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CROSSROADS PRAGUE In a programme that addressed Conflict Zones | Zones de Conflit, the anniversary of the 80th birthday of such an important political and artistic figure as was Václav Havel couldn’t go by unnoticed. This international theatre festival celebrated the Czech Republic’s most outstanding figure, both for his political impact as well as for his dramatic legacy. Celebrating Václav Havel’s exceptional sense for freedom of speech and equality, the festival also provided a stage for plays from countries that have an overlapping historical pattern with the Czech Republic, yet who haven’t overcome their struggles: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The world-renowned Belarus Free Theatre, which keeps standing up for freedom of artistic expression and freedom of speech in Belarus, was invited to this festival with their production “Time of Women”. DAKH from Kiev, in Ukraine, and Teatro di Capua in Russia’s St. Petersburg showed “Dreams of A Lost Road” and “Medea”, respectively. Embedding these theatres amongst Czech productions

by or about Václav Havel highlighted the emergency of free theatres to lend their support to artists that suffer from censorship and other hardships. The festival furthermore dedicated 80 hours of activities, theatrical as well as in the form of talks and discussions, to Václav Havel’s dramatic and political heritage.

International Theatre Festival

National Theatre Prague, Czech Republic 2016 & 2017

Visit the UTE online theatre magazine at conflict-zones. reviews and read the articles on Crossroads: Voices At The Crossroads: Or The Soul After Victory by Herwig Lewy, Vaclav Havel: A History Of Mentalities by Sergio Lo Gatto In the context of the Crossroads 2017 festival Conflict Zones | Zones de Conflit had its closing event ALL WITNESSES. Representatives of the Young Journalists on Performing Arts, the Emerging Playwrights, young actors from the ISO – International Super Objective Theatre, UTE members, and invited guests, such as theatre professionals, politicians, and critics came together for a dialogue on the role of culture, and theatre in particular, to mould a vision of Europe in the future.

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Three Years of Battle Union des Théâtres de l'Europe

UTE - Conflict Zones - Zones de Conflit  

Three Years of Battle Union des Théâtres de l'Europe