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Rose–Ann “Roe” Aragon UniPro  My move is… RAA  …to tell compelling stories that

Coming Together) conference, a leadership/ community engagement conference. My goal inform communities in hopes that informed as FACT co–coordinator was to bring my communities can better shape the world. I beloved FACT delegates (we seriously loved believe in the power of storytelling, the art of them and always kept them in mind) the best exploring humanity and, oftentimes, sharing of the best, and I couldn’t do that sitting at voices that are not necessarily being heard. My my desk. I promised myself that to the best goal is to tell all kinds of stories to all kinds of my abilities, I would challenge myself to of people—stories from the middle class, rich get bit uncomfortable and go to places and and poor; stories from the healthy, sick and conferences that I had never been (as much as suffering; stories from the East to the West, I financially could handle!). UniPro was one the North to the South. My move is realizing of the most, if not the most, influential trips. I my ironic love/hate relationship with the status was just in awe with how much I had learned, quo. I love it enough to care to attempt to and yet how different it was from what I change the things I dislike about it. For years, knew. The speakers—different. The format— I’ve developed skills and talents in part by the different. The number of delegates—different. sacrifice of my hardworking parents, my selfless The number of days—different. So much of teachers, and caring loved ones. For years, I the conference was different, but it worked so well. It inspired me to make my move. It was an experience that affected the way my partner “I believe in the power of and I ran a conference that, in turn, affected 1300 other people (FACT’s 1300 delegates). storytelling, the art of exploring UniPro helped me to question our comfortable leadership practices. “Why do we always humanity and, oftentimes, limit ourselves to what has been done?” Why? “Why are we comfortable sticking to a system sharing voices that are not that we think works the best?” Why? “Why are we only reaching out to those within arm’s necessarily being heard.” reach?” Why? Why don’t we question everything that we do so we can keep striving for more? have absorbed the everlasting impact of those It’s our move, and I’m not ready to get who cared to leave their mark and nurture the comfortable. I'm ready to get going. future generation of problem–solvers—our UniPro  Create a rallying cry for the UniPro generation. Now, it is my move. My time. Summit. How would these words mobilize My mark. delegates to serve a particular cause or act in UniPro  How did the UniPro Summit the interest of their community? RAA  “Ating Panahon: Leave Your Mark.” It is influence you as a past delegate? How did it inspire you to ‘make your move’ in the Pilipino my rallying cry and theme for life, and I carry these words with me wherever I go. Ating community? RAA  I came to the second UniPro Summit panahon is the Pilipino phrase for “our time.” the summer that I was the co–coordinator For our generation, it is our time to step up of the Midwest’s FACT (Filipino Americans as leaders and young professionals and leave  4

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UniPro Now: Volume 4  

UniPro Now: Volume 4  

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