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Class of 2020 Justin Tyler Alford Emily Renee Arp Jordan Elizabeth Barbee Caylee Chryslin Barnes Ryan Steven Barsby Rachel Marie Barton Ju’Niah Am’Braisha Beal Victoria Kristin Black Jonathan Tyler Bradley Samantha Kent Bradley Cameron Wallace Carstarphen Caroline Elizabeth Charnes Kinsey Davis Charnes Madison Elizabeth Childers Anthony Josiah Cleveland Rylee Morgan Craft Sydney Grace Craft William Robert Culberson

Kennedy-Paige Davis Ty’Kia Ashanti Devero Jessica Ann Edwards Leah Maxine Frazier Alexander Kalani Fricke Findlay Morgan Garrett Marco Joseph Gillis Abbigail Marie Greer Hagan Thomas Hinson Emma Jane Holder Haley Forbes Housworth A’Kiya Breshea Huff Charles Bao Lam Tara Elizabeth MacCartee Cecilia Grace Maldonado Analisa Hope Martin Meredith Suzanne McCook Robert Walker McDade


Natalie Jewel Moody Prince Rajesh Kumar Patel Frank Whittle Pendergast, Jr. Sage Anne Purcell Jabir Fahim Saleem Shayla Janay Simmons Madison Kay Sloan Stelios Constantine Spirou Kaleigh Michelle Stackpole Devin Jamal Stephens Mattison Adams Strom Jordan Allen Thomas Kayla Alyse Waddell Whitley Michaela Ward Ja’Darius Deshawn Warren Carson James Waters Armanius Terrell White



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Graduation 2020



Graduation 2020 3

“…But even though there may not be pomp because of our circumstances, never has a graduating class been called to step into the future with more purpose, vision, passion, and energy and hope. …There is so much uncertainty. In truth, there always has been. What I do know is that the same guts and imagination that got you to this moment — all those things are the very things that are going to sustain you through whatever is coming.” —Oprah Winfrey to the Class of 2020

To the Class of 2020, This certainly isn’t how any of us planned it. Who could have predicted eight or nine months ago that your senior year would have been altered so abruptly? While it’s true the coronavirus pandemic snatched away many senior milestones, please know — we are so proud of you. Your accomplishments are still cause for celebration. You were born amid a changing world, just after 9/11. You’ve come of age not just during this global pandemic, but also the Great Recession, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix. You don’t know a world without texting or YouTube. While you may not see it now, you were made for this moment. Despite all that has been lost during your senior year, you’ve worked hard for this moment and you deserve all the praise. The same way you have pushed through the adversities of the past several months — keep that momentum and drive to succeed. This is only the beginning. Life is filled with setbacks and alternate routes. While this year is one such circumstance — there will be others. Handle those to come with the same level of grace, grit and drive that you’ve handled what has come your way this year. The work isn’t over. As you prepare for college, technical school, the military, the workforce or other endeavors, everything that you’ve done up until this point has been in preparation for this next significant step — don’t forget that. And don’t forget the teachers, your parents, coaches and everyone who has supported you on the journey thus far. Thank them. Show them your deep appreciation and gratitude. One day, when you are older and wise enough to have gained perspective on this moment, you’ll truly understand the depth of their work and commitment to help you grab hold to your dreams. Remember that as this journey ends, another begins. This year is but one chapter in the book of your lives. There are lessons to be learned from all of this. No, this isn’t what you envisioned. Don’t worry, though. You can handle whatever the future holds. Congratulations. Stay true to who you are, be kind to each other, patient with yourselves and follow your dreams. Remember this moment but don’t let it be the end. Go forth and change our world for the better.

index valedictorians/ Salutatorians q & A............................... 4 baldwin high school........................................................ 10 ebla....................................................................................... 29 gmc prep.............................................................................. 31 john milledge academy................................................... 36 hancock central high school....................................... 40 john hancock academy.................................................. 44 wilkinson co high school............................................... 46 gatewood schools........................................................... 54 lake oconee academy...................................................... 59 putnam co high school................................................... 64 greene co high school..................................................... 76 nathanael greene academy............................................ 82


