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Strategic Framework Enhancing ways to continue student excellence in Union Public Schools is the focus of this strategic plan. Our belief that the pursuit of excellence is fundamental and unending serves to secure our place as one of the best school districts in the nation. Constant program and organization analysis at both the district and site levels and use of current educational research reflect our commitment to ensuring every child will have an opportunity-rich learning environment. Our emphasis on early childhood education, community schools, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and Union’s Collegiate Academy experience plays a significant role in equipping our students to be successful beyond their high school years. We believe it is a fundamental right of every child to receive a high-quality public education. This strategic plan highlights programs and initiatives that are the foundation of the school system’s never-ending improvement efforts. The strength of the plan is the continued alignment of school system operations which revolve around our mission statement and require each of us to work together each step of the way. Thanks to the initial contributions of employees, parents, students, and community leaders on the District Transformation Committee and additional work by our administrators and Board of Education members, this strategic plan is designed to be a dynamic, collaborative, living document that will serve as the foundation for our successful comprehensive pursuit of excellence. It contains specific objectives and identifiable ways to measure our progress and will be used to guide us in decisionmaking while helping us evaluate programs for effectiveness and relevance to our mission and goals. Union spirit is synonymous with being the best we can be. We encourage you to join us as we continue to build on Union’s legacy of excellence, knowing that “Together We Make a Difference” for each of our students.

Kirt Hartzler, Ed.D. Superintendent

Mission Statement Our mission is to graduate 100% of our students, college and/or career ready.

Core Values The following core values serve to guide our strategic focus and actions in accomplishing our mission: Commitment to Excellence – Pursue the highest measure of quality in all that we do. Collegiality Demonstrate respect and an ability to work as team members. Honesty, Integrity, Transparency – Do what’s right and above board. Innovation – Embrace new, effective thinking and programs.

Inclusiveness – Cultivate an organizational culture of accepting children, families, and employees for who they are rather than categorizing them by income, ethnicity, or ability. Empowerment – Help people reach their full potential. Accountability – Accept responsibility for achieving results. Thoughtful Planning – Use data and district values in planning and decisionmaking.

Organizational Features The following organizational features will assist us in shaping and focusing our work through 2018. l Improve students’ outcomes in the areas of academic achievement, co curricular engage ment, and leader ship/character development. l Maximize student, parent, and com- munity engage ment. l Improve our capacity to better serve our stu dents, parents, staff, and community while expanding partnerships and garnering alumni support. l

Increase communications about our thoughtful strategies, effective programs, exemplary staff, and comprehensive services provided for stu- dents, parents, and community.

l Build greater capacity for gathering and analyz- ing data. l Ensure strategic and efficient allocation of resources while implementing a new finan cial system. l Ensure that technology supports and promotes student achievement and efficien cy of district operations. l Maintain high-quality infrastructure, emer gency preparedness, and safety. l Attract, retain, and develop an excellent employee base and provide leadership development.

Strategic Plan Strategic Goals These strategic goals in the following focus areas provide guidance for leadership, policy decisions, and development of initiatives, programs, and strategies to achieve our mission. Learning l Ensure that all students – through greater person alization -- have access to a high-quality instruc- tional and educational environment that prepares them for college or a career. l Enhance the communication, advocacy, and en- gagement with our students and families. l Close achievement gaps for all learners. Teaching l Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students. l Promote ongoing professional learning for teach ers and leaders. l Successfully implement the TLE Evaluation Sys tem and Oklahoma Academic Standards. l Use multiple measures for student success. Partnerships l Expand partnerships to enhance learning oppor tunities for student success and for greater hu man and organizational capital.

l Promote greater awareness and engagement among school stakeholders to enhance support and funding for public education. l Establish business and alumni partnerships in order to garner and sustain continued support for Union Public Schools. Human Capital l Recruit, develop, retain, and support caring, mo- tivated, innovative professional faculty and staff. Business/Operations l Ensure the operating and capital budgets reflect our priorities as well as areas of focus and need. l Promote operational safety and high-quality infra- structure to ensure effective and efficient learn- ing and working environments. l Maintain a technology system that promotes teaching/learning and efficiency within the operational functions of the organization. Culture l Foster an atmosphere of respect and effective communication. l Promote a commitment to equity and excellence. l Maintain a caring, professional, and ethical orga nization. l Maintain a safe and secure teaching and learning environment.

Measuring Our Success The following strategic planning framework will be used in order to guide student achievement and school improvement efforts.

Student Outcome Data

School Health Indicators

l l l l l

Student Health Core Organizational Capacity Instructional Capacity Learning Capacity Home and Community Capacity

l State Assessments l Graduation Rate l Advanced Placement l Concurrent Enrollment l National Merit Recognition l ACT

Organizational Effectiveness Measures

l l

Office and department performance measures Employee engagement survey

Performance Targets Kindergarten Readiness l Early childhood emphasis l Pre-K emphasis

Grade 3 l Provide positive learning environment l Reading at the proficient and advanced levels

Grade 5 l l l

Enhance Character/Civic Responsibility Reading and mathematics at the proficient and advanced levels in Grade 5 Engage parents in student support

Grade 6 & 7 l Inform parents of college requirements l Explore talents and interests l Expand social skills l Reading and mathematics at the proficient and advanced levels l Build leadership skills

Grades 8 & 9 l Formulate 4-year graduation plan l Assess interests and skills/EXPLORE Test l Expand career awareness l Register in OKCIS to begin college planning l EOI Biology and Algebra I at the proficient and advanced levels l Involve parents in HS/Career Planning

Grades 10 thru 12 l l l l l l

Maximize dual credit opportunities Earn graduation credits and pass EOIs Advanced Placement 3 or higher National Merit Scholars ACT 24 or higher On-time graduation

Over the next five years, Union Public Schools will increase the performance targets while reducing disproportionate achievement gaps. The data will be closely monitored and disaggregated to ensure school improvement for all students.

Strategic Model

Union Public Schools 8506 E. 61st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133-1926 918-357-4321 Find under District at Online access to strategic objectives, action steps, performance measures, and progress.

Strategic Plan 2014 2018 - Union Public Schools  

This document is the strategic plan for 2014-2018 for Union Public Schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For more information, visit the Strategic Pla...

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