USCSD - August 2015 Newsletter

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Save the Date First Day of School:

Tuesday, September 8

Students Enjoy Summer Learning Program The District launched a new Summer Academy for students in rising K-7. Over 100 students participated in the four-week learning program held at Cayuga Elementary. Students were able to explore topics of interest, learn through small group projects, and enjoy various hands-on activities, based on an ELA/Math enrichment program. Classes consisted of art, music, physical education, library, math, and ELA.

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The goal of the Academy was to refine and improve students’ reading and math skills through small group activities in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. Teachers challenged their students to use problem solving skills, think differently about topics, and try things for the first time. The hands-on approach helped to increase skills that the students have been working on over the past academic year. “What an amazing month of teaching and learning,” said Cayuga Elementary Principal Sheila LaDouce. “Students were provided daily opportunities to practice their learning in a hands-on creative manner that engaged all who participated.”

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Students were excited to share stories about their favorite activities and what they learned during the various units during Summer Academy.

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“I learned how to problem solve. We built boats and at first mine sunk so I had to fix it to get it to float,” said second grader Andrew.

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“My favorite unit was health. I learned that if you eat too many calories that it will turn into fat,” said fourth grader Reilley. We hope to continue this program next summer. More information will be available in the Spring.