Graduation 2020

Sutton Eady | JMA Valedictorian Q: What have these last couple months of high school been like for you? A: These last couple of months have been tough, but everyone has been really encouraging and supportive. All my teachers, family, and friends have offered a lot of help and support which has made things better during quarantine. It was definitely weird when I realized that I had just submitted my last ever high school assignment online, though.  Q: What, if anything, have you learned from all the changes and adjustments that have taken place? Biggest positives/negatives? A: I have learned a lot though all the uncertainties and changes during this time; I think everyone has. The biggest positive I have realized would have to be being able to spend more time with my brothers and my family before I leave home for college, it had helped me realize how much I appreciate and love them. The biggest negative is definitely not being able to finish out my time at JMA on campus, these last few months are something I’ll never get back.  Q: What will you miss the most about high school? A: This is a hard question since I think I’ll pretty much miss everything. The people, the sports, the atmosphere…I could go on for hours on what I’ll miss about JMA. Q: What advice do you have for the Class of 2021? A: I advise the Class of 2021 to never take any of your time at school for granted. You think you “hate” school until it’s taken away from you, and only then do you realize how much fun you had there with your friends, schoolwork aside.  Q: What are your plans for the fall (college, major, future desired career field if known)? A: In the fall, I plan to attend the University of Georgia and major in Biology-Pre-Medicine. I hope to one day become a physician, a radiation oncologist in particular.

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Parker Blenk | JMA Salutatorian Q: What have these last couple months of high school been like for you? A: These past few months have been confusing. This is all new to everyone and it has taken people by surprise. Not being able to spend time with my friends and teachers for possibly the last time has been challenging.

Q: What will you miss the most about high school? A: I will miss the memories and friendships I’ve made throughout school. I’ve been at JMA since Pre-K and it has taught me many lessons. I will pretty much miss everything about it.

Q: What, if anything, have you learned from all the changes and adjustments that have taken place? Biggest positives/

Q: What advice do you have for the Class of 2021? A: I would say take every single moment as it comes and enjoy everything you have. Don’t take anything for granted because it can all be taken away from you before you know it.

negatives? A: I’ve learned that it is important to spend time with your family and friends while you have the chance. It can all be taken away from you before you know it.

Q: What are your plans for the fall? A: I plan to attend the University of Georgia to study Mechanical Engineering.

Congratulations on graduating

Salutatorian of your 2020 class!


BLENK We are so proud of your accomplishments and of the young man you have become.

We love you,

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Graduation 2020 5

Carson Waters | GMC Prep Valedictorian Q: What have these last couple months of high school been like for you? A: These last couple months have been different, to say the least. No one really knew that our last day of school actually was the last day. However, there’s been lots of positivity resulting from being at home these months. Not only did we continue to learn through online schooling, we gained the extreme privilege of no longer having to wake up super early. I’ve enjoyed the more lenient schedule, and overall it has been an interesting experience. Q: What, if anything, have you learned from all the changes and adjustments that have taken place? Biggest positives/negatives? A: From these adjustments, I’ve learned to value time and take things in my life as they come. Like I said, we honestly never would’ve expected senior year to end this way, so it’s been a lesson to myself on not taking blessings for granted.  The pros are certainly more free time, more sleep, and less work, and the cons have been missing events at their usual times and not having those last senior days together as a class.  Q: What will you miss the most about high school? A: Since I’ve attended GMC with such a small class sizes, I think what I’m going to miss the most about high school is knowing almost everyone. It’s nice to walk around the hallways and not see many unfamiliar faces. I’ve made bonds with so many of my peers and going from GMC to an enormous school like UGA will take some getting used to.  Q: What advice do you have for the Class of 2021? A: For the Class of 2021, I’d like to advise them to enjoy all their senior experiences and to live in the moment. Enjoy every last high school first that you get! Q: What are your plans for the fall (college, major, future desired career field if known)? A: In the fall, I will be attending the University of Georgia to major in Biological Science with a focus on the pre-dental route. After UGA, I plan on attending dental school with the hope to one day become an orthodontist.


Graduation 2020

Emily Arp | GMC Prep Salutatorian Q: Describe your senior year in three words. A: Challenging, exhilarating, and nostalgic. Q: What, if anything, have you learned from all the changes and adjustments that have taken place? Biggest positives/negatives? A: I have learned that even through hard and sad times like these, that our class as a whole is strong. We are able to understand these circumstances and take them head on, even if that means we cannot indulge on many sweet senior memories that we still had left. Biggest positives: Because of the social distancing rules, I was able to stay at home more and be able to work on my mental health and my relationship with Christ.  Q: What will you miss the most about high school? A: I will miss being able to walk down the hallway and see smiling faces of my friends and teachers. I will also miss going to formation after my Chick-Fil-A breakfast runs.  Q: What advice do you have for the Class of 2021? A: Class of 2021, enjoy the time you have at GMC and do not take for granted having those personal relationships and Senior privileges/activities. Senior year is where I bonded with my closest friends.  Q: What are your plans for the fall (college, major, future desired career field if known)? A: In the fall, I will be attending the University of Georgia and be majoring in Animal Health. I am pursuing a Pre-Vet study.

Your community college is proud of you! No graduating class in recent history has overcome more adversity. There is no question you are destined for greatness!


