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advice would you give to UniPro Summit delegates as they forge their own paths in life? RJD  Networks are everything. On a personal and societal level, information and value travel through networks, and success by almost all measures hinge on the relationships you're able to start, sustain, and tap into. Of course, there's nothing new about this, and it's something that everyone these days takes as common sense, but ever since I've seen it play out in my own life (with jobs, internships, and Kaya Co.) I've been a vocal advocate of it. Doing this right, however, is far less obvious. I'm still learning and scrambling along the way; emails and contacts fall by the wayside more than I'd like them to in the midst of busy–ness and lack of organization. But a lot of it has to do with going for quality over quantity; with being structured and prepared for conversations; and empathy at the root. Where is the other person coming from, what kind of beliefs and passions do you share or don't share, and how can you come together to make each other's lives better?

stories. It can be a Philippine city or historical landmark. What makes this aspect of Pilipino culture so important to you? RJD  I'm a big fan of untranslatables—those culturally specific words that have a texture or layer to them that, try as you might to parse them to another language, never have quite the same punch or feel to them as in the native tongue. Tagalog has some great ones: “ kapwa” (inner resonance) for example, and “ kasama” (community and togetherness), are things you can explain in 2–3 words at the surface level, but to really get to the cultural connotations of it would take pages. “Balikbayan” is easily explained as “returnee” or “repatriate,” but the weight of connotation behind it in a country that sees so much migration is like, unshakeable. My favorite of these is probably “bayanihan.” I've seen a lot of definitions of it thrown around, but the one that really hits the heart of it for me is sweet and succinct: “collective power.” It's a word that carries such strong imagery (neighbors carrying a house) and has become such an organizing principle in times of crisis, UniPro  Think of your favorite cultural items and I think it's a value that the world at large from the Philippines. It can be a dish or dessert. can benefit from thoughtfully adapting. It can be a popular image or trope in Pilipino 43  UniPro Now: Volume 4

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UniPro Now: Volume 4  

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