, and person in general. How old were you when you first knew you wanted to make a career out of dancing?

Age 19! I've been dancing seriously since the age of 12 but for the longest I made the mistake of thinking dance only came with jobs, not careers... Back then I still wanted to be a fashion designer, high school I wanted to be a dance business owner, then in college... 3 weeks before the Born To Dance audition in NY I decided dance is what I was put here to do. (Performing to be exact) I was unhappy in school which was a complete 180 because I'm full on nerd but something just clicked. I had to make a CAREER out of dancing or I would be cheating myself and the gifts god gave me... When Laurie Ann called your name as the winner of Born To Dance what was going through your mind?

Just supreme, raw happiness! I didn't feel the need to cry or pass out lol which I thought I would have done... When she said my name I had to hug my BTD sisters because we grew so much during the show ..then immediately my mom came to mind I actually blurted out "my mom" and my knees buckled... I knew she would never have to struggle again. I felt unbelievably grateful to Laurieann for giving me that amazing confirmation and God for molding my life to get me to that very moment. Now dancing on stage along beside Lady GaGa and meeting her, I would have cried can you tell us about that experience?

I wanted to cry! Lol looking back it all seems like a dream. When she bent down and took off her glasses it was so humbling. I felt like if she was this amazing yet this down to earth I could be even more amazing on stage because she's just like me, fighting for her dreams. She took our hand and told us to crawl right beside her instead of in the back, right then and there something clicked... I completely left my head and let my soul

and body do all the work. I only remember the crawl out onto the stage with Gaga, and her screaming, "DANCE!" Right before the music broke,,, It gave me chills. An experience I will never forget What advice did you take from all the coaches (Peanut, Richy, Laurie Ann, and even Lady Gaga) you had on the show?

Richy: at one point I felt kind of overwhelmed, Laurieann would give me corrections I didnt yet know how to fix. I felt like I needed to relearn how to dance because my personal swag and the correct, clean moves couldnt coexist. so I asked him to give it to me straight, what was i doing wrong.. he compared the way I move to "electrostatic" lol or fragmented moves with surges of random electricity, which completely got through to me. I learned how to make everything look effortless while GOING IN on the move that is given. The "electricity" should come from the inside. Peanut: "Suck it up and get it right!" lol I learned that the more you have your ish together in rehearsal the more you can live on stage.. GO IN even if the people around you are slacking, don't be afraid to stand out and "liveee" because no one should come in between you, your gift, and that stage! Thanks P! Lol From Laurieann I learned to be transparent in order for people to feel your gift. Never hold back because you're too great for that. There were so many lessons but that is the most tailored to my life. I always tread cautiously and guard parts of myself that I think are weird or negative, or feel people out before I open up. But from the jump LG was completely honest, open, and transparent and it gave me the courage to do so myself.. I never cry in front of ppl besides close friends or family, but I was bawling almost every day but it was so real and refreshing. Changed the way I walk around in this world... While being on the show did you ever have the doubt in your mind that you would be the one who would be picked to win?

Yes in the very beginning. I felt like Laurieann didn't like me, or that my lack of technical training would be my downfall against some of the more trained dancers... But once I got in that house, those "am I good enough to win" thoughts never really crossed my mind. Laurieann made it clear that this wasnt just a competition with a prize it was about believing in yourself, learning with humilty, & loving your competition anyway because you believe so much in yourself you never feel threatened. So I was completely focused on learning as much as possible because 1) I knew the last girl standing would be the one who internalized the most lessons in that short time and 2) The nerd in me would not be able to live if she got sent home early and missed the remaining lessons lol In my mind the last girl standing had a blank face until the Gaga show and by then I didn't have to doubt anything. It was like if I win amazing, if I didn't, I win anyway because I now have the tools to make it in the world anyway... How has life been for you since being on the show and now working with Laurie Ann and her team?

Life has been amazing since the show. I moved to LA, finally getting into the dance world on the West Coast. I still get so much love from fans and its extremely gratifying but I'm still learning and pushing like I don't have the BoomKack crown just like Laurieann taught me. LG and team boomkack are elite and its amazing to be considered a part of that now. Its different going from the nurturing Laurieann during the show to the director Laurieann, I have to be even more on my toes because there are no more cut cards for me lol... She's seen my best and always expects that and more and I'm happy to give it to her. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

In five years I see myself with a BANGING resume, really in the mix of things as a dancer and actress. Still performing of course and working towards bigger things in dance like choreography and creative directing... What is your favorite song to dance to that makes you want to just get up and start dancing?

I would have to say Lovergirl or Square Biz by Teena Marie.. her songs are so funky and raw.. its like ants in my pants lol I'm an old soul... What advice would you give someone who would want to live out their dream of being a dancer?

Never hold back. Believe in yourself 100%, that will get you the farthest. Commit to your craft, learn as much as you can. And when it’s time to perform or audition get out of your head and into your gift because that's what draws people in. How can your Born To Dance fans keep up with you... Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter @LaTonyaBTD Also my facebook fan page LaTonya Swann BET Born To Dance One thing we would like to know is... Is there a video of you dancing and showing off your craft that we could share with our viewers/readers?

My youtube channel And I just recently uploaded a dance reel This concludes our interview and we thank you again for doing this interview with us. We would love to keep in touch with you and your career to see where and what shows you will be dancing on in the future.