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Cara Bennett | BHS Valedictorian Q: What have these last couple months of high school been like for you? A: My last day of class was right before spring break. On the last day, I didn’t know it would be my last day, but since I was volunteering at the science fair, I got to see and eat lunch with a lot of my Georgia College friends one last time. It was a really nice ending for me. For the last couple months of senior year, I spent most of my time studying in my room, FaceTiming my friends, and sleeping until noon. Q: What, if anything, have you learned from all the changes and adjustments that have taken place? Biggest positives/negatives? A: I really hated the first couple weeks of quarantine. I missed seeing my friends and I felt so bored all the time. But I eventually adapted to it, got used to talking to people on the phone, and found new things to keep me busy. I’ve started watching a lot more Netflix, going on daily walks, and learning how to code. Q: What will you miss the most about high school? A: I’m going to miss so many things: the Baldwin and Georgia College soccer teams, the math jeopardy team, the morning walks from downtown Milledgeville to campus. Q: What advice do you have for the Class of 2021? A: Don’t let the fear of failing hold you back from trying.  Q: What are your plans for the fall? A: I’m going to Georgia Institute of Technology and plan on double majoring in mathematics and computer science. 

Aisha Sobti | BHS Salutatorian Q: What have these last couple months of high school been like for you? A: These last couple months of high school have definitely been an adjustment. I spent my senior year taking classes full time on Georgia College’s campus, so transitioning to an online format was difficult at first, but I am glad I adapted to it. These past few months I mostly focused on my school work, and tutoring students online.  Q: What, if anything, have you learned from all the changes and adjustments that have taken place? Biggest positives/negatives? A: From the changes and adjustments that have taken place, one of the biggest positives for me was having more time to spend towards my favorite hobby, which is music. I like playing guitar/ukulele, and singing. Another positive from these changes was being able to spend more time with my family before heading off to college. However, I miss being able to enjoy time with my friends as often as I used to.  Q: What will you miss the most about high school? A: One thing I will miss the most about high school is the teachers, counselors, and professors who gave me good advice, and helped me plan each of my semesters. I will miss the the one-on-one time I had with teachers and professors to discuss majors, colleges, and career options.  Q: What advice do you have for the Class of 2021? A: My advice to the class of 2021 is to manage your time wisely as this will be a very busy year for you. Please remember to stay organized and focused. Most importantly, remember to enjoy your last year in high school.  Q: What are your plans for the fall (college, major, future desired career field if known)? A: In the Fall, I plan to attend Georgia Institute of Technology, and major in Economics with a minor in Math.


Graduation 2020

Graduation 2020 9

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Dalton Andrew Medlin

Hannah Carol Reece

Ryan Thomas Mullis

Wister Lawrence Ritchie

Hunter Aaron Noles

Avery Elizabeth Roberts

Mary Abigail Patton

Landon Boyd Roberts

Dalton McKay Prestridge

Bailey Lynn Rollins

Congratulations Landon Roberts

and the JMA Class of 2020


EXMARK - THE BEST CHOICE FOR A MOWER - Exmark mowers are ready to work, and they are the best investment for maximizing your time."Whether you're a pro, or a homeowner with a lot of lawn to beautify, striving to gain more time for life's most important moments is an aspiration that's shared by everyone-and we strive to make that a reality for you.”


Roberts & Sons Propane Company “Your Local Supplier for Over 30 Years” State Certified Service & Delivery •\ Safe and Dependable Service Every Time

Call Joe Sr., Joe Jr., or Tim • 478-452-0514

38 Graduation 2020

You are a unique Class and we wish you the Best in the years ahead!

Southside Equipment Company 140 E Andrews St, Milledgeville, GA (478) 452-5523 www.southsideequip.com 392787-1

John Milledge Academy

Olivia Leeann Ryals

Emery Claire Ryan

Javien Charles Tucker

William Garrett Strong

Skyla Marie Yates

Brianna Michelle Tipton

Holley Elizabeth Youngblood

Congratulations Class of 2020 on a job well done

2020 “Congratulations to the class of 2020 for all of your hard work and dedication throughout your education!�


2353 River Ridge Road Milledgeville, Ga 31061

(478) 452-6474


Graduation 2020 39

Hancock Central HS

Carmichael Allen

Jonathan Austin

Devontavious Barnes

Denim Battle

Taija Battle

Nya Battle

Dyvion Blue

Sharome Brundage

Jaheim Burton

Tony Butts Jr.

