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DEMOCRACY IN A MIGRATION SOCIETY After the UTE roundtable on the refugee movement held in Vienna right after the height of the “Willkommenskultur” (welcome culture), the UTE convened a follow-up roundtable discussing how democracy and a migration society go together. Western Europe will continue to be a shelter for millions of newly arriving refugees in the upcoming years, given that sustainable solutions for the reasons of seeking refuge, such as political conflicts, poverty, and climate change in the countries of the Global South aren’t anywhere in sight. Instead of discussing the situation in the light of a crisis, people have to actively shape it instead.  How can the democratic processes be strengthened and cultivated? Which rights and what kind of status are our democracies willing to grant refugees? What does democ-

Moderated by Corinna Milborn, these and other questions were discussed by the Pakistani journalist Meera Jamal; Ionna Petrisi from Thessaloniki of the NGO ARSIS– Association for the Social Support of Youth; film, text and theatre worker Tina Leisch (Die Schweigende Mehrheit); political scientist and activist Monika Mokre from Vienna; as well as the Ukrainian director of the independent DAKH theatre, Vlad Troitzkyi, from Kiew.


Volkstheater Wien Austria, 2017

The Young Journalists on Performing Arts covered this event in Role(s) Of Arts In Migration Europe by Ina Doublekova and Europe: A Library Or A Supermarket by Elena Galanopoulou for the UTE online theatre magazine:

racy have to look like in a migration society?

Tankette L3/33 Used by the Italian Corpo Truppe Volontarie in the Battle of Guadalajara in 1937 in support of Franco.


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UTE - Conflict Zones - Zones de Conflit  

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