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Past Delegate Panel

UniPro  How would you like to see the UniPro

Summit evolve in the future? What would you change about the UniPro Summit? CA  Like all great organizations, UniPro needs constant and positive evolving. This happens when community needs are heard. More importantly, an organization evolves when its members can project and prepare for the future. After years of using the same process, it’s easy to become complacent. We need to challenge ourselves to reach higher, go farther and discover new opportunities. A famous painter once wrote: "…if one wants to be active, one must not be afraid of going wrong, one must not be afraid of making mistakes now and then. Many people think that they will become good just by doing no harm—but that's a lie.... That way lies stagnation, mediocrity."    —Vincent Van Gough.

In life, there are bad and good experiences. What you take from it and how you move forward, is up to you. I follow four mindsets that I believe lead to success: 1. Collaboration  Work with those who

have the same admiration and beliefs to achieve shared goals while embracing your differences. 2. Adaptability  Adaptation is key because change is constant. If you don’t adapt to a situation, you may find yourself alone and unusable. 3. Humility  Humility keeps us learning from what we know and thirsting for what we don’t. 4. Perseverance  Be steadfast in your course of action, and believe in your purpose. Never give up on yourself, and rely on your support system.

UniPro  Think of your favorite cultural items from the Philippines. It can be a dish or dessert. It can be a popular image or trope in Pilipino stories. It can be a Philippine city or historical landmark. What makes this aspect of Pilipino culture so important to you? CA  For me, it’s not the place, although we have world–renowned islands that would make any– UniPro  What strategies have you followed to one retire early. It’s not the food, although our reach your goals in the past? Did these strategies food could make a grown man or woman drool. fail you at any point? Did they succeed? What For me, it’s the people. Our people are advice would you give to UniPro Summit incredibly hospitable. Call it a gift or generos– delegates as they forge their own paths in life? ity; we love to make every person feel welcome. CA  I believe in failing. Now, to better explain And despite our own calamities or hardships, myself, let me substitute “failing” for "doing." we are eager to help those in need. I guess we I’m a doer who has done many things, and learned this over years of being colonized. We many I wish I could take back. I now realize were oppressed and forced to think, act and what I did wrong and take responsibility. Now believe differently. Yet, we held on to our most I can share those experiences in hopes that fundamental core as Pilipino people—to help others will learn from it. even those less fortunate than us. So what can I take away with my "doings?" Yes! That is what is most important My strategy has always been to keep myself to me. It is the people. My people. Our in check. This is possible by having mentors, people. Mabuhay! friends, and loved ones holding you accountable.

I believe that UniPro started something great, and its goals have been met. But it needs to go beyond that, to be bigger and stronger. It needs to be more effective in a global scale. In a scale that can't be ignored by anyone. In a way, that unifies all Pilipinos no matter where they are.

41  UniPro Now: Volume 4

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UniPro Now: Volume 4  

UniPro Now: Volume 4  

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