Carnard Chapman

Treyvion Crayton

Japhoaris Culver

Ti’Kyus Dickson

Kiamber Edwards

Sykeria Evans

Diamond Giles

Deja Glover

Sylviyanna Heath

Takeita Hill

40 Graduation 2020

Hancock Central HS

Chaci Hunt

I’tavia Isom

Alexis Jordan

Jasmine Justice

Mondrecus Kendrick

Briana Manago

Anniyah McClain

Edward Meek

Jamarcus Morris

Caleb Page

HER MAJESTY 1881 Hancock

Chairman Helen G. “Sistie” Hudson District 1 Commissioner Gloria Cooper District 2 Commissioner Steve Hill District 3 Commissioner Terrell Reid District 4 Commissioner Randolph Clayton Tax Commissioner Virginia Kendrick Sheriff Tomlyn T. Primus Clerk of Superior Court LeShauna R. Jackson Probate Judge Sabrina Lamar Chief Magistrate Judge Shirley R. Ingram Coroner Adrick Ingram

Congratulations Hancock County Bulldogs Class of 2020 392646-1

12630 Broad Street, Sparta GA 31087 • (706)444-5746 www.hancockcountyga.gov


Graduation 2020 41

We are BULLDOG proud of our 2020 graduates!


42 Graduation 2020

Hancock Central HS

Labhashree Patel

Sha’Dymon Ransom

De’Shaune Rozier

Jamaal Scott

Aviun Sherman

Rodney Sims

Demeikus Smith

Shakira Thomas

Darious Walker

Atisi White

Not pictured Avner Yehudah Donovan Hill Dontavious Timmons Eric Sanford

Hahlel Yisrael Josquarn Lewis Khalfani Sunni-Ali Davis Charlie Rodriguez-Dias

Congratulations to the Hancock Central High School Bulldogs and the John Hancock Academy Rebels Class of 2020






As you celebrate the results of your hard work as a student, we hope you’ll take a moment to congratulate yourself on today’s achievement. Your dedication has paid off, and we wish you continued success as you take the next step.

12855 Broad Street Sparta, GA 31087 (706) 444-5781

Graduation 2020 43

John Hancock Academy

Ashley Karen Adams

Olivia Christina Austin

Cortney Ann Brown

James Garrett Butts

George Austin Dickens

Holton Ross Kennedy

John-Thomas Ian Purcell

Lauren Taylor Shepherd

Jacob Levi Smith

Bethany Michelle Teal

Hagen Mark Young

Whooo Wants to Wish You a Happy Graduation?

John Sutton Waddell

We Do!

Congratulations to the graduating Kindergarten Class of 2015. We hope your summer is a real hoot!


44 Graduation 2020




14674 Hwy 16 • Sparta, GA 31087













Mondrecus Kendrick is a High School graduating senior from Hancock Central. He is the Valedictorian and Mr. HCHS. He’s a member of National Honor Society, Student Ambassador, ETS, and the varsity football team. Mondrecus is natural born leader and plans to attend Georgia Southern University to major in Criminal Justice. He is determined to be the First AfricanAmerican FBI Director.

My name is Mikayla Holsey. I am a member of ETS, JROTC, National Honor Society, Dual Enrollment, and the Student Ambassadors. I am the salutatorian of my class. My future plans are to attend Georgia College and State University and major in nursing with a minor in psychology for my undergraduate degree.

I am Carnard Chapman, a member of the football & basketball team. My senior year I made GHSA all-region team and all-state honorable mention. I am the runner up for Mr. HCHS. I’m a member of ETS and National Honor Society. I plan on attending Shorter University to play football and major in Sports Management.

Washington County High School

Stephenson High School



“I don’t fear the future because I am the future” GHSA Boys basketball champions 2020

Class of 2020 Ryan Ingram will be attending Wofford College! Congrats Ryan!!!


Class of 2020


INGRAM BROS FUNERAL HOME 249 Spring Street Sparta, Georgia 31087 Phone (706) 444-6436 Email: ingrambrothers@bellsouth.net

Graduation 2020 45

Wilkinson Co High School

Aaliyah Anderson

Tewanna Anderson

Arleni Arvizu-Garcia

Mykia Austin

Amy Ayers

Jake Bache

Chloe Bagwell

Devontae Baker

Bryan Barnes

Kayvon Basley

Treyvon Bishop

Joshua Blalock

Javis Boyd

Kwacion Boyd

Jessie Brantley

Tiffany Brown

Zyajiah Brown

Akhiya Chatman

Jaliyah Chatman

Daija Coverson

46 Graduation 2020

Wilkinson Co High School

Jacob Crockett

De’Erica Daniely

Kenneth Darity

Brandon Delaroza

Kendryan Dorsey

Sha’Ryah Emory

Makayla Evans

K’iesha Fennelle

Howard Ford

Malcom Ford

Ny’Asia Ford

Portiajha Fountain

Humberto Gonzalez

Destiny Goodin

Anthony Gresham

Keniya Hall

Isaiah Harrison

Ryan Hill

Dy’mon Hitchcock

Octavius Horne

Graduation 2020 47


48 Graduation 2020

Wilkinson Co High School

Iyonna Hughes

David Jackson

Desiree Johnson

Kevieon Jones

Preston Jones

Jamal Joubert

Katelynn Kennedy

Christian Lamar

Brittney Long


Emily Hubbard

Graduation 2020 49

Wilkinson Co High School

Madison Marshall

Christavious May

David McCune

Andriko Mitchell

William Mobley

Bailey Moore

Michel Moore

Shyann Moore

Dexter Nesbitt

Ahnila Owens

Shaunda Patton

Nolan Perry

Keyon Phelps

Travion Pinkston

Deandre Pitts

DeUndre Pitts

Jaden Powell

Whitney Price

Sam Prosser

Ethan Ring

50 Graduation 2020

Wilkinson Co High School

India Robinson

Desmond Shinsholster

Edward Simmons Jr.

Shynice Simmons

Aleece Smith

Aleshia Smith

LaKimberly Smith

Melik Strange

Cheyenne Stripling

Jalen Stubbs

Congratulations, 2020 seniors! Greg Bazemore Agent (478) 628-3890 153 Macon Rd, Gordon, GA

Here to help life go right.ÂŽ


2249 Vinson HigHway MilledgeVille, ga 31061


Graduation 2020 51

Wilkinson Co High School

Matthew Tarpley

Gracie Taylor

Kishira Thomas

Michael Thomas

Deonte Todd

Tracy Todd

Whitney Underwood

Jada Veal

Beyonce Walker

Todd Ward

105 Bank St, Irwinton, GA 31042 Phone: (478) 946-5531 www.wilcobank.com

We Congratulate Our Wilkinson County Blue Storm Class of 2020 Be bold, be courageous, be your best. -Gabrielle Giffords 393665-1

52 Graduation 2020

Wilkinson Co High School

Kentrell Watkins

Natalie Wheeler

Logan Whipple

Nathan Wilkerson

Congratulations to the graduates of Wilkinson County High School and all our area graduates! The Wilkinson County Chamber would like to recognize the Wilkinson County High School 2019-2020 STAR Student



Gracie Lucille Taylor is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor and Gayla Yochum. She was named STAR Student, sponsored by the Wilkinson County Chamber of Commerce and the PAGE Foundation, for the 2019-2020 school year. She selected Mr. Taelor Rye, English Teacher, as her Star Student. Gracie is a honor student and has maintained an A average all four years of high school. She has completed the Advanced Academic and Business/Technology Pathway. During high school she served as Beta Club President and Vice-President. She was a part of the Top Ten Club , Technology Student Association, and Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship Program. She is dually enrolled as a student at Georgia Military College. She plans to complete her Associate’s Degree at GMC after graduation and then transfer to a four-year post-secondary institution. She intends to pursue a career in the medical field. She has been named to the Principal’s Honor Roll and Honor Roll while in High School. We are proud of her accomplishments.

Graduation 2020 53

Gatewood Schools

Brett Fitzpatrick Beckley

Joseph Golden Beckley

Lurner O. Benton V.

Hallie Lanier Boswell

Jordan Timothy Cadiere

Logan Cole Campbell

Chase Gregory Carnes

Morgan Elizabeth Clause

McKenzie Elizabeth Cox

John Wilson Decker

Evan Taylor Dillard

Maxwell Lee DuPree

Katherine Annette Embry

Samuel Baylor Garland

Josie Elaine Gregroy

Robert Alex Griner

Hampton Reed Haley

John Henry Hall

McKenzie Lynn Herron

Jubral Ward Holloway IV

54 Graduation 2020

Gatewood Schools Gatewood Schools Faculty, Administration and Board of Directors congratulates the Class of 2020 on their many accomplishments. May you continue to follow God’s path and prosper in the next step of your life.



For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Graduation 2020 55

Gatewood Schools

McKay Harper Hyatt

Walter David Jarrett

Brooklyn Pearce McLaulin

John Carter Middleton

Abbey Kay Moore

Claire Avery Morris

Connor Neal Olson

Connor Stephen Richards

Mary Alexandra Victoria Rose

Ivan Sanchez


56 Graduation 2020

Gatewood Schools

Isabella Jewel Stickley

Jack Worthington Stickley

Michael Alexander Tamasi

Faith Myrtice-Anne Ussery

Joey Louis Vargas

Weston Lee Wallace

James Edgar Williamson

William Thomas Van de Planque

ProTech Services®


PLUMBING • HEATING • AIR In all your ways acknowledge him,and he will make straight your paths

Proverbs 3:6

Congratulations to the Class of 2020


1089 Lake Oconee Parkway Eatonton, GA 31024

706-485-4600 www.lakeoconeelutheran.org JOIN US ON FACEBOOK FOR WORSHIP




CN210883 - MP007572RLCO000067


Graduation 2020 57


Here’s to the Connections You’ve Made May you keep them wherever you go.

Hargray congratulates the class of 2020 and wishes them the best in their future.


58 Graduation 2020

Lake Oconee Academy

Natalie Ansley

Prabhdeep Aulakh

Brianna Baker-Hopkins

Abby Barnhart

Landon Beall

Carrin Benne

Coby Brown

McGinnis Bryan

Madison Cantrell

Belle Cawley

Azariah Chester

Christopher Chester

Kaya Choum

Kendal Clark

Chloe Cosby

Madison Courter

Jackson Cown

Samantha Dunagan

Savannah Dwyer

Lauren Ellison

Graduation 2020 59

Lake Oconee Academy

Miky Galan

Helen Garcia-Carreras

Jackelyn Hernandez

Lane Herndon

Elizabeth Holt

Anna Claire Hong

Will Jackson

Lauren Johnson

Jeilen Jones

Dawson Jordan

Cory Kimbrough

Idalet Lazaro-Rios

Sarah Leach

Olivia Lee

Ryan Lombard

Paola Marquez-Mejia

Daryn Minster

Wilson Morris

Garrett Olson

Jessica Patino

60 Graduation 2020

Lake Oconee Academy

Devin Phenix

Kirsten Reese

Ryan Smith

Grace Stephens

Kelli Stevens

Conner Strickland

Mahnoor Sultan

Zach Tolleson

Harrison Toomey

Francisco Tovar

917 Harmony RD • Eatonton, GA 31024

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

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~ Hunter McMichael, Owner 665–C Old Phoenix Rd (1 block south of the Pyramid)



Open 9-5 Monday-Friday

706-485-6707 Office 478-288-7956 Cell


3061-E N. Columbia Street, Milledgeville, GA. 31061 (next to the waffle House by the lake)

Graduation 2020 61

Lake Oconee Academy

Katie Tran

Rita Turiano

Emma Walker

Tristan Weir

Christian Williams

Reese Williams

Taylor Wood

Troy Weir


706-485-6010 • 875 Harmony Road • Eatonton Ga 31024 393547-1

62 Graduation 2020


Graduation 2020 63

Putnam Co High School

Angie Aceituno-Paz

Kyla Adams

Dre’Quan Aikens

Bryant Alday

Jerad Allred

Gerald Andrews

Martrez Andrews

Chantz Armstrong

Bryan Arreola

Hannah Barnard

Tania Barreto-Corona

Kayla Battle

Jaylan Beckham

Destiny Beltman

Manuel Bilbe

Alexia Bland

Jeremiah Bonner

Kimmie Bonner

Maggie Booth

Claudia Bowles

64 Graduation 2020

Putnam Co High School

Sydney Boyd

Daryn Branch

Paxton Brock

Jenna Claire Brooks

Tyron Brown

Armani’ Buckner

Claire Buckner

Summer Burgess

Jordyn Burke

Malcom Burke

Stefon Burks

Brenden Cabe

Zacharias Calhoun

Salma Carrasco-Portillo

Isabella Chamberlain

Caleb Coker

Necarcia Cole

Leeah Collins

Jared Conners

Jose Coronel

Graduation 2020 65

Putnam Co High School

Marshall Craig

Deon Daniels

Rodney Daniel

Marnessia Davis

Brianna Day

Amyah Ellison

Ke’Brianna Ellison

Santisha Ellison

Ya’smine Ellison

Ansley Evans

Davisous Evans

Lyntravious Farley

Sha’Angelo Farley

Ty’Aziah Farley

Kaila Firsdon

Kailin Ford

66 Graduation 2020

Andrew Foster

Kamren Giles

Eduardo Gonzalez

Jonah Grimes

Putnam Co High School

Jason Guthrie

I’easha Harden

Sha’Derricka Hargrove

Zakyrah Harper

Jonathan Harris

Tyra Harris

Akeriya Harrison

Armani Harrison

Tre’Vaius Hartry

Victor Hernandez



Office: 706-485-5456 Lake Oconee

866 Harmony Rd. • Eatonton, GA 31024

Erin Andrews Media 392769-1

Graduation 2020 67

Putnam Co High School

Kayla Hicks

Caleb Hildreth

Brittany Hill

Sincere Hill

Travison Hill

Courtney Holiday

Ryleigh Holloway

RaeVyn Holsey

Derek Hoo

Jeremy Humphries

Ty’jhee Humpries

Jordan Hunt

Jaylan Hurt

Haley Jameson

Marcus Jefferson

Andrea Jimenez

Lamarcus Johnson

Dylan Jones

Kourtney Jones

Mackenzie Jones

68 Graduation 2020

Putnam Co High School

Desiree Kieu

Cullen Lee

Deontrac King

Jordan Kitchens

Jacquan Lewis

Alexa Liles

Jere-Shai Lakeside

Dajah Lamar

Hannah Lanier

John Lindsay

Brianna Little


Jet Ski and Cabin Rentals



1064 Milledgeville Rd Milledgeville, GA

(706) 485-3322


Bo Trawick - State Farm Insurance Agent For all your insurance needs 103 Harmony Crossing #5, Eatonton, GA

Ski Boat Rentals

(706) 484-9744



(478) 234-3446


3069 N Columbia St Milledgeville, GA

Graduation 2020 69

Putnam Co High School

Jada Lockhart

Luis Lopez

Kevin Lowe

Mattie Maddox

William Maddox

Makayla Martin

Camden Mathis

Angela Mauleon

Darrius Mcdaniel

Andrew McDerment

Harley McElhannon

Jenna McKinney

Dalton McMahan

James Mead

Kasidy Miller

Kendell Miller

Michael Mincey

Shamar Mohone

Zamia Monday

Angie Monroy

70 Graduation 2020

Putnam Co High School

Jordan Morado

Jenna Mullis

Congratulations tosthe t e a v i l o D Rusty Nichols

Katelyn Nix

Daniela Navarro

Brenton Nelson

Brianna Neese

Morgan Norris

William Odum

Emily Outlaw

Class of 2020! Twin Bridges Landing, Inc. 609 Twin Bridges Rd. SW Eatonton, Ga. 31024




Graduation 2020 71

Putnam Co High School

Brendan Parham

Kristin Patterson

Christian Patino

Deontrez Paul

Madelynn Peacock

Joydan Pennamon

Laila Pettigrew

Ty’queshay Pitts

Branden Powell

Ebony Powell

Brody Prince

Jacob Ralston

DiJonae’ Reid

Myshia Reid

Macey Rice

Ashaunti Richardson

Shamiya Ridley

Kaleigh Roberts

Jamarcus Robertson

Kevin Romero-Alday

72 Graduation 2020

Putnam Co High School

Bradly Runyon

Nancy Samayoa-Martinez

Essence Scott

Harley Scott

Mark Shiver

Harley Silvers

Jashanti Simmons

Pervishea Smith

Savannah S tapp

Scarlett Stevens

1590 S. Main St. • Greensboro, GA www.GreensboroFamilyDental.com

(706) 436.7860


Graduation 2020 73

Putnam Co High School

Mary Grace Steverson

Carysta Taylor

Valistine Temple

Da’leona Thompkins

Nasser Thompkins

Emma Tondee

Jasmine Waters

India Williams

Zachary Williams

Jace Wilson

Celebrating over 37 Years in Business! “Let Us Create the Pool of your Dreams”

Congratulations Class of 2020

Congratulations class of

• Custom Gunite or Vinyl Pools • Pool Restorations • Liner Replacements • Paramount In-floor Cleaning Systems Call now & swim in you very own pool this summer

• Saltwater Chlorinating Systems • Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners • Weekly & Bi-Weekly Pool Maintenance

Ready to connect to your career? Then you’re ready to get started at Central Georgia Technical College! Let us help you put your education to work. Central Georgia Technical College Offers:

2585 North Columbia Street • Milledgeville

(478) 452-1003


• Over 200 programs of study

• Affordable tuition rates

• 100% online programs

• Access to many financial aid opportunities

• Flexible class schedules

• Classes that transfer to colleges across Georgia

APPLY ONLINE TODAY! *Application fee and placement testing waived* 394440-1


74 Graduation 2020


www.centralgatech.edu (478) 988-6800 A Unit of the Technical College System of Georgia • An Equal Opportunity Institution


Putnam Co High School

Faith Wimbish

Javani Wright

Arieanna Yarbrough

Pa Yang

Yi Xuan Yang

Jonathan Yeoman

Ask About Our Graduation Incentives 1-800-543-2409

126 Roberson Mill Rd. l Milledgeville

Hours: M-F 8am-7pm/Sat 8am-6pm



Graduation 2020 75

Greene Co High School

Alisha Larick Allen

Hannah Nichole Blount

Ayesha Dionndrick Allen

Aaliyah Ta’tiona Branch

Britney Maria Allen

Lyniqua Daveona Andrews

Diamond Lashay Bailey

Akiyrey Mozae Breeding

Martia Tamara Brown

Quantarius Omar Brown

Se’darius Brown

Lillian Sabrina Burgess

Calvin Jamarius Butts

Kelvin Damon Chaffin

DeMarcus Donte Champion

Kiearia Cox

Victoria Ann Davenport

Ja’Wan Jermaine Davis

Melody Latrice Davis

Dakota Raven Dominy

76 Graduation 2020

Greene Co High School

Desmond Micheal Dunn

Anterious Jamal Elder

Blanca Estrella Escutia

Cristian Kyle Escutia

Alfredo Flores-Martinez

Nickolus Marel Freeman

Samantha Nicole Geter

Maleah-Ann Nicole Glenn

Aderiqus JaQuan Green

Mya Yolisha Greene

Ricquaria Antineek Griggs

A’miya R. Hall

Damien Warren Hall

Fre’Darius DeVontay Hall

Ja’Tiya De’Metrice Hall

Laniyah Shereice Hall

Shamia Denae Hall

Troy Lee Hall

Tyler Shawn Harris

QuaMaine Mar’Kwon Hester

Graduation 2020 77

Greene Co High School

Colin Ethan Hooper

Daveon Da’shun Humphrey

Kameron Letrey Johnson

Ja’Niece Monae Jones

Justin Jadarius Jones

Lindrey Lenard Jones

Caleb Isaac Kenyon

Jasper Ty’mon Kimbrough

Jamari Landrez Lawrence

Kevin Weslin Lopez Castillo

James Logan Martin

Shadiamond Monique Massey

Latrevious R’Mahn Miller

Alexus Ambernique Mitchell

De’Mera Rashay Mitchell

DeMetrius Rashad Mitchell

Thomas Chavez Moody

Hailey La’Najha Mosley

Destiny Nichole O’Neal

Juan Antonio Padilla

78 Graduation 2020

Greene Co High School

William Parker Parker

Bakija La’Kiah Parks

Tyauriah Curshan Peaks

Rhett Zachary Phillips

Emerald Joemae Porter

Ja’Kalynn Ramerja Porter

Mariah Tahajnie Porter

Nicolas Tyler Rajner-Pinon

Jermetra Shalis Redd

Victoria Angel Robertson

1210 Commerce Drive, Ste. 101 Greensboro, GA

706-453-0140 bughousepestcontrol.com


Graduation 2020 79

Greene Co High School

Heriberto Roberto Rodriguez

Memphis Aaron Smith

Jesus Soto

Corneisha Ma’Shel Thomas

James Arthur Thompson

Fernando Tirado-Guillermo

Ma’Kayla Denise Tolbert

Elizabeth Juaquina Victorio

Adarius Keshunn Walker

Q’nesia Desha Walker

Lake Country's #1 Choice for Property Management!


80 Graduation 2020



www.oconeemanagementgroup.com sandy@oconeemanagementgroup.com


“Best wishes in the years ahead! Reach for the stars!”

Greene Co High School

D’Myron Jabriel West

Alaejah Iman Worrell

Kiyana LaToria Wright

Danahj LeVence Wright

Rasheanna Ja’Naye Wright

Kamryn Lamiyah Wright

Jakya Lanae Wynn


Congratulations Class of 2020

class of 2020

LAW OFFICE OF RUSSELL W. WALL, LLC Real Estate | Criminal | Business Formation | Wills & Probate

Located in Historic Downtown Greensboro




122 N. Main Street Suite B Greensboro, GA 30642

Russell W. Wall

Office: 706.453.0089 Russell@rwwlaw.com

Graduation 2020 81

Nathanael Greene Academy

Sean Brown

Chase Crumbley

Matthew Rutherford

Logan Gentry

Kelsie Scott

Stephen Ricci

Ty Webb

Mansfield Cares, Inc.

SUPPORTING CHARITABLE CAUSES in the communities where we work and live

Fuel supply and logistics leader Mansfield Energy established Mansfield Cares, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to actively support and raise funds for deserving charities across North America. Mansfield Cares has raised more than $8M over 33 years through premier fundraising events, including the Mansfield Cares Golf Classic, the largest privately held event of its kind with over 500 participants supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association and other charities. www.mansfield.energy/about/mansfield-cares | mansfieldcares@mansfieldoil.com | 678.450.2004 392940-1

82 Graduation 2020

Exchange Bank congratulates the entire Class of 2020

for all of your accomplishments. We wish you the best as you continue your education and ultimately pursue your dreams.

ExchangeBank 478-452-4531 www.exch.bank


Graduation 2020 83


Profile for The Union-Recorder

Graduation 2020